there might be some stephen thrown in there too

Scream Queens Theories

Okay, so I’ve been seeing quite a lot of theories floating around tumblr explaining that Hester is the second red devil killer along with being the twin of Boone. There has been a lot of info forwards this theory in late episodes, but, in the newest episode coming out on December the 1st, ‘Black Friday’, the teaser shows Chanel Oberlin, number 3, number 5 and Hester all locked in the mall for Black Friday. As they are locked in, the red devil can be seen in a shot with a crossbow staring through the windows at number 5. If these four girls are locked in the mall, including Hester, who is the red devil chasing them if everyone is so sure Hester is the red devil.

With the death of Gigi in 'Thanksgiving’, it is highly likely that we will no longer be hearing about the plans they had in store for the characters as Gigi was the mastermind and Boone was the one that carried out most of the tasks, so the unnamed second red devil is most likely going to go on a massacre, aiming at the Chanel’s first, example: the mall.

This leaves the other characters then, deceased or alive. Things we already know about the red devil:

- 20 years old
- White skin
- Is related to Wes and Sophia
- Female
- Doesn’t have a family as Sophia is deceased, Wes didn’t know about them and Gigi raised them

Looking over the female characters that are still alive and on campus or working on campus, this includes: Grace, Zayday, Chanel, Chanel 3, Chanel 5, Hester, Denise and The Dean.

Girls alive and not on campus: Melanie Dorkus, Coco, Amy (if she isn’t Gigi) and Feather.

Deceased girls: Tiffany AKA Deaf T-Swift, Sam, Jennifer, Sonya AKA Chanel 2, Chanel 4, Shondell, Mandy and Mary.

Off the bat, we know Grace isn’t the killer as she is too young to be one of the bathtub babies, stating to Pete she was 18 when we know the babies are 20.

Was kidnapped by the red devil, Boone to be exact, isn’t related to Wes or Sophia in anyway, wrong skin colour.

This is a difficult one, in the new episode 'Black Friday’, we know she will be attacked by the red devil, so that could maybe rule her off. We have also heard her speak of her countless times so being raised by Gigi doesn’t match her.

We have met her family, and doesn’t seem to be related to either Wes, Sophia or Boone in anyway. Apart from this, there isn’t much else to back up Chanel 3 not being the killer, but it’s highly unlikely she is the killer.

We haven’t seen her family, but she did talk about them but she could have lied, and she was also missing during most of beginning of 'Thanksgiving’, she was gone whilst the red devil was with Gigi. She brought the platter out with Gigi’s head on it also, but, she was attacked by the red devil but this could have been Boone but it makes no sense why he would attack her with no witnesses. She also will be attacked by the red devil in 'Black Friday’ as show in the teaser, so her fate remains unknown until that episode is released.

Hester being the red devil is a huge theory in the Scream Queens fandom at the moment, but with her being attacked in 'Black Friday’ this might break that theory unless there is another person working with the red devil? When Chanel dragged her into the meat locker after being pushed down the stairs, she disappeared for a brief remainder of time, the same time the red devil was with Gigi. She also appears late to the Bradwells Thanksgiving dinner. When Gigi and the devil are talking, Gigi states that the knife is good for cutting flesh. Hester states this again near the end of the episode, with a matching description to what Gigi said. She was also present during 'Ghost Stories’ when Earl Grey was murdered and number 5 and Denise where both attacked. But we know the Earl was killed by Boone, giving Hester enough time to attack Denise whilst Boone attacked number 5. But it is unknown how Hester got the devil costume so her being the red devil still remains a popular theory but a mystery simultaneously.

Too old to be the twin, wrong skin colour, was attacked.

Was attacked by Gigi, Boone and the second red devil all at once, too old also, she is most likely not the devil.

Her fate was changed to alive, according to the Dean after they cleared up her fake tanning incident with he poisoning, so she does have the potential to get revenge, but may be a bit too old, possibly 20 or 21.

Too old, may be dead but has not been confirmed.

AMY (if she isn’t Gigi)
Too old also, might also be dead but not confirmed.

Possibly a bit older then the twins, falsely accused of murdering Stephen and was thrown into a cell in a straight jacket. Probably not the killer.

Had her head mowed off fairly early and there’s no going back from that, the Dean also stated she was forty years old but could have been lying.

The devil did reveal the identity of there selves to Sam and she stated she knew it all along but being strangled. This could mean the devil has some sort of relationship or friendship with Sam.

Jennifer being the second killer is also a big theory in the fandom. As Boone was still alive when she died, meaning she could have faked her death, and she was set up similar to how Boone died. She also was a minor character that stood around for quite a while. Gigi most likely needed Intel on what was going on inside the house so she made the Dean make Chanel make anyone who wishes to do so join Kappa. Making Jennifer a candidate as the Dean introduces her to Chanel later on. We also never heard anything about Jennifer’s family, and it was stated by the Dean that she was twenty years old.

Died fairly early on and Chanel Oberlin saw her in a dream, and they also had a funeral for her, confirming the girls fate.

Died before the series began, it was unknown and still is if she died from the illness she had or was murdered.

Was stabbed in neck and Denise stated later on that she was officially dead.

They where both Kappa members from twenty years ago when Sophia died in the tub, their fates are still unknown but they most likely don’t have any reasons to murder the newer Kappa sisters and friends.

Looking at all this, it’s safe to say that the killer has to either be Hester, Chanel 5 or Jennifer. Each all have their reasons and two of which are still alive, while the other ones death looked quite set up. But none of this will be confirmed or flawed until the upcoming episodes are released.

What do y'all think? Hester? Chanel 5? Jennifer?

(Also credit to a certain tumblr user who I forgot the name of, they had some information that I pinched and added to so yeah. thank you!)