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1. Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
2. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
3. Shady - Adam Lambert
4. I Am Your Leader- Nicki Minaj
5. Holiday/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
6. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence ((im not sorry lol))
7. All The Small Things - Blink 182
8. Middle- DJ Snake
9. Motivation- Sum 41
10. Cold Hearted Snake - Paula Abdul

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Canon or Canonish anime couples where the man has longer hair than the woman.

Yusuke and Noelle (Tenshi Ni Narumon)

Himeno and Hayate (Pretear)

Ranma and Akane (Ranma ½)

Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)

Antoine and Laila (Kyou Kara Maou) 

Seigi and Asuga (Gokudou-kun Manyuuki)

Saya and Haji (Blood+)

Asch and Natalia (Tales of the abyss)

Hitomi and Amano/Allen/Van (The Vision of Escaflowne)  

Naru and Nephrite (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Mercury and Zoisite (Sailor Moon Crystal)

Touga and Shiori/ Utena (Utena movie)

Asuna and Shun (Hoshi o Ou Kodomo)

Fuu and Ferio (Magic Knight Reyearth)

Kazuhiko and Suu (Clover)

Vegeta and Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Lina and Gourry (Slayers)

Bazett and Lancer (Fate Series)


“We were backstage, probably five years ago and Randy Orton drops his shirt. And I’m like, ‘dad, Randy [has] just dropped his shirt’ and he calls back. He’s like, 'Randy, you dropped your shirt’ and Randy’s like, 'oh, you can have it’, like pointing to me. First thing I do is smell the shirt because that’s me. And it was fruity! Randy Orton smells fruity.”  Noelle Foley  


Lumberjanes #1 (2015) //  BOOM! - BOOM! Box 

“Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp…defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons…what’s not to love?!

Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together…and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way!”

Story: Grace Ellis, art: Noelle Stevenson

Get the comics here