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I just want to bring to attention the fact that Horikoshi gave All Might’s character his particular appearance out of spite, All Might looks the way he looks out of spite

People actually said “who would want to look like him?” and “ugh he looks old” and “it would be more appealing if he was pretty and attractive”

So Horikoshi was like “Nah fuck u he’s great as he is” 

and I love this even more because everyone loves All Might, he didn’t need to be a pretty boy to be a fantastic, well-written, and lovable character and also the fact that Horikoshi drew him like this and puts even more effort into drawing him out of spite is hilarious to me


Part 3

More BNHA/Pokemon 

i got a few request to draw some of the staff (plus Hitoshi and Stain) as Pokemon and thanks to @ronin-ryker and @sylanc for suggestions on the staff.

All Might and Aizawa took a bit too find one to match and since All Might’s quirk is limited i wanted to make him a pokemon with a mega evolution and needed to be a fighting type, and well mega blaziken had a similar hair dew so i stuck whith that one. And for Aizawa he likes cat’s so i wanted to make him a feline like Pokemon and since Luxray has gleam eyes  thought it fit enough.

PS: thx for all your support and i hope you like them and again if you’d like to see more just send me a note and tell me which one you like the most.



some journaling ideas
  • quote of the day / song of the day / thought of the day
  • what you’re looking forward to this month / year
  • goals for this month
  • spreads or lists for favourite films / shows / music albums / books
  • favourite film / show / music album of the week or month
  • ongoing projects and work to keep track of
  • to watch / to read / to listen to list
  • wishlist
  • places to visit
  • letter to your future self / letter to your past self 
  • movie tickets / concert tickets / polaroids / receipts / stickers / stamps
  • self affirmations
  • playlists
  • five years from now 
  • tattoo ideas
  • things to study / learn more about
  • favourite quotes / lyrics / poems
  • achievements / accomplishments / places you’ve been and things you’ve done and when 
  • calming / grounding senses ( favourite sounds, smells, textures, and more )
  • support websites / phone numbers for reference
Wow! Two leaks in one day! How lucky!

I predict that in another new episode titled “Laser Light Cannon”, viewers will be introduced to a delightful new catchphrase: “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs!”

How interesting! I wonder if we will ever learn what a “pork chop” or a “hot dog” is?