there must be a better world somewhere

Shadow Of The Colossus has a lot of secrets: That’s part of its charm, in fact. Everything is up for interpretation. For example, in the end credits, you’re shown a beautiful garden that you don’t actually seem to get to, in the game. Video game fans being video game fans, they figured that this place must exist somewhere in the game’s world, and they had nothing better to do than look for it. It was easy: All they had to do was tediously climb the same wall for 20 minutes.

The secret garden is actually up on top of the big-ass tower, whose lower levels serve as your base of operations. In order to get up there, you have to raise your grip bar to its maximum (by finding and killing a shitload of white lizards), and then just start climbing until you run out of tower or will to live. If you lose your grip, or miss a jump, you have a decision to make: Start over, or smash your controller.

Once you get up there, you’ll find a plethora of fruit trees, so you begin to gorge (there’s an achievement for eating all of it, after all), until you slowly notice that your painstakingly maxxed-out grip and health bars are being permanently depleted. The game’s creators straight up Adam-and-Eve-ed you, except that they never bothered to warn you first.

5 Video Games That Mock You For Playing Them

Barnes’ Books - chapter 1

So from all the lovely suggestions yesterday, I realised I’ve never done a bookshop AU, so here’s chapter one. Not good, but here you go anyway…

No pics of the elderly James Barnes exist so, what a shame, will have to show you what he looked like in his prime <3 ;)

Barnes’ Books masterlist

This is my favourite place at the best of times, but on a day like today, when the rain is relentless, the sky is dark, and I’m finding life hard, today it’s even more important. Today is the day to be lost in a book.  

When this bookshop opened, I have to be honest and say I barely noticed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love bookshops, but I always went to the big one, in the centre of town. They have all the new stuff, they do the good deals, it’s light and bright and airy.  But then I wandered into this shop one day and realised the other place had bookshops all wrong.

Sure, they have all the new stuff, but meh, I can get that online without even needing to take off my pyjamas or open the curtains. Deals are great, but I’d rather find a real bargain than pick a second book that I’m not really interested in just because it’s half price. And light, bright and airy? No! You can’t get lost in a book when there’s fluorescent lights and beechwood floors and modernity.

So let me tell you a bit about Barnes’ Books. It’s small, it’s cramped, there’s usually a bucket on the floor somewhere because the roof leaks. Today there’s two.  Most of the shelves are full of second-hand or remaindered books, and if there’s a system, I haven’t found it yet. That’s the joy though, you run your finger along the shelves and suddenly there’s the book you didn’t know you were looking for. I swear there’s magic in this place. And then, even better, there’s armchairs, here and there. Over-stuffed and ripped armchairs, the kind you can curl your feet into.  They’re not grouped together around a coffee table, they’re solitary, with their backs to the room. Who wants to read in company?! The whole point of a book is that it’s just you and those pages, together, and you don’t want to get pulled out of that world by someone sniffing, or taking a phone call. Oh, and just to add a final glory, there’s a cat. A beautiful, sleek tabby, always curled up in a chair somewhere but equally happy, if not more so, on someone’s lap. She’s the most elegant cat I’ve ever seen. And she’s called Steve. No, I don’t know either.

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simple // peter parker

summary: you’re just a superhero girl who wishes everything wasn’t so complicated. the only thing that’s constant and simple in your life is the one and only peter parker. except whenever you’re around him, you just can’t seem to act normal. at least you have your good friend spider-man to confess your thoughts to, all while having no idea who he is.

word count: about 2.5k

a/n: this is my first imagine, hope someone likes it!! // warning for mild profanity // and if anyone wants it I’ll make a part 2! also it’s unedited so ignore any grammatical errors/typos! thank you so much <33



“The thing about algebra is that it’s unnecessarily and unfortunately complicated.” As you explain this to the freshman sitting across from you, your eyes drift slightly to the boy at the other table. “But sometimes, it’s simple and fun. It’s the one thing in your life that ever seems simple.”

Peter Parker is easy to figure out. He’s a shy, smart, and blissfully average guy. And honestly, that’s what you like about him above everything else. His simplicity is beautiful to you, but your friends just think he’s boring. So maybe they don’t want more than a pretty face. Fine by you.

The freshman, Iris, looks at you, eyebrows furrowing as she follows your gaze to Peter. “Oh my god, do you have a thing for that guy?” She whisper-shouts. You give her a glare that is a clear indication that she should shut up. But she continues anyway. “Because if you do, I can totally see that happening. That sounds like the cutest-”

This time, you shut her up by crumpling a piece of scratch paper and throwing it at her. She doesn’t have much of a reaction, but she gets the memo and shuts up. God, freshmen can be so annoying someti - oh lord that’s just not fair.

Peter stands up to get a book, but it’s on a higher shelf. Instead of using a chair to get it, he stretches. His worn blue sweater slides up past the waistband of his jeans to reveal his stomach. Where did one of the nerdiest people you know find the time to get absolutely ripped?

Your mouth is slightly open, and you can’t stop staring at him. You hardly notice what you’re doing until he turns around and sees you. You quickly close your mouth and look away, your face heating up. Iris nudges you.

“Say hi,” she mouths to you.

You look back up at Peter, trying to will away the blush and smile instead. He holds his book in his hands, looking at you expectantly. “Hi, Peter.”

“Hi, Y/N,” Peter returns the smile. The silence afterward is so awkward it makes you want to scream, until Iris opens her mouth to speak. You can only cross your fingers and hope she doesn’t say anything stupid.

“Y/N was wondering where you work out.” Iris grins a little. Your hopes seemed to have gone to a bit of a stretch in thinking she would’ve said something reasonable.

Peter raises his eyebrows slightly, and your eyes widen. “Uh, I mean…what she meant was that I need to work out. And I’m very, um, bad at working out on my own. So if you go to a gym or anything…”

He looks even more confused now, and he obviously doesn’t know what to say.

“I’m just kidding, I’m fine,” you say. By now, you’re thoroughly embarrassed and kind of feel like you might start tearing up. You shove your things into your bag and nearly race out of the door.

You just want to get to saving the world already. Well, maybe not the world just quite yet. You’re a relatively new superhero to the scene, just like Spider-Man. You and him actually formed a bit of a friendship, but you decided it was better to keep your personal lives out of it by only knowing each other by the superhero personas.

And now, Spider-Man must be waiting on a roof for you somewhere. But it’s all complicated. You just want someone without secrets and mysteries, and Peter Parker seems just the type for you. If only he looked at you, or talked to you, ever.

You sigh and head out before you get the chance to see Peter again. You don’t think you’ll get over this for a while. Not that you blame Iris, either. You’re sure she was just trying to help you with your crush, but you think it’s better keeping the distance for now.

By the time you get to your alleyway, you start hurrying. You quickly unbutton your shirt and slide off your jeans to reveal your suit underneath. You scramble around in your bag, finally coming up with a slightly crumpled mask. You slide on the mask and activate its features. You’re proud of it; you made your own suit and you think it’s pretty damn cool. Spider-Man thinks Tony Stark can do better, but you’re not ready for that quite yet. You know Stark can be a little…intense.

Surprisingly, you’re on the roof before Spider-Man is. You wait for a few minutes, not wanting to leave without him. Just when you’re about to stand up, he lands on the roof in a pose.

“Whoa, there, Spider-Man. Let’s not get too into our heads, shall we? You’re still just a friendly neighborhood superhero.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. I’m getting sick of this. I wanna do something, y'know? I wanna save the world from destruction like the Avengers do! Then maybe Mr. Stark’ll get it.” He plops down next to you at the edge of the roof, sighing. “I’m not complaining about, like, free churros or anything. Free churros are great.”

“I’ve never even met the guy and I know he’ll never ‘get it’. Until something bad happens and you stop it. This is why I don’t mess with Stark. It’s just…too much.”

“It’s a chance to be apart of something bigger!”

“It’s an empty promise to keep you from turning against him.” You cross your arms and stare at the horizon.

“Uh, okay. I know you’re not enthusiastic about this, but you look grumpy.”

“You can’t see my face,” you point out.

“You sound grumpy.”

“The voice filter does that.”

“Oh, come on, just spill. I don’t even know who you are, so it’s okay, right? I’ve told you like everything about me, but you don’t talk about yourself.” Spider-Man turns towards you, and for a second, you stare blankly. “Oh, I was smiling. Sorry, forgot you can’t see.” He gives a thumbs up instead.

“I just kind of embarrassed myself in front of my crush,” you mumble, so quiet you’re not even sure he heard you.

“Aw, don’t think about that too much, S/N. I know the feeling. You know, I accidentally embarrassed someone today, but I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought it was cute. I kind of like her.”

“You’re lucky. I still don’t think I can talk to him for a while, and that sucks,” you look at him.

“You gotta do it eventually. Sometimes you just have to throw your fear out the window and do it. Who knows, you might even get a churro out of it.”

You laugh a little. “Are you hungry?”

Spider-Man’s stomach grumbles in response. This only makes you giggle more, until you’re both laughing.

“Let’s go see about those churros, then.” You stand up, getting ready for a few hours of kicking ass. You and Spider-Man know if you work together, the media will go crazy. And you hate that. So, to keep on the down low, you work alone.

That doesn’t mean you can’t talk to each other while you work. You installed a cellphone system into your suit that connects back to your regular phone, so you don’t have to carry around your phone all the time.

“Ready?” Spider-Man looks at you. You nod, and the count of three, you both leap off the edge of the building. From there, you go your separate ways.

He starts up the phone call and speaks, “Hey, S/N.”

“'Sup, Spidey,” you greet as you race down the block after a wallet snatcher.

“Did you just say, 'Suck Spidey’?”

“No! Hold on.” Your advanced phone system isn’t as advanced as you’d like it to be, but you’re working on it. Meanwhile, you’re wrestling with the thief. When you’re done, you dust off your hands and move on. “I said what’s up.”

“Oh. Uh…this lady is up. Literally, like she’s hanging off the edge of a fire escape.”

“Shit. How did that even happen?”

“I don’t know,” comes the response, followed by silence for a few minutes. You assume he’s in the middle of saving that woman.

When he’s done, you keep talking. “I keep forgetting to ask. How’s your aunt?”

“She’s okay.”

“…You haven’t told her, have you?”

“I can’t, S/N. She has enough on her shoulders already.”

“She’ll find out eventually, you know.”

“I know.” You sense he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, so you don’t push it further.

By the time it’s nightfall, you’re both weary and have loads of homework to do. “You’re sure this doesn’t drain on your cell plan or anything? It’s been like three hours.” Spider-Man sounds a little concerned.

“Nah, it’s alright.” You mute yourself for a minute while you take time to buy Spider-Man a churro and a can of Coke.

“Hop up to the building real quick,” you say, churro in one hand and Coke in the other.

“Too tired, how about the alleyway next to it?”


You slide into the alleyway, wondering where Spider-Man went until you get a strange feeling. You turn around to see him against the wall, and you nearly jump ten feet. “Spidey!” you exclaim, but he’s just laughing. “Screw you.”

“Sure,” Spider-Man says, and your eyes widen slightly. He hops down from the wall.

“I buy you a churro and soda, and all I get is an innuendo?” You hand both to him, but not before taking a bite out of the churro first.

“I know you’re smiling behind that mask,” he teases, poking your cheek.

“I am and I hate it,” you groan, poking him back. You can tell he wants to devour that churro already, so you decide to get going. “I’ll see you later, okay? Thanks for the encouragement.”

He gives you a quick hug, making sure not to get any cinnamon sugar onto your suit. “No problem. Thanks for the food.”

You chuckle, hugging him back. You ignore how your heart begins to race a little. “Anytime. Bye, Spider-Man.”

“Bye, S/N.”

The next day at school, you keep Spider-Man’s words of motivation in your head. You spot Peter a few times but can’t bring yourself to say anything. You know you’ll have to talk to him for sure in Chemistry, so you put it off until then. You see him at lunch and manage to smile before walking over to your friends.

Right after lunch is Chemistry. You walk slower than usual, dreading what’s going to happen. You planned the conversation in your head ten times already, but you just can’t seem to shake yourself out of your fear.

Sometimes you just have to throw your fear out the window and do it.

Spider-Man is right. You walk into class and take your seat next to Peter. Anxiety courses through your veins and makes your hands shake slightly. You ball them up into fists to make them stop, but it doesn’t work. You look over as the class begins. “Peter, about yesterday…” You begin.

He glances at you, eyebrows drawn for a moment. And then he remembers. “Oh. What about it?” He asks slowly, a hint of a smile curving his pink lips.

Now you kind of want to slap him for teasing you, but you ignore the urge, because you kind of want to kiss him too. He’s leaned towards you slightly, and you look into his deep brown eyes. Your faces are inches apart, and nothing else really matters. You just want to lean in and do what you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Kiss hi-

“Mr. Parker, Ms. Y/L/N, what are you doing?” A voice interrupts. You snap yourself back to reality and lean away from Peter, looking up at your teacher. You can feel the gazes of the other students boring into you, and for a second, you start panicking. Peter looks just as nervous as you.

But if you don’t start making up an excuse soon, you’re both done for. “Uh, there’s - I mean, there was a, uh, thing on his chin.”

“Y-Yeah, she was just checking, um, to make sure. That there wasn’t anything like, a, uh, chemical on my face.” Peter tries to back you up.

“Because that could, like, corrode his skin or give him a chemical burn…I think. And that’s bad.”

The teacher raises his eyebrows. You and him make quite a pair at lying. It seems that together, your excuses are even worse. “We’re using extremely diluted iodide, with gloves, goggles, and pipettes. So I wonder how some of it could have possibly ended up on your face?” He turns his pointed gaze to Peter. Your hands start sweating a little.

“He didn’t say anything about it being on his face, just that I was making sure there wasn’t any,” you say quickly.

“Stay after class,” the teacher finally says, sick of your shenanigans. You slump into your seat and sigh as he turns away. Your E/C eyes shift to Peter, who’s been looking at you. You both do your best to contain your nervous laughter at the ridiculousness of what just happened. 

The feeling churning in you is strange. You feel like you know him already. Peter already feels so familiar, as though you and him have done countless stupid things together. You don’t know why. You’ve never felt that close of a connection with anyone like that, except maybe Spider-Man.

Butterflies flutter in your stomach as your hand brushes his under the table. Your eyes drift to meet his gaze, and you give him a grin before looking back at your worksheet. You have a lot to fill out, so you get to work. 

After class, you both stand side by side in front of the teacher. You really don’t want detention. After all, you have crime fighting to do! And Spider-Man’ll probably get sick of waiting and leave before you even get there. 

You glance at Peter. Has he always been this short? You must be taller than him by at least an inch or so.

“I know this is Chemistry class, but I don’t have time for that kind of chemistry while I’m teaching.” And just like that, your Chemistry teacher destroys you in one sentence. You can feel your ears heating up, eyes glued to the ground. “Understood?”

You both nod quickly and obediently. By the time you both leave, it’s not too late. You can still catch up with Spider-Man if you hurry. You turn to look at Peter, smiling hopefully. 

“I’d better, uh, get going. Lots of homework to do,” you say, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear coyly. Now that you’re alone with him, you’re anxious again.

“You too?” Peter grins a little, going to a bench nearby to get a piece of paper and a pen. “Um, here’s my number. Call me sometime?” He looks just as shy as you do. You gratefully accept the paper with slightly shaky hands.

“I will. Um, maybe tomorrow. I’m seriously loaded tonight,” you give an apologetic smile and adjust your backpack straps.

“That’s okay! Whenever you’re free!” Peter says, clearly just happy that you’re going to call him eventually. 

You laugh and nod, feeling something very special inside you. It’s like fireworks, multicolored and explosive. Or like confetti exploding on your birthday. You don’t really know what it is, but you’ve never felt happier.

BAP’s Reaction to: Your GG Doing a Sexy Concept

Yongguk: blunt gukkie wasted no time in pressing you against a wall, whispering in your ear how much he enjoyed the concept and what it made him want to do to you

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Himchan: he’s known to be a “mother” to the boys, always nagging and taking care of them. So when he sees you after your performance, he first asks if you feel comfortable in the clothing and that you weren’t pressured into it by your manager. Then he asks if your feet hurt from the heels or if you’re too cold/warm. Once he’s sure his baby is okay, he’ll admit that he thinks you look really sexy – “Not that I want to force you into something but if you’re willing …”

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Daehyun: has said he likes women with sweet images but there’s just something so entrancing about seeing the woman he loves sway her hips and perform flawlessly. It wasn’t just the clothing that was sexy but the confident aura you exuded while wearing it. He tries not to clap too enthusiastically as your gg finishes and the music fades out

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Youngjae: I think I’ve read somewhere that he doesn’t want his gf to wear revealing clothing so I think he might be the most uncomfortable with seeing you doing a sexy concept. tbh he’s more uncomfortable about the rest of the world seeing it than anything else. He’s not rude about it though; he praises your performance, tells you your gg just gets better and better. But lowkey shows his dislike by draping his jacket over your shoulders or saying “you must be cold in something so … short?”

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Jongup: this angel is so pure and innocent that he doesn’t understand the sly smirks he’s getting. He only sees his amazing gf wowing the crowd with her talent

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Zelo: felt really awkward since he didn’t know how to react to seeing his gf like that. Of course he likes it but he feels weird about having his hyungs around while your gg performs the sexy concept

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BLIND GUARDIAN lyrics starters

“Too many battles we carry along from the war.”
“I’ve been the herdsman you’ve been my sheep.”
“I hold the key of fortune.” 
“There comes the last part and end of our old age.”
“Show me that you are the son of our God.”
“In earlier chess games we’re playing the part of a soldier.”

“Show me the light in you.”
“Watch out for the day, friend.”
“You can find yourself in it, cause you are a part.”
“To see you must open your eyes.”
“Time is not real.”
“Why’ve you ever forgotten me?”

“The morning sun is near.”
“Look to the mirror, it shows what I am.”
“There’s one to enslave all rings.”
“But I need your helping hand.”
“Welcome to reality.”
“I should better get away from here.”
“What is left behind when purple colours turn to black?”
“The last candle will burn.”

“I wish I knew how to tell You why.”
“Many songs I’ve written about the things I saw ”
“My soul is lost in his black chamber.”
“The sea is calling.”
“I know the answers although they don’t exist.”
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”
“No one will ever know our names.”
“The treasure that I’ve found is more than enough.”
“ ’m looking for those healing things to be prepared.”

“Then I’ll break down the walls around my heart.”
“I’m alive my friend.”
“It’s how that ancient tale began.”
“I came from nowhere, without a task, without a name.”
“I’ve lost my battle before it starts.”
“I’ll bring a new age of better ways.”
“I feel alone. Who really cares?”
“I am your light on through the night.”
“We’re not alone, there’s someone else, too.”

“The enemy is within, everywhere.”
“I did my part, now is your turn.”
“How long shall we mourn in the dark?”
“I still don’t have a clue.”
“I will take part in your damned fate.”
“You are now my guest forever…”
“You’ve searched and you’ve found.”
“Can’t you see that tomorrows bears insanity?”
“We brought hope, but also lies, and treachery.”
“Tears unnumbered you will shet.”
“Just lead my fate to the victory. ”
“I dare you! Come out you coward! Now it’s me or you.”
“A dark seed of evil is grown.“
“So what can we do with our lives when it all begins?”
“Your light will take me home.”
“Thus he died“
“I can’t forget her. Her face will not leave.”
“There they dwelt until they left the world.”
“Thou shall not question my power.”
“I will not rest till I’m king.”
“The night falls and great is the triumph of evil.” 

“You truly are mine.”
“By blindness you’re driven insane.”
“Wake up, it’s time to cross the border.”
“The king’s in town, we need a crown.”
“Will you still wait for me? Will you still cry for me?”
“Wish I’d be a bird of prey.”
“I will never change my mind.”
“Predestined or punished?”
“I do not regret a word I’ve said.”
“At the moment of death I will smile.“

“I have thought that this will never end.“
“You’re part of the game.”
“We will be with you until the end.”
“Stop, be quiet now.”
“I’ve opened my heart and my soul to you. ”
“Is there anyone else here?”
“There are no rules, there’s no plot here.”
“Oh turn the wheel and heal me!”
“They’re one in my rhymes nobody knows the meaning behind.”
“Love you will rain on me.”
“Here’s the new order.”

“We shall stand together one by one.”
“Don’t turn your back on your prodigal son.”
“I will find you, slipping away. I’ll bind you.”
“Like you they all once reach out a war to win.”
“Let him curse my name but remember the truth.”
“And raise my cup for the fallen ones.”
“They consider us slaves. They steal our pride.”
”Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Fear the voice in the dark.”
“Twice I’ll be marked and twice I shall live.”

“We all wait for a new tomorrow.”
“Gods will come and gods will go.“
“We’re the ones you’ve left alone.”
“Will it be me they blame?”
“Don’t try to be cruel, oh, my beautiful child.”
“I’ve traveled far on hiden pathways.”
“Ther must be something in the end.“
“Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Keep your secret inside.“
“That I would call a miracle.”
“We don’t need any hallows.“

anonymous asked:

1/2 I allow you to kill me because I'm gonna do the unthinkable thing: disagree with Toby Stephens. First of all, I bow to him. No one could've played Flint as perfectly as he did. He is unreal! But there is one thing I disagree with him. :) I do not think that rage is Flint's sole motivation. It's the majority of his motivation, no doubt. But I do believe that there is more to it.

2/2 “I cannot believe we are so poorly made as that” and “Freedom in the dark” speeches are too powerful to be a delusion. They are too raw and heartbreaking. He can’t be deluding himself in those moments. He must genuinely believe in it. No way, no way he can deliver those words and not believe in them. Yes, he’s angry and I love him for it. I love that he wants revenge. But I do believe that a little bit of idealism still lives in him and it comes out in those two beautiful speeches.

!!!! i very much agree, actually, with you and with toby. essentially, flint is a character with a dual personality. he’s james mcgraw and james flint, a good man and a ‘villain’, a born cynic and inspired idealist. toby focused on one side of flint while describing him, that is he kind of oversimplified him, which i understand bc what he described is the overpowering, dominant side of flint and the side that was relevant within the context of the story he was currently talking about. flint’s hopeful, kind and forgiving side of him is more subtle, something that’s constantly overshadowed by his still very much present cynicism and distrust of both the system and most people around him. i didn’t think much of toby’s words besides that i agreed with them, but now that you brought it up i have to talk about it. strap in this might get long and boring because it’s me talking about flint ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

speaking of his idealism, what i find so fascinating about this character is his uwavering strength in protecting that fragile sense of hope considering the world he was forced to live in. once that idealism had been instilled, no matter how hellish the struggle the world had put him through was, no matter how fragile that hope had become, it never died. his idealism perservered. and it all started with thomas. this awe-inspiring man whose talks of goodness and kindness in people and need to rethink systemic things made him realize that the world and its people he saw as ‘’brutal and unforgiving’’ weren’t above change for the better. being born a good man, thomas’ overwhelming idealism that could’ve blinded every good soul on the planet took root in james and only grew from that moment on. 

however, flint’s faith never reached the same depth as thomas’. where thomas believed in people in general and saw good in just about everyone, flint’s faith was in individuals. in the few good people in his life he deemed capable enough of changing the world. in people like thomas and miranda (‘’Who better qualified to oversee the building of the New World than Thomas?’‘), and later silver and madi (‘‘And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this? I think that you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance’‘). his trust in those people was steadfast and true. he believed their goodness could’ve changed the world for the better, but more importantly they were a promise, a reminder that somewhere out there must be more people like them, people who can fight the oppression and make a difference. (‘’I cannot believe that that is all there is. I cannot believe we are so poorly made as that.’‘) they were his true idealism, the bridge to a greater world. what breaks my heart the most, though, is that he never really considered himself to be one of them, one of the good guys, so he allowed himself the freedom to take what he believed was his and theirs with fist and sword. i actually talked about this once before. i think flint believed himself to be the tool used to push the boundaries and achieve a breakthrough within the society. someone who would incite a revolution and bring the world to its knees so the good people could recreate a new, better one. he actually admits it on a few ocassions: ‘’I don’t think that there’s a part for Captain Flint in Nassau’s future. Not with the blood on his hands.’‘, and later on when he purposely excludes himself from silver and madi’s future as the leaders of nassau. 

however, putting his faith in people aside as it has been unchanging and deep ever since he first stood up for thomas and miranda, i think his idealism when it comes to the world change itself over time steered in a weird direction. i kind of see his pursuits as two different versions of an ideal world, both fought for with the people he loved and both, despite their difference, unattainable. the one he was trying to achieve with thomas, had they succeeded, would’ve been a very different world than the one he was trying to achieve with silver. to put it simply, the first one would’ve been attained with mercy and forgiveness. the change would’ve been swift and radical, but the world would’ve most likely been unsullied by blood and tragedy. this type of idealism was noble, good, the kind that thomas was preaching about and the kind that inspired james’ own idealism. but as deep-rooted as that idealism was, i think that with time it went a little askew and that ideal world he had envisioned for himself and everybody else after thomas was gone became yet another unachievable goal, only this time with a path to it paved with nothing but blood and tragedy of both the guilty and the innocent. in between his outbursts of rage and violence, flint did try to sue for peace, more than once and in the least destructive ways, and every time the world spat in his face and made him even more aware of its cruelty and resentment of the people like him. with every failed attempt to reason with the civilization he was more driven to simply destroy it all and rebuild from the ashes. with every failed attempt he was moving farther away from where he started, from thomas’ initial attempt for a peaceful and reasonable outcome and steering towards destruction. the idealism still thrived in flint, he believed in everything he said, every powerful, tear-jerking monologue was true to his soul and invoke sympathy, he still believed in those individuals to set them all free, but it all sort of merged with his anger and this obsessive need for vengeance where the ends always seemed to justify the means in his eyes, so what was once pure became something mutilated and questionable rather than inspiring. 

both silver and julius were right in a sense. flint’s desire to change the world so quickly and brutally wouldn’t have resulted in a victory, not yet. the world was too strong for that, and his war was going to be a neverending nightmare for everyone involved. so, really, toby wasn’t wrong. flint is, fundementally, driven by rage and revenge against england for what it did to him and his loved ones. as you said, it’s the majority of his motivation and nearly everything he does or says kind of stems from that, even a part of his idealism. when toby said flint is playing out his own psychodrama on a massive scale, that he’s not waging war for altruistic reasons, that’s very much true and it becomes even more prominent as the seasons go and the world takes more from him. flint is not a freedom fighter. he’s not a hero. we are proven time and time again that he was ready to sacrifice almost whatever and whoever to further his war and reach the outcome he wants. had his goal not had been freedom from the oppression, he wouldn’t have been seen as the ally in the eyes of so many. he knew that what he was doing could’ve benefited everyone, that’s in part how he won the people to his side, and even though i personally believe a certain part of him truly, selflessly wanted to serve that freedom to them bc he was aware of their suffering as much as he was of his own, it still first and foremost had to have benefited him. 

i also have to bring up Lauren Sarner’s review about the last episode here because she talks exactly about this and honestly i trust her judgment when it comes to black sails more than anything:  Flint’s monologue, aside from being beautiful, also reveals his truest nature. Silver sees Flint as being filled with rage, and he is. But deep down, he’s also never relinquished Thomas’s idealism. Flint wanted to wage war against the world, but his belief in his ability to change it — and in Silver and Madi’s ability to see it through — was genuine. To say Flint only fought for rage is only half of the picture.

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40 courferre

“Will you marry me?”

Premise based on true story. Except that I don’t have a good-looking neighbour.

Everything was going smoothly. The frozen pizza was in the oven, the shower was set somewhere between second and third degree burn and music was playing at full volume, while Courfeyrac belted out the chorus with shampoo in his hair.

He was being very efficient. Multi-tasking. A master of organisation.

A song later, Courfeyrac stepped out of the shower, ran a towel in his wet hair and wrapped it around his waist with the satisfaction of someone who’s finally figured out how adult life works. He checked the time: 5 minutes until goat cheese marinara heaven. He even had time on his hands. Confidently, he plugged in his hair dryer and switched it to maximum.

The lights went out. Pitch black. In his hand, the hair dryer stayed cold. In the next room, the oven went suddenly silent. Suddenly, Courfeyrac was very aware of how cold he was. Panic took over.

Quickly, his mind made an assessement of the catastrophe. He was alone in the dark, very wet and very naked, and barely knew how to change a lightbulb, let alone a fuse. 

Courfeyrac groped his way to the bed and found his phone. It was still reasonably early to ask for help. But he’d need to get dressed first. He dried himself up as efficiently as the circumstances permitted and grabbed a random outfit from the wardrobe, using his phone as a torch. Jesus, all that productivity for nothing. And he’d never spoken to his neighbours, ever. Sheepishly, Courfeyrac poked his head in the corridor and knocked on the door right opposite his. No one answered. He insisted.

“Please, er.. Is anybody here? It’s the next door neighbour. Maybe there was a power outage or something, I just-I don’t know. But I’d need-”

The door opened, and Courfeyrac came to two simultaneous conclusions:

  1. He should have bothered to meet his neighbour earlier
  2. His neighbour was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. And that came from someone who counted Enjolras amongst his very selective list of best friends.

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Headcanon! Lavellan got a lot of panic attacks Solas would always comfort her through when she first joined the inquisition, and they lessened over time. After he left, she learned to hide she still gets them time to time from everyone else because she knows she has to fulfill the role of leader Thedas needs her to be. She begins getting them a lot again post-Trespasser because of losing her arm, etc., and Solas comforts her through the Fade without her knowledge.

This somehow became a Sene and Abelas thing. Very lightly sort of NSFW. :sobs:

Here we have “canon” Sene Lavellan: Solas left. Trespasser happened. it’s all true. Everything’s terrible. Thank you, @lavilsa, for the lovely prompt. I’m sorry it kind of got away from me. <3


Her big red hair was like a nest that night, in the Fade. It was a hot halo. Sene’s hair had become an angry place. He had lived there once when it had been butterflies.

“You left,” she said to him. It was all she said those days. They were standing under a huge, tall tree next to the Fade ocean. It was dark. The sky was a purple enemy. He’d been holding her hand, and at first, she’d let him, but now, she yanked it away. “Are you coming back?”

He said nothing. He was a desperate man. “Sene.”

“Why did you summon me here,” she said. “Just to piss on your territory, as usual?”


He was staring at the space between them, huge and tall and wound. He had called out to her, because he had felt her anger across ten thousand metaphysical seas. It scared him. But she didn’t want his comfort. He had ruined this. She wanted to get out of that dream so bad, she got down on her hands and knees, and she started digging in the wet Fade soil. She thought if she kept digging, she’d dig her way right to the center of the boiling earth and come out the other side. Wherever that was, it was better than here.

“Sene,” he said. “Please, wait.”

“I’m not listening,” she said, dirt in her fingernails. “I’m digging. See?”

She was sick of holding hands. Gasping for her breath, she began to panic. She was digging, digging anyway. Digging for dear life. Then.

Awake. Her heart was a wild animal in her chest. She opened her eyes to a hot, dark world, and she was not alone.

“Ise?” It was him, just Abelas. He was the only one who called her that. He was alarmed. She must have been talking again. In their tent, somewhere in the Emerald Graves, there was very little light.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She sat straight up, holding on tight to the implanted joke that was her new left hand. It itched constantly. “I’m sorry, Abelas.” She was sticky. She felt his big, hard hand on the back of her neck. It was a comfort, in its way. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

They looked at each other through the weird shadows of the tent. His eyes were some kind of far away swamp place. Green, wet and warm and sad. She tried as hard as she could to soften up for him that night, but it was no use. “I’m sure.”

He was an easy man at the end of the day. He nodded, letting her have her space.

The next morning, Sene and Abelas fucked up six or seven demons at the crux of two rivers. These were gnarled creatures and had been haunting a local alfalfa farm, killing the goats and the barn cats. This, for Sene, was plain charity. It was how she got to sleep at night. They never accepted payment. They just traveled from problem to problem, fixing things where they could.

They had been on this merry-go-round for two months. Every time they hit a town or village, there was a courier there, waiting for Sene, with a message from Sera or Josephine. Please come home, the notes would say. Please just tell us where you are. Are you okay? Sene would always sign her name at the bottom and send it right back.

She wasn’t heartless. She was just gone.

When the demons were dead, Abelas came over to help her to her feet. They were both sweating. The day was a sweltering hot box, and there were trees on all sides. She picked a dried leaf from his collar and ground it into dust in her palm. He swatted a few bugs out of her hair. Her bow was in the weeds.

“Good work,” he said.

“Where the fuck did they come from?” she said. “I thought the rifts were gone.”

He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“We have to find out,” she said. “There could be a cave nearby. An entrance to the Deep Roads.”

“Could be,” said Abelas. “You want to hunt it now, or later?”

They stared at each other. She said nothing, but he could feel the anger inside her, building into a familiar need that would not go quietly. It was so big, her anger. It could eat entire worlds. It could kill. It could suck his heart from his chest and abandon it, weeping, to the sidewalk.

She took a deep breath. “What do you want to do?” she said.

He said nothing. If she was leaving it to him, he knew what that meant. He tossed his staff and grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard, felt her give beneath him. They backed into a tree. The birds sang overhead the whole time.

There were glimmers these days, when Sene thought she might be happy. In the middle of the night, the aftermath with the grit still in her teeth and in her eyeballs. Abelas was a good man, a powerful specimen, a strong partner. He was her friend. He traveled easy. He listened to her, made her paper cranes in the evenings that would fly around and get caught in her hair and make her laugh. She tried not to think of it too hard as he undressed her that day in the Emerald Graves. That he was in love with her. He always had been. Because she really fucking wished she loved him, too.

Abelas was an ancient elf of considerable power and an excellent mage. He was big and tough but he was soft inside, made of puddles, and she liked that about him. Together, they were doing some good in this world, even if it was patchwork. Even if the Inquisition was dead. Even if it was, ultimately, fruitless.

He could really give her a run for her money though, that part was true. He was not the Wolf, but he would do. It was the story of his life as he took her there, filled her need. Like digging. One day, he thought, if he tried hard enough, maybe he’d find her on the other side. Not so angry. Just a girl, like she’d used to be, smoking dope by the fire and laughing. Sene.

@thevikingwoman I apologize. ;_; for @dadrunkwriting

I Can Protect Myself

“Y/N, you’re late.” Tommy said with a steady voice, looking bored more than anything else as he took a drag of his cigarette.

“I know, I’m sorry.” You say, your eyes barely open as you take your seat at the table. A family meeting at 10 in the morning was one thing, but 10 on a Saturday morning, after you had had a night of heavy drinking wasn’t the best idea. Your head was pounding like crazy as you held something cold to it. Everyone was looking at you, which didn’t help the situation. You opened your eyes to look at them all; the Shelby’s, the closet thing to a family you’ve had since you were little. “Yes, I’m terribly hung over so the faster we can get this over with, the faster I can go back to bed.” You said, sitting back.

“Right…” Tommy began, trying not to be too angry because this meeting was actually about good news. Tommy nodded and everyone’s heads turned to watch a young man walk into the room. You opened one eye to look at him, he seemed uncomfortable, awkward, and out of place. You gave him a once over; from what you could tell he was somewhat of a country boy. He wasn’t terribly hard to look at, you even believed with the right outfit and city air he could be cute, but otherwise you didn’t want anything to do with him, or any guy for that matter. All guys were slime where you were concerned. Although you weren’t sure, you had heard rumors that your boyfriend, James, may have been cheating on you, which may have been the main reason for your heavy drinking and increased attitude. You tried your best to avoid him for a while. You tilt your head back again, closing your eyes as a way to get rid of the pain, but only after rolling them.

“This is Michael Gray.”

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Not too sure if you seen this. But wizard Dadsona bringing the Dads to Diagon Alley, but then introduces the other Dads to his work which is like a Newt Scamander where he goes into his suitcase and takes care off all the fantastic beasts before releasing then back into the wild. One on one reaction please?

((hey! Sorry, I did see this and still had your other ask, it’s just taking me a little while to find the inspiration for this one! I hope this response satisfies, I didn’t want to make you wait any longer haha))


-still very skeptical of the whole wizard thing
-like just really tense about it?? Gets jumpy and scared when he’s in the wizarding world because he doesn’t understand it
-when he finds out what you do though he thinks it’s so sweet??? How could he fall in love with you even more??
-also wants to learn every little detail about the creatures


-is firing off the names of these animals like it’s nobodies business
-literally thinks this is the dopest thing. This is like his dream come true
-that being said, Robert is still Robert, so he plays it cool
-sneaks one of the creatures home in his pocket when no one is looking
-it actually likes him a lot and you can’t bear to separate them


-he’s familiar with most of these creatures but has never seen a lot of them in person before??
-obviously they all love him. He’s amazing with animals and magical animals are no exception
-he’s like Hagrid-level good with creatures
-and it’s probably really cute to see him getting tackled by large and small
creatures alike
-he’s so taken by you in this moment. You’re so perfect for him and he’s astonished


-is losing his gd MIND look at all this cool shit
-like when did you start doing this? How have you been keeping this from him all this time you traitor
-he laughs and asks how he can help
-he wants to take care of the little beasties with you!! Wants to help ya out
-and is probably very good at it honestly


-he always wondered why you seemed to know more about magical creatures than anything else when you told him about your world
-and now he has a clear answer
-he likes the most pet-like ones the most, but finds them all pretty impressive
-thinks you must be like a god if you’re able to handle all these different creatures


-immediately starts taking notes
-asks you to show him around is taking notes the entire time
-“Hugo, most of this information is already written down somewhere”
-“Yes but if I write it down I’ll remember it better”
-he doesn’t want to touch or hold any of them (tbh he’s pretty frightened)
-but he finds them each fascinating in their own ways


-insists you show Carmensita sometime!!
-he thinks it’s pretty impressive but honestly the amazingness of it kind of goes over his head??
-he thinks of it like visiting a zoo. It’s cool and all but they’re just animals
-the fact that they’re incredibly powerful animals doesn’t change that
-but then you bring Carmensita back with you two and Mat’s all of a sudden regurgitating the facts you gave him
-he has a great memory if it means he can show off for his daughter


Left of Center // Suzanne Vega

The first time I ever heard “Left of Center” was live in concert at the Fitzgerald Theater on Mother’s Day, 2003. By that time, Suzanne Vega had reached 44 years of age, smashed out of the New York City folk revival scene with her self-titled debut, topped charts worldwide with “Tom’s Diner,” won a Grammy for “Luka,” married a producer, made two albums with him, divorced him, released another (much better-produced) post-divorce album, assembled a greatest-hits compilation (literally entitled Retrospective), left her label, and embarked upon single motherhood, her daughter only a handful of years younger than me. By the time that May rolled around she had already secured her place in popular music history several times over; in fact, there are probably people who would argue that as she stood alone on the dark stage, guitar in hand, the best moments of her career were already behind her.

But to me, up in the balcony and buzzing with joy, everything felt new. I was eleven years old and it was my first rock concert. I loved Suzanne Vega –– the way you love the music woven into the fabric of your life before you’re old enough to understand anything about genre, or context, or critical reception –– and had joyfully sung every lyric to every song she’d performed so far. I don’t think it occurred to me that she might play something I’ve never heard, that she had even recorded songs other than those I’d already carved into the core of my heart, but then she launched into “Left of Center” and all the breath went out of me.

If you want me
You can find me
Left of center
Off of the strip

Suzanne Vega wrote this song in 1986 for the soundtrack to Pretty in Pink –– ostensibly, it’s written from the point of view of Andie, the pert misfit heroine played by Molly Ringwald who falls in love with Andrew McCarthy’s Blane, an 80’s heartthrob with the personality of a pair of googly eyes glued to a slice of Wonderbread. She’s poor and “quirky,” he’s rich and wears white linen, they end up together despite best efforts by their friends to keep them apart, and if I just spoiled the ending for you then for god’s sake go watch it already. 

I’d certainly never heard of John Hughes (and it was still a blessed two years before the coinage of the term Manic Pixie Dream Girl) when I leaned off the edge of my velvet seat and listened hard to the lyrics of this song. The cultural baggage of the Weird Girl archetype didn’t yet exist for me –– I had no context other than my burgeoning self-awareness, a few first fumbling attempts to knit “gawky grin” with “glasses” with “likes books” into a grown-up self that seemed coherent. I didn’t know much yet about the kind of self I was trying to become. I just knew I’d never heard anything so perfectly describe the position I felt myself to occupy: in the outskirts / and in the fringes / in the corner / out of the grip.

The song came early in her career, but the perspective recurs over and over in Suzanne Vega’s work and in her public persona. She’s smart, she’s strange, she’s an outsider, she’s looking hard at everything in a way that might be just a little too intense. There’s a cool detachment in the way she situates herself and her characters –– always a flinty edge, a slight spookiness, an unnameable something that sets them apart. In this song’s music video, she breaks the fourth wall a few times to stare directly into the viewer’s eyes, brows arched in a private joke, then glances down, away, back at the band or the crumbling walls of the warehouse loft where they’re playing or, my personal favorite, at a collection of photos of herself, arranged on the ground in a curious collage.

A lot of critical articles about Suzanne Vega drop the word “groundbreaking” –– mostly to claim that she paved the way for a wave of expressive young women singer-songwriters of the 90s, that her success made it possible for people like Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos and Ani Difranco to go full mainstream. I will try not to use that word, this week –– it doesn’t quite sit right with me. It seems unreasonable to write off the great women songwriters of the decades previous, to claim that no one had ever done anything like this before. Plus, it plays too well into the standard narrative that surrounds young women who write music: a dazzle-eyed, gape-mouthed awe that any young woman could create smart songs (and so often, when the brief period of public approval vanishes, belittling the emotional vulnerability and candor that make those songs smart in the first place), and subsequent positioning of the young woman in question as a unique exception because of that talent (and it’s always talent –– something innate and magical, never something created through hard work and practice). As if to say, oh, this one, she’s different. Special. Not like the other girls.

Suffice it to say that I think Suzanne Vega is exceptional. She is exceptional to music, and she is exceptional to me, because to me she was first. She broke some ground, but she’s walked where plenty of women have walked before, and will walk again. My favorite thing about this song is how, if you listen to the words, it isn’t a not-like-the-other-girls narrative at all –– I think that somehow / somewhere inside of us / we must be similar / if not the same. Sure, maybe that’s about Andie gazing at Blane, dreaming of joining the rich kid clique, but I hear something different. There’s a gentleness to it, a measured neutrality. A reminder that every margin drawn is essentially arbitrary. An invitation to redraw the borders, or to erase them entirely. A reminder that the Weird Girl is, actually, just a girl like any other, constructing herself out of the world around her –– re-imagining her role model’s pink prom dress so it suits her better, rearranging pictures of herself on the dusty floor. Remember how Taylor Swift plays both characters in the “You Belong With Me” video? It’s like that.

The fall after I saw this concert, looking for a new pair of school shoes for seventh grade, I asked my mom if we could look for “ones like Suzanne Vega had.” She acquiesced, and that’s how I ended up with my first pair of black Converse low-tops. There’s nothing special or unique about that, of course. But I had never noticed them anywhere before I saw them on Suzanne Vega performing live, and she seemed, at the time, to carry herself in a way I thought I could too. Lacing them up made me feel just a little more myself: clear-headed, ready to look at the world, standing slightly off to one side.

crimson-shadows-18  asked:

Well, even though we know many people don't keep up with them, still gotta ask.... What is the Volturi Coven's individual and group New Year's Resolution(s)?

Now I have this mental image of Aro dragging his coven into their evil sitting room, pulling a whiteboard out of somewhere, giving them erasable markers, and telling them to jot down their New Year’s resolutions because it’ll help them bond as a family. Half an hour later, the board says something like this:

  • The Cullens must be destroyed.
  • Sulpicia, no.
  • Do something about the bat problem
  • How dare you? Let’s do something about the Caius problem instead.
  • Fewer family meetings.
  • Possibly acquire a better family?
  • Marcus is ungrateful. Let’s replace him. 
  • With a potted plant.
  • Be nicer to Marcus.
  • Find out Carlisle’s home address
  • Take away Aro’s internet access
  • Disney World? 

And this is why the Volturi don’t do New Year’s resolutions often. 

Here are the summaries of the Veraverse fics that could have been

Bear in mind, these descriptions ARE NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE IN ENGLISH. This is a translation from the Spanish summaries from the deValier in Spanish profile in Which means this is a translation I’ve made with my knowledge of the inverse translation classes as a student. So please, do not copy or anything without asking me first. Yes, these are George’s fics, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent time wrecking my brain to try and come up with a version of what these paragraphs must have orginally been in English so that you guys can have access to them. Here they go: 

Somewhere In France With You (Franis Bonnefoy/Matthew Williams)

Sweetheart, what a better place is there to meet again than the most beautiful city in the world? 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Toris Laurinitis/Feliks Łukasiewicz)

Art. Music. Passion. Destruction. Wild and young love on the eve of war in the streets of Berlin. 

When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Berwald Oxenstierna/Tino Väinämöinen)

I’ve taken this from the excerpt linked in georgedevalierheadcanons

“What would you do if I just… took this tree? Claimed it for Finland?”
“I’d let ye take it.”
“This Lake?”
“Ye can have it.”
“This entire forest?”
“t’s yours.”
“Would you let me take your whole country, Berwald?”
“Yes. And you? What'f I just… took this rock?”
“You can’t have that rock. That’s a Finnish rock.”

You’ll Never Know  (Elizaveta Héderváry/Lili Zwingli)

“Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a lovely Swiss girl with plaits and a basket who likes to yodel from the top of the mountains.”

Elizaveta hated it when Gilbert was right.

When the Lights go on Again (Eduard Von Bock/Raivis Galante)

“I’ll stay with him through this darkness. I’d give up my soul to protect him from it. And I swear, no matter what I have to do, that Raivis Galante will live to see the lights go on again.”

Room Five-Hundred-and-Four (Herakles Karpusi/Kiku Honda)

“The most important conversations in life you have in bars. Maybe in places not unlike this one  – maybe between people not so different from us. It’s in bars, after all, where people meet each other and where they come to be happy, where they forget and they say goodbye. This is the crossroads of life.”

“You sound like a philosopher. Although your name suggests a hero.”

Faraway Places (Bad Friends Trio)

“Ah, those were the days, huh, Gil? Remember when you tried to confront the entire parisian police?”

“Or that time when you knocked yourself out while trying to escape from that bull in Pamplona?”

“Or the time when Francis tried to flirt with your grandfather?” 

“Francis did what?”

“Oh, look, I’ve already finished my drink.”

Autumn Leaves (Augustus Roma Vargas)

“But I miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall.” 

So, this is what we could’ve had. I’ll sure miss George’s stories, but I just hope he’s alright. He’s given us a tremendous gift just by writing his fics and has been one of the biggest writers in the Hetalia fandom, so all we have left is to appreciate him :)

Thanks for reading!

More Morris HC's

•Morris kept his hair long one summer, and he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with half of the newsies staring at him, so after that summer he cut it short again ( much to the dismay of the newsies who had grown crushes on him, for he looked quite good with his long hair)
•He’s a sucker for romance, he loves love songs, love stories, and even poems about love. He believes in true love, and even longs for it, even though he feels unworthy of love, especially considering he is seen as a villain by most of Manhattan, and by himself most of all. Love doesn’t come true for the boys who cause harm to others.
•He hates that he must hurt others and steal from the rich just so that he can continue to live with his brother under Weisel’s roof. He would run if he had somewhere better to go, but he doesn’t know where he’d go if he did run.
•He enjoys musicals
•He’s loved reading since he learned how. He enjoys getting to escape into other worlds and not having to think of his own life for a while.
•His favorite so far is War and Peace. His second favorite is Les Miserables​.


Chissà se qualcuno di voi qui in questo “mondo” virtuale ha mai tradotto questa vecchia canzone..
“Noi siamo il mondo”

E spero non abbiate “vergogna” di sporcare il vostro tumblr rebloggando gli occhi di questi bambini innocenti..
La cui unica “colpa” è la speranza di vivere in un mondo migliore..

“Noi siamo il mondo”

Arriva un momento in cui abbiamo bisogno di una chiamata,
quando il mondo deve tornare unito
C’è gente che muore
ed è tempo di aiutare la vita,
il più grande regalo del mondo.

Non possiamo andare avanti fingendo di giorno in giorno che qualcuno, da qualche parte, presto cambi le cose.
Tutti noi siamo parte della grande famiglia di Dio e, lo sai, in verità l’amore e tutto quello di cui abbiamo bisogno.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce,
quindi cominciamo a donare.

E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

Manda loro il tuo cuore
così sapranno che qualcuno vuol loro bene e le loro vite saranno più forti e libere.
Come Dio ci mostrò, mutando la pietra in pane, così tutti noi dovremmo dare una mano soccorritrice.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce, quindi cominciamo a donare.
E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

Quando sei triste e stanco, sembra non ci sia alcuna speranza,
ma, se tu hai fiducia, non possiamo essere sconfitti.
Rendiamoci conto che le cose potranno cambiare solo
quando saremo uniti come una cosa sola.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce,
quindi cominciamo a donare.

E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

We Are The World

There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
and it’s time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can’t go on pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of God’s great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Well, send them your heart so they know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
Well, well, well, let’s realize that a change can only come
When we stand together as one

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

1. Things are different. He kisses girls who smoke too much and you run around from guy to guy trying to glue your heart back together.

2. His trust means nothing to you now. He said he’s changed? Yea well he also said he’d never hurt you.

3. You two no longer live in that perfect bubble somewhere in Utopia. Everything turned real the minute he walked out that door. Now you must live in a world where reality has set in. He left you crying on your bedroom floor begging for him to stay, there’s no coming back from that.

4. You deserve better. You’ll hear this a lot over the next few months but the minute you realize it’s true is the moment you’ll completely let go. You deserve someone who would tear themselves to pieces just to make you whole again.

5. You can’t always be the one fighting. You were there when things got bad and he needed you to stand by him. You were there to feed his ego again and again. But when you didn’t want to leave the house for a month straight because the thought of him not in your life left you unable to move, he was out throwing back shots of vodka and slipping his hands up strange girl’s shirts.

6. He never loved you, another harsh realization. Those words that came out of his mouth so beautifully, those words that you clung to so tightly, he’ll repeat them all to his new girl. He treated you like some sort of possession he was always trying to win over, that is not love.

7. He has already moved on. You’re sitting on your couch wondering if he’s thinking about you and guess what? He isn’t. Stop waiting for that call and stop checking your phone for that text.

8. He will however miss you someday. Probably when he comes to realization that no other woman will put up with his shit. When the time comes and he calls, answer and let him hear you moan as your new man makes love to you like he never could.

9. He’s not who you thought he was. They weren’t kidding when they say love is blind. You’ll see a lot of things in light that you didn’t see when you were together. His fake persona will soon reveal itself and you’ll finally see him for the boy he really is.

10. You CAN live without him. It will take you a long time to realize this. Some nights will be better than others. There will be days where you’ll go out with your girlfriends and you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed someone else to complete you. Then there will be days when you can’t get out of bed. You can’t eat, can’t sleep and a lot of the time you’ll feel like you can’t breathe, but take a few deep breathes and remind yourself that you were fine before him, and you’ll sure as hell be fine after him.

—  Ten reasons for moving on

you’re my best friend // a playlist with lyrics for your Best Friend who means the whole damn world to you

We’re Going to Be Friends The White Stripes / Somewhere Only We Know (cover) Glee Cast / Old And Out Of Tune Patent Pending / Home Phillip Phillips / Futile Devices Sufjan Stevens / Must Have Done Something Right Relient K / Better Meghan Tonjes / Count On Me Bruno Mars / Umbrella (cover) All Time Low / Best Friends Stevie Frank / Yellow Coldplay / Home Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / BFFF Bowling for Soup / Rescue The Summer Set / For Good Wicked

everyoneelsehasallthegoodurls  asked:

Got any new arranged marriages? Thanks!

i got some. you got the payment? (its love. all i require is love. world domination would be nice though.)

A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse (29/29 | 115,506 | NC17)

“I’m sorry, I believe there’s something wrong with my hearing,” Stiles said. “Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me.”
Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn’t misheard a damn thing.
After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.
Months later, there’s an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won’t last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott’s brother.
In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.

Like Heaven Catching Lighting by weathervaanes (1/1 | 41,519 | NC17)

Prince Stiles of Cor has always known, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he was never truly going to marry for love. Fighting it has only made it worse. Now, presented with a choice between two children of the Hale family of Ignis, Derek and Cora, he must make the decision to determine who will rule by his side. If only it were that simple.
“Tell me,” he says, taking a drink. “If your sister does accept me as her husband, would you be pleased for her fortune or yours?”
Derek sets down the pitcher and moves further into the room, removing his vest and setting it over a chair. “I don’t believe that’s a fair question. If she finds happiness in your kingdom, by your side, of course I’ll be pleased for her.”
“And relieved, I imagine.”
Derek turns, arms crossed over his chest. “Would you be?”

These Four Walls by pandabomb (4/4 | 38,890 | R)

“Is your place a mess? Do you wish you had someone to take care of you and cater to your needs? Then reach us online at Your human companion awaits!”
In a world controlled by werewolves, lone alpha Derek Hale buys a mail-order human.

Bubbles by always_addicted (11/11 | 58,195 | NC17)

Stiles knew he was in trouble the minute his father sat next to him with *that* look on his face. But he didn’t expect the words “Governor Hale’s son” and “arranged marriage” to come spilling out of the Sheriff’s mouth. But really, he should’ve known it would be bad. He just couldn’t imagine anything worse.

Consort by Rikudemyx (61/61 | 108,883 | NC17)

Crown Prince Stiles Stillinski was born into war, as was Derek. When Derek makes a throw away comment, his mother, Queen Talia comes with an idea how to end it. Cue arranged marriage.