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Short story poll :D

So, I’ve been coming up against a bit of a writing block lately (also, I’m just in the middle of a lot of things, so it’s harder to work with a longer fic).

So, I’m going to take a poll. I’ve got two ideas, and whichever one gets more votes, I’ll write out! :-) It may be short, but it would be fun (and let’s be honest, knowing me, the second one would probably get written as well).

Both stories are set in my ‘Lost Paladins’ series - here is the link to the series:

Here are two options:

Option 1

They looked at the burning building. Kenneth let out a thoughtful grunt and glanced over at Mae. Her hair was singed, but she didn’t seem terribly phased. 

“As strange as this sounds,” she said, flicking soot off her shoulder, “this is not the worst first date I’ve had.”

Option 2

Aurelis had seen Rayzor less rattled in full-on battle situations.

“Rayzor, relax,” he said, but his old friend didn’t stop pacing. The healer sighed and decided it was only to be expected.

It wasn’t every day you became an uncle.

Please vote! :D

To be honest, this is the first ‘poll’ I’ve ever tried to do - so maybe if you just drop me a message with your vote, that would best! :D Of course, you are more than welcome to reblog! :D 

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Episode 11 has given us...

15 yr old Yuri Plisetsky beating Viktor’s WORLD RECORD

JJ finally acting like a real human

Yuri cheering on and being proud of Otabek :)


Viktor doing the quad flip along with Yuuri like he just CAN’T CONTAIN HIS NERVES


Viktor’s obvious conflicted emotions about Yuri setting the new record

Yuuri being so confused and unsure about Viktor’s behavior but still so confident in their relationship he finally instigates a very necessary talk

This episode may have been a little more angst-heavy than we’re used to but this show is so Good and Pure and I’m honestly not worried about the next episode at all.

And while all I want is a damn wedding I know that’s just a smidge unrealistic BUT I am holding on to the ridiculous hope that we might get a second, sober rendition of the banquet….

It’s pretty safe to say that every December since forever you’ve sat down and made a list of things you wanted to accomplish in the new year. It’s also safe to say that every February you’ve abandoned those without much of a second thought. So what’s the secret to keeping up with your good intentions?

set realistic goals

It sounds pretty great to say that you’ll have perfectly toned abs, be fluent in French, and wake up at 6am every single morning by May, but how likely is that to actually happen? Set goals that you know you can accomplish, like resolving to work out for ten minutes a day and keep your Duolingo streak up.

be selective

I’m usually tempted to write a list a mile long of things I want to start doing, but it’s much better to just chose a couple so you can stay focused. Pick the one or two that are most important to you, and then once you have those down you can add more throughout the year.

be specific

So you wanna be healthy, but what does that mean? Instead, say you want to eat the recommended serving of vegetables each day, or drink more water. Be as specific as you can, and make sure to put it into terms of daily action. It’s easy for the year to get away with you, but you can keep tabs on your day.

stay accountable

Tell your best friend, your mom, your grandma, your mailman what you’re trying to do. Put it on your wall. Tattoo it backwards on your forehead please don’t. Do what you have to do to remind yourself everyday what you’ve committed to.

make it interesting

It’s a lot easier to keep up with something you’re excited about. Whether it’s taking yoga classes with your bff to help you get out of bed early, treating yourself to a new planner to stay organized, or promising yourself a delicious dinner from the country of your target language when you can have a conversation, do what you can to make your resolution fun and not a chore.  

start now

Starting a habit takes time, so there’s no reason to wait until the 1st! The sooner you can start the better, so that way by the time the new year rolls around you’ve already got a head start.

Happy new year, all! What are your resolutions?

A Guide to 19 Days and Recap

Whether you’re new to 19 Days and are having trouble understanding it or you’ve been through the whole process of waiting in agony for the next update and have forgotten how the story is set up, here’s a helpful guide to just that. I don’t guarantee that I’m 100% correct. I may be interpreting the cues incorrectly.

Warning: This is gonna be LONG.

We start chapters 1-54 all condensed into one file. These are either official art or little comics about what seem to be our kids in the future.

Our story actually begins on chapter 42, in the present. A bloody Jian Yi suddenly shows up in front of Zhan Zheng Xi.

According to what Xixi says in the next couple of chapters, Jian Yi disappeared on the second day of high school. (RIP Me. I died re-reading “He was my best friend at the time.”) The way Xixi says it makes it seem as if this is way after Xixi graduated(”Oh right, where did you disappear to when I was in high school?”), maybe university. (Might just be a mistake in translation, though.)

Apparently, Jian Yi still has to do the homework he missed throughout the years or something. (Ch. 47)

A couple more future/present comics and then we finally start “The Flashback™”on chapter 50. (Whoops forgot to mention the days of the week.)

We start this day with a sweet and funny premise. Nothing is going wrong, we are laughing and absolutely adoring this slice-of-life manhua…. (Little did we know it would later tear our hearts apart.)

We are introduced to these middle-schoolers, their relationship, and their school life(lmao everyone thinks they’re queer) in Day One, which goes on until chapter 56(Maybe?). (Thursday/Friday?)

(We are interrupted in Day One by the one shot.)

We continue to follow their daily school life. Day Two is a PE day (ugh) and spans from chapter 57(probably) to chapter 66. (Friday/Saturday)

During this second day, Xixi becomes increasingly aware of how intimate Jian Yi and he really are(by the reactions of his peers).

I’d like to mention that I am not completely 100% convinced that Day One and Day two aren’t just one single day, but arranged weirdly…. but for the sake of this guide, we’ll treat them as two separate days.

Okay the start of Day Three. “Yesterday” Xixi invited Jian Yi over to play video games. (Saturday/Sunday)

We interrupt your flashback to bring you “The Future™” Christmas Special!

Okay, we’re back. The Third Day spans from Ch 67 to Ch 97. We get a good laugh but we also learn a lot of things, like how adorable they were when they were kids. We also at first see that Jian Yi seems to have the hots for his best friend, but in that same day we learn that he doesn’t just have a crush on Xixi, he actually holds strong feelings of love for his best friend. So we are starting to see some back story(flashback in a flashback?) and character development, and also something weird with Jian Yi: he’s a lonely child.


Alright Day Four (Five? The weekend passed, but we didn’t see Sunday.) begins on chapter 98 and ends on chapter 114. (Monday)

WE MEET HE TIAN. (He used to smile so much wtf. Now he only smirks like he wants to eat you when you let your guard down.)

We also see another flashback of baby Jian Yi, his mother, and possibly his father?

Okay I just noticed He Tian knew from the start Jian Yi liked Xixi lmao.


WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY?! Okay Day Four - End.


Okay Day Five begins with He Tian, so you know, in case you were wondering, this story isn’t exclusive to the two bestfriends (as we learned along the way). (Tuesday)

Day Five spans from chapter 115 to chapter 130 and it is THE FIGHT DAY™. Shit goes down in this day, the manga takes an unexpected turn, the fandom is confused but also intrigued and heart broken(the start of Old Xian’s tyranny on our feelings).

We see how He Tian seems to have feelings towards Jian Yi, and in the same day, we are introduced to *drumroll* MO. GUAN. SHAN.(But we don’t know his name yet so it’s Redhead for a couple of chapters.) Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

We also are introduced to bracelet dude (She Li) who repeats Jian Yi’s name rather ominously….

Shit is about to go DOWN.

K.O. Okay, NOBODY liked Redhead, I’ve had people say “I always loved Redhead from the beginning.” Like, mmm okay, so you hated Zhan Zheng Xi or something, like aha sure. LIES. Everybody hated Redhead for hurting our precious son.


The start of Mo Guan Shan’s misery.

ALRIGHT. Day Six! aka… THE STORM™ On this day, we have our hearts ripped out :) (Wednesday)

Ch. 131-144

As you can see, things are getting progressively more interesting and heavy with drama. Not just a slice-of-life anymore. RIP my heart.

Why yes, Jian Yi, he HAS been trained before. By one of your father’s henchmen, which just SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS OLDER BROTHER. But we don’t know that yet ;)

This is why Day Six is called The Storm, btw. It rains on the day everything goes down.

OBLITERATED. This is when I started feeling bad for Mo Guan Shan and disliking He Tian.

Ya, no. Those who say “He just didn’t know how to express his love!”

Look at this panel and tell me that to my face. YOU DON’T HIT THE ONES YOU LOVE.

Needless to say, I do acknowledge that He Tian did indeed start to have feelings for Redhead, but not at this moment.

Day Six is also known as The Kiss (One). Or “The Day We All Freaked Out Waiting For The Next Update.” Also “The Day We Weren’t Prepared For What Was Coming.”


We interrupt your suffering for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I guess these guys are main guys now. Day Six - End.


Ch. 145-170

Shit is over, the fandom has cried, Jian Yi has cried. BUT NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THE KISS. The fandom is frustrated that Jian Yi keeps avoiding talking about it. C’mon Jian Yi WE WANT YOU TO HEAL.

On this schoolday, we learn He Tian is nasty, Redhead’s dad is in prison, and Zhan Xixi wants to know what is going on with Jian Yi…. and then gets embarrassed when Jian Yi tells him. Oh also, Xixi casually rejects a girl and then gets eaten by a radish.


Among other things.

The time we hated the little sister.

(I want to put so many pictures cuz honestly every chapter is great but then this would take like five hours to read haha. JUST GO REREAD THE SERIES.)


#Redhead Defense Squad 2k16 (remember that?)

Harassment continues…… but THIS is the moment when He Tian decides, “Ah, yes, I just harassed this dude, time to make him my friend. I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.”


Zhan Xixi carrying Jian Yi like a sack of potatoes is my aesthetic.

Oh, right, things get dangerous on Day Seven.

Just Hit Me With All The Transport Vehicles You Can Think Of.

I died already.

And so ends Day Seven.

NOW. It’s a new day. It’s Day Eight. AKA THE KISS(Two). AKA HE TIAN WHY???? Literally Mo was JUST starting to possibly want to be your friend and you had to go jack up. (Friday)

Ch. 171-181

On this day we learn:

Gossipy boys will have shrinking dicks.” -Jian Yi, 2016

Mo GUaN ShAN is his name! Also, he likes to stick sunflower seeds on the windows.

Don’t Close Mountain 2k16

Okay this day is totally more focused on Mo Guan Shan. We see a new side of him that we didn’t know of before. A mature side. Legitimately just tired after the kiss. Confused, very frustrated that someone would take advantage of him like that, but he also doesn’t hate He Tian, despite all the shit he’s done to him. That’s how nice Mo is. And then he’s faced with an important decision.

We meet She Li, who sucks ass as of right now (don’t know if he will have a redemption arc) but seemingly likes Jian Yi’s healthy skin.

RIP Mo’s Sandwich.

He was STARING at you because he READ YOUR NOTE and was gonna be all “Okay whatever I’ll cook for you again. Can’t you just ask like a normal human?”

Asks the guy who only knows this dude for THREE days and then pulls a stunt like that. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU HE TIAN.


In case you were doubting it, this is a manga focusing on gansters and how they fuck up other’s lives.

Slice-of-life my butthole.

The moment I fell in love with Mo Guan Shan and vowed to always protect him.

Jian Yi voices our opinions.


Finally! Day Nine! We’ve made it this far my dudes! (Saturday: Either they have school regularly on Saturdays, or there was a timeskip between Jian Yi’s Birthday, aka Day Four, and Day Five. We’ll just have to wait to see what Day Ten lands on.)

Ch. 182-Ongoing

The day following Mo Guan Shan’s decision, he realizes he was played. Luckily, Jian Yi, Zhan Xixi, and that one girl are there to prove Mo’s innocence. He Tian, suddenly feeling protective over Mo Guan Shan, decides to take this one on one with She Li.

This is the day we get to see Mo start to slowly accept ~friends~ and He Tian. I think he’s had some time to think over THE KISS(Two). And he’s quick to forgive He Tian, not because he loves him, but because he’s a nice soul. He Tian is getting some redemption today and is being a little more cautious around Mo (The Kiss(Two) was JUST yesterday, guys.)

We get to finally see the four hang out together and all around, just have a break from all the shit that’s been going on. Unrequited love, questions about sexuality, attempted kidnapping, being framed for a crime, dirty fistfights. Jesus, just give these boys a break. When are they going to worry about finals and homework like normal students?


The friend you harassed up until one day ago? That’s a funny definition of friend you got there, He Tian. (I loved He Tian in the beginning, then disliked him during his interactions with Mo, but I’m slowly learning to love him again with these new updates.)

The moment when I screamed “I DISLIKE HIM BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT HIM DEAD!!11!!1!”

Mo Guan Shan: Jesus Christ, why do I feel for this asshole?

He Tian: Jesus Christ, why can’t I tell him I like him like a proper human being?

aka The Update That Saved US

THAT’S ALL GUYS OH MY- I am exhausted.

We’ve made it this far.

Please continue to support Old Xian and 19 Days!

Empty Houses

An “empty house” is a house where no planets or luminaries are present. It can indicate a part of your life that isn’t as celebrated as other areas of life. Interpreting empty houses is always best done when looking at one’s entire chart. For example, an empty 9th house could indicate someone who may feeling disconnected from their spirituality, but extremely strong Sagittarius or Jupiter influence in their chart could change this interpretation. Everyone has at least a few empty houses, so they won’t manifest in a negative fashion for everyone.

In general, I prefer to interpret empty houses as the following:

  • An empty first house can indicate a lack of personality or confidence. Their identities are not always set in stone and are prone to being confusing. They have more trouble than others finding their place in the world. 
  • An empty second house can indicate a lack of interest in material objects. They don’t allow their possessions to determine their life. They are prone to having difficulties with stability. It’s common that this instability is related to their most prized possessions. 
  • An empty third house can indicate difficulties with learning and communicating. They are often people who enjoy being alone and would rather use modern ways of communicating. They are prone to having nervous feelings in social arrangements. 
  • An empty fourth house can indicate a detached relationship with families or someone with little feelings of being “at home.” They are prone to having issues or detached feelings as a child. They may feel that their parents are more over-protective than other parents. 
  • An empty fifth house can indicate someone who doesn’t focus much on children and procreation. They get bored easily and tend to only have a few major interests. They don’t believe that the ultimate life goal is to procreate. They don’t always hold sex to a high importance and may indulge in casual sex. 
  • An empty sixth house can indicate a person who relies on others perhaps more than they should. They are prone to illness and likely won’t have a career that is service-based.
  • An empty seventh house can indicate a person who has a lack of interest in relationships. They don’t allow their relationships to determine their life, and they are prone to have trouble compromising.
  • An empty eighth house can indicate a person who takes many dangerous risks. Their life may not change much and they are prone to having trouble allowing others into their life.
  • An empty ninth house can indicate issues or detached feelings with spirituality and beliefs in higher beings. They are prone to feeling tied to their childhood and may dislike change.
  • An empty tenth house can indicate someone who has seen many ups and downs with their reputation. They have trouble staying organized and may find that their careers don’t seem to “fit” them.
  • An empty eleventh house can indicate someone who has difficulties with maintaining many friendships. They tend to only have a few very close friends. They are prone to being practical people with few ideas about the future.
  • An empty twelfth house can indicate difficulties addressing stress or deep fears. They are prone to keeping things in the open and have a hard time keeping secrets. They often feel more pressure than others.

For specific interpretations of your empty houses, ask a trusted astrologer :)

♡ spell to bring money to your loved one ♡

This is a spell I used recently as my boyfriend and I couldn’t see each other due to low funds. long story short he made more than enough for the train fare in tips and has been finding money in odd places since! please feel free to adapt/change as you may wish. 

you will need:

  • Green Candle
  • Rose Petals
  • Silver Coins 
  • Copper/Bronze coins
  • a taglock, if you can get one. 
  • Piece of Paper
  • Green marker
  • little bowl of water

✥ Step One - Think about your intent. how and why do you want this person to receive money? when you are certain, create a sigil (or statement) using this intent and write it on the paper with your marker. 

✥ Step Two - Set up your green candle with the taglock in front of it and arrange the silver coins in a small ring around them. next, take your copper coins and rose petals, placing them petal-coin-petal in a second ring around the silver coins. this should look like the photo above. make sure you have your bowl of water nearby.

✥ Step Three- light your candle! focus on your loved one and envision them drawing in and attracting the money you wish them to have. take your paper and put it near the flame, whilst speaking your intent. for example, I used-

“May the money be brought to he, so that my lover I may see”

burn as much of your paper as possible to activate, using the water to safely put it out. let the candle burn as long as you feel necessary, and blow it out when you’re done!

I hope this brings your loved ones the money they deserve ♡

-sidenotes- I wrote my sigil on a bay leaf AND paper but found the bay leaf was not appropriate to burn inside, feel free to use one though as they can draw prosperity! 

Visible to the human eye in a layer that’s only one atom thick, able to bend into shapes that would make your mom blush (no small feat, the strumpet), and pound-for-pound quite probably the strongest material in the world – graphene is undoubtedly a bad motherfucker.

In fact, it shows incredible properties in almost every field of strength and conductance. It transports electrons 10 times faster than silicon, and may soon be replacing it as the go-to material for transistors and computer parts. If that’s not impressive enough for you, how about the fact that graphene is technically a plastic, so it should have no business conducting electricity – yet here it goes like it ain’t no thing.

We’re talking about “charging iPhones within five seconds” conductivity here. Imagine a world with electric cars that recharge as quickly as filling your tank with gas, or paper-thin foldable plastic phones that recharge the instant you set them down – that’s exactly what graphene offers.

And then there’s the slight matter of its strength. Mix graphene with metals, and it increases their resilience 500-fold. But hell, you’ve been around the block. You’ve seen a few fancy new materials in your day – lithium-ion batteries? Carbotanium? – we’ll forgive you if you stifle a yawn at mere strength and conductivity claims.

So here, meet graphene aerogel, one of the lightest materials in the world – seen resting on a delicate plant without so much as bending the spines.

6 Substances That Wipe Their Ass With the Laws of Physics


Imagine  Jensen announcing your engagement at Saturday Night Special.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: All the fluff

Word Count: 1.7k (lyrics included)

A/N: Read Part 1 HERE - After the most surprising engagement, Jensen decides its time to clue in the Supernatural family. He wants everyone to know that he is madly in love with you and always has been. Your role on the show may be coming to an end, but he wants to make it crystal clear to you and everyone else that he is not done with you and never will be.

Listen to the song Turning Page while you read the end. It’ll definitely set the mood. Hope you enjoy and for those of you who were begging for a second part, hope this met your expectations at least a little.

Gif submitted by the LOVELY @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Thanks for the inspiration, Kari!

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“Father.” Damian waited for the grunt of acknowledgment before continuing. “Father, I have heard President Trump is coming to Gotham next week.”

Eyes remaining on the evidence before him, Bruce agreed to the statement with a simple, “He is.”

“May I have your permission to assassinate him?”

The direct question actually gave Bruce pause. “No,” he answered shortly, belatedly forcing his fingers to type up the next set of instructions on his computer. 

From the corner of his eye, he saw Damian cross his arms. “Why not?”

This time, Bruce didn’t miss a beat. “Because Pence would then become president and he’s even worse.”

Damian fell silent for all of five seconds. “Then may I assassinate him as well?”

“We don’t kill, Damian.” After a moment’s thought, Bruce added, “Or encourage anarchy.”

“Tt. I didn’t hear you give me those reasons when I offered to kill only one government official,” Damian muttered. “Very well, may I hire Todd to do the job?”


Damian’s eyes narrowed. “Your reason?”

“I don’t want to find out if his scruples will sink so low.”

A grunt of anger sounded before Damian’s arms dropped and he abruptly turned to walk away. “Fine.”

It might at first seem attractive to say things like “Marxism can’t explain everything and although it is useful in its particular domain it’s not enough to explain the experiences of xyz, etc.”—but there’s a few things that people forget or don’t realize when they say that.

First, people mistake Marxism for a specific set of conclusions. When we realize that certain issues like racial or national oppression cannot be strictly analyzed through the lens of some pre-existing categories within the Marxist “canon,” we may be tempted to say that Marxism has reached its limit here. I must insist in contrast that, while i certainly feel many of the conclusions typically associated with Marxism are correct, all of these conclusions could actually be wrong and Marxism would still be “true” in the sense that it is most fundamentally a revolutionary way of approaching problems and enacting social change

Second, what is particularly insidious about the idea that Marxism “doesn’t apply” to this or that is the broader implication—which is quite consistent with postmodern theory in general—that different “domains” of life require us to use different approaches, different methodologies, different systems, etc. Wittgenstein, for example, was one of the people who most rigorously argued this, and he held that different domains of life were playing different “language games” which each had their own logic. One conclusion that follows from this is that no domain of social life is really poised to evaluate the validity of the others or appeal to universal truths. This can seem like a compelling line of reasoning, especially since it aligns with the dominant ideology of late capitalism. But it begins to fall apart when one realizes that, to even be able to distinguish where different domains of social life lie and what separates them requires a “global” logic by which you make the distinctions. Proponents of the notion that there can only be “local” theoretical and political systems tailored to the specific conditions of different “domains” do not at all escape appealing to universals; they simply leave the universal principles upon which they base their conclusion completely unsaid, which i feel is extremely dangerous. At least with the liberal humanists, although they simply assert universality from on-high and base their notion on the most vague of abstractions, you know what their assumptions are.

So the question is, what do you hold to be universal? Because without universality, the notion of specificity literally has no meaning.

What do i think? Well, i think Marxism as a theoretical and political practice does have boundaries, but it is able to evaluate where its own boundaries lie utilizing certain principles which are universal. To be precise materialist dialectics contain statements about the very nature of existence which are of necessity global. The fact that materialist dialectics are the product of a concrete practice—namely, taking the standpoint of proletariat in the realm of theory—does not jeopardize their universal “reach.” In fact, i would say that the proletariat, a force which occurs at the point where the various contradictions of society fuse, is particularly poised to access the universal.

Further, the boundaries of Marxism as assessed under the framework of materialist dialectics are larger than many people assume. Remember that Marx does not simply presuppose social class and then analyze society through that lens. Marxism is ultimately interested in the social formation as a whole and in particular in the transformation of that social whole. Marx arrives at the concept of social class as a result (not as the point of departure!) of the study of the social formation in its entirety (which is also why he really only began to concretely articulate the concept of class near the end of his life). So, Marxism is immediately relevant whenever we are talking about the revolutionary transformation of social life. And i am convinced that it remains the best tool for catalyzing revolutionary change there is. After all, it is not a coincidence that the most successful revolutionary movements around the globe have either been explicitly communist or have at least tried to appropriate certain elements of Marxism to suit their purposes.

Long story short, Marxism as a whole “package” may have limits, but they are broader than most people assume, and within Marxism there are universal principles, without which it is impossible to even distinguish what is specific. 

The squad as things my teachers have said

“Class, this is my daughter. Daughter, this is my class. They’re like my second family, but loud and stupid.”

“I wish homophobia was an actual phobia, because then I could just tell people to give me their money or I’ll kiss my wife in front of them.”

El Diablo:
“I may or may not have just set the coffee machine in the office on fire. But I swear, it was an accident.”

Killer Croc:
“I don’t feel like working today. Can you just…take a nap or something?”

Captain Boomerang:
“Welcome to Sex. Ed, the class where you learn to fuck each other and not die, or get pregnant.”

“I swear to God…if you don’t shut up…I will personally rip all your vocal chords out I do not care how much paper work I’ll have to fill out.”

Rick Flag:
Teacher: This assignment is really big.
Idiotic Student: That’s what she said.
Teacher: Just not to you
(Whole class erupts into laughter)

“You know, I was at the top of my class. My professors all said I was destined for great things…and then I became a teacher.”


Region of origin: Poland

Female vampiric spirits that can assume the form of an owl and hunt people who dared wander into their forests at night. It was thought strzyga were the result of a person born with two souls, with only one soul able to move on to the afterlife after their passing the other soul becoming stuck in the dead body, returning from the grave as the ghoulish creature. It was thought the second soul manifested as the person having multiple body parts, such as two hearts or a second set of teeth, and anyone thought to possess these qualities may be buried with the corpse’s head removed to prevent the strzyga from rising.

Mint Candy Microchips from “The 100”

Yield varies upon preference

The things you’ll need

  • ½ cup Isomalt
  • 2 tablespoons distilled water
  • 1/8 teaspoon mint extract
  • Blue & white candy melts
  • Large glass measuring cup
  • Lillipop sticks
  • Piping bag fitted with a #1 tip
  • Silicone hexagon mold

Let’s get started!

  1. In a microwave safe measuring cup, mix isomalt and distilled water carefully.
  2. Microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until clear. Do not over-heat as it will bubble and then turn brown.
  3. Pour the mixture into silicone molds, making sure to not over-fill.
  4. Stir in mint extract, and allow to set for 1-2 hours or until hard.
  5. Pop the microchips out of the molds and then use a #1 tip to pipe blue candy melts into an infinity shape on each chip
  6. TaDa! These tasty chips may not alter your brain chemistry but they’ll be a refreshing treat for your mouth!

[soompi]Super Junior To Make Comeback In Second Half Of 2017

We have good news for Super Junior fans!

It has been revealed that Super Junior is planning on releasing a new album during the second half of this year.

Currently, members Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, and Sungmin have already finalized their military duties. Eunhyuk and Donghae will be discharged this July, while Choi Siwon is set to return in August.

Ryeowook will be unable to participate in the album as he will be discharged in 2018, and Kyuhyun may also be enlisting before the release of the album. But with most of the members available after August, they aim to release the album before the year is over.

This will be their first release in about two years after “Magic” in September 2015. The new album will be loaded with various new tracks worth looking forward to.

There’s still a lot of waiting to do, but they’re coming back! Are you ready, ELF?



As creative, hands-on people, there’s an incredible amount of pressure to do things ourselves. That mindset may be what got you to where you are: accomplishing goals you set for yourself, turning a passion into a job, or building your dream home bit by bit. As a result, you now feel invincible. You might have even made yourself a needlepoint or woodblock print that says “I can do anything.” But can you, reeeeaaaaally?

There are a lot of things that we need. We need websites! We need to give our employees health insurance! We need a 60-second video pitch for Shark Tank! It’s not easy, but it’s time to learn how to seek and accept help. You’re the best at your thing, and you rely on clients and customers to need you. Now it’s time to go need someone else. A paintbrush is a tool and so is an accountant. Use both to create beautiful work. –ADAMJK


HEY GUYS, i’m sure you love seeing these badass vagilantes beat the shit out of rapists as much as i do but they need your help 
there are four more episodes left in the first season of sweet vicious but after that the future of this incredible show is not set in stone. there may not even be a future, this show has yet to be renewed for a second season 
i know not everyone can watch this show through mtv and give it the ratings it deserves but please, please tell mtv you like it. 
tell them you want a second season. tell them how much it means to you. 

do you want to see ophelia’s bisexuality explored? do you want to see the way jules and ophelia’s friendship develops? do you want to see more of kennedy or any of the zeta girls? more of harris being adorable? do you just want to see cool montages of the girls beating people up? 

tweet them, facebook them, tumblr them, email them, hell even mail them a letter but DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE! KEEP TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THIS SHOW 
i would be devastated if this show didn’t get the time it deserves to tell its story. please. 
communicate it to @mtv in any way you can that you want more of this show.


Thunderbird Common Room

Just as Chadwick and his wife Josefina traveled the world, Thunderbird’s common room captures the feeling of adventure and the great american frontier. Located in a tower many stories above the rest of the school, Thunderbird spans multiple floors; the house is one of the most spacious on campus with plenty of room to explore. Rough-hewn logs of fresh pine are set amid stone, supporting high-vaulted ceilings, and large windows look out in all directions over the vast world from Mount Greylock to beyond, allowing for plenty of room to practice charms and for spirits to soar. Windows are often left open to allow a breeze to pass through along with the smell of woods and fresh air.

While students may enter from the castle itself, Thunderbird house also offers a second entrance leading to the great outdoors. The exit is down a flight of stars, through a mudroom where students may take off well-worn adventuring gear when they enter, and pick up rope, packs, and protective warm coats when they leave. With getting out and adventuring as the main goal and pastime of most students, the house is simple and sensibly decorated, and spaces are built for relaxing at the end of an active day to recharge for the next. Arguably the best of these is the large observation deck that circles the entire tower, leading up to a rooftop open-air fireplace where students often study and watch storms grow in the distance. 

In the true spirit of adventure and discovering new places and people, students are encouraged to add some of themselves to the decoration of the house. As such, the space is a colorful and daring blend of culture, students from over seas, the states, and American Indians alike sharing their view of the world and filling the house with spirit and soul. Beautiful chandeliers of deer antler and warm furs to keep out winter’s cold; every part of the animals hunted for survival at the time of Ilvermorny’s founding went to good use in Thunderbird’s rooms, and are still loved by students today. The architecture itself draws from both Chadwick’s and Josefina’s own travels, reaching as far as the American Southwest to bring in the bright patterns and clean finish of the pueblos, and a strong sense of coming from and being a part of nature, these together forming the spark that gives Thunderbird true soul.