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ot4s must lowkey love C. Hell, the girl left the fucking band already, go stan LAND and leave her alone. Sorry, i had to say that bc that pisses me off. And yes,it bothers me when Camilizers do the same to the girls.

they’ll never learn, they both say the same things but are often contradicting themselves. LAND and C are both different there’s no need to mention each other or compare them

Oh, oh, let’s speculate who’s gonna take part in the Rostelecom Cup in YOI’s eps 8 and 9!

Okay, so we know for sure that Yuuri Katsuki and Yuri Plisetsky will be there. From the official preview for ep 8 (on the site), it is also confirmed that Jean Jacques Leroy will be there. That leaves us with three empty spaces since usually only 6 competitors face each other in one phase of the Grand Prix Series.

The thing is that we have more than three figure skater cast members who still need to appear. Those being Emil Nekola from the Czech Republic, Seung Gil Lee from South Korea, Otabek Altin from Kazakhstan and Michele Crispino from Italy. Not to mention Chris, whose first event was the Cup of China, meaning he must still compete (and win) in one more in order to get to the Grand Prix Final.

I sort of wonder: is there one more event in which these people can compete? Or is Rostelecom the last one, and we only haven’t heard of the others because they didn’t get on the podium in Skate America and Skate Canada? (which is probably the most logical explanation).

So which 6 skaters will take part in the Rostelecom Cup?

My bets are as follows:

Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, Jean Jacques Leroy (I mean the three of them are all confirmed already),  Emil Nekola, Seung Gil Lee and Michele Crispino.

(However, I am also assuming the possibility that instead of Emil, we might see Chris once more.)

Alright guys, place your bets and we’ll see if we were right!

need help!

Hi guys, There’s something I had to worry for a long time. And I need your help. I don’t want to do this, but  seems there is no other way.

Some of you must already know this. I was so angry about art thieves in last year. Especially Instagram users. still one of them doing stupid things. 

Her name is ‘ Black noshi’.  Let’s take a look. 

Recently, someone mentioned me for ask something.(twitter)

I usually write Korean in my fan art. cause I’m Korean. and it’s strange obviously. She was one of art thief. Why asking me like that?

so I clicked her twitter. and enter her instagram. 

………….you kidding?^-^

so that’s why you need to translate huh?(it’s Korean not Japanese stupid pal)

well, I wrote message back calmly. and this uncivilized friend answered me like that.

…..? Excuse me, how old are you..?? Resident Evil is definitely an adult genre, am I wrong? HELLOW?? You speak silly pics? what, are you Leonardo da Vinci?

here’s great ‘Black noshi’ masterpiece. bravo~~~~~ 

guess what? she is totally hopeless.

There’s so many ways to increase your followers, But you are completely wrong Black noshi.  Your fans? then why they doing nothing? POOR PAL. Shame on you. You should have stopped when I was polite.

I do a lot of thoughts, never happening like this again. for all of RE fanarters.

I blocked all her account. here ↓   

even she using commission pics. what a spoiled brat. I thought 1000 times to lock my account because of that brat ‘Black noshi’.

Guys, go tell her how stupid she is. it’s really helpful for me.

Respect the artist. Thank you.

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I can't imagine what's running in Akari's mind after that kiss. But one thing for sure, it will confuse the hell out of her! Do you think these two should date in secret first? Those "misunderstandings" are getting too much in the way. Kazu and Rio should have a long talk and bond..

Yeah, Akari must have felt really confused there. But we’ll probably only see her reaction next chapter. After reading two japanese summaries, none of them mention Akari’s reaction.

Kazu and Rio really need to talk and be honest to each other. That’s the only way to clear their misunderstandings…

Here’s some life-changing advice my grandmother once whispered to me at a birthday party: “You must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration,” she said, while sewing the same phrase into a cross-stitch. “And remember that he who controls the spice controls the universe.”

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, the key is not to confuse “Fear clouds your thoughts” with “The world is free from danger.” The world is dangerous as shit! But fear shuts down the rational-thinking part of your brain, and these problems need rational thought, goddammit.

And here’s the other thing I wish every human could get tattooed on their forearm at birth: “Fear makes you easy to manipulate, and every powerful person knows this.”

Therefore, be skeptical of the guy constantly bringing you warnings of impending doom. The salesman and the doomsday prophet are both selling you something; they’re just blowing different flavors of smoke up your ass.

10 Things Politicians Hope You Forget Every Election Year

making it so that to immigrate to the UK you have to speak english is just disgusting tbh, did we care about the local languages when we went colonising the world? no, we forced our language on them, eradicating many in the process and now we are doing the same fucking thing, trying to assimilate everyone into white british culture and encouraging the idea that the english language is superior, which is a form of white supremacy

all the british people today who go to other countries, including to work in their healthcare system, which Miliband has stressed is the main place people need to know english, do they speak the local language? or do they assume there as well that the people must speak english? I think we all know the general answer to that

not to mention, english is not actually by law the official language of the UK? the only one encoded in law as official is Welsh in Wales???? and are we also gonna ignore the other languages spoken here? especially Irish dialects which were another part of another culture we tried to wipe out and whose country we still partially occupy today. Are we saying any Irish person moving to the North has to speak english in land that should rightfully be Irish?

and also, like have they thought for two seconds about disabled people? especially Deaf people but others as well who use sign languages or other forms of communication? are you required to be verbal to enter this country?

This is a blatant move to ensure that white and abled supremacy remain intact.

So everyone keeps talking about Clint’s “You step out that door, you’re an Avenger” line

But no one has mentioned the gem that is EVERY OTHER LINE HE HAS: (a little spoilery)

“No on would know. No one would know! ‘Last time I saw him, he was fighting Ultron! I must’ve missed it! Sad really, I’ll miss the little guy.’“

“I need to know if you’re with me because the city is flying. Okay? The city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots…and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes any sense.”

“Yeah, I’ve already tried the mind control thing. Not so much.”

“*serious face* I know what I need to do. Tear out the wall in the dining room and make more room for a workspace.”


So now you know: if you want to distract Malcolm just say the word teabagging.

You will then have to explain either your ignorance or your knowledge, but, you know, needs must when The Kraken Awakes.

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