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ok, but like, you guys are not just conspiracists with no input in the community other than "Johnlock was and will be canon". You guys, TJLC, you EDUCATE. Do you understand that? Do you know how much I have learned about literature devices, the victorian era, Oscar Wilde and literature in general, psychology, marketing, for fuck's sake, even music, since I joined the fandom? I have been in other fandoms over the years, but you take the price when it comes to actual education. Thank you so much!

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Aw, Nonny! This is a very kind thing for you to say! On behalf of the community, you’re welcome! <3


hello perfect peaches~ 💗٩(;▿;。)

long time no see~! I hope you’ve all been doing okay and that life is treating you kindly! ♡

I’m very sorry for poofing without saying anything, sometimes I get a little down for long periods of time and I don’t have much strength & energy for blogging, I hope you understand (•́ ◇ •̀。)゚・

me and @mayor-fuyu have also been hit with a few life struggles, but things have been getting better, so hopefully we can both be more active again! ♡

I feel like I’ve missed a lot and I’m super behind on things, but I’ll try to catch up on what I can and reply to messages and notifications and such! I’ve really missed you all and I hope we can still be friends! (〃ノ﹏ノ)♡

as always, thank you very much for your support ♡ I appreciate it so much! please take care and have a good day everyone~! 🐌

/forever sobs in a puddle on the floor~~ (´;▿;`ʃƪ)


I love this game I love this game I love this game

(I also live for Morrigan roasting Alistair and Alistair being a puppy of a man and all the fucking dialogues, honestly)