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so…this ran away from me a little bit but I was thinking about the Framework & its logic today and two things occurred to me. 1) I am now more sure than ever that they’re not trying to sell us ‘if one thing was different they’d be evil’ and 2) Aida might not be the puppet master after all…

Part One: Aida as Puppetmaster (…or is she?)

If ever I start believing that AOS might be trying to pull one of those “if one thing changed you could be, in this case, a nazi” storylines I think about that line Fritz’s dad said. Fritz said “I don’t know what kind of man I’d be without you” and Fritz’s dad replied: “That’s why I’m here” and something about that line just struck me as really Doctor Moon ish -

Doctor Moon is a character from Doctor Who, he is essentially the AIDA of this database called The Library which Donna, one of the companions, is held captive inside. While life inside the Library is creepily utopian and Doctor Moon is benevolent, whereas Aida is malevolent (either of her own “will” or as an instrument of the Darkhold) they both have similar power in that they can control people’s memories, feelings, choices, and what choices are available. His two most common lines were; “And then, you remembered.” and “And then, you forgot,” and just like that, Donna would remember things that hadn’t happened, or forget things that had. She was being reprogrammed, whenever she questioned the “reality” she was in.

The same thing happened to Fritz, numerous times. It happened in a slightly more logical way, not just with a snap of Aida’s fingers, but in the space of 2 episodes we have seen:

  • Jemma’s face hidden from him
  • the truth about the “other world” disguised as a lie, and he’s been taught it in such a way that he thinks he knows what’s going on
  • Aida didn’t let him spend too much time around Daisy; he had a brief chat, hit her once, and left the room, and then Aida was like oh, no, sweetie, don’t go back in there, i’ll take care of it and cajoled him until he dropped the subject
  • Fritz’s father, the most controlling and scary person in his life probably, shows up on his doorstep to answer his most pressing question “should I have killed that woman” at which point he gets all the morals crushed right back out of him
  • as well as the more directly “brainwashy” elements such as quotes and feelings that originated between Fitz and Jemma being displaced onto Aida (gross)

I believe it was @agl03, Theorist Extraordinaire, who recently phrased what’s happening as something like “Aida needs him to turn left at this intersection, so she’s going to remove the road leading right.” Every time Fritz swings away from the path he has been assigned (either by Aida herself, or by the Darkhold which is acting through Aida), someone or something - usually Aida herself - crops up just in time to “correct” his thought process. And this has probably happened before, too.

Fritz couldn’t just get his father back, he had to lose his mother as well. Was that a matter of being careful what he wished for? Or was Aida, or the Darkhold acting through her, intentionally removing a good moral influence from his life? I’m inclined to go with the second, especially as Jemma was also killed off. Depending on how time works in the Framework, Aida may have witnessed or predicted or known, based on algorithms of some sort, that Jemma might be another person who could still lead Fritz back toward good choices, belief in himself, etc. She (or the Darkhold, acting through her) couldn’t have that, so they got rid of Jemma - they cut off the road that turned right. When real-Jemma showed up, cut off her access too. When her actions caused Fritz to feel unsettled about his own actions, lo and behold his father shows up to soothe him, discredit her, and return everything back to “normal”.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of “if one thing changed the world would be evil” type storylines, from both a moral and a practical point of view (not all decisions lead onto each other, for example, and external factors have too much influence imo) so this may be partly that bias talking, but one thing changing does not change your whole life and we can see with Fitz especially that this is not what has happened. We can also see it with the others though. Fitz’s regret was fixed at the cost of who knows what?? happening to his mother, and Jemma being killed off, and etc etc somehow enabling him to be trained into this role. Mack’s little girl lived but he lost his wife, and what about his brother, does he exist at all? May’s regret was fixed, but we haven’t seen any mention of Andrew, or why she was surprised/annoyed about “why are there kids in here” and yet the next minute, was expressing her regret at showing mercy to a kid. Coulson’s regret got fixed, but where is Audrey? And why doesn’t he know May?

This is where what Aida is presenting to us falls down, but not only that, it seems then that the Framework is somewhat beyond not only Aida’s control but Aida’s timeframe. Which leads me to ponder if

Part Two: Aida’s been Washing with the Blue Soap Too

If Bahrain was where it all started why don’t Coulson and May know each other? They knew each other at Bahrain. Aida and the Framework and the Darkhold or whoever want us to believe that May’s choice, really, was the turning point, but it wasn’t. And I didn’t even notice it that explicitly until literally just then as I’ve typed it. I’ve been paying so much attention to how closely Aida’s been tracking and tweaking Fitz’s trajectory that I didn’t even notice that. The changes must go earlier and deeper than that, and unless somebody in there “regrets” that the Allies won WWII, malevolent forces must be at play. Our faves haven’t transformed into Nazis over one choice. They’ve been dumped into a world where they already have been Nazis their whole lives and have to unravel the code that made them that way.

and thinking about that makes me wonder… what if Aida’s not the one in control after all?

She thinks she knows what’s going on, or at least seems to think she does, but she has stated herself numerous times that she does not fully comprehend human nature. She’s also said many times that she wants a choice, but what is the point of choice in a world that you have created, and that isn’t real? And why spend all of her choices messing with the team in ways that… are only designed to protect the Framework, which protects her choices? She also seems to be incorrect about the “it just played out that way” theory, as discussed above. It only “played out that way” because other options and opportunities for goodness and happiness in the characters’ lives were removed. Yet, did Aida do that?

It’s possible - maybe she thinks that peace is happiness, for example, and that a lack of conflict is peace, so if she keeps them all too guilty/scared/well trained to object then she has given them peace and therefore made them happy. But it’s OBVIOUS that she, or who/whatever else is acting through her or letting her THINK she is in charge, hasn’t just fixed one regret, which is what she claims she has done. If nothing else, the timing doesn’t work out, and nor does the things the characters have lost vs what they have gained; they are not zero sum games. Aida’s logic, and even Radcliffe’s logic, doesn’t make sense.


It may very well be that Aida thinks she is in control and thinks she is doing all these things for a good reason, or if not that, for a selfish but somewhat morally neutral reason, but there is a reason why the supposedly-Utopic Framework turned out a Nazi hellscape and it’s not because Fitz wanted his dad around and Mack wanted his kid back and May wanted not to have had to kill a child. Some dark sh*t is going down and Aida may not even be the half of it.

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In particular, I think Hakuba confronting Aoko about her interactions with Kid could have some interesting character and plot bits.

The scenario I imagine runs something like: Hakuba, in his quest to prove Kaito is Kid, decides that Aoko would make a great witness seeing as she is extremely familiar with Kaito and has now gotten as close to Kid physically as anyone, so he goes to ask her if she got a good look at Kid’s face, did anything about him seem familiar, etc.

Aoko, at this point, does have at least some suspicion of Kaito being Kid, but, through either denial or loyalty, refuses to tell him anything. If denial, she knows Kaito is Kid, but refuses to admit it to herself because she can’t reconcile her longtime friendship with Kaito and her hatred of Kid. If loyalty, she has decided instead to try and suppress her anger, at least until she gets an explanation from Kaito personally.

Either way, Hakuba pushes the matter and Aoko has to hold herself back from snapping at him. Somewhere no one else will likely overhear, she tells him that the whole Kid thing has nothing to do with him. She tells him that publicly exposing Kid’s identity would have an immense personal impact, hurting more people than it would help. She tells him that investigating purely for the sake of his own reputation shows he shouldn’t be involved in cases like this if he can’t learn to think about how the cases actually affect people. She’s angry because she knows that if Kaito is Kid, and that’s revealed to the public, Kaito’s life will be ruined, she’ll be forced to choose between her father and her oldest friend, her dad could be in trouble for being so close and not noticing the signs, or might sink back into general disinterest with everything once Kid is gone, Chikage would probably get in trouble, Toichi’s name could even be shamed (and she knows how important that is to Kaito). If she has any suspicions about the organization after Kid, revealing his identity would put a target on everyone connected to him as well.

Perhaps Aoko even realizes that it’s a bit selfish, because people lose so much money because of Kid’s thefts, through property damage, hospital bills, probably damages to insurance rates, and, of course, anything he steals that he doesn’t decide to return for whatever reason. But it’s easier to rationalize how it isn’t really that bad for those people than to put strangers, some of whom you may even dislike, above yourself and people you’re close to.

Things are tense between Aoko and Hakuba from then on.

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I’m going to scream.

This is seriously an amazing au. I feel the need to write for it and make cool prompts and hnnnnnnng.

But in all seriousness, this is my dream as a Fanfiction author. Well-thought out with a detailed background, it makes for a good pre-layout, much like an actual show/book would. It also has essential dynamics(Changing, Life, the whole ice scenario) that create a solid backbone for authors. With how it’s written, I could clearly see details and feel any artist wanting to create fanart for this AU could easily do it(but then again I’m not an artist so who am I to say).

It has so much potential that I can’t put it into words! It’s just so well thought out and beautiful and I seriously can’t wait to see more of it. Hell, I may even write a couple drabbles based off of it! With credit of course. An AU like this has potential for authors and artists alike to practice scenes they may not be used to writing, mainly high-action, face-paced scenes or incredibly dangerous stealth scenes.

I know I’ve gone on for so long, but I love AUs like this and I’m incredibly happy that Yuri!!! On Ice has one like it. I’ve roleplayed and written a few AUs for this series, but none have truly caught my attention like this one.

the-graceful-dahlia replied to your photoset “INFERNO: YURI NO ICE A Yuri!!! on Ice AU *No, the title is not a typo…”

I was way to into that…I may have to write a fic version of this because i got to the end and was like ‘awwwwwww it’s over??’ I need more!!! Permission to attempt a fic version?

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I want to read this, so interesting *___________* Someone write this!!     

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holy fuck i would read the shit out of this                

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Thank you all so, so much for liking my Inferno AU, especially @the-fan-garbage-can for writing out such an incredibly detailed review ;A; Nothing can be more satisfying than people loving my world building, honestly my favorite part of creating, and especially on an original AU like this one because it means you still connected with it. I’m deeply flattered and incredibly humbled, thank you so, so much! It makes me incredibly happy to have shared something that means something to you ;A;

But if at all possible, and you may feel I am selfish for wanting this, but I would sincerely appreciate if people could hold off on writing fics for this particular AU. (simply vaguely inspired by the aesthetic and want to do your own thing inspired by but not set in this AU? Please go right ahead, credit for inspiration would be appreciated)

The reason why I request this is because this is literally just the initial post, testing the waters, a background synopsis and image aesthetic introduction, a prologue if you will to the main show, a comic series I hope to illustrate. I have intentionally and carefully omitted and glossed over many plot-essential details in the synopsis because they will be revealed in the main plot, or are part of a plot twist. Many details included in the synopsis may seem random or unimportant now, but may tie into important things in the actual story. Many things may also intentionally be confusing because they are meant to be shown in visual form (like the Medals). Other massive parts of world building are purely visual and will never be directly acknowledged in writing, but I hope that some people who pay close attention will catch them, and this may have a pretty big impact on how you perceive the AU setting as a whole.

The point is, the entire synopsis text is a very selective snippet of information meant to provide context for my main comics. It does not at all give you the full picture, nor is it meant to, because then what would be the point of the story? ^ ^; I spent a very long time planning this, not only alone but also with a friend, and I present what I do to you now for a reason.

Again, I am incredibly flattered that people feel inspired and want to read more, and I do understand personal preference and perhaps people would prefer a text-only fic where my comic-format story telling may be unsatisfactory. But please understand that it can feel a bit…well, demotivating and pressuring when I know that people are rapidly using my synopsis for their own stories, not because I am offended that it inspires creativity, but because I’ve very carefully planned this out combined with how time consuming comic-drawing can be. I do not want to feel like I am competing with others to tell my plot twists first. So if at all possible, I would like to request that I get to tell my own story first, the story that the post was created for.

If for some reason you do not wish to grant my request, please understand my wanting to not see your posts, not because I am not interested or do not respect your creativity, but because of the reasons I stated above.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and I sincerely hope that you will support and encourage me in finishing this AU. m(_ _)m

  • Elfgutz: please do not cosplay my OCs *provides numerous reasons*
  • Certain people: omg u r so selfish and self centered how dare you say we can't cosplay your characters I mean what are u gunna do 2 stop us hha lol *continues to post cosplays w/o credit*
  • Elfgutz: righto, you may cosplay my OCs again but could you please credit me, ask permission first and not tag bjd when doing so? Thank you.
  • Certain people: omg bitch we shudnt hav 2 ask permission to cosplay your designs and characters it's not like you own them even tho u created them omg ur so self centered!! *continues to post cosplays w/o cred & using the bjd tag*
  • Elfgutz: *anxiety level: +200007643* 😵🔫

Hey I feel like this needs to be said- although I adore Bilbo Baggins and want him to be safe and happy, the reason I love him so much is because of how he faces the shit he runs into over the course of his journey. Yeah, he totally digs chilling out with his books and pipe weed and being comfortable. But he doesn’t back out when shit needs to get done.

When Thorin gets fucked up by Azog and is about to get his head cut off, he leaps right in there and defends his ass. When the dwarves get captured by spiders in Mirkwood he draws them away (while singing lmao I wish that had been in the movie so much) and fucks up a bunch of them in the process and rescues the dwarves. Then when the dwarves get accosted by the elves, Bilbo spends days (weeks?? I don’t remember tbh I haven’t read that part in a while) roaming around trying to find a way to get them out, which was a shitty situation for everyone involved, and then rescues all thirteen of those dweebs.

Then this little dude goes in and infiltrates a dragon’s hoard. Tbh if I had been in his situation I probably would’ve nope’d the hell out after the spiders. But not Bilbo- not only did he sign a contract, the dwarves are his friends, and he’s gonna help them get their home back, damn it. Like!! Holy shit that’s a dragon I cannot give him enough kudos for doing that.

Thennn the whole arkenstone debacle god damn. Bilbo wants to avoid a war so much. He just wants everything to end up okay, and for his friends to be safe. He can tell Thorin and the others aren’t thinking clearly. So he does something that takes a whole lot of courage, and goes behind their backs and gives away the arkenstone to try and ensure their safety.

But then everything goes to shit and a battle happens anyway. True, he wasn’t conscious for a large part of it, but lbr being a part of that even for a small amount of time would be terrifying. And on top of that, three of his friends die. Yeah, he and Thorin make amends at the end but that doesn’t make it any less awful.

And after all of that, I don’t blame him for wanting to go home. I would too. He’s grieving, and I honestly don’t think he ever got over the Durins dying. But he goes on with his life- true he’s less social, and a very different hobbit than the one who ran out his door on an adventure. That’s not a bad thing, though. Yeah, he witnessed greed and death and destruction. But he also discovered his own bravery, and learned to embrace the less conventional side of his personality. And throughout it all, he still remained kind, and even took in Frodo later in life. True his reasons may not have been completely unselfish, but after the life he’d had, I think a little selfishness is well deserved.

summary: bilbo baggins is the bravest little hobbit of them all and I am very emotional about it

yourroyalhipocrasy  asked:

Do you get frustrated when you were less popular and nobody really shared your pictures online or reblogged them? I'm having trouble staying motivated when things like this happen. Especially when I stream art and nobody shows up.

Do I get frustrated, fortunately no.
As nice as it would be for folks to share or reblog my stuff on tumblr or online in general, it doesn’t really affect me in any way in whether or not to draw.
First and foremost I draw because I love it. and I post what I can to share and show this love. I’m grateful whether folks share it or not.

Heck, it doesn’t even bother me if folks don’t like what I do.
I draw for me (or when work in involved, for clients. But even with those pieces I have to like what I’m working on.)

I can understand how it can be disheartening when you do’t know if anybody is looking, but in the end should that really be a reason to stop you from arting? 

It may sound somewhat selfish but I can’t really concern myself with whether or not folks view/spread/like my work.

I’m grateful when and if they do, but even if they don’t it won’t ever really stop me from arting.

In the end, if you love arting, try to let something like ‘sharing/reblogging’ get you down. It uses energy in a negative way that could be better used for more arting.

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Why do you say most people have too little Ayn Rand? That may be true around this corner of the Internet, but we live in a country where the average household donates only 1.5% of income.

I don’t think the reason that most people don’t donate to charity is that they are too selfish. 

There are profoundly selfish people, don’t get me wrong. But think about how much can be raised for relief in the aftermath of a natural disaster; think how many people participated in the ice bucket challenge. The reason people give so little often isn’t because they’re too selfish. I think it’s, instead, three things:

 they aren’t sure if charity does any good – there have been very vehement and justified critiques of many things done in the name of foreign charities. There are charities that have turned out to be wasting or embezzling money. there are lots of charities that are very ineffective. 

And furthermore, a lot of our discourse about global poverty in particular suggests that it’s a bottomless pit of suffering – that you can donate money and save some lives but never make any meaningful change to the overall situation. We say ‘you saved this child from malaria’ but not ‘she went on to become a health worker who wiped out malaria in her village and region, and her children went on to become urban transit engineers’. Most people don’t realize how much better global poverty has gotten in recent decades. 

 giving a lot is weird – it’s hard to convince people to do things that will make them a dramatic outlier among their social circle. I’d like to say “I became an effective altruist because I realized I could save so many lives and change the entire dynamic of wealth inequality” but in practice, I became dedicated to altruism by hanging out around lots of people who took it seriously and admired my commitment. 

It’s exhausting to constantly have to defend your life choices to other people. It’s also hard to live on less if your friends invite you to expensive outings and expect you to spend a lot of money. It’s empowering to be around a community that shares and celebrates your values and it’s easier to save when you have friends who value frugality as much as you do. 

 people don’t even think about it – there are people who’ve thought about giving as much as they can afford to the world’s most effective charities and thought “no, I don’t care about others that much” or “no, I still don’t believe charities do any good”. but there are a lot more people who have never ever asked themselves the question. 

Our society talks about charity as if it’s about giving a few bucks at the end of the year to the local community center, or taking some cans down to the food bank. The idea that the wealthy are radically obligated to give most of what they have away, that giving should be budgeted for as what you’re going to do with lots of your money, just doesn’t occur to people. And of course if you go up to someone and say “give 10%!” they’ll say “I can’t afford to!” because even the upper middle class and the rich would have to change the way they plan their spending if they want to give a lot of their money away. 

 I think it’s a goddamned travesty that in the wealthiest nation on earth, most people give less than 2% of their income to all charities, and an even tinier fraction of that to the people who need it most. I don’t think the best solution is to make them more altruistic, because I don’t think the fundamental problem is a deficit of altruism. I think many of those people do care about the world and are just really bad at translating caring into action. 

I think the solution is to make them think about inequality. To normalize budgeting to give. To make it clear that there are extremely effective organizations out there, and to make a case that effective altruism is part of the process of systematically changing the global problems that let poverty persist.

 Another way of looking at this: if I meet someone who genuinely values a nicer house over eradicating malaria, I just don’t know what to say to them. I could tell them that malaria mostly targets kids under five and pregnant women, that it causes lasting developmental damage even in some of the people it doesn’t kill, that it’s killed half of all humans who have ever died and that we’re now within a few decades of stamping it out. I could tell them that in 2000 the only people who used bednets were rich tourists, and that now we give out 200 million bednets a year – and I could tell them that 250 million are needed. 

 But what I’d be trying to convince them isn’t that they should adopt my values, it’s that their values include eradicating malaria. I’m trying to say to them ‘hey! this thing you care about? it’s easier to fix than you probably realized!” not “hey! you should care about this thing you don’t care about!” And if they say ‘nah, I don’t care about dead kids’, I don’t have anything to say to them. 

 So I fundamentally think it’s good to convince people to prioritize themselves more, because it puts them in a position to realize their values better. And I’m optimistic that most people will find that their values include eradicating malaria.