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I was just reflecting and thought about the fact that Clarke could kill Finn not only to save him but bc otherwise her people would die if a treaty couldn't be made. She could sacrifice Abby to save her people and the human race. But she couldn't kill Bellamy, even though she believed that letting him live could possibly lead to the extinction of the human race, at the very least much of her people dying. just wow.

Yeah. I think even Bellamy realized that one. 

It was pretty intense. 

Oh, you know what else? Her leaving the bunker, even being left behind the rocket, might actually be what saves them all, because I’m thinking none of them can get back to the surface. Bellamy’s locked on the ring with no way back and Abby is locked in the bunker with no way out. 

They both need someone free on the surface to get them back to the surface. 

Okay, well that’s speculation.

The Reality

You awaken in a cold sweat.

You’re confused, anxious, and although you’re not in physical pain you can already feel that something about your body is… out of place.

There are pieces missing and pieces present that are not yours. You start to panic, jump from bed and rush to the light-switch. You throw on the lights and look down; your heart skips a beat. That’s not right. Your chest is wrong - it’s not what it was when you went to sleep. You touch yourself, hands shaking slightly, just to confirm what your eyes are seeing and your fingers feel the difference your eyes can see and an uncomfortable weight drops into the pit of your stomach.

Your hands move downward as you feel the area between your legs. It’s wrong there too… that’s not the part you went to bed with; that’s not the identity you had when you closed your eyes and fell asleep. That’s not who you are, it’s not what you’ve always been. A lump begins to form in your throat as your mind races and your pulse quickens even further, your heart beating inside your chest like a drum that you can’t escape; like the horrible nightmare you’ve awakened to.

No. No, no no no no.

This isn’t real, you tell yourself.

Over and over again in the span of a moment. It’s impossible, what happened. What happened??? How did this happen? You rush to the mirror, near tears from confusion and panic and you see what you already know. It’s you, alright - that’s your face… but at the same time it’s not. The angles are wrong, the features skewed just ever so slightly in such a way that you’re recognizable but only barely; like looking at yourself in the surface of a warped mirror. It’s you, but it’s not… it’s wrong.

You’re in full panic mode now. You rush to the phone and quickly call your mother or your father, perhaps your best friend. You call the one person that knows you best; the person you trust the most in the world… You can tell you’ve awoken them as they answer the phone - you can’t even feel embarrassment or guilt for having called them so early in the morning, you’re in too much of a panic. You begin to speak, trying to explain to them what’s happened but they’re not understanding. They can tell you’re panicked though, so they offer to come over and help you through whatever’s happened.

A shock goes through you as you realize they’ll see you… like this. A million worries, fears and questions shoot through your mind. What will they think? How will they react? Will they treat you differently seeing you like this? … no, you tell yourself. They love you, they care for you - they’ll help you. They’ll help you understand all of this and make sense of what’s happening. You agree and quickly prepare for their arrival.

They arrive and offer a comforting look or embrace. You wait for their surprise or their shock but it doesn’t come. They stare at you expectantly and you usher to your body, your face, your suddenly new identity and they only offer you confusion. You tell them you’re different, you woke up different and they don’t understand how you mean. You look just the same to them. You stare at them in horror and confusion.

How can they say that?

This isn’t you!

You don’t look the same at all, you look different; like yourself but the opposite gender. You’re still you but you’re shaped differently; the same clay but pushed through a different mold at some point in the night. They try to offer more comfort but their confusion and insistence that you look the same as you always have to them only frustrates you and eventually they leave, feeling worried and confused and that only makes you even more confused.

The change doesn’t wear off or go away.

You spend days and weeks waiting to feel like yourself again… but nothing changes.

Every morning you wake up and for a brief moment there’s a small flicker of hope that today it will be different - you’ll be you again and it was all just a bad, crazy dream. Or perhaps for a brief, shining moment you forget who you are or where you are or what’s happened… But it only ever lasts a moment. You wait for the morning when you’ll wake up and suddenly be you again, like before. But that morning never comes. And the longer you wait for it the more anxious you get. The creeping sensation that it’s never coming is slowly sneaking up on you and you’re no longer panicking… you’re sinking. Sinking into something similar to panic but much, much deeper.

A constant state of irritability and discomfort, it’s almost a sense of foreboding in reverse; you’re not afraid something bad is coming, you’re terrified the good you’re waiting for isn’t coming.

You begin to realize that you’re becoming depressed and so you force yourself into a routine of distraction. You over-work yourself, showers and bathroom breaks are quick and oftentimes done blind as you try to keep your eyes closed as much as possible. You’ve moved the mirrors around in the house - they all face the walls now. Except the one in the bathroom, you couldn’t turn that one around so it’s just gone now - the front of the medicine cabinet an empty hole in the wall stacked with shelves of toothpaste, deodorant, and floss.

You focus on the things that make you forget about your body and how wrong it feels, unfortunately that means you end up isolating yourself from the people who now identify you with this new, fake body; who have apparently always identified you this way. Your friends, your family, you keep them all at arms length now because they don’t understand the way the name they call you cuts when it slides past their lips. They can’t see the grimace of pain when they refer to you by the wrong pronoun, it doesn’t make sense to them why that upsets you the way it does so they simply chalk it up to you being oversensitive which only exasperates you.

So you push them away and you isolate yourself and distract yourself with work and anything else that helps you forget but that only lasts so long. Eventually you understand that you’re going to have to do something because living this way isn’t working. No amount of distraction or ignoring it is going to make it better. If you don’t do something soon you’re going to lose yourself to the dark feeling growing inside.

Finally, you work up the nerve to seek out a doctor and explain to them what you’re feeling. The doctor is nice, super compassionate to your situation and makes you feel a bit better. He talks about a solution to your problem and your heart sores. He throws around some words like “transgender” and “dysphoria”. You kind of understand them but not really, he explains them and it makes sense to you and something inside you starts screaming and jumping up and down: “yes! That’s what this is! That’s me, that’s what I’m experiencing!” And most importantly, he says that he can fix this for you! … but there’s a catch.

The fix isn’t perfect.

And it’ll cost more than anything else you’ll probably ever buy in your life. When it’s all said and done the “cure” to this nightmare is going to cost you more than a car, more than a house, probably even more than college. And it’s going to be painful. The procedures are intensive, intrusive and take a long time to recover from and the medicine you’re going to be taking to “fix” what the procedures can’t is administered painfully and is, most likely, a lifetime commitment to maintain what you had already had before all of this without any effort at all.

It’s going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars, a lot of pain and work and the results will probably never be exactly what you had before. It might get close, maybe even better, but there’s no guarantee to that at all and the doctor makes this very, very clear. You think about it for a little while but only as a formality. Living like this the rest of your life is unbearable to you, it’s not an option. You think to yourself frequently these days that anything would be better than this, even death as it is… so you knew the moment he said there was a “cure” or a way to “fix” this that you’d do whatever, pay whatever it cost.

You agree to this treatment and the doctor sets out a five year plan of therapy, hormones, and an array of other things that you’ll need to do to prepare for the first surgery.

Five years is a long time, but it’s all you have.

You’ll take it.

You sign the papers and for the first time in a very long time you feel a small sliver of hope; maybe things won’t always be like this. There may be a light at the end of this tunnel after all, you tell yourself. You leave the doctor’s office and immediately call your friends and family and tell them, you think for sure that they’ll be as excited about this as you are … but they’re not. A couple are supportive but only tentatively so. They’re a little awkward and you can tell they’re still concerned. You hang up with them and an overwhelming feeling of loneliness washes through you. They don’t understand this… they don’t even want to understand this. It honestly feels to you as if they’d really rather you just suffered with it in silence so they didn’t have to deal with it. You feel like a burden and it hurts you in ways you didn’t know you could hurt before.

That pain only intensifies as you begin the process of transitioning over the next several months. Your family makes excuses not to have you over or to visit you - some of your friends won’t even return your calls or answer your texts anymore. People you don’t even know are now suddenly very, very interested in you and your life; some are strangely fascinated with the process of your transition and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and violated; others are judgmental and cruel, telling you their god hates you for simply existing the way you do or that you’re disgusting and unnatural. This only further fuels your desire for isolation and you retreat from the public eye as much as possible. It’s easier to be alone than to be constantly scrutinized and observed, watched like a criminal or fetishized by people who treat you like a trophy.

You turn to the digital universe, because you can be whoever you want to be there and no one questions you. Eventually you find a website full of people… just like you! They’re bright, and vibrant and confidant and happy. They accept you with open arms and give you so much positive feedback you’re practically sick with it. The overwhelming feeling of relief is so powerful you could almost get high off of it. You throw yourself into this online community headlong and for a while it’s pretty good, it really helps you not feel so alone.

But then… you start to notice that some of the people who are so supportive and who have embraced you with open arms say things sometimes that make you feel weird; uncomfortable. Things that don’t… quite make sense and you ask questions. They insist things like “gender doesn’t exist” “it’s a social construct” “you don’t have to have dysphoria to be transgender” “you’re perfect just the way you are” “you shouldn’t change yourself you should just learn to love yourself more” “transition isn’t necessary” “some trans people love themselves and don’t want to transition”.

You assume that they don’t understand how these kinds of things are wrong and harmful to someone like you; they’re part of the reason you have to wait five years and go through extensive therapy before you can finally get to your first surgery approval and move on with your life. You try to explain this and your friends, the ones who had been so nice before are suddenly very, very mean. In an instant they go from kind and supportive to downright cruel. They say awful things to you, tell you you’re a terrible person and that they hope horrible things happen to you.

You retreat and isolate again. If you’re lucky you find people who understand you and who agree with you… but there’s never any guarantee of that. You stare at the long path of transition ahead of you and you wonder if you’re even going to make it to the starting line…

This is it. This is the reality.

Fear. Discomfort. Paranoia. Anger. Frustration. Exasperation. Isolation. Loneliness. Depression. Self doubt. Confusion. Desperation.


These are the things we experience regularly… and it isn’t because cis people exist, and it isn’t (just) because we face oppression. It’s because we are disconnected from our bodies; because we face one of two equally unpleasant avenues: live with the bodies we have that we do not feel at home in or undergo expensive, painful, emotionally draining and sometimes dangerous medical procedures and a near lifelong commitment to bi-weekly injections of hormone correction therapy.

This is the reality.

This is what it means to change who you are outside to match who you know you are inside; who you’ve always known you are inside, even when everyone else insists you’re wrong or crazy.

This is what it means to be like us.

This is what it means to be transgender.

Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.

Submission: Was going to just make this an ask, but then it got out of hand real fast. Sorry.

So this popped into my head today and I didn’t know who to tell so here I am: finding-your-soulmate stuff, but instead of it being something real simple and easily identifiable like their name or the words they speak to you on your skin, everyone just has a dance routine ingrained into their heads. For soulmates, when they dance together, their routines mesh perfectly. Also sometimes you find that more than two people have routines that fit together, while others have solo acts or just don’t have ones at all. It surfaces in bits of pieces throughout puberty, and you could be shit at dancing in general, but you’d still look goddamn fantastic dancing your soul routine, because it’s just always at the back of your mind and if you don’t find yourself absentmindedly going through the moves when you’re bored you’re lying. The style could be anything from traditional to waltz to just hardcore head banging together for some. As such, you need to have at least a few minutes with potential partners to dance together and figure out if you’re a match. Because of this, dance parties double as dating parties. Cue family members dragging their single relatives to every dance party they can come across. Some couples don’t like their dance style and make up a new one to cover up, others just refuse to show it at all because “it’s a private matter”. Sometimes the starting position is just wrong and you know instantly, other times it’s kind of meh and kind of fits??? so you stick together for a while to see if the relationship’ll last. But for some couples it just clicks and watching the sheer delight on their faces when they realize is one of the great treasures of the world. If you want to go angsty with this, just imagine: shinobi with dance-like fighting styles, other people on the battlefield kind of looking on and thinking “huh, that could fit with mine” but then dismissing the thought because they’re in a war, the person’s on the opposing side, it can’t happen. So many potential inter-clan relationships are impossible and left undiscovered because there simply isn’t any opportunity for those crucial few minutes of comparing routines. Buuuttt if you want to stay true to your roots of being a pile of fluff in a trenchcoat, Kat, then consider: couples making up after little spats by dancing for a bit (bonus points if they’re still on the battlefield), Kagami dragging Tobirama away from work by coaxing him up with a dance, or Tobirama realizing Madara is his soulmate because Hashirama made them dance together in an attempt to make them get along and then Tobirama just going “NOPE WHAT WHY” and attempting(and mostly succeeding) to keep it cool, while Madara straight up just stops, backs away, and flails with the most ridiculous look on his face. It takes them a few days to sort it out. Hashirama is unsure about what to feel because a)one of his plans actually worked wow and b) Madara is soulmates with Tobirama. Mito and Touka just laugh because they’re both shippers deep down and this kinda stuff gives them life. 

DannyMay Day Twenty Seven: Phantom Planet Alternate OP / Alternate ED

…Furious can’t even begin to describe how she feels. It’s a tornado of emotions powerful enough to shake her to her core. So she takes a deep breath and makes the logical and rational decision.

She flying kicked him in the face.

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Ahh, okay. Well the video meme you made for them is probably my favourite thing(aside for the leg one, that song is killer). I dont know why, but Inkling/Octoling couples are my favourite. I really just want more PlumPerry. They're adorable, I wanna know more about Perry.. whats he in to? How did they meet? Also PlumPerry sounds like a really delicious berry, so Im sure they're meant to be.

gasp!!!! well I can tell you more about them!!
Perry is an octoling that came to the surface disguised, he wishes to become a famous pianist but feels the only way to do so is to hide his real identity as an octarian,
Plum comes across Perry performing in a mall and eventually just kind of decides to take him home when she discovers he has no real place to stay.
She doesnt even know he is an octarian at first!


Ok, this is just a doodle, but like all my babies…I love him very dearly. It was funny and quite complicated, and long… because every time I started some lines or shades, other duties came in and I were obliged to interrupt the work.
A thing that annoys me at epic level!
Anyway, thanks to Dr. Lang -Tom for the reference pose.
What you see isn’t a camera filter, or some app effect for editing…is just my paper sheet flooded by late afternoon sunlight. And I love the way it hits the paper surface, emphasizing the grain…
I’ve just imagined Loki fallen asleep after one of his long nights of studies and reading, in the library.
Not one of my best drawings but not so bad anyway…

honestly if you want a “quirky betta tank” it is possible you just gotta go BIG. like, get one of those big ass multi-gallon glass drink holders & set up an internal filter or something.

check this bad boy. 5 gallons, glass, with a cutesy little stand (at 50 a pop from a restaurant supply store) plug that spigot REAL good & combine:

suction cup to the side. gravel/sand, silk plants OR take advantage of the vertical space by planting some anacharis, ferns & swords.

slap a heater in there & find a way to prop up the lid just a smidge to stick some cables out and get some airflow to the water surface.

and there ya go. fun, quirky betta tank that your animal isnt fucking miserable in!

“But I don’t have the money for that!” well then too fkin bad; i guess get your ass down to petco for their dollar-a-gallon sale & grab a 10gal for a fifth of the price instead. expect to dump 100+ dollars into a setup your animal will be happy in because its your pet and you love it.

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I have one question for you about BOTW, just one. Can link swim and spend time underwater? Please be vague

Okay, I’ll try not to spoil extra info! Link can swim, but not for long. I’ve died swimming across lakes many times because my stamina wasn’t good enough. As for spending time underwater, it’s not like it was in Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess. You mostly just swim on the surface of water in BOTW.

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Chell, after spending a long time outside with other people, feeling like something's missing and going back to the wheat field shed and opening the door to Aperture. The lift is still there. She climbs around it and cautiously walks around on the catwalks for a while until she finds a camera. GlaDOS asks why she came back. Neither words nor gestures could convey Chell's answer, so eventually, she just touches her fingers to the camera and leaves. Two weeks later, she's back again.

Humans were resilient creatures.

This was a fact made clear by many things about them, both on an individual scale, or a much larger one.

Chell had returned to the surface to find the world in pieces, but humanity remained, trying to put itself back together. They formed communities, towns, families. Life was not easy out here, but humans had found a way.  She had been amazed by it at first, though many would be equally awed by her own actions.  She had fought and struggled and survived to make it up here, resisting any attempts to be put down.

She figured she’d like it up here.

How long had it been? Chell wondered, lying on an old mattress and staring at the water stained ceiling of her small bedroom.  How long had she been up here? The chill of winter had come and gone three times already, so she knew she had been here for some time.

Yet time had not changed what she thought it would. She thought, that after all this time, thoughts of her would go away. Thoughts of that place, the cage she had fought so desperately to be freed from, only to be let out calmly in the end.

Chell was happy to be on the surface. Happy to be with other humans. Happy to have this new life to live.

And yet despite how much she told herself that she was content, she could not make it fully true.

She wandered. Her feet moved without permission or plan, pulling her on a path that lead to both somewhere and nowhere.

Soon, the noise of the settlement she was staying in faded away, and the peaceful quiet of night became the only noise she heard. That, and the gentle whispers of wind that tickled her hair and brushed stalks of wheat against her skin.

A wheat field, abandoned and unused by anyone. Rumor was that the ground here had been poisoned and any crops grown here would be inedible, keeping almost all humans away.

Chell knew that wasn’t true, but never tried to dispel the talk. In fact, she encouraged it.

No one needed to find that metal shed. No one should find what lay beneath these fields.

Chell liked to tell herself she thought this out of a need to protect her fellow humans. Aperture was dangerous. She was dangerous. If people tried to enter or explore Aperture, they could be hurt, or killed. That was why she helped the rumors along and kept anyone from straying this way.

Not because of a deep, subconscious possessiveness that ran in her veins. An urge to hold onto the secret of Aperture’s existence like it was something only she knew, like it was… important to her. That… was not the case.

Soon, she was standing in front of the run down, metal shed, placing her hand on the door without thinking and pulling it open.  The rusted metal groaned as it was moved for what she could only assume was the first time since she had left, and she stepped inside.   It was exactly how she left it.  The shed was very small, acting only as a cover for a lift, still open, waiting to bring someone down into the depths of Aperture.

That someone was Chell.

She wasn’t keen on getting in the lift itself, instead looking around behind it to find things to climb down with. It took awhile, carefully moving downward and doing her best not to lose her footing, but eventually, she found what looked like a stop for the lift, perhaps for maintenance, based on how shabby and unpolished it looked.

Chell jumped down, and wasted little time exploring.   The facility was silent, almost too much so.  She would’ve been worried if she didn’t know better.  While no sing-song turrets rang out, and she was not greeted by the sarcastic drawl of Aperture’s ruler, she knew that the queen was alive and well.  And no doubt aware of Chell’s presence, despite her silence.

This was familiar. Catwalks and storage closets, unfinished areas and disassembly lines. She had once traveled these paths with purpose, now she wandered them aimlessly, losing herself in the soft noises of the facility.

It did not take long for her to find a camera.

Its red light on and optic moving as it followed her, standing stark in plain sight to anyone who cared to glance at the wall beside them.  

Aperture never did make much of an effort to hide the cameras they used to spy with, but this one seemed particularly blunt.

Chell’s lips twitched upwards into something that might’ve been a smile. Someone was acting rather shy, if this was considered a greeting.

For a moment, she stared into the lens of the camera, studying it. It was not dormant, even if it had stopped moving once she noticed it.  Chell knew that she was watching. She could feel it, like a chill running down her spine, ending in red hot pins and needles pricking her fingers and toes.  She might as well have been making direct eye contact.

After what felt like hours of consideration, with both Chell and the camera studying the other, a voice rang out, breaking through the silence like a rock thrown at a pane of glass.


The question was simple. The voice behind it, barely concealed under the guise of neutrality, its robotic edge ebbing away to reveal a deep longing to understand. Something deeper than mere curiosity. A need to know.  To know why Chell would return here after so long, after all she had done to leave.

Chell could not answer the voice, not with words of her own.  Her voice was not absent from her being, despite how it seemed. She could speak, but she could not say the words that she needed. Her throat constricted, and in this moment, she knew that despite her physical ability to speak, there was nothing she could say that would be truthful to what she felt.  She was not certain she even fully knew what brought her here.

Yet, she would not leave the question to hang in the air like this. It was too heavy on her shoulders. And so, she slowly, carefully reached forwards toward the camera, her hand uncertain at first.  Her fingers trembled, but any shakiness almost instantly disappeared once she touched the side of the camera. The metal was cool to the touch, and resulted in a small shudder passing through her body at the feeling.  

She kept eye contact with the optic for a few long moments, keeping her fingers in place, resting gently against the metal of the camera’s body.  Then, she pulled away, and the unseen force that had brought her here led her back the way she came.   She turned and left, climbing out of the facility in complete silence.  She was not stopped, nor chased out. Aperture had been her cage for so long, and that fact never changed.  The only difference was that now, the door was always wide open.  For her.  Only for her.

Be it fate or something else, but this would not be the last time that Chell walked Aperture’s halls.

As a matter of fact, the Queen of Aperture need not wait more than a few weeks.

A wild animal would fight tooth and nail to escape a closed cage, but leave that door open, and that cage becomes a lot more enticing. A place to explore, a shelter, perhaps even a home of sorts.

That much was yet to be seen.

i just wanna talk about the b99 ladies for a sec

amy santiago is so well written. she’s the first female nerdy character ive ever seen that isn’t simultaneously a killjoy, and you’d think that dating a slightly immature, wild & reckless guy would make her like that, but she joins in the fun with him (i.e halloween heist!!!) instead of perpetuating the whole “girls dont know how to have fun” thing and she really does have two sides to her, her whole binder and numbers enthusiast face and then she turns around and takes absolutely NO shit from anyone. and even though i dont have much in common with her she’s easily one of my favorite characters ever

and rosa diaz. it is so hard to find a badass woman that is just badass because she wants to be, not cause she went through some tragedy that made her that way (unlike male characters) and it’s just such a joy to see a woman celebrated as this fearless, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding, mysterious, property-destroying character that is also so protective of their friends and would most likely kill for them. women aren’t often celebrated for their ability to destruct and their recklessness and the fire inside of them, and rosa diaz is a perfect encapsulation of that.

and god, last but not least, gina freakin linetti. i have NEVER seen a female character be allowed to be unapologetically cocky and self absorbed without any sort of demonization or consequence. instead, you LOVE gina linetti. you aspire to BE gina linetti and have her state of mind. and the fact that she’s the only non-cop civilian in the squad, but she’s arguably the bravest and/or smartest out of all of them (i.e “gina are you scared?” “scared that you won’t let me use a flamethrower. and use it to throw flame.”) and while it seems on the surface that she doesn’t care about anyone, her bond with every one of the characters is so strong you know she would do anything for them. let more female characters be snarky assholes.

(also douple points for not having these latina & italian women be stereotyped)

The Moon Just Photobombed NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

On May 25, 2017, the moon photobombed one of our sun-watching satellites by passing directly between the satellite and the sun.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, orbits Earth and watches the sun nearly 24/7 — except when another body, like the moon, gets in the way. These lunar photobombs are called transits, the generic term for when any celestial body passes in front of another.

Transits are one way we detect distant worlds. When a planet in another star system passes in front of its host star, it blocks some of the star’s light so the star appears slightly dimmer. By monitoring changes in a star’s light over time, scientists can deduce the presence of a planet, and even determine what its atmosphere is like. This method has been used to discover thousands of planets, including the TRAPPIST-1 planets.

SDO sees lunar transits about twice a year, and this one lasted about an hour with the moon covering about 89 percent of the sun at the peak of its journey across the sun’s face.

When they’re seen from Earth, we call lunar transits by another name: eclipses.

Solar eclipses are just a special kind of transit where the moon blocks all or part of our view of the sun. Since SDO’s view of the sun was only partially blocked, it saw a partial eclipse. Later this year, on Aug. 21, a total eclipse will be observable from the ground: The moon will completely block the sun’s face in some parts of the US, creating a total solar eclipse on a 70-mile-wide stretch of land, called the path of totality, that runs from Oregon to South Carolina.

Throughout the rest of North America — and even in parts of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia — the moon will partially obscure the sun, creating a partial eclipse. SDO will also witness this partial eclipse.

Total solar eclipses are incredible, cosmic coincidences: The sun is about 400 times wider than the moon, but it also happens to be 400 times farther away, so the sun and moon appear to be the same size in our sky. This allows the moon to completely block the sun when they line up just right.

Within the path of totality, the moon completely obscures the sun’s bright face, revealing the comparatively faint corona — the sun’s pearly-white outer atmosphere.

It’s essential to observe eye safety during an eclipse. You must use proper eclipse glasses or an indirect viewing method when any part of the sun’s surface is exposed, whether during the partial phases of an eclipse, or just on a regular day. If you’re in the path of totality, you may look at  the eclipse ONLY during the brief moments of totality.

A total solar eclipse is one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights, so make your plans now for August 21! You’ll also be able to see the eclipse cross the country that day through the eyes of NASA – including views of the partial eclipse from SDO – on NASA TV and at

Learn more about the August eclipse — including where, when, and how to safely see it — at and follow along on Twitter @NASASun.

It’s Mother’s Day and the first thing Kara sees when she walks into Lena’s office to check up on her is dozens of different bouquets on every available surface.

Which would be normal if Lena had a normal relationship with her mother. And if the bouquets were the really expensive kind that Kara had gotten used to associating with Lena. But no, these weren’t expensive flowers at all. They were just normal flowers, the kind someone would find in their yard or at the park. One was even made up completely of dandelions!

Questions float through Kara’s head that were supplied with very few answers.

Who sent them? Why? Were they safe? Should see get them checked out?

And then her confusion is cut off by Jess walking into the office.

“They’re from local orphanages,” Jess answers before Kara even asks. “She’s always donating to them and volunteers whenever she can. She’d adopt them all if she could, but with the attempted murders… well.”

“I- I didn’t know about that.” Kara didn’t even know that Lena liked kids.

“Most people don’t,” Jess replies easily. “Her meeting is almost over, so feel free to wait here for her.”

And then Jess leaves and Kara’s left alone with her thoughts.

She always knew Lena was good, so good. Too good, maybe. She was just glad others could see it, too.

Energy Tethers 101

Updated (again): 04.28.17

*this post is fueled by angst*

Okay, no, seriously though, it really does make me sad that so many people seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when it comes to connecting things for energy transfer.

So, what even is an energy tether?

I personally use the term “energy tether” to describe this type of energy work, but they could be called anything - energy cords, energy feeds, etc. Basically, it’s a metaphysical connection to allow a direct and continuous flow of energy from a source into a target. And I say target, because it doesn’t need to be an inanimate object - it’s possible to do this with yourself too.

That sounds a little convoluted, Richtor; can you break it down a bit more?

Yes, I know, I’m fancy with my words. You’re creating an energetic line between two things, one thing to be used as a battery, to allow energy to constantly flow from the battery into the second thing, keeping it charged / powered forever.

Are you serious?


Why don’t we do this for everything in magic?

Honestly, I don’t know. If you’ve got an understanding of energy work and visualization, it really isn’t even that hard to create one. It can even be done with representational magic if you really wanna go that far, but it’s not that complex when you get down to it. 

I’m assuming it’s just a case of, people don’t think about it like that, or, it wasn’t as widespread a thing as I thought it was.

Can’t we just do this with passive charging, like how we charge things in moonlight?

Yes, but objects only hold a limited amount of energy before they become full; once you’ve used up the energy, you need to recharge it again. Creating an energy tether allows a constant flow of energy, so as it is being used up by your intent or goal, it just refills itself.

To me, passive charging is no guarantee that the energy will stick or be absorbed by the object, and that is also why I prefer things that require focusing on the energy yourself (direct channeling), or this method.

What *can* you use energy tethers for, anyway?

Basically anything you want to keep charged for extended periods of time. Optimal for sigils, any sort of charms - hell, you can even connect thoughtforms / servitors this way. But, seriously, anything you want to keep constantly charged with minimal effort, this is a way to do it.

What can you use for “batteries” or power sources?

Anything that produces an almost endless amount of energy. The sun is the first and most obvious one I think of. You can use anything else that produces a lot of energy, though. If you live near a dam, or those electricity windmills, those would work. Power lines and electric generators are awesome, and a great way to incorporate different feels of energy (and tech magic) into your practice. Space, even; like, the entire damn thing. If it produces energy, it can be tethered.

What do you mean about different feels of energy?

This isn’t specific to tethers - all things that have and produce energy have different “feels” to them. The sun is more hot and energetic than the moon, which is cool and calming. Rose quartz is a bit more gentle than, say, jasper, which is hot and fire-y. Tiger’s eye is more solid and stable than clear quartz, which is fluid and mold-able to almost any intent. 

We all experience feels of energy differently, however; these are just how I “energetically feel” those things.

(You also don’t need to “feel” anything to still do energy work, but that’s like a  whole ‘nother post.)

Can you tether to something that doesn’t have unlimited energy?

Sure, yeah, but you’ll drain it, and then it won’t be fulfilling its purpose anymore.

So, you could use yourself as a power source?

You could, but it’s super draining and I wouldn’t recommend it. That object would constantly be taking your energy away from you, and it could have bad consequences, including physical ones - physical exhaustion is a side effect that can occur when you use too much of your energy, and I see it happen often to people who are not careful about their energy expenditure.


You can create switches for your tethers. As in, you can cinch them, close them off, to stop the flow of energy. Like you can turn on a pipe to get water flowing, then shut it off just as easily - you could create a “modification” for a tether similar in that manner.

Can these energy lines be broken?

Yep, absolutely. You can do it yourself if you no longer want them, someone else could do it if they could sense them, or they can naturally fade over time if you don’t give them proper upkeep and care.

Wait, upkeep? What happened to endless energy?

Yes, upkeep. You’re creating something to funnel energy, with energy. Energy needs to constantly be molded and kept in shape, or else it tends to just drift away. It really isn’t that hard to upkeep, though.

How do you keep your energy tethers safe from other people? 

Just program that into them when you make them.

Any disadvantages to using an energy tether?

It depends on how you view the term disadvantage. 

I think the thing that energy tethers lack is that bit of personalization that we often talk about being important in witchcraft. For example, you can keep a thoughtform powered by the sun, but it won’t contain your energy, won’t be as personally tied to you as if you charged it with your own energies. That can lose a lot of impact, when you really think about it, especially considering the nature of thoughtforms and the like.

Not to mention, you can overwhelm yourself with energy if you use a tether to connect yourself to an external source that produces more than your body can handle. You know how you can be overwhelmed by external energies, just by walking around? Yeah, now imagine that pumping straight into your body without a natural exit channel. Not fun.

Are there any other applications for energy tethers?

Fuck yeah. Use them to draw energy out of a target, in the form of a curse - literally sap their energies away so they have none left for their daily lives.

You can even connect yourself and another person with energy tethers, if you want to be able to share energy more freely and with more ease. (This is basically what I did with @ashesforeverashes​, in a sense.) 

Some people don’t like their energies taken without consent, though, and certain witchy protections can even prevent these sorts of tethers from forming in the first place, so keep that in mind.

Okay, all this talk about tethers, are you gonna show us how to make them?

Only if you ask nicely.


Okay that’s better. 

It is essentially just a combination of energy work, intent, and visualization.

The first thing you need to do, is have an object you want charged.

Now, pick an energy source. You don’t need to be able to see it, but it can help.

Relax yourself, clear your mind if you can. Hold onto your object in your hands. 

If you can, look at your energy source; this is clearly not applicable with the sun, so close your eyes and have your face turned toward it. If you can’t see your energy source, picture it in your mind as clearly as you can. Try to get a feel for its energy as well as you can, too. 

Once you are confident with your source, imagine a cord connecting from it and to your object you want to keep charged. A nice visualization for this would be seeing the particles form together out of thin air to form your tether - literally materializing out of nothing and attaching to the source, creating a line that is slowly building down from the source and to your object. This can be done in whatever way you wish - just make it.

Take as long as you need to allow the cord to be build from your energy source to the target - it can take some time, depending on the distance and how experienced you are with energy work.

While you are creating it, focus on any attributes you want it to have - a thick cord that is hard to break, a shimmery appearance so no other magic users can see it, etc. Keep in mind the purpose of the cord, what you want it to do, how you want it to behave, and fuse that into it as it is being formed. If you wish to incorporate a switch, in order to turn on and off the flow of energy, now would be the time to do so - more visualization and intent, and declarations of “I can halt this flow of energy whenever I desire” should do the trick.

Once the cord is in place, you want to draw energy from your source and into the object, through the tether. Make it clear that energy only flows one way through this particular tether. Continue to draw from the energy source and down into the target, until you begin to feel the energy flowing through the tether naturally. Once energy is accumulating into the object on its own, you know the tether is complete.

For the upkeep; about once a week or so, focus on the tether and visualize it still being strong, without any gaps for energy to sift through. See a smooth, clean flow of energy from your energy source and into the target. If there are any obstructions, break them down and funnel them out.

What was this “representational magic” method you mentioned?

Oh yeah. 

As a boost, you can have a representation of your energy source physically attached to the object or target, if you can. So, for example, you could have a tiny model of the sun, connected to the physical vessel for a thoughtform, by a piece of string. This can help keep the energy tether strengthened in a “physical” aspect, especially if you bind the physical to the energetic. Not to mention, just looking at it, you are reaffirmed that the tether is there and the object is charged, and that can assist with the upkeep.

Are there any “modifications” for energy tethers?

Totally. You can change the “material” you make the tether out of. Think of how people can put spikes onto personal shields, or make them have reflective surfaces - it’s sort of like that, but moreso changing the tether itself into something besides a beam of light. It can be a black cord like the ones electronics use; it can be made out of natural rope or hemp; it can be just a metal pipe that the energy slides through. Try to think about how each “material” might impact the flow and/or feel of energy.

You can also have one tether break off and charge many items at once - you don’t need a separate tether for each thing. Just focus on your tether and how it can fork, and imagine another branch coming from it naturally. Or, if you’re adding a separate line after the original tether has been “installed,” imagine a separate line growing or being molded from the first and down to the new object.

And there you have it - my post on energy tethers. Obviously this isn’t complete or all encompassing. This is just my view on these energetic cords, what they are, and how they can be made and used. I wrote this off the seat of my pants, but I think I covered everything I intended to. (And it feels hardcore like the old windvexer posts to me, which I’m not bothered by lol.)

I hope this helps you guys, or inspires you, or whatever. If you have any more questions, I… guess I can open my ask box, as long as y’all behave. Good luck, and have fun!

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our solar system is a jewel box filled with a glittering variety of beautiful worlds–and not all of them are planets. This week, we present our solar system’s most marvelous moons.

1. Weird Weather: Titan

Saturn’s hazy moon Titan is larger than Mercury, but its size is not the only way it’s like a planet. Titan has a thick atmosphere, complete with its own “water cycle” – except that it’s way too cold on Titan for liquid water. Instead, rains of liquid hydrocarbons like ethane and methane fall onto icy mountains, run into rivers, and gather into great seas. Our Cassini spacecraft mapped the methane seas with radar, and its cameras even caught a glimpse of sunlight reflecting off the seas’ surface. Learn more about Titan:

2. Icy Giant: Ganymede

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is the largest in the solar system. It’s bigger than Mercury and Pluto, and three-quarters the size of Mars. It’s also the only moon known to have its own magnetic field. Details:

3. Retrograde Rebel: Triton

Triton is Neptune’s largest moon, and the only one in the solar system to orbit in the opposite direction of its planet’s rotation, a retrograde orbit. It may have been captured from the Kuiper Belt, where Pluto orbits. Despite the frigid temperatures there, Triton has cryovolcanic activity – frozen nitrogen sometimes sublimates directly to gas and erupts from geysers on the surface. More on Triton:

4. Cold Faithful: Enceladus

The most famous geysers in our solar system (outside of those on Earth) belong to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. It’s a small, icy body, but Cassini revealed this world to be one of the solar system’s most scientifically interesting destinations. Geyser-like jets spew water vapor and ice particles from an underground ocean beneath the icy crust of Enceladus. With its global ocean, unique chemistry and internal heat, Enceladus has become a promising lead in our search for worlds where life could exist. Get the details:

5. Volcano World: Io

Jupiter’s moon Io is subjected to tremendous gravitational forces that cause its surface to bulge up and down by as much as 330 feet (100 m). The result? Io is the most volcanically active body in the Solar System, with hundreds of volcanoes, some erupting lava fountains dozens of miles high. More on Io’s volcanoes:

6. Yin and Yang Moon: Iapetus

When Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus in 1671, he observed that one side of this moon of Saturn was bright and the other dark. He noted that he could only see Iapetus on the west side of Saturn, and correctly concluded that Iapetus had one side much darker than the other side. Why? Three centuries later, the Cassini spacecraft solved the puzzle. Dark, reddish dust in Iapetus’s orbital path is swept up and lands on the leading face of the moon. The dark areas absorb energy and become warmer, while uncontaminated areas remain cooler. Learn more:

7. A Double World: Charon and Pluto

At half the size of Pluto, Charon is the largest of Pluto’s moons and the largest known satellite relative to its parent body. The moon is so big compared to Pluto that Pluto and Charon are sometimes referred to as a double planet system. Charon’s orbit around Pluto takes 6.4 Earth days, and one Pluto rotation (a Pluto day) takes 6.4 Earth days. So from Pluto’s point of view Charon neither rises nor sets, but hovers over the same spot on Pluto’s surface, and the same side of Charon always faces Pluto. Get the details:

8. “Death Star” Moon: Mimas

Saturn’s moon Mimas has one feature that draws more attention than any other: the crater Herschel, which formed in an impact that nearly shattered the little world. Herschel gives Mimas a distinctive look that prompts an oft-repeated joke. But, yes, it’s a moon. More:

9. Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Just Phobos

In mythology, Mars is a the god of war, so it’s fitting that its two small moons are called Phobos, “fear,” and Deimos, “terror.” Our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caught this look at Phobos, which is roughly 17 miles (27 km) wide. In recent years, NASA scientists have come to think that Phobos will be torn apart by its host planet’s gravity. Details:

Learn more about Phobos:

10. The Moon We Know Best

Although decades have passed since astronauts last set foot on its surface, Earth’s moon is far from abandoned. Several robotic missions have continued the exploration. For example, this stunning view of the moon’s famous Tycho crater was captured by our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which continues to map the surface in fine detail today. More:

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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I know we're all dead but can we talk about how cute it was that he said thank you when she took her top off? And how intimate that moment was when he just took a second to look at her, to breathe her in, to confirm that this was really happening? Cause of death: Olicity.

Oliver was the perfect gentleman throughout that entire scene. 

Starting from the beginning, he was… everything. He was a man who was clearly still in love with this woman, but he’d also heard her last season when she said she was, for all intents and purposes, done. He was a man who was willing to get every tiny scrap of her natural sunlight, no matter what the cost for himself. Y’all are lying to yourselves if Felicity wasn’t doing exactly what Curtis suggested when the idea of her trying the salmon ladder came about. She’s all cute and flirty and doing something that shows a lot of skin, and yet, the entire time, Oliver was just so sweet. He didn’t push it, he didn’t take what are pretty obvious signs, he didn’t do anything without her explicit permission and direction. They went through two bottles of wine, my friends, they were quite a few sheets to the wind and still, he was the perfect gentleman. Even when she asked him to help her down, when he grabbed her waist, when he held her close, letting her down gently, cradling her like she’s the most important thing in his entire world (she is)…


He was just… 


… so Oliver and so respectful and I loved it so much.

But then it gets better.

Felicity finally makes the first move, she kisses him and remember the way he responded? 


(wow they kiss really well like damn well done a+)

He gives it his all because that’s all he wants to give her. He messed up so much in the past, and while the source of those issues are deeply buried and require a fucking bulldozer to unearth, it doesn’t change that it effectively ruined the best thing in his life. But now, now he has her back and it’s everything. Yes, the wine has stripped their inhibitions, but it just scratched off the surface, revealing what they’ve always, always wanted.



(This was cute af, anon, I so agree. He’s so totally getting swept up in the sensation of having her in his arms again, of kissing her, tasting her, feeling her, and it’s intoxicating. It takes over everything, leaving no room for anything but continuing to feel those wonderful things. We see that in the way he suddenly spins her, with so much intent, so much purpose - I know I’m not the only one who thought that was going somewhere else - but then he’s so painfully gentle with her. He could absolutely rip her sweater to pieces if he wanted to and he knew she probably wouldn’t complain one bit until later, but he didn’t, because remember, this is the Oliver who has been in love with this woman forever and he lost her and he’s been respecting her wishes in not pursuing a relationship and suddenly she’s here and she’s with him, but that doesn’t change where they are mentally, where he’s at mentally. (Wow, tangent.) It’s marked with that soft, adorable smile of his - that happy smile of his - and the way he says, “Thank you.” It’s really as if he’s thanking her for giving them this chance again.)

And then…


The passion is back, brimming over, all-consuming, burning them from the insides out, taking over everything, pulling them together like the magnets that they are…

But that’s not all it’s about, not quite. It’s about that, oh yes, but it’s also about connecting again, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, with their very souls. This isn’t just physical for Oliver, nor is it for Felicity, which is what he needs to double check, he needs to see, to make sure that… 

Well, that this is happening, that it’s what he thinks it is, that she’s on the same page, that she wants this, that she wants it as badly as he does, that she’s doing it for the same reasons, that… 


(the way he whispers her name, a gasp, a breathless plea… a prayer…)

He has to make sure. He has to. One, because it’s Oliver and when it comes to Felicity, there’s never been a halfway. 

Which is so very interesting considering what happened tonight - thinking about it from Oliver’s perspective, he honestly thought he was giving Felicity everything he could. He didn’t know at the time that he was only giving half of himself, only giving her the pieces he felt worthy of her, not realizing that he was hiding things from her, all under the guise of trying to protect her, in his own warped way. He has been broken, in his mind, for so long, but it’s only when he’s whole within himself that he can finally be with her, which we’re finally seeing, thank goodness.

He’s all in or he’s all out and he needs to know that Felicity is there with him.


But not a simple “Are you sure this is what you want,” no, it’s more than that.


It’s about them, and their love for each other.


And there it is. She’s right there with him, her love for him shining through, bathing him in its purity, a cleansing feeling that shines light in the darkest corners of his being (even if he doesn’t recognize it until much much much later). 

Cause of death: Olicity 

Indeed, anon. Indeed.

squint at where you’re from

oops sometimes you gotta

spoilers for 413, bellamy/clarke, 1600 words, gen. AO3!

Even though it’s not really the same as coming down in the first time, Bellamy still has this strange sense of deja vu as he looks at the door. The ship is smaller, he has fewer people with him, he feels both more and less sure of what he’ll find. They tried to hit the only spot of green they could see, but the controls are a mess, so he’s not sure they got to it. The whole fucking ship is a mess, built out of whatever scrap they could salvage. Even with six years to perfect it, the thing is still held together with spit and prayer, according to Raven.

But it got them to the ground. They’re back.

“Just open the fucking door!” says Raven, and Bellamy lets out a long breath and finally hits the release.

He knows what he’s hoping for: clean air, plants, blue sky. And he gets all of those.

He just also gets a girl, maybe ten or eleven, with brown hair in braids, pointing a gun at him. Which is honestly fairly encouraging; someone survived, and they have firearms. So she probably came out of the bunker.

He puts his hands up on reflex.

“Hey, uh–we come in peace,” he tries, and then says it again in Trig, for good measure. He doesn’t recognize her, but that doesn’t mean anything. She could be from another clan; there are plenty of them he doesn’t know. Or–his heart trips on the thought–she could be a nightblood. She could have survived because of that, and if she survived–

The girl pulls her gun back and looks at him critically. “Are you Bellamy Blake?”

He blinks a few times. “Um, yeah. I’m Bellamy Blake.”


She sounds skeptical, which doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s the one who brought it up. There’s no reason for her not to believe him.

“Yeah, really. Did you come out of the bunker? Is my sister with you? Octavia?”

You’re Bellamy?” she says, like she didn’t hear him. She’s making a face like something smells odd. “I thought you’d be taller.”

Taller?” he asks.

Raven pokes her head out. “It’s been five minutes and you’re already being held at gunpoint? You sure have a way with people, Bellamy.”

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you,” he tells the girl. “Just–”

“I know,” she says. “You just want to see Clarke.”

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Summary: Pure porn without plot. You wake up and spend a morning with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest), anal sex

Word Count: 2650ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Too hot. Too bright. Everything feels heavy and suffocating, like you’re trapped or tied down. Leg muscles twitch, but you can’t move them as you force your brain to swim toward the surface, try to break your mind out of its haze.

And then you wake up.

For just a moment, you focus only on your breath. You wake up like this two or three times a week, have ever since you started hunting, and it will only take your body a few seconds to calm down.

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Can we just think about the fact that Even tried to kiss Mikael and Even was the one who initiated the kiss between Isak and him? Do you know how difficult that must have been for him? But to have Isak surface and laugh as Even pumps his fist in excitement, to see that crack of a smile appear on Isak’s face, then to return underwater and kiss again…wow. We all know how Isak appears smitten and in love, but could you even imagine how Even was feeling? Probably on top of the world. Whoa.