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❝It’s not flattery when it’s the truth. ❞

Plot: Heechul and You have a big fight which results in you leaving without your phone

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘Wanna have dinner, babe?’ Heechul asked through the phone.

‘Aish I wish I could jagi but I am really busy working.’ You confess, shuffling around the papers on your desk.

‘You are always busy, Y/N!’ He whined, ‘I miss spending time with you…’

‘I miss you too but oh….I have to go Chullie, my boss came in.’ You hung up and Heechul sighed as he looked at the phone screen.

You and Kim Heechul had been a couple for two years. You worked for the advertising agency that hired Heechul for many of their adverts and commercials. At first you found him very obnoxious, but soon found him to be very shy around people he didn’t know. After long phone calls, many texts  and a kiss under the moonlight, you became his. Heechul now sat in the studio with a sad sigh as Leeteuk walked in with a shocked look on his face.

‘Ah Heechul-ah, you still here?’ The leader asked.

‘I was about to leave,’ He stood up, ‘Why you here?’

‘I’m prepping for Produce 101 with BoA before she leaves.’ His dimple smile coming out, ‘Any plans for tonight?’

‘I was going to get dinner but Y/N is busy again.’

‘She seems to be busy quite a lot these days.’

‘More like weeks.’ His shoulders slumped, ‘I feel like her work is more important then me.’

Heechul felt a reassuring arm around his shoulders, ‘Don’t be silly, you know Y/N loves you. Go home and have a good dinner, bath and then get some rest. Okay?’

‘Thank you hyung.’ Heechul turned and hugged him

Walking towards his car he thanked Leeteuk mentally. Park Jungsu was not only his leader, but also his friend and brother. He always knew how to cheer Heechul up just like how Donghae knew how to calm him down. Driving home he arrived to an empty apartment. Shedding his clothing one by one, he entered the shower. The hot water soothed his muscles from a long day. Changing into some comfortable clothing, he poured himself some wine and went through his social networks. Scrolling through twitter, he all but spat out his wine at the picture on his screen. It was his lover with friends and out having dinner.

‘She said she working!’ He growled as he pressed dial on his phone to be taken straight to voice mail ‘What the fuck!’

Pouring another glass of wine, he began pacing up and down. Three glasses down, he started feeling dizzy as the sound of the front door opened and closed with you inside the house. You placed your keys and phone on the table before shedding your coat and hang it up behind the door.

‘So you ditch me to have dinner with your friends?’ His voice was low as you let out a little squeal.

‘Don’t do that!’ You held a hand to your chest, ‘And I didn’t ditch you Heechul.’

‘Then what is this!’ He held the phone to your face with the picture on the screen.

‘Are you stalking me?

‘You forget you are the girlfriend of an idol, people are always watching!’

‘And they are dumb,’ You rolled your eyes, ‘It was a business dinner. We closing a deal with this major Japanese advertising agency.’

‘That still doesn’t give you the right to lie to me!’ He threw his phone onto the couch.

‘BUT. I. DIDN’T!’ You spoke every word individually, ‘I said I was busy with work! What is with you, tonight!?’

‘You are always busy Y/N! Do you know I haven’t once woken up to you in bed for the past month?’ He pointed out, ‘Or even gotten a proper conversation out of you?’

‘You know this is my work, Heechul.’ You defended, ‘Advertising is a 24/7 job.’

‘And so is a relationship, to which you have forgotten about!’ His eyes narrowed.

‘How dare you say that!!’

‘Simple. You have forgotten what it’s like to have the company of another!’

‘Why are you acting like a child, Kim Heechul?’ You asked, looking at him with stern eyes that was laced with tears.

‘BECAUSE I FEEL NEGLECTED!’ He finally exploded, walking with a slight wobble to you, ‘I have been put aside and placed second to your damn job!’

‘It must hurt to feel that way, hey?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Must hurts to be constantly put second because of a job, to wake up to a cold bed…TO SIT WEEKS WITHOUT A PROPER CONVERSATION! Now you know how it feels, because that is what I feel when you are constantly busy with you music and entertainment work.’

‘THAT IS MY JOB!’ He hissed, standing right in front of your face.

‘Are you drunk?’ You ask, smelling the alcohol on his breath.

‘That has nothing with what we are talking about now!’ Voice firm as you sniffed.

You knew that Heechul and alcohol was never a good thing. He never became violent but more vocal. More vocal than he already was a a sober human. Many times he had broken down in tears because of emotions that had been bottled up inside of him and had been released by a couple bottles of Soju.

‘You know what Heechul, I am going out.’ You turned on your heels.

‘We are not done here!’ Heechul held onto your arm.

‘Well I am!’ Your tone matched his, tears falling ‘You finally understand how it feels to be ignored and put aside because of work. That has been my life for two years now and not once did i ever complain! Now that I just happen to be busy, you feel like a neglected puppy. Well sorry Heechul but thats LIFE!’

Ripping your arm from his touch, you grabbed your keys and walked out the door. Tears streamed down your face as you ran to the elevator and eventually got into the car. Stepping on the gas you drove, to where, you had no idea. This wasn’t the first time you fought as a couple, but it was the first time it had resulted into something like this. The evening sky weighed heavily down on you as you drove through the streets of Seoul.

Heechul sat on the couch with his head in his hands. He himself had tears in his eyes as he tapped the side of his head repeatably and cursed himself. He never looked at this from your perspective and he felt guilty for not trying harder. Lying down on the couch, his head spun around in circles from the wine that still ran rampant in his system. The tears caused him to close his eyes which had him down for a good two hours. Shooting up from the couch, he saw it close to be midnight.

‘Y/N?’ He called your name hoping you came home but received nothing back. Shuffling around he found his phone and called your number to only hear it ringing on the table, ‘How can she forget her phone!’

His head beat heavily from a headache as he started phoning every person he could think off. Call after call he was given the same answer to a point were his worrying  started to turn into a panic. Running out barefoot, he jumped into the car and started driving around. He thanked the gods that you took your car which would be easier to spot. Driving up and down his mind filled with frightening thoughts.

What is she ran out of petrol?



Not liking those possibilities, he stepped on the gas and didn’t even care if he was breaking the speed limit. Place after place he fell short as he parked the car off and rested his head against the seat and thought hard. It had been a good hour and he still fell short of finding you. He hated the idea of you two fighting, but he also hated that you ran away. Sighing, a thought popped into his head and he was back on the road. Arriving, he jumped out and ran through the local park. The night was cold as he came close to a bridge that crossed over a small pond and found you sitting on it with your legs dangling over the edge and arms resting on the banister.

‘You know better than to run out.’ His voice causing you to sigh as he took a seat next to you.

‘And you know better then to run around barefoot,’ You pointed at his feet, ‘You going to get sick.’

‘And so will you.’ He pointed out as you both sat in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again, ‘I’m sorry, I never knew you felt that away about me working so much.’

‘I knew it was your job, Heechul,’ You confessed, ‘I understood.’

‘But you should have told me,’ He looked at you, ‘You are my girlfriend, and I am not a mind reader. You know I don’t know what goes through that pretty little head of yours.’

‘Just go home Heechul, I am not in the mood for your flattery.’

‘It’s not flattery when it’s the truth,’ He turned to face you, ‘Listen to me, Y/N. I felt hurt because its weird to think that you don’t need me as much as I want you to. A man is meant to provide for his lady and make her live a comfortable life, but you live a life of instant coffee, convenience store food and long working hours and I hate seeing you strain yourself.’

‘I know you hate the idea of me working but I enjoy it.’ You confess, ‘I need you very much, but not for your money. I can earn enough of that on my own, but all I need you for is to love and hold me through the nights and reassure me that I am not loosing my mind. Advertising can make a person mad.’

‘You should try being an idol.’ A slight chuckle left his lips as he held his head, ‘I am sorry for shouting at you, I was partially drunk as well and you know that never works well with me. But please tell me if you ever feel hurt in anyway because of me. I never wanna hear you suffering in silence. Kim Heechul treats his woman with honour, love and care!’

Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand. Your initiation of the kiss was to just reassure him, but he wanted to prove his apology. Slowly yours lips moulded together with your  one hand wrapped around his shoulders and the other held his cheek lightly. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.  Heads tilted to the side, his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Air was needed as you broke apart and pressed your foreheads together.

‘And I love Kim Heechul.’

‘I want you to never hide your true feelings, okay?’

‘Never, now lets get you out the cold before you get sick, because a grumpy Kim Heechul is a pain in the ass!’

BTS as Kingsman (Seokjin)

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-Literally a whole dad. Like super supportive of new trainees and then always becomes a mentor to the newest member. Hes kinda good at judging people

-Its gotten to the point where whenever they have a new batch of trainess he can basically guess whos in and whos going to be out. AND HES NEVER WRONG

-Like ‘ that one is too confident i think he’ll be out when we toss him out of a plane and make him work with the others. Next’

-‘That one just busted DOWN A DOOR WITH HIS SHOULDER FUCK YEAH KID YOURE IN’ (good job lancelot!!)

-Codename: Galahad

-Jin really likes being more of a tech guy instead of being in the field.

-Like yeah i can hack into the any security system and delete anything theyve got or obtain top secret government files without being detected on their system but dont ask me to punch a guy in his throat

-Like i will if i HAVE TO but ask lancelot first he’ll punch anyones throat so leave me here

-So basically one day arthur is like ‘hey galahad we kinda need you to hack into the United States Governments files’ and jin just

-‘Okay sure’

-So jin gets to it and hes typing at the speed of light and there are a bunch of numbers and letters on the screen and jins just chilling because of course hes got this in the bag hes done this like a hundred times

-And he finally pushes enter (dramatically might i add) because that always gets him right in and he turns in his swivel chair and hes like ‘what do you need arthur’

-But arthur is like ‘umm bro’ and hes pointing at the computer and jin turns around and HIS EYES ALMOST POP OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS

-He! Has! Been! Detected! And! Blocked! Out! Of! The! Archives! And! Databases!

-How did this happen@@@@@@@

-Jin just kind of gets this determined look in his face and suddenly hes typing faster than before (if thats even possible)

-‘Galahad whats going on?’

-‘Something is keeping me out but that should be impossible because…because…well just because i know what im doing and they shouldnt be able to trace anything back to me and what is going on’

-Jin is like working overtime on his computer like how does he type that fast how is he even reading the things that come up on screen if they disappear in .2 seconds what is this

-‘Okay okay no need to panic its probably just like a firewall or something’

-Jin stops everything and glares at arthur

-‘Are you kidding me? You think of all things a measly firewall will stop me. This sint a firewall.Its not even some bot system either because its too slow. This is like human speed blocking.’

-Suddenly jins screen goes completely black.

-Both men are confused bc umm whats going on

-A loading bar appears at the top of the screen and suddenly some kind of I.M. window pops up.

-Jin tries to click the x in the top right corner to close the window but nothing happens.

-Instead in the bottom left corner there are three dots and the words

-‘Y/N’ is typing…’

-The message that pops up leaves jin red in the face

-‘Is someone being a bad boy?’

-Arthur is laughing because ‘did your computer really get some kind of freaky virus from waching porn’


-‘I really need you…’

-Jin frantically pushes the x but it still doesnt work


-Both arthur and galahad stop what theyre doing umm this is a little too real

-‘Are you going to respond?’

-‘I know youre reading these’

-‘I can see you right now’

-There is literally no way you can see them because theyre in hq which is a mansion in the middle of nowhere

-Another window pops up on the screen and its jin like in real time and he realizes its the image from the camera on his computer and oh my gosh someone is hacking into the hackers computer what the heck

-‘This is a warning. Don’t try to hack the government again because I will find you. Have fun.’

-The screen goes black again and when it light up lo and behold its on A PORN SITE lol arthur is dying in the background bc galahad just got out hacked.

-Jin is still shocked by the fact that someone was capable of doing this to him. Like there is someone out there that can really get into their system despite jin taking every precaution and making it nearly impossible to hack

-Jin shuts off his computer and just kinda flops onto the ground because what the heck


-Sure enough  jin still cant get into the database and the I.M. window pops up again

-‘I literally warned you’

-Jin kinda hesitates a little because should he respond or…

-‘How did you know it was the same person’

-‘I told you. I can see you’


-‘I dont hack and tell baby.’

-Jin is taken back?? Um baby? Hes no baby. Hes not your baby. Is he your baby?!?!?! Mom???????

-This goes on for like a while. Like jin tries to get into the files but hes always stopped by you and then you guys have  a lil conversation and jin starts trying to hack more often just becuase…

-He wants to talk to you a little bit?

-Like he genuinely begins to worry about himself because does he like someone thats preventing him from doing his job? Have you become a part of his daily routine? Can he separate himself from you?? Its like a criminal falling in love with a cop basically.

-You also let your guard down a little bit like he already knows your name and birthday and about your dog. You dont tell anyone about your dog. Bc hes yours. Your! Dog! But this guy trying to hack into the US government knows about him what have you done.

-You decide its time for a break from this whole hacker blocking thing so you tell your boss and he assigns someone else to this case.

-Yeah its a case.

-The gov. has been trying to figure out who is getting into their files and you were put in charge but clearly its proving more difficult than you thought bc you have grown attached and if he gets caughts then you wont be able to talk to him anymore

-Youve figured out for the most part where he is located but you havent reported it to your boss because…because you cant…

-So now theyve got someone else trying to figure out what you already know

-The day you decide to take your break jin also decided he wants to talk to you and there he goes trying to hack again. He pushes anter and waits for the screen to go black like it has for the last few weeks.

-But it doesnt??

-Hes suddenly in the governments files…?

-Jin is kind of of worried like umm where is Y/N and why didnt she stop me from doing this.

-So jin has no idea what to do now because for the next week he keeps getting into the files and its like you disappeared from the internet and all of a sudden he gets an idea

-Like hes got these government files so if you work for the government they must have some information on you right???

-He searches your first name and a few different people pop up then he narrows it down to one by looking at the birthday and there you are in all your glory.

A picture of you that makes jin’s heart skip a few beats followed by 

Name: L/N, F/N 

Age: 24

Department: Cybersecurity 

and right there…your address…

-Seokjin swallows hard before he scribbles the address down on a piece of paper.

-Hes out of his chair before he knows it and nobody has time to question him when he says hes going out into the field to gain some valuable information

-AND THATS HOW HE ENDS UP on an airplane to your location at 9 pm.

-One five hour flight and a one hour taxi drive later jin is standing outside what he assumes is your house at 3 in the morning

-He hesitantly knocks on the door and waits.

-You are woken up from your good night of sleep by a knock on the door and when you look at the time youre like umm who is here at 3 am and why, oh wait you think you know why

-You shuffle downstairs slowly

-You swallow hard and open the door. The person you see on the other side doesnt startle you bc oh my gosh this is the hacker man ive possible fallen in love with even though technically im supposed to be throwing him in jail oh my gosh

-And you deliberately let him find out your location in hopes that he’d show up but you didnt think he’d be here so soon

-Maybe this was a bad idea


-Your mind is nearly blank but somehow you manage to play it cool

-‘I wasn’t expecting you so soon’

-Jin is ??????? you were expecting him???

-‘I didnt think you’d let your guard down long enough that i would figure out your address.’ jin plays it off cool with a little smirk that makes you want to pounce on him

-‘Oh baby…its so cute you think you could have actually found me.’

-Jin raises an eyebrow in confusion

-‘Don’t try to fool yourself. I let you find me.’ the way your bottom lip juts out slightly is enough to make jin lose it

-he is impossibly entranced by you bc not only can you out hack him but you also outsmart him and out-hot(?) him and everything in between.

-He literally cannot hold himself back he just kinda goes for it like a full on dizzying, heated, passionate, swollen lips and flushed faces type of kiss.

-And that is how you managed to get yourself a kingsman boyfriend.

A/N: Sorry if this one is a little bad its just kind of what comes out of my mind. 

BTS | Their GF Is Attacked By A Stalker *Personalized Reaction Contest Reaction*

S/o is attacked by a stalker (saesang or a guy who doesn’t know what ‘no’ means), how would BTS retaliate or get revenge?

He had noticed a change in your behavior over the course of several weeks; looking over your shoulder, being clingy in public even though you really weren’t big into skinship, and jumping at the smallest noise.

At first he thought you might have just been shook up by some of the recent twitter comments, but when your jumpiness lasted longer than when your relationship was outed he started to get suspicious that something else was going on.

You worked at BigHit as a secretary so whenever he could he would he would just check up on you and see how you were doing, since he hadn’t gotten any answers out of you about what was wrong.

Good thing he had…one day when he went to check on you he found you standing alone in one of the empty practice rooms, standing in front of the mirror looking at your arms which had bruises on them.

“Ros…what happened?” he questioned, startling you.

You looked down at the floor before beginning to tell him about the assistant manager that had been flirting with you the last few weeks, but hadn’t liked the word ‘no’.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He questioned.

“I thought I could handle it,” you replied sadly, “Then when I told him that I didn’t appreciate what he was doing especially since he knows I’m dating you, things got worse and he grabbed me.”

“You should have told me…”

Needless to say that none of this when over well with him. He didn’t confront the guy but he did make sure that management knew every detail that he could finally get out of you and made sure that not only was he fired, but whenever he tried to get a job anywhere else they would be well informed of his harassment towards women.

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We’re Not Too Far Gone (Part 3) - Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

requests: could you do a multi chapter fic where like the reader is like 14?? and like negan takes her from hilltop to raise her as his own but she doesnt like him so she runs away and she gets captured by like dwight and thats the part where glenn and michonne are also captured aswell and they get to the lineup and thats where negan notices her and ricks group are “ shookt ” and when carl tries to hunt down negan and fails he ends up meeting reader during the tour and they form a great friendship??

and about the “ negans daughter” thing can you make the reader really close w jesus and he gets really upset when negan takes her away?? thanks aha

pairings: carl x reader

a/n: i’ve been reading the spider-man comics and i’m so in love with peter honestly why can’t guys my age be like him… also i’m not super happy with how this came out but you know the next part should be better 

word count: 1,383

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers 

“If you think any amount of pain you can inflict on me will make me wish I was dead, you don’t know me one damn bit,” you spat. Your body still shook, but no longer out of fear. You were fuming with rage, and your heart was beating abnormally quickly, making your jaw shudder. 

Negan feigned shock, placing his hand over his heart. “My, oh, my! I knew you were a sassy one, but jeez… You sure know how to mouth off.” Negan’s face reflected one thing, and one thing only: He was pissed. You were alike Negan in the sense that you didn’t back down. 

“I’m just getting started,” you replied, gritting your teeth out of habit. Negan chuckled at the ground, then stood back up. He wandered back towards Rick, glancing down at him like a king talking to a servant from a pedestal. He swung his bat from off his shoulder and aimed it at Rick’s chest. Rick stared blankly past Negan, seemingly distracted and unstable. 

“Give me your shit, or I will kill you.” Negan smiled devilishly, leaning back and laughing a little at the reaction he was receiving from Rick. “Today was career day.” Negan bobbed the bat up and down as he began to walk towards you again, pointing its end at each person he passed along the way. 

“We invested a lot so you would know who I am and what I can do. Little Miss (Y/N) over here has seen a lot of what I’ve created first-hand, but I can confirm that she has no idea in the damn world what I’m about to show all of you sorry bastards.” 

You flinched when you heard your name fall from his vulgar lips, hating the way it sounded as it rolled off his tongue. Thankfully, Negan turned away from you, and back to Rick. He repeated his actions, pointing the tip of the bat at him. “You work for me now.” 

Negan firmly planted his large boots in the ground and pointed the head of his bat at each of you individually. “You have shit, you give it to me. That’s your job. Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it–you most certainly will. 

Negan had seemingly forgotten you were there, for he was so focused on getting Rick’s attention and keeping it. “You ruled the roost. You,” Negan paused, sighing through his teeth before continuing, “built something. You thought you were safe.” 

A boy wearing a cowboy hat with a gauze pad covering his eye stared in shock at Rick with his mouth wide open. His eyes followed the bat up to Negan, and then settled on you. His mouth closed as you looked him in the eye. Shivers went up your arms. Whether they were from the freezing cold air or not, you couldn’t tell. 

“I get it,” Negan rambled. Your eyes darted towards the short brown-haired woman, who gagged silently. “But the word is out. You are not safe–Not even close. In fact, you are pegged… More pegged if you don’t do what I want, and what I want is half your shit.” 

You knew it was coming. You had already gone through this at the Hilltop. It was heartbreaking the first time, but it wasn’t nearly as suspenseful. You weren’t there when Negan found out about your community. You had only heard of what happened in the stories that Jesus told you. As far as you were concerned, nothing this extravagant happened to anyone in your group. 

You were at Negan’s mercy like never before. Half your supplies had been taken by him, then you were taken, yourself. You had almost escaped, but he was too good for you. If Negan’s third time was a charm, you were as good as dead. 

“And if that’s too much, you can make, find, or steal more, and it’ll even out sooner or later. This is your way of life, now. The more you fight back, the harder it will be. So, someone knocks on your door,” Negan paused once again, pacing slowly towards you. 

“You let us in. We own that door. You try to stop us, and we will knock it down.” Rick blinked as Negan jutted the end of his bat towards his head. “You understand?” Rather than answering, Rick stared blankly past you. His face was almost as pale as the woman next to him, only he showed no expression. It was like he was unaware of how much weighed on his response to such a simple question. 

Negan leaned forward and put his hand to his ear. “What?” he whispered. “No answer?” Negan stood up straight and dragged his fingertips over his chin, through his beard. “You don’t really think that you were gonna get through this without being punished. Now, did you?” His indiction of each word grew more and more powerful with each word he said. 

“I don’t wanna kill you people.” Rick’s breathing sped up, and yours followed suit. “Just wanna make that clear from the get-go. I want you to work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead. Now, can you?” Negan’s head turned towards you painfully slowly. 

“For you, my dear…” Negan said excitedly. He sauntered in front of you and squatted to your level. “I’m not sure what to do with you, just yet… Anyone got any suggestions?” He turned on his heels to face the group, who were all staring at you questionably. 

You tilted your head down, and a tear fell from your eye onto your leg. You wiped your face quickly, unaware that you had even begun to cry. Your thumb began tapping your thigh–a nervous habit you had developed over the years. 

“Alrighty, then. I guess Lucille shall decide her fate… if none of you are willing to compensate.” Your eyes eyes widened exponentially as Negan raised his bat above his head. You couldn’t make a sound, but the boy who you had glanced at earlier shrieked before Negan could crash the bat on top of your head. 

Negan smirked and halted his motions, allowing Lucille to rest on his shoulder. He spun quickly to face the boy, whose face had been drained of all color, aside from the pink that splotched his cheeks and nose. “Alright! Now, things are starting to get exciting!”

Negan chuckled to himself, then focused on Rick once more. Like he wasn’t completely willing to take your life. Like he didn’t just make your heart thrash momentarily. Your breaths were quick, and you were sobbing at that point. Your eyes trailed up from your shaking hands to the boy who sat across from you. You couldn’t help but stare, for it was your only way of acknowledging his bravery. 

“I’m not growin’ a garden, but you killed my people–A whole damn lot of them. More than I’m comfortable with, and for that… For that, you’re gonna pay.” He darted his head back to you again, and you dropped your head instantly. You gave up. You were at his mercy, and you were willing to do whatever he said you needed to. 

“So. now… I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one ‘a you.” He replaced his grip on Lucille and spun her in his hands. “This… This is Lucille, as (Y/N) is very aware, and she is awesome.” Your shoulders shook when he said your name. 

“All this… All this is just so we can pick out which one ‘a you gets the honor.” Negan paced back and forth, passing over each person in the line. He stopped in front of a man with red-orange hair. To your surprise, he didn’t cower down. He stood up off his heels and raised his chin, almost like he was challenging Negan. 

“Huh,” Negan sighed. He ran his fingertips over his chin once again, shaking his head. “Ugh, I gotta shave this shit.” He left the red haired man and strolled over towards the boy. You shook your head warily, sobbing once more as Negan stepped closer to him. You didn’t know the boy, but he saved you. The least you could do for him is make sure he got out of this alive, to return the favor. 

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dropbearaboveyou  asked:

Why do you think the reason that Valentina reacted more positively to Len's approach then Ray's? Is it because Ray came off as a little bit of a stalker?

Oh, for a ton of reasons. And oh god did this ever get long, so it’s under a cut.

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