there must always be a stark at winterfell

Apart from the theory /u/universal_straw posted (definitely read that), most of this is just speculation and conjecture. I honestly don’t know if any of the following will happen.
Most of it stems from the fact if the Starks are to reclaim Winterfell (hinted by Ned’s quote: there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, and the previous title for the last book “A Time for Wolves”), either Sansa or Rickon will end up ruling the North at the end of the story. This means Sansa will end up in Winterfell . But if there’s no Rickon (which is definitely a possibility since his could very well be a Shaggydog story), Sansa will need to marry to have an heir. And then it comes down to, who would Sansa marry to keep the Starks in Winterfell?
So far Sansa has faced a bunch of suitors (Joffrey, Tyrion, Willas, Harry), but none of those have turned out very well. Here’s my theory on the topic. In fact, everyone trying to marry Sansa has done so with the intent of taking Winterfell away from her. There’s probably only one person who respects the North and doesn’t care about politics/power who would marry Sansa solely for the sake of protecting her and her claim to the North, and that’s Jon Snow.
If Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen, they would be cousins, and there would no longer be any incest to come in between them. Assuming that the Targaryens end up on the Iron Throne (Dany or Aegon), marrying a Targaryen (especially one who considers himself a Stark at heart) would be the best way to ensure the safety of the North. Who Sansa ends up marrying for good seems to be a pretty important part of A Song of Ice and Fire, and it’s doubtful that a random minor character will end up filling the role.
A lot of people are against this theory because of the pseudo-incest (being raised as brother-sister), and I just think that we’ve seen way worse from GRRM to think he wouldn’t do something like this. Some people think it’s too happy an ending, but that’s assuming they fall in love, but after what they’ve gone through (and will go through) I don’t know if Sansa and Jon are even capable of that anymore. If it happens, I see it very much as a parallel between Ned and Cat’s marriage, two broken people trying to build a future together from utter ruin; a marriage based on duty and pragmatism instead of love and romance. I do think if it happens, being raised as brother and sister will be a huge barrier for them to overcome.
But hey, Ned and Catelyn ended up building a pretty good future together, so there’s always hope. In ASOIAF, you’ll never get a happy ending; just like Sandor Clegane in the quiet isles, the best you’ll get is the hope of a happy ending (which fits with GRRM’s description of a bittersweet ending).
And since these are two of my favorite characters, if they can end up like this, I’ll be happy indeed.
—  reddit user bluefoot3 aka the creator of the tourney at ashford theory
Robb Imagine...

IMAGINE…being the granddaughter to Walder Frey and being chosen as Lady Catelyn’s ward and Robb Stark’s betrothed.

((Just a little something short that came to mind as I try to get back into the swing of writing for this fandom!))

Word Count: 1,285

Warning: None

You were in the hall when Lady Catelyn was brought in to speak to your grandfather. You watched her closely. Wondering why the Lady of Winterfell, the wife to the Hand of the King, and the daughter to your grandfather’s liege lord was standing there begging something from the “Late” Walder Frey. You were given your answer just moments after. You weren’t too surprised. You did your best to remain away from everyone else at the Twins, meaning you missed out on all the gossip of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Stark Words and Stark Obligations

There are several questions in relation to the Starks and Winterfell and I think I have an idea how they are all connected.

First, the questions.

  • Why are the Stark words the ominous ‘Winter is coming’?
  • Why doese there always have to be a Stark in Winterfell?
  • What is the significance of the crypts?

I think, I have an inkling, and here is my crackpot (?) idea.

The Starks are the only family in Westeros that has no house words connected to their family or their family pride. Nothing like ‘High as honour’, ‘Hear me roar’ or something like that. No, for the Starks it is a prophecy, a warning of the war for the dawn that is to come, of the White Walkers and perpetual winter. All the house words carry a strong obligation, but the Starks’ obligation is to stay alert and to brace for what is to come. Why?

I think, it is because the Night King was a Stark. Old Nan told Bran about the Night King, how he fell in love with one ice-cold fairy queen being, who must have been one of the White Walkers. Only a combined force of the wildlings and Starks unseated the Night King and destroyed his reign of terror. As a result, the Starks as a family have an obligation to stand ready for the next attack of the Others/White Walkers and perhaps to reforge old alliances. Guess, who has an alliance with the wildlings? Jon Snow, currently King in the North. As a family redemption the Starks have to cling to their words and fulfill their duty once winter comes again.

And I think, that’s the reason why they are all buried in Winterfell and why they are buried with weapons and why they all have statues is connected to the duty of the Starks to stand for humanity in the war for the dawn. Their duty does not die with them.

I think, that in the hour of greatest need the current Stark can call upon the kings of winter of old to help the cause of humanity. And that is the ultimate reason why there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

The Stark in Winterfell is the only person who can call for help, and imagine how very useful an army of Stark kings’ statues would be against Undead Wights. This might even be the reason why the Three eyed raven reached out to Bran. Bran has to know this. And isn’t it nice foreshadowing that Bran is not only a Stark, but also half Tully and the Tullies of Riverrun are the only other family whose words carry a strong moral obligation to do the right thing: Family, duty, honour.

Since Jon is Rhaegar’s son, the next lord of Winterfell in line, is Bran, and just imagining Bran calling out for the old kings to help give me shudders. Wouldn’t it be super-cool, if he would call out with his new powers to wake the Kings of Winter from their sleep to fight against the Others/White Walkers?


a game of quoteswaps (3/??): throbb + community (s01e18, “basic genealogy”)

whoops i wasn’t done: when the boltons hold winterfell, it is starkless and destroyed, a shadow of what it once was, of what it can/will/could be.  the starks are defeated, the assumption is that all are dead or will be dead (if anyone finds sansa, her head would go the way of ned’s for “regicide”) except for “arya,” and the only person there apart from jeyne with memory of what it was is theon–who helped bring it down.

it is theon who knows about the crypts, it is theon who hears the whisperings of the gods in the godswood, it is theon who gives away a “stark” bride, it is theon who helps said “stark” bride escape from the situation he helped put her in (and i’ll leave my ned feelings about that scenario at the door because i couldn’t articulate them concicesly and i don’t want to get off topic here).  in this version of winterfell where ned stark’s teachings have been kicked to the curb and we’re in bizarro-not-winterfell-but-winterfell, the closest thing to the starks should be the boltons aka the ruling lords but it’s not it’s the kid who was a hostage under house stark and who is a hostage under house bolton.  he’s the ghost in winterfell because he’s always been a ghost in winterfell, a shadow of what he could be extrapolated from what others needed him to be, and that is consistent even when the castle is wrecked and conquered (leaving aside as we must that theon was crucial to that action).  

what i’m saying, inarticulately, is that theon goads himself to behave the way he thinks is right, and when there are actual starks in winterfell that is the alien action, but when there are no starks in winterfell, somehow, it turns out that he’s got the most “stark experience” this post is a mess sorry.

The Northmann in Winterfell- Part 2

Part 1

Lady Catelyn frantically put her kids in a straight line and tisked Arya for her rugged appearance. “Y/N, Dear, stand by Robb.” You obliged and stepped from behind him to his side. Everyone looked forward as the procession halted in front of the Starks. King Robert got down from his horse and everyone bowed.

Everyone stood as King Robert told them to rise. “Your Grace,” Lord Stark said as King Robert took the spot in front of him.

“You’ve got fat.” The two men bursted out in laughter and embraced each other.

“You must be Robb. You’re a pretty one,” he said to Sansa. Arya told him her name, Bran was giddy as he flexed for the King, and Rickon smiled shyly. “Ned, I don’t remember you having another daughter,” he said looking at you.

“That is Y/N Northmenn, Allard and Marlynna’s oldest daughter. She and Robb are betrothed.”

“Allard’s daughter! Tell me, how’s the old man doing,” he asked you?

“He is in good health, Your Grace.”

“Good. Good. Ned, take me to your crypts.” After the Queen’s protest and failure the Queen and her two youngest children left to their rooms. The crowd began to disperse to go back to their jobs and Robb turned to you. “Mother asked me to take Arya to her room and make sure she gets cleaned and dressed for the feast tonight. I’ll see you there,” he gave you a winning smile that still made you blush.

You stood alone and began walking towards your room when a sharp voice halted you. “You there.” You turned and saw Prince Joffrey walking towards you with his Hound following.

“My Prince,” you quickly curtsied, “is there something I can help you with?”

“What was your name? Lady Y/N, was it?”

“Yes, My Prince.”

“You’re very beautiful, do you know that,” he gave you a cheshire grin?

“Thank you, My Prince.”

“Call me Prince Joffrey,” his eyes looked over your whole body and you felt yourself extremely uncomfortable. “Would you care to show me to my room, Lady Y/N.”

You were about to make up an excuse when Jon appeared at your side. “Y/N, oh forgive me Your Grace. Y/N, Lady Stark says she urgently needs you in her chambers. Something about your wedding.”

“Forgive me, Prince Joffrey. I will see you at the feast.” You quickly left with Jon and went into the castle.

“You looked like you needed an out,” he said when you two reached a back hallway.

“Thank the Gods you saw me, Jon. He looked at me like a hungry dog looking at a hare.”

“I saw. That’s why I mentioned your wedding as casually as possible,” he joked. “I better get going to help prepare for the feast. I’ll see you around later.”

“Bye, Jon. And thank you.”


You sat talking with the women of Winterfell when a deep voice spoke from behind you. “Care for a dance?” You turned with a smile to Robb.

“Of course, My Lord,” you took his hand and let him lead you to the floor for a dance.

“Jon told me our Prince was making eyes towards you today.”

“Jealous,” you cocked an eyebrow. “Afraid I might leave you to become your Queen,” you chucked.

“You’re already a Queen to me,” his sincerness melted your heart. “And no, I’m not jealous. I just don’t like the guy.”

“Robb, bite your tongue.”

“Everyone’s thinking the same thing. Come, let’s sit.” You took a seat at the table and spoke with Robb’s friends. Suddenly a spoon full of food launched and hit Sansa, leading her to start he whining. While you, Robb, and the rest laughed, Catelyn but Robb a look and he stood up, lifting Arya from her seat and carrying her from the room, you following behind him.

“I was just trying to have fun at that boring party,” he pouted as he carried her over his shoulder.

“Picking on Sansa may be fun but no in front of the Queen. Mother will not be pleased,” Robb scolded his sister. “It’s getting late anyway. Best you get some sleep before the busy day tomorrow.” You two tucked Arya into bed and closed the door behind you.

Robb went to walk back to the party but you pulled on his arm. “Do we have to go back?”

“What else do you want to do,” he gave a cheeky grin.

“Not that you oaf. But I don’t feel like being scoped out by everyone.”

“Shall we watch the stars from our tower?”


You had been called into Ned’s office and when you walked in Robb and Catelyn were standing across from him father also. “You called for me, Lord Stark.”

“Take a seat, both of you,” he commanded you and Robb. “King Robert has asked me to go to King’s Landing with him and become his Hand. And I have no choice but to accept.”

“You’re leaving Winterfell?”

“Yes, Robb. Which means you are to stay here and take my place as Lord of Winterfell while I act as the King’s Hand. The North needs you, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.”

“It also means that we are pushing up your union,” Catelyn added. “We’ve already sent a raven to your father to speak of it with him. We know you’d like him and your family to be present at your wedding. But, both of you can expect to be married just before the King and his Court leave here.”

“Now, both of you, leave and train those mutts of yours,” Ned tried to contain his smile.

“We are to be married in the next month,” Robb smiled outside of his father’s office.

“We are,” you kissed his cheek and turned away, walking down the hallway.

“Where are you going,” he shouted after you?

“I have less than a month to get my dress perfect,” you called. “There is no time to waist.”

“Any man who must say, “I am the King,” is no true King.” - says Tywin Lannister. Hmm..

Daenerys - wants a throne and repeats constantly that she’s the Queen.
Cersei - always wanted a throne and she made herself the Queen.
Renly - claimed rights to Iron Throne.
Stannis - fucked our brains with few words “ I’m the true King.”
Joffrey - don’t even get me started please.
Robert - ugh..

And lastly Jon Snow. Always doubts himself, refuses to take Stark as a last name, doesn’t want a title King in The North, could easily ignore invasion of FUCKING ICE ZOMBIES (credits: screen junkies😂) but he does not. There. You have your true King. Adios.
I’m out!

Mother’s Greatest Fear

Pairing: Jon x Sansa, a little Tormund x Brienne
Rating: T
For: Anonymous
Also available on AO3, username JonsaInTheNorth (still trying to figure out how to post when there’s the whole new ‘no external links’ thing with tumblr search).

Prompt: i’d love to see a jonsa prompt with jonsa meeting Lady Stoneheart

A/N: I swear this gets to the prompt eventually. I just didn’t want to jump straight into it and so this developed and got super long. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

They both go south.

Jon tries to keep her in the North, safe and comforted behind Winterfell’s strong walls, but Sansa Stark will not hide any longer. She spent too long behind false names and secret identities, hair dies and marriages to bastards legitimized by kings on shaky thrones. When Jon says that he must treat with Queen Daenerys Targaryen and Queen Cersei Lannister, her reply comes simple and quick, “I will come with you.”

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  • Jon: I'm not sure what to serve at Sansa's name day feast, I want it to be a surprise
  • Brienne: she's very fond of lemoncakes, your grace
  • Jon: I know that, but I can't serve just lemoncakes, and you can't ask her
  • Brienne: might I suggest asking someone else then?
  • Jon goes and asks what to serve at the feast:
  • Davos: she didn't seem impressed with the food at Castle Black, but I'm sure I've heard her mention liking lemoncakes
  • Tormund: a pretty southerner like her? She must like some pretty southern food. I heard her great knight talking about...lemons? Not quite sure, never seen one.
  • Podrick: lemoncakes were always her favourite in th-the capital
  • Petyr: all I know is she despises lemoncakes, I'd suggest serving nothing even remotely similar
  • Bran using iTree messaging: lemoncakes, you must choose the lemoncakes. And you're also the son of- *static*
  • Literally anyone in Westeros: I've heard that Lady Stark is particularly fond of lemoncakes
  • Jon aggressively pulls hair:
Bael the Bard: Petyr and Sansa Parallels

For those that don’t know: Bael the Bard was a King Beyond the Wall who managed to infiltrate Winterfell as a singer. In payment for his songs, he requested the most beautiful winter rose in Winterfell. Something that was easily granted by the then Lord Brandon Stark. The next morning, after Bael had left, Lord Stark found his daughter (his only child) missing, and in her bed was the blue winter rose the bard requested. Nine months later, she reappeared with a son, who was then legitimized, and became heir to Winterfell. Years later, Bael descended from beyond the Wall, and unwilling to kill his own child in combat, died at his son’s sword. The child’s mother, having loved Bael, committed suicide by jumping from the highest tower of Winterfell when she learned of his death.

How does this relate to our star-crossed ship?

There is the obvious. Bael(ish) kidnapped Sansa(Winterfell’s daughter), and replaced her with a rose(Margaery Tyrell). Beyond this is where things get murky, imo.

A lot of people hypothesize that Lysa (who died for her love/obsession with Baelish) is the mother in the parallel, and Sansa is the bastard who will bring Baelish down.

However, we get this little bit of dialogue from Sweetrobin in AFFC:

“Alayne? Are you my mother now?”

And just like that, the hypothesis begs to be questioned. The dialogue is innocent on its surface, but why include it at all, unless GRRM wants us to question previously established roles/hypotheses?

If Sansa(Alayne) is now the mother, who is the bastard child? I’m fairly certain it’s not Sweetrobin(based on dialogue in the novels I do not for one second believe he is Baelish’s son. Lysa was just a little too damn thirsty to marry, imo). He’s sickly, and Sansa is working in collusion with Baelish to get rid of him so that she’ll become Lady of the Vale.

Which to me, means the bastard child, the future heir to Winterfell, may not be born yet.

That is to say, if Sansa and Baelish’s relationship takes a turn for the sexual(as many speculate it will), there is a good chance that a bastard could be born, and the cycle of Bael the Bard would be on its way to completion.

Does this mean that Sansa won’t be Baelish’s end? Not necessarily, but it dirties the water of how he will go down, and definitely opens things up to those shitty S7 spoilers.

It also gives us a rather poetic end to Baelish. A boy cut down by a one time heir to Winterfell, only to sire the next heir. Giving an old bloodline a much needed infusion of cleverness, imo.

Before people say, “What about the rest of the Starks?” Let’s look at what we’re working with:

It’s unlikely that Bran will be able to father an heir, and even if he could, he’s the three-eyed raven now. That comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Arya, for as much as people refuse to believe it, is fated to die. It’s been foreshadowed since book one that she will die in winter. It makes the most sense for her arc of vengeance. Too much wolf blood, as Ned put it.

Jon, should he survive, is not a Stark by birth. He is a Targaryen (at least by HBO standards), and no child of his would be accepted in the North. “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.”

This only leaves Sansa. After being passed around as a piece for almost half her life, I don’t see her being eager to marry again. Especially if her book arc, somewhat follows the television arc.

In short, my crackpot theory is that the child of Baelish and Sansa will be the sole heir to Winterfell by the end. Adding to an already bittersweet ending.

Marrying/Bedding Tyrion

The wedding ceremony and bedding with Tyrion Lannister.

(I hope you like it!)

(Word Count: 2,212)

(Warning: NSFW!!!!!! Well, at least, I tried my best with the smut)

You know, when you stepped up and offered to marry the Imp in the place of your younger sister Sansa you really should have given it more thought.

You hadn’t thought about why Lord Tywin and his bitch of a daughter, Queen Cersei, wanted you to marry into House Lannister. You hadn’t thought about how, now that your youngr brothers were dead and Robb had no child, you were the heir to Winterfell and to House Stark. That by marrying into House Lannister, to a lesser son who wasn’t “officially” the heir, that Winterfell would go to a Lannister instead of a Stark for future generations. That is, if, you had a child by the Imp. You also hadn’t taken into account how appreciative you would grow to be of everything Tyrion said and done to protect Sansa from the abuse given to her from Joffrey.

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Flowers, Snow, and a Wolf

Robb X Reader X Jon

A/N: Okay so I think the Robb-Jon dynamic easily gives way to a love triangle. Sooooo, I wrote this. This can definitely give multiple parts if you guys would like that :) With love, Kat

(Also this obviously deviates from actual Game of Thrones a bit, cause Theon doesn’t actually have an orphan sister, but in this imagine, he does!)

Warnings: language, killing a bird with an arrow

Words: 2093

“Robb, Jon, this is my kid sister, Y/N Flowers” Theon said, gesturing to you as you moved from your place behind him.
“I’m not a kid anymore, Theon” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. He simply laughed at your reaction and clapped you on the shoulder.
“Aye, I guess not. But you’ll always be my kid sister.”

“I’m Robb” the boy said as he stepped forward, smiling at you and taking your hand to kiss your knuckles, “So Flowers, aye? Not a Greyjoy?”
“Err, no. I’m actually an orphan from the Reach, but the Greyjoys found me when I was five and took me in as one of their own” you smiled and looked back at Theon, you were lucky to have the Greyjoy family, because if not you would probably be a whore somewhere. Orphans don’t command much respect in Westeros.
“Theon here” you said, smacking his shoulder, “was nice enough to let me come visit him in Winterfell.” You turned back to face the two boys,
“So if he’s Robb, you must be Jon” you said, stepping forward and curtsying before him.
“Please, milady. No need to curtsy, I’m a Snow, not a Stark” he said, clearly humbled by his lack of powerful surname.
“No shame in that, Snow” you said, lifting his chin with your small hand, “Wear that name proudly, because it represents that you’re of the North. Never forget that. I may live in the Iron Islands now, but I’m of the Reach and my surname, Flowers, will always remind me of that. Also, no need to call me a Lady, cause I ain’t one” you smirked.

He looked strangely comforted by your words, like nobody had ever told him not to be shameful before. You could tell he felt out of place, even if he was of Stark blood. He clearly felt that his surname severely hindered him. You knew how he felt. He felt lonely, sad, out of place, and curious. You always wished you knew who your parents were, you were sure he wished he knew who his mother was. Theon and Robb were deep in conversation when you broke from your thoughts and you smiled up at Jon, who looked like a sad puppy dog.
“Thank you” he whispered.
“For what?” you asked, stepping towards him.
“For being so nice to me, you barely know me” he said, looking at the ground again.
“Of course, Snow. I make it a habit of being nice to people, it makes life much easier” you smiled.
“Now,” you continued, clapping your leather glove covered hands together, “I heard you were lacking in the archery department.”
Jon laughed, “Who told you that?” he feigned offense.
“Why, my darling brother, Theon of course!” you laughed.
“Well, I hate to admit that it’s true” he said, letting a blush creep to his cheeks. Why was he blushing? Being bad at archery shouldn’t be embarrassing.

“Luckily for you, Snow. I’m one of the best archers in Westeros” you smirked.
“Says who?” he said, narrowing his eyes. He clearly didn’t believe you.
“Says me!” you giggled. Theon interjected,
“Seriously, Snow. She’s one of the best archers I’ve ever seen. She can hit a crow in the eye from fifty feet!” he beamed. You were glad your brother was so proud of your skill.
“I do not believe that” Robb said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Aye? I’ll show you then” you said. You were confident in your skill, it never faltered. If there was one thing in life you could do, it was shoot an arrow.

You stomped over to the area where the bows and arrows were kept in the sparring area of the courtyard. As you approached the arrows, you let your fingers find the one you wanted, the straightest, most balanced one. You grabbed a bow and returned to the three boys.
“Alright, Theon pick a target.” This was a usual game for the two of you, he picked something challenging and you’d hit it right on target nearly every time. Theon pointed to a crow perched on top of the wall of the castle and smiled at you. It was probably about fifty or sixty feet up and you and he both knew you could do it. You pulled the arrow back and aimed.
“Through the eye, sis.”
“Of course” you smirked, “is there any other way to kill a crow?” With that, you let the arrow go, time seeming to slow down as it ripped through the air. It hit the bird and the bird fell to the ground. You knew you were right on target, so you were in no rush. The boys on the other hand practically sprinted over to where the bird fell and Theon held it up, the arrow sticking straight through it’s eye.

After showing off your archery skills, Jon asked if you would teach him and you gladly obliged, telling him that first thing tomorrow you two can start training. He seemed to take a liking to you almost immediately, especially since the two of you understood one another. You were brushing your hair in your bedchamber when you heard a knock on the door. Putting down the brush, you got up and opened the door, shocked at who was on the other side of it.

“Robb? Is everything okay?”
He laughed, “Yes Y/N, everything is fine. Can I come in?”
“Oh, of course” you said, moving out of the way so he could come into your room.
“What’s up Robb?” you asked, sitting down on the bed and gesturing to a chair beside your bed for him to sit in. After he sat, he spoke,
“So, you’re an incredible archer” he started, smiling at you, “I was wondering if you could help me. I’m good with a sword but I’m basically useless with a bow and I’d like to learn.” He flashed you that gorgeous smile again. It was mesmerizing how his beautiful blue eyes lit up when he talked and how focused he was when he was listening to you speak. How he adorably rested his chin on his interlaced fingers and leaned forward while you spoke.
“Well, I’m actually training Jon starting tomorrow” you said. Robb looked almost hurt at those words. His face fell and you quickly added,
“But I’d be happy to train you too, Robb!” He piped up and looked at you,
“Of course!”
Robb stood to leave and before he moved far from you, he added,
“I’ll train you in sword fighting if you’d like me to, Y/N.” he smiled at you. Damnit if you couldn’t help but let a smile light up your face when he smiled at you. His happiness was contagious.
“I’d love that!” you smiled, standing up and pulling Robb into a hug,
“Thank you!” you giggled, smiling into his chest. He laughed at your excitement and hugged you back.
“Of course, Y/N. It’s the least I can do for a beautiful girl like you.”

You immediately felt a crimson blush rise in your cheeks. He and his brother Jon were both so attractive and he just called you beautiful. It was almost unbelievable. Robb left your chambers then and you couldn’t help but think about how handsome both him and Jon were. They were manly, muscular, strong, taller than you, and they were both so kind to you. You couldn’t help but think about how Theon would tease you endlessly if he found out you were crushing on two boys that he considered his brothers. He’d also probably threaten their lives if they touched you.

The next morning, you got up and went to the courtyard to set up for training Jon and Robb.
“So you’re really doing this, aye?” Theon asked, leaning against the wooden post.
“Yes, I am” you said pointedly, “They are nice enough to house me here, so I’m going to repay any way I can. Plus Robb is teaching me sword fighting in return.”
“Please, Y/N. By the way they look at you, you could bat your eyelashes and they’d be kissing your feet and worshipping the ground you walk on” he scoffed, pushing himself off the post and walking towards you.
“What are you on about, Theon?” you said, setting up some good arrows for the boys to practice with.
“Are you serious?” he said, looking at you with wide eyes, “You don’t see the way they look at you? How they practically fight for your attention and act as if you put the stars in the skies?”
“Seriously, I don’t know what you’re on about.”
“They’re both clearly head over heels for you. Just do me a favor and pay attention to how they act when you’re training them.” he said, leaving you to your thoughts. Could he really be telling the truth?

Sure enough, Theon’s words were proving true. Throughout your entire lesson with Jon and Robb, they were competing for your attention. When you were showing Robb how to position his elbows, Jon needed help nocking the arrow. When you showed Jon how to position his feet and hips, Robb ‘accidentally’ snapped the string on the bow and needed a new one.

“Fuck!” you heard from behind you as you were adjusting Robb’s grip. You whipped around to see Jon with a very bloody hand.
“Gods, Jon! What happened?” you asked, running over to help him.
“I uhh, went to adjust the arrow and slipped and it cut my hand. I need to find a healer” he said, moving to leave.
“I’ve got it, Jon. I was trained as a healer in Pyke” you said, taking him by his hand to go inside so you could treat his wounds. You realized you left Robb hanging and shouted behind you,
“Sorry Robb! We’ll continue this later, yeah?” You heard him grumble an unenthusiastic agreement and continued inside to help out Jon.

He was sitting in a chair and you were sitting facing him, cleaning out the wound and putting salve on it before you wrapped it. The castle healer was more than friendly when you asked to bandage up his hand, giving you access to her supplies and talking with you about the healing practices you learned in Pyke while she spoke about the ones she learned in the North. Before long, someone was joining you in the healer’s chamber. That someone was Robb accompanied by Theon. Robb’s hand was torn up. It was bleeding and raw and there were splinters poking out of his knuckles as if he had beat the hell out of a wall or a post.
“Y/N, can I talk to you outside for a moment?” Theon asked.
“Sure, just one moment” you said, putting the final bandage on Jon’s hand and getting up to talk to your brother outside.

Once you were outside the room, you saw the concern in Theon’s eyes.
“You need to stay away from them, Y/N.”
“What? Why? Everything was fine until Jon accidentally cut himself. What in Seven Hells happened to Robb?”
Theon sighed and looked at you,
“He got pissed when you went off with Jon and punched the wooden post as hard as he could. A few times. He didn’t want to come here, but I made him so it doesn’t fester and he loses his damn hand.”
“Theon I didn’t ask for this!” you half-yelled as you threw your hands in the air, “I was just trying to be nice! I didn’t ask for them to be fucking injuring themselves because of me!”

Tears were welling in your eyes now. You had gotten so attached to them both so quickly and now they were both hurt and it was completely your fault.
“I think I’m going to just go home, Theon.” you admitted, your features glowing with defeat and sadness.
“Y/N, please don’t go. They’ll get over this stupidity and everything will be fine. I like having you here with me. I missed you when you were in Pyke and I was here. Please don’t go.” It was hard to watch your brother pleading, but leaving may be for the best.
“Theon, if I wouldn’t have shown up here none of this would have happened.”
“Just please, Y/N. Let them sort this out and stay with me” he took your hands in his, looking into your eyes.
“Okay, I’ll stay” you breathed, relief covering your brother’s face.

Hopefully after Jon and Robb were healed this whole crazy situation would just go back to normal.