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may i ask what the foxhole court is??


Neil Josten knows signing with the Palmetto State Foxes is a fatal mistake. After eight years on the run he ought to have better survival instincts, but one of his new teammates is a friend from his old life. Neil left him once; he can’t walk away a second time. The longer he stays the faster his past catches up with him, but maybe Neil’s finally found someone and something worth fighting for. - Smashwords synopsis + download link

omg omg okay so The Foxhole Court is the first book in the absolutely glorious trilogy called All For The Game self published by Nora Sakavic (who is here on tumblr @korakos ​ and you will see me reblogging her asks a lot) and only in ebook format atm (you don’t need a kindle tho!!)

THIS IS THE POST THAT GOT ME INTERESTED IN IT <<–check it it’ll tell you a lot xD

basic premise and plot:
its sports lit. but like no sport lit you’re thinking of!
In the most basic explanation its about a Neil; a boy who’s spent half his life on the run from his crazy ass murderous dad and just his past in general.
Who then gets recruited by a college Exy team by a guy who’s made it his job in life to pick up kids at the end of their rope and sort them out again. THROUGH A SUPER VIOLENT CRAZY ASS GAME CALLED EXY! THAT NORA FRIGGIN’ CREATED!!! 

The books follow Neil navigating his new teammates, allowing himself to actually think abt pursuing his dream/passion for the game, not letting his past catch up with him.. hold up which bit of his past!? ‘cause ‘OH SHIT’ that guys an old friend and whats this the ‘big bad’ knows who he really is!

So its about sport and danger and conflict BUT its about so much more than that to!! ‘It’s about finding a family and a home when you have none. it’s about a group of kids who desperately need second chances, it’s about getting those second chances, learning to lean on each other, learning to trust, protecting each other, trading secrets and opening up to someone when you never thought you could. and helping each other to move forward from the demons in their pasts.’ -@ ronanremebers 

Its about trust and fighting for a future worth chasing and about finding people who become more than any family could be.

It’s got one of (if not the) best (at least my favouite) slow burn relationship, but that’s not the main plot and never becomes the justification for something that doesn’t fit just to make it happen.. (it might just be me but I much rather when relationships are there but are not the driving force of a plot.. it never feels like the right motivations for events..)

IT WILL LITERALLY DESTROY YOU! . like holly fuk you are not prepared for the shit that goes down in these books or to these characters okay! like you think you’ve read some bad stuff.. think you’re ready for the level of pain. But you’re just not. okay. you’re not. it’ll be worth it tho!

It makes you love this ragtag group of teenagers who have all dealt with so much shit and are all SO FREAKIN AWESOME!! they’ve been disregarded by everyone else but wont quit fighting. they are all so determined to not let the world stamp them out without giving it a fight and you will care so so much about every single one of them by the end! (it helps that we have Nora supplying bucket loads of extra material; side stories/backgrounds/other perspectives/face casts/FUTURES!!! and so so so much more! Nora’s just the best okay!)  

these books are not for the faint of heart however and the warnings and triggers in the post i linked at the start should be taken seriously okay! ALL DEALT WITH INCREDIBLY WELL IN MY OPINION but there are mentions of child abuse, sexual abuse, violence (knives/guns/fire), extreme manipulation, torture, drug/alcohol use/abuse, death, and probably others.. BUT non of them go into too much detail unless its important to the plot/narrative and THESE THINGS ARE NEVER ROMANTICIZED OR TREATED US UNIMPORTANT ISSUES! 

other things to note are the fandom! we are tiny but fierce much like the team (and speaking of teams WE CREATED OUR OWN!! (you’ll see @coldsaturn has come up a couple times in links here and that is because Etra is QUEEN IN THE FANDOM! if you have any other questions she is always a good person to ask) We’re a creative bunch and while there’s only a small number of us we have a decent amount of fan content and this just keep growing xD
we use the first book as our tag ‘The Foxhole Court’ as it was free of other random junk so if you want to see more go check that but warning for spoilers (we’re not very good at giving warnings so maybe avoid it till you’ve read it (if you read it) (if you care abt spoilers)) c:

Honestly I just can’t recommended these books enough! they are almost certainly the best thing i have read all year (I read a LOT) and I’ve read them a total of 3 and a half times since July! 

If you want a new series to read/obsess over I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS ONE ENOUGH! out of the three books the first book (The Foxhole Court) is free to download from the ibooks store/amazon kindle/smashwords, and the other two (The Raven King and The Kings Men) are ONLY $0.99/50p each.
Nora has taken YEARS constructing this story, the characters, their relationships, the sport, ALL OF IT AND YOU CAN TELL! Everything is so well thought out, constructed, paced and played out it will get you hooked and keep you absolutely immersed in the Foxes/Neils world and you will be left feeling like you NEED these characters to live and do well and be happy in order for your own life to continue AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT NORA GIVES US! BUT BY GODS DO THEY HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!


p.s. I’m so sorry this got so long.. its 4:20am and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore…

Hey, everbody. Absolutely enormous post here. Hope you stick through to the end.

I don’t often post things apart from reblogging, so this is a particularly special occasion. Let’s talk about something we’ve all realized exists by now, hmm? 

Welcome to Tumblrby JelloApocalypse.

Now, Jello is actually a friend of mine. He can be an asshole, but I do know the guy. This does not influence anything I am saying here, but you ought to know that.

I’d like to talk about what people are saying is wrong with the video without actually bringing the video into it, because it’s already been talked to death and it hasn’t even existed for two days.

No, I’d like to talk about a few important things: The idea of what jokes are “appropriate” to make, the topic of “trigger words”, and the fact that a lot of times, people appropriate jokes to be offended about. I know the second one wasn’t worded well, but I’ll explain when I get to it.

What jokes are appropriate to make? When is it an appropriate time to make a joke? Are 9/11 jokes distasteful? What about rape jokes?

My answer to this is no jokes are inappropriate to make. Do you know why? Because jokes are important. When I make a 9/11 joke I am not trivializing 9/11. I am not trivializing the event. I live very close to New York City and I have friends who were devastated by the event. It was traumatic for me to watch the live footage as a child, and it was actually a point touched on during my psychological counseling (which I received for severe depression, thoughts of self-harm, intense anxiety and social dysfunction. I thought you ought to know who I am and that I know what it’s like to go through these things). What I am doing when I make a 9/11 joke is getting over it, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. I would never tell someone to “get over” or “deal with” their problems in the typically understood ways (GET OVER IT, DEAL WITH IT, YOUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT IMPORTANT). Instead, I encourage people to actually deal with their problems, with a trained professional or medication if necessary, so that they may, in time, get over them and get on with their lives. Not because they or their problems are a nuisance to me, but because I know that their problems are a nuisance to them. Nobody likes to be depressed, or to suffer from tics, or ocd, or anxiety attacks. Nobody in the whole world likes those things. When I joke about these things, trauma, mental disorders and the like, I am not trivializing your experience or what you go through or what anyone has gone through. Jokes do not trivialize experiences. Satire does not trivialize experiences. Parody does not trivialize experiences. I cannot stress this enough. Jokes, by their very nature, are made to do one of a few things: make people laugh, which is a beautiful thing and helps to heal pain. Make people think, to allow them to look at themselves and their lives and see if perhaps they could better themselves. And make people happy; different from laughing, though similar. Laughter can make people happy but laughter isn’t happiness. Happiness is much deeper, and comes from true enjoyment of an activity, thought or emotion while in a healthy enough mental state to enjoy it to the fullest, while outweighing any negative feelings or thoughts currently being experienced. So if a joke is for making people happy, why would you make a joke about something that makes people unhappy? Like 9/11, or depression? Simple: because you want them to laugh about the thing they previously thought was strictly negative, to think about what negativity associated with that thing may be coming from them and not intrinsically tied to the thing so that they may eliminate the self-perpetuated negativity, and maybe, if they eliminate their own negativity and receive positivity from the joke-teller, they may become happy. 

INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:In a friendly environment, if you know someone will personally be affected by the joke in a purely negative way, you should by no means just say WELL ALL JOKES ARE OKAY and make it anyway. They’re your friend, and the point of jokes, as I said, is positivity in the three ways listed. However, when making a joke in a public setting, such as Stand-up, Television or Youtube, you cannot personally know that some people will not be affected positively and, because of this, you should not censor yourself when in these mediums. In addition, I am in no way speaking of jokes that directly insult someone. Jokes such as the infamous tosh.0 joke, the gist of which is “get raped,” fall under this category. Bullying falls under this category. Jokes mentioning a certain group of people or behavior without personally wishing harm or negativity upon them do not fall under this category. They don’t. They really don’t. If you’re offended by jokes like this, I’m sorry, but you’ve chosen to be. That’s why you ought to let the joke make you think. How much of the negativity of the joke is coming from you?

Trigger Words: Alright, I’m asking for trouble with this one, but here goes. Trigger words are a bad concept with good intentions. And I believe the intentions are very good. Some people truly do have PTSD or severe anxiety or any of a number of other mental disorders that I in no way want to trivialize here. I have suffered from severe anxiety, I have a few things that “trigger” me, and I know people who suffer from PTSD. It is awful, and I am sorry if you are someone who suffers from these things.

But as I said earlier, in the absolute best way possible, we need to deal with these things, and in time, get over them. Not negatively, and not by ourselves. There is no switch in your brain that will turn these things off, unfortunately, and we do not choose what we suffer from. But people… even just saying “trigger words” which I’d rather not do does something terrible, makes a mistake you cannot afford to make if you suffer from “trigger words”. You are giving them power. A lot of it. I used to–more severely–and still do suffer from a specific thing I’d rather not mention. It’s a person. Every time I think of, hear about, remember, or see that person, I suffer from anxiety. I used to suffer from absolutely crippling panic attacks accompanied by a debilitating rage that would make it very difficult for anyone around me to help me while I was panicking. The worst moments I remember in my life–second to the moment which created this condition–are these moments I spent suffering alone and enraged. I know what it’s like. I am discussing this with you because I know what it’s like, and I would not be if I didn’t. But every time I told people never to say that person’s name, every time I did everything I could to avoid any thought of them, I was only hurting myself by giving them power. I gave them–not even them, they didn’t care about me, I gave the idea of them–power. A whole fucking lot of it. Every time I avoided it, the next time was worse. Every time I faced it, the next time wasn’t quite so bad. And this trend continued until I got professional psychological help and stopped having these debilitating attacks, even though I’m having tics like crazy just typing this. If you knew how much I was blinking and clicking my throat (probably my worst offender) you’d probably think I was crazy. And y'know what? That’s okay. That’s manageable. It’s realistic. Having the attacks I was having wasn’t realistic, and expecting other people to respect you and your life with absolute discretion will not help you improve yourself, and you will still encounter your trigger somewhere. I just had a friend tell me of his brother, a drug addict, who is triggered by the exact model of car his dealer used to drive. It reminds him of drugs, and he almost relapses when he sees it. But he cannot spend his life avoiding chevrolets, or mazdas, or mini coopersSo, too, can we not avoid our triggers. I have friends who are mutual acquaintances with the person who triggers me. I live in the same town as they do. And I still think of them randomly from time to time because of things that remind me of them. There is no way that, in my life, I will never encounter the idea of them again, even if it comes from my own memory. And I received help dealing with it, so that I may get over it and move on with my life.

Lashing out violently at a joke that even so much as mentions the existence of trigger words (not any specific trigger word) proves how much we want to retreat. And I agree, I too wanted and still want to retreat from my trigger. It would be so, so much easier to live life if they didn’t exist or if I didn’t know they exist or never had to think of them. But that’s not realistic and it’s not healthy. And, the specific jokes JelloApocalypse made in his video on the topic of trigger words lead me to my final point:

We need to avoid appropriating vague or generalized jokes so that we may be offended. People are offensive often enough for us to be offended. We don’t need to take jokes that aren’t aimed–and I mean this literally–directly at us to be direct offenses when they simply are not. And I guess now I’d like to break my promise about mentioning things in the video, because I can assure you, JelloApocalypse didn’t make a joke directly at any single one of you. None of you. Not one. And for those people suffering from triggers or self-harm or anxiety or oppression, he did not make jokes about people like you. And since I’ve seen this said, too, he ABSOLUTELY did not even IMPLY that you are making up having the disorders you suffer from.The behavior (not the types of people or even the people) that he makes fun of is the behavior some people exhibit for attention, or to fit in. Because no matter if you do or not or how many people do it, some unknown number of people do this, because some unknown number of people does EVERYTHING imaginable and possible. And there are some people on tumblr who do make up having problems to fit in because tumblr is a safe haven for people who have problems. When there are so many people with problems helping each other, fitting in, taking strength for themselves when society refused to and facing their challenges and the moral ineptitudes of a corrupt society, people tend to see that and think wow, that’s awesome. And you know what? HELL YES IT’S FUCKING AWESOME. EQUALITY IS COMMON SENSE AND IF PEOPLE DON’T HAVE IT THEY SHOULD FIGHT FOR IT TO THEIR LAST BREATH. And although I’ve never been oppressed for being anything other than fat and nerdy, I wholeheartedly support these people. And I wholeheartedly support everyone who has ever been hurt or suffered from mental disorders or just plain pain. But people see that and they have nothing wrong with them but loneliness and no better place to be and they say… “I wanna be that. I wanna be one of the oppressed, one of the struggling, one of the hurt." And it’s so, so easy to look like one of them, or one of us. It’s so easy because all you have to do is take the fact you don’t fit anywhere else and use it to fuel the kind of pain and oppression others feel and boom, you’re like that. But maybe you don’t really suffer from ocd. Maybe you’re not really depressed. Not like someone with real suicidal thoughts is. Not like someone who literally is incapable of sitting down at a table until he’s gauged what seat would give them the most advantageous view of the room while keeping their back sufficiently towards a wall and tapping each piece of silverware on the table to see which one "feels best” is. It’s not something we can control and, when people choose it, it honestly kind of offends me. When people say they have these problems but cite mundane or incomparable examples and then whine for pity or attention–which, by the way, the people who I know actually suffering from it do not do–it offends me! And I think it should offend all of you who actually suffer or are oppressed. This person is coming in here and making a mockery of what you do for the sake of your own gain. And do you know what the best way to peacefully yet potently point out their flaws is? I bet you can guess.


When JelloApocalypse makes fun of the people who “pretend to” have these afflictions or oppressed qualities, he is NOT trivializing or joking about the people who ACTUALLY DO have these. He is HELPING YOU. He is HELPING YOU by pointing out THOSE WHO DO NOTHAVE THOSE QUALITIES BUT PRETEND TOBECAUSE NO MATTER HOW FEW THEY ARE COMPARED TO THOSE WHO ACTUALLY SUFFER THEY EXISTAND THEY CAUSE THE SORT OF STIGMAS THAT MAKE PEOPLE !!WHO ARE NOT JELLOAPOCALYPSE!! THINK THAT -ALL- PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO SUFFER FROM THESE THINGS ARE LYING.So when JelloApocalypse pokes fun at those who CLAIM to have these things, he is actually COMBATTING the idea that people claim to have these things by helping to eliminate those who ACTUALLY DO. He is NOT making fun of people who actually do these things. That’s why it’s funny to me, who suffers from depression and anxiety and has suffered from self-harm in the past. Because he’s not making fun of me. He’s making fun of the people who actually didtrivialize what I went through by pretending to.

Whew. It’s been a long ride, huh? I hope you read everything and I hope you understand where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to say. I love all of you and I do not think any of you are acting with bad intentions. On the contrary, I think all of you have the absolute best intentions you can muster. But maybe some of the negativity you feel isn’t coming from the jokes. It’s coming from you, or how you choose to interpret them, or how you have come to expect to be made fun of because so many people love to make fun of you, and us. And they do. But I can tell you JelloApocalypse is not one of them. He can be an asshole, sure. But in the end, he’s one of the good ones.

Have a good day, okay? <3