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Night times are the worst, I should be asleep but sleeping requires me to close my eyes and every time I close my eyes I see you.

The episode 11 broke the heart of every Yuri On Ice fans with only one sentence:

“After the final, Let’s end this”..

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My reaction was “WHAT??? YUURI, YOU DUMB KATSUDON… WHY?”
But after a moment of shock and cry I thought about it and…


but WAIT!

Why would tha authors have built such a beautiful relationship if they wanted to destroy it, only in the last episode? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

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So do you remember my Stay close to me analysis?:

If Victor leaves Yuuri, the scene would fit naturally and perfectly:
Yuuri returns to Hasetsu Castle, depressed as the first time when he lost the final…
he convinced himself that this was the better choice, that Victor should continue to skate… but he is simply unhappy.

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He wants to stay by himself, like the time he found his eros in the katsudon and went to the ice rink alone.

He enters the Castle and waiting for him there is Victor. At this point the Russian would skate only for him, Because Victor has never left him, because he loves him and wanted to stay by his side.

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This would be a perfect end for the season, it would left open a chance for a next season:

-Would Victor stay by his side as a coach and a lover? As only a lover?

Will Yuuri continue to skate? Will Victor continue to skate?

-Would them be both coaches, maybe Victor of Yurio and Yuuri of Minami?

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We will see 💙


Night times are the worst, I should be asleep but sleeping requires me to close my eyes and everytime I close my eyes I see you.
—  t.i // Why can’t I get you off my mind.
She sits like a time piece always working, always watching, and always the most worthy part of the collection. Sometimes she calculates so reserved and quiet that you don’t even realise what it means to have her but god knows, should you get lost in your own infinity, she will always have the time to drag you from your depths. Wear her, and when she’s weary hold her close. This is when you’ll know she is yours – and know she’s the best you’ll ever have.
—  When the time comes, you’ll know. // A.S
Let’s start again! (updated)

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry it took me longer than I promised to make this post. Let’s just say that some things happened this last week that demanded more of my time and energy than I anticipated.

Anyway, here’s the plan for this years Sherlock Christmas Cards exchange:

start registration: 1st November
end registration: 5th December
exchange begin: aiming for 6th December)

how to register:
email me your name, postal address and email address where I can later send you a pdf file and adress to Subject line should say xmas 2016 registration, to make it easier for me to sort through emails. You can also include twitter, tumblr or other handles if you want them included but you don’t have to.

how does it work?

As you can see, there is a registration window. During that time you can register and become participant. I will put all adresses and other info I get emailed in a pdf file, in completely random order. After registration closes, and as soon as I have finished the pdf file I will send out that list to all participants, and ONLY to participants. Usually there will be another day or two where people notice some smaller mistakes on their adresses or similar and I have to make some corrections, which means before you send out any cards make sure I have sent you the final version of the list.

the rules

Not many, but please make sure you are aware and follow them:

1. Treat ALL information you receive on the list absolutely confidential! I cannot stress this enough. There should be enough time for anyone to be able to register and put their name on the list, so do not, under any circumstances send that list to anyone else. No matter if they claim to be on it or if the dog ate it or whatever. Not to your friends, followers, siblings, grandma or cat. If there are any questions regarding this feel free to send me an email or tumblr ask.

2. You have to send at least one card, to the person that is below you on the list. If you happen to be last on the list you send one to the person who is first. That way we can make sure everyone gets at least one random christmas card.

3. Be nice to each other. I realise the Sherlock fandom is a big one and there are many different opinions and discussions. But this cards exchange is not about that, it’s simply about having a good time and doing something nice for a stranger.

No other rules. :)

Feel free to send as many cards as you like (apart from the one mandatory), or include little gifts or stuff.

As I have mentioned before I got a few little things over the year that I will send out to random people. And I have already alluded to the fact that I am trying to get a slightly bigger surprise together, but I’m still not sure if it’ll work out, so I’ll just say for now that I’m working on it.

Let the fun begin again!

PS: I’ve stuck this post to the top to make the rules and workings easy to find. If you are looking for other stuff on my blog, just scroll down.

I dont think you understand just how bad you hurt me. Got my hopes up just to leave me hanging. Maybe I should’ve known. Maybe I shouldn’t have cared. But you were so pretty. Your eyes brighter than mine. Your hair like wind just swept through it all the time. Your hands were probably my favorite besides the jawline. Both seemingly perfect. Your mind was interesting. You didn’t want anyone close, but you let me into the social rooms of your castle. The art you had hanging. How you’d push me out and make me talk about myself after a bit. You couldn’t be vulnerable. Did it ever occur to you that I didn’t want you leaving your footprints everywhere either? If it did you pried the doors open anyway. Took everything you could gather up. And left. I told you that you were different and new and I didn’t know how this worked. But I never meant for this to happen. I thought, in the beginning, this would be different. You weren’t like the others. And I was right. You were better and worse. You gained my trust just to use it against me in the end. Sure it could’ve been worse. But you broke me like never before. Reminded me of why I was skeptical of letting you in to begin with. It was too good to be true. Left me crying as you went on to the next girl. And we all are friends and I can’t just leave, so I watch. You’ll destroy her too. Why wasn’t I enough? Why’d you have to do it?
—  Why couldn’t we just love

| 猫 |—           So 2017 is finally here and I must say, well done for all of us making it through the hardship that was 2016! I must say, last year was a little hard for me but I’ve had so many people in my life by my side for help. 

I’m going to take this time within this post to thank those close to me, wish you all a great new year and give you another little bit of info on myself~!

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modern grisha + instagram (pt. 1)

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FUCK, just saw rogue one, was not remotely ready, even less ready than initially anticipated

ikr. I just… I know. 

fun story, I have seen it twice, the first time it was at an incredibly wanky arthouse cinema on a Sunday evening. So arthouse they have a sign up saying “we are a popcorn-free zone” as if that is somehow a GOOD thing. Now, okay, there are two things I want in my movie-going experience:

1) a vat of popcorn with fake butter and at least a gallon of pepsi

2) a screen so large I am in a room of cinema

this wanky arthouse cinema had neither of these things. NEITHER OF THEM. (why was I there? thanks to Earthquakes™ our multiplex has been shut down until the parking building next to it is torn down, it is a heartbreaking time, I MISS THAT STUPID MULTIPLEX MORE THAN I SHOULD.) And I had been terribly spoiled for A Particular Moment because thanks, tumblr, I flew too close to the sun there waiting a whole week after release, and so I got out of it and I was like: well, that was only OKAY

then I went the next week, on Christmas eve, with my BFF, and it was a blockbuster cinema complex with sticky floors and as much pepsi as my grubby little hands could carry, and we are both INVETERATE movie talkers, and every time a clear political allegory happened we muttered to each other “oh star wars isn’t political” and I had at least three emotions. Probably as many as five. It was a Good Time and now that film is way more than only okay.

Too Close to Her [Chanyeol] I hope you liked it! ^-^


Chan♥- Come visit me today! Pleaseee?

Chan♥- It’ll make me very happy!

Chan♥- Oh, and the boys want some good food. They’re not feeding us anything delicious. We’re hungry.

Chan♥- Jagi, please!

It was Chanyeol for the 4th time. He was at work today, filming for EXO’s drama. Honestly, I don’t even know how he finds the time to text me when he should be acting.

I was reluctant to go visit. Seeing him being close with…Moon Gayoung. I know it’s a silly reason but come on, I’m his girlfriend. It’s hard to see him being so close to her, even if it’s just acting. I’ll just go anyway because I miss him.

I packed him and the guys some lunch and made my way to the studio.

“Is that ____ noona? It’s ____ noona!” Sehun exclaimed the moment he saw me. That caused Baekhyun and Kyungsoo notice and the three came running up.

“What are you doing here?” Baekhyun asked, even though I could tell he was more interested in the bags I was holding.

“Chanyeol wanted me to visit. Speaking of the boy, where is he?” I asked, looking around

“Oh, their still filming in the other room.” Kyungsoo answered.
“I hope you haven’t eaten yet, cause I brought food.” I held up the bags and handed them to Baekhyun and Sehun.

“Thank goodness, I couldn’t even look at the food here anymore. You’re a life saver, noona. Chanyeol hyung is a lucky man.” Sehun breathed and opened the containers.

“If you want to go observe your sweetheart in action, through those doors. Just stay quiet.” Kyungsoo pointed. I grinned and advanced towards the door and entered. Chanyeol was in action alright.

He was trapping her against the wall, acting angry. Jealously bubbled inside me and I told myself to calm down. I’m sure it was in the script.

That went on for anther 5 minutes before the director yelled;

“Cut!” startling me. Though they were no longer being filmed, the two stood and talked. He didn’t even notice I was standing there. The other three came back in each holding a container of noodles near their faces.

“Wahh…____-ah. Your cooking is the best.” Baekhyun complimented. That caught Chanyeol’s attention.

“Jagi!” he flashed that million dollar smile before excusing himself from the conversation and coming over to me.

“When did you arrive?” he asked, one arm coming around my waist

“About 5-8 minutes ago.“ I answered, still a little annoyed at the closeness from earlier. He gasped a little.

"Did you bring me food too?” he looked around.

“Yeah, there’s one more container in the back, hyung.” Sehun answered.

“I’ll go get it.” I volunteered before making my way out and to the bags.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Baekhyun’s voice behind me.

“What do you mean what’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong.” was my lie. I know, it’s weak but what do I say? ‘Oh yeah, I’m jealous of Moon Gayoung being too close to Chanyeol.’ nope.

“I know that face. Tell me.” he poked my cheek. I sighed and turned back to the food. He snapped his fingers as if he figured out something.

“Aha! I got it. You’re jealous.” he teased.

“You got it oppa, you win.” I rolled my eyes.

“Why?” he asked

“I don’t know…I just…I’m a little jealous that they have to be that close. I know it’s for the drama and everything but…I don’t know.” I answered him. He stayed silent. I looked up to see Baekhyun staring at someone behind me.

“So…you can tell him that but not your boyfriend?” that familiar deep voice spoke.

“I’ll just…give you two some privacy.” Baek said before jogging back to Sehun and Kyungsoo.

“Why are you jealous?” he asked. I thought he already heard my reason.

“You heard me already.” I mumbled.

“What is there to be jealous about? It’s all acting.” he crossed his arms

“I know but do you have to be that close?” I questioned.

“Yes. She’s a professional actor. Therefore I must be professional as well.” he explained

“I know I know. But just think about it. What if I was an actress and I had to be that close with someone?” I asked
“You make it sound like I’m in the wrong when you’re the one that’s jealous.” he spoke

“I’m just saying that I’m uncomfortable with you being that close to her. I’m not saying that I’m forbidding you to touch her.” I argued back. This was going nowhere.

“If you’re uncomfortable with it then I suggest you leave before you see more.” he pointed to the door.

“You invited me here!”

“Yeah, before I knew you’d be jealous about every little thing I do with her.” he turned away. I didn’t say anything. I knew I was at fault in this argument yet my pride refuses to let me lose it. Instead, I placed down his food containers.

“I don’t need those containers back. Enjoy your food.” I mumbled befor eleaving the studio and making my way home.

You have to apologize at some point. You’re the one at fault. I shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. Geez, I’m such a bad girlfriend. Why did I act like that? I mean he was working. He’s going to be mad now and won’t be able to act right. The producers and staff probably won’t allow me back anymore. God, what did I do?

I plopped down onto the couch and hugged a pillow. Rethinking about what I said to him. I felt bad. Really bad. Maybe I should call and apologize. But…he’s probably gone back to work by now. I’ll just wait until he gets home…

-much later-

It’s nearly midnight now, and he’s still not back yet. But he should be. My prediction was confirmed when the door knob turned.
He walked through the door and locked it. Then his eyes landed on my sleepy state.

“Why are you still up?” he asked, placing his jacket on the coat rack. I quickly stood up

“I wanted to apologize…” I answered

“That doesn’t mean you stay up late. We can talk about it tomorrow.” he walked closer

“No. My behavior today was awful. I’m sorry, jagi…” I apologized. He came and hugged me.

“Hey, it’s okay. To be honest, I was a bit glad that you were jealous. That shows that you really do care for your Channie Booo!” he teased me by pinching my cheeks.

“I’ve never even called you that.“ I giggled

"Thank god you don’t. That would be very embarrassing in front of the members.” he sighed in relief.

“Maybe I should start.” I whispered to myself.

“What was that?”

“Nothing! Let’s go to sleep. The couch hurts my back.” I complained, adding more effects by rubbing my back. He laughed and threw me over his shoulder before making his way upstairs.


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Oisuga Week Ao3 Collection
By Organization for Transformative Works

hey guys, good news–i finally made that oisuga week collection! 

this collection is unmoderated and open, so feel free add your works on ao3 too it! keep it restricted to only stuff made for oisuga week, please. 

i will not be paying as much attention to the ao3 collection than i do to tumblr or twitter. i’ll go through tomorrow when i have time to add stuff to the collection, but i don’t keep that close an eye on ao3 to begin with. i know i’ll miss stuff.

(i should probably also mention i’ve never created a collection on ao3 before, so if i make any mistakes, please tell me.)

there’s nothing in the collection currently, so get adding! :)

Requests Closed. Possible URL change.

All requests are closed here forth. The ones that have already been submitted will be done with time, Since I’m still preoccupied with school and upcoming competitions.

Of course those aren’t the only reasons.

Once I’m through with these, reactions will be closed until further reason. I wish to spend some time rewriting my old work. And of course working on some new projects. If you guys have any prompts you might like to see just put it in the inbox.

And as someone very close to me said. Also basically my tumblr elder sister. I should write for myself. I should write so that I’m able to project my thoughts and my imagination into words and share it to everyone.

So far I think I felt burdened to write, at least before broken hearts I think. But now that I’ve found my own style of writing. I’ll try my best to enjoy it while I still have time before life hits me.

I’ve been thinking of changing my URL for a while and have narrowed it down to three.

1. jxunghope
2. hxbiehxbie
3. mxonnie

I would love it if you guys shared your views. Should I change it? If I do. Which one of the following do I change it to? Or maybe you have a better suggestion?

Reasons of why people need to stop worrying of GenjixMercy

Every since the PTR hit the server and we get hint of GenjixMercy and been so close to Valentine’s Day, everybody went crazy with the shipping wars. I wrote a comment in on the post in what I had to say so that I think should be seen. Check out that comment and the original post here: NOTE: this is my personal opinion so please don’t take offense to any sort of content. And I would like to add that all of the Non Gency shippers got so worked up by just subtle hints from time to time in game and the “reflections” comic and when just a FEW voice lines pop up in PTR near Valentines that SUGGESTS that there something going on between Genji and Mercy, is not only the Anti Gency shipper that got triggered but as well as some salty Gency shippers that got overconfident and went “Oh! There go your Pharmercy ship! TOO BAD!”. Both sides of the ship war are playing both the victim and abuser. And the truth is, they are getting worked up for NOTHING. And here’s why 
Reason one: Is not confirms as a canon to the lore in Overwatch specifically. If Blizzard want to announce a new couple for Overwatch, they could likely give fans a BIG and OBVIOUS interaction between two characters. An example being Tracer receiving a KISS by Emily that gestures a ROMANCE between them. And before you say, “What you said is could be wrong? I mean there is a thing called subtlety.” Then Blizzzard did do reveal a couple in a more subtle way. That being Tröbjorn and his wife. We saw him with a young woman, holding her close and intimate while having Reinhardt in a chair in the same room surround by children. At first we thought those children is affiliated with Reinhardt before Overwatch confirmed they are Tröbjorn’s kids. That’s a subtle way of giving a canon couple announcement. Before you say, “Gency is confirmed only in subtle fashion. Since is close to Valentines Day, their gestures could hinted that is more romance that we haven’t seen yet.” Then here’s second reason 
Reason Two: Valentine’s Day is NOT just by Eros(Romantic) love. It is Love in general. Meaning is about caring for one deeply and gives emotional compassion. It can be with Friends and Family and not just a romantic partner. Children gives Valentine’s cards and gifts to each other when they were in schools and Adults gives gifts to either partner or a person they deeply cherish. The question, “Will you be my Valentine?” Is not just for a romantic partner but to anyone in general that one cares for. Genji and Mercy have give each chocolates to state they deeply CARE for one another and cherish each other’s well beings. That they are GRATEFUL to know the other and be part of their lives. So just because is a gesture of affection, it doesn’t have to be romantic. “Gency have been given hints of romance before such as the concern for each other’s being. Like the cry of each other’s name when one is hurt or killed. Genji called Mercy by her name and wrote to her during the holidays. They had a history together so it may could have happen some point.” Which gives a big epiphany to the third reason.
Reason three: We can perceive of who is ship romantically or not even if is or is not canon and should be able to be given and give freedom to do it. That’s what is should be the nice thing about shipping. We can ship who want to ship a character to who want them to be with even if that character is to be canon with another. To have thoughts of who want to ship with yet we should have the respect to another person who have the same admiration of the same character but ship that character differently. To have those ideas sis a way to respect not the only the creator but to any other shipper who ship the same character but with a different person. So when Blizzard released voice lines, interactions or gestures that could suggest a relationship, one doesn’t have to see it as cannon if is not confirmed. 
So while Gency could be seen romantic, I don’t personally see it as such and yet it doesn’t mean I don’t see the connection.Like Im a Pharmercy shipper but that doesn’t mean I don’t support something with Genji and Mercy. For I see a pair that cares for one another and are glad to have each other’s presence in their lives. Genji is grateful for all Mercy has done and Mercy being so compassionate is happy to see Genji doing okay even after all he been through. Genji felt like he owe everything to Mercy so he could be writing letters to her as a way to show he kept communication with her even after the Overwatch disbanded. Mercy cares for Genji as not as a doctor but a good friend who wants what best for her companion and intensely worries for his well being. He no doubt feels the same due to him being concern for her while in battle. Maybe they gave chocolate on Valentine’s is likely to show they are genuinely compassionate to each other and the affections could be shown as great companions. Like Ana and Reinhardt. Genji could do this with Hanzo and most likely Zennyatta, but because he is strained with his brother and Zenyatta is unable to do so, he done this with Mercy since she is another person he holds dear in life. Mercy is seen as a professional and would probably try to brush off any sorts of pleasantries like gesture of affection so Genji would remind her of what she have in life. That could explain him giving chocolates. Genji has shown to have less esteem of what he is and since he strained with his brother, he just doesn’t feel that he is not cared for anymore. Mercy being so caring want to remind him of people who does. That could explain her giving chocolates. So between Mercy and Genji, I see a budding friendship that goes beyond a normal friendship but not in a romantic way. It titters between love as friend and love as a romantic partner. 
That’s how I perceived it. Micheal Chu stated that weither it could be canon or not, your perception still matter to your own accord. So if your given suggestions of what could be more, you can take it as how you can take it as you see it or you could not. Is like the scene in Frozen, where the man in the ice post has family in a sauna that could be hinted as a gay, the creator stated that the since is released to world, the fan can see fit it as they want. Either being official or not. It gives a respect to not just the creators but to the fans themselves. You just to need to respect other’s opinions or ideas to get pass of such and moved on in our lives. 
That’s how it should be handle right now.

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Bath (Theon x Reader)

(Gif credit to the owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Theon Greyjoy

Word Count: 820

A/N - I really love your fanfiction stories, especially the “Game of Thrones” stories. I saw that you already posted some with Theon, but I am curious to see how a reader interacts with him after he escapes the Bolton’s. I admit I have a soft spot for him. Not an original idea, since I saw a similar post somewhere else Tumblr, but could you write a story where the reader takes a bath with Theon, she comforts him, and MAYBE he gets some justice against the Bolton’s? (Maybe not “severed” either)?

I hope this is okay, sorry for the VERY long wait <3

It was him. He had finally came home. Yara looked proud as she held her brother’s arm. He should’ve looked happy, but he watched everyone, flinching as people came too close. You felt pity for him, all the time he had spent held captive by the Boltons had really messed him up. Yara approached you, holding Theon tightly, making him look uncomfortable. “(Y/N)!”, she said, “You will be looking after my brother”. She let go of his arm, but he didn’t move. “Go and get him cleaned up. He isn’t presentable in that state” Yara commented. You gentle put a hand on Theon’s arm, he jumped slightly. “Yes m'lady” you replied as she started to walk off.

“This way my lord” you spoke softly. You started to walk off, Theon was dragged behind you. He was muttering something, “I’m not a lord”. Your face fell slightly and you slowed down to match his pace. “Yes you are. You are Lord Theon of House Greyjoy” you told him. He rapidly shook his head, “Reek. My name is Reek” he stuttered. You sighed quietly and opened a door, “This way”.

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alone (c.h.)

pair: calum x y/n
summary: in which calum suffers from a panic attack 

this imagine is suppose to shed light on panic attacks and anxiety disorders in general; this isn’t something that should be romanticized or seen as beautiful. this is tragic, it is meant to be seen as tragic and that tumblr’s over romanticization of it doesn’t make people who suffer from this feel like they’re beautiful for suffering a mental illness.

times like these never failed to make his heart race. make his forehead create beads of sweat. make his large hands clammy and cold. make his heart beat pick up. make his eyes brim with tears. make him lose his breath. make his chest and throat close up. make the tears fall.

he felt this way when he felt alone; when neither you or someone close like his band mates were around to comfort him.

and he never knew why he felt this way sometimes; it happened at random times, and it’s not like he asked for it. it’s not like he needed this to happen almost an hour before the show he had to preform in tonight. the last show of the tour. 

he tries to calm himself down. he tries to count to ten but the number ten reminds him of how many panic attacks he’s had in the past few years.

tries count sheep, but the sheep he thinks of fly away into the sky and don’t come back because they’re happier up there.

tries regulate his breath, but his method of counting of inhaling and exhaling includes not breathing at all.  

tries remind himself of songs he loves; but the only songs he loves are sad love songs. 

the only thing that could make him happy at this point is you but you are not there. you are in the audience, waiting for the show and talking to some fans about your relationship with him. you weren’t aloud to come backstage until the show was over.  

and the last people he’d want to see are his family; he didn’t want to show mali that he couldn’t handle himself. and he knew all too well that he desperately needed someones soft singing voice and a cup full of water and gentle back rubs. 

michael bursts into the room, frantically checking looking all over the place for his band mate. sound check was in forty five minutes and their instruments needed to be tuned and they needed to go over half their set list and they can’t do that without the bass. 

michael finds calum in the corner of the room, exact position he was in twenty minutes ago; hands over head and head between knees.

michael slowly approaches calum, kneeling down in front of him with a hand on his shoulder with a soothing rub.

“do you want me to sit next to you?” michael asks in a slow and hushed voice. calum nods jaggedly and michael sits next to calum, a small hand on his back.

michael leans into calum and continues to rub a thumb into calums back in a slow pattern.

michael mumbles softly, “i’ll sing for you, if you want,” he suggests. calum nods in response.

michael stays silent for a few seconds to think of a song. he smiles to himself and starts to gently sing his favorite blink 182 song. 

calum can feel his heart rate slow down, and his breathing become normal again. 

calum knew all too well that this was going to happen again, maybe in the near future or maybe in another year; but he knew that he always had his band mates and you by his side. that’s all he needed.

I feel like I should say this and I’ve been meaning to say this: if you need to talk to someone, I’m here for all of you. But don’t expect me to see all of your distressed posts or cries for help. I don’t follow my dashboard very closely. I work long hours and have 3+ hour classes, I’m only actively on tumblr certain blocks of time. It’s not me ignoring anyone or being selfish. If I can help I will. If you need someone to talk to, send me a message or an ask. I always have my phone near me (because I work with my phone) and I’ll respond immediately. I always have anon on no matter what. So you’re more comfortable with that, it’s an option. Don’t be scared and don’t be shy. You can tell me anything. I’m a paid mentor - I’ve had training to deal with a myriad of situations. I have limitless compassion and empathy. You can reach out. This is a safe haven - just remember I’m a click away.

a long time ago i had a rly good friend on roblox/deviantart and we were rly close but one day yhey disappeared but theyre back now and long story short i found their tumblr. but idk if i should follow them again because like i used to have a big crush on them and they knew bc i got someone to confess for me but they didnt like me back like tht and so they didnt date me and they didnt know i made someone confess but they still knew i liked them. idk where im going with this. i want to follow and be their friend again but im worried itll be like SUPER AWKWARD BC OF THAT!!!! even though im like way over them. but still

salvachester  asked:

sometimes it's tumblr who does the unfollowing and not the person. Happened to me a bunch of times, and depending on my closeness to them, I asked them, and as I suspected it was either tumblr being stupid, or mobile misshap

*nods* I’ve had it happen a time or two and sometimes I know right off the bat that’s what it must be. I can’t say I’m super close with ALL my mutuals, but there is definitely a sense of kindred spirits.

Still, I feel a little weird being like, hey! Why did you unfollow me?

Haha. Unless I k ow with certainty they didn’t mean to and tumblr is being, well, tumblr. Ha!

*sigh* Alas, the dangers of running a blog I suppose. Should never take things too personal. *shrugs*