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bucky tell us a story about darcy

darcy lewis goes drinking with thor.

that alone should be enough to send your imaginations spinning off to wild places, but that, my friends, is only where our story begins.
it is also something you should know, just in general, in case you happen to encounter darcy lewis.
she’s tazed a god twice, and she goes drinking with thor. on a regular basis.
the first time thor wanted to go drinking after i showed up, lewis was there too. and naturally, if thor was going out so was she. neither of them knew us newbie avengers well yet, but being sociable sort of people, they invited us to tag along. scott immediately agreed, but sam was caught up doing some beta testing in the labs with tony, and said he would catch up when they were done.
so darcy, thor, scott and i went out drinking.
fun fact about thor: it takes him approximately one million alcohols to get drunk, but once he’s there, he likes to sing. preferably epic ballads of victory in battle, but he’s pretty much game for any catchy song that will get a bar excited. that being the case, lewis and thor’s go-to midgardian bar is a karaoke joint.
im sure you begin to see where things are going wrong.
fun fact about darcy lewis? she can also hold her alcohol, but cannot carry at tune. like. at all.
that doesnt stop her from singing, mind you. gotta respect a lady who knows shes terrible but enjoys herself anyway.
scott apparently loves karaoke. i dont know why that surprised me, but it did. even more surprising? hes not actually that bad, although like 90% of his song choices were bruce springsteen. no clue why. anyway, thor was delighted by having a buddy who was not only willing but able to sing with him, and after scott got over his star-struck-ness they had a pretty great time.
it was a good thing that thor and lewis went to that bar on the regular, because im sure any place that hadnt been prepared for them would have kicked all of us out. as it was, they finally booted us out the door after a rousing rendition of ‘wrecking ball’ had most of the bar on their feet. and broke two tables.
(thor apparently settles his tab there in asgardian gold, so no hard feelings from the bartenders.)
the night was young and all of us had enough booze in our systems that we decided to catch a cab back to the tower and see if we could rope anyone else into some shennanigans. thor was buzzed at least, which for thor means his voice is even boomier and his gestures are more expansive–you gotta be ready to duck. scott was drunk, no question about it, and that was probably why theyd wound up singing wrecking ball in the first place. scott’s a cheerful if floppy, “ i love you, i love all of you guys, i love everyone in this bar ” kind of drunk, and was mostly travelling by merit of being wrapped around thors bicep. i was a little buzzed myself, and lewis had had nearly as much as i did. remarkably, she seemed to be chugging along pretty well, some weaving and slurring aside. the lady lives up to her god-tazing reputation.
anyway, we got out of the cab at the tower and started making our way to the doors. scott had partially detached from thors arm and needed extra support, so i was helping keep him from capsizing while lewis trailed a few steps behind the three of us, making color commentary of our three stooges act.
and then out of nowhere, she just…yelled.
all three of us whipped around as quickly as three drunk superpeople can, just in time to see darcy lewis dish out what looked to be a pretty dang textbook perfect roundhouse kick to the chest of some poor guy.
the guy went down. lewis went down too, because the kick had totally overbalanced her. thor and i dropped scott and ran over to help.
which was when sam sat up and said ‘that was a hell of a kick’
because apparently hed finished up his testing and gone out to catch up with us, made it partway down the block to call a cab, then saw us getting out of our taxi. he jogged back–not being particularly stealthy, but we were drunk–and put his hand on lewis’s shoulder to get her attention.
lewis, having pretty poor vision even sober, and worse vision when drunk and without her glasses, just saw some big male figure who’d popped up out of nowhere and grabbed her by the shoulder.
so naturally she kicked him in the chest.
she apologized profusely, but the rest of us thought it was pretty funny. and sam was impressed the next morning when he discovered that she’d left a visible footprint on his chest.
darcy insists she has no idea why she did it. or where she learned to kick like that.
the rest of us have just chalked it up to mysterious darcy lewis powers.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could give me some tips on outlining a fic? I have my character backgrounds down to a t, and I've been working on world building, but I've still been having trouble getting my ideas organized in a story format. Yours are always so well written and flow so nicely, I was hoping you had some advice! Thank you! 💕 (PS your newest fic is amazing and I can't wait for more!!!)

God I have been putting off answering this one too long because I Take Outlines So Seriously. In the last week I’ve probably written 30K words, and only about 7K was fic. The rest was the outline rough draft and then the outline final.


So I have literally a Process I use. My larger fics literally have a pre-production period that I have to work through before they are ready to be written.

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personally, i don’t get all those people lusting after daenerys solely for her looks. i would be all about missandei. i’d walk in and bow to her and be like “my queen” and she’d be all “oh not me” and i’d be like “it should be *wink wink*” 

i’m sorry. i just love nathalie emmanuel okay.

what I go to school for

     { spencer reid x reader // wc: 807 }
Spencer Reid is good at a lot of things. Not dating a student from a class he once guest lectured for is not one of those things.

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

Getting to be a guest lecturer is one of Spencer’s favorite parts of his life. Sure, it’s definitely nerve wracking to stand in front of an auditorium of judgemental college students who rarely ever laugh at his jokes, but there’s something about enlightening the youth of America that makes him say yes to every guest lecturer offer.

Of course, there’s also the fact that he met you while lecturing your Criminology course three semesters ago that makes him very partial to teaching, especially if it’s at your college.

“Are you nervous?”

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A Chloe x Alya fic where they love each other as volpina and the bee thing (I'm tired and brain dead rn so I'm bad at articulating things but I hope you know what I'm talking about) but despise each other as their real selves? And make it a reveal fic? This could be a chapter fic or one shot I don't care but please :D

Bless you, praise you anon.

Okay, so ehre we go! Did someone ask for Dark Cupid but with Queen Bee and Vixen? Too bad, cause this is pretty much what I did/ Bonus points if any of you get where I got Queen Bee’s attack from.

Part 2(coming soon)(cause no way in hell I’m leaving this as it is lmao what are you taking me for, someone who can write angst and leave it as it is?)

Alya had one day from hell because of one and only Chloé Bourgeois. She had never been more grateful for an akuma, it gave her the chance to blow some steam. True, she was using her flute more like Chat was using his staff, rather than make some illusions, but she was in the mood to hit something. And the new akuma gave her the perfect opportunity. She didn’t pay much attention to the name but it was turning people in fairytale characters. Why was Hawkmoth akumatizing little kids again? Right, because he was an asshole.

“What got you so riled up, foxy?”

“Nothing you should worry about, your highness.” Alya replied playfully while kicking another knight over the head.

“That angry scowl on your gorgeous face always gets me worried.” she declared wrapping the string of her spinning top around two knight before slamming them against a tree.

“Well, I’d hate if my small problems would ruin that bright smile off your face.”

Queen Bee kept smiling, ready to flirt back, when Ladybug shouted for her. “B! I could really use your help right now.”

The blonde turned towards the akuma that was momentarily being kept in place by Ladybug’s yoyo. Alya moved to cover her as she called for her signature move.

“Poison Sting!” she called out moving her spinning top towards the akuma

Alya didn’t quite catch what happened next. The akuma managed to escape Ladybug’s grip, dodging the spinning top and at the same time sending an attack towards Queen Bee. The next thing Alya saw was her teammate lying unconscious on the ground. And one of the gems in her comb began to flicker. Alya’s heart sunk.

“Get her out!” Chat screamed at her while dodging another attack. “Secret identity. We got this. Go!”

Without hesitation, Alya picked Queen Bee up and began to run. She did her best to avoid the crowd as she sprung on a lamp post then on a lower roof, then a higher one. By the time they reached what she considered a secluded enough corner two of the gems on her comb already flickered off.

“B,” Alya called out gently shaking her shoulder. “Come on Queenie, don’t do this.”

She was desperate. Queen Bee was close to detransform and knocked out by whatever the akuma did to them. Okay, think Alya, think. The akuma knocked only her out, right? She turned some people into knights and she even saw some frogs. The akuma was fairytale based and… of course! Alya snapped her fingers, finally finding the solution.

Looking down at Queen Bee, slipping peacefully with her head in Alya’s lap. She was never the biggest fan of those tropes from the fairy tales she used to read to her sisters, but they were in a desperate need right now. So desperate to even use a true love’s kiss.

(She tried to ignore the weird sensation in her stomach at the thought of it not working.)

Stroking her cheek gently, Alya leaned over, capturing Queen Bee’s lips in a kiss. Ironically, her lips really tasted like honey. She can’t wait to tease her for this later. And maybe kiss her again.

After what Alya thought was enough to break the spell, she broke the kiss, looking down at her partner. Queen Bee frowned and began opening her eyes.

“Huh? What happened?” her eyes squinted around, confused. Then she noticed who was looking down at her, her lips curling in a smile. “Well, hello there beautiful. ” she stood up, allowing them to be on the same eye level. “Care to tell me what happened after the akuma hit me?”

Alya felt relief flood her. It worked! Queenie was safe and sound. And she was apparently her true love, but they’ll discuss that later. Alya was beaming. But before she could answer a golden light appeared, making her shield her eyes. Oh, no. So had forgotten entirely about the detransformation. And while Alya knew she should have looked away and protect the identity of her partner, but she was frozen in place. And as the light vanished in Queen Bee’s place stood one and only Chloé Bourgeois. Alya gasped.

“This… was unexpected.” the blonde remarked as her kwami hid with a snicker. Looking at Alya she gave her a smile, almost shy smile that wasn’t characteristic for either her personas. “Hey, foxy, I know I’m sexy, but close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

Alya did that. She wasn’t sure what to feel in that moment. It was too much. A wave of all kinds of feelings hit her and almost knocked her off her feet. She couldn’t do this. Not now. She got on her shakily before beginning to back off.

“Vixen?” Chloé called her superhero name in what felt like forever. “Look, I know we aren’t supposed to know, but the bright part.”

“Just… don’t.” Alya managed to say turning her back. She couldn’t do this. For once in her life, Alya felt like running away.

Chloé stood on the rooftop looking at the orange figure disappearing over the rooftops. And for the first time in years, her heart was shattering again.

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Here's a sweet one if you're interested! I'd like a scenario where the Phantom Thief guys plus Goro and Mishima are with an S/O who fosters kittens or puppies in their home and how they might take care of the kittens or puppies with S/O. Thank you so much and the gifs add a nice touch for visualization so thank you for that too!

Oh god this is adorable. ;A; Thank you so much for sending this!! And I’m glad you like the GIFs and that they help! ^^ I only did the main boys because it was getting too long, but I’ll be glad to add the other two if there’s enough interest! Enjoy!


Akira was well aware that S/O fostered kittens, as evidenced by the fact that they constantly fretted over finding good homes for them; however, he had never actually seen the kittens himself.

Akira would offer his aid to S/O if he noticed them stressing out, but they would decline, saying that they didn’t want to impose. He could only remain uninvolved for so long, though; once he witnessed S/O nearly faint from endlessly researching and tending to the kittens, he decided to covertly assist them. With his plethora of connections, Akira was easily able to find loving homes for the kittens, much to S/O’s astonishment.

“Akira, so many people just came by today and requested to adopt a kitten. You’re lucky that you visited now rather than sooner,” S/O stated, closing the front door to their apartment behind their raven-haired boyfriend.

“That’s amazing, babe. I’m happy for you,” Akira said placidly, wearing a fond smile on his face. Internally, a pang of guilt tinged his heart; S/O had worked so strenuously, and although he had interfered with good intentions, Akira involuntarily doubted his actions. After all… the last time he involved himself with another’s affairs was the moment of his arrest.

Akira certainly didn’t desire to withhold anything from S/O, so he inhaled deeply before confessing, “Babe… there’s something I have to tell you-”

“You’re behind it, aren’t you?” they interrupted. Akira attempted to avert his onyx gaze, but S/O ceased his movement by delicately grasping his chin and swiftly pecking him on the lips. “I’m not mad. You wouldn’t have done it if you weren’t worried, so I’m sorry for that. It felt wrong to ask since you already do so much… but thank you. Just give me a warning next time, okay?”

Akira nodded, and a wave of relief surged through his formerly tensed nerves. “Thank you for understanding, and I’m sorry for not telling you. I’ll leave you a calling card next time,” he teased.

“You’re a terrible thief. If your target’s expecting it, how can you steal anything?” S/O jested.

“Arsène managed just fine,” Akira remarked, snaking his arms around S/O’s waist and kissing them atop their head.

S/O sighed. “He’s a bad influence… come on, let me show you the kittens.”

Guiding him by the hand, S/O led Akira to the room that the small creatures were inhabiting, and the instant he stepped through the doorway, various kittens gathered around his ankles and rubbed their cheeks on him.

“Th-that was fast,” S/O mumbled, baffled by the kittens’ sudden affection. They steered their stare toward Akira. “Are you a cat whisperer?”

His expression was neutral as his inky eyes met S/O’s. “Meow?”

“Oh no, the cat’s out of the bag now,” they snickered. “Still, they seem to really like you.”

The symphony of purrs confirmed their observation, and Akira crouched down to stroke the kittens’ cheeks. “Maybe I could come here to help you out every so often.”

“That would be purr-fect,” S/O replied playfully.

Akira considered proposing since he was already crouching down… but he had arranged future plans for that. Meanwhile, he aided S/O by advertising through his network of resources; in addition, he’d drop by S/O’s apartment with supplies or treats for the kittens. They absolutely adored him, and the feeling was mutual; dejection overcame him whenever one of them was adopted, yet he was exuberant by the prospect of S/O fostering more kittens. Spending time surrounding by kittens and a loved one; what more could one ask for?


Although they had been dating for a couple of years, S/O was always unusually reluctant regarding the matter of allowing Ryuji to visit their home, so he was quite astonished when they invited him over one day.

“I… need your help right now-”

“I’m on my way,” Ryuji replied without hesitation, then he immediately departed for the address S/O sent him. He didn’t want to assume anything; however, he couldn’t dispel his concern over the possibility that S/O was in danger.

When he arrived at the designated location, they were anxiously waiting outside, and Ryuji darted toward them. “Babe! You okay? What’s wrong?”

“My puppy keeps running away, and I’m not fast enough to catch her. I’m sorry to ask, but can you help me?” S/O implored, a hint of guilt in their voice.

Ryuji swiftly pecked their forehead and proclaimed, “Don’t worry; I got this.” He certainly held true to that promise, and S/O spectated in awe as he easily outran the energetic puppy. He returned to S/O while cradling the enthusiastic creature in his strong, chiseled arms. They briefly longed to switch places with the puppy.

“C’mon, if you’re done checkin’ me out, let’s get her inside.” Ryuji’s playful voice snapped S/O out of their reverie, and a scarlet blush dusted their cheeks as they narrowed their eyes at their boyfriend, whose lips were curled into a smirk.

“D-don’t give me that face, I was looking at her,” S/O denied, gesturing toward the panting pup.

“Uh huh.” S/O’s head was spinning from the teasing tone in his voice, and as much as they wanted to wipe that pompous leer off his face, they instead pivoted around and beckoned Ryuji to follow them.

“Y-you’re lucky I love you so much. Come on, let’s go.” The couple strolled to the front door and S/O hesitated before opening it. “You should go first. Just in case, you know?”

“Yeah, good idea.” Ryuji’s voice was laden with mischief as he said, “That way you can get a nice view of the back.”

S/O was about to retort when he slipped through the door. They hastily followed suit and shut the door behind them, subsequently sliding off their shoes along with Ryuji. S/O waited in anticipation. 3… 2… 1…

As S/O expected, a flock of puppies bounded toward the duo, most of them tackling and sniffing Ryuji with curiosity.

“W-whoa! What the hell?!” Ryuji’s bottom collided with the floor and he became enveloped by the swarm. “Hey! C-cut that out, that tickles… S/O, help!”

S/O spitefully snickered. “Hang on, I’m not done ‘checking you out’ yet.”

“Y-you’re gonna pay for this, dammit,” Ryuji stuttered, too exasperated to maintain the steadiness in his voice.

S/O sighed and promptly clapped their hands together. “Okay guys, that’s enough. Sit!” Most of the puppies obeyed, and S/O assisted Ryuji with uplifting himself.

“Thank you for helping me,” S/O said, now sitting across from Ryuji at the dining table with their fingers interlocked.

“It’s no problem, babe. But does this sorta thing happen often?”

S/O nodded, with dejection as clear as crystal etched onto their face. “There’s so many of them, so some manage to escape. I’ve tried putting up a gate, but they either force their way through of jump over it. Sometimes it takes an hour to corral them back inside.”

Ryuji’s gaze flitted to the pups that were surrounding him. “Hm… would it be okay if I helped?”

S/O’s eyes gleamed with joy. “Of course! They seem to have taken a liking to you. That’s only natural, though, since you’re the best, most amazing person ever.”

Ryuji blushed and averted his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I already said I’d help ya.” 

From that day forward, he frequently visited S/O to assist them with retrieving escaped puppies, but eventually he moved in with them and raised puppies alongside them. The duo was disheartened to see the puppies go, but they ensured that they were going to loving homes, and they continued to foster puppies together for years to come.


“Oh dear.”

A plethora of exuberant puppies dashed toward Yusuke and began leaping on his lithe, onyx-covered legs. He was quite perplexed, as he had no dealings with animals before; Madarame had strictly prohibited the ownership of pets, and Yusuke lacked the proper funding to tend to himself, let alone a pet.

He directed his bewildered gaze toward S/O, who merely responded with an apologetic smile. “They’re not exactly trained yet, but they’re harmless.”

The redundant pitter-patter of nails on the wooden floor in addition to the tugging of his pants was enough to dangle Yusuke on the brink of insanity. 

“I command you to sit,” he ordered firmly, eyes narrowing at the rambunctious creatures, and to S/O’s astonishment, the puppies obeyed. 

“Yusuke… how did you do that? I’ve been trying for weeks now.”

“I-I’m not quite sure myself… perhaps they are eager to model for me?” A glint had manifested in Yusuke’s silver eyes, and he elevated one of his hands to clasp his chin while the other cradled his elbow. 

S/O knew that inquisitive pose, and wheels suddenly spurred to life in their mind as they proclaimed, “Hey, do you think you’d be interested in helping me out?”

Yusuke slowly dropped his arms to his side and flashed a questioningly look at S/O. “My dear, why would you ask such a thing? I would be honored to assist you with anything.” He paused to survey S/O’s unsure expression. “Perhaps you would like me to train them? I am uncertain as to whether my aid would prove to be beneficial, but… if I’m by your side, then I am far more confident in my abilities.”

A faint blush tinted S/O’s cheeks; they could never comprehend how he managed to say such things with a straight face. Regardless, they strolled past the obedient puppies and perched themself on their toes to peck Yusuke on the cheek. “That would be very helpful. Thank you.” 

S/O was about to rock back on their heels until Yusuke slithered his arms around their waist and tweaked them closer. He delicately clutched their chin with his pale, cold fingers and fixed his stare on their lips. “You missed,” the artist breathed, barely brushing S/O’s lower lip with his thumb.

An abrupt sneeze startled the couple and shattered any romance that was wafting in the air of S/O’s home. The couple simultaneously whipped their heads to the source of the sound, and they noticed a line of docile puppies wagging their tails, patiently awaiting another order.

The duo untangled themselves and flushed scarlet, avoiding the eyes of the other.

“P-pardon me, I failed to recall that there was an audience,” Yusuke stuttered, bashfully peeking at S/O’s flustered form.

“N-no, it’s okay. Um, l-let’s get to work.”

Yusuke’s adeptness with training the puppies never ceased to impress S/O. Occasionally, he would instruct the creatures to sit or lie down for the purpose of sketching them, and he grew increasingly more fond of them every time he visited. 

The feeling was mutual; whenever Yusuke accompanied S/O in their residence, the puppies would sit at attention, awaiting an order to approach him. Sometimes he would tease them and force them to wait; they always wiggled and fidgeted with impatience, and it was by far the most endearing thing about them. 

Even as puppies came and went, their boundless affection always remained, and Yusuke was grateful fr the opportunity to fulfill his once-forgotten childhood dream of owning a pet, albeit temporarily.

for the sentence starter prompt “this is all your fault!”

i was just going to make one of them sick, but then i was like what’s the fun in that? so here’s to both of them sharing the misery together :-)

“This is all your fault,” Jyn complains from somewhere on the floor. She hadn’t quite made it to the bed when they had stumbled in here earlier, though in her defense, he hadn’t either. 

Cassian lets out an incredulous huff and leans his head up against the mattress. The cold seeps up from the floor and through his clothes, and he knows that he should muster up enough strength to get the two of them into bed, but it’s just so hard. “It’s my fault that you kissed me?”

“You got me sick,” comes her mumbled reply, and it sounds so pitiful and sad that he can’t help but shift to try and get a better look at her. She’s curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed, cheek pressed into the snowy floor. If she’s as hot as he is right now, he can imagine that it feels pretty nice. Still – her lips are tinged blue and the last thing the two of them need right now is hypothermia. 

“We need to get into bed,” he says firmly, or, at least, he tries to. The rasp in his throat doesn’t make him sound even remotely commanding. 

Jyn groans softly, which he chooses to believe is a sign of her agreement. (Realistically, he has no idea. His head is spinning so fast that it’s hard to think about something for too long.)

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Taylor + Joe

The Beginning

Part 1 - How They Met

On October 12th, 2016, Taylor went with Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse, Lily Donaldson, Martha Hunt, Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend went to a private show of Kings of Leon, since the lead vocalist is the husband of one of best friends, Lily Aldridge. In the guest list was also Garrett Hedlund (friend of the band members), who brought along his movie colleague Joe Alwyn.


Taylor P.O.V

We all walk into the bar and it doesn’t take long until we find Lily. I smile and hug her when I reach her. After me, everyone else approaches her to greet her too.

“I’m gonna get myself a drink before the show starts.” I hear Cara say from behind me. Everyone else follows her to do the same but me and Lily smile at each other and go sit on one of the couches places in the VIP area. “Don’t you want to get a drink too?” She asks me and I know by the tone in her voice that she’s mocking me.

“I’d rather delay my imminent humiliation. You know that tipsy Taylor is too playful so I’ll wait until the after party.” I smile at her. “So, is anyone else coming?”

“As far as I know, Martha is coming with her husband and a friend of Caleb’s is coming too. They should be here any minute.” She explains me. For the next couple of minutes, we talk about her daughter Dixie who stayed at home with the babysitter, until Martha arrives.

“Hey!” She greets us euphorically and her husband gets the hint and leaves us, mumbling something like ‘Women’. “Wow, Lily, is it me or Taylor looks really hot.”

“She does.” Lily gasped.

I roll my eyes at them. “Stop it.”

“Ladies.” The three of us look up and two guys are standing there looking at us. I can recognize the face of one of them. I think he’s an actor but I’m not sure. The other, though, seems a little uncomfortable with his hands in his pockets, so I’m guessing he doesn’t know anyone either.

Lily stands up and greets the guy who just spoke. “Girls, this Garrett. Garrett, these are Martha and Taylor.”

“We’ve met Taylor from at the MET gala.” He says. That’s where I know him from. And now I remember the other guy too, but he had his hair shaved. That’s why I didn’t recognize him.

Garrett puts his arm around the other guy’s shoulder. “This here is Joe. We worked together on our latest movie.”

“Hey.” He grins. For a split second his eyes crossed mine, but moved when Martha spoke.

“I know you. You made this Vogue photoshoot with Gigi didn’t you?”

“Yeah, Joey landed his first role ever and as the main character of a Oscar-winning director.” Garrett pats Joe’s chest as he looks to the ground. “He’s becoming a star so I thought it would be good for him to be among other people in the business.”

Lily begins to talk to Joe and Garrett. Martha gets closer to me and whispers in my ear. “He’s cute.” I instantly turn my head around to glare at her. One of those looks that could kill.

I know what she’s trying to do, but it’s not gonna happen. No boys for me tonight, or any night for all I care. I need a vacation from them and their huge egos.

“And he’s British. You like British guys.”

I open my mouth to answer her, but I’m stopped by Lily, who tells us she’s going to take Garrett backstage to go see Caleb before the show. She asks Joe if he wants to go too but he says he’s fine.

“You’ll thank me later.” Martha whispers and before I can think about it she’s getting up. “I have to go check on my husband.” And just like that she is gone.


I take a deep breath and look up at Joe. He stands there, looking and the stage. He lets his hand go through his long-ish blond hair, and then puts it right back on his pocket.

“Um, Joe.” He turns to look at me and the corner of his lips instantly rises. “You can sit, you know.”

“I’m fine.”

“Oh come on, I don’t bite.”

Maybe he thinks I do. With everything going around in the media he probably thinks it’s better to stay away from me. I don’t judge-



“Sorry if I came across as cold.” He says looking at me and then at his hands. “I didn’t mean to.”


“So now you’re not speaking to me?” He asks looking me in the eye.

Oh. Crap.

“I’m sorry.” I clear my throat awkwardly. “I blacked out for a little.”

“It’s okay. It’s happens to me all the time.” He shrugs. He’s still looking at me. And I can see his facial features more easily. I don’t need to tell her, but Martha was right when she said he is cute. The cuteness strikes to full on handsomeness in matter of seconds when he smiles at me.

I raise an eyebrow at him. “Does it?”

“No.” We both start to laugh with his confession.

“I figured.” I shrug with a smile plastered across my face. “So, what’s your deal?” He raises his eyebrow as he leans back on the couch at turns his body at my with his arm behind me. “Look mate,” My british accent is at its best. “I’m trying to start a conversation here.”

“What do you want to know?”


The concert starts and since me and Lily are some of the few people who already knew the songs of the new album, we are the ones chanting the words.

“Just like a reverend, like a reverend on the radio!Your heart will never say so! Your heart will never let goooo!” We sing along to the camera of her phone.

I raise my hands up in the air and catch Joe glancing at me with a smile on the corner of his lips. “My heart will never say so! My heart will never let goooo!” I sing dramatically to cause him to laugh. I wink at him playfully and turn around to approach the girls who are all dancing.

“Are you enjoying it?” I scream over the music.

“I’m loving it!” Dakota screams back.

“So what’s with the new guy?” Zoe asks smirking. “You looked really close when when we got here before the show started.”

“Oh no no. Nothing’s happening.” I shake my head.

“So you weren’t just flirting with him half a minute ago?” Suki tries to hide her smile as she takes a sip of her drink. I roll my eyes and playfully push her.


Joe P.O.V

“So where are we going now?” I ask Garrett as I open the door the car.

“There’s an after party in a club nearby.” He says hopping into the drivers seat. “So…” He puts his seatbelt on. “Taylor huh?”

“What about her?”

I pretend I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I do. Even he has noticed it. I mean, who wouldn’t be struck by her? She’s a fascinating woman and I say that without even knowing her. And beautiful. She’s beautiful.

He chuckles, starting the car. “Just know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know her reputation.” He trails off and I know what he means. And it makes me a little pissed and I don’t even know why.

“I don’t think it’s fair to judge a person by the opinion of people who don’t know her. The media only wants clicks regardless of of the veracity of the stories.”

“You’re right.” He nods. “Either way I could see the way you were looking at her. You need to do something about it man.”

I will.


Taylor P.O.V

Right now we’re on the dance floor dancing with each other. I’m grabbing both Martha and Lilly’s hands and spinning them around. “So, who needs a drink?” They both say yes, so we walk to the bar.

When we get there, we ask the bartender for three Vodka Diet-Coke, my personal favorite.

The three of us lean into the bar as we wait for our drinks. “So how did your talk with Joe go?” Martha asks.

“Well, I guess…I got to know him better.”

“Is there something I should know about?” Lily asks puzzled.

I answer right away. “No.”

“Well…” Martha trails off and I glare at her.

Lily notices my reaction and gasps. “Oh, I’m liking this.”

“No, no you’re not. I only talked to the guy.” Alone, about your personal lives… “There’s nothing special about that.” I guess.

My attention goes to what’s happening behind Lily. I’m the middle of the crowd, Joe is talking to a brunette.

Clearing my sudden dry throat, I look once again to the girls.“I need to go to the bathroom.” I don’t wait for their response and walk to the restrooms.

I reach the end of the line, not knowing what’s happening and why I’m so affected by whatever Joe’s doing.

I raise my hands to cover my face as I stand in line. Before I put them back down, I feel a hand grab my waist and pull me into a small room. I am pushed against the door as it closes.

This is it. I’m gonna die.

I take a deep breath to gain the courage to open my eyes. When I do, Joe is looking down at me smiling. “Hey.”

“What the fuck?” I whisper/scream at the same time. “You scared me!” I look around and realize we are in some kind of storage. “We shouldn’t be here! Oh my God, what if someone saw us? This isn’t go-”

I’m interrupted when his lips touch mine. His hands cup my face and by instinct I place my hands on his waist. I know I shouldn’t but I start to kiss him back as he presses me against the door.

He pulls away when we both run out of breath. He presses his forehead on mine and one of his hands lowers to my waist. “I really needed to do that.” He whispers.

“You did? I thought you were busy with that girl out there.” I cross my arms over my chest.

He smirks when he sees my reaction. “Glad I wasn’t the only on uncomfortable.”


“You didn’t even notice! Practically half of the guys in this club were staring at you, and let me tell you, it’s kind of annoying.” Well, your annoyed accent is kind of hot, I think to myself.

And he was actually paying attention to me. I don’t know how to feel about that.

“This is wrong on so many levels.” I lower my head into Joe’s chest.

His fingers raise my chin to look him in the eyes. “It doesn’t feel wrong, does it?”

“Do you know what you getting yourself into?”

“Truthfully, I don’t. But I don’t really care.” He shrugs. “There’s something about you Taylor, and letting you go would be the worst decision of my life. I know you feel it too.” He reaches for the back pocket of his jeans and pulls out his phone. “Give me your number. Let me get to know you. No one has to know, just me and you.”

He holds his phone out and I look at it. Should I? I’ve made so many mistakes before, what if this turns out to be another one?

“Please.” He means it. I can see it in his eyes. “Give me a chance.”

I take the phone and save my number in it. And his smile spreads gracefully. “I need to go now.” I reach for the door handle but he stops me just to kiss me once again, this time more softly.

Then, he lets me go and I walk back to my friends.

“What took you so long?” Cara asks handing me a drink.

“Long line.” I mumble as I watch Joe come from the where we were, and walk to Garrett and the rest of the guys. “I need this drink.”



As I lay down in my bed, I hear my phone buzz on the nightstand. I reach for it and there’s a message from Joe. ‘Sleep well, and please don’t forget about me.’

I smile. “See that Mere?” I turn the screen to the unbothered cat laying next to me. “Yeah, I know, I’m so happy too.”

class stuff at mcm manchester (aka how i spent the whole day)

- so i wasn’t gonna go up to the signing area until after the panel because i wanted to save the moment cause i knew it would be great
- but whenever you wanted to go to the other con hall you had to go straight past the classt
- and after going past a few times, sophie saw me
- like, m8, it’s supposed to be the other way around
- it was awesome thoughhhh
- there’s a shitty pic of me on her instagram story
- greg remembered me from last time lol
- he had a post-it note on him that said ‘meme queen’ on it
- and a lil victorian headdress thing that someone gave to soph
- got soph and viv to sign my swords
- sophie hugged me at least once in this 10 minute interaction
- and apparently my outfit was almost identical to the real thing which is good to hear!!

~panel time~

- vivian had a tiny angry pikachu plush that she kept putting in her coffee mug and moving around and stuff it was adorable
- me and @classdoctorwho sat next to each other in the front row, and we both asked questions, so there were two scimitars stuck in the air for ages 😂
- i asked what hogwarts houses they thought their characters would be in, and they said:
charlie: slytherin
tanya: ravenclaw or gryffindor
april: hufflepuff
matteusz: gryffindor quidditch jock who lifts charlie off his feet on his broom :’)
don’t think they mentioned ram or quill??
- @classdoctorwho asked vivian what she thought tanya’s sexuality was, and viv took the question really well which was awesome, and said that tanya never really showed interest in anyone, not just because of the age gap, so she could be asexual!! (and yes, she did actually use the word asexual)
- if they could be a different character, they would all want to play quill, viv said she was kinda in love with katherine/quill and i was like ‘saaaaaaaame’
- if they played the doctor, greg would be matt smith-esque, viv would be a ‘matrix doctor’ with a leather jacket and sunglasses, and soph would be a disco doctor with a rainbow sonic
- i can’t remember what she asked now (sorry!!) but when @en-jclras asked her question greg went 'oh hi katie how’re you doing’ and i was like 'ayyy i know her’
- can’t remember the context but at one point after someone mentioned matteusz greg got distracted and said 'sorry, just thinking about jordan renzo’
- 'sophie says 'gl-ah-ss’, april says 'gl-ar-ss’’
- greg was a dancer before he got into acting??
- sophie tripped when she jumped into the crack in ep 4, and she said something about april’s timberlands and then just kinda. pointed at me.
- i love that they’re all friends with pearl it’s the cutest thing
- sophie is the only one to have been watching dw since 2005, and she’s also seen 'an unearthly child’ cause of coal hill!!
- although they said they wanted to do a special like sense8
- and someone suggested they should do a crossover with all the other spin-offs to tie up the loose ends

~post-panel action~

- went back with my pop figures
- (and the ink on the boxes had rubbed off loads which SUCKS)
- and they all loved them :’)
- got sophie to sign the april one
- and i was about to pay
- she is the nicest human being i stg
- i think she hugged me twice in the space of those last 8 bullet points
- then me and @classdoctorwho
took those photos with them
- and sophie asked for one on her own with the two of us :’)
- its on her instagram story
- and she hugged us again lol
- AND THEN after the cosplay masquerade when everyone was leaving
- i ended up walking out of the con centre with sophie 😂
- and tripped on the stairs 😅 (but it was just because i was clumsy lol not because of soph)

SO YEAH all in all, amazing day, and i love the classt a lot

Stim Blogs are Fake Positivity, Part 1: Stim Blogs vs. Real Stimming

[This is PART 1 of a series of thinkpieces I, as an autistic person, have written about autism acceptance on Tumblr and the stim blog movement. This series is still being written as of 8/31/17, so some links may be incomplete or dead ends.]

When I say the phrase “stim blog,” a lot of images will come to the minds to experienced Tumblr users–pastel slimes, paint mixing, glittery goop, cutting bread, decorating cake, all very “pure” and “clean” and “pretty” stims. To an outsider, it may even seem like the word “stim” just means “stuff I like to look at that makes me feel satisfied.”

In reality, for the vast majority of autistic people, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not even a very “physical” autistic, and here’s a quick rundown of my most common stims:

  • Hand flapping, sometimes to the point that I sublux my wrists or hit myself (or others) in the face by accident.
  • Bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet.
  • Jumping up and down bodily.
  • Toe-walking (walking on the balls of my feet or my toes).
  • Hitting myself in the head with the heel of my palm (hard).
  • Clinking metal objects against other objects loudly and repetitively.
  • Singing the same three lines of a song over and over again, VERY LOUDLY.
  • Chewing on metal, paper, cardboard, and plastic.
  • Biting my lips and fingers until they bleed.
  • Tearing off my fingernails, using my nails and teeth.
  • Chewing holes in all of my shirtsleeves.
  • Rocking back and forth.
  • Spinning in tight circles (very often until I cannot stop myself from falling over).
  • Dancing, badly, to stimmy music, with lots of flailing, jumping, and often falling over and crashing into furniture.
  • Having sex, particularly kinky sex (but only with my “comfort people;” other people cannot even touch me when I need to stim).
  • Having physically affectionate contact, with lots of pressure, with my “comfort people.”

(My “comfort people” include my romantic partners and one or two close friends. I do not like being touched by anyone else, only specific people whose touches are stims for me due to my ability to feel comfortable with them.)

None of these behaviors are “pretty,” “cute,” or in any way attractive. None of these behaviors are featured in the vast majority of stim blogs, either.

And yet, these are not rare stims for autistic people. Again, I don’t even have particularly significant physical stims in comparison to the majority of autistic people.These stims, and other extremely visible, physical, and “ugly” stims are extremely common among the autistic community.

Stim blogs water down stimming. While some people certainly do get the centering, calming effect they need from gifs of people poking at glittery slime, for quite a lot of us, it does absolutely nothing to click that “stim switch” in our head (the weird little switch that, when hit, can create a reaction ranging from a slight lessening of our ever-present chronic anxiety, to a burst of delighted joy and squealing). Or sometimes it does something, but it only reminds us of an experience we’d rather be having in real life (plunging our own hands into that box of marbles, poking our own fingers into that kinetic sand), rather than being a fully-functional stim in and of itself.

And the popularity of these blogs often causes autistics like me to question ourselves–are we stimming the “right” way?

This watered-down, fairies-and-pastels, magic-and-glitter, purity-and-light-and-sweetness version of stimming paints stims as inherently soft and pure and beautiful things, but only in ways that are already soft and pure and beautiful to allistics. It’s become almost a rite of passage for an autistic on Tumblr to look at stim blogs and at some point ask, “Am I doing this wrong? Are my stims too ugly and unacceptable? Should I not be talking about them, or doing them in public?”

And that is the exact opposite of what the autism acceptance movement desires. The autism acceptance movement is based around accepting the parts of ourselves that allistics find “weird” or “scary,” and being proud of those parts of ourselves–not hiding them and making them palatable to allistics by showing off how glittery and fairy-like we are.

We hit ourselves. We spin. We yell. We make weird noises. We flail. We hide under tables.

These are stims to be celebrated, just as much as the “pretty” stims so popular on stim blogs, if not even more so.

Click here for Part 2, Stim Blogs and Kink (cw: sex mention, kink mention)

Click here for a directory of every post in this series [COMING SOON]

Wheel of the Worst Starters (1/??)
  • “Okay, so, we’re going to give this thing three spins and whatever it lands on, we’re gonna watch no matter what.”
  • “If it doesn’t feature him being nude, then I don’t care.”
  • “Whose idea was it to marry candid camera and softcore porn?”
  • “You gotta be cool about fire… safety.”
  • “My pants need changing.”
  • “They should make a video about rap safety. Don’t rappers get killed a lot?”
  • “The time has come for me to shut this off.”
  • “Why don’t they slap me in the face with more feminist bullshit?”
  • “They found homeless people, scooped them off the streets, put them in a hotel room, and then had naked ladies come in.”
  • “I just smoked some crack at the bus stop and now this is happening.”
  • “It’s a window into the sad, depressing last years of Alan Fundt’s life.”
  • “I would love to find out when this was made and when he died.”
  • “When I was younger I almost burned down my grandmother’s house cooking french fries.”
  • “My first instinct was to throw it in the backdoor out into the snow.  What happened was I just burned my hands and dropped burning grease all over the house.”
  • “The dance of birth is the greatest film David Lynch never made.”
  • “It was fifty minutes of people flailing around awkwardly.”
  • “It was shocking. It was hypnotic. And I hated it.”
  • “She’s saying nonense and she thinks she’s smart for saying complete, utter nonsense.”
  • “The babies looked embarrassed.”
  • “That poor baby is trying to escape.”
  • “Some of these babies are ugly. They look just like their parents.”
  • “We have birth, sexual desire, and self-preservation.”
  • “You can do all the hippie dancing you want, you may still give birth to Alan Fundt.”
  • “It’s a cesspool of human filth.”
  • “I want to murder this movie.”
  • “Can you imagine this without the laugh track? It would be like watching a snuff film.”
  • “These people are having a great time dancing, flailing around and having babies.”
  • “Elderly men will get to masturbate, so there is a service to be provided.”
  • “Elderly men can’t get erections.”
  • “This is like going to church. Everybody gets together, they pretend there’s a big man in the sky, andthey go home feeling happy.”
  • “You go home, you undulate with your pregnant belly–”
  • “I would be ok with blowing up both of them becuse why not?”
  • “I’ve forgotten all that I’ve learned about fire safety.”
  • “The dance of birth is no more! The dance of birth is no more!”
  • “Smile. You’re on candid camera.”
  • “I don’t know what happens when I’m not here.”
  • “How to have a key party – no, wait–”
  • “I have a feeling everyone is going to regret it, and by everyone, I mean us.”
  • “We’re going to learn about being a latch-key kid.”
  • “Do they live in a prison?”
  • “Guys, did you just see her just reach her finger into a grill and get burned?”
  • “Can we watch another thing on another screen?”
  • “Hide the body from your parents.”
  • “Let’s make it exciting – light it up, boys!”
  • “Everything about this is so awkward.”
  • “I learned… No, I didn’t learn anything.”
  • “I just can’t wait for the wall to fall down in the background.”
  • “People come in all colors, but if you’re Hispanic you still talk with an accent.”
  • “This is one of those kinda subtly racist videos.”
  • “Having kids looks like a lot of work.”
  • “I forgot about the ginger kid.”
  • “Are we being safe from Gary Coleman?”
  • “No one is safe from Gary Coleman. He has eyes everywhere.”
  • “The premise of the video is that Gary Coleman plays an all powerful deity.”
  • “Did she say the mayor was tryng to get in her back door?”
  • “She said the same thing when she turned 18.”
  • “He got pulled over drunk driving a very small car.”
  • “Oh, you mean like his penis.”
  • “Go get a neighbor to get killed first.”
  • “How did you guys do this last time with these fucking videos?”
  • “As the man who burned down his grandmother’s house making french fries, did you learn anything about safety?”
  • “I’m sure I saw a video like this at some point and still almost burnt down my grandmother’s house anyway.”
  • “My personal favorite part of the movie when the woman decides to peg the guy from behind.”
  • “It was filmed on location at a Value City furniture display.”
  • “Wait, he said what fun would be life without MTV?”
  • “Look, they had forty minutes to shoot this video.”
  • “When you were watching, you had to put yourself in the mind of the late nineties when none of us knew any of this shit.”
  • “I usually only make sandwiches.”
  • “There are things that you will not be able to unsee on the internet.”
  • “You’ve never seen cakefarts?”
  • “–But also, prepare to be destroyed.”
  • “We are recording, I have a motherfucking cookie, <name>’s got a beer. Let’s drive.”
  • “This is fucking frightening.”
  • “Gun it! Gun it! Gun it!”
  • “Take that, racism!”
Monsta X reaction to you kissing them to make them shut up


You sigh quietly hearing Shownu’s worried voice non-stop about his first day of becoming the leader. 

“I don’t think I did well,” He mumbles, pacing around the living room. You stand up, approaching him without him noticing as you spin him around.

He shows no surprise, “Do you think I should  –” 

You cut him off by kissing him deeply, making him feel lost before you let him go. His expression is full of confusion, blank and just, nothing.

“You are a good leader, so don’t worry too much” You say, as you wait to hear more of his concern.

But you knew you successfully made him shut up when he’s just standing there, just staring at you, before his lips forms a shy smile.

“Thank you for the kiss” He say while rubbing his neck, as you chuckle at his silly comment.


“So like I was working out again, because I need to have a good build for the concert, but like,” Wonho continues to speak, making you grow tired.

“I just need to make them look, you know, better” He say, looking at you. You were about to reply him but he adds more of his reason. 

You hold his shoulder suddenly, as you plant a deep kiss on his lips. His lips form a small smile, his hands bringing you closer.

You pushed him away playfully, making you frown. 

“I thought you wanted to make out” He say, frowning too. 

“I just wanted to shut you up, Wonho”

“Ooh, I guess that makes sense… kinda, so where was I again?” 


“I was about to eat the snack, but someone stole it, like why??” Minhyuk tells you when you both are watching TV. 

You let out a soft sigh, couldn’t concentrate on the TV show.

“Then that day, when I was walking to the company, there was this bird, well– I don’t know if it is a bird but it does look like one,”  

You face him as he is still talking, before you kiss him with your lips matches with his perfectly. His eyes widen, letting you kiss a little more as you slowly pull away.

“Yes, Minhyuk, what were you saying?” You smile cheekily. His mouth goes in a circular shape, his eyes wander around. 

“I forgot…”


“The members keep on attacking me over such nonsense, do they not understand I am in-charge of the good looks in the group  –” Kihyun halts a brief moment when he sees you raising your eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe Hyungwon is in-charge of that but I am important too, right?” He says, making it as a statement instead of a question.

“I am Yoo Kihyun, I need to be confident –” Before he knows it, your lips are already on his lips, shutting them tightly. With a quick deep peck, you move away from him, expecting no sound from him.

“You know if you want to be kissed by me, you could always tell me” His fingers pinch your cheek.

“Kihyun, it’s for you to shut up” You pout angrily.

“Well, it’s not working, you could do better than that” He winks suggestively instead.


“I didn’t get enough sleep because of the schedules today” Hyungwon says, it’s the 5th time he had said that to you for the past 30 minutes.

“It was a busy day, but there was that time when Minhyuk was scaring Jooheon, it was funny but anyway, I was too tired to focus because I didn’t get enough sleep –”

You grab his arm, making him stop but his lips were about to speak so you place your lips on it. You kiss him softly, feeling his lips smiling.

He pulls away, instead of you doing it.

“You’re so cute” He manage to compliment you, his smile gets wider.

“I should talk more so I could get that often, huh?” He says, thinking about it happily.


“My rap has gotten a lot better, but I need to adjust something like something is off”

“You rap is already perfect, Jooheon” You try to make him feel confident, secretly wanting him to be quiet.

“Well, yeah, but I need more… more of something, maybe I should make a rap now,” He continues. “But I need to just –”

Your lips sneakily made its way on his lips, taking it by force to shut him up. His expression changes from shock to enjoyment, before you push him lightly.

“What’s with your expression?” You furrow your eyebrow, confused that he wasn’t affected by you.

“I just got what I needed the most” He smiles playfully, as he quickly dashes off away from you.


“Do you think I should buy this game or the other one?” He asks, but doesn’t wait for you reply before he scrolls down the game page. 

“I think I should get this one,” He says. “Or maybe this, Kihyun hyung said this is fun but hyung has a bad taste in game so maybe not” He continues to talk, his eyes focus on his ipad.

“I think this is fun”

You roll your eyes, getting a little irritated. You grab his phone, making him shut up with your lips. Your lips move smoothly on his, as you feel his hand holding onto your arm.

You move away from his face, gaining a small smirk from him.

“Are you telling me this kissing game is more fun?” 

“What? Ofcourse not” You retort back at his statement, in disbelief.

“Yeah, right” He gets closer to you as he wiggles his eyebrows.

Wayward Sisters

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE SPIN-OFF. So here are some of my trashy headcannons and little tidbits I think should be in the show.

-Donna and Jody co-parenting the girls, I need them to be like a cute little couple that’s always 156% done with their kids shit.

-More closure on Jody’s back story. I want a bunch of emotional healing about loosing her son and husband.

-I need more of Claire’s and Alex’s relationship. Give me them at each other’s throat arguing, but also snuggling on the couch on Friday night cheesy horror movie marathon.

-I want so many pop culture references.

-Claire needs to secretly be a huge fucking nerd, and totally gay too.


-Alex’s much needed character development. What does she like? What’s her sense of humor?

-Donna’s role in the hunting world should be solidified.


-Claire and Alex need to become like a big sister to Patience.

-Badass Girl Power™

-I need Claire not to like Donna at first, ‘she’s too cheery. She hasn’t lost somone to monsters like all of us have.’ And then Donna not even frowning explains you don’t always need a right of passage or tragedy to want to save people.

-Dean pops in from time to time and just becomes the Dad™

-If Eileen doesn’t come back I’m going to physically fight someone. *glares at Bucklemming again*

-I want them to face completely different villains than the Winchesters. Sure some can cross over but I want original villains.

-On the same topic, I want a totally different storyline for Wayward Sisters. Yes, a few pieces will, and should, intertwine but I don’t want the show to just piggy back on Supernatural. I need different and new problems and monsters to battle as well as emotional arches to go through.

-Please more diversity in the cast.

-I need all the girls supporting each other and loving each other and just being a family.

I’m just really excited about Wayward Sisters, okay??

Keep Bucklemming far way from the series, I’m begging you.

That's The Last Time You Take My Shit (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WARNING: smuttttt, swearing, morning sex, Jared’s possessive about his Zelda top.

For those anons who gave me this idea.

You peeled yourself out of the bed, carefully trying not wake Jared. You looked for your clothes, but instead see his oversized Zelda t-shirt. You pulled it over your head and embarrassingly sniffed the collar; it smells of his way too powerful cologne and you feel yourself smile. Fuck you were in deep with this asshole. It just reaches the top of your thigh and you glance at yourself in the mirror, feeling really cute.

“Is that my god damn top?” You hear Jared murmur; only half awake. You turn, “yeah. I look way better in it than you.” You’re still looking in the mirror, and you see him creep out of bed and wrap his arms around you. You let out a small shriek, wriggling in his grasp- “no!” You laugh and he buries his head in the crook of your neck, “fucking stealing my shit.” He’s trying desperately to look angry but you turn in his arms and kiss his cheek, “it’s actually legally mine now- so…”

He pushes you against the wall, “take. It. Off.” There’s humour in his eyes and you kiss him, grabbing his jaw and pulling him towards you. His strength breaks and you move away, ducking under his arm and moving behind him. You start to leave the room when he grabs your wrist and pulls you back, “you don’t get the Zelda t-shirt.” He’s holding you close as he presses himself against you and you feel something hard sticking into you. You grin, “is this turning you on, Kleinman?” You whisper and he looks at your lips, “you’re such a pain in the ass.”

Dropping to your knees, you lightly pull his semi-hard dick in your mouth and suck softly. You hear him groan above you and he starts getting harder. You feel his hands cup the back of your head and starts lightly thrusting into you, “that’s- fucking- right.” He’s speaking through gritted teeth and you start grinning, watching him through hooded eyes. He leans his head back, “wait… I see what you’re doing… This is… Manipulation” he was moaning and you kept going, speeding up a little and pressing your tongue against him. He suddenly pulls out of you, leaving you on your knees with your lips pink and swollen.

“Get up.” His voice his low and you squint, “no.” You’re grinning and he grabs the shirt collar and pulls you up, “so is this gonna be the attitude the whole day?” He’s borderline growling and you are getting insanely turned on. You nod and he pushes you into the bed and pulls out a condom, from his bedside table “I’m gonna give you another chance to give me back my shirt.” He warns, leaning over you as you widen your eyes, “I don’t have your shirt- this is my shirt.” You’re grinning and he rolls the condom down himself and lined up to you and eased himself in.

You gasp a little and wrap your arms around him, wincing. He kisses down your neck and tries not to move too much, letting you adjust. You raise your legs and close your eyes while he pushes himself deeper, watching you fight for breath, “you so did this on purpose.” He whispered. Rotating his hips and moving his fingers across to your clit. You shake your head, “I have- no idea what you’re- t-talking about.” He picked up speed, holding the small of your back with one hand and strumming you with the thumb of the other. It was instantly too much, small hungry shock waves shot through you.

“stealing my shit and wearing it. You- Jesus you do these things to me.” He was getting more forceful and you start panting into your hand, “Jared.” Your squirming, playing helpless as he goes faster. That is until you feel the hand at your back start to take your shirt off. Your eyes open and you bite your lip through a grin, “what the fuck do you think your doing?” You groan. He briefly looks scared, like he really has done something wrong. Seeing the fear in his eyes you grab him by the scruff of the shirt he was wearing, “you’re trying to take off MY t-shirt?” You raise your eyebrows and he lifts you up, holding you tight and spinning so he’s sitting on the edge of the bed as you straddle him.

He plants small kisses down your neck, “how about… first one to moan loses. Winner keeps the shirt.” You look at him, glasses fogged and cheeks pink. This should be easy. You grab his hands and run them under the shirt and letting him squeeze your tits. You grind down harder on him, kissing just under his ear and feel his mouth open and then instantly shut. Almost. His hands move around you and you feel a harsh pull on your hair and you clap your hand over your mouth, which he instantly pulls away from you, “cheater.”

He picks up speed, holding your hips and pushing you further- sending constant pressure at your g-spot and you rest your forehead against his shoulder, feeling yourself want to scream. Ok, so maybe it wouldn’t be that easy. You push him down onto his back and scratch up his stomach. You watch him press his lips together as there is a clear sharp intake of breath. You chuckle, “oh- do you like that?” You whisper, feigning innocence before scratching him again. He pulled you down, arms crashing either side of his head. He thrusts up into you, sucking on your neck and biting. You’re sure he’s left a mark and you gasp.

“Was that?” He asked, you looked back at him, eyes wide, “you said moan. Gasping- is- super- aloud.” You’re losing control, letting out this much sound wasn’t helping. He’s smiling- he’s winning. He picks up pace and nips your skin as you feel energy build in you, your brain fuzzing and static loud in your ears as after minutes of biting your lip and trying told yourself together, you reluctantly let out a small groan, “oh god, Jared.” You whisper, feeling yourself start to cum. Pleasure rocking over you- uncaring that you’d definitely lost both the game and your precious t-shirt. You lean your body against him, “fuck- baby yes.” And wrap your arms around him, hissing lightly.

He pulls at the hem of the t-shirt, rising it over your head and throwing it to the floor. Kissing down your chest and leaving marks around your breast and ribs. He was grunting now too, and as the waves rolled over you it was clear he was close himself. He gripped your back and you kissed him, your teeth biting his bottom lip and letting his tongue slip in. Suddenly he pulled away, “I’m gonna cum.” He moaned into you; body going ridged as he came calling your name.

You climbed off of him, naked and curling up on the bed. He kissed you on the cheek and lay next to you as you hum quietly.

“That’s the last time you take my shit.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around your waist and nestling his face in your neck as he pulls you closer. You chuckle, “are you kidding? If you fuck me like that I’m gonna steal everything I can get my hands on.”

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the lyrics of Dangerous Animals?

I love Dangerous Animals. The lyrics to me always embodied a sexual frustration/tension/desire he can’t get to. There are a lot of phrases in that song that fit each other “pinned down by the dark, to my knees you do promote me.” Humbug era Alex lyrics are trickier to decipher, especially a song like this. He tends to bounce around, with long winded ideas and concepts that leave you a little breathless and confused. However, his theme and mood are still cast pretty strong. I always liked in Dangerous Animals how he describes the acrobat falling off the beam, the audience watching. Those lines are consistent with the album’s overall theme and tone, the nonsense and the like… Carnival imagery he refers to throughout the entire album. I have another ask about Humbug, and I will write about this more in depth in that.

Anyway, I’ve always struggled with understanding what his message is in this song. Since I can’t actually go and ask him, and if I could he wouldn’t tell me, I can only guess. Usually my guesses have more confidence but this one I never really was so sure. Because he like steers the lyrics in a different direction out of nowhere. I’ll try my best, but don’t take my word for it. And if you have thought otherwise this entire time and want to disagree with me, you can. I have a very weak argument. I’m not sure if I’m right on this one.

The first verse starts with him fighting with his sheets, or struggling to sleep, because he’s frustrated. The well-told gripe. He just wants a girl. “You should have racing stripes the way you keep me in pursuit.” Gets me every time. I don’t need to explain that. “Then do my knees you do promote me” - he’s almost at her mercy, as if to say being pushed down by this girl is a promotion. (Similar theme in She Does the Woods. “She turns my back to the earth and shows me that’s where I’m meant to be.” I’m just assuming by his consistent bottom position he likes to be… Dominated? Inappropriate. I digress.)

He’s stuck in the dark thinking of this girl. “The light it fidgets though, the thoughts’ll soon revert to you…” He’s stuck in the dark, or presumably at night (another major theme on this album; night time, sleep, darkness) thinking of her again. “About as bashful as a tribal dance” - tribal dances are the opposite of bashful. His thoughts aren’t bashful at all. They’re enough for him to later say “so let’s make a mess lioness.” His head pirouettes, or spins around more than he’d like to admit to himself or to the girl he’s thinking of.

The lines I have always struggled with are his circus sounding lines, which are the ones  about the acrobat falling off the beam. Where did it come from? Are his friends the audience, divided, telling him how he should feel about this girl? Is it her friends telling her to stay away from him? Who is the acrobat on the beam? Was he just like… this sounds right I’m doing it? (Maybe?) Those lines always stuck out to me because I couldn’t figure them out. I can’t make sense of them. If you have an idea, tell me. I’d love to know.

Some people/interviewers said that AM was the sexy, raunchy album that was kind of unexpected. I always disagreed because of Dangerous Animals. It’s him expressing a frustration, something sexual and laced in desire he can’t let go of. He’s losing sleep over it. He just wants her, doesn’t know how to get to her. It’s been long enough now, so just make a mess already. That line makes my stomach flip, every time. “make a mess, lioness.” Ugh.

anonymous asked:

Could I have a scenario were the reader gets pulled into the Road To Ninja world with Sakura and Naruto? (Btw, I realy love your blog, your writing is amazing!l

Thank you for the request and the compliment! Sorry it took so long to write this. I had a hard time figuring out where I wanted to take the request but I finally figured it out and had fun with it. Its very entertaining to write the characters as the opposite of what they are in the show. Hope you enjoy and let me know. Thanks! 

Reader’s Road to a Ninja Journey

This was one of the weirdest dinner parties you have ever been to in your life. You couldn’t help but feel flabbergasted as you watched everyone who you ever knew demonstrate characteristics that were complete opposite to their being.

“Pass the beef, would you Choji?” Shikamaru enthusiastically called, his eyes wide with delight and mouth agape as drool hung from his lips. He was standing from his spot at the table, eagerly holding out his hand for the dish that caught his eye.

Choji who sat beside Shikamaru sighed at his teammate. “You know it’s not good for your cholesterol to have this much beef,” Choji advised tiredly as he passed the plate of beef to Shikamaru who accepted it quickly.

Shikamaru was already gorging the food into his mouth, not even listening to his teammate.

“I’ll think h-he’ll be alright Choji, Shikamaru has a lot of st-stamina,” Ino stuttered as she was slightly picking at her food, a small blush tattering her cheeks.

You already felt your head starting to spin, not use to these role reversals at all. It was hard to get use to this dimension you were dragged into thanks to Tobi… or should you say Madara. That scumbag had jumped out of the wood work to attack Naruto late last night when Sakura was busy telling you two about her troubles with her parents. Madara intrusion came unexpectedly and none of them were prepared to face off but Naruto did so anyway.

Next thing you know, you were here! Where ever here was. You were thinking alternate dimension because this was definitely not the Konoha you knew. Everything was completely off. The Village praised Sakura as the hero’s daughter and you were nearly forgotten! You couldn’t believe this circumstance.

“Menma, why the long face?” Hinata inquired boldly, pointing chop sticks at him.

“My name is not- Ow!” Naruto rubbed at the sore spot on his ribs as he looked at Sakura accusingly.

“Haha, he’s only mad about the assignment we had the other day, it’s no biggie,” Sakura informed, laughing it off.

Hinata’s eyes narrowed suspiciously at Sakura, before moving her chopsticks to her plate again.

That was another thing. Everyone seemed to know Naruto by a different name here and he wasn’t too happy about it. Who could blame him? Yet you thought it was more unfair how everyone lacked prior knowledge of who you were in general. You kept having to explain who you were on multiple occasions and how you knew them which was annoying and tiring. You were about sick of it.

The only one who seemed to be enjoying themselves here was Sakura. In fact, it was even her idea to have this dinner party so that they could get as much information as possible about this dimension and that included acting the part.

It was rather hard though as you had to sit there and pretend to be the newcomer to this group of friends.


You whipped your head around at the sound, startled.

“Ooopise, sorry about that,” Tenten commented bashfully, having dropped a plate of food onto the floor.

“Such a klutz,” Shino remarked, bluntly.

“It’s no wonder she can’t throw a kunai,” Hinata remarked, scornfully.

“DON’T SPEAK ILL OF TENTEN. She has other great assets,” Lee defended, slamming his fist on the table glaring at Hinata.

“Like that ass,” Neji commented under his breath, who was next to you. You immediately were caught off guard by his comment, turning to him to see him smirking at the view of Tenten. She was bending over to help the waiter pick up the broken pieces of her plate.

As Neji activated his byakugan to get a better look, Kiba stepped in the way with a vicious Akamaru.

“THIS IS MY STEAK! Why you have to want what I have?!?!?!” Kiba shouted exasperated, pulling hard against his dog, playing tug-of-war with him.

Akamaru growled in response, pulling the piece of meat harder from Kiba’s hands.

“NOOOO. You’re in the way, FOOLS!” Neji yelled, jumping out of his seat.

“I wish I was a cat trainer” Kiba whined, falling to his behind as Akamaru yanked the steak away.

Akamaru guzzled the steak down in three bites and then barred his fangs back at Kiba again, growling.

Neji grunted in annoyance, having stood on his seat, but by then Tenten was no longer bending down and was looking curiously at the exchange behind her at Kiba and Akamaru. A bread role hit Neji’s head, making him deactivate his byakugan as he turned to see the culprit.

“Sit down, elder cousin. You’re embarrassing yourself,” Hinata proclaimed, sitting up straighter with her chest held high. Her glare was the sign of death as Neji quickly gulped and sat down. You were starting to lose your mind and you really wanted to slap Neji upside the head for being such a perv.

“Sorry Lady Hinata,” Neji apologized, obediently.

“The food is really great,” Sakura tried to intervene, laughing lightly. “Right, Menma? Y/N?”

“Yea, perfect. Couldn’t be anymore perfect than this,” Naruto stated sarcastically, not at all amused and boredly flicked at his food.

You nodded accordingly and tried to fake a smile. “What… Menma said… haha.”

Choji gave you a scrutinizing look. “Are you sure you were in the academy with us? I honestly don’t remember you at all.”

“Yup… I was there,” you tried to sound confident but it was getting bothersome at this point.

“Y/N always sat at the back of the class, but she was there with us when we graduated,” Sakura interjected easily, reassuringly.

“Huh. I usually have pretty good memory about these things,” Choji commented, skeptical.

“Well your memory must be slipping because I’ve known Y/N for a very long time,” Naruto defended loudly, annoyed.

You smiled at that, thankful that you were here with Naruto and Sakura. They were the only two keeping you sane at the moment.

“I’m sure I would have remembered them if that were the case,” Hinata interjected, sending a heated glare towards you.

Oh, brother, you thought. Hinata’s possessiveness was certainly frightening but it was annoying you more than anything. You had no idea how much more of this dinner you could take.

“EVERYONE!” Shino suddenly shouted gaining everyone’s attention and making them go silent. “Don’t move,” Shino instructed, his hand raised.

You lifted an eyebrow and trailed your eyes to where he was looking at. You deadpanned as you saw the little fly that had landed on the table.


Shino had slammed his hand against the table, efficiently killing the fly.

“I hate bugs,” Shino stated as he wiped his hand clean on a napkin.

You were internally screaming so loud in your head at that moment, you so wanted this nightmare to end.

Seven Minutes

@claudtrash asked: Can you please do a sister fic where the boys let their little sister (age 13-14) go to a year end party and they find out she played 7 minutes in heaven or something like that? I love your Fics and would love to see something like this. Feel free to change this up a little just add some angst and protective older brother stuff? Thanks alot❤️

Part 2

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 948

Warnings: making out, swearing, angst

You entered the front door of your friends house. You were greeted with smiles and hugs from your friends. “Hey! Glad you could make it.” Your friend Kate exclaimed. You were surprised that your brothers let you go. It took a lot of convincing. You told them you just wanted to have fun with your friends and get your mind off of hunting, and they thought that was a pretty good reason. What they didn’t know, was that there were going to be some boys. If you would have told them the truth, they would’ve said no. 

The party was just a small get together, you guys gossiped about people and watched a movie. “We should play a game.” Your friend Blake said. “Truth or dare?” Your friend Aaron added. “Nah. Something with more thrill.” Kate said blankly. “Spin the bottle?” asked your friend Brooke. “I said more thrill.” Kate sighed. “7 minutes in heaven?” Blake suggested. “Yes, let’s do it.” Brooke said excitingly. 

You and all of your friends sat in a circle.

“I want to be the first to pick.” Brooke demanded with a smirk on her face.

“I choose…. Aaron and…. Y/N.” Brooke pointed at the two of you. You could already feel your heart pounding out of your chest.

Keep reading

Glamour and Danger 03

Hey guys. Here is part 3 of the Jin Mafia Au. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the long wait.

Glamour and Danger : 01  02

“You’re items are already paid for Miss.”

You blinked at the cashier who refused the cash in your hand. You brows furrowed. This has been happening all week, and honestly it’s getting a bit tedious. At first, you were thrilled about not having to pay for simple items. By now, though, you were an independent woman who worked hard for money so that you can afford things - this was getting out of hands. “Paid for?” You questioned. “By who?” You closed your hands around the crumpled bills.

“Some guy came in and insisted on paying for all of your items,” the cashier explained. He looked behind you to the growing line of customers. “It’s not everyday you someone buys your groceries. I wouldn’t question it if I were you.”

“Right, okay.” You took the hint to hurry out of the way. “Thank you, have a nice day.”

You carry two bags of groceries out of the store when you noticed a man leaning against the building, right next to the automatic doors. His eyes are crinkled as he laughs at something on his phone. His face is familiar, but you can’t quite place where you have seen him before.

Once he noticed your stare on him, his posture straightened and his smile disappeared. His youthful look is replaced with something more serious as he gazed around the immediate surroundings with extreme focus. It was as if he was searching for even the most tiniest detail of anything strange.

That was when you finally realized where you had seen him before. He was the other man that stood besides Jin when he had been arguing with Namjoon at the club after your first meeting. You narrowed your eyes at him as you approached him with determination.

He looks startled for a brief second when you stand directly in front of him before he smirked at you. “Can I help you miss?”

“You paid for my groceries,” you stated as you crossed your arms.

He scoffed. “I did not pay for your things. Why would I do that?” He clicked his tongue as he leaned back against the wall.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. Your boss paid for my groceries.” You chuckled when you got no response at that. “Your boss has paid for every purchase I made in the past week.” You head tilted to the side. “Are you following me?”

“Look, Y/N, it’s would be best if you forgot that you ever saw me. I meant to already be hidden by the time you left the store but I saw this cute video of a puppy. And if Jin knew I got caught because of puppy videos, I’ll would lose my job…probably an eyeball to depending on what mood he’s in. He’d so be like ‘I’ll gouge your eyes out so you can’t watch puppy videos. Maybe you’ll be able to do your job then.” He watched as your jaw dropped, horrified. “Oh no! I was joking. Jin isn’t that twisted. He’ll just yell at me to do my job better - might even ground me as if he’s my mother.”

“Stop following me,” you weakly snapped as you took a step back.

“I can’t do that.”

“Why is he so interested me?”

“I wish I knew.”

“I haven’t seen him in a week.”

He tilted his head at that. “He’s busy. There has been a bit of a problem lately. Want me to tell him that you miss him?”

“No.” You grimaced. “I would rather that he’d leave me alone.” You turned around to start walking to your apartment before stopping and facing him again. “Are you going to follow me home?”


“What’s your name?”

“You have a lot of questions.” He laughed. “I go by J Hope.”

You stretched out your arms towards him, the grocery bags hanging in your hands. He confusedly takes them out of your hand as he watched you swiftly spin back around. “If you’re going to stalk me, you might as well carry my things.”

J Hope had complained about you not inviting him in when you both arrived at your apartment. You shooed him off after taking the bags off of him. You figured that since he had been following you for a week now, he should have found a comfortable spot to surveillance the apartment - there’s no need to switch it up now.

“But why do I need to be watched?” You had asked yourself as you put the food away.

“The kid called,” Suga stated as he walked into Jin’s office. Jin sat behind his desk, eating a burger. Suga raised his eyebrow as he watched him take a huge bite. “I thought you said you were dieting.” He sat down in the seat in front of him.

“I’m stress eating. We have a snitch. It’s been a week and we still haven’t figured out who it is.” Jin wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Did he have any news on who it could have been?” He smacked Suga’s hand as he tried to reach over to take a handful of fries off of his plate.

“No. But he did mention that Namjoon should do a little bit of spring cleaning at the office. Feds plan on bring him down for some questioning and they might do some snooping.”

“They have a warrant?” Jin eyes widened. “On what grounds?”

“The Al Capone kind. They’re trying to pin you down with tax evasion because nothing else sticks.” Suga rolled his eyes.

Jin nodded as he reached over to grab his phone. He stopped halfway when he realizes that his fingers were covered in grease and wipes his hands off. “I’ll call Namjoon to let him know.”

“I already did.”

Jin’s shoulders relaxed. “You are so efficient. Why can’t the others be like you?”

Suga ignored the comment. “Why don’t you go visit your girl? You’ve been working too hard.”

“She’ll only stress me out more. All she wants to do is argue with me.” Jin sighed. “She’s just so pretty and soft. All I want to do is pamper her but she won’t let me.”

“Is she intimidated by the job?”

“She doesn’t even know what I do!” Jin scoffed.

“Everyone knows what you do. Your face is plastered all over the news these days. And the media loves to talk about the possible connections you have with BTS.”

“You’re right. They have been talking about me a lot recently.” Jin leaned back into his leather seat. He scooted half of his burger and the rest of his fries towards Suga who dug in immediately. “Jimin has been slacking. Tell him that he needs to wrap up this media circus. It’s been going on for too long.”

Suga nodded his head. “He probably has a whole closet full of celebrities’ skeletons that can deflect attention from you.”

With your new promotion, you no longer worked down in the reception lobby. Instead you had been moved up to the reception room in front of Namjoon’s office. You were now his personal assistant - or glorified secretary. You mostly put together his schedule of appointments and planned the meetings he wanted.

“I need you to take these files and leave.” A thick pack of manila file flops on top of your desk. You looked away from the email you were currently writing and at the files in confusion.

“Take them where?” You questioned.

Namjoon stared down at you, his jaw clenched and his hair a mess as if he had been pulling on it all day. “Anywhere, just take them and get out of the building. If you get stopped on your way out don’t tell anyone that you’re my assistant. V was supposed to come by earlier to pick them up but he got held up somewhere.”

“What’s going on?”

Namjoon sighed before grabbing your purse and placing the files inside. “Just do as I say. You can take the rest of the day off. Someone will pick up the files from you later.” He grabbed your cardigan that is hanging on the hook in your office. “But you need to go now, before things go down.”

His urgency finally broke you resolve as you stood up to take your cardigan. “Okay, fine. But I’ll be asking questions later.” You grabbed your cardigan out of his hands and picked up your purse.

“Detective Jeon, is the warrant ready?” A hand clasped around the Detective’s shoulder, startling him as his attention was placed on the text message he was sending out. He slid his phone into his pocket as he looked over at his partner. “The squad is ready to be sent out.”

“Yeah. We’re all clear.” Detective Jeon answered. “Let’s go see what Mr. Kim Seokjin’s new business is all about.” He smirked.

 “The police are currently raiding international businessman Kim Seokjin’s latest company acquisition.” Jin tsked as he watched as the television displayed a journalist standing in front of one of his many buildings. The background behind her showed dozens of federal agents walking in and out of the building. “The police have not released any statements on what it is that they are looking for. We have reached out to Mr. Kim lawyer, so far there has not been any response. So far, his stocks have been affected-”

Jin turned off the television in his off and turned his attention to V who sat in the chair on the other side of his desk. His angry glare and clenched jaw caused V to squirm in his seat. “Can you tell me why my princess had to do your job today?” Jin hissed. “Not only were incompetent enough to not make the pick up, but Namjoon had to give her the files to smuggle out.”

V bowed his head. “Sorry, Boss.”

Jin flinged the closest object he could grab in V’s direction, which happened to be his glass paper weight. It narrowly missed V’s face, causing V to flinch, as it shattered onto the wooden ground behind him. “You’re sorry? If she had left just five minutes later, she could have been stopped and searched. And then she would be sitting in a jail cell.”

“Sorry, Boss.” He repeated.

“What were you so busy doing that you couldn’t do your own job?” Jin’s arms crossed in front of his chest. “And you better come up with a good reason if you want your punishment to be light.”

“I think I found the snitch,” V chanced a glance at Jin. “I was tailing S Coups. He’s been acting strange lately. I figured if we found the snitch, then we could avoid any more messes.”

“What did you find?” Jin questioned. “Anything noteworthy.”

“He met with this guy. I have never seen him before. But he is definitely a cop. Got the whole Jeon vibe to him, you know.”

Jin sighed. “Clean up the mess and then go gather S Coups. Tell Suga to get some answers out of him.” He made his way across the office, “I’m gonna go visit Y/N, now. Oh, and you better apologize to her.”

“What’s a better scandal: idol’s sextape gets leaked or entertainment CEO has an affair with his own idol?” Jimin looked away from his laptop briefly to glance at Suga who sat on the other side of the couch. The normally intimidating man had his eyes closed. For a second, Jimin thought that he could actually be asleep. 

“Whichever one buries this shit,” Suga mumbled.

Jimin chewed on his bottom lip before turning his attention back to the article he was writing. “You know…” he began hesitantly. “Your job doesn’t require you to actually be here when I write the articles.”

He could feel Suga’s glare on his face. “Are you kicking me out?”

“I wouldn’t even be able to,” Jimin answered. “I’m just wondering why you always come to my place to tell me to play the media and then sit with me as I write an article or two when you could just…oh I don’t know, text me.”

“Stop thinking too much.”

“Could it be that you like my company?” Jimin joked. If he had looked over at Suga, he could have seen his cheeks turn just slightly pink.

“Okay. I’m going now.” Suga stood from the couch with a scowl.

“Wait, I was just joking!” Jimin whined as he watched Suga slides his shoes and jacket on.

“I have to go. I’m needed to interrogate someone.” Suga’s eyes were glued to his cell phone screen. “We might have possibly found the snitch.”

Jimin pouted. “Don’t get hurt.”

Suga scoffed. “When do I ever get hurt.”

“Well if you do get hurt, I don’t mind playing nurse.” Jimin smirked as he watched Suga sputtered before frantically leaving his apartment.

You awoke to your apartment smelling like food - which was perplexing because you live alone, so who was cooking in your kitchen. The clock on your nightstand said that it was early evening meaning that you slept a good four hours after you had left the office. 

Slowly and cautiously, you made your way into the kitchen. Once you saw the broad shoulders standing in front of your stove, you relaxed for a second - only to become annoyed in the next second. “What are you doing in my kitchen?” you snapped.

Jin jumped as he spins around to look at you standing in the doorway. “Oh, you’re awake. Dinner is almost done. I hope you like pasta.”


“Don’t worry. I’m an excellent cook. The table is already set. Why don’t you take a seat? Would you like some wine?”

“How did you get in my apartment?”

“I picked the lock.” Jin turns the fire off on the stove just as a timer dings. “Oh, the bread should be done!” He grabbed the oven mitts that hangs from your fridge.

“You picked the lock?”

“Well, J Hope actually picked the lock. Speaking of which, you need an alarm system. Do you know how easy it was to gain entry inside.”

“I never had a problem with people breaking in until you came along. Who even breaks in just to cook dinner?” You watched him pull bread out of the oven.

“You won’t be saying that once you try some. You’ll be begging for me to come cook for you all the time. And I wouldn’t have to break in if you were awake and opened your door. I did knock like a civilized person.”

“I doubt you’re civilized.”

Philophobia- Sneak Peek of my new Jaytim fic

Summary: A high school AU where Tim suffers from anxiety attacks and Jason is a volunteer peer counselor. Let me know what you guys think, not quite sure how i even feel about it yet. 

Tim stumbles forward, arms flailing out in an instinctual response to catch himself. Except he hits someone else before he hits the ground, hits someone hard. Tim watches in horror as Jason stumbles forward from his accident shove, before spinning around to face him.

“You want some too then, ya stupid fuck?!” Jason’s eyes are emerald flames as he stomps over to Tim.

Tim raises his hands in what he hopes is a placating gesture. He realized too late that, in his nervousness, he’s clenched his hands into fists, so now it looks like he’s squaring off against Jason.  It excites the crowd even more. There’s a loud ‘Ooooooooh’ that fills the hallway around them. Tim has no idea where the other two boys went, he should stop worrying about them though because Jason is coming at him fast.

“N-no wait! I didn’t mean-“ Jason’s fist slams into Tim’s jaw and Tim falls to the ground, passing out for the second time in two days.

anonymous asked:

Drag Race Biadore, Spin the Bottle 💕

Thank you lovely! Written as if they are in untucked - top 5 of season 6. I thought about cis girls but then I thought it would be too much like my Pearlet sleepover. Female pronouns used. 

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

It was taking the judges an usually long time to make a decision. The queens supposed that now there was only five of them left it was really down to the wire and the decision of who had to lip-sync for their lives was getting harder. None of them wanted to go home and none of them wanted any of the others to go home either. The five of them had become great friends, unlikely friends but great all the same. The Glitter Ball challenge had been a hard one for all of them and the judges seemed to have positives and negatives for all five of them. None of them knew what to expect, which made this whole waiting game harder. 

‘This is horrible.’ Courtney whined. ‘What’s taking so long?’

'I know, my nerves are shot.’ Adore agreed, playing with her thumbs. 

'We should do something to take our minds off of it.’ Bianca spoke up.

'Like what?’ Darienne asked her. 

'We should play a game!’ DeLa chirped. 

'What kind of game?’ Adore’s curiosity was piqued. DeLa contemplated this and then she clapped her hands together with a smile.

'What about spin the bottle?’ She spoke excitedly. 

'Really queen?’ Bianca rolled her eyes. 'What are we fifteen?' 

DeLa looked a little downtrodden. 

'I think it’s a great idea.’ Courtney encouraged DeLa. 

'Well you can count me out. I’m too old for that shit.’ Bianca scoffed. They got a member of the crew to get them an empty bottle and the younger queens started playing. Bianca watched on as one by one the queens were making out with each other right in front of her eyes. DeLa made out with Courtney and Courtney made out with Darienne and then Darienne had to make out with DeLa. Bianca kept rolling her eyes. How old are we? This is so childish, she kept thinking. It was only when the bottle landed on Courtney and Adore that Bianca’s heart sank. She watched the beautiful mermaid like creature lean closer to Courtney and cup the blondes face. She watched their lips meet, tongues entering each other’s mouths. And Bianca felt sick. Adore wasn’t hers, she knew that. But throughout the competition the two had gotten particularly close and shared a lot of flirty banter. She hated what she was seeing. That should be me. When the kiss ended both queens giggled. All four of their lipsticks were now smudged. Bianca sat forward and grabbed the bottle.

'Give me that.’ Bianca grabbed the bottle and the other four turned to look at her. Please god, I’m not exactly a good Christian but please let it land on her. The older queen’s hand was shaking as she spun the bottle. She held her breath. If it didn’t land where she wanted it to she wasn’t sure what she would do. As if I’m kissing any of these other toads. It span for what felt like a lifetime. Bianca felt as though she could be sick. The other queens watched it spin too. Eventually it started to slow down and Bianca’s heart was hammering hard in her chest. Come on God, I promise I’ll be a nicer person if you just stop it on her. It came to a stop and Bianca breathed a sigh of relief when the bottle stopped exactly where she wanted to. Right on Adore. Adore smiled back at her.

'Come here then Miss Del Rio. Make my day.’ Adore pouted her plump lips at the older queen. Bianca was thanking all kinds of gods as she leant in closer to Adore. She swore she had been dreaming of this moment since the second she’d laid eyes on Adore when she’d entered the Werk Room on the first day. Just as Bianca was leaning in, about to close her eyes and have all her dreams come true, they were interrupted.

‘Guys it’s time to head back to the mainstage.’ One of the stage hands called. Adore sat back and shrugged.

‘Guess the games over.’ The younger queen pushed herself up off the couch. Bianca could have cried or screamed or punched that fucking stage hand. Just my fucking luck, she groaned internally. They went back out to the mainstage and all the way through the filming of DeLa and Darienne’s lip-sync Bianca was miserable. She had been so close to her chance just to have it snatched away at the last second.

All the queens were sad to see DeLa go, Bianca probably would be if she didn’t have other things on her mind. When they were finally allowed to leave and filming was over for another day, Bianca hung back when the other queens were leaving the Werk Room to head back to the hotel. She didn’t realise she wasn’t alone until she heard a voice.

‘Hey you, are you coming?’ Adore came to her side, she had a soft smile on her face.

‘Huh? Oh yeah.’ Bianca knew she must look frustrated but she hoped Adore would think it was because DeLa was gone.

‘Before we go.’ Adore grabbed Bianca’s wrist to stop her going anywhere. ‘We were interrupted before.’ Adore had a large smile on her lips and before Bianca could speak, Adore pulled her close and her lips finally met Bianca’s. The kiss was only brief but it was without a doubt the greatest moment of Bianca’s life. When Adore pulled back she was smiling brightly at Bianca.

‘I’ve been waiting a long time to get the chance to do that.’ Adore looked a little embarrassed by her confession. Bianca smiled at her and reached out to stroke her cheek.

‘Queen,’ she spoke softly. ‘Never wait again.’ And then she pulled Adore close once more and kissed her again, much more passionately this time. Who knew a dumb game of spin the bottle would end like this? Bianca was suddenly a huge fan of spin the bottle.