there needs to be another ova

I really want a crossover movie between the later three Yugioh protagonists once Vrains has a couple seasons. But that’s not the only Yugioh crossover I need.

I beg you all to consider… a multi-part OVA with all six protagonists. It would end up being longer than your standard movie and would, as such, give more time for characters to interact and establish relationships with one another. And the whole thing could be really dramatic and maybe we all cry at some point. It would be awesome.

Feel free to reblog with what you think could happen in a multi-part Yugioh OVA and/or a second-gen movie!

insanegirl4eternity  asked:

Hi ! I saw that you have translated the servamp ovas . If not all , most of them . But I can't find your videos. So is it possible for you to upload the links to your videos or something like that . Also sorry for the grammar .

Hello! If you go on my blog you will see “Masterlist” on the left side. That’s where I put the translations for comics or character profiles so that I can have quick access to them in case I need to do modifications.
The masterlist will take you here
Please take note that the list cannot viewed on the mobile app! You can only view them on the PC. Also, another thing that does not display on the mobile app is the format I made for character profiles, so please if you want to see something fully, you need to be on the PC.

I’m gonna put the links for the OVAs here again and all the videos except for the first one (which was uploaded directly on Tumblr) can only be viewed on the PC because I upload them via Google Drive and they might not display on mobile.

Sleepy Life of Servamp 1

Sleepy Life of Servamp 2

Sleepy Life of Servamp 3

All the world’s a stage


I regret not paying more attention to Arika and Mashiro back when I first watched Mai Otome. In retrospect, their relationship progression throughout the season is a joy to see transform, from being unable to stand each other’s presence to practically promising their lives to one another. The OVAs were pretty much them needing marriage counseling.

how to watch tenipuri without getting confused by the plot


1. read prince of tennis manga ch 000 “Legend of the Samurai”

2. watch from episode 1 to ep 28

3. read pot manga ch 50

  • to see tezuka play for the first time  they just mentioned this match in the anime

4. watch ep 29 to ep 75

  • note: tezuka going to germany eps 73-75
  • in manga he goes to kyushu, not germany

5. Optional: Watch josei shonan arc (anime only) ep ep 76-97

6. Watch PoT 1st movie Tale of Two Samurai

7. Watch ep 98 to ep 101


9. Read PoT manga starting ch 184 ‘Remains of  Scar

  • this chapter ties nicely with ep 101

10. Continue Reading the manga until the end of Seigaku vs. Rikkaidai kantou regionals

11.  Watch the chibipuri episodes 115, 132, 165

12. Watch Atobe’s gift

13. watch all the Nationals OVAs.

  • take note that the first episode of this OVA series is connected to the last arc from the anime (eps 170+)  …so echizen’s re-entrance was needed to patch things up with the anime.

14. Watch all Prince of Tennis Another Story OVAs I & II

15. Watch PoT movie 2: Battle of the English Castle

16. Recently announced prince of tennis movie will be somewhere here :D

17. watch the episodes you skipped (ep 102-178) 

  • Don’t miss out on half the fun and bullsht :D
  • watch A Day on Survival Mountain too


**What you’ll miss if you stop watching the anime after ep 101**

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Trigger is Forcing Andrew Into the Last Episodes of Little Witch Academia

I’m pretty sure it’s become quite obvious, but it seems that Andrew Hanbridge is practically being forced into the rest of LWA.  Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t a terrible character, but it feels as if Trigger is just pushing and pushing to get him more screen time, despite him not being very relevant to the plot.
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT hate Andrew.  This is just an observation of how he’s being thrown around in LWA.
Also, spoilers.

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Childhood Plot Fanime Challenge


Heyo!!! I decided to do a take on another challenge since A. The community needs something to keep itself alive. ;;;;;;; B. There has not been a gosh dang challenge in a long fuckin time, mang!!!

Other Person: “But What about your Year-long OVA challenge you tried to start up last year?”

A. It was during the time when I was more of a mess and B. I don’t wanna talk about it.. ;;;;

But yeah, I wanna start up a challenge where you take your childhood plot ideas and make it into a childhood plot you had when you were very young and make it into a fanime!!!

There are some ground rules, however!


1. It’s gotta be a plot you were going for when you were a child or a middle school kid. And yes, community veterans, your old fanime plot ideas count.

2. There is no time limit in a day but the challenge is due in two months.
2.5 If you wanna give yourself a challenge, you can do it under the time limit of the timed previous challenges (2 hour, 12 hour, or, 48 hour.)

3. Make it a one-shot OVA. It’ll be less pain for you.

4.  Please don’t bring much offensive material, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, noncon, lolicon, and all that other nasty shit.
4.5 I may allow drugs, since I don’t find it too offensive and I may have a personal bias when it comes to writing about it.

5. That being said, you can make some changes to what you originally thought up, as long you keep the overall plot the same.

6. Get you fanime done by the due date!

7. More Importantly: Have Fun!


The deadline of the challenge is August 18th, 2017, so you all have plenty of time!!! Good Luck, everybody!!

Once the challenge is finished, I’ll set up a livestream on my YouTube so we would watch all of you guys’ finished products!

Black Butler Analysis – Twins or Just Ciel only?!--Baron Kelvin & Flashback


– Baron Kelvin

I HATE HIM!!!! That’s all I can say.


This analysis post is base on the Manga & Animation ep 8 & 9.
Toboso san has involved in the animation production, she must give some advices to the animation team.  We can see the extra foreshadowing that didn’t exist in the manga.

Bo-chan / Ciel’s name is on the list.  He knew the Noah’s Ark is after him which is befitting!  However, Bo-chan didn’t realize that the whole kidnap case is created for him.  He’s the one Kelvin looks for; from day one they met, all the time.

First Met – Phantomhive boys & Baron Kelvin

Baron Kelvin was a kind philanthropist; no doubt, I believe he truly want to saved Joker and the Noah’s Ark members.  It’s all happened before the obsession of the Phantomhive twins.

He was a good man, a good father and a good husband.

Bo-chan said he doesn’t like philanthropist so he still has memory of his name – Kelvin.  I guess Bo-chan is not doesn’t like to has interaction with philanthropist, is with any strangers.
Why?  Will explain as below.

It appears the “weird” angle of view again.   At the left corner at the bottom, it’s Bo-chan’s angle of view, Toboso san is utilizing Bo-chan sight view to tell us the story.
Who’s that boy?  Ciel.  That’s the elder twin.  Remember, this is Bo-chan’s angel of view so he won’t saw himself who’s greeting to Baron Kelvin.  (It is linking to the below explanations, Bo-chan was hiding at Vincent’s back, peeping the environment and what’s happening at the ball.

5 Years ago, everything was starting at that day.
(Back to the general angel of view)

The obsession of little twins started.
Manga Right bottom corner – Vincent and Ciel at his left hand side.  Vincent was looking at his right hand side.  
A Question for you.  Aren’t he looks like holding someone’s hand?  Vincent is holding Bo-chan’s hand and looking at his second son.

<THE PARENT TRAP> Oh yes yes yes, Linsay Lohan.

Why?  Why was Ciel was standing at Vincent’s left hand side at first and appear at his right hand side suddenly?
Why?  Why the production studio is using the Vase and those Ladies to cover and hide one of the boy?
Left hand side is the real Ciel which is the elder twin, and the right hand side one is Bo-chan, the weak and shy one.

I am trying to say, the anime production studio is using the same shooting method as “The Parent Trap”.  Linsay Lohan was acting twins by herself only, but in Black Butler Toboso san and the production team is giving the clue to the audience, they are trying to tell us there are 2 little boy, 2 Ciel, a pair of twin.  But no in an obvious way, so as my point of view, they are utilizing different storyboards to present the elder twin & Bo-chan to the audiences; at the same time, they are going to hide one of another.

Bo-chan = Shy Ciel

Vincent you are so HOT!!!
The little Ciel who is hiding at Vincent’s back is Bo-chan.  Why?  So Shy.
As I mentioned before, Bo-chan has asthma and so weak, he’s not allow to go outside as much as the elder twin.  He seldom meet strangers in the public area, how could a kind be out-going if he always stay in his room to take rest?!

Someone were saying that’s only one Ciel.  He ran from the left hand side to the right hand side, so that’s the same Ciel.  Vincent was turned around and greeting to Baron Kelvin, so Bo-chan is hiding from Vincent’s left hand side back and elder twin was standing at Vincent’s right hand side.
As per the shooting method that production studio is using, they are trying to cover some “secrets” that aren’t obviously telling the public.

Elder Twin = Cheery Ciel who has energy & more active

Stop staring at Ciel you creepy old man!
Elder twin was not afraid to greet to strangers, maybe he was trained to be out-going and meet different kind of people, is a tutorial to teach him the social skills.
Moreover, the expression & manner of elder twin looks more alike as Vincent  -  crafty & wicked.

See, not the same feeling as Bo-chan.

Also, Vincent said “Okay…You are going to greet first!” and touching elder twin’s head, the hand Vincent was using his right hand.  At the same time Bo-chan was hiding at Vincent’s back.
So, no way to be one Ciel only!

Addition Bonus Scenes from Animation

In manga, there’s no zoom in storyboard of Baron Kelvin after the elder twin greeting.
This is extra scenes in the anime.

Baron Kelvin was looking at elder twin because he’s the one who greeting first, after that his eyes rolled to his right hand side & our left hand side.
Why?  That’s someone else there and he’s waiting for the greeting from Bo-chan.
That make sense, at the above general angel of view, Bo-chan was standing at Vincent’s right hand side until Vincent was turned around to say hi to Kelvin, the left & right theory has changed.

Bo-Chan.  Little shy sweet pie.

Vincent has explained to Kelvin for Bo-chan doesn’t want to say hi and hiding at his back.
Vincent said Bo-chan is shy with strangers because he has a weak health condition (asthma) and seldom go outside.

Okay…Vincent’s right hand side …. (I was getting crazy and don’t understand what’s happened, anyone is the same???)

Elder twin ran away from Vincent to Chlaus.
Chlaus asked “Oh~~Is Ciel?” Chlaus was guessing which one is it.  Ciel and Bo-chan are twins.
If not, why would Chlaus asked this question?

Chlaus said rare to see all of you participate the ball / party.

RARE?  Oh yes, Bo-chan is too weak to go out too often.

Vincent replied Chlaus and said Bo-chan was not biddable at all and insisted to follow and join.  Bo-chan is just recovered.

Addition Bonus Scenes from Animation 2

Ciel who’s behind Chlaus was elder twin, after he said hi to Chlaus then he ran away again.  And the one who stand next to Vincent and just recovered and insisted to join, that’s Bo-chan.

(Baron Kelvin Creepy revolution >>>> Creepy Old Dude)

Kelvin said he can’t move his sight away from 3 of them.
Three? Who, who and who?
At the first stage, I was assumed the three of them are Ciel, Vincent and Chlaus.
Of cause, the answer is no.
We cannot find any clue from the animation, but in Manga we can.

Look at Vincent’s eye, he’s looking downward and seems like touching Bo-chan’s head.
Also from that frame, Toboso san put screentone on Chlaus, only him but not Ciel (elder twin) and Vincent.  I estimate that Toboso san is excluding Chlaus from that “Three of them” sentence, Toboso san is trying to lead the audience to think that the three of them are who we can see in the manga.
Why would she needs to put screentone on Chlaus?  
What we can see in the manga doesn’t mean is the whole story.  We can imagine the pictures out of the frame / border, Toboso san didn’t draw it clearly doesn’t mean Bo-chan didn’t exist.

From each scene here; except the frame has Bo-chan or elder twin only, with multiple peoples storyboard / frame, the audiences are not able to see Bo-chan & elder twin appear in the same frame.
Why?  Toboso san and the anime production studio is utilizing Vincent / Kelvin / Chlaus / whatever vase or other people to cover another kid.

- TBC -

Book of Circus Part 1 Analysis - here

Manga OVA analysis post, Sebastian cooked a meal which Vincent & elder twin has cooked for him & Rachel once.

The Queen & Indian Team Post - here

Madam Red post - here

So I've been thinking a lot about the yuri on ice finale, my feelings about it, my expectations

And on one hand, its hard to not wish we had gotten another kiss, or their wedding or something. I think we are all so weary of queer bait that we want it to be irrefutable canon in so many ways.

But i also think this desire, and any potential disappointment, needs to be tempered by a few things.

1. We are getting a season 2 or some kind of ova sequel. So there is time for more.

2. We are holding YOI to a higher standard for relationshipping than the vast majority of het ships and thats not fair. Like inuyasha and kagome NEVER kissed in the manga. Het romances dont require a literal wedding to be valid, and our boys are engaged.

3. Shifting goal posts. We got them napping together, hugging, kissing, holding hands, and exchanging engagement rings, and pair skating to a love song duet. Not getting one last cherry on top does not spoil this cake.

4. We are western fans with western expectations looking at this show. Most of the japanese feedback has been beyond positive and very clearly accepted viktuuri as full canon.

So, would i like even more romance and a wedding in whatever sequel we get? Of course! But i think i can be fully satisfied with season 1 and all its canon glory.

Random you say? Alright :)

Headcanons: Random - Integra + Walter + Seras + Alucard


-Is asexual bi-romantic

-Refuses to cut her hair because she wants to be feminine, but not overly so

-Is afraid of child-birth in an intense phobic kind of way


-When he got older, he stopped looking in the mirror directly as he hated seeing his face and the wrinkles

-His string technique is something that was taught through his family through the generations

-Had a child with a lover, but he doesn’t see them anymore, especially after they (the child) got older


-Hates the Hellsing uniform for how short the skirt is

-Knows every song from every Disney movie

-Really likes and wants kids - she adopted a kid later in her un-life and they eventually grew up to help their mom in Hellsing (much to her disdain) 


-Has little to no sex drive and didn’t have much even as a human

-Was not a virgin when he turned into a vampire, however, and had kids, but doesn’t dare to try and track his lineage

-^Since he wasn’t turned by another vampire, he didn’t need to be a virgin

Some point against 2CT(2 Ciels theory)

So,I just thought about something.

Sorry if anyone else thought about this already,but I will still mention it.

Do you remember in season 3,Book of Circus,Ciel was shot into the head?

…Well…Remember how Sebastian repaired it?And it went back to normal,just like nothing happened?

That is how Sebastian repaired that kind of situation

Now,talking about the subject 2CT,many people have mentioned about Ciel being “both in the cage and sacrificed”.

Well,I just think it’s Sebastian’s thing here.Maybe he’s just simply not in cage and sacrificed at the same time.

Yes,indeed,Ciel made a contract with Sebastian at the time he was in the cage,but you saw Ciel being sacrificed.

What if Sebastian did the same in the cult just the same way he did when Ciel was shot in the head?

I’m being against 2CT for my own reasons,and here is the explanation of the cult confusion.Ciel was sacrificed,then just like the shot-in-the-head scene,Sebastian just turned everything back to normal as if he was still in the cage.And that’s when Sebastian made the contract.

What do you think,everyone?Do you have any other explanations?

Also,please let me know if you want me to explain anything else!I love writing my theories here,yet I don’t always write them.I want to know what you want me to talk about.

Edit: For all of you saying he could be imagining or simply no agreeing for whatever reason,I’ve got something more to say.

Yes,Sebastian didn’t always act.Didn’t always do that.And yes,Sebastian goes on about how he killed the guys.I never said he didn’t kill the guys,but I just say he reversed so that he could get another chance of taking care of the guys.Yes,it may show how he killed them just like it did with the Book of Murder OVA,but it simply doesn’t mean he did it before the shot-in-the-head scene actually happened.For all we know,Sebastian is a fast beast who,if the reversal theory I made is true,would’ve taken care of the guys fast after reversal.

Now for Sebastian not using the reversal thing that much.Well,it’s easy.Sebastian doesn’t always need the reversal thing.He used it in critical situations when Ciel would’ve clearly not survived,just like happened in the cult and when shot in the head.

Now taking the Green Witch Arc in which he was “cursed”.Why Sebastian didn’t use the reversal?Because he most probably knew Ciel was going to get back to normal even without it.He knew there was hope.

So,for short: This reversal is not such as a healing power,but reversal,as above said.Which means,Sebastian would have had time to kill those guys after the reversal.Sebastian doesn’t use this for anything but critical situations(in which is clear Ciel would die).The scene that shows how he killed the guys has nothing to do with it,it’s just showing what he actually did after.

Chapter 105: Shinigami Questions and Answers

In light of Chapter 105, I’m going to try to piece together some mysteries about the grim reapers as well as raise a few questions.

Some new information: reapers are humans who have taken their own lives.  It would also appear that shinigami serve their sentence until they are forgiven.

“Unnecessary Overtime.”

I believe “overtime” is referring to the length of a reaper’s sentence.  That’s why Will constantly complains about it—he doesn’t want to be a shinigami for any longer than he has to.

Poor eyesight

If shinigami all have poor eyesight; I’m assuming this is a symptom of their becoming shinigami.  Perhaps poor eyesight is a curse for their not being able to see the value of their own lives when they were alive.

Being Forgiven

What can a shinigami do to be forgiven?  Must they confront a flaw in their character, perhaps?  Do they need to forgive themselves and be at peace for who they are?  What happens when they are forgiven?  Are they then allowed to go to Heaven?

Failing the test

If the OVA is canon, there is a final exam needed to become a reaper.  What happens to the reapers who fail the exam?  Are they sent to Hell?  Do they cease to exist?  Do they get sent to another department in the shinigami realm?  (General Affairs, Spectacles, etc.)

Reaper glasses

Will says at the end of the OVA that only those who know the weight of a human life are given reaper glasses; i.e. those who have taken their own life and who see death on a daily basis.  Do the glasses have any other function, however?  Will calls them the “glasses of life.”

The double irises

Are these just an artistic representation, or is their more meaning to them?  Do humans who take their own life just have their eyes turn this way after they become shinigami?  Or does something horrific happen and they humans eyes are taken out and transplanted with shinigami eyes?  (Interesting to note that Death Note also explored the idea of shinigami eyes.)


Why don’t more shinigami desert if being a grim reaper is so tragic?  Why not escape to the human world like Undertaker and live out your existence there?  Is there a price for deserting?  (Perhaps you are not allowed entrance into Heaven?)

The Shinigami Realm

Various other questions arise about miscellaneous things: are shinigami paid?  If they eat, then do they have to buy groceries?  How does William feed his pigeons?  Do they need to travel to the human world to buy food?  Who makes their clothes?  Do they have a type of currency?  What do they do on their days off?  (Assuming they have them.)  Do shinigami still feel human emotions?  Are they allowed to mingle with humans?  Do they drive cars to get to work?  Do they have apartments?

So many questions; some serious, some silly.  :)

But now that I think about it, do you know what was the most messed up part of that Christmas party omake where everyone was forced to get naked?

Erza didn’t actually need to take Jellal’s coat.

She can requip.

She has like a hundred outfits that she can make appear on her body at will.

She just needed to requip to something warm.

It was the same when they added that whole massive slide scene to the water park OVA, where her swimsuit was unraveling and she told Jellal had had to hold her close so no one would see her exposed. She could just switched into something else. She has another swimsuit and two literal metal bikinis that could have worked.

Fool me one, shame on me. But twice? There’s no way she isn’t doing this on purpose.

BTS In A Long Distance Relationship

Anon: Hey, ummmmm, what do you think they would be like in a long distance relationship? Thank you



Would be the constant texter.

“Hey, jagi.”

“Wud?? :) :)”

“Smooches ;**”

“I miss you. Do you miss me??”


He’d prolly forget to text back, lol. With always being busy writing and producing, dance practice, live performances; his phone would be the last thing on his mind, lol. But he’d always remember eventually and send you a couple at a time saying he’s sorry or some shit like that.


“I’m sorry I was with Namjoon all day.”

“You’re still on my mind.”

“Daddy loves you.”


Here’s another one that’ll constantly call you, text, and send selfies throughout the day. He’d also be the one to send an enormous amount of text faces and emojis. On top of the cuteness, he’d hold a lot of serious convos with you. It’ll be cute, but exhausting on your part, lol.

“Gooooooood moooooorning, beautiful!! :DDD”

“Baby, you’re everything to me…”

“*sends selfie* do you like my kissy faces ^○^”“”

“I don’t know, I just feel like I’m not trying hard enough :(”


Lololol. He’d be the one always asking for nudes and all that jazz. Of course he’d be fluffy, but it’ll always end with him asking to see your junk.

“Babygirl, send me something ;))”

“I need u lol”


“What are u wearing??? Lol show me”


There’s no probably, he’d really forget to text/call you back, lol. Not on purpose, duh. But I’m almost positive that the boys said Jimin is the worst to text because he always forgets to respond, haha. But when he does text or call, they’re in long-lasting convos to make up for the lost time. Most of it would consists of what he’s been up to, what you’ve been up to, how’re you feeling, do you miss him, random convos, etc.

“Jagi, you’ll never guess what happened today!”

“Lol I took Kookie’s phone and texted his gf a funny selca of me, hahahaha”

“Yoongi-hyung is asleep AGAIN! Can you believe that? XD”

“I really miss you right now…”


This fuckin’ kid would text/call you at 4 am telling you about the bad waffles he found in the freezer. Or asking you stupid shit when you’re trying to sleep. He’d also be a little ball of fluff, randomly texting you throughout the day, telling you how much he loves you and such.

“OOMMMGGG. They looked like shriveled pinecones”

“Do you know where my keys are”

“Tae, I’m all the way across the world rn, wtf”

“Did I tell you that I love you♡♡♡♡♡”

“Have you ever noticed the dimple on my butt cheek?”


Selca/naughty central ova hur. He’d be constantly asking for nudes like Namjoon, or send them himself, or just send random selcas or memes to you.

“*sends meme* do u get it?? Lololol”

“*sends selca/nude* aye ;)“

“Hey baby, I need u rn *sends another nude*”

“Hey grl, do u kno what time it is?” “*sends another selca*”

“It’s kookie time!”


Need Some Anime to Watch Tonight?

Here are some anime that I personally believe to be great for watching on Halloween.

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (movie)

A great gothic/romantic (in the literary sense) tale for anyone who prefers more traditional vampires.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (OVA)

I’ve never seen an anime more like a horror movie.

Gyo Tokyo Fish Attack (movie)

I didn’t think it was that scary, but it was pretty entertaining.

Another (series)

This is a  short series about middle school, curses, and graphic death.

Shiki (series)

It’s unrealistic to watch in one night, but it’s definitely a series in the horror genre.

Hellsing Ultimate (series)

Vampires, ghouls, and nazis- this series is full of them and their guts.

Glad you asked anon. 

*cracks neck* 

*deep breaths* 

*screams to the void*

I mean, this OVA ( One punch man’s: the pupil who is an extremely poor talker) is so domestic, Imma die.

no, you don’t understand.

bathing together:

no big deal, right? i mean skinship and all.

how about, Saitama giving Genos his house key? and basically telling him not to wait for him cause it’s cold. 

This is gonna get long so let me put it under the cut..

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