there there you two

Because I’m an angel!

Lawless loves his angel-chan~ Ohhhh~ There must be an aaaangeeel playing with his heart!

Lawless of Greed -> Majin

Licht Jekylland Todoroki -> Me (Kayleigh

Servamp Cosplay is selfmade~ 

PS: There is more on our blog!

haha remember when my ex was factkin and loved a racist musical? remember when my ex started IDing as the cousin of a character they had a crush on? remember when my ex preyed on my biggest fear just to scare me? remember when my ex led me on for 2 years because they liked having someone adore them? remember when my ex only had “feelings” for me when someone else was interested in me? remember when my ex’s best friend harassed me when i was about to commit suicide? remember when my ex broke up with me 3 days after my abuser reappeared and i was barely functioning

nellynee  asked:

I saw that post about how Motorcity was a dying city and I always assumed that is was, just not very quickly. We get hints of people like the Cablers, who provide power, and Jacob's efforts to provide fresh produce, and I assume he's not the only one. I'd always assumed that a lot of the gaps Motorcity couldn't provide for itself was a thriving smuggling ring. What boggles me is how anything other than a barter system could thrive down there economy wise.

Honestly, I’m not sure how DELUXE is even working, let alone Motorcity.  Although I suppose they have the means to grow food??? They have plenty of light, fresh air and apparently water, altho god knows how clean or polluted that water might be.  The Cablers live on one of Kane’s power-cables, sapping power that was going up to Deluxe, but WHERE IS THE POWER COMING FROM.  (geothermal??? but who’s converting it.  Who does maintenance??)  WHERE DOES DELUXE’S TRASH GO. WHAT ARE THROAT CUBES MADE OF.

That said, we don’t actually know anything about the world outside the city!  If you assume there are people out there still growing things and owning animals, that makes things a little bit easier.  Even if Motorcity apparently covers part of Canada and I wouldn’t want to wrangle mutant moose, they might have more fertile ground up there??? It’s a mystery.

I’m pretty sure they do have a barter-system economy, fwiw.  so no need to boggle I suppose.  The only mention of any kind of currency that I can recall is when the Mama’s Boys demand “moolah”.  That traditionally means actual money, but I would be 0% surprised if it had come to mean just tradeable items in general since the economy went to shit.  Everybody else just seems to trade in favors or rare materials. (Rayon pays the Burners in platinum at one point!)

Kpop fans who say a member of a group is useless really don’t understand how entertainment works. Like the music industry has never been just about vocal talent. A member who can sing is no more important than the member with amazing visuals, the member who can act, the member who’s great at variety, the member who’s charismatic, or the member who can dance.


I was tagged by @izzybabewoods, @lovelyjace, and @mattlightwood to make an aesthetic based using only photos from my phone! It’s a, uh, flower crown and cat aesthetic. I guess.

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I’ve been fighting over a good day or 2 trying to compose a thing and no matter how many times I keep re-drawing the scene/illustration, the whole thing is not “clicking” with me.

So I decided to take a small breather and made this sketch just to feel better about myself. Whatever brain……I felt like drawing human Mirren and Sieg anyway hmph!

oh also Sieg is a character of mine.

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The worst part about Zero Year Riddler is that when I told Capullo at C2E2 that he drew my favorite Riddler, he casually mentioned that he based his looks off a friend of his. AND IT TOOK EVERYTHING IN ME NOT TO GRAB GREG CAPULLO BY THE SHIRT AND DEMAND TO KNOW THIS FRIEND'S NAME, IF HE WAS SINGLE, AND HIS NUMBER.


Ok but did you ever stop to think that Greg has no friends and his real inspiration was this guy: