there needs to be another ova

So I've been thinking a lot about the yuri on ice finale, my feelings about it, my expectations

And on one hand, its hard to not wish we had gotten another kiss, or their wedding or something. I think we are all so weary of queer bait that we want it to be irrefutable canon in so many ways.

But i also think this desire, and any potential disappointment, needs to be tempered by a few things.

1. We are getting a season 2 or some kind of ova sequel. So there is time for more.

2. We are holding YOI to a higher standard for relationshipping than the vast majority of het ships and thats not fair. Like inuyasha and kagome NEVER kissed in the manga. Het romances dont require a literal wedding to be valid, and our boys are engaged.

3. Shifting goal posts. We got them napping together, hugging, kissing, holding hands, and exchanging engagement rings, and pair skating to a love song duet. Not getting one last cherry on top does not spoil this cake.

4. We are western fans with western expectations looking at this show. Most of the japanese feedback has been beyond positive and very clearly accepted viktuuri as full canon.

So, would i like even more romance and a wedding in whatever sequel we get? Of course! But i think i can be fully satisfied with season 1 and all its canon glory.


Heads up! Yuri On Ice spoiler alert! If you haven’t already watched the last episode, skip what I write, THEN come back!

I just realized something……..

Viktor tells Yuuri that in compensation for him being his coach again for another year as he also competitively figure skates again under Yakov, that Yuuri should try to do what Viktor did.

Yuuri asks him to stay as his coach for one more year, telling Viktor that he will definitely win gold in next years Grand Prix Final. BUT, Viktor with his eager eyes, and love struck face, tells him ok good! But keep going he tells him. Viktor tells Yuuri to keep going, surprising Yuuri for a moment. Viktor goes on saying how it will be difficult to both make a comeback and train again as a competitive skater and also train Yuuri. In exchange he tells Yuuri, “I’ll need you to become a 5 time Worlds Champion at least.”

For those who don’t know, The World Championships takes place after the Grand Prix Final and will take place between March 28-April 3 of 2016 (remember the Grand Prix Final in YOI took place last year in December).

Viktor is telling Yuuri to keep on going, to keep on competing, to try to get to his level by pushing and encouraging him to win gold for the Worlds like he did because he knows Yuuri can do it.


ALSO! Regarding Viktor!

Viktor said he is going to be training himself up again to compete in the Russian Figure Skating Championships. Now keep in mind it was too late for him to skate in it because it was taking place around the same time as the GPF. So he literally has until September of 2016 to train and win the series of competitions in Russia for the Final. He took a year off of training to coach Yuuri so it’s going to take him some time to get back in proper shape to skate competitively again. It’s not an over night thing even if you have been skating for years, he has to get himself training and body physically fit again rigorously. Viktor has 9 months to train for the Russian Championships when the first round of competitions begins. It is partly why Yuuri moved to Russia at the end of the episode and why the next season we more than likely get to know Viktor more and any family he has as we will be leaving Japan and heading to Russia. 

Season 2 we will more than likely see Viktor compete in the Russian Championships as Yuuri competes for the Grand Prix Final again. 


Nisekoi 229


It’s over…. I can’t believe it. I’ll make another post later once I have time to come to terms with it. But Shuu X Ruri becomes a thing and Chitoge and Raku get married and meet before at the Rock. The only two things I’m kinda sad about is that Onodera isn’t shown being in a long kind of relationship AND she makes their wedding cake… Savage, Komi. Then Yui is pregnant. I WANNA KNOW WHO WITH!! We all get it, everyone… The Raku X Chitoge kiss :,) I can’t believe it’s over. I’m gonna need a few OVAs. And another season of anime (please).

But now that I think about it, do you know what was the most messed up part of that Christmas party omake where everyone was forced to get naked?

Erza didn’t actually need to take Jellal’s coat.

She can requip.

She has like a hundred outfits that she can make appear on her body at will.

She just needed to requip to something warm.

It was the same when they added that whole massive slide scene to the water park OVA, where her swimsuit was unraveling and she told Jellal had had to hold her close so no one would see her exposed. She could just switched into something else. She has another swimsuit and two literal metal bikinis that could have worked.

Fool me one, shame on me. But twice? There’s no way she isn’t doing this on purpose.


Final Fantasy 30 Day Challenge: Favourite Team

I think that the best thing about AVALANCHE is that they were all seperate people with their own motives who came together and became a family, accepting the failures and downfalls of their comrades with warmth, love and, most importantly, sass. Through every incarnation of FFVII, from the original game, through the OVAs, novellas and movie, all the way to Dirge of Cerberus, they support one another and come together when they need each other. Best of all, each one of them still wears a pink ribbon in memory of Aeris.

another thing i loved about the ova was because it tottaly crushed the trope of kagami being jealous of the gom and treating kuroko like a prize he needed to fight over. No. He was completely okay with Kuroko having both time with his middle school friends AND with him and his current team. (I’m so glad seirin was included in this, and not sidestepped for the sake of showing more popular chracters even though we’ve seen more of the gom.)

but man, Kagami really is so good for Kuroko, he loves him so much, he only wants him to be happy and it’s just so precious. once upon a time I wanted to write a very long and elaborate meta about the jealous kagami trope, but nothing is a better debunk meta than canon. 

Okay I really need a Haikyuu movie/OVA whatever where it’s like five years later, everybody is either in college or living on their own and the entire movie is the old Karasuno team going on wild adventures to find each other and have a good time on the anniversary of their win at the Spring Tournament. Even better if one of them(maybe Suga or Ennoshita) are coaching at Karasuno and they get to play another game together. Even better if Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Ushijima and their teams make an appearance some how. I nEED this cause it makes my heart hurt just thinking about their match five years later ;-; (bonus if at least one ship is canon)