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what are your fav h/d tropes to read in fic?

  • for whatever reason, harry decides to let bygones be bygones and starts seeking draco out in order to be incredibly friendly at him
  • for whatever reason, draco aggressively inserts himself into recalcitrant harry’s life in order to loudly and repeatedly point out what’s wrong with it

draco throws a charity event and wants harry as a speaker, harry stumbles into draco’s apothecary without realising it, they’re stuck in the same bloody lift every morning at the ministry, for some unknown reason they’re both appointed as hogwarts’ teaching staff, draco’s going through his parents’ things and thinks “i wonder what happened to that dank old house that horrifying great aunt whatsit used to live in?” — i honestly couldn’t care less, just put them in the same breathing space so one of these two scenarios can happen