there needs to be more get real stills in the world

  • Aries: A real force of nature. Steals a room when she walks into it, but has gone through an intense period of transformation. Has a natural sense of humour and almost always has a smile on her face, even if forced.
  • Taurus: Knows how to be in charge, but only when she feels like it. Likes nice things but likes food even more. Is torn between travelling the world and staying in her bed forever.
  • Gemini: Can float through a room talking to everyone she meets, but goes through periods of intense hibernation in order to recharge. Has an odd sense of humour but ALWAYS gets what she wants.
  • Cancer: Knows that she needs to put herself first more, but is still not sure how to do it. Has been trampled on a million times but still manages to radiate love from her fingertips. Extremely strong maternal instinct.
  • Leo: Desperately wants attention but doesn't know what to do with it. Will give up everything for the people she loves, but may easily forget about those close to her when she gets distracted by something new.
  • Virgo: Likes to stay active and in control of her life. Never really lets loose like she should, but supports everyone around her having a good time.
  • Libra: Takes care of everyone around her, even if she doesn't want to. Knows the solution to every problem, loves beautiful things, wants to see people smile, has so much compassion that it overflows out of her.
  • Scorpio: Powerful enough to be a witch or rule a kingdom, beautiful enough to make men beg. Into all sorts of magic, but unaware of the magic that flows from her mouth.
  • Sagittarius: Is always laughing and never backs down from a challenge. Likes to hang out with the guys and always needs something new to do. Thinks she wants to be free, but really just wants someone to go home to.
  • Capricorn: Very strong and independent, but very guarded. Has lots of ambition but not always sure how to go for her goals. Filled with joy but needs to let it out more often.
  • Aquarius: Secretly cares about everyone around her, but her stone cold persona refuses to let it show. Often tries to give up on everything when she feels out of control, but is a lot wiser than she seems.
  • Pisces: Embraces every new person she meets with love, but this causes her to get hurt because she doesn't bother with walls. Will bring dessert and salad to a dinner, even if you told her she didn't have to bring anything.

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…

I have never been to a clothing swap that wasn’t dedicated to trans folks
We used to organize them in high school so we could discretely get clothing we were more comfortable in
We would all show up with bags of clothes that still fit us, but didn’t fit us anymore
We would all leave feeling more like ourselves in our wardrobe

Our parents wouldn’t get us what we wanted so we helped each other
It was us vs the world
The question “what pronouns do you use” was accompanied with “who can I use those around”
My teachers never knew my real name
Stephanie hid her dresses in the same place she hid her weed
This was how we lived

I remember waking up with Whitney and joking about how we don’t need to get out of bed just yet because we both have trans bladders of steel
I remember meeting Jack’s parents
Having to call him by a different name
A name I know haunts him
I remember visiting friends in hospitals after failed suicide attempts
Their roommates chosen based on a gender that isn’t even theirs

I remember everyone who came before us
I remember Sylvia Rivera
I remember Marsha P. Johnson
I remember Lucy Hicks Anderson
I remember Christine Jorgensen
I remember Venus Xtravaganza
I remember Leelah Alcorn
I remember
I remember
I remember

These people can not be forgotten
These heroes will not be forgotten
I remember

—  Kay Kassirer (For TDOR)

okay so I’ve been thinking way too much about the whole “everyone forgets Stiles” thing and it would have worked so well after 3B instead

post-nogitsune!Stiles blaming himself for Allison’s death and making a wish or a pact with a djinn or some kind of demon like The Wish in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“I wish I had never come to Beacon Hills - no, more than that, I wish I had never even been born”

and he ends up in this world where everyone is happy, his father and Melissa are married and Scott’s doing well and Allison’s still alive and everything is great and he just sort of exists as a shadow, witnessing it but not technically existing in their world

only plot twist it’s not real, it’s just happening inside his head, in the real world he’s in some sort of stasis and the gang is like “we have to wake him up, we have to save him” and Deaton tells them about a way they could go inside, into the vision, only it won’t work for Scott or the Sheriff because Stiles has already seen them in the “new world”

so Derek is sent into the vision and has to pretend he doesn’t know who Stiles is and gain his trust without revealing that things aren’t real, because otherwise they risk messing with the spell and erasing Stiles for real

and I have no idea how this would end but there would be SO MANY FEELS, just like, ALL THE FEELS, Sterek feels and Stilinski family feels and Sciles feels and Stallison feels and EVERY SINGLE FEEL ON EARTH would be included in this story which I am definitely not writing because I’m supposed to be working on 18 other things.

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The fans kinda ruined yoi for me too :( it's so embarrassing to see yoi fans harass real figure skaters, make fun of their achievements, vandalize their wikis and info, fill their tags with posts about them being so anime, and upsetting figure skating fans. Ever since it started I haven't been able to search for yuzuru hanyu without seeing several posts treating him as some anime joke, not a person who has worked years to become one of the best in the world. I don't hope for season 2 anymore...

Yeah, exactly, it’s extremely disrespectful and it needs to stop. While YOI could help inspire others to learn more about figure skating, etc. it’s still important to separate reality and fiction.

We’re really sorry to hear how it’s been discouraging for you. Although, don’t let those fans get to you! Like stated here and here, there’s a side to this fandom that is also positive where fans are supporting and encouraging each other. We’re here with yall!

So Koke provoked Cristiano with homophobic abuse, but the media play it down. Typical for the backward football world.

Koke to Cristiano: “You faggot!”

Cristiano: “I might be a faggot… but a very rich one. Arsehole.“

Sadly, homophobic expressions are still considered and used as the ultimate insult in male football. Disgusting. A shame for the beautiful game. Even worse when a player of a big club acts like this. What if one of his teammates were gay? Would he refuse to work together with him?

I sharply criticise FIFA, UEFA, the clubs and other football organisations. At most they pay lip service against homophobia, but don’t take action. In this case, Koke gets away with his disgusting behaviour. For sure, he sees no need to apologise to Cristiano or at least to rethink his attitude. And sadly, Koke can count with the more or less silent consent of big parts of the football community.

Incredible that in men’s football, these backward, inhuman views are still prevalent.
Homophobia has to be prosecuted and punished like racism.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 3 Part 3

Oh look! I updated! Yeah so, long story short, I’ve been dealing with some things in the real world for awhile, and haven’t been up for working on multi-page translation projects. But now, here it is! 

Back to feels in the next section, but as always, please do not ask me when it will be updated. I doubt I’ll need to take that long of a hiatus again, but I still cannot guarantee anything about the time frame. 

Also, I just want to note since I did get a few comments on this, in the extremely unlikely event that I end up completely dropping this, I would edit the most recent update to make a note of it and change the main page of my blog so that it wouldn’t say I’m working on it. So unless I do that, assume that I still plan on finishing it.

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Guidelines for using my translations. Please read before reproducing in whole or part

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Please stop saying I shouldn’t be disappointed about having a Sana season. I am disappointed about not having an Even season. As a Muslim girl, I love and want Sana to have her own season on a more personal level and would love to get more educated about my religion and seeing it getting a representation in a popular European show is more than amazing.
But I have all the rights to want an Even and only Even season (because this was his only chance). Especially because I have been living with depression more than 2 years and am in a depressive episode for the past 6 months and I can’t even tell you how much Even helped me through it. Seeing that Even could find a person like Isak to be with him through all of his bads, seeing that Even could be still happy and surrounded with people whom he loves and gets loved gave me hope. I have never loved and related to a character this much before and we deserve to see the world through his eyes, we deserve to have a season focused on mental illness specially because mental illness has no accurate representation and society is full of prejudiced people.
Why did Even has to be bipolar? Wasn’t s3 about Isak and his identity problems and coming out? Why didn’t Julie just touch the mental illness topic with only Isak’s mother, if she really wanted to include it? Why did the tone and focus of the season totally change in the last episode (just like how it changed from Eva to Noora)? What is up with that text and the expression and the message sound (and don’t tell me it was Henrik’s fault or some editing problem, that was too much of mistake and they don’t just fucking shoot the scenes once and it’s not hard to fucking delete that 3 seconds)? Why do we have so many things we still don’t know about Even? While that is the opposite with William and Jonas, other love interests? Why did Julie intentionally left us in the dark about Even?
Why Even, as a mentally ill person, will now only be a love interest? While still not having finished his journey? Why do we have to see him only in the background, probably with Isak, doing couple things? While this only increases the amount of stupid people who sees Even as only a love interest, and Isak and Even as the “cute gays”? And I am so fucking angry we had to find out this way, was it too hard to just post a 60 seconds trailer before shooting outdoor scenes, while knowing the show is too popular to not get leaked??
This meant too much to me. I was just so ready to find myself and see my experiences through Even (with quality writing, directing and acting because skam does that!!!) and I was so ready to love him more, and maybe love myself with his help. This was honestly the only thing I was waking up for and I feel so empty right now.
I keep seeing people saying stuff like “don’t get me wrong i love sana but…”. WE ARE ALLOWED TO GET SAD. WE ARE ALLOWED TO JUST SAY THAT WE ARE DISAPPOINTED. And I am allowed to just get sad and cry my heart out. Please go away with your “Sana will be great!!!” shit, I fucking know she will be and I love her but I just want to accept it and feel sad.

They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem, or fearless I am, or how brave I must be… I’m still human. And I’ve seen things. And I’ve felt more pain than some will in their entire lives. All before the age of even being able to buy a fucking drink at a bar. But I have to be strong. Not for myself, but, for a greater purpose. Because I feel like my duty is far beyond me… You know? Beyond saving my family. It’s for the world. Because somebody out there really needs to hear this. So to anybody that isn’t here to see how far I’ve gone or how far I have yet to go, to family members that didn’t make it, or friends I lost along the way, or maybe someone I gave my heart to that didn’t know what to do with it. You should be here.
—  “Intro” from You Should Be Here, by Kehlani.

“You gonna kick me out? You still don’t get it. None of you do! We know what needs to be done and we do it. We’re the ones who live. You– you just sit and plan and hesitate. You pretend like you know when you don’t! You wish things weren’t what they are. You wanna live? You want this place to stay standing? Your way of doing things is done! Things don’t get better because you want them to. Starting right now, we have to live in the real world. We have to  c o n t r o l  who  l i v e s  here.

That’s never been more clear to me than it is right now.

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why do i find tony stark so attractive ahhh like for real idk if i wanna take care of him or absolutely devour him he's so pretty and so hot


Both is good

Honestly he goes from “sad puppy, needs to be taken care of” to “sex god with amazing hair” in 0.1 seconds and it is always absolutely stunning.

Lately, I’m more like “protect him at all costs and spare him from what the world has stored for him because he deserves all the happiness and love he can get”


It still absolutely destroys me when I look at the first Iron Man movie and likE????????ß HE WAS SO FULL OF JOY AND FAITH!!!!!!!

Tony back then is a man who saw his own mistakes and who tries, with all of his heart, to correct him

He deeply believes in what he does, believes he does the right thing

And like;;;;

When I look at Civil War, I ask myself: where did this attitude go?

Where is the Tony that was so proud of what he was doing ;;;

OUR CHARACTERS ARE NOT OUR FACE CLAIMS!! I am so tired of this ethnicity/culture correct name BULLSHIT! why dose my character name need to be ethnicity/culture correct  with my face claim? MY CHARACTER IS NOT MY FACE CLAIM! the point of making your own character is to make them who you want them to be and they might not be the same ethnicity/ have the same culture as my face claim, THAT SHIT DOESN’T EVEN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!  Not everyone in the world has a ethnicity/culture correct names. There are now so many interracial babes and the fact that females still get married and take the males last name even though it may not be ethnicity/culture correct for her never crossed anyone’s mind? the whole rpc is so worried about being PROBLEMATIC but our characters are meant to be problematic like fuck isn’t it more fun that way? shit the rpc isn’t even fun anymore and i can see why everyone started to moved to indie because all the rpc is doing is trying to control everyone when roleplaying is all about imagination and no boundaries I should be able to take my character whereever my mind can take them. I haven’t even been on this account but I’m always creeping and some of the shit is pissing me off.

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Looks like it's a good thing you didn't change your url after all ;)

Hahahaha right?! I was thinking about that yesterday. I just had a feeling it would be a bad idea…

Sigh….I still hate everything. I’m trying to get past it but it’s hard. I want to be past it because I hate feeling upset over something so trivial in the grand scheme of things. As my roommate pointed out last night, there are real problems in the world. But knowing that doesn’t change the fact that I still feel sad about this. Sigh some more. I just need to accept it because it’s not like I can change it. Ugh…

Phoenix’s transformation into the person we see in Apollo’s time didn’t happen overnight - or at least, I don’t think so, anyway. He didn’t just fold the suit away some time after adopting Trucy and choose the least professional looking set of clothes from the back of his wardrobe, going ‘ah, yes, this works’.

That’s not how it works. How a progression of depression and stubborn will to keep going makes you not able to stop, but care less and less about anything other than the end goal works.

We can safely assume that he’s still wearing his suit, more or less, in the MASON system trial run. Perhaps it looks a bit more worn than most times - perhaps he’s simply had so much going on he hasn’t had it dry cleaned in those two weeks, or maybe he’s starting to realise that he needs to be more careful with money than ever, or maybe it’s a mix of both. But he’s still acting in investigation mode, and people still recognise him as Phoenix Wright, Attorney, and aren’t suddenly saying ‘why are you dressed like that’.

It starts off small. 

At first, he tries to keep the routine up - he wakes up, he washes, shaves, and dresses in something presentable enough.  He goes out looking for new clues, new evidence.

And when nothing comes up, he gets a bit demoralised, but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

His body language starts a subtle shift; when he goes to Trucy’s new school to pick her up, people recognise that blue suit, even if it is a bit more crumpled than they’d see it back when he was in the papers. Even if he isn’t bothering with a tie any more. His eyes shift away when he notices the stares, and when he knows Trucy isn’t looking, he hunches a little, making himself smaller. Unnoticeable. Unimportant. Nothing to see here.

He still hasn’t got the hardness in his eyes yet, and that won’t come for a while yet, it comes in spurts and stutters of a new understanding of how harsh the world is, and how easily the world can turn its back on you, and how much of a slog it is to work against the system and nothing is working.

He goes to the Borscht Bowl Club in response to an advert in the paper asking for a piano man in the suit, and when they see him (even with the creases and the crumples and the dark under his eyes from stress and lack of good sleep from making sure Trucy sleeps well, and wondering what they’re going to do about bills this time) their eyes light up, because they remember this man, this man who could play poker like the devil himself, bluffing like the best of them, and they suggest a proposal of sorts, not caring that he can’t even really play piano.

He’s uneasy about it at first. After all, it’s a little too close to the line on whether it could be considered ‘gambling’ or not, this idea of playing poker for the club, as long as he wins. For a while, he wonders if it’s the right thing to do, if he should go ahead with it, or call in, saying that he’s had second thoughts. 

He doesn’t immediately tell Maya or Edgeworth, worried about what they’d say, and when they do find out, they’re worried about him. But knowing that he has his suspicions that if he stays there, he might find more leads… they can’t tell him not to.

For the first couple of weeks, he plays bad piano and good poker in his blue suit, although the tie gets forgotten after a while. There’s a notable absence on his lapel that he keeps putting his hand to no matter how much he tries to break himself of the habit.

Then one day, the suit gets stained. Maybe it’s borscht. Perhaps it’s someone’s spilled drink. It could have been a compete accident - or, someone might have no love for him, and decided to play a prank, just to see his face as the last vestiges of his previous life gets dirtied, and he has to try washing it out in the bathroom, to no avail.

The suit is in the wash still the next day, still getting cleaned up, because he can’t not have the suit, just in case he needs it, so he has to find something else.

The first things he puts his hands on are a pair of sweatpants and a plain t-shirt.  The hoodie comes when he remembers how cold it gets down there.

He’s still wearing his shoes, though, and his face isn’t quite clean-shaven but it isn’t covered in stubble just yet. 

He’s halfway there, running down the street and not looking quite one thing nor the other. 

He finds it funny how he feels like he fits in more with the crowd he’s mingling with now that he’s not able to look like a lawyer at all any more, and that night he realises that he’s started to cry, without even realising it, because he’s lost something, and doesn’t quite know how he’d managed that when he’d thought he’d already lost it all.

He damages his shoes by stepping on broken glass one day, and narrowly missing the sharp shard slicing his foot. He sighs, and knows that it’d cost far too much to repair or replace them, and he isn’t going to ask for help on this - it’s his problem. Besides which, why bother with new shoes when he’s got a pair of old sandals that’ll do just as well that’re hanging around in his room somewhere?

With the sandals comes even more change to body language - posture that used to be more upright starts to become more slouched, and there’s a new shuffle to his walk that wasn’t there before, that starts because he’s not used to wearing sandals all the time, but never truly goes away.

He’ll shamelessly ask any of his friends or relatives for financial help when it comes to Trucy, because she’s the light of his life, she’s his kid, she deserves the best, deserves everything he can’t give her, but when it comes to his own welfare, his own clothes and ability to look after himself, he leaves everyone tearing their hair out, frustrated at how his answer is always that he’s doing just fine, there’s no need to worry, as long as Trucy’s okay, then he’s okay, and shouldn’t that be enough?

Trucy makes him his hat as a personal project, because she has her magician’s top hat, and that keeps her head warm, but her Daddy doesn’t have anything like that, and she gets worried that in the cold weather and the freezing temperatures of the club, he’s going to catch cold again - like he already has, several times; winter is the worst, because there’s no warm weather to thaw out into when you get upstairs and outside, it’s just cold all the time, and it’s left him under the weather more than once. 

It doesn’t help that the heating gets cut off more than once, either, and he still has to go to the club to play piano and poker, has no choice but to win through whatever means he can, be it using Trucy or other methods, because he has to provide for her and make sure they’re both earning something at least.

After a while - months, perhaps, years, maybe - he stops looking at the suit, stops wondering when he might next need it, stops fingering the spot on the lapel where his attorney’s badge used to be, because he knows that each time he’s done so, it’s just made the loss hurt more than ever. Especially with how long it’s been, and who knows how long it’s still going to be. 

He stops looking at his old cases, and his old photo albums, unless it’s for Trucy, or Maya, or Edgeworth, because for them, he’ll do anything, but if they aren’t around or the subject of the past isn’t being brought up, then he pretends as though this is normal, that this is the way things are, and that it’s alright.

And the more he tells himself that things are okay like this, for now at least, the more he starts to believe it.

So by the time the ghosts of the past reappear, and Shadi Smith offers him a challenge… he likely wouldn’t think of himself as having changed that much. 

After all, it’s just a natural progression of events, right?

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What did you think of the latest Wonder Woman trailer?

Okay so I am still SUPER nervous about how my Amazon family is going to come across after they were basically murdered by the N52, so that “she must never know what she is” line has me a little stressed. I’m not a fan of this whole demi-goddess thing in general as a rule but there are still chances to do right by the Amazons.

As a character though? The more I see of Diana the more I love her. I didn’t think the dceu could give me characters I related to more directly than Clark and Lois but her naivete is SO strong and SO real and SO understandable. I am so ready to see her heart get broken by the world, I am ready to go through that journey with her.

I love that they had a fight scene that was really personal, finally, and my concerns about not enough Amazon content seems like they were totally unfounded. Now we just need some good solid GAYYYY because that moment is past due IMO.

My favorite parts were definitely baby Diana’s resolved face and grown Diana telling the big bad who she was and why he oughtta know. GOOSEBUMPS!! That’s my mom! That’s she who raised me!!!


 So 5 years after Sonic was created and let loose in the gaming world, SEGA created another gaming icon to follow in the footsteps of their blue blur. July of 1996, NiGHTS into Dreams was introduced and, just like Sonic, flew into the gaming world and into our hearts. Unlike Sonic, NiGHTS can actually be seen in your dreams, according to an interview with creators. So this is a character you can play with not only in the gaming world but also in your real dreams. But unfortunately, while Sonic got more games, NiGHTS didn’t get as many. Especially since the creator, Yuji Naka, say that there’s no need for sequal. 

Yet after 11 years since the first game, NiGHTS arrived back into the gaming world with his second game. He had a new visitors, new look, and a voice actor but was still the same purple harlequin we knew and love. Unfortunately, his second game, while welcomed, didn’t get much positive reviews. It didn’t do poorly but it was given the rush treatment like Sonic ‘06 in the previous year. 

And…NiGHTS went another couple years without a game. Sure he was camoed in Sonic’s games and had a remastered edition of his first game but nothing new. But that doesn’t mean SEGA didn’t completely snub him. He’s had a orchestra part, starred in a recent Archie issue, and even has a lit up figurine with a Reala version in the works. And mostly, the fans haven’t forgotten him. So many artwork, fan comics, fan merchandise for this characters tell us one thing: PEOPLE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT NiGHTS. I have met so many friends when I got into this franchise and that makes me love the series so much more

SEGA, you have a special character in your midst. Even Shigeru Miyamoto said he wished he was part and created NiGHTS. Please do something for this awesome series as it reaches its 20th anniversary.

And yes, these two images are available as prints at RedBubble:

NiGHTS print:

Reala print:

Okay I just want to discuss something real quick. The band in the gif your are looking at right now is called Too Many Zooz, a group that started in the NYC subway system and still plays there sometimes but also plays at other venues now. And their bari sax player is one of the biggest badasses this world has ever seen First, he does some real kick ass dance moves all while playing. Do you realize how heavy that thing is? Bari saxes ain’t light children. Imagine how in shape he must be not only to dance with that but also consistently blow enough air (since they have a lot of tubing they need a lot of air just to get through) Also this whole time he keeps his lips just right. Doing all sorts of hella crazy moves can make keeping your lips on the mouthpiece in the proper way tricky. But no, this guy is flawless. Oh, one more thing. He uses a neck strap instead of a harness. You non sax players may or may not know, but neck straps are normally needed for proper support, but you normally wear a harness if you play bari so the weight goes to your back instead. Not this guy. I play alto, something significantly lighter, and I can still sometimes get neck aches from it. This BAMF doesn’t even flinch Leo P from Too Many Zooz everyone.