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Hunk and Lance deserve better

I’m really, really disappointed about the treatment Hunk and Lance received this season. I understand that the season’s focus was on Keith and Shiro, I understand that the story arc was important and had to happen, but you can have a season that revolves mostly around two characters without throwing others completely to the back. Pidge and Coran, for example, both had a lot of great screen time, even though the season was centered on Keith and Shiro.

You know who didn’t have a lot of great screen time? Or, hey, screen time in general? Hunk and Lance. They were sidelined. Two characters who bring so much to the show, who have so much to give, who are important to so many viewers, were forgotten.

Lance had no character development, and he was there almost solely for the purpose of comic relief. Lance is so much more than comic relief! He’s strong, and brave, and scared, and he misses his home. Why was there no focus on that? And then there was his insecurity scene, which had the potential to be a great scene, but it got glossed over. It didn’t get the depth it deserved. Lance’s entire character didn’t get the depth it deserved.

And then there’s Hunk, who is exactly the kind of character that’s so refreshing to see, except that he’s pushed onto all these stereotypes to the point that that’s all his character is about! 90% of his scenes, if not more, had something to do with food. So many of the jokes revolving around him had to do with food. Hunk is not just the food guy. Hunk is a paladin of Voltron, but man, with the treatment he got, it’s pretty easy to overlook that. Hunk has over come so much, he’s come so far, and yet none of that is being highlighted.

I’m disappointed that two characters who mean so much to me and so many other people, two characters who were worth so much more screen time and attention, got treated so poorly during this season. I love Keith and Shiro, and I really do understand the importance of the storyline, but Hunk and Lance didn’t have to be done so dirty for that storyline to be successfully told. Dreamworks, I’m expecting better for Hunk and Lance in future seasons.

“Huh, we’re that couple.”

I drew a small part from @apvrrish‘s fic time out of mind because it just made me… so happy, among lots of other emotions and you should definitely check it out and all of their other fics because they’re all so good… :’)

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Relationship question because it has to do that she is a Ravenclaw too and thus has a similar personality: I'm afraid it may not be good to try and flirt with her to let her know I like her because I have somewhat of a tummy. I've never been, nor am I now, overweight, I just have a slight tummy and I'm afraid more fit girls would not find that attractive. Would you know anything given your Ravenclaw personality?

Anyone from any house who judges you for having a slight tummy is really not worth spending time on. From a ravenclaw perspective, one of our traits is being accepting so I’d hope that she wouldn’t care, but honestly it doesn’t matter what house you’re from that’s just being a decent human being. I’d say go for it because if she’s worth it she won’t care what your weight is. Sure it might not work out for a variety of other reasons, but if she’s as great as you think she is then your tummy won’t come into play

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Love him or hate him, we must come together as AMERICANS. We must unite as we are the UNITED States of America. We must show support for our nation to thrive and become even greater, we have to do it for ourselves and our country. Let’s be real Americans and show what we are made of, TOGETHER. 🇺🇸 I wish nothing but the best for my country. @realdonaldtrump I want to congratulate you. ✨ #WeThePeople #ILoveAmerica #USA #donaldtrump


It isn’t true that Creations never change, however implausible it might sound. When something - or someone, rather - is made and fuelled by magic, little things like appearances don’t take much to alter. 

For most Creations, minor changes through the years (whether to keep up with fashion or just for a fresh look) were not uncommon. Baron had had several looks in his life. 

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Okay no, there is absolutely no way you haven't read this entire story before, or at least up to a certain upcoming arc. No fucking way. I'm reading a post you made about a year ago listing different theories and without saying which ones at least half of them are correct or semi-correct. Either you're lying or you have psychic powers in which case I would heavily advise you to look into. Some of this shit isn't even foreshadowed whatsoever and you guessed it right... Nick. NICK.

Honestly I want to get this post framed. 

Hey uhhhhhhh… if a fictive or other headmate feels like “they’re not real”, (and it’s because of the fact that they’re a fictive or headmate), it usually isn’t the same as singlet depersonalization

It’s more like the result of people telling you that you’re just a delusion and the same person as the host and you start believing it and you go “Oh my God my existence is just a lie”

I guess I kinda say this because when I’ve said “I don’t feel real”, people usually respond with the usual responses of “Try grounding yourself by counting objects” when really that makes me a bit more afraid because I feel just like a dissociated state

Like if I say this just tell me I’m real and/or show me evidence that I’m not the same person as the host

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Continue this story please: D

Sorry, as of the most recent reblog, it is done! : ) I mean, I guess theoretically I could end up writing something for it in the future, but I don’t have any concrete ideas atm. I know a few other people had interest in writing something though, so maybe we’ll both get to see something!

Some preliminary thoughts on Thibra:

It’s a really cool material for certain applications, but not what I expected. It’s weird to work with for me. Not intuitive the way Worbla was the first time I picked it up.

It gets stress lines very easily, where a flat piece bends out of shape easily and then that creates visible stress lines. It will then tend to bend in that area in the future. Probably less of an issue once it is heated and formed onto something.

It’s very elastic when heated. Sculpting with Worbla to me feels like sculpting with cookie dough. It’s very intuitive, and works exactly how I expected. Thibra, by contrast, is more like working with a weird mixture of bubble gum, silly putty, and fondant. It has a lot of the elasticity of something like bubble gum, and can get very thing while stretched. It’s also very sticky. Once it starts to cool, it’s more like fondant. (All these food comparisons!) The more you heat it, the stickier it gets, and it’s hard to keep it in that perfect window where it is malleable but won’t stick to everything in sight.

Heating takes some getting used to. It seems to have a short working window, but a very long window before it is fully cool. This means that you need to heat it to just the right temperature before working with it, do your work quickly, reheating as needed, and then leave it there for a longer time than you would expect before it is cool enough to move without getting deformed. Of course, during this period, it’s not soft enough to actually do anything with, but it’s still soft enough that it needs support under it or else it will lose its shape. 

It takes a bit to initially heat it, as well. Heat transfer seems low, in that if you have a piece much thicker than the actual sheet (if you were making ‘snakes’ for the sake of detailing or using it like a clay), the outside overheats before the inside becomes malleable, so it takes a lot of messing around with to get it to be workable. I’d recommend keeping any ‘snakes’ smaller than 1/4″ in diameter, since even that small becomes difficult to work with. 

Takes a bit of coaxing to initially form and drape over an object, but once it goes, it all goes at once. It’s like it can hold its shape until you poke at it a bit, and then it suddenly loses that integrity and collapses down onto the object you are forming over.

Suuuuuuuuper smooth. I love how smooth it remains. I haven’t had too many issues with fingerprints in my quick experiments, but it does pick up fingernail marks very easy. It’s very soft when heated. Much softer than Worbla. I can see it working really well for armor that needs to stay smooth or for small detailing where you want to keep the detailing without having to fill and sand. 

So far, I’d recommend it, but with the caveat that it should primarily be used for forming over other things, since it is very soft. If it is used as a clay, it should be kept to small pieces for decorating larger pieces, and not as a clay in and of itself (like Worbla can be used). Would likely require a structural layer underneath like Worbla does, since it seems to be even less strong. Takes fine detailing very well.

It’s 100% not going to work for what I wanted it for, but I might be able to use it to heat form over something that I’ve sculpted and still use it for the same piece. 

yup!!  i was missing seokjin and jungkook when you sent this, anon~ :P

Seokjin always makes sure to rinse off in the shower first.  No matter what Yoongi says about baths being a perfectly acceptable way to clean oneself, Seokjin still has his doubts about sitting in a hot tub full of his own filth as an acceptable way to wash off the grime of the day.

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