there should be a tag for it tho

Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to do that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…


Tagged by the lovely @becausesin Thank you <3 

a - age: 18 (not for much longer tho lmao)

b - birthplace: Same city I live in now

c- current time: 19:03

d - drink you last had: Summer fruits squash

e - easiest person to talk to: @buy-bye-bi and @niue7

f - favourite song: rn it’s Saturnz Barz - Gorillaz

g- grossest memory: Lets not go there lmao

h - horror yes or horror no: Yes

i - in love?: Nope

j - jealous of people?: Sometimes

k - killed someone?: No

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: I can’t just love someone based on looks, that’s more lust. So, walk over and talk to me

m - middle name: Cara

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: Get into the right course

p - person you called last: My brother

q - question you’re always asked: What are your plans for the future?

r - reason to smile: Sunsets, my cats, reading and getting nice feedback

s - song you sang last: Leaving You - Savoy

t - time you woke up: 9am

u - underwear colour: White??

v - vacation destination: Not a vacation kind of person

w - worst habit: Procrastinating 

x - x-rays: None

y - your favorite food: Milkshakes (I’m counting it)

z - zodiac sign: Aries

i want it to snow


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

the ml!cups saga

so yesterday @metawohoo​ shared her new cup with the group

i shared this with @littleblackchat​ who then…

best crime fighting duo!

then today:

soooo  //taps cups with lbc// ….bien joué????

(it was a short saga)