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Did they ever accidentaly break anything inside your house ?

Ummmmmmmmm I don’t think so. They broke some ceramic dog food bowls once as little puppies when they slid into them. I can’t recall them breaking anything else though (then again I don’t have much breakable stuff lol)

Random Speirs/Malarkey domestic headcanons

– they both suck at cooking. Don at least tries very hard, but he always ends up burning something, while Ron doesn’t even bothers, so they usually end up eating something that they order
they have a terrible eating schedule

– Don moves a lot in his sleep, while Ron is one of those people that steal the blanket. Don is still wondering if he does that unconsciously or if it is a form of vengeance since he always kick him in his sleep

– Once a week Lipton visits them and help them clean the disaster that they make, knowing that they won’t clean if he doesn’t tell them, since they suck at being functional adults

– Every now and then Don brings dogs home, asking Ron if they can keep them. For some reason, even if he doesn’t particulary likes them, dogs love Ron.

– Once Don kidnapped accidentally a dog. His owner was a few feet behind but he hadn’t see him. Thanks god, the owner noticed and followed Don at his house to save his dog. Don is still sad about it – “It was so cute –”

– Ron doesn’t really like sweet food, but Don loves it, so, if he has any, he always give it to him. Even when someone offers him a biscuit or something at work, he always takes it and he brings it home for Don.

– Their apartament has a veranda. Don keeps there some plants, and they go there reading on rainy days.

– Don is the kind of person that gives a name to his plants. Ron finds that adorable.

– When they fight, it’s very rare that Ron is the first to be sorry. And even if he is, he never tell. Hejust hugs Don from behind and kiss his forehead, and stay there until he feels Don’s muscles a little more relaxed. They stay like that for a while.

– When it’s Don the first one to say sorry, he usually sits next to Ron – that always smokes after a fight – and looks at him for a moment with his puppy eyes, before muttering that he’s very sorry and that he’s an idiot.

– Don loves kids. Everytime they go to Harry’s house, since he had a kid with Kitty, Don plays with the kid while Ron takes a beer with Harry and Kitty.

– They always fight on who has to clean the dishes. Always.

– Don likes to use Ron’s t-shirts. He stole his Led Zeppelin shirt and he swear that he’s never giving it back.

– While in some situations Ron can be very silent, Don can never shut up. Evene when it’s 2 am and they just went to sleep he would just burst out something like “ do you think aliens would like beatles??? “ 

A moment

Sitting on the couch watching the world go buy. Breakfast is done. Cricket chirping outside the front door. Birds calling in the yard. Dog scratching an itch.

And suddenly, everything stopped. Dishwasher turned off. Cricket silenced. Birds settled. Dog lay down. All. At. Once.

Just a moment of silence. A pause to reflect. A linear space to listen. I wonder what the universe was trying to tell me?

Anna Kendrick: Sassy, sarcastic smartass constantly on social media and interviews. We get new projects and personal anecdotes all the time

Alycia Debnam Carey: Slightly shy but still has presence on social media and regularly appears on interviews. We have a steady presence and some minor personal anecdotes

Katie McGrath:Wild and funny she lives in the shadows. Appears once in a Blue Moon to pet your dog before she retreats back to the Land of the Fae. Interviews are rare and treasured and personal anecdotes even more so. Who is she? When was she was born? Is she an Ancient Goddess? Nobody knows

ch. 52

One of my favorite things about Chapter 52 is Aku being bossy as hell when (literally) riding on Atsushi’s back:

Aku: Wha …. It’s quite a bumpy ride!

Aku: You need to move faster than him. Also, traveling like this is very uncomfortable.

Atsushi: Shut up! You hitchhiker! (nb: the original is “person traveling for free”)

Aku (pulling on Atsushi’s ear): Turn left, to avoid collision

Atsushi (look at his face omg): OUUUUUUUUUUUCH it hurts! This is not a steering wheel!

PS. If I messed up anything in the translation, pls let me know, I’ll fix it, my Japanese isn’t perfect

Look at these darling schipperkes at @old-friends-senior-dog-sanctuary