there really isn't anything to be happy about right now

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I like ErrorInk IBVS but I'm somewhat disappointed that everyone has been so focused in only that ship... I mean, why does anyone ship too crink? Errorcross? NightCross?? NightInk? Drink?? Those ships have a good chance of happening in a hypothetical setting too! Why is always errorink?? (I mean I like it too, but damn I don't see any other thing of other ship :'/)

Fun fact, I technically created IBVS in May of 2016. This was back when Errorink was a rarepair. Although this was back when my initial idea for the story was much different and I barely even intended for it to become anything, and I didn’t finish even the first part of the story until around November last year, it’s been around for that long nonetheless.

Since Error and Ink are the main characters of the story, it’s only natural that people would pay a lot of attention to them.

And gosh, have you even read the story? Right now, Crightmoss is even more implied than Errorink in pretty much every way.

You can ship absolutely anything you want, but with this being an ongoing story, hypothetical situations have much less power here than they do in something like Dreamswap.

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Hi, I really like your headcanons and so happy that you came back💖. Could you please write Armin and Alexy reaction about Candy having a twin brother? (English isn't my first language, so there might be some mistakes. Sorry)

(Thanks so much! <3)

Armin is pretty dumb sometimes lololol. He just doesn’t pay attention to anything so he likely didn’t realize you two were twins, or even related until you were standing right next to each other. You look alike but him being male makes him look slightly different so he really doesn’t even think that you could be twins. “Wait, what?? Well now that you mention it, you do look scary alike.” He probably becomes best friends with your twin tbh. It’s honestly annoying because he’s constantly over your house and they both pull pranks on you.

Alexy probably says something right away. He won’t know you’re twins but he does realize that you’re at least related. “Hey are you that one guy’s sister? You’re twins?! How awesome is that?!” You guys bond over the struggle of being twins. “Well hey, at least people don’t confuse you even when you look completely different from each other,” he groans. “Oh you’d be surprised. When we were younger he looked pretty feminine,” you say. He appreciates someone who can understand his pain. He’s also lowkey checking out your brother tbh.

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I love how Lapis and Peridot are interacting at the barn. I think it is adorable how Peridot made sure Lapis didn't need anything before she left and is genuinely caring for Lapis right now. I really hope the crew isn't trying to go for a lapidot thing though cause that would kinda make me angry. Whats your take on this? Am I just being paranoid about it? ALSO, what do you think about Smokey Quarts? I was hoping that Steven's first gem fusion would be with Garnet, but I think I'm happy with this

I read them more as buddies at this point. Friends who are bunking together. That kind of thing.

I LOOVED Smoky. They were amazing. Their design wasn’t what I expected, but it worked so well, and their personality was the best possible blend of Steven’s and Amethyst’s personalities.