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*points out flaw that a character has/mistake character has made* Someone: but I thought they were your favorite? Me:

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Ugh, more annoying Lexa stans are currently on twitter saying Lexa never wore a bindi because binds are 'only red dot's worn on the forehead' and using wikipedia as a source. They need to start listing Desis and learn about reputable sources.

omg stop i fought with that stan with hailee @bob-morley REMEMBER THIS

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Honestly, i'd love for PPG to pull a Samurai Jack and make seventh and eighth seasons to the original show that are darker, more serious, and better looking. (And maybe story arcs)

Nah, I dunno.

Violence, yes. YES. Maybe a little teeny bit more darkness, sure. Definitely looking like ten billion times cooler with more fluid animation (heck YES). But… ugh. UGH. Serious?? Yuuuuuck.

…maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer the PPG to be wacky and funny and frenetic, not dark and depressing. It’s why I like the movie because it was a pretty good balance of the two (and for a theatrical movie, you need to inject it with a healthy dose of pathos so that the audience can sympathize with the characters). But it’s not necessarily what I myself would prefer to see.

Because… I love the PPG because it brings me joy and it’s crazy! I hate the reboot because, while it attempts humor, it falls flat and the humor is absolutely horrible and watered down. And it’s not crazy. It’s just stupid. I mean, it… detects… that humor is a key element of the show, but it does it all wrong. And it totally forgets that the humor and the fighting have to compliment each other. I mean, I wanna watch epic battles, but only if I’m gonna get super pumped up and excited about it. I wanna laugh while it happens! I just wanna be a giggly mess! A bundle of excited, happy energy! And I also wanna be punching the air and whoopin’ it up for my badass super babies and getting pumped about how they’re gonna save the day by kickin’ as much butt as they possibly can!

I really wouldn’t want it to be like Samurai Jack. Not at all. Honestly, I’d rather it be like WOY: fluid and hilarious and CRAZY and action-y and beautiful with a liiiiiiiittle bit of sincerity and genuine sweetness thrown in along the way.

(…although, hey, by all means, let’s throw some buckets of blood in there, why the heck not?! Bring on the carnage!)

*cracking up at my feed*

Guys I love you all but there are other characters on this show. We need an effing spin off of just Aaron and Robert for sure tho but…

They (being everyone that’s not us and probably most of the GA) ALREADY accuse Emmerdale of being the Robert and Aaron show, lol. I think the show is pacing itself? It sounds like more and more stories will start kicking off so…

Plus this prison storyline is here for a while so I think we are going to have to deal with the slow burn of it.

Which honestly ugh but yeah. 

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VOCAL HOPE HAS FINALLY RISEN!! how fucking excited are you?? I was so pissed about hobi having no lines in spring day...but the lines they gave him in the performance version...OMFG he kills me, HE SOUNDS SO GOOD!! and he looks so good with that hair part!! Ugh I need a hd version, can't wait till their comeback promotions!! sorry I'm too much of a hobihoe right now


okay so mun finished ghosts from our past and honestly, how can you not love erin gilbert? i wanna marry her and protect her from the world, my pure baby…and abby, my precious child, she’s so cute when they first met! i’d honestly read a 40+ chapters book just about these two. really. ugh,okay, i feel like i REALLY need to interact with more erins & abbys.

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Can you please do a Dan x reader where the reader is sick (stuffy nose, coughing, & fatigue) and dan takes care of her because I'm sick need this lol (have them dating please, and have there be lots of fluff and cuddles😊) thanks!

a/n: yooo anon! yeah sure ☺️  Hope this is fine, do let me know how you find it! You can always send me asks/ requests/ submit something, my ask box is always open! ✨

p.s. hope you get well soon ♥︎

Dan x Reader

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