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Heyyy I’m getting one of my wisdom teeth out today and I can actually cover it but it’s like almost 200 dollars just for one tooth and he said this is “the easy one” and I still have 3 more to go (and I have to get them out this month) so if u have a couple of extra dollars my PayPal is I would really appreciate it bc I am way way stressing and this one alone is definitely like the most I could possibly afford right now. I’m hoping to schedule the rest for after I get paid again but I probably still won’t have enough and that’s not even including co pays from the consultations and the cost of the prescriptions….

i’m so sad and genuinely upset with how this damn show is handling jon and arya’s relationship. the thought of each other kept these two going when they were separated and the best they could do was “i thought arya was dead.” are u fucking kidding me with that bullshit!!!!!!! same goes with gendry!!!!! they made him talk about his horrible father when he could’ve said “my friend arry or is it arya told me so much about you.” like he could’ve trusted jon because arya trusted jon and he trusts arya. i’m so mad.

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Hi! Do u know any jikook abo fics with mpreg in it? Or any au's as long as there's mpreg in it is fine :D thank you and keep up the good work 💓💓

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Do you have any mpreg fics??

Hello! No problem, here you go! And if these aren’t enough for you, I have some more recs for a similar request (non!ABO mpreg) coming really soon so keep an eye out for that ;)

Title: I Already Know but Tell Me Again
Author: Rose_gold715
Rating: Teen
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Mpreg
Summary: He knows it’s perfectly safe to tell Jungkook, but Jimin is stubborn, and his omega side is terrified.  It’s a built-in belief – infertile omegas are useless and disposable.
Note: Part 5 of the “Mine, and His” series, find the rest here

Title: Sweeter than Sweet
Author: manggae
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Mpreg
Summary: Jimin makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but Jungkook thinks Jimin is much sweeter.

Title: We Can Be Golden, Why Don’t We Show Them?
Author: hato96
Rating: Teen
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Mpreg
Summary: “Your eyes..I remember those amber eyes. Those same yellow-orange orbs that gazed at me before. You’re the one who saved me.”

Title: You Make Me Go Insane but I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way
Author: Hoeforjikook
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Slight Angst, Mpreg
Summary: How to deal with your 8-months pregnant husband 101 by Jeon Jungkook.


Series Title: The Law of Flowers
Author: Chimchimery

Title: Our Love Eternal
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Mpreg
Summary: Jeon Jungkook’s love rivals the love his family shares for his beautiful mate, Jimin. Except for his sister-in-law. It’s her personal mission to bully Jimin. And to Jungkook’s dismay, Jimin believes every word.

Title: A Breath, A Miracle
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mpreg
Summary: The main thing is that Jungkook was prepared for Hwan. But with their second pup, Jungkook found himself praying for the first time in a long time, fear and desperation fueling his need to fall to his knees and beg for the lives of his mate and pup to be spared.

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Describe the first time during the affair they made love or Robert wanted Aaron to top and take control because he started falling in love with him so he just wanted him inside him..... You said hit me up with smut and here u go

It was at the first hotel. Robert had been thinking about it; had indulged himself with his imagination and a hand down his pants but now he wanted, he needed, more. He needed to feel Aaron; to have him completely. It started slow, Aaron built him up, kissing him deeply then all over his body, taking him in his mouth and making Robert arch off the bed as he pushed his fingers into him slowly. They did it missionary; Aaron reading Robert’s face to determine how slow or fast, deep or shallow to thrust. He didn’t stop kissing him in some way; his lips, his cheeks, his neck. Robert had his legs wrapped tightly around his waist; had one hand in Aaron’s hair and another gripping his hip; all of it too much and yet somehow not enough all at the same time. He ached for him, wanting it to hurry up so he could come but never wanting it to end at the same time. Aaron had to fight; had to keep himself from thrusting hard and fast, had to make sure he was making it good for Robert; had to kiss away any discomfort, any moment that wasn’t bliss. They came almost together; a silent cry into Aaron’s shoulder as Robert shot his load all over his chest. He knew then. Knew when Aaron had collapsed against him, knew when Aaron was panting against his sweat and saliva and cum covered skin, that he was screwed. He could never let him go again.


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

since some of u keep forgetting johnny is an actual angel here’s ur reminder :))

- he said his goal in life is to make people happy/smile
- hes learning chinese to make the chinese members feel more comfortable
- he taught ten korean and was there for him every time he needed someone to talk to
- no matter how tired he was he wld always go to the supermarket w his mum
- he wanted to be a veterinarian bc he loves animals n taking care of them ?? bitch ?? that’s so cute ??
- sleeps w two whale plushies he had since he was young
- he wears an earring his mom got him v frequently
- he’s an actual hipster emo hybrid the first genre of music he’s ever listened to was rock n the first piano piece he learned was by the beatles n he loves coldplay
- uses pick up lines on both girls n guys just to make them laugh n he isn’t shy about using them on guys
- thinks makeup is a way to express yourself and shouldn’t just be limited to girls
- basically just doesn’t believe in gender roles
- he constantly hypes up all the members but literally DIES every time someone gives him a tiny compliment
- in conclusion he’s the most selfless, caring, humble, loving and kind person i’ve ever known and he deserves literally None of the hate he gets


Theory about this comeback :
Bighit played us very well. I don’t know if you guys remember the run mv as well as I did, because it’s one of my favorites, but I vividly remember a wheelchair being there, and I was right ! But it wasn’t jungkook , it was jhope who was being pushed by jungkook and jimin. Bighit hinted us since Run era and the fact that jungkook was hit twice by a car in both I need u and Run , and that wheelchair … it just perfectly falls together. I think this comeback is about healing time and loving yourself , just like the title said it, so I believe it’s either going to be very emotional or empowering, or maybe it’s both at the same time, but this is definitely a continuation to BTS’ little previous adventures during HHYH. Also the candy shop that bts apparently rented to shoot their mv, I believe it will have to do with Namjoon and his lollipop. You know… he always had a lollipop during HHYH and it somehow always ended up being crushed or thrown away halfway through the mv by him. What are your theories ?

Trashy tenants moved out of parents' property in the middle of the night.

Tenants on the trashy side had been living at parents property for a while. After a cash windfall they decided it was time to move out. Fine. Whatever.

They start complaining and being late on rent. Mold, etc….and take us to court. They Never show up to court. This elongates the process so they end up basically living for free in our house while taking us to court for poor living conditions (i know right). A few months go by until they HAVE to go to court. One of them shows up crying that their baby is dying Bc of the mold blah blah. Judge goes in on her saying you’ve been living there rent free for over six months if ur baby is sick y don’t u leave, and we also had a mold guy come in and inspect the house and he basically said it’s not mold that’s giving ur kid breathing problems it’s your cigarette smoke. Case gets thrown out, they gota pay back rent. Literally that night they get a u haul and leave town.

I followed their every move on IG knowing they were eventually gonna slip up. A few weeks go by and they start posting pics of their house and such. Eventually they put a location on one of their pics. Bad move, honey. Bless your heart. Got on google earth, found street, found actual house by matching the red door to one of their pics. Sent it to lawyer. Motherf*ckers got served and the guy had to sell his vintage car to pay us back.

I just wanted to belong

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day round three, it’s a day late, but life happens. Reader is Dean’s 17 year old daughter who has a twin brother named Robby.

Dean x Daughter!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by sammy-samulet

You stood at the counter of the diner trying to decide if you should go back to the booth where your father, uncle, and twin brother sat, or if you’d have a better time alone at the counter. You’d gone up to ask for more napkins to clean up a spill that Robby, your twin had made. However glancing back you saw that they had waved down the waitress who your dad and brother were both flirting with.

With the roll of your eyes you took a seat at the counter; knowing you’d actually enjoy your meal if you weren’t near your father or brother.

You loved them both dearly and at one point your entire family was so close knit that your absence would have been noticed right away. However as you grew older the bond you shared with your twin and father began to disappear and once you started going on hunts with your dad and uncle, it all but vanished.

At first you told yourself that you were overreacting; that your father was just constantly worried about you, but as time went on you saw how close Robby and your dad still were, yet you remained on the outside.

It was something that your dad and brother both seemed oblivious to. Whenever you’d try to involve yourself in what they were doing they would send you away with some excuse as to why you couldn’t participate with them and soon you just stopped asking.

This never seemed to effect them, but it sure effected you.

Your father and Robby might not have seen what they were doing, but your Uncle Sam sure did. At first he tried to stick up for you, pointing out to Dean all the times it seemed that Robby and him would purposefully leave you out. Dean would deny it and after countless arguments with no change Sam stopped trying. Instead he became the figure in your life you so desperately wanted.

Still, there were times that Sam got sucked into whatever fun Robby and your dad were having; leaving you to be the outsider in your family again.

It was a role you learned to accept and gave up hope that it’d change.

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boyfriend!tom accidentally tells an interviewer he’s dating

bc homeboy is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets

- okay so you and tom met through zendaya

- so you tagged along when the cast + haz went out or hung out @ the house in atlanta 

- so basically you and tom got along real quick and after a few weeks of spending a lot of time fEeLIngS were developed

- and omg tom is not one to get flustered easily but when jacob joked about you and tom his face would get so red and he’d be all

- “shut up, man” 

- *cue blushing*

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-completely unrelated but just wanted a backstory

-moving on

-so tom jacob laura and z were on a late night talk show

-lets say it was james corden bc that interview has yet to happen

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when i start feeling bad about myself i just remember that scene in bon voyage where yoongi said something really sweet about namjoon then namjoon reached out for jungkooks acai bowl but yoongi intercepted it thinking namjoon was going to handshake him for his heartwarming comment and then they just awkwardly shook hands while everyone watched on in stilted silence and jimin was like Why the fuck did u do that and yoongi was like Midway through i realized he was going for the bowl…… but it was too late……..

Surprises (Tom Holland Imagine)

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request: “Do you think you can write a tom holland x reader where they are dating and she surprises him on set in his trailer…” (requested by anon)

short summary: ^^^with a funny lil twist lmao

length: 1.4k words

warnings: i didnt label this as smut bc it’s not inherently smutty and i didn’t rlly  write any legit smut in here, this is mostly fluffy shits.

A/N: i didn’t put the whole request above bc i didn’t wanna spoil the whole thing but the anon knows who they are hope u like it bud kinda short but eh also sorry i suck at titles

“Thanks Harrison,” you smiled gratefully as he led you into Tom’s trailer on set.

“Of course, Tom’s been whining about how much he’s been missing you so I’m sure he’ll be pretty excited for this surprise,” Harrison replied shaking his head. His phone buzzed with a notification. “I’ve gotta go, but Tom should have a break in around 20 minutes if I remember correctly.”

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Dating Peter Parker Headcannons

these are really long and i didnt even write down every thing that i wanted to so i might do a part two just bc i love my son :’)

  • it all started when y’all got paired up for chem to do a lab
  • because practically the whole school knows of his crush on Liz Allen, you didn’t think you had a chance with him
  • but you could NOT have been more wrong
  • he was so nervous to go to the next class because he knew that he would actually have to communicate with you… for more than three seconds  
  • as soon as he walks in and sees you staring to set everything up he kind of like *dies*
  • hE iS So NeRvoUs
  • hands shaking
  • uneven breathing
  • and u just kind of look @ him like wtf dude calm down
  • he would try and talk but it was mainly him stuttering
  • but you found him sosossoosos cute (bc he’s my son obvi he’s a qt)
  • after ( to him ) being put through the most stressful time of his life, more stressful than fighting criminals as spiderman
  • he asks you if you want to go and get a sandwich with him after school
  • and thats kind of how everything started
  • studydatesstudaydatesstudydates
  • ned either being annoyed with you two bc third wheeling or having the time of his life bc you guys are #besties
  • michelle always having something to say about u and peter
  • like; gross, ew, y/n how do u hold your breath the whole time u and peter are making out
  • “peter, baby, can you please take it down five notches”
  • (“y/n), BaBY, cAn YOU tAkE IT dOwN FiVe notCHes”
  • aLwAYs tOuChiNg YoU
  • holding hands
  • arm around your shoulders
  • standing behind u and head on your head & arms around your waist
  • never ending amount of little kisses
  • peter finding u the legit cutest thing on this planet
  • his ‘creative’ way of telling you he is spiderman was picking you up for a date by swinging into your open window and then swinging you across new york
  • you almost passed out because heights but u knew that he would never let go of you
  • and you’re the luckiest girl ever bc you’re the reason that he’s smiling all the time
  • u can bet your bottom dollar he would write love letters to u - ok maybe he wouldn’t like give them to u but he would defffinetly write them ok
  • may can always tell when peters talking to on the phone or y’all just hung out bc he’s skipping around the house with the widest smile & his eyes are sparkling
  • you beg for 4 weeks strait for him to let you try on the suit but “mr. stark said its not for anyone else baby.”
  • omg the amount of pet names for u; baby, babe, angel, darling, the first letter of your name, my love, and when he’s clingy;;babbbbyyyyyyyy
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment he will give u puppy dog eyes, sit on you, and be super clingy
  • when he’s upset you’re the big spoon
  • but he’s not that big on pda
  • but he wants to be the big spoon 9/10 times bc he’s spiderMAN
  • asking u to homecoming
  • heart thumping so loud when y’all are slow dancing you can feel it so u put your head against his chest
  • bc you’re so angelic and look so peaceful and he cannot deal w it
  • he’s in constant awe of u if u weren’t already expecting that
  • telling happy about u all. the. time.
  • so when tony meets you, he has a proud dad attitude going on
  • ugh god peter wanted u to say the three words first
  • but one day when you were having a pillow fight or doing something else childish (idk) and it just kind of comes out when you’re laying on the sheets and your hair is all poofy and his is a little messy and you have the biggest smile and he had to close his eyes when he said it because he didn’t know what your reaction would be
  • and when he felt your hand on his cheek, he swore that he 1. never let out a bigger sigh of relief before 2. and never seen u smile so wide
  • and when u said it, he almost asked to leave the room because he was so elated
  • may absolutely adores u probs more than peter does
  • because she’s never had a daughter and she thinks you and peter should get married early ( she’s like 50/50 kidding&being dead serious ) bc she is CONVINCED that you are the best that he will eeveerrrrrrr do
  • probs the type of bf to act all tough and protective but will just stare the shit out of the asshole who steps a little to close for comfort
  • but lordy he just loves u and will protect u with his life
  • because you are his world and he is yours

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Cranky || Peter Parker x Reader

@acrilic​: you could write like cute jealous!peter where you start spending a bit more time with another friend of yours and one day peter comes through your window cus he’s so done and wants to tell you that he likes you sm and he just starts rambling and you kiss him to shut him up efmldka i feel like that would be cute idk

Warnings: Swearing, angry teenager hormones™, prolly bad grammar, jealous & angry cinnamon roll Peter, kind of angsty??

Notes: i hope i don’t fuck this up :)) dammit this got too long. sorry for that. this is probably bs but heck it’s my first imagine. pls read it all it took like five hours and give me a shot :’) prolly going to write a series. enough talking,,, i hope you enjoy and ignore my self-loathing note. also give me your opinion on this! i would love to read all of y’all’s opinions.


Peter Parker and (Y/N). Two nerds, best friends, crushing on each other and too oblivious to notice. 

You had a Spanish exam the next day and you planned on hanging out on your house with Peter. You knew Peter’s little secret and you insisted him to come hang out with you instead of some bad guys that tried to kill him. You never could see him hurt, you couldn’t live with that in your conscience, that you could do something to help him.

Peter: (Y/N).
(Y/N): what
Peter: Sorry, but I can’t go to your place tomorrow… :( please forgive me.
(Y/N): you’re going to try and flirt with some cute girls with your suit, huh? go on, i forgive you dude. i’m your wingwoman ;) 
Peter: What? no…
Peter: Anyways thank you! You’re the best! We’ll hang out some other day, okay? :)
(Y/N): yeah, yeah. also please call me when you’re at the cafeteria, please i have no clue how to get there.

You lock your phone and stuck it in your pocket again, waiting impatiently for the class to end. After the bell rang, you were heading to the school’s Cafeteria. You were trying to guess where it was since it was pretty far from your classrom. Walking through several hallways and not finding anything, your eyes met with a cute boy, standing against the wall, looking through his phone and with his earbuds on and bopping his head up and down at the beat of the music.

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wanna one reacting to you not being able to solve a rubix cube

lai guanlin: *takes it from you and solves it in 5.283 seconds*

lee daehwi: *winces every time you make a wrong move* no, no, you do it. oooOOOHHShhllkjeouch *body contortions bc he wants you to do it on your own but struggles to keep his pain inside*

bae jinyoung: *jumps around to hype you up to keep trying* *would probably accidentally smack the cube out the window when you’re finally on the edge of solving it*

park woojin: *peels off stickers to help you “solve” the rubix*

park jihoon: honey. you. can. do. this. dont. you. dare. give. up. now. OR SO HELP ME GOD I- *incoherent mumbling* *goes to write a paper on how much he believes in you*

kang daniel: *grabs his pompoms* babe, let’s go let’s go!! YOU GOT THIS! GIVE ME AN R! U! B! I! X! *cue jumping splits* *cue deathscream*

kim jaehwan: just give up already.

ong seongwoo: bitch, what the fuck, give that to me. *4.6 hours later* bitch, what the fuck.

hwang minhyun: *does everything to stimulate your mind while you try to solve it* *head massages* *makes you do yoga* ok sweetie, so if you could just wrap your leg around your forehead for me, that would be gr8

ha sungwoon: *his mom always said almonds are good for thinking so he stuffs as many as he can into your mouth* shhh shh, don’t fight it *keeps putting more in despite the fact they’re not even staying in your mouth anymore*

yoon jisung: *claps through the entirety of your struggle*

this happens at least once a week let’s be real


i found some mf paper hELLO. a few messy lightning thief doodles bc i havent been able to stop listening to it since it came out hELP


You guys don’t know how how thrilled I am to see my Spanish Lunatic back. And Grif was gold throughout this whole peisode. I have… so many feelings…

day 18: alya’s notp

When someone sent in the link to the celebrity gossip article with that picture in it, Alya immediately ran out of her house, already calling Marinette on speed dial.

“Do not google Adrien or Ladybug until I get there!” Alya ordered as soon as she heard the phone pick up. She ran down the street, hoping to get to Marinette’s place before—

“Too late,” Marinette replied, voice faint, and Alya cursed.

Finally reaching her destination, Alya flung open the bakery door, shouted “Hi Mme Cheng Hi M. Dupain gottatalktoMarinettebyeeeeeee!” as she shot past the startled customers to reach the house part of the building, took the three flights of stairs two steps at a time, slammed open the trap door to Marinette’s room, and froze at the sight of Marinette curling into herself in front of her computer screen.

A screen which very clearly showed a photo of Ladybug kissing Adrien.

“Oh, Marinette,” Alya sighed. She walked over to her best friend, pulling up a chair next to Marinette, and pulling her into a hug. “Ladybug doesn’t hold a candle to you, girl. You’ll snatch Adrien right up from under her nose.”

Marinette let out a laugh that was on the worrying side of hysterical, burying her head in Alya’s shoulder.

“You don’t believe me?” Alya asked, and petted Marinette when she shook her head no, face and hands still pressed into Alya’s shirt. “Okay, tell me—who’s the one who keeps showering Adrien in gifts?”

“Me,” came the muffled reply.

“Who’s the one who shares Adrien’s taste in music and video games?” Alya continued.


“Who’s the one who destroyed their classmates’ dreams of fame and glory to get a chance at Adrien?”

Marinette snorted before answering, “Me.”

“Who went from snubbing Adrien to completely denying any feelings for him to practising kissing with his magazine photos in one week?

Lifting her head, Marinette glared at Alya with a blush that reached the tips of her ears. “Alya, you promised you wouldn’t bring that up!!”

“Marinette, as the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed, it’s definitely going into my maid of honour speech at your and Adrien’s wedding.”

Groaning at Alya’s snickers, Marinette leaned back in her chair, sliding her eyes to the side to stare at the photo of Ladybug and Adrien.

“She kissed him because he saved someone from an akuma,” Alya offered.

“I know,” says Marinette, before she stiffens. “U-uh because of the article! That I totally read!!” she said, waving her hands.

Alya nodded, trying to think of what else she could say to assure Marinette that all hope wasn’t lost.

Ladybug was an actual, honest-to-goodness superhero, and Adrien seemed really into that kiss, if the after photo of him on knees as he watched Ladybug swing away was any indication.

“Ladybug may have her Lucky Charms, but you got me,” Alya finally said, resting her hands on Marinette’s shoulders. “And believe me, whatever else Ladybug has, it’s nothing compared to you, girl. You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met, and Adrien is going to fall for you the second you get his attention.”

“Alya…,” Marinette began, sniffing. “You’re pretty amazing too.” She clenched her hands in front of her in determined little fists. It was as inspiring as it was adorable. “Okay! It’s decided! I’ll keep trying to get him to notice me as Marinette!”

“Yeah!” Alya cheered.

“And I’ll definitely print out that photo of Ladybug and Adrien!”


“And keep it with me for whenever I need inspiration!!”


By the time Alya gathered her thoughts, Marinette was already halfway to printing the photo.