there u go nice anon


Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

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hello to the cutest one! let's imagine this one lazy day off, when chan doesn't even want to go out because he has you for his own and he's completely sure that he won't be able to stop hugging you today. he left thousands of small kisses on your skin but it's like one second and he's back again right by your face, looking straight into your eyes and softly singing "she is the sweetest thing that I know" along with the sheeran's song played in the background.

it’s hard to describe all of his feelings atm, but you can clearly see all the love he wants to give you and also this impossible amount of happiness that appears only when you’re next to him; he loves so incredibly much and propably harder everyday, because it’s obvious for him that you deserve it more than anyone in this universe - aaand that’s me again, good morning! how are you, erin? (you know, i am always here to make you smile but actually you’re so cute–

i was the one who couldn’t stop smiling yesterday, I LOVE U TOO!!! and thank you so much sweetheart) - anon who hopes that yoon jeonghan won’t wait with this date thing but also that he won’t smile too much like oN THIS TERRIBLE (PERFECT) GIFS because someone will die because of this and we both know who is this someone

“looking straight into your eyes and softly singing “she is the sweetest thing that I know"” listen here MATE i literally fell off my bed reading this, ur taking this to a whole new level.. have U BEEN READING MY TAGS??? BC THAT SONG??? IS THE ONE I SAID I WOULD DEDICATE TO CHAN??? DJHDFJSHDFJHFD oh my god the visual.. of this entire concept.. like i seriously dont deserve u or any of my anons im so blessed rn i really dont deserve any of u im gna cry