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Why we ship what we ship, or why Camren shippers won't stop shipping Camren

People ask CS blogs why we still ship camren, or that we should stop, we’re crazy, Lauren, Lucy and Camila are bothered, etc. Please understand that each one of us have our own story.

For me, camren and 5H have been my only friends in my darkest time. I’ve been struggling with depression for the past two years because i failed college and had to drop out. When all my friends have graduated, some have got married, got a job, move on with their life, i’m still stuck in my inertia. And it’s such a lonely, deep and dark place because i don’t feel like i want to socialize with my friends, my family, or even myself. I want to be left alone. For me my only goal is to survive and doesn’t give up on that impulse to cut my wrist and end the suffering.

I got into the fandom because I accidentally saw “Lauren Jauregui” trended on Tumblr (it was the day Laucy kiss got leaked). I got curious and i dig in the tag. The rest is history. You see, i don’t like pop and what i listen to is pretty far from pop, don’t even mention some tweenie girl groups. My expectation of 5H was so-so. But then i saw some hilarious posts, like their quirky meet & greet pictures, dorky Camila gifs, some very strange and amusing conspiracy theories, etc. It picked my interest. And for all i know i keep coming back for more.

For the first time ever, i forget my depression, i’m laughing. I haven’t laugh till my stomach hurts for a long time. I don’t know when exactly, but it’s like the girls and the Tumblr fandom are my friends. When i feel low, i seek them–the hilarious fan videos, gifs, pictures, the pervert tumblr squad, the Karla Estrabao booty shake, the Normila reminiscences, Ally laughing like a maniac, the Camren conspiracy theories, etc. Those, they, made me feel like i’m not alone and less lonely. These girls and the Tumblr fandom (the Camren and OT5 fandom) made me forget my sorrows and the bad things i’m going through.

Perhaps the answer to “why do we ship what we ship?” is because we seek the emotional bond our otp have. These girls make me want to seek their kind of friendship and love. When i ship Normila or Norminah or whatever 5H ship for that matters, it’s because i see the friendship i yearn in them. When i ship Camren it’s never about my perversion, it’s because i see the kind of love i want to have in Camila and Lauren. Whatever kind of love it is, platonic or romantic.

It’s not about who’s Lauren or Camila dating. I don’t ship Lauren with Lucy, Luis, Brad, or even Ryan Gosling because I didn’t see the kind of love i want to see in those people. I find my kind of love in Camren. And if you find your kind of love in Laucy, then i’m happy for you. But as long as the CS you ask to stop shipping isn’t crossing the boundaries of direct interaction (tagging, mentioning the girls), then please respect people’s right to ship what they want to ship. If you want to get angry, get angry at the right people–those who cross the boundaries.

We all cope with life in our different ways. Some cope with Camren, some with Laucy, some with OT5, DC3, basically whatever ship you guys ship (but i’m sure no one cope with Camachine). And it’s fine as long as the shipper respect the otp. And that we should respect each other’s ship. If you try to understand, you will never judge. And if you judge, you will never understand.


Turn loose the mermaids (Part 26)

@taulun‘s AU.

Okay, I swear this is the last useless chapter. From the next one on, shits gets real. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

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Also. SIN WARNING from the middle of the chapter till the end. You’ll catch up on when it begins.

If theft wasn’t the way he made his livelihood, Nino might have actually felt sorry for all these trading ships. Captain Noir had been on a roll lately. Maybe the good mood positively affected his desire to rob ships. Since he made up with Marinette a fortnight ago, he had only been in good spirits. Nino wasn’t sure if he should be grateful or not. Sure, he got rid of Chat lamenting and whining sad poems on his floor about a month ago, but since the second make up, Marinette and Chat had been at it every fucking night. And frankly, Nino was losing sleep over this. But at least he got some ear plugs recently and put them to good use. Still, not even that stopped the noise entirely. And every time Nino made a joke about it, Chat seemed to find necessary to threaten to throw him overboard. It was a little funny. Glancing around at the rest of the crew busy carrying the chests under the deck, Nino spotted his captain running with a bunch of dresses and other clothing items down the stairs, with a maniacal smile on his face. Nino shook his head. He wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon.

“Oh, Princess!” Chat said in a sing-song voice once he entered the cabin. “I got something special for you today.”

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  • "They say she's in the class A Team"
  • "The worst things in life come free to us"
  • "It's too cold outside for angels to fly"
  • "It's too cold outside for angles to die"
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed"
  • "You have your mother's eyes"
  • "My 3 words have 2 meanings"
  • "Out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better now"
  • "Give me love"
  • "Maybe tonight I'll call ya after my blood turns into alcohol"
  • "I just wanna hold ya"
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow"
  • "Give me love like never before"
  • "It's been awhile but I still feel the same"
  • "Maybe I should let you go"
  • "I'll never leave again"
  • "You are the only one"
  • "Promise me you'll always be a friend"
  • "I wanna feel your love"
  • "For tonight, I wanna fall in love"
  • "I'm a mess a right now"
  • "I messed up this time"
  • "Don't fuck with my love"
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake"
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed"
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex"
  • "I thought you were different"
  • "It's a bit too late if I'm honest"
  • "You should go 'cause I ain't ever coming home"
  • "I swear it will get easier"
  • "You won't ever be alone"
  • "I won't ever let you go"
  • "Wait for me to come home"
  • "You can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were 16, next to your heartbeat where I should be"
  • "I will remember how you kissed me under the lamppost back on sixth street"
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people that talk too much"
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need"
  • "I wanna runaway with you"
  • "I don't want to hate you"
  • "He's not the right guy for you"
  • "It was never fine to lose you"
  • "I won't be changing the subject, I love it"
  • "I'll make your little secret public"
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep within your closet to get back at me"
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtracked so casually"
  • "You're practically my family"
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live"
  • "I don't love you"
  • "I don't need you"
  • "I don't want you"
  • "I don't wanna love you"
  • "Good things are over fast"
  • "Success is nothing if there's no one left to share with you"
  • "I still love you"
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70"
  • "My heart could still fall as hard at 23"
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways"
  • "I fall in love with you every single day"
  • "Maybe we found love right where we are"
  • "You're a soul who could never grow old"
  • "Darling hold me in your arms the way you did last night"
  • "I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up"
  • "With your body next to mine, our hearts will beat as one"
  • "Kiss me like you wanna be loved"
  • "We're falling in love"

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I thought it was odd that Alec was played with what seems to be a hispanic young actor when Matt is clearly white, and that Izzy was portrayed by a white actress as a child. Even if the actress is a white latina, they should have choosen someone who looks more like Em. And if they were going to stick to hispanic actors portraying the Lightwood family, they should have gone for a hispanic male who looks more like Matt for young Alec.

honestly the whole casting was off af. they could have spend some good time on that to get it right because erasing colour is not okay for one and then adding colour to only take it away later makes no sense. I definitely think the casting could have been so so much better for the teenage lightwoods. 

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ooooh u should write that scene in conquest where Silas has to carry Corrin to the ice tribe village after she passes out in the snow ;D (if u want to of course!)

it’s extremely late and i am so very sorry but here you go my precious anon! also i changed a bit of the scene here! c:

    It felt never-ending. Each step taken was only digging them deeper into the abyss of snow ahead of them. With one arm covering both of their faces, both Silas and Corrin were desperately trying to group up with the others after having been separated due to the sudden intensity of the harsh snow.

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Changes you'd make to The Flash?

1. I may have been upset that Barry chose to do Flashpoint without consulting his team the way he did with changing the timeline in season one (I get it, grief is a terrible force to contend with, I just wish it could have been different), but once they were in Flashpoint they WASTED it. We should have spent 3-5 episodes there minimum, and it could have led to Thawne as the season’s villain again instead of Savitar, which leads me to:

2. Flash, I am gonna stop you on this destiny track before it starts. Jay Garrick’s “destiny can change based on choices” speech was good, but only if it actually works out like that. Rather than trust television to do destiny or fate in a way I can stomach, I am just taking out Savitar’s whole speech of prophecy. Actually, honestly, I’d like to take out Savitar in general, and promote Alchemy to main villain for the season. Barry needs a non-speedster arc villain.

3. Get Iris more involved in the plots! She used to be more involved when they remembered she was a journalist. Remember she’s a journalist again.

4. Comedy Universe Hopping. Embrace the camp of the superhero genre. Barry should end up on another earth totally by accident at least twice a season after that first visit to Earth-2 last year.

5. Stealing one of @pluckyredhead‘s Daredevil points: Cisco is canonically bi/pan. It’s just part of this universe, all his friends know, he flirts with cute boys as well as cute girls. We deserve this.

RE: Sherlock and Molly

I’m torn between the two different opinions about the “I love you” scene.
I’ve always thought that Sherlock only ever noticed Irene Adler as “the woman” worth of his “romantic” interest. John even mentioned something like “obviously he fell for a freak woman” (The Lying Detective) who he should call/text to while he can. But this Molly declaration is complicated.

If Sherlock truly cared about Irene, It should have been her the one chosen by his sister to break him. But it was Molly. Maybe Irene was too difficult to hanlde? Considering her low profile and all?
Then there’s the coffin scene, the first one in which Sherlock realize it’s for Molly. He said “Don’t be ridiculous” to John suggestion it was for Irene. And he’s right: simply the coffin is too simple for an extravagant charming woman like her. I don’t read anything else in these words.
And here it comes the mutual declaration.
Sherlock is desperately trying to save Molly, so it’s natural that the first time he said it was just to make her said it as well, to save her life and nothing more. He was a bit agitated like “what do I have to say?! This wasn’t planned” as if this would complicate things. So he says “I love you” hoping to sound convincing. And said it again, a bit confused, a bit surprised of himself as if he had never really thought about it until now.
Or was it to sound even more convincing?
I kept watching the next scenes with this doubt until he freaks out smashing the coffin.
This coffin mustn’t exist. Molly’s death it’s not happening. The words he said can’t vanish. But there’s no turning back now. He hurt her, even humiliated; can’t take it back now. He smashes the coffin hoping to cancel his words, the words that hurt her. Does he wonder if he loves her? Is he questioning himself?

Euros played with his feelings knowing that love is a powerful thing for which he’s not prepared yet. If he realizes he’s in love with someone, he freaks out, which he does, but is it for the realization of his feelings for Molly or for a hurting fake confession?
I think he’s in doubt. He doesn’t know for sure he doesn’t love her. When he said it, he realized something and whatever it is, is making his rational mind crumble.

At the end of the episode, we see Sherlock texting to someone who I think is Irene, because we know they do, texts it’s a symbol between them, we don’t see him doing it with any other woman in the same way, with such weight. But then Molly pops up looking so happy that for a moment I thought it was sent to her. Why, though? It was unnecessary. They have probably seen each other before the apartment was ready. So I’m quite sure it’s addressed to Irene.

But again, for a person of such intelligence, was it so difficult to notice there wasn’t any bomb?
Would it have been easier if there was someone else in danger? Why Euros pick Molly out of all people? Is her a weakness for Sherlock?

I’m a bit confused LOL
Maybe because I’m not a shipper and I just don’t get Sherlock’s true feelings.

I’m afraid I’ll never know…

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Is it possible that Jamie won't go to the Germany premiere? Some say the German press would said that will attend only Dakota

Jamie is mentioned as one of the attendants in all the Germans articles that have been posted so far. Maybe those who say otherwise should read the articles and not stick just to the headlines

BTS AT ISAC *Spoilers*

I’m kinda surprised but really really proud and happy that BTS didn’t stick to the usual few members for this year’s ISAC.
I mean they could have a higher chance of winning with Jungkook and Yoongi in Archery & way higher chance with Jimin and Taehyung in Relay run
but they chose to let Taehyung in Archery (they should have known somehow beforehand that this poor boy ain’t that good at Archery) and Namjoon for relay (Granted, they might have concerns about Namjoon breaking the bow 😜 jkjk)
I’m sure the boys would have been able to get their 4th win for Relay if Jimin and Taehyung were part of the run. (They still did us proud though!!!)

That said I’m not sure if it’s a rule in ISAC that one member can only participate in one event?

But anyways, I’m just really happy and glad that they did their best, EVERYONE GOT TO PARTICIPATE and NONE OF THEM GOT INJURED! (Can’t say the same for Jin’s phone though > Honestly I’m not sure I want them to be on ISAC. They spent ¾ of the time either out of the stadium (sleeping), or spacing out on set, or “entertaining” their fans. Not that it’s a bad thing but still… I’m sure I prefer them having to rest at home without all the cameras around. They probably spent half the time of the day sleeping behind set.
Even the fans who were there were tired. Like… the point of ISAC is just to wear people out seriously…

The only good thing about ISAC is that we get to see interactions of our biases with the different idols. (Jimin and Chanyeol ^^ stop those fanwars alr these boys love each other)
Lovely, but really there could be better programmes creation (I’m not the best person to say this coz I’m no PD but it’s a rant of mine so…)

Sorry about the Spoilers if you guys don’t already know. Credits of information to all the twitter users who posted all the stuffs
On Master Yi’s Village

//I’ve been talking about Yi’s past a lot on the blog lately, and I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should release the very basic map and details I use for its layout. I figured I could make an overblown post about it, so here it is.

Here be the only real look we have of the good ol’ home of Wuju, herein known as Yunpan (headcanon) for brevity’s sake. If we take a closer look we can see some distinct details are as follows:

In dark blue I have marked what I believe to be water features. Yunpan has a river, as supported in my mind by what appear to be reeds on the bank, and fences to cord it off. There is also what I first marked, long ago, as a well, but given its size comparatively to the foreground houses it may just be a ruined house itself.

There are, of course, houses in Yunpan, and the ones in the foreground are marked in green.

There are very distinct structures that have been marked in yellow. One of them being in the foreground, and another almost obscured in the background. The second one looks like some sort of watch tower given that it is up on stilts and seems to be of simple construction.

There is then the random Shinto imagery in red that I suppose is some fancy road archway. I don’t think about it too much.

Orange marks anything in the background, be it the sloping hills to the left of the village, or the apparent structures that vanish off into the smoke. What I also imagine is the Wuju temple is also marked in the back in cyan. I have no grounds under which to support this, and it is 100 times more likely that the foreground yellow structure is the important building. However, the headcanon fantasy of Yi seeing the above as his first image of home and not knowing if his family / temple was okay because it is barely visible through the smoke just off centre frame…

… Well, I like angst, okay?

With all that in mind, the map I created for Yunpan based off these assumptions is as follows

The shapes are poor and basic, but that’s because it’s generally for my own visualisation. But yeah. In the cinematic Project: Yi stands roughly where that pink dot is, and he was looking out towards all the color coordinated buildings. It’s a very rough approximation, but at least it makes me feel like I thought this through somewhat. There is one main road marked in brown, and the others in grey are fake roads at best. They are defined by foot traffic and not much else.

Headcanon also stipulates that beyond the smoke of Project’s recollection Yunpan would be witness to the foothills and subsequent mountains of northern Shon-Xan. It’s possible, if one follows the main road long enough, to end up on the more beaten paths of Shon-Xan. The people, however, much prefer the riverways, as the road to and from Yunpan can be very undefined in places. It is certainly quite out of the way and isolated.

Now you might be wondering what the green circle is in what is what I will tentatively call a town square? For a long time I have headcanoned a tree to stand in the middle of the village. A tall tree of great significance and comfort to Yi in his adolescence. Yet you can’t see it through the smoke where it should otherwise obscure background buildings. Why?

I like to think that because Project’s memories are corrupted, he is able to envision himself looking out on his village while simultaneously standing under that tree. That is where the source of the blossoms come from that permeate the cinematic. Perhaps it’s a stretch for headcanon’s sake, but I never wanted to take Project’s recollections of Yunpan on face value anyway. He does have, after all, CORRUPTED MEMORIIi-=_

Soo yeah. That’s my breakdown of it all at least. It doesn’t really matter since the place is gutted and destroyed but yOU KNOW


2018 Netflix Original Series: Grounders

250 years after a Nuclear War managed to destroy all lands and leave behind only a small amount of survivors, a civilization was built. From the old world came knowledge to those living in the new. They have sets of laws, religions, and teachings. Their names have been passed down kin after kin since the war.

They know war harsher than most do as well, and a new one is set to come. There has been chaos since the last one while the current Commander, the one who everyone bows to, has been unable to control it. This puts the faith her people as well as fellow ambassadors have in her in jeapordy. With newer clans and armies forming, and very little time till Ascension Day, where a new Commander shall be tested based on their knowledge of each clans religions, laws and people to rule, war is almost inevitable.

Only thing is, this isn’t the war that they should be worried about. Bigger things will come into their lives that they will not be able to understand. Confusion incites fear, fear incites violence. Category Entertainment. No copyright infrigement intended. All clips belong to their respective production companies. Available to watch in 1080p resolution.

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honestly????? yoi deserved every win it got imo

honestly????? no.

  • best couple : yes, this is the only one they deserved imo.
  • best boy : i can tolerate that win because of how relatable yuri was and his character development, but i feel that reigen would have been a good choice as well.
  • best animation : no. just fucking no.
  • most heartwarming scene : THIS ONE PISSED ME OFF PROBABLY THE MOST. I loved the yoi kiss scene don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t “heartwarming” it just made me fangirl really bad. You want to know heart warming? Kaya’s first homecooked meal should have won. This girl was abused by her mother, killed in a different timeline by her, and was never given any care or signs of love until a family brings her in. For the first time she got to eat a warm meal with people that cared for her, and that is what you call “heartwarming”.
  • best opening : don’t get me wrong.. the opening was good.. but not in my top ten. the animation was better and the song was pretty good, but the visuals didn’t really stand out to me.
  • best ending : i’m okay with this one winning since the song was pretty catchy, but the visuals… once again, weren’t anything amazing (but it was very cute).

so like I don’t want to be insensitive at this moment of crisis but I would just like to say that when you guys who grew up in the sherlock fandom write your own gay media, which I have no doubt you’re going to do because you’re a very smart and talented group of people, you should try as hard as you can to break free of the model of gay writing that’s evolved over the past century and a half, in which you can only tell gay stories through subtext. pretending to tell one narrative while actually telling another one is not good storytelling, and the idea that gay themes have to be hidden in symbolism and subtle acting choices so that straight audiences don’t see them is a relic of a time gone by. so in other words, even if the writers of sherlock had been planning a “rug pull” in which all the subtext they’d been writing suddenly became text, they still would not have written a good love story. a good story is told partly through text and partly through subtext, not hidden away inside of another narrative.

I’m guilty of this myself as a reader; I’ve gotten very skilled at reading queer subtext out of necessity, and as a result I do understand the he pleasure that comes from being able to read the hidden queer stories that straight audiences can’t see (whether the writers put them there intentionally or not.) problem is, the whole tradition of reading and writing queer subtext is itself the product of homophobia. there is no reason to continue clinging to that style of writing, even if you are planning to subvert it at the end by making the subtext into text. there is no reason we have to continue treating the reality of our lives as something scandalous and shocking that has to either be hidden away or revealed suddenly for its shock value. there’s nothing sordid or shocking about being gay, and there’s no reason we have to continue hiding.

Things that confuse me about Star Trek:

The Enterprise-D doesn’t have a Chief Science Officer. It’s a massive ship with exploratory purposes and there’s no Chief Science Officer. Even DS9 had a Science Officer, who was assigned before anyone even knew there were new scientific opportunities there. For a ship whose purpose is finding new scientific stuff, you would think there would be a Science Officer

Lost and Found (M)

Originally posted by vminv

Summary: The only thing bigger than Park Jimin’s ass is his ego. After one too many scandals, after one too many mornings stumbling back to the dorms drunk or ruining the reputations of other idols, Jimin is given an ultimatum: complete a rehabilitation program in America or leave Bangtan.
Pairing: problematic idol!Jimin x reader
Word Count: 20.088
A/N: not what I should have been working on but what demanded to be written. Jimin’s hair goes from orange to black to blond to silver, and you’ll see why. The story begins in mid-August, and conversations in italics are spoken in English. I hope you like it!

Read on AO3 if mobile’s having issues

The first thing Park Jimin hears is, “Rise and shine, superstar,” and then cold water is poured on his face.

“What the fuck!” Jimin snaps, jerking up in bed. He’d been warm and content, wrapped around a pretty brunette he couldn’t recall the features of, couldn’t remember the name of to ask her to please shut the fuck up, your screaming is really annoying this early in the morning, the fuck. She’d been splashed with some of the water, and maybe if it wasn’t so early- the sun wasn’t even in the sky yet, the fuck- then Jimin would feel a little bit of sympathy. “Don’t you know who I am?”

Jimin pushes his wet bangs from his eyes, narrowed and pointed in anger when he comes face to face with his manager, grinning victoriously over an empty bottle. Jimin’s starkly naked, but his manager has seen him in worse conditions before. On his hangover scale this morning barely registers as a five, so other than the ice cold wake up call, Jimin’s doing pretty hot.

“Unfortunately, I do. Now get up, Park. Your flight leaves in three hours.”

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Sportarobbie Headcanons

•The only way, known by the kids, to get Sportacus to eat any type of sugary food is to put visible fruit pieces in it (also it has to have a low amount of sugar in it)

•Robbie makes a few sportscandy smoothie popsicles and even adds blueberries on outside of them and Sportacus is just, very quietly staring at them and thinking, “Are they for me? Can I have one? I want one. Should I ask?”
•Robbie finally notices that the elf hasn’t blinked in the last two minutes and has been standing with the freezer open the whole time and says, “Sportacus? Are you okay?”
•Sportacus kinda just silently points at the popsicle tray and gives Robbie those damn puppy eyes before he can say no because he fears that Sport will DIE.
•Sportacus leaves with a sportscandy smoothie popsicle
•The kids are like, “WTF Sportacus?? You’re gonna die???” when they see him with it.
•Sportacus tries to eat them sparingly, but with all the different flavors Robbie makes….
•Robbie continues to push his luck by seeing what other sweets-turned-healthy-treats do and do not kill his boyfriend
•Sportacus all out refuses to eat anything cake related though
•Sportacus is absolutely enthralled by Robbie’s ears and somewhat vice versa

•"They’re so round!“
•He likes to touch and play with them
•He doesn’t like it when Robbie covers his ears with headphones or something of the sort
•"Use earbuds, Robbie!” “Why?” “…They’re safer and cause less strain on your ears?”
•In turn, Robbie plays with Sportacus ears at times, something Sport loves.
•"You could cut a man with these.“
•Sports ears are sensitive to touch and normally doesn’t let people touch them
•Robbie flicked Sport’s ear once and had to comfort him with ice packs for half an hour
•Robbie likes watching Sportacus’ ears display his emotions, rising when he’s happy, lowering when he’s upset and going straight when he’s mad.
•His favorite is whenever someone calls Sportacus’ name, they just rise completely upwards and even turn as he tries to pinpoint who needs him
•"They don’t do that!” “LISTEN.”
•In the rare occurrence that Sportacus tries to lie, his ears betray him by conveying his nervousness
•Sportacus likes all sportscandy, but give that man a bundle of cherries and he will never want to look at you again.

•"They’re cherries! They aren’t gonna bite! Get down from on top of the fridge!“
•"Not until you take them in the other room!”
•He hates the fact that they have pits
•He bit into a cherry, a little too quickly, for the first time and chipped his tooth
•Luckily he was a child when this happened so the new tooth was chip free
•He also hates how sour some of them are.
•They stain his teeth with their juice too and make him look like a vampire that just had a meal and he hates it
•"Eat one.“ "NEVER.”
•Robbie denies him hugs and kisses until he eats one.
•Sportacus, oh so reluctantly, slowly consumed a single solitary cherry and wanted to die the entire time
•"I thought you loved me, Robbie.“
•Robbie uses them as Sporta-repellent at times
•"I swear I will bring cherries into this household if you do not sit still and let me finish your outfit!”
•Sportacus does not understand sexual innuendo

•Robbie tried to use a “pitcher/catcher” joke and Sportacus arrived at his place ready to play actual baseball
•Robbie was half naked and Sport was just, “Is that how you’re gonna play?”
•Sport didn’t understand why he had to sleep on the couch

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Theres some merit in the claim but the persons approach was ineffective and overly generalized the issue; the real question that should be posed is not a screamed finger-pointing, accusation with no room for discussion but rather it should be "Why is only Yuuri, the non-white Japanese man, the only one who's race/skin has been changed and/or concealed? While others such as Viktor or Yurio have not (We havent seen how you personally depict Phichit so thats not applicable yet."

i’ll answer you since you asked so nicely

speaking as a brown-skinned asian woman, it really did not cross my mind that coloring in yuuri’s skin BLUE, because i thought that it would be cool because he is the very personification of night, would be racist.

before i even started the designs i already picked out color palettes to work with. 

see those colors circled in red??? yeah those are the colors i wanted to use as their skin color. i simply used the creative license i thought i had as an artist and decided to color them in in different shades??

i hope this is enough because i do not want to have this conversation again

if any one of you still think that me coloring in yuuri’s skin blue fricking blue i cry is racist or bloody whitewashing????? please block me, unfollow me or whatever you would like to do thank you so much