there once was a dog

Cats are really weird animals, psychologically. I’ve spent a Summer working with dogs once and I can largely understand the reasons behind dog behavior, but I don’t understand why cats do what they do


This sweet little baby (she can’t be more than a year old) showed up on our doorstep this afternoon. She quickly made friends with our Pyrenees so now I’m starting to wonder if she’s just being stubborn and has a home somewhere. I really hope she isn’t another drop-off. 😞

fluffy chanmin things
  • chaneyol pouting and pulling jimin in for one more kiss before they separate
  • texting each other as soon as they wake up
  • saved in each other’s phones w/dog emoji’s + hearts next to their names
  • jimin laughing and pretending to be upset when chanyeol refuses to stop kissing him in public
  • chanyeol hugging jimin from behind and requesting cuddles
  • daytime dates w/walks in the park, preferably one with a river or pond so they can take a boat onto the water
  • cuddly, clingy chanyeol
  • jimin standing on his tiptoes to kiss an amused chanyeol b/c he’s “not that short”
  • chanyeol serenading jimin w/his guitar while they’re in bed
  • constantly playing w/each other’s hair
  • visits to dog cafes
  • “channie” and “min-minnie”
  • jimin wearing chanyeol’s hoodies around the dorm
  • chanyeol hiding stuffed animals in jimin’s room after he’s spent the night
  • engaging in serious conversations about what breed of dog they’ll get once they live together, as well as their name

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Can you please write shownu, wonho and minhyuk reaction to their crush having an intimidating looking dog but it's really nice? Kind of like Jooheon but in dog form. Thank you :)

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Shownu - Freaks out a little bit; like when the dog walks up to him, he freaks out like when he put the vinegar in the pan, thinking it was oil. Oh, Shownu and your little mistakes… Once he realizes the dog’s personality, he’s a bit aware but will be all over it. “…Your dog is cute…”

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Wonho - Of course he’s going to be so cute and sensitive, like when he was playing with the kids during Monsta X Ray– but he’ll never want to leave the dog. “That dog almost scared the crap out of me, you know.”

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Minhyuk - Saying “oh!” a lot because he’s going to be plastered against the wall until you told him that your dog was okay to be around. If you saw my “When Your Cat is a Jerk” post, he’d be like, “At least this one didn’t try to kill me.” But before, he’s like, “Oh! Oh! Oh, okay, okay now, stay away…! Oh, they’re fine? Okay well at least I don’t have to go back to change my underwear.”

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ch. 52

One of my favorite things about Chapter 52 is Aku being bossy as hell when (literally) riding on Atsushi’s back:

Aku: Wha …. It’s quite a bumpy ride!

Aku: You need to move faster than him. Also, traveling like this is very uncomfortable.

Atsushi: Shut up! You hitchhiker! (nb: the original is “person traveling for free”)

Aku (pulling on Atsushi’s ear): Turn left, to avoid collision

Atsushi (look at his face omg): OUUUUUUUUUUUCH it hurts! This is not a steering wheel!

PS. If I messed up anything in the translation, pls let me know, I’ll fix it, my Japanese isn’t perfect

Look at these darling schipperkes at @old-friends-senior-dog-sanctuary

What if:

A werewolf AU only it’s not a werewolf AU.

Yuuri Katsuki is a mysterious man who likes his meat rare and talks to dogs like he can understand what they’re saying. He says he has a dark past and doesn’t like to talk about himself too much. Viktor asks him what he does for a living, and Yuuri hems and haws for a moment before explaining that he monitors the tides. More than once, Yuuri crawls into Viktor’s bed smelling like wet dog. Viktor has never seen Yuuri on a full moon. Yuuri has scars on his belly that he refuses to talk about. 

“Yuuri,” Viktor says one morning over coffee, upon putting all of this together. “Yuuri, are you a werewolf?”

Yuuri sets his mug down, hard, and levels Viktor with the most astounded look Viktor has ever seen on another person’s face. “Excuse me?”

“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you?” Viktor asks, leaning far over the table. “You can tell me, it’s okay. I’ll love you either way.”

“Viktor, oh my God.” Yuuri sniffs Viktor’s coffee to make sure it’s not spiked. “Viktor, why would you think that? Werewolves aren’t real, Viktor, they don’t exist.”

“But you like your meat rare.”

“Where I come from, everyone likes their meat rare.”

“Yuuri–Yuuri, you talk to dogs! You keep telling me that you have a dark past and you won’t tell me about it! You monitor tides for a living? What does that even mean, Yuuri? I thought it was a euphemism for–”

“Viktor, I literally work at a tide monitoring station. You’ve been to the station, you’ve met my coworkers.” Yuuri drops his head onto the table and buries his hands in his hair. “The–the dark past is–Viktor, it was a joke. I thought I told you. I was talking about my–my failed figure skating career. It was–how the hell did you get werewolf from all of that? There are so many more logical explanations–”

“The scars!” Viktor blurts, even though he’ll realize shortly that it was terribly insensitive of him. “Where did you get–”

“My failed figure skating career!” Yuuri groans. “Another skater and I–we crashed into each other, his skates tore up my stomach and I almost poked both his eyes out! That’s why I don’t skate anymore!”

“Then,” Viktor announces, throwing out his trump card, “Why do I never see you on the full moon?”

“Because I work at a tide-monitoring station, Viktor! Why, why did none of this occur to you?!”

“Oh,” Viktor says softly, clearing his throat. “I see.”

Yuuri Katsuki, who is not a werewolf but merely a failed figure skater who works at a tide monitoring station and owns a dog, bangs his head repeatedly on the table.