there must always be a stark at winterfell

someone: do you watch game of thrones?

me: not for years, but I have an exquisitely plotted story in my head about how Sansa Stark serves as lady of winterfell and falls in love with another northern lady but she doesn’t realize it’s Love Love because she’s just like “what very good friends we are :)” and the other woman is really good at resource management and where to put latrines so people don’t get sick, and they work together and are best friends and maybe more?? Yes, more. It’s a fifteen episode miniseries about rebuilding after war, peacetime governance, and gentle gay love, sexuality, and trust. I have the camera angles all planned out. Arya is there, and she has twelve direwolves puppies that cause mischief. At some point, the whole north is like “There Must Always Be A Stark In Winterfell And It’s Fine If She’s A Lesbian” 

Robb Imagine...

IMAGINE…being the granddaughter to Walder Frey and being chosen as Lady Catelyn’s ward and Robb Stark’s betrothed.

((Just a little something short that came to mind as I try to get back into the swing of writing for this fandom!))

Word Count: 1,285

Warning: None

You were in the hall when Lady Catelyn was brought in to speak to your grandfather. You watched her closely. Wondering why the Lady of Winterfell, the wife to the Hand of the King, and the daughter to your grandfather’s liege lord was standing there begging something from the “Late” Walder Frey. You were given your answer just moments after. You weren’t too surprised. You did your best to remain away from everyone else at the Twins, meaning you missed out on all the gossip of the Seven Kingdoms.

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a game of quoteswaps (3/??): throbb + community (s01e18, “basic genealogy”)

The problem with the show's Northern Plot

It amazes me how replacing Sansa’s Vale plot with the Northern plot has fucked over every one of the Stark siblings.

The Northern plot of the books encompasses Jeyne Poole’s story, the North actually remembering, Stannis rallying it’s lords, Davos going to find Rickon, armies marching for “Ned’s little girl”, Jon’s personal connections with Ramsay and dying to save Arya…. all of which was wrapped into Sansa’s mishmash of a plot in s5-7.

And god did that screw everything up for the Starks.

I mean on Sansa’s side she loses her entire training arc. Post ASoS/s3-4 is so clearly the “training montage” phase for the Starklings preparing them for the next stage of their journey. (Which makes sense with the original 5 year jump). Bran’s training with the 3 Eyed Raven, Arya with the Faceless Men and Jon with the Night’s Watch as Lord Commander. Cutting out Sansa’s Vale plot means skipping the part where she actually learns things – politics, manipulation, “playing the game”, even running a freaking household – in favour of being abused for yet another season.

Sure D&D still gave her all those skills – and more – in s6 and 7. But all that ended up doing was raise criticisms of Sansa being a Mary Sue and that she was pulling all these random abilities out of a hat. How is Sansa this amazing politician? Why should she be Lady of WF with no experience? How does she know how to prepare WF for winter? Or lead all the Northern lords? Why is she the only person who knows how to design armour?

Which leads on to the screwing over of all the other Starks roles. Putting Sansa in the North has completely undermined all her sibling’s importance to the Northern plot. What’s more, D&D removed attachments Jon, Arya, Bran and Rickon have to the North and Winterfell, while increasing Sansa’s despite her having the least in the books.  

Because, and I can’t believe this is still a debate, in the books Sansa was always the least Northern and most Southern of all her siblings. That’s not an insult or implying she’s lesser because of it. That’s how her character was designed.

Let’s play Which of these characters is the most logical to become ruler of Winterfell and the North:

a) The Builder: Every-Stark-generation-must-have-a-Bran, training in ancient Northern magic basically, been in the North the whole time, was actually taught how to rule WF as it’s lord, was “the Stark in WF”, knows parts of WF that no one else does and literally compares himself with it, trueborn son, warg, wolf living.

b) Literal Queen of the Wolves: Only trueborn child to inherit the Stark look, her wolf/other half leading a giant pack, has the most wolf imagery/association of all the Starklings, has “the wolf blood” refers to people as her pack, Northerners marching in her name, has casual chats with the old gods, dislikes the South and Southern ways, constantly meeting and helping Northeners on her journey, warg, wolf living. 

c) Lord Commander: Spent the whole time in the North, had a ton of leadership training, serving Northern institution, alliances with Wildings, inherited the Stark look, warg, wolf living.

d) The Lady: Learned Southern ways and Southern politics, married off to a Southerner, struck out of succession, few references/connections to the North,  no warg, dead wolf. 

I mean really, how is this a discussion.

But in the show, Sansa is the one who returns first, gets speeches about how Winterfell is her home, persuades Jon to retake their home, attempts to rally the Northerners, kills Ramsay, gets a shit ton of focus as Lady of Winterfell and negotiates with the Northern lords. Her Southern connections, Robb striking her out his will and even as far back as her actions betraying Ned to Cersei are removed.

Meanwhile her siblings…

Rickon – Plot with Davos searching for him to rally the Northern lords? Gone. Rickon is a pawn to get Sansa and Jon to face Ramsay and killed off.

Bran – Intimately connected with Winterfell and still clinging to his identity? The significance of having the Stakiest of Stark names? References to his place as heir to WF? Gone. Bran of the show is a living google search bar, largely it seems to justify why Sansa remains Lady of WF/Ruler of the North when he rocks up again.  

Arya – Jesus christ where to start. “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives,” Jeyne Poole posing as her, the Northern lords rallying for ‘Ned’s little girl’? Even further back, every Northener she meets along her journey, her warging abilities, link with Nymeria, her taking on Northern justice of passing the sentence/swinging the sword and her conversation with the actual old gods of the North? Gone. But Sansa gets the lone wolf line, passes judgement, reclaiming WF, leading the charge against Ramsay.

Jon – Implication he was made Robb’s heir, his personal hatred of Ramsay because of Arya, dying because he tried to save Arya from Ramsay? Gone. Yes he was made KitN but in a way that made him look like a dick and to get the audience on Sansa’s side thanks to her moving with no justification because Sansa was in the North instead of the Vale and they removed Robb’s will which would give Jon justification. Instead of working against Ramsay to rescue Arya, it’s connected to Sansa and what Sansa suffered at Ramsay’s hands.

Also, the general fact that Sansa sets up home base at Winterfell with all its people…. while Arya and Bran just get welcomed home by her then fade into the background so she can get on with being ruler of Winterfell.

Not only does is all the pack/family emphasis of the Starks go to Sansa but she’s acknowledged as the leader as well. Which utterly undermines the rest of the Starkling’s abilities, characterization and importance.

Now, obviously not every removal of Jon, Arya, Bran and Rickon’s Northern connections was because of Sansa. But it’s pretty damn obvious that D&D weakened all of their significance to prop up Sansa. Because apparently her actual plot wrapped up in the South and politics and the game wasn’t good enough.  

So, when people ask why I get pissed off at the idea of Sansa as QITN? Because D&D had to take down every single one of her more Northern-leaning siblings to justify her getting that position.

Stark Words and Stark Obligations

There are several questions in relation to the Starks and Winterfell and I think I have an idea how they are all connected.

First, the questions.

  • Why are the Stark words the ominous ‘Winter is coming’?
  • Why doese there always have to be a Stark in Winterfell?
  • What is the significance of the crypts?

I think, I have an inkling, and here is my crackpot (?) idea.

The Starks are the only family in Westeros that has no house words connected to their family or their family pride. Nothing like ‘High as honour’, ‘Hear me roar’ or something like that. No, for the Starks it is a prophecy, a warning of the war for the dawn that is to come, of the White Walkers and perpetual winter. All the house words carry a strong obligation, but the Starks’ obligation is to stay alert and to brace for what is to come. Why?

I think, it is because the Night King was a Stark. Old Nan told Bran about the Night King, how he fell in love with one ice-cold fairy queen being, who must have been one of the White Walkers. Only a combined force of the wildlings and Starks unseated the Night King and destroyed his reign of terror. As a result, the Starks as a family have an obligation to stand ready for the next attack of the Others/White Walkers and perhaps to reforge old alliances. Guess, who has an alliance with the wildlings? Jon Snow, currently King in the North. As a family redemption the Starks have to cling to their words and fulfill their duty once winter comes again.

And I think, that’s the reason why they are all buried in Winterfell and why they are buried with weapons and why they all have statues is connected to the duty of the Starks to stand for humanity in the war for the dawn. Their duty does not die with them.

I think, that in the hour of greatest need the current Stark can call upon the kings of winter of old to help the cause of humanity. And that is the ultimate reason why there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

The Stark in Winterfell is the only person who can call for help, and imagine how very useful an army of Stark kings’ statues would be against Undead Wights. This might even be the reason why the Three eyed raven reached out to Bran. Bran has to know this. And isn’t it nice foreshadowing that Bran is not only a Stark, but also half Tully and the Tullies of Riverrun are the only other family whose words carry a strong moral obligation to do the right thing: Family, duty, honour.

Since Jon is Rhaegar’s son, the next lord of Winterfell in line, is Bran, and just imagining Bran calling out for the old kings to help give me shudders. Wouldn’t it be super-cool, if he would call out with his new powers to wake the Kings of Winter from their sleep to fight against the Others/White Walkers?

Bran Stark Week:Day 6:  Name Foreshadowing

 When I was first reading the series I was wondering why didn’t Ned named his firstborn son after his dead brother instead of his second one. Robb was born around a year after his brother died and Ned was deep down feeling that Winterfell should be Brandon’s. Wouldn’t naming his heir after the same brother somehow make up for it? After all, Winterfell will be one day inherited by a “Brandon” as Ned was feeling that it should be.

Then I read about the red wedding and I realized that this wasn’t meant to be poor Robb Stark’s fate, just like it was never meant to be his uncle’s fate,either. History repeats itself and just like Ned once became the Lord of Winterfell despite being the second son of his House, now his second son is the current heir of Winterfell. Only that son is named Brandon (Bran). And the circle is complete with Winterfell belonging once again to a Brandon:

That brought a bitter twist to Ned’s mouth. “Brandon. Yes. Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. You, Winterfell, everything. He was born to be a King’s Hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me." 

In a poetic way, Bran is not only his father’s heir but his uncle’s too. He’s the Brandon that will be able to do what the previous one couldn’t because of his sudden death. An interesting detail is that Brandon currently has his uncle’s sword in his possession.

[…]Brandon  took his namesake’s, the sword made for the uncle he had never known. He knew he would not be much use in a fight, but even so the blade felt good in his hand. 

However, Bran doesn’t only share the same name with the uncle he never knew.  The legendary founder of the House Stark was also named Brandon Stark. Interestingly enough, he was also known as Bran the Builder, as he’s the one who built Winterfell and the Wall. When Arya and Ned discuss about Bran’s fate, the latter tells his daughter that Bran could possible one day become like Brandon the Builder and raise castles,too.

"He was going to be a knight,” Arya was saying now. “A knight of the Kingsguard. Can he still be a knight?”
“No,” Ned said. He saw no use in lying to her. “Yet someday he may be the lord of a great holdfast and sit on the king’s council. He might raise castles like Brandon the Builder, or sail a ship across the Sunset Sea, or enter your mother’s Faith and become the High Septon." 

Currently Winterfell is in ruins. Bran has even linked it to his own disability calling it “broken” like him yet avoiding to call it “dead” ; because a part of him doesn’t want to give it up and it will never given up hope for Winterfell’s rebirth.

At the edge of the wolfswood, Bran turned in his basket for one last glimpse of the castle that had been his life. Wisps of smoke still rose into the grey sky, but no more than might have risen from Winterfell’s chimneys on a cold autumn afternoon. Soot stains marked some of the arrow loops, and here and there a crack or a missing merlon could be seen in the curtain wall, but it seemed little enough from this distance. Beyond, the tops of the keeps and towers still stood as they had for hundreds of years, and it was hard to tell that the castle had been sacked and burned at all. The stone is strong, Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I’m not dead either.

Now who would be the a better choice to rebuild Winterfell, that Bran Stark the heir to Winterfell and also namesake of Brandon the Builder? I feel like Martin has put small hints in all the books that foreshadows that Bran’s endgame will be his return to Winterfell and the castle rising from the ashes thanks to him.

After all, the name “Brandon” is inextricably linked to Winterfell. One look to Winterfell’s history can confirm that. Or Bran’s chapters when he’s in the Crypts and so many statues of former Stark Kings and Lords are named Brandon.I’ll end up my analysis with one quote about how Old Nan has fused together all the Brandons in her head. Maybe our Bran Stark is meant to inherit all the virtues of the previous Brandons  of Winterfell.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, Brandon the Builder had raised Winterfell, and some said the Wall. Bran knew the story, but it had never been his favorite. Maybe one of the other Brandons had liked that story. Sometimes Nan would talk to him as if he were her Brandon, the baby she had nursed all those years ago, and sometimes she confused him with his uncle Brandon, who was killed by the Mad King before Bran was even born. She had lived so long, Mother had told him once, that all the Brandon Starks had become one person in her head.


Ok, so here’s a thought. What if in Season 8

1. Brienne arrives in Winterfell with Jaime and the Starklings are all: “we don’t want to have an audience with Jaime. Why? What do you mean why? He pushed Bran out of the window that’s why. We want him in the dungeon!” And Brienne goes, “but we’ve all done something that was vile and wrong and we were given second chances!” And the Staklings are still, “Nope, no!” So Jaime gives Brienne a “fuck loyalty, huh?” look before Brienne very gently nudges him inside his cell. She warns him, “I’ll be back, try not to escape.” 

2. Meanwhile Sam and Bran tell Sansa and Arya Jon’s true parentage and Arya is like, ‘No! That’s not true! Jon’s my brother!’ But Sansa tells Sam to send a raven to the Citadel, “I want a written letter confirming the authenticity of this book!” And Sam goes, “You want me to write to the Citadel about the book I stole?” and the Starklings, go, “Uhm, yes? That’s exactly what we want you to do, is there a problem?” and Sam leaves them, on the verge of tears. So Arya asks, “what are we going to do?” And Sansa very regally juts out her chin and says, “what father had been doing all his life, we will protect Jon.” And Arya goes, “Fuck yeah!” And then Sansa very queenly tells her, “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.” Arya is not sure what this means but Bran merely nods in agreement and Arya is all, “what the fuck is going on here?” 

3. Jaime is granted an audience with the Starklings and he tells them about the Golden Company and then pledges his life to Sansa, and Sansa tells him to arise and all that shit and then she goes, “We will ride for Riverrun. You will pretend to be my prisoner.” And Jaime is all, “are you fucking kidding me?” Sansa raises her eyebrows at him, “does this bring you dishonor? To pretend to be captured by the family whose family you have slaughtered?” And that shuts up Jaime. Sansa declares, “Robb was King in the North and The Trident. I am Catelyn Stark’s eldest daughter, The Trident is mine.” Bran nods and Arya is all, “The Starks are coming for ya!” Sansa tells Arya, “when Jon arrives, don’t make trouble, we need him safe. He must not know yet. No one must know yet. Just make him suffer for bending the knee. But not the ‘I’ll cut your face and wear it’ shit, ok? He’ll cry.”

4. Jon arrives in Winterfell but Sansa is not there. He’s half relieved, half-crazy with worry, esp since Littlefinger is not creepily hanging out at the back. “Where is Sansa?” he asks, all broody and dark eyed and Arya very sadly says, “she’s gone.” And Jon goes all pale and wild eyed with grief and he looks like he’s about to stab himself with Longclaw when Bran says, “hey chill out, she’s out gathering armies for you because Cersei isn’t going to help you and will in fact attack the North with a bunch of Unsullied except only they have cocks, so they’re easier to bribe.” Jon and Dany both go: whaaaaat? While Tyrion is all: oh, shit! Dany announces, “I will go back south and take what is rightfully mine!” But Jon and Tyrion stops her, “you can’t! You promised the North! What kind of Queen are you if you will not hold your word?” Dany and Jon goes off to sulk. Separately.

5. Sansa rallies The Trident, presenting them with the Kingslayer and she tells them that all the women and children can leave for the impregnable Vale, where they will be safest. It would be the last to fall if the wars reach them. She will distribute the provisions the Blackfish had secured in Riverrun but she will need their help. Rumors about the wight in Kings Landing had reached them and because Sansa is honest and bad ass and is the daughter of Cat, the sister of Robb and the one who captured the Kingslayer for justice, they rally behind her. Also it’s winter, if anyone can get them through winter, its the Starks. Winter is coming, they always say and you can bet your ass they know exactly what to do in winter.

6. Cersei, upon hearing that Sansa has Jaime tells the The Golden Company to forget about Dragonstone, she ain’t getting shit from Dragonstone anyway. She wants Sansa and Jaime captured alive so she can punish them herself. She sends the Mountain with them whose sole task is to beat the shit out of Jaime and take the Stark Girl. The Golden Company camp a few miles away from Riverrun, ready to attack. But during the night, they are attacked by a bunch of giant feral wolves. Those that escapes blindly ran into Riverrun and are soundly defeated by Sansa’s army. The Mountain almost takes Sansa, but Jaime very neatly cuts off his legs and well, gravity.  

7. Bran doesn’t need ravens and shit so he announces to the Northern Lords, to Team Bend The Knees, that Sansa has defended The Trident and is – gasp – heading towards King’s Landing. Dany doesn’t take it well and while planning her next move, she made the mistake of calling Sansa’s actions treasonous, punishable with death and Jon is not having any of that. He slams his fist on the table, making Dany jump, “YOU. DO. NOT. THREATEN. MY. SISTER. EVER.” Dany, shaken, lifts up her head and coolly says, “Oh, so now it’s my sister, you think I haven’t noticed how you act every time someone says her name?” and Jon is all, “what the fuck you talking about?” And that is the beginning of TargBowl.

8. The Lords of the Trident forgives Jaime because he saved their queen and he fought valiantly. Sansa tells him that he is longer a “prisoner” but is now her sworn sword. Jaime winks at Brienne and Brienne is as always, none too amused. Jaime tells Sansa she should go back to Winterfell, but Sansa shakes her head, “no, I don’t want to”, all pouty and sad eyed and Jaime figures it out, because he’s so been there and done that. He’s not at all sympathetic, “you foolish girl! You’re in love with your brother. Well, half-brother but… oh, seven hells…look at me and Cersei” and Sansa is indignant, “I am not Cersei and Jon is not you.” She almost tells Jaime that Jon is actually her cousin, thank you very much, but she has more sense than that, thank God for character development.

9. Sansa asks for Theon’s help and Theon pledges all the remaining Greyjoy ships to her cause. Sansa arrives in King’s Landing and tells the people that they need not fear Cersei anymore. Those who do not wish to be part of the coming war are free to go and they can seek shelter at The Trident, The Vale or even The North. Those brave enough can join her in taking King’s Landing from Cersei. Cersei sees the futility of killing the people of KL and burning it down to the ground. She’s done that already. And she hates being redundant. Also, all things considered, this is much better than dealing with dragons and so she readies her remaining armies. The people of KL is already sick of Cersei’s shit, so they wisely flock to Sansa.

10. Jon and Dany battles the Night King and the army of the dead and are triumphant but Drogon fought Viserion to death and now she only has Rhaegal. Sansa and Jaime battles Cersei. 

Meanwhile in KL, Jaime kills Cersei, but not before he gets fatally wounded by Euron (sorry, Brienne + Jamie fans) Euron tries to flee, but is killed by The Greyjoylings. Cersei, Euron and Jaime dies. Sansa does not want the Iron Throne, but she makes the reveal of all reveals: she is taking the Iron Throne, in behalf of Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen – no, the other Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son from Lyanna Stark, the true heir of the Iron Throne and who is fighting in The North so that they will not have to face the horrors of the Night King’s Army. The people cheer for their king because they are sexist shits, but it’s not their fault, that’s how it was during those times. Sansa leaves Edmure and Lord Royce to take care of anything that needs taking care of while she’s gone. Sansa is so done with the South and she immediately rides North.

11. Dany is PISSED. She is FUMING MAD. She did not help the North defeat the White Walkers to be usurped by her NEPHEW. She thinks Jon deliberately did not tell her about his parentage and she was tricked by the WHOLE FUCKING NORTH, the STARKS most especially. Jon on the other hand is terrifically wounded but he’ll survive. He is CONFUSED and MOPEY and he’s all “NO. WAIT. WHAT? YOU’RE MY AUNT? SANSA IS MY COUSIN?!’ And is in no shape or form ready for another war. Dany wants to take Rhaegal and finally take the Iron throne but she is killed by… Tyrion or Varys. Or both of them. I don’t know. No one knows. No one saw it happened. So Jon is all, “but I don’t want the Iron Throne! It does not belong to the Targaryens. When is Sansa coming back home? Will she back soon? I miss her.” And Tyrion is, “well who the fuck does it belong to?” And Bran goes, “to the Baratheons.” And everyone groans out loud because they’ve had enough of these reveals and they make Bran promise that Gendry Baratheon will be the absolute LAST reveal. Sansa returns to Winterfell, triumphant and she’s so happy and she hugs Arya and goes, “the Storm Land is yours.” But Arya is all, “I don’t want to be a LADY!” and Sansa smiling sweetly almost evilly tells her, “yes, of course, you’re no Lady. You’re Queen.” 

The Greyjoys are finally given their right and freedom to rule over their Island provided that they stop being assholes to everyone else. Yara and Theon are only happy to make peace with the rest of the Kingdom. The Vale and The Trident refuses to be parted from their Queen and so The Vale and The Trident are under the protection of the North. The rest of the houses also want the guidance of a King and Queen because they’re all lazy fucks and do not want the headache of ruling separate kingdoms. And so the South is ruled by Queen Arya Stark and the North is ruled by Queen Sansa Stark – because, fuck yeah for Stark women!

12. It takes a year and a half for Jon and Sansa to sort out everything, but they finally do it, to the relief of Tormund, because Brienne had told him she will not be stolen by Tormund unless Jon and Sansa becomes King and Queen in the North and Tormund had begged and begged Jon to just man up and steal Sansa, which Jon finally does. And Tormund could never be happier. He is already planning on how to steal Brienne.


Ok. WAIT. 

I think I want to actually write this as a fanfic, be right back.

Treason (Robb Stark x Reader)

REQUEST: Hi there! Could I request a Robb Stark x Female!Reader?? Where Theon takes over Winterfell and tries to get it on with her but Robb swoops in and saves the day?? Thank you so much! Have a good day xx 

a/n: hello love! this was actually really fun to write! after last weeks episode, i was In The Mood to shit on theon and this was Perfect for that. writing robb and theon’s exchange made me think of anakin and obi wan in revenge of the sith lmao. ps: i made the reader an umber?? if that’s relevant? anyways, onto the fic lol 

ALSO NOTE: sorry this is late, i ended up on an unexpected trip to san fran! im exhausted so this may not be my greatest work and for that i apologize!! (because im away from home, i am on mobile! double apologies for format errors!)

anyways, i hope you enjoy! @thatswrite 

 WORD COUNT: 1,386 


Y/N of House Umber had been a ward of Winterfell since she was ten years old. Her father had hoped that she would grow close to Lord Stark’s oldest son, Robb, and that a betrothal would follow when they were of age. 

Robb had been two-and-ten when Y/N arrived at Winterfell. Initially, he, Jon, and Theon had been unwilling to include Y/N in their adventures around Winterfell, but this hadn’t bothered Y/N one bit. She would simply hold her chin up to their taunts of ‘you can’t, you’re a girl’ and go off on her own adventures. 

Finally, when Robb was four-and-ten, he realized that perhaps a female playmate or even sparring companion wouldn’t be so bad. He had watched Y/N hold her own playing with the stable boys and other children around Winterfell and had grown jealous. He began going out of his way to include Y/N in his, Theon’s, and Jon’s games of chase, pausing only when the boys were called away to train. 

Theon spent the majority of his time with the other three leering at Y/N and making crude comments as she blossomed from a girl into a young woman. None of the other’s thought anything of it, assuming Theon meant nothing by it. That his constant talk of Y/N and how much he desired her meant nothing. After all, everyone in Winterfell knew that Y/N was Robb’s just as Robb was Y/N’s.

Robb had known as well as Y/N that a betrothal was expected of them, but neither seemed to mind. They were close friends bordering on a courtship and already knew they were happy together. The Starks all enjoyed Y/N’s company and approved of the match, Ned and Catelyn happy that at the very least, one of their children would marry for love. 

Y/N and Robb were officially betrothed when Robb was ten-and-eight and Y/N was ten-and-six. The development didn’t change their dynamic and they remained close when Bran fell, when Ned, Sansa, and Arya left for the capitol, when Ned was executed, when Arya went missing, when the North went to war with the South, and when Robb was declared King in The North. 

Soon after the title of King was bestowed on him, Robb was sending Theon back to Winterfell with instructions to hold the keep in the name of the Starks. He was sending Y/N with him. The two had yet to be married, Robb promising that he would take her as his Queen the next time he saw her. 

“I don’t care about being your Queen, my love. I want to be here with you and know that you are safe.” Y/N had pleaded. 

“And for me to stay safe, I need to know that you are warm and at home, my darling.” He had said. 

 And so back to Winterfell Y/N went with Theon’s eyes on her back the entire ride there. 

Within the span of two weeks in Winterfell, everything had gone to hell. Theon had decided that he was tired of being treated as lower than the Stark children and he and his Iron Born men had taken the keep for house Greyjoy. Y/N, Bran, and Rickon were left in the crossfire. Ser Rodrick was dead and Maester Luwin was doing all he could to keep the children and Y/N safe. 

By their third week in the keep, Y/N was avoiding Theon at all costs. His advances had gotten more and more aggressive and Y/N now kept a dagger at her hip at all times. 

Finally, after four weeks of hell, Robb and his army of bannermen were seen on the march toward the keep by the men on watch. They were mere hours away.

When Theon heard that Robb was coming home to most likely execute him for treason, he demanded that Y/N be brought to his chambers for 'negotiations’. She had been kept from him all this time and he’d be damned if he let her slip through his fingers again. 

When Y/N arrived at Theon’s chambers, she was tense and on the defensive. She had been stripped of her dagger and Maester Luwin’s eyes were sad when she was taken away. Y/N knew what was to come and she prayed to the seven that Robb would be there soon. 

Theon stood from his chair, where he had sat staring darkly at Y/N since she had entered, and stepped in front of her. His hand came up to cup Y/N’s cheek and she flinched away from his touch, seeing the anger flash in his eyes before she felt it in the form of his hand across her face. The force of the blow was enough to knock Y/N off balance and she clutched the wall for leverage as Theon advanced. 

 "All you and Robb have done is look down on me my entire life. All I wanted was you! Is that so much to ask?“ 

Y/N shook her head, tears gathering in her eyes as Theon grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her close to him. 

"I’ve never done anything to you, Theon! It was you who was cruel from the moment we met! You knew that I was to marry Robb! He sees you as his brother and you’ve betrayed him! Please, just stop this!" 

Theon’s eyes scanned Y/N’s face for a moment before he roughly pressed his lips to hers, his tongue trying to force it’s way into her firmly shut mouth. Y/N immediately brought her knee up in between Theon’s legs, pushing him away.

"Don’t you touch me!" 

Theon laughed although he was hunched over. "I’ll have you before he gets here, Y/N." 

"And for it, I’ll have your head." 

There was yelling from in the hall outside the chambers and Y/N turned for only a second, excited that Robb had finally found her, when she felt arms around her middle pulling her harshly away from the door and groping around her torso. Y/N screamed and kicked, thrashing against Theon and making as much ruckus as she could in an attempt to get the attention of those outside the door. 

Finally, the door was thrown open and Robb along with Maege Mormont and Y/N’s Lord Father set eyes on Theon and Y/N. Robb immediately raised his sword, eyes ablaze. 

Theon’s hold on Y/N loosened at the sight of Robb, and Y/N used this to her advantage. She shoved her elbow back into Theon’s gut, rushing forward into Robb’s arms the moment she was free. 

Theon looked up from the floor, eyes cold as they met Robb’s. "You were my brother, Theon. I put my faith in you and you betrayed me. The punishment for treason is death." 

Theon scoffed, his eyes meeting Y/N’s briefly. "Your words are so similar. Robb the hero and Y/N the damsel. The perfect pair." 

Robb’s gaze hardened at the mention of Y/N, who was in his arms and the only thing keeping him from beheading Theon right here in his rooms. "As I saw it, Y/N barely needed my help getting away from you.” Robb turned to Lord Umber, “Have him taken to the dungeons. We’ll give him a proper trial." 

 As Theon was forced to his feet and out of the room, which had been Ned and Catelyn’s chambers, Y/N watched with an expression of stone. Theon thanked Robb for being so honorable as to give him a trial, his voice dripping with sarcasm, as he left. 

The moment that Theon was out of sight, Robb took Y/N’s face in his warm hands. 

"Did he touch you?” He demanded softly, his thumb gently stroking the bruise forming on her cheek. 

Y/N shook her head, bringing Robb closer an resting her head on his chest. “No. You arrived just in time, my love. Obviously, looking at what has happened, there really must always be Stark in Winterfell." 

Robb pressed his lips into Y/N’s hair, wrapping his arms tightly around her and inhaling her intoxicating scent of winter roses. 

"And you will be a Stark very soon, darling.”

To expand on my minimalistic answer just then, Catelyn’s arc is driven by the sacrifice of her own emotional needs for the wellbeing of her family. Again and again she puts herself second and others first.

“Catelyn, you shall stay here in Winterfell.”

His words were like an icy draft through her heart. “No,” she said, suddenly afraid. Was this to be her punishment? Never to see his face again, nor to feel his arms around her?

“Yes,” Ned said, in words that would brook no argument. “You must govern the north in my stead, while I run Robert’s errands. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Robb is fourteen. Soon enough, he will be a man grown. He must learn to rule, and I will not be here for him. Make him part of your councils. He must be ready when his time comes.”

- Catelyn II, AGoT

She stays, because Ned needs her. She assents to the separation from her children, too, even Bran.

Catelyn struggled to push back the blankets, her bandaged fingers as stiff and unyielding as stone. She climbed out of bed. “I must go myself.”

“My lady,” said Maester Luwin, “is that wise? Surely the Lannisters would greet your arrival with suspicion.”

“What about Bran?” Robb asked. The poor boy looked utterly confused now. “You can’t mean to leave him.”

“I have done everything I can for Bran,” she said, laying a wounded hand on his arm. “His life is in the hands of the gods and Maester Luwin. As you reminded me yourself, Robb, I have other children to think of now.”

- Catelyn III, AGoT

She goes, because her family needs her.

She woke aching and alone and weary; weary of riding, weary of hurting, weary of duty. I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all… a day… an hour…

- Catelyn II, ACoK

Does she do this? No. She keeps on being strong. Robb needs her. Robb sent her from Hoster’s deathbed against her protests and she went, because Robb needed her. Again and again and again.

As for the impulsive part, no, not that either. She’s quite calculating.

here, have an endgame wank

Alright, for starters this blog is not really run by me (Lizzie/ @theonbaejoys) so much anymore. I think there’s 5 mods and I’ve taken a step back from reading any meta the past month or so. I’ve become more interested in other ships and have been writing fanfic for them, which if you follow me you will have noticed! (And potentially unfollowed me for haha). But though I have been tagging my Jon posts as #fuckboy in the north, Jon has always been my favourite ASOIAF character and probably always will be. And though I am not as interested in jonsa as I once was, I still believe it’s happening. 

I have a lot of faith that Jon and Sansa are ~*~endgame~*~. But I don’t need any undercover lover theories, and neither do you. In fact, ultimately I think they’re a waste of time that have just lead to more and more drama, within and outside the jonxsansa fandom. I don’t have a problem with people theorizing about ~*~undercover Jon~*~*~ and I do not think it’s rape by deception ( goodqueenalys did a better job summing that up than I ever will, I also would never try). Honestly, there’s no way to predict the show because GoT is no longer logical and gaping plot holes exist in every single plot.

In my opinion, Jon and Sansa ending up together and ruling the north and rebuilding Winterfell – whether for love or for politics, or potentially both – is simply the most logical narrative choice for Jon and Sansa’s character arcs. If you believe the Iron Throne will be melted down and the North will become independent, as I do, then someone must rule the North. If you believe the Starks endure (they always do!), then somebody must have Stark babies. 

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A Bloody Coward

Imagine: Being the Eldest Stark and being with Jon when Theon returns to Dragonstone.

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Robb Stark…Gods, what can you say about your little brother? He was kind, just, and so fierce. He was meant to be the ruler of Winterfell and the North but he was gone now. He had been dead for some time—he had been betrayed by his supposed allies…watched the love of his life stabbed to death along with their unborn child.

You are grateful to whoever had killed off that damned Walder Frey.

You had traveled to Dragonstone with Jon and Ser Davos to ask Queen Daenerys for help. You admit that the Queen was…persistent about bending the knee but you knew your brother wouldn’t…for now.

You honestly would bend the knee to her.

She was different…You hoped she wouldn’t end up like her father but then again, who were you to judge a daughter by her father’s crimes?

You liked Daenerys. You found her very passionate and beautiful. You weren’t sure what your brother thought of her though. You didn’t bother to ask. You were outside on the sandy shores of Dragonstone collecting sea-shells. Your half-brother was conversing with Ser Davos and Missandei not too far away from where you were.

Jon didn’t want you wandering off too far without him. He didn’t quite trust Queen Daenerys whereas you did because you actually had balls. You had asked her previously if it was alright to collect the sea-shells and keep them—you didn’t want to steal from her even though it wasn’t your intention but you asked because you had hoped it would sooth some of the Queen’s stress.

Your sudden request had the Queen staring at you as if you were joking.

When she saw that you were serious, she graced you with a smile. She seemed to like you and had granted your request before her sudden departure. Now, here you were humming and collecting sea-shells thinking about how pretty they were. It was nice to be care-free even for a moment. It has been some time since you were able to like this…without much care for the world. Years of war and tragedies’ had made your petals rather harsh and cold but slowly; things were looking up…if you excluded the army of white walkers.

Despite being stuck on Dragonstone, you took it as an opportunity to gain more insight. Of course, you asked the Queen for permission to whatever library they had left. She was suspicious but granted you your request.

You like to think that Jon was a wee bit jealous of your little bond with Queen Daenerys.

It is rather quiet without the dragons flying about. You just happen to glance out towards the ocean and see a ship heading this way. It’s a Greyjoy ship? You furrow your eyebrows with confusion before turning towards where you can see Jon, Ser Davos, and Missandei glancing in the direction of the ship.

It isn’t long before a group joins you and there is a small row-boat heading towards shore. There is some tension but Missandei doesn’t look too bothered.

You stand next to Jon as the row-boat draws near. As they reach shore and bring the boat onto safe ground, you take note of the one in the front who looks so familiar. The men are shouting orders at each other and finally, they halt.

Theon Greyjoy.

There is silence between the two groups. It is clear that something is going on by the steps that Jon takes towards Theon—he’s conflicted between killing Theon and letting him live. Theon sees Jon and holds a strange expression on his face. You stand next to your brother tall and proud and stare at this traitor that you hold no love for anymore.

You had watched Theon grow into a young man. You had given him friendship and trust…talked your father into letting Theon have a chamber nearby Robb’s since they were best friends. You even convinced your mother to let Theon sit with the family during meals. Your family treated this shit like he was a Stark…and he paid you back by burning down your home, killing Ser Rodrick, and lying about killing Bran and Rickon.

You wished to blame Theon that it was his fault too that rats infested Winterfell and claimed it as their home. It was because of him that Ramsay raped and tortured not only you but your baby sister, Sansa.

When the war started, you had opted to stay in Winterfell to watch over the castle and the boys while your mother and Robb rode out to war. Like your mother always said….”There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.” You stood by your home, always.

You made sure your brothers escaped when Theon invaded…you had made sure that Sansa escaped while Ramsay was out being a twat.

Now, here this man stood.

You hated him…you felt some pity over what Ramsay had turned him into but that was the price of Theon’s mistake for betraying the Starks. Theon looked over at you and he seems to shrink back—a typical Reek response.

Reek…or in this case Theon clears his throat, “Jon.”

There is a pause and all that is heard is the waves crashing onto the shores and the sea birds singing their song. You stare at the men behind Theon who look very tense and ready to fight. “Y/N,” He acknowledges you in an almost apologetic way…He had to witness the brutality that Ramsay inflicted on you and Sansa. “I didn’t know you were here.”

Jon remains stone cold.

You simply stare at this man. He looks much older then what his real age was. Ramsay wasn’t kind him and whatever tribulation he had gone through since helping Sansa rescue seemed to age him more.

Theon knows what will come. He takes a few brave steps towards you and Jon. He knows the fury of a Stark and yet braves it because he knows he deserves it. “S-Sansa,” He says when he’s closer to the both of you, “Is she alright?”

Jon grabs Theon and pulls him in real close—fury brewing in his usually brooding eyes. Theon doesn’t resist and doesn’t fight back. Jon is glaring at him, “What you did for her…” He growls, “Is the only reason that I’m not killing you.”

Theon looks down in shame but doesn’t remark.

Jon lets him go and steps away from Theon—still furious. You simply stare at Theon without much care for him. “We heard your uncle attacked your fleet.” Ser Davos breaks the tension. “We thought you were dead.”

“It seems that Greyjoy’s are hard to kill,” You remark bitterly as Theon flinches, “Despite being bloody cowards.”

Theon swallows thickly, “I should be,” He says to you.

“I can only imagine why you’re alive. You probably jump ship the moment Euron attacked the ship.” You say with ice in your words.

“Your sister?” Ser Davos questions.

Theon steels himself, “Euron has her. I came to ask the Queen to help me get her back.” He says though his men look skeptical.

“The Queen is gone.” You remark before turning around. You were tired of seeing this cowardly traitor.

“Y/N,” Theon called your name, “I’m…I’m sorry.” He seems desperate to make amends with you. What he did will haunt him forever because he paid a hefty price for it. He betrayed his own best friend…bragged about kill Bran and Rickon in your face…took your home. You and Robb had always been there for him…you always made him feel like family.

You whipped around with fury that rivaled a dragon. Jon immediately stepped to the side as you lunged towards Theon and punched him in the face, “Sorry?” You roared angrily, “Sorry? That’s all you have to say for what you did to our family and our home?” Theon lays on the ground with his nose bloody.

You hear the Dothraki laughing.

“We treated you like fucking family! Your father didn’t give two shits about you until he saw a chance to use you to get Winterfell! You killed Ser Rodrick! You bragged about killing my brothers in my face! You watched that monster rape me and my sister!” You snarled as your body trembled. “And you’re the one who is sorry?” You laughed bitterly.

“I’m sorry, Y/N! P-Please!” Theon cried…no Reek cried. Theon was gone because this was Reek now.

You growled in agitation wanting to hate this fool and it pissed you off that you felt sorry for this fucker despite everything he had done. “Your shitty apologize doesn’t begin to cover the lasting effects that your betrayal left, Theon. What you did for Sansa…doesn’t make up for a fraction of what you caused.” You say with a tremble to your voice as you began to walk away.

Jon is right behind you as you storm away.

Before you could reach the long, narrow paths to head back to the castle, Jon grabbed you and hugged you. You sobbed into his shoulder feeling so torn. “I know,” Jon cooed into your ear, “I know just how you feel.”

“I want to hate him, Jon!” You say through tears and snot.

“So do I…but what Ramsay did to him…was more then enough.” Jon mumbles rubbing your back.

You simply try to enjoy the warmth and comfort that Jon gives you.

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Game of Thrones - The Wolf and The Dragon - Speculation and Theories

Okay!!! Speculation time! There were a number of things that struck me about this episode, like there were things that the makers of the show were clearly trying to establish.

1st with regard to Jon and his title: Let’s start with Jon, I think this episode did an amazing job of telling us that while Jon is a good commander, he is not a good king. He wants to do the right thing but lacks the skills to execute them. He only had to make a non-committal statement and he refused to do that. Till then, no one knew that he had bent the knee, you can see the shock on Davos and Brienne’s faces, even Davos did not see this coming. Moreover, he did not need to bend his knee, by then Dany was already on board and supportive of his cause, the fact that he chose to do so regardless is another bad decision and one that will not end well. Saying that the Northern Lords will not be happy with his decision is the understatement of the century. He was chosen to lead the North and the lords can just as easily choose someone else.

Dany: I actually like her this season. The acting has certainly improved and the layers of her personality are more apparent. She is a problematic character, in that there are times when she genuinely cares and wants to improve the social conditions, but there is a more ruthless side to her side as well and she doesn’t listen to reason once she makes up her mind. I actually like her better like this. I don’t know whether she’ll eventually become a villain though that will be lame and simplistic.

Jon and Dany: This episode also tried to sell us the JonxDany ship and frankly I don’t buy it. I don’t have a problem with the ship per se, just that it’s so shoddily executed. The Jon and Sansa scenes had more chemistry than all the the JonxDany scenes put together. The scene of them making love, should have been a climactic moment and yet it was overshadowed by the reveal of Jon’s parentage and his true name, not to mention Tyrion standing outside their door, looking less than pleased. Their sex scene just ended up being so pedestrian and random. There was no foreplay, no build-up, we literally saw them in the middle of the act and cut while they were still in the middle. Sex scenes usually stay long enough to establish climax, both for the scene since it’s usually a gradual build-up and for the characters, here it was glaringly absent. The scene just feels wrong on so many levels.

Also, we know that it’s only a matter of time before the Aegon Targeryen reveal is made public. I think that when Jon finds out, he’s going to choose to tell Dany and Northern Lords, that’s what the honourable aspect of his personality will demand of him. He won’t be able to continue to stay with Dany once he finds out his true lineage and she won’t trust him once she finds out that he has a stronger claim to the throne. It won’t matter to her that he doesn’t want to rule because ultimately it’s not important. She’s smart, she knows that there are people who support her because they believe that she’s the last Targeryen, when they suddenly find themselves with a choice, one who is male, well, the world of Westeros is a patriachal one…. There will be those who will push him to take the throne, sidelining Dany completely. Add to that, he can ride the dragons just as she does which again, will make her vulnerable. She already stated that the Dragons are her children and without them she would be ordinary and Dany doesn’t want to be ordinary. She’s fought tooth and nail and worked hard to get where she is and I wouldn’t blame her for being pissed off that suddenly this guy shows up and has a stronger claim to the throne that she’s been fighting for her whole life. I don’t see the unsullied and the Dothraki supporting Jon, their allegiance is to Dany and her alone, but the other players, who knows. So basically, the ‘Jon is Aegon Targeyren’ reveal will be the death knell for the JonxDany ship.

What’s with Tyrion, Jorah and Dany’s prophecy: Tyrion’s interactions post Dragonpit were curious to say the least. We saw in episode 6 that Dany disregarded his advice and flew up North to save Jon and his crew and lost a dragon in the process. He also saw her agree with Jon in how to proceed North over Jorah’s suggestion, which would probably be safer. From the close-up of Jorah’s face, we know that he is far from pleased. We also saw Tyrion outside Dany’s room while Jon and Dany are having sex. Tyrion has a very casual attitude about sex and for him to have such a serious look on his face is worrisome. From his conversation with Cersie, we know that he hoped that Jon would bend his knee but I don’t think he’s happy with the fact they jumped into bed.

Add to that, we also know that Jorah loves Dany and he never stopped loving her. He’s known her the longest and probably knows her best among all her current advisers. And again, he’s unhappy that Jon, who just showed up, is suddenly so important to her. The prophecy about Dany says that she will be betrayed for love and people are assuming that Jon will betray her but what if it’s not him but Jorah. Jorah who loves and has loved her for a very long time. Her time with Daario did not bother him because he was absent for most of it and then she left him behind. I think on some level Jorah knew that Daario was never a serious competitor but it’s not the same with Jon. Jon is young, he’s powerful and he’s in his prime, all the things that Jorah is not. He sees the way Dany looks at him and while he may not express it, it doesn’t make him happy. He’ll betray her because he loves her and not to her enemies but imagine that he finds out about Jon’s lineage and before Jon can tell Dany, he tells her instead. It’s one thing for Dany to hear it from Jon, it’s completely different to hear it coming from someone else. I’m not saying that this will happen, it’s merely an example of the kind of betrayal that Jorah would commit. Because, ultimately he still loves Dany and he wouldn’t want her to come to any harm.

I’m going to add Tyrion to this mix just on the basis of what I saw this episode. I think both Jorah and Tyrion are concerned about the important that Jon suddenly has in Dany’s life and that his actions, while honourable have the potential to be problematic.

Sansa and Arya: Littlefinger finally played the wrong sisters against each other and paid for it with his life. Having watched the episode, I am not entirely convinced that the sisters were putting on a show for LF’s benefit. I think there was genuine antagonism on both side till Bran sat them down and spoke to them, that obviously happened off camera but it’s not hard to guess that because of what he said in the Great Hall. He’s the one who tells Sansa and Arya about all the ways that he’s fucked with their family and that finally leads to both of them putting aside their differences and uniting. I think we also got to see Sansa as Queen in the North with Arya acting as her hand. Season 8 will out Jon’s parentage and place him not as a Stark but the true-born son of Rhaegar which completely changes the power dynamic in the North. Jon will no longer be the King in the North, Bran is the three-eyed raven and Arya has no interest in ruling, which leaves Sansa. The scenes establishing her as a good ruler were no accident, neither was the scene where Lord Glover and Royce both said that they made a mistake is choosing Jon and they should have chosen her instead. In Jon’s absence, she stepped up in a big way and is the only one who can keep the North united under House Stark while still helping Jon with his quest against the WW. There was a reason when Arya and Sansa repeated Ned’s words there was no mention on Jon, and this is telling when Arya brought him up so many times in their previous encounters. Winterfell is House Stark’s seat of power, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell and Jon, now Aegon is not a Stark at all.

Just as Tyrion pushed Dany to control some of her more impulsive decisions, Arya will do the same for Sansa. Sansa wants to protect Winterfell, her family and herself and that may sometimes cloud her judgement, it’s at those times that Arya’s position as the Hand will be important, she can speak frankly to her sister, in a way that no one else can, not even Brienne.

What does this mean for Jon and Sansa, honestly, I’m not sure. They could get married, a political alliance between House Targeryen and House Stark, to cement the relationship between the North and the South, but if Jon is meant to rule the Iron Throne, then there is a problem because I don’t see Sansa leaving Winterfell. Arya has no desire to be Lady of Winterfell and while Sansa might want to be QitN, she has no desire to rule the Seven Kingdoms. of course, this could be a moot point if the IT no longer exists at the end of the show and there are various theories that support this. Also, judging by Jon’s reaction to the city in this episode, he wasn’t too impressed by what he saw of the crowded, cramped living conditions. He grew up in the North, he’s used to the wide-open landscapes. Plus, he’s also a bit too attached to his fur coat, to the extent where he even wore in Dragonpit and it was clearly hot there. I don’t think he’ll want to move South. So a Jon and Sansa political wedding is still a possibility and certainly more plausible than the Jon and Dany could-be-relationship.

Brienne and Jamie: So Jaime finally stood up to Cersie and saw that she has lost her mind and so blind that she can’t see she is dooming both her city and her unborn child to death. He leaves her and makes his way North. Season 8 will see Brienne and Jaime get together. He will also share the news that Cersie’s promise of her armies marching North to fight alongside Dany’s and Jon’s was a lie. Brienne always brings out the best in him, the man he could be and he finally has the chance to let that side of him rise to the fore. I don’t see him join Dany’s camp because he did see her burn his soldiers alive, but the Lady of Winterfell? Now that is possible. Especially since Brienne is still oath-bound to serve Sansa. But, where does this leave poor Tormund?

This just struck me, with Jaime leaving for the North and possibly joining Sansa’s camp, does it add more weight to the theory that ultimately it’s Sansa who will dethrone Cersie? She was indirectly responsible for Joffrey’s death and now she has Jaime on her side as well, she has “stolen” the one man who always stood by her side. I’ve always believed that the final showdown must be between Sansa and Cersie. LF was one of her abusers, Cersie was the other and just as it was Sansa sentencing LF, it needs to be Sansa who eventually bests Cersie at her own game. Sansa learned from both LF and Cersie and who better to beat her than the the ‘little dove’ that everyone underestimated? They have history while Dany and Cersie do not and it just makes more sense.

P.S. - on a completely unrelated note, I am happy that Sophie Turner dyed her hair red, that wig was atrocious in certain scenes

Prince! Gendry x Stark! Reader: All It Takes Is A Little Dancing

Hi! Can you do a imagine with Gendry when he’s a prince and Stark!reader (maybe Ned nice?) When he fell in love with her and she’s really shy about this and always blushing when she talk, dance or even look and him and he’s making fun of her but in a good way?

A/N: This is super long but I love this………….so muchhhhh

 The arranged marriage was surprising, to say the least. You weren’t the daughter of the lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark, no you were the daughter of his late brother, Brandon Stark. You were a bastard, though Lord Eddard gave you your titles as soon as he knew of your birth. He knew his brother wouldn’t conceive with anyone, he must have loved your mother, who died in birth. You’ve lived with your uncle since. It was he who informed you of your betrothal to King Robert’s son, Gendry Baratheon.  When expressed your confusion, Ned smiled. “I thought you two would make a good match is all. They are expected to arrive tomorrow. He is a nice boy, you should like him.” You were shocked at the words. Tomorrow? That didn’t give you long to prepare, to find a dress and consult Sansa on how to do your hair. You went to your chambers nervous of the events to come.

Gendry gave the walls of Winterfell a nervous glance as he and his father approached. His father had only told him of the betrothal the day they left. All he knew about you was that you were the late Brandon Stark’s daughter, you were around the same age as him, and you were beautiful. Nothing about your personality, other than he should ‘find you suitable.’ What does that even mean? His thoughts were interrupted as the gates groaned open revealing Winterfell. As he rode in, he looked around, eyes landing on the Stark family. At the end of the line, stood who he assumed was you. You were slightly crouched, talking to the youngest Stark, Rickon, with a sweet smile on your face.

Gendry thought you were beautiful, and when you turned to face him, he was entranced. You had the typical northern looks, dark hair, dark eyes, and a pale face. But Gendry saw so much more. He saw long dark hair accompanied by intricate braids, dark eyes that had a nervousness in them, even though the corners crinkled as you smiled at him. Your pale face was adorned with freckles, hinting at a heritage beyond the north. Your smile was his favorite, the way your lips curled, the way the corners deepened into dimples, he loved it all. Your voice, oh your voice. It sounded like music to his ears, the way his name rolled off your tongue, gods, he wanted to hear you talk all day, he wanted to hear you say his name, over and over. But all he could do is smile back, bowing as you curtsied. His thoughts of you were interrupted when Ned spoke.

“Y/N, why don’t you show the Prince around Winterfell?” You nodded at your uncle. Your eyes caught Robbs, and he gave you a wink, causing your cheeks to flush. You turned back toward the prince, who offered his arm. You flushed no doubt a darker pink as you looped your arm through his, leading him away from your cousins before they could embarrass you further. You led Gendry around the kingdom, stopping only once to scold Bran on climbing the walls. The young lord pouted, but returned to his brothers nonetheless, hugging you as he left. The younger Starks were quite close to you, as you watched them grow you became a maternal figure to them. You turn back to Gendry, smiling bashfully as you continued to show him around, telling him the history of Winterfell along the way. As you reached the stables by the dining hall you stopped. You needed to get yourself together. You could feel your face heat up every time you talked to him or even looked at him. The Prince was without a doubt handsome. Tall and lean, with thick black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Gods, even thinking about him made you blush. You turned to him, flushing as his eyes searched your face, confusion laced in his expression. You smiled before you spoke, your nerves almost getting the best of you. “I must apologize, my prince. I’ve forgotten to show you to your chambers.” You looked down, embarrassed you were too caught up in him to even remember your task. He smiled a gentle smile as he softly spoke. “It is quite alright my lady, I enjoyed myself nonetheless.” You smiled shyly as you showed him to his chamber, which was (un)coincidently next to yours. He thanked you after you told him that you would come to escort him to the feast in a few hours. You smiled and went to go find Sansa, so you could gush about the prince and complain about how you blushed whenever he looked your way.

You found her in her chambers while her handmaiden braided her hair. She looked at you and smiled knowingly. “He must be pretty special to make you blush whenever he looks at you.” You groaned as you flopped onto her bed. “What do I do? I’m sure Ned will want us to dance at the feast tonight, how am I going to be able to keep myself together.” You flushed slightly just thinking about being that close to him. “You’ve got to kiss him.” Sansa’s reply made you sit up in shock. “What! I’ve just met him today!” you exclaimed, as she only gave you a look as she continued. ‘You are obviously quite smitten with him, as I am sure he is with you. You two are betrothed. You’ll kiss sooner or later, why not now?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow at you. You only sputtered in response. You cleared your throat, flushing at the thought of kissing the prince. “I need to get ready for the feast” you declared as you smoothed your skirts and made your way out.

After getting ready, you nervously stood behind your door. It was time to get Prince Gendry, but what if he wasn’t ready? Sansa’s words invaded your thoughts, what if you do kiss tonight? What if you weren’t a good kisser? What if you tripped while dancing with him? You haven’t been this nervous in a long time. You muster up whatever courage you have left and exit, you turn to knock on the prince’s door, but before you could, it opened.

Gendry stood in the doorway, dressed in his royal attire. He looked even more handsome if that was possible. You suddenly felt inadequate in your dress. But the look on his face boosted your confidence a bit. He had a look of wonder on his face as he looked you over. When he met your eyes, you blushed, his blue eyes searching your face. He flashed you a heartwarming smile before closing the door behind him. You took his arm as the two of you walked to the great hall, where the feast would be held. You could feel his gaze as you walked, a blush adorning your features. He stopped, and you looked up at him with curiosity. He smiled again as he took a step closer to you, taking your hand into his. You blushed at the contact as he stepped closer. Your breathing stopped as he leaned toward you. ‘This is it,’ you thought ‘This is when we kiss.’ He stopped when your lips were inches away, you could feel his breath over your lips, you searched his eyes, for anything, when he turned his head slightly and kissed your cheek. “You look very beautiful this evening Lady Y/N” He whispered in your ear as he straightened, wrapping your arm back around his. He smiled at your red face before continuing along to the hall.

You were lost in your thoughts. You couldn’t believe he almost kissed you. You suddenly couldn’t wait until you finally did. Though your nerves weren’t completely erased as the two of you walked into the great hall. You let go of his arm, curtsied as you walked to your respective tables. He walked to sit with his siblings and uncles and you went to sit with your cousins. The entire night you’d steal glances at one another, each time you made eye contact you’d look away, blushing. After the feast servants pushed the tables over to make room for dancing. You smiled as you saw Gendry help them, his mother looking on with disdain. You had always found it odd how Gendry was the only one of her children to look like King Robert. Some of her children did bear a close resemblance to their uncle, Jaime. You were snapped out of your thoughts as a hand laid on your shoulders. You looked to see who owned that hand and saw Robb standing with a smirk on his face. “May I have this dance,” he asked bowing lowly. You giggled at the action, curtsying deeply in response. “Of course, my Lord, it would be my honor.” He laughed as the two of you moved together, falling into a waltz.  After joking and dancing, he passed you to Theon. You had nothing against Theon, he was just a flirt. You felt his hand move down to the small of your back. You gave him a look and he just chuckled. As you were dancing you caught a glimpse of Gendry, who did not look amused at Theon’s hand placements. Feeling confidant, you steeped closer to Theon, and while making eye contact with Gendry, you whispered into Theon’s ear, making him laugh. Gendry narrowed his eyes, making you smirk. After dancing closely with a few more men, you stepped outside, walking into an alley of sorts to collect your breath.

Suddenly, your back was against the brick wall as lips roughly crashed into yours. You stiffened but relaxed as Gendry’s sent washed over you. He held a tight grip on your hips, one hand moving to the back of your neck, pulling you closer. You kissed him back with as much fervor, snaking a hand around to the nape of his neck, tugging at his hair. He groaned into the kiss, his hands moving down your back, cupping your rear, and hoisting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist, back once again hitting the wall. Both of your arms were around his neck now, one hand in his hair, one gripping his shoulder, pulling him closer, trying to get as much contact as possible. He moved his lips from yours onto your neck, sucking and biting at the skin. You panted as he kissed the skin there, letting out a moan as he sucked on the junction where your neck meets your shoulders. Your moan seemed to snap him out of whatever he was in. He removed himself from you, letting your feet drop to the ground as he took a few steps back. You both were out of breath, panting as you looked the other over. His lips were swollen, hair disheveled as he looked you over. You imagined you looked not far from him. You bit your bottom lip as you looked at him. That was…Hot.

He walked back over to you, taking your hands in his, his eyes searching yours. “Y/N, I think I’m in love with you.” Your face flushed a light pink as you smiled. “Well, I’d hope you didn’t go around kissing every girl like that” He laughed, eyes twinkling as he brought you in for a hug. His arms wrapped around your waist as you inhaled his scent, memorizing how his arms felt wrapped around you, how you felt safe in his arms. He took your hand in his, brining your other hand to rest on his shoulder. He slowly started to move, waltzing with you. You let out a laugh and rested your head on his chest. In the short span of a day, you had fallen in love with someone, and they had fallen in love with you, too. What a day.

Ned and Robert looked upon the couple, slowly waltzing in the alley. Ned turned to Robert smiling. He knew the two of you would be a good fit. In the distance, you can see Robb giving Theon money.  A bet lost no doubt.

whoops i wasn’t done: when the boltons hold winterfell, it is starkless and destroyed, a shadow of what it once was, of what it can/will/could be.  the starks are defeated, the assumption is that all are dead or will be dead (if anyone finds sansa, her head would go the way of ned’s for “regicide”) except for “arya,” and the only person there apart from jeyne with memory of what it was is theon–who helped bring it down.

it is theon who knows about the crypts, it is theon who hears the whisperings of the gods in the godswood, it is theon who gives away a “stark” bride, it is theon who helps said “stark” bride escape from the situation he helped put her in (and i’ll leave my ned feelings about that scenario at the door because i couldn’t articulate them concicesly and i don’t want to get off topic here).  in this version of winterfell where ned stark’s teachings have been kicked to the curb and we’re in bizarro-not-winterfell-but-winterfell, the closest thing to the starks should be the boltons aka the ruling lords but it’s not it’s the kid who was a hostage under house stark and who is a hostage under house bolton.  he’s the ghost in winterfell because he’s always been a ghost in winterfell, a shadow of what he could be extrapolated from what others needed him to be, and that is consistent even when the castle is wrecked and conquered (leaving aside as we must that theon was crucial to that action).  

what i’m saying, inarticulately, is that theon goads himself to behave the way he thinks is right, and when there are actual starks in winterfell that is the alien action, but when there are no starks in winterfell, somehow, it turns out that he’s got the most “stark experience” this post is a mess sorry.