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Always keep immigrants in your thoughts and prayers. Those who are considering crossing the border(s), those who have started their journey, and those who have made it to the other side. May their journey be a safe one. May they face no more violence. May they have food and water to get them through the long days and nights. And may they be able to find what/who they’re looking for when they arrive to the other side of the border.


Giveaway Starts!
To get these Pokemon, deposit a Fomantis named Perfume. Gender and level lock to prevent snipping. You may have one of each. The giveaway will end when I have no more left or when deposits slow down.


While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

that’s why you shouldn’t let me near a computer when i’m bored

C4 from this

I reblogged it at one point but realized that no one was actually going to request what I wanted to draw so I just did what I wanted

I’m imagining Gon tried to kiss Killua in public but he’s not ready for it yet :3c

Fantastic Wizards and Where to Find Them: A Field Guide

Close persons and friends may appreciate a list of all things Newt Scamander-related, to help them understand how to care for this unique creature.  Here is a composed list, which shall be ongoing.  Fantastic Wizards and Where to Find Them: A Field Guide - pg 1.

Brief notes and Findings:

  • When very deep in thought, Newt will usually put something to or in his mouth.  Fingers pressed to lips, wand between teeth, or, in unfortunate circumstances, tie being chewed on.  These are the signs of a happy, productive Newt, and should not be bothered.  Make note to check back in several hours, as this Newt is likely to forget to eat.
  • An angered, protective Newt is a very dangerous Newt.  He is very easily recognizable by sharp, command-like instructions, nonverbal spells cast at your assailant(s), and a need to stand in front of you.  Note: This Newt is not harmful to you, and once all external dangers are removed, should be gently and cautiously talked down, both with quiet words and soft touches.  Some outside assistance may be required; i.e. a light calming draught or a fluffy, non-violent creature.
  • When frustrated, Newt can become exceedingly waspish and sarcastic.  Do not take these attacks to heart, and give him space.  Your Newt will come to you with a proper apology eventually, and you can help him work through his most recent problem then.
  • Even at the best of times, a happy and content Newt will forget about basic necessities, such as eating and sleeping.  It is important to make sure that he is getting enough of both, and has regular contact with those outside of his case, regardless of current research.  Note: Exceptions must be made for creature hatchings, births, or injuries.  Newt will not respond to any outside force during these times.
  • While very shy, Newt is an extremely tactile creature himself.  If it’s noted that he has spent too much time sequestered away with his creatures, attempt small, forward gestures and light hair pettings.  A Newt who is comfortable with you may offer cautious touches or hugs in return.  Be sure to accept these, and reward all interpersonal behaviour with smiles, affectionate words, and treats. Note: Chocolate and marzipan are always accepted.  



What is it that you’re so afraid of?

Imagine Sam, Dean and Castiel all being changed into Women after a witch casts a spell on them

You choked on your coffee practically coughing up your lungs as you saw the three standing before you in the library. “The Witches did something to our bodies!” Sam said waving his well, her, arms out to the side. “You….you’re……women. oh my god! I have to write those witches a thank you card and send them some fruit baskets or herb baskets.” you laughed standing up. “Dammit Y/N! This isnt funny!” Female Dean said. You stopped in your tracks and stared at them. “Look here, you boys, well…..girls now…..used to treat me like crap. You ordered me around, made me feel like I was just here to help you and please you. Now…..” you stopped in your tracks. 

“Oh my god…..” you whispered before laughing again. “What?!” Dean said crossing his arms. “The spell will play itself out, you’re like this to get a taste of your own medicine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be relaxing, because there is no way in hell we’re hunting with you three walking vaginas.” You smirked walking away. 

It had been three days and no one had turned back yet. “NOTHING FITS!” Dean screamed storming down the hallway in a robe you’d given her. You laughed as she stormed in your room. “Relax Deana, Just borrow some of my clothes…Samantha did earlier as well as Cassie” You smirked. Dean grabbed your last pair of clean jeans and a flannel. “Easy there, Thats what Im wearing out tonight. I’ve got your outfit already picked out.” you smirked pulling out the black leather mini skirt with a red tank top. “Oh hell no” Deana said putting a hand on her hip. 

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delicacy and vibrancy


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both!