there my fanime tag

Group selfie from the Sunday Steven Universe meet-up!!
Peridot (me)
Buck Dewey ( pastel-dst )
Lapis ( galaxy-jumper )
Pearl ( twwerp )
Rose Quartz ( livecauseyouhavenotime )


video of the jump rope we made 

enimra as true hero delsin
addleykoffin as infamous delsin
artisticvani as fetch
sir-auditore as eugene
and ibelieveinjawn taped it


Enjolras and Grantaire are husbife and starprincecourfeyrac

Isabeau is metriosity

The dwarf is fogmouse

If you’re in any of these photos let me know so I can tag you!

gotta say, my (thirst) first order game was on point this weekend at fanime. lovely artists and lovely people, had fun talking to you all about your/our favs in the warry stars.

i’d also like to point out the caption on the second photo says “keep sinning!” because sheila is the best~

(i also would have been totally fine with “whatever you want”, sylar. because you know kylo says that to rey when she’s the one holding the lightsaber 😂 )


Stevonnie: drunkedjohnlock

Young Mr. Greg Universe: creudence

Jasper is metalslimer

1st pic of Connie and Steven: Connie is kaylynphu and Steven is her boyfriend!

Sapphire is coronaampora

Ruby is actualarishok

If you’re in these photos let me know so I can tag you!


Fanime 2014: Jojo’s! (the big shoot!)

The biggest Jojo’s gathering I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of.

You’re all fabulous, fabulous people.

Part-3-Oldseph is whiskyicarus

Giorno is zehinomashi

Polka-dot-Suzie Q is kirbyhoshi

Young Joseph is daoutlaw

Purple-Kira is xtakozx (me!)

Blond-Kira is noooooooope

Doppio is yggdrasilpie

Weather Report is escher-report (oh, I get it now)

The seated Foo Fighters is noshtsherlock

Skirt-Jolyne is nanami7mi

Black & White Jolyne is snortrax

Rainbow-FF is onceyougokakyoinyounevergoback

Tag yourself or others, I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch!

For the rest of my fanime photos, check my tag Custom Con Fanime Amazing!


Photo Credits (in order): kudaranaikani, inordinatedoodle, xisquared

So, other than the one already posted, these three are the only other shots of my Descole cosplay I’ve found via the Fanime tag on tumblr. I haven’t tried Instagram or Flickr yet. Thanks to magiciancelemis and sirenskye for helping me to find the first two, and xisquared for the last one (She made the hat, cuffs, and cape for me, ‘cus she’s a cool friend).

I wonder if there’s any shots of me when I went business casual and took off the jacket and cuffs…

I should'a tilted the hat forward and trimmed that boa though >_o