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“My Character” is the character of the account that has reblogged “Your Character/Yours” is the person sending the meme to someone. You can also generate a random number (1-42) and send it for a surprise.

Note: please be warned before reblogging: some of these things are things you may not want your character to do!

  1. Send me 🍂 for a starter of your character being disappointed with mine
  2. Send me 🛁 for a starter of my character just out of the shower/bath
  3. Send me 🍄 for a starter of my character freaking out
  4. Send me 🎙 for a starter of your character screaming/shouting angrily
  5. Send me 🔐 for a starter of my character making a promise or sharing a secret
  6. Send me 👁 for a starter of my character catching your character spying on them
  7. Send me 🗝 for a starter of our characters trapped somewhere together
  8. Send me 🗑 for a starter of our character destroying something
  9. Send me 📻 for a starter of my character screaming/shouting angrily
  10. Send me a 🐝for a starter with your character just out of detention
  11. Send me 📯 for a starter of my character sounding the alarm (false or real)
  12. Send me 🧟‍♂️ for a starter of my character acting out of character
  13. Send me 💉 for a starter of my character fresh from an experiment
  14. Send me 🛎 for a starter of your character  running late
  15. Send me 💡 for a starter of my character with a great idea
  16. Send me 📃for a starter of your character reading something they shouldn’t
  17. Send me 🚿 for a starter of my character catching yours just out of the shower/bath
  18. Send me ☕ for a starter of my character fresh out of bed
  19. Send me 🎳 for a starter of my character goofing off with yours
  20. Send me ⛈for a starter of your character having just tortured someone
  21. Send me 🥀 for a starter of my character being disappointed with yours
  22. Send me 🔪 for a starter of my character catching yours fresh from a murder
  23. Send me 🧟‍♀️ for a starter of your character acting out of character
  24. Send me 🏃‍♂️ for a starter of my character running away
  25. Send me 🗞for our characters to steal something
  26. Send me 💋 for a starter of my character kissing yours
  27. Send me 🦋 for a starter of my character my character just out of detention
  28. Send me 🍳 for a starter of my character eating with yours
  29. Send me 🌧 for a starter of my character just torturing someone
  30. Send me 👣 for a starter of my character sneaking around
  31. Send me 💈for a starter of my character running late
  32. Send me 🕯 for a starter of my character or yours asking if the other is awake at night
  33. Send me ☞ for a starter of my character giving your character instructions
  34. Send me 🐲 for a starter of your character freaking out
  35. Send me 👠 for a starter of my character trying something new
  36. Send me 🔮 for a starter of my character making a prediction
  37. Send me 📄 for a starter of my character reading something they should’t
  38. Send me 🗡 for a starter of my character having just murdered someone
  39. Send me 🛠 for a starter with our characters fixing something
  40. Send me 💄 for a starter of your character kissing mine
  41. Send me 🗣 for a starter of my character arguing with yours
  42. Send me 👀 for a starter of my character being caught spying on yours


Hey! I’m opening my full commissions! I did my quick commissions months ago and I’m really excited to be releasing all the options (and i’m sure will smith is just as happy to be showing off deku). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Any additional characters are $10+ each. Paypal only + commission progress will start after payment is secured. I have at least five slots available each week and everything is in USD. Prices may also be changed according to the request made and evaluated; this mostly applies to group and scenery options.

A few limitations are mechas (light mecha is alright), furries, gore, nsfw, anything I’m morally against but other that that, I’m all set. Order Form + Process and additional info are below the cut!

You can email me at and if you have any inquires, my askbox is always open and you’re free to ask via email as well. Do signal boost if you can and I hope you have a nice day! \ (•◡•) /

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anonymous asked:

I unfollowed your other blog because I couldn't stand all the whining, if you're gonna start with that on this blog too could you let me know so I can unfollow. Thx.

I made a personal blog specifically so I could whine. I’m not sure what you were expecting. 

And you make whining out to be a bad thing. My health is shit, there are currently no treatments available, I’m trapped in a bed 24/7, and my country is going down the drain. Our leader just chuckled about the idea of shooting brown people.

I gotta put that somewhere. 

Bottling shit up is not healthy so I write about it and it helps me.

Have you tried whining? It really clears the emotional sinuses. 

I mean, you whined to me about how much I whine. Didn’t that make you feel better? 

To answer your question… 

This blog is mostly for cute/funny/cool things that I find. My originals are more rare lately, but I still open up photoshop from time to time. I also hope to collaborate with some artist friends in the near future. 

I can’t promise this tumblr will never contain a post in which I express frustration over something. 

I’d say maybe 5% whining, 40% corgis, 40% other cute animals, 30% funny comics, 25% memes, and 10% other. 

How many percent is that? 

That may require a 4-dimensional pie chart to properly visualize. 

Or Pym Particles to shrink the space between percents. 

Crap, I made another wall of text. 


Ummm… here is Otis fighting a balloon. 


Otis fighting a broom…


Annnnd Otis fighting the most evil thing of all… a leaf blower. 

How To Figure Out Rising Sign

A key way to figure out someone’s rising sign or aspects to the ascendants is to first pay attention to the Sun sign. Centering a person’s traits around their sun sign traits shows you which traits deviate and where to go from there. A person’s rising sign is really most clear when they are away from their friends and family (although we express rising traits at any time) because we are likely to fall back on our Sun and Moon sign traits then. For example, a reserved Aries likely has an Earth or Water sign rising. Narrow it down further. Are they very oriented around their responsibilities or around their subjective experience? 

Second example, an outgoing and transparent Scorpio likely has a Fire rising or Air rising. If they show a curiosity about you, they are likely Air. However, Air risings don’t necessarily go towards new people automatically–some really enjoy sticking with their best friend they know they always have a good time with while a shy Pisces rising may be open to getting new friends but awkward about it.

Third example, a Taurus sun runs hot and cold around you, sometimes they like you, sometimes they don’t. They are unreliable and forget to text you back. They are likely an Air rising.

Also consider where they spend most of their time? At their clubs/social ties/activist event/hanging with friends/chatting with their teachers/looking up memes: Air risings. At work/eating/exercising/keeping to themselves: Earth risings (and sometimes Fire signs depending on the job). At home/with family/their SO/online/in private somewhere/creating art: Water signs.

Do they have big plans in life: Fire rising/sun. Do they have systematic plans in life: Earth rising/sun. Do they not have plans in life (no offense) except to champion causes: Air rising/sun. Do they have plans but they’re private: Water rising/sun.

If someone’s general behavior in all contexts aligns with their sun sign, then the rising sign could be very similar. Did your first impression of them change dramatically? Then they could have a very different rising or Uranus or Pluto aspects.

Extra tip: Ask the individual about anytime they were in a situation with new people. Did they go up and blurt out their name first? Were they stressed or shy? Did they stick to the function of the event or did they go mingle? Did they look for food immediately? Were they late or on time?

♡yandere ask meme♡

+ i’ve been looking everywhere for something like this and i haven’t been able to find one, so i thought i’d make one for myself and others who have also been looking for this!! have fun and stay safe! (disclaimer some questions may be triggering) +

blood: where and when did you meet your beloved? 

knives: do you stalk you beloved?

syringe: does your beloved know that you like them? if so, what do they think?

heartbeat: how often do you see your beloved? 

sick: any yandere kins?

obsessed: what’s the most “yandere” thing you’ve done? (i.e. ruining their friendship with someone you’re jealous of, carved their name into your skin, etc. *these are examples, please do not take them seriously unless you have actually done so*

crush: does your beloved know about your obsessiveness? if so, what do they think?

passion: is there anyone that you’re jealous of near your beloved? 

desire: top 5 obsession songs!

devotion: if you could spend an entire day with just your beloved, what would you do with them?

fever: what’s your favorite thing to do with your beloved?

mania: favorite aesthetic? 

fixation: how many pictures do you have of your beloved?

craving: top 5 coping mechanisms? 

psycho: what’s your own personal definition of love?


                                    ➤   If I were to warn you, what would I say…?”


C A P T A I N  C Y R I L  S T A C Y

Cyril is highly defensive, hard to hit, and extremely quick to punish anyone that gets in his melee range. Melee to mid-range is where he’s the most dangerous, because that puts his opponent both within bullwhip range, and grabbing range. In combat, Cyril’s motive is always to subdue his adversary, not to kill. His goal is to force them to surrender, and he will employ whatever nefarious and cruel tactics he must in order to manage this swiftly. He will grapple, choke, bruise, beat and break bones without hesitation if he has to.

His bullwhip is the weapon he’s the most proficient and dangerous with, as well as being the weapon with which he can inflict the most pain and fear. Typically his whip is used for crowd control - it is most often utilized to halt someone’s retreat. It’s common for people to attempt to flee, only to be tangled up in the coils and yanked back into Cyril’s range. It’s common for individuals to suffer dislocated joints or snapped limbs when this happens, to say nothing of the way the whip cuts into the skin upon latching onto them.

Once someone is stunned, entangled, or otherwise slowed enough for Cyril to get a firm grasp, he can use his right hand to shock them and effectively paralyze them long enough to shackle or bind them. In most encounters, once he’s shocked someone, unless there is outside intervention - the fight between those two is over.



While it’s no secret the Captain keeps his right eye covered, the reason as to why widely remains a mystery. Those oblivious to his name and reputation will typically assume he lost that eye somehow, or perhaps that he keeps it covered as some sailors prefer to do, to allow for better sight in the darkness below decks as well as to sharpen one’s aim. Few ask, as it’s of course terribly rude to pry into such things.

Those who do know of him will often insist the covered eye is magic, a source of power and the very thing that renders him untouchable. Rumors often circulate that this magic eye is also the source of the crackling lightning that sparks and manifests from his right hand, allowing him to knock people down for the count so easily once he merely gets a hold of them.

As if to deliberately reinforce the frankly wild belief and ridiculous rumors that he is invincible, Cyril outwardly bears no scars nor marks on his body.


[ bold for often  //  italicize for situational  //  strikethrough for never ]

commander /  duelist / honorable / dishonorable / would have others do their fighting /  stealthy  / long-ranged / melee / technological / sorcery / superhuman abilities /  has fought in an illegal tourney / a lover of fighting / a hater of fighting  / cowardly / reckless / strategic / uses underhanded tricks  / renowned for their skill / trained ( sword and shield ) /  untrained / keeps skills secret / won a battle / lost a battle / ruthless / merciful


╳   F L A W S

moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny | controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | liar | impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry | greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive | spiteful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky

♔   S T R E N G T H S

honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave | patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky | intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous | merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming | cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm | loyal


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Full stat breakdown & continued Cyril related ramblings under the cut:

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well well well


im honestly?? so amazed jesus chrsi t
this blog is not even a full month old and we have already hit a 1000 follower milestone G OD LMAO

remember all the raffles i’ve reblogged? it was to gather information so NOW, i can finally host my own jkjk

ANYWAY! heres the


1st place - fullart, themed, may be with a second character

2nd place - fullbody, may be with a second character

3rd place - halfbody, also may be with a second character

and three 4th places - headshots or chibis

and also

  • I will draw ocs, jjba and other fandoms, furries, ships and selfships
  • I will not draw nsfw or mechas :(
  • To join, just reblog! You can get two additional entries if you like this post and add some meme in a reply/reblog.
  • You have to be following this blog
  • The deadline is September 30th 

That’s all gamers!! All I have to say is 


and good luck!!  👀👀 ❤️❤️

Being Friends w/ Captains (HC)


A/N: I decided to just pick my five faves! I love the Captain Squad aaa

Daichi Sawamura

  • Literally one of the easiest guys to befriend. He’s so chill and relateable. And he tells the BEST dad jokes (but won’t tell you his sources bc if he did “you wouldn’t need me anymore”). Also, he will bring you coffee/green tea”
  • Daichi: *sips coffee* god it’s been a long day. 

           You: ?? It’s only 9 a.m. 

           Daichi: FUCK. *starts downing entire drink*

  • He also enjoys lighthearted teasing. He always has a comeback so you can never really best him? But one time you tell him he looks like the principal when he was younger. Daichi literally has to sit down to process this roast because he’s so upset. (Suga dies of laughter in the corner)

Bokuto Koutarou

  • ALWAYS asks you how your day was and how your feeling. The boy is just a feeler and wants to make sure you’re doing okay. He’s very down for late night chats about life. He’s so nice and gives the best hugs. Your friends may like him too!
  • He sends you memes all the time. Some of them make you wonder where the heck he got them because they make no sense or are really obscure/surreal. And then some of them are really basic and normie. There is no in between.

  • He will introduce you to Kuroo and get you into his shenanigans. You guys will be causing mischief all around, and you will either be their partner-in-crime or voice of reason. Also you guys just chill too, it’s great!

Oikawa Tooru

  • He’s that friend who people always think you’re dating. He just likes to spend time with you, he’s needy but you’re okay with it. Boy also immediately introduces you to Iwaizumi and the three of you become squad goals.
  • It’s either A. You join Iwaizumi in judging Oikawa and ceasing his antics or B. You engage in Oikawa’s antics leaving Iwaizumi to swoop in whenever things get too crazy. Either way, Iwaizumi is cool with it. He enjoys watching you two make fools of yourselves just as much as having someone to make snarky comments about Oikawa with.

  • Oikawa will NOT stop talking to you about trends and fashion. It’s cool though because he doesn’t mind dressing you up and/or doing your makeup when you’re too lazy. And he will invite you to like…everything he does. Even things like grocery shopping..

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • THIS KID IS SO CHEESY. Like he always compliments you and is so nice at first because he doesn’t want to drive you away, but as soon as you two get close he’s ready to just constantly tease. The he’ll feign innocence and be like “what i never said that you LIAR” 
  • Kuroo: “Hey can you hand that to me?” *points at water bottle*

          You: *throws it across gym and it magically hits Lev* “Go fetch it, dog.”

           Kuroo: *lone tear falls down face*

  • You guys just talk about random things and it leads to the funniest conversation and banter ever. You two seriously need a YouTube channel or a Podcast.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • You’re most likely the more animated out of the two of you. Everyone is so confused because Ushijima doesn’t seem that approachable but you two just pal around and are great buds. Ushijima is so happy to have you as a friend, despite how he may not look like it.
  • He will ask your opinion on things a lot. It’s because he likes hearing you talk (it’s very entertaining) and he likes to hear your ideas. Ushijima will invite you to his games too so you guys can go grab some food afterwards 
  • If you’re friends with Ushijima, then you’re friends with Tendou. They are a package deal. Everything ends with you two attempting to playfully roast the shit out of Ushijima (but you guys can’t stop giggling and once you’re done Ushi shoots y’all down in one sentence) or just watching anime or playing video games. Also they would both appreciate if you’d help them during practice. Ushijima pays you back by buying your meal wherever you guys go afterwards.
Voice Meme

Hi my fellow tumblrs! I went and did a thing. It’s a voice meme! Send me one of the prompts below (and any appropriate directions as indicated) in my ask and I will respond with a voice file. 

Introductions: If you want to know more about me, tell me what you would like to know.

Blush: I’ll tell you an embarrassing story about myself.

Nostalgia: I’ll tell you a story from my childhood.

Opinion: Ask me my opinion on something and, if I have one, I will share. 

In Character: Send me a famous line/scene from any of my fandom(s) [see tags below] and I will re-enact it, delivering the same dialogue or changing it up.

Narrator: Send me an excerpt from a fic you wrote and I will narrate it.

Chuckles: I’ll tell a joke. 

Wild Card: Surprise me. No promises, though. ;)

For Mutuals Only:

Story Time: “Remember that time you and I _________” (You fill in the blank with any activity and I will respond with a made up story as if we’d done it)

Confession: I’ll tell you what positive things I think about you.

Tag time: I know this is putting oneself out there more than many like but I would love to hear any of you! So I open this up to all of my followers but, particularly: @bagog @mshenkosmajikthise @estalfaed @nightmarestudio606 @bardofheartdive @ellebeedarling @bi-otic-kaidan-alenko @missannaraven @dipsykoo @sanguinespire @oneiricjourney @you-are-a-program @mehutchinsane

illoustrioustaco  asked:

(1/5)Sooo.. I was just re-reading 'Appology Accepted' and also down to page 30something of your Double Agent Anakin tag. I remembered reading something about an 'offed by vader' club. With that in mind, my next thought was of course that Mon Mothma.. lied. Through her teeth, with a smile and a perfect poker face, she lied. Needa is in fact NOT the third person to know who Ekkreth is.. there are at least a dozen he's 'executed' face to face, though they will never know until after the dust


By the time all of the fallout is taken care of, and the survivors start cautiously comparing notes, Anakin is in the med bay, and a group of former imperials and former imperial spies has gathered nearby, talking quietly about working under Vader, and one of them quietly says ‘he saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t 'executed’ me.’

Then another gives a similar story, and Needa, well he wonders, because the first one to talk had been out for months, maybe years, before Vader got him out, so this must have been the second person to know, right?

Wrong, because others are saying similar stories, and some of them were out well before Needa as well, and one of them mentions that Mothma told him he was the third person to find out who Ekkreth was, and that’s when it dawns on most of them that.. well. Mon Mothma is a rebel leader, literally the intelligence hub of the entire rebel army. She knows everything, and everyone knows she has a perfect memory for it all, couldn’t forget even if she wanted to.

They know she lied to them. Of course, while it’s a shock it’s not exactly something they didn’t expect. As they get over it someone suggests making the unofficial club, and later they may go as far as getting shirts printed up proudly proclaiming “I was killed by Lord Vader and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

Luke of course thinks this is hilarious, though Anakin is mildly embarrassed the first time he sees the shirts. (He eventually gets it as well, adding his own morbid puns and it becomes something of a meme.)

They’re also some of the most annoying of his mother hens, getting over their fear of him quickly. The vast majority of them seem to think it’s their universe given right to take care of him in return. Unanimously, every one of them joins him when he leaves to free the slaves. Of course, watch me finish getting through the Double Agent Anakin tag and see you’ve already got something like this XD…            

You know, I’ll be completely honest: when I wrote Apology Accepted, I actually did think that Needa was literally the only person besides Mon Mothma and Leia who knew that Vader was a double agent.

The idea of the Offed By Vader squad came later, and (as with many aspects of this ‘verse, and indeed the entire concept of the ‘verse itself) it originally started as crack. But the more I thought about it the more intriguing I found the idea, and it does fit quite well into the structure and themes of the story.

And now, well. The thing is, it actually makes more sense to assume that there are others Anakin’s extracted by “killing” them. That Needa probably wasn’t his first fake kill. Looking back at Apology Accepted, he certainly seemed to have his extraction plan down to a science, and he was definitely more annoyed at the necessity of “killing” Needa (and thus losing a potential ally in the fleet) than he was concerned about keeping their cover. Even if I wasn’t actually planning it intentionally, everything about Anakin’s attitude in Apology Accepted implies that he’s done this before.

And yes, of course Mon Mothma, head of Alliance Intelligence and master spy, is not going to tell the slowly but steadily growing group of people who have all been “killed” by Vader about each other. There aren’t that many of them, all told, and she’s probably careful to keep them assigned to different Rebel cells, so the odds that they’ll encounter one another are slim. If they do, they all know better than to talk about their extraction.

Some of them have probably wondered about each other, but the actual conversations don’t start until they all hear that Vader is in an Alliance medbay.

They probably turn up individually, some of them not even fully sure of what they’re hoping to accomplish by being there. It’s just…well, for many of them, the fact that Darth Vader is a Rebel still doesn’t entirely compute. And they run into each other outside the medbay and there’s an unspoken understanding there. Okay, they think. It wasn’t just me. This really happened.

Eventually, somebody starts talking about it. Not in a lot of depth (they’re still military officers, after all, and this is still a highly classified situation), but somebody says, “He got me out,” and then somebody else says, “He saved my life,” and pretty soon they’ve realized that they all have this shared experience.

Someone jokingly suggests forming a club. Someone else jokingly makes the shirts. One day Luke and Leia catch Needa wearing one, and he’s instantly apologetic, but it turns out they love it. (Luke wants a shirt of his own, but the answer is a firm no. Only people who have been killed by Lord Vader can wear one. Sorry kid.)

By the time Anakin’s up and about and allowed to receive groups of visitors, the OBV Squad is something of a phenomenon, and he’s completely blindsided by it.

They give him a shirt. Luke pouts and says it’s not fair, but Anakin just laughs at him and says, “Oh come on now, Luke. You’ve got to look at it from the right point of view. Darth Vader did kill Anakin Skywalker.”

Luke scowls at him. “That’s never going to be funny, Dad,” he mutters, without any real heat.

Somewhere in the Force, Obi-Wan sighs.


Hi everyone! To celebrate my one year gif-iversary, I wanted to make a meme that helps inspire gif makers to get creative and to love their art! So I came up with this 7-day prompt list that creators across all fandoms can use to experiment with new techniques and also revisit some of the elements of gif making that they love. The goal of this meme is to unite creators through our passion for making gifs, so I encourage you all to have fun with this, gif things that you’re excited about, and support each other!

I will be posting for this meme the week of May 10th through May 16th, but you are free to do the prompts whenever! You can do them in order, skip some, add some, or mix it up if you want! Let’s get creative!

Prompts under the cut:

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Was posting bad Ghost Hunt memes on here the other day and decided to actually draw one of them. 

Also like
That post got so many notes? Lmao what are y'all still doing here I’m supposed to be the only weirdo still clinging to this manga years after it ended. Some of you are even still running Ghost Hunt blogs like that is some serious dedication right there.

Got tagged by @crazy-fruit and @imsfire2 for that “5 Things” meme, and I meant to answer all the questions but then I got weirdly stuck on “5 things in my bag.” See, the problem is, I don’t have “a bag.” I have lots and lots of pockets, belt loops, and a boot sheath, but I do not have a bag. So…look, I wrote a fanfic about it.

Sort of.

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imagine model namjoon.

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

  • ok let’s not kid ourselves
  • boy’s already a model
  • he’s got the body.
  • got the looks.
  • what can i say, he’s no super model (too clumsy), but he get’s around with the more diverse castings yanno
  • probably got started on instagram,
  • with his #kimdaily outfits
  • which are sometimes just chill, pretty, sporty, casual, cool
  • and other times completely wacky and just ??? how did you even think to wear those ??? at the same time?? together ???
  • he always looks good tho
  • but some looks will give you whiplash. ur warned.
  • but that’s part of his appeal tbh
  • hhhh probably gains a lot of popularity when one of those more ‘out there’ outfits circulates on twitter or reddit and people are like “hOW does he make that work??? why does it look good??? is he just that hot??”
  • the answer is yes.
  • from there he builds a solid following.
  • for his great looks, great fashion sense, and his 4am instagram stories that are just a black pic with like a three paragraph text about how rain might feel if it had feelings.
  • also, solid music recommendations omg 
  • you probably make ur own spotify playlist with just his recommendations.
  • ok ok so you best bELIEVE when this boy finally gets cast for a show he’s gonna fall on his ass and go viral
  • claim to fame baby
  • probably becomes a meme and rolls with it tbh
  • like he’ll share the memes in his story, so as not to ruin the ・゚:*aesthetic*:・゚and react to them and shit
  • but then also get on live and talk at length about how faceplanting on the catwalk impacts your self-esteem, how he’s habit he could benefit positively from such an embarrassing moment, and how there’s a lesson for everyone here, and that he hopes all our embarrassing moments may in some way benefit us one day.
  • he’s such a sweetheart im-
  • so you might be a stylist?
  • a hair stylist?
  • makeup artist?
  • fellow model?
  • whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • you definitely see him on instagram first tho
  • you came for the memes but are super impressed with his profile and end up staying for the music.
  • …… and him.
  • he’s hot, come on.
  • also 90% of networking is done on instagram these days let us be real.
  • okay so oNE DAY, or like late evening, who cares
  • he post a music recommendation and you’re like !!!!!!!!
  • it’s that low key indie band with like only one EP out that you found on some obscure spotify playlist and you’ve been jamming to since october
  • and apparently namjoon has too because they’ve released a new single and you didn’t even know ????
  • and you’re so excited your fingers slip and oopsie you’ve sent a short but rambling message explaining exactly that into his DM’s
  • instant regret.
  • then the anxiety bubbles up in you.
  • and then you calm yourself and convince yourself that he gets a LOT of messages he probably won’t even see yours, so it’s fine it’s fine it’s-
  • next morning you have a reply
  • a new follow
  • yikes, you didn’t even have time to give your feed a spring cleaning
  • you just like his short “ikr!!!!”, too mortified to reply.
  • alas, the regrets!
  • but also
  • the butterflies.
  • then you see him at an event one time.
  • it’s fashion week, you’re hecking busy and about to leave because it’s like midnight and you’ve got places to be tomorrow
  • but it’s always so strange to see people from insta irl like ??? all those dimensions??? you really be lookign like that ??? damn.
  • once you’ve stared long enough to be certain that’s actually what he looks like (so handome!!! so tall!!!! wtf!!!! who allowed this??) you turn to leave just as he glances up and cetches your eye for like the tiniest fraction of a second
  • and you hightail it outta there and hope to heaven he doesn’t know you were staring.
  • but he likes your pic from the party the next morning and you almost choke on your coffee and the lump in your throat stays there all day
  • and you’re like, am i?? catching feelings ??? for the catwalk faceplant guy??? you’ve never even talked to the man smh
  • he’s fucking hot tho.
  • so, fashion week ends and with it comes another party
  • you can finally relax, celebrate, wind down from the long week.
  • yA THOUGHT lmao
  • you’re talking to some designer about their next project and they’re going on about this instagram dude who’s already on board when they start waving someone over like “hey hey, there he is, y/n have you met kim namjoon yet?”
  • you turn around you’re like !!!!! fuck. he’s so much taller up close.
  • “hey, no, yeah, no, but i’ve seen you on, uh, on instagram. i think.” smooth, y/n.
  • after introductions, the designer gets pulled along into some other conversation and you and namjoon are kinda awkward for a minute.
  • you just sip your drink like ‘fuck fuck fuckfuck fuck aaaaaaa
  • but then he asks you easy questions about what you do and what you’ve been working on this week and it’s the same thing you’ve been talking about with everyone you’ve met this week so it goes pretty smoothly
  • he makes it easy for you, like he’s very attentive, nods along enthusiastically asking follow-up questions and seems genuinely interested in your work it’s so nice! he’s so nice!
  • and you ask him the same things you’ve asked everyone else this week like you haven’t seen everything on his instagram already.
  • actually you’ve missed a few things since you’ve been so busy and your interest is genuine, before you know it the two of you are at a table and getting along like a house on fire, showing each other pics from the week.
  • he asks you send him a pic from one of the shows he didn’t get to see and when he do he’s sees your old messages and is like ?? oh !!
  • i mean, he totally knew it was you, but he had forgotten the part about that obscure indie band and the new single, so he shows you!
  • you’ve been following them even closer since then so you know they’re playing a gig in like two weeks and you tell him.
  • turns out he’s missed this info because of fashion week and he’s super excited!! you guys have to go together!!!¨
  • “i mean, we don’t have to- it’s just, i don’t know anyone else who listens to them, i could probably go alone, but, you know, it would be cool-”
  • and of course you’ll go with him, so you two exchange numbers and end up texting the next two weeks.
  • at first you’re just making tentative plans to meet and go to to the gig, but then there’s a gallery opening the same day, and you know this realy good thrift shop nearby that he should check out, and you guys should get dinner before because namjoon knows this really cool place and-
  • and it’s a date.
  • namjoon has every intention to kiss you that night after the gig, but he wants to ask you first and he’s not sure exactly how so he’s just like “um ??? can i ??? uhhh ?? do you ??? uh”
  • and ur like, “hey, namjoon, i really want u to kiss me, please?”
  • the rest is history.
  • you two are too cute, with your instagram aesthetic and lowkey couple outfits, and highkey couple pics, i’d follow.
  • you two would be gOALS, and it does wonders for both your careers tbh
  • omg imagine all the cool collaborations you two could do.
  • and eventually namjoon would go viral again when the paparazzi captures him spilling his coffee and your cute reaction.
  • but the best thing about dating model namjoon is he makes you your very own playlist.
  • and you get your very own story highlight with all the aesthetic pics he snaps of you just like buying milk and stealing his fries, and exploring the city on sundays afternoons, going vintage shopping and reading in the park, titled: “bae.” with every colour heart.
  • hyping each other in the comments always.
  • and the thirst omg
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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