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While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

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anonymous asked:

I unfollowed your other blog because I couldn't stand all the whining, if you're gonna start with that on this blog too could you let me know so I can unfollow. Thx.

I made a personal blog specifically so I could whine. I’m not sure what you were expecting. 

And you make whining out to be a bad thing. My health is shit, there are currently no treatments available, I’m trapped in a bed 24/7, and my country is going down the drain. Our leader just chuckled about the idea of shooting brown people.

I gotta put that somewhere. 

Bottling shit up is not healthy so I write about it and it helps me.

Have you tried whining? It really clears the emotional sinuses. 

I mean, you whined to me about how much I whine. Didn’t that make you feel better? 

To answer your question… 

This blog is mostly for cute/funny/cool things that I find. My originals are more rare lately, but I still open up photoshop from time to time. I also hope to collaborate with some artist friends in the near future. 

I can’t promise this tumblr will never contain a post in which I express frustration over something. 

I’d say maybe 5% whining, 40% corgis, 40% other cute animals, 30% funny comics, 25% memes, and 10% other. 

How many percent is that? 

That may require a 4-dimensional pie chart to properly visualize. 

Or Pym Particles to shrink the space between percents. 

Crap, I made another wall of text. 


Ummm… here is Otis fighting a balloon. 

Otis fighting a broom…

Annnnd Otis fighting the most evil thing of all… a leaf blower. 

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Black Panther movie review: spoilers!

So, I just went and saw Black Panther and yes, it deserves all the praise it’s getting. So, you know the drill, pros and (few) cons, here we go!


1) The general look of Wakanda is stunning. It’s a perfect blend of “city of the future meets African heritage” and it’s just amazing to see it brought to life. The technology is visually so engaging, and it’s great that so much of the sets are really utilized. The fight in the mine with the train, for example is a really efficient way to not just have a fight in an empty field (or airport 😐) but to actually make use of the premise you’ve set up.

2) Shuri is perfect and that is final. But seriously, Shuri is such a great character. Her relationship with T’Challa feels so real. The scene with her remote driving the car while T’Challa is on top of it is some of the most amazing and imaginative team work I’ve ever seen on film, and it was great. And it’s fantastic that her intellect and technical skill are so celebrated, and that no one ever looks down on her for it. As a woman myself in a STEM field, I’m all for celebrating smart, capable women of science and Shuri is a great role model for little girls. Also, she’s the Queen of Memes, and I love her.

3) The Dora Miljae. The powerful women don’t stop with Shuri: the Dora Miljae are finally on full display, and I’m so on board with it! I love that the King’s personal guard are these strong, capable women, who kick some serious freaking ass. Point these ladies in the direction of Thanos and then just give everyone else the day off, they’ve got it handled.

4) Andy Serkis is clearly having the time of his life. His Ulysses Klaue is the fun, devil may care kind of villain the MCU could use some more of. He’s irreverent, in it for the money and just loving every second of being a bad guy. Thematically, I understand why he had to die, but damn, he was just so much fun to watch. I know Serkis is the undisputed motion capture king, but can we please let him act more with his real face?!

5) Speaking of villains the MCU could use more like, Eric Killmonger is the perfect villain for this story. His arc was personal and related to T’Challa: he was the dark mirror image of who T’Challa could be, and Michael B Jordan hit it out of the park. I can’t say I ever rooted for him, but I definitely identified with his belief that the powerful have a responsibility to protect the marginalized. I think it’s important that the movie made it clear that it wasn’t so much his ideology that was wrong, but his methods, and that that hatred had warped his ideals somewhat: that he had killed his own people and that he wanted to punish the world. And it was important to that it was clear that his beliefs impacted and helped change and shape T’Challa’s own actions. Killmonger was the “we make our own demons” villain finally done right, and his last line was so powerful and so in character.

6) Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross finally found his rhythm. He’s clearly the story’s comedic “straight man” but he was really well integrated into the narrative, and he never feels out of place or takes up too much screen time. His hero moment in the flight drone thing was a really fitting culmination to his character developed in this movie, and I’d enjoy seeing him in more MCU movies.

7) Danai Gurira’s Okoye is a definite stand out character. She gets great fight scenes, is compelling and wise and she’s a fabulously funny character as well. I would let her kick my ass any freaking day of the week.

8) Suprise Sterling K. Brown is always a treat. I loved his scenes in the spirit world with his son, and his flashbacks in the apartment were really powerful. In very short order we’re made to feel his entire arc, and how his living amongst oppressed people of his own race affected his ideology and his struggle to reconcile that with his loyalty to his country and his brother and that’s very much due to the strength of Brown’s performance.

8) Winston Duke’s M’Baku is definitely the other stand out character. He’s introduced in this very brutal, no nonsense way, and somehow he ends up being the funniest character by the end? His “I’m just kidding we’re vegetarians” line got an honestly to gosh snort out of me, and he was a great story beat in showing the traditional side of Wakanada vs the technological side, and how T’Challa will be a different king than his father.

9) It was nice to see Bucky, but to only have him be the post credits stinger. It’s clearly establishing why he’s awake and around for Infinity War, but I’m glad he wasn’t in the whole movie. Black Panther really let T’Challa and it’s characters be the star, and including Ross was a good way to tie it into the MCU without taking that focus away from where it needed to be.

10) Honestly, the whole cast does great work with their characters. Chadwick Boseman has really made T’Challa his own, and he’s a great character. Angela Basset is always good, and Lupita Nyong’o is also fantastic. I especially like that, for a Marvel romance, she and T’Challa don’t waste time on the will they/won’t they. They find a common goal, and then they’re united. I like it. Another.

Cons (these are pretty minor!)

1) Vibranium is starting to feel like “fairy dust.” Have a problem? Vibrainium will fix it. Shot in the spine? Stick a ball of that in there! (also, like T’Challa couldn’t take two seconds to throw a little of that Rhodey’s way?) Want to make super holograms? Use some of that. And so on. This one isn’t a massive point to me: clearly the in universe explaination is that the secret government white guys in the 40’s only had imaginations large enough to make a frisbee out of it, but it does almost reach the point of feeling like a writing crutch. Vibrainium does everything, so sure, it can do that thing! Again, not major for me, because the world Wakanda paints is so cool, but it did kind of bug me.

2) Forrest Whitaker’s wise man mentor Zuri is fine, but he’s probably the character most unchanged from his general stereotype. He’s a shaman, he’s wise, he dies. His character history is good though and very thematically relevant, and Whitaker does a good job with what he’s given.

3) Daniel Kaluuya’s W’Kabi could have used a little bit more background, especially in regards to his relationship with Okoye. He’s basically only given the motivation of wanting Klaue dead, and when Killmonger delivers him that he’s just suddenly on board with all this world conquering and murder in a way that seems out of proportion for the character we’ve seen. And he and Okoye really needed more introduction to their relationship, given that their falling on either sides of this civil war is a significant plot point. All we get is her calling him “my love” and he returning it: that meeting on the battlefield would have been a lot more powerful if we’d been able to see them be domestic and interact.

4) The bloodlessness. This isn’t the director or the movie’s fault really, it’s the MPAA but the fact that PG-13 movies can’t have too much blood is…kind of noticeable here. I think it might be because the Dora Miljae all use penatrative weapons and many other characters do as well, but if you have a giant fight with spears and no one is bleeding then it feels a little bit…empty. Like, Killmonger slits the throat of one of the Dora in front of Okoye there’s no blood. Again, I get why it’s happening, and I’m not blaming the movie, but it’s something that I definitely noticed, and although I’m not asking for gore I felt the total lack of blood detracted a little of the realness from the fights.

Obviously, Black Panther is a movie that has a very deliberate point to make about race. And, I say this as a white woman: I’m so glad it does. As a woman, watching Wonder Woman was an incredibly empowering and momentous thing for me. To be able to see a story about a strong, powerful good woman on screen - someone I could identify with, and picture myself as - made me feel like I could do anything, and I think everyone, no matter your race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, should get to have that moment. And so no, Black Panther wasn’t going to be a movie that gave me that moment, but I’m so, so glad it’s clearly doing so for so many people. Black Panther is a movie that celebrates black excellence and also tells an engaging and powerful story, and I’m happy to be able to enjoy and celebrate that with everyone.

So, final verdict: 9/10 for me. In a universe that is getting increasingly crowded and teetering on the edge of fatigued, Black Panther is something new and different and wonderful that everyone can enjoy.

Bonus: best lines.


“Are we in Wakanda?” “No, we’re in Kansas.”

“Don’t freeze.” “I never freeze.” Lands. Freezes. “Ngh…hi.”

“Bury me in the ocean with all my ancestors who jumped from the ships because they knew drowning was better than living in bondage.”

“No tears for me?” “Nah, everybody dies. That’s just how life is around here.”

“Are you recording this?” “For science.” T’Challa flies across the room. “Delete that clip!”

“What, do you have a mixtape coming out?” “I can send you a SoundCloud link if you want?” “Please don’t make me listen to your music.”

“Oh good, another broken white boy for us to fix!”

“If he touches you again, I am going to impale him to that desk.”

Also if Infinity War doesn’t include a scene where Tony Stark ends up in Shuri’s lab and she’s like, “aw, that’s so cute, your hologram reminds me of the stuff I was making when I was 5,” while Tony loudly just loses his geek mind, then what even is the point of it all?



Hey! I’m opening my full commissions! I did my quick commissions months ago and I’m really excited to be releasing all the options (and i’m sure will smith is just as happy to be showing off deku). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Any additional characters are $10+ each. Paypal only + commission progress will start after payment is secured. I have at least five slots available each week and everything is in USD. Prices may also be changed according to the request made and evaluated; this mostly applies to group and scenery options.

A few limitations are mechas (light mecha is alright), furries, gore, nsfw, anything I’m morally against but other that that, I’m all set. Order Form + Process and additional info are below the cut!

You can email me at and if you have any inquires, my askbox is always open and you’re free to ask via email as well. Do signal boost if you can and I hope you have a nice day! \ (•◡•) /

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boys according to their preferred pet

small dog boys: patient, feels uncomfortable in public places by themselves, easy to please

big dog boys: has a high pain tolerance, will straight up kick you the fuck out if you don’t like their dog, “no, no, no, by all means, speak your mind. you got a problem with my boy?”

bird boys: disorganized, sometimes prone to erratic behavior, but it makes them more fun! has a really wholesome meme account

cat boys: doesn’t like loud noises, easygoing, talks really slow

lizard boys: unaware that some people may be afraid of their pet, innocent, “no, you don’t understand, this is my son”

fish boys: doesn’t need much attention, nor do they like to receive too much of it. doesn’t like conflict. 

snake boys: positive! can see beauty in anything. also fearless, 200% do not fuck with

Roger: *chokes on something*

Brian: Jeez Roger don’t die on me!

Roger, coughing hysterically: Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll die whenever the hell I want!

Alrighty kids guess what



But before we are fully into it let us first get a few things out of the way

1. Let us not hate the new bassist.

Nicole Row welcome to the Panic family I do hope you enjoy your stay with us. 

Fans let us not hate Nicole don’t scare her please. I know there’s some people out there who say no one can replace Dallon and you are right. Every member brought and will bring something different to the band and if you do love and respect Panic then you shall respect their decisions and not hate. 

2. New era of Panic means new memes. May the memes be glorious.

3. New era of Panic means concerts. May they go to your city, go to their concert and hopefully meet them. 

4. New era of Panic also means new music. Now I know that Panic’s style has always been weird and will change every album but let us not hate if they take a direction we are not used to. This is their music they wish to release and let us respect their decision.

5. New era of Panic means new fans. Let us not hate them for not being there from the start or some bullshit like that. Let us welcome them into the family and corrupt them with the memes. 

Let this era of Panic be a great era of Panic, one where we will all look back on fondly.



An amusement park date with… JE O N CEN A
*trumpets dramatically weeping in the background*

- Admin YangKkoChi

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How To Figure Out Rising Sign

A key way to figure out someone’s rising sign or aspects to the ascendants is to first pay attention to the Sun sign. Centering a person’s traits around their sun sign traits shows you which traits deviate and where to go from there. A person’s rising sign is really most clear when they are away from their friends and family (although we express rising traits at any time) because we are likely to fall back on our Sun and Moon sign traits then. For example, a reserved Aries likely has an Earth or Water sign rising. Narrow it down further. Are they very oriented around their responsibilities or around their subjective experience? 

Second example, an outgoing and transparent Scorpio likely has a Fire rising or Air rising. If they show a curiosity about you, they are likely Air. However, Air risings don’t necessarily go towards new people automatically–some really enjoy sticking with their best friend they know they always have a good time with while a shy Pisces rising may be open to getting new friends but awkward about it.

Third example, a Taurus sun runs hot and cold around you, sometimes they like you, sometimes they don’t. They are unreliable and forget to text you back. They are likely an Air rising.

Also consider where they spend most of their time? At their clubs/social ties/activist event/hanging with friends/chatting with their teachers/looking up memes: Air risings. At work/eating/exercising/keeping to themselves: Earth risings (and sometimes Fire signs depending on the job). At home/with family/their SO/online/in private somewhere/creating art: Water signs.

Do they have big plans in life: Fire rising/sun. Do they have systematic plans in life: Earth rising/sun. Do they not have plans in life (no offense) except to champion causes: Air rising/sun. Do they have plans but they’re private: Water rising/sun.

If someone’s general behavior in all contexts aligns with their sun sign, then the rising sign could be very similar. Did your first impression of them change dramatically? Then they could have a very different rising or Uranus or Pluto aspects.

Extra tip: Ask the individual about anytime they were in a situation with new people. Did they go up and blurt out their name first? Were they stressed or shy? Did they stick to the function of the event or did they go mingle? Did they look for food immediately? Were they late or on time?


3 for 1 ⚡

Hurt/Comfort Art Prompts

♡yandere ask meme♡

+ i’ve been looking everywhere for something like this and i haven’t been able to find one, so i thought i’d make one for myself and others who have also been looking for this!! have fun and stay safe! (disclaimer some questions may be triggering) +

blood: where and when did you meet your beloved? 

knives: do you stalk you beloved?

syringe: does your beloved know that you like them? if so, what do they think?

heartbeat: how often do you see your beloved? 

sick: any yandere kins?

obsessed: what’s the most “yandere” thing you’ve done? (i.e. ruining their friendship with someone you’re jealous of, carved their name into your skin, etc. *these are examples, please do not take them seriously unless you have actually done so*

crush: does your beloved know about your obsessiveness? if so, what do they think?

passion: is there anyone that you’re jealous of near your beloved? 

desire: top 5 obsession songs!

devotion: if you could spend an entire day with just your beloved, what would you do with them?

fever: what’s your favorite thing to do with your beloved?

mania: favorite aesthetic? 

fixation: how many pictures do you have of your beloved?

craving: top 5 coping mechanisms? 

psycho: what’s your own personal definition of love?

all of you: writing some sad shit about bucky barnes 

me: bucky is a memelord who texts t’challa (who is also a memelord) memes and t’challa replies with “fight me” then bucky says “turn on ur location binch” then they meet up and fight and the winner says “get rekt” and parkours away