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Count Down

Part 2:

As Shiro watched the now 14 year old Lance seemingly eat without a care in the world, he couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if Lance had to grow up again.

It’s not like he could fight a war if he got much younger, or they could just drop him back on Earth with his family in case he never aged when the deaging process was stopped.

Shiro had always been called the dad friend, but in this moment as he watched his friend he couldn’t help but wonder if he had to, could he step up to be a real dad?


Shiro was pulled from his mind by Lance’s pained voice.

His hands were clenched in his shirt and his expression was one of agony.

Before he could even process what was going on Lance fell to the ground screaming as his body shrunk.

Shiro leapt from his seat dropping to the blue paladins side.

“Oh God Lance…”

He felt so powerless as he watched his friend in so much pain, unable to do anything but hold his hand and brush his fingers through his hair hoping it would be over soon.

It wasn’t.

Lance spent nearly twenty minuets shrinking down to a shockingly small twelve year old.

When he was done Lance was passed out in Shiro’s arms.

The ordeal has been horrific, Lance screaming and crying, begging Shiro to make the pain stop. He shuddered realising Lance had already gone through this before.

With a grim expression Shiro scooped him up far too easily and walked him over to the couch.

Lance was now a few inches shorter then Pidge.


“Now are you sure this was the right way?” Coran asked as him and the rest of the team followed Keith through a thick jungle, their way eliminated by the oddly pink glowing plants.

“Yes.” He snapped.

“Yeah but you said that an hour ago, and the hour before that. Lance has to be like 14 by now.” Hunk added.

“I said I know where we’re going!” Keith snapped and imidiey regretted it seeing Hunks face. He was worried… they all were.

It was a race against the clock and if Keith didn’t deliver fast enough then it would be Lance to pay the price.

“Hello, Keith?”

Keith jumped, hearing Shiro’s voice over the coms. “Yeah I’m here… is Lance ok?”

The others stopped walking at the mention of Lance all turning to look at Keith.

Shiro was silent for a moment “no… he’s getting younger much faster then expected… he’s already twelve.”

The news hung in the air.

They were already on a tight time limit and that was when it was a year an hour. But now from the sounds of it Lance could go down a random number of years whenever.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to the pond within the next hour or so.” Keith tried to sound confident, for his teams sake… and for his own.

“Hurry… I’m not sure how many more episodes I can watch.”

With that Shiro shut off the coms.


When Lance woke up to a pounding headache and staring at the ceiling of the common room, he couldn’t figure out why he was sleeping on the couch.

He groaned as he rolled off realising how thirsty he was.

However he rolled right onto the ground tripping over something.

“What the…”

He trailed off realising he hadn’t tripped over a blanket it was his jeans.

Lance scrambled to his feet, his pants remaining where they were.

He looked down at himself, his boxers were barley hanging on, not that it made much of a difference, his shirt was past his knees.

It was then that he remembered what happened.

Lance bolted from the room, not slowing down until he reached the bathroom and more importantly the full length mirrors.

Soon as Lance saw his reflection he dropped to his knees.

He looked just like he had before his growth spurt.

Back when he was every other thugs favourite punching bag.

Lance couldn’t breath.

5 years.

He had lost five years in less then three hours.

He didn’t even realise he had tears streaming down his face until Shiro found him and held him closer whispering comforting words as they just sat there on the floor.

Shiro rocking Lance gently in his lap.

He kept rocking him as the pain returned.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: If you look at it this way, the bots getting so excited over participation trophies is probably because of Boxman’s way of “I don’t want you to try I want you to do” parenting. They only get rewarded if they succeed in something, regardless if they actually try hard or not, that’s why they liked the participation trophies so much. They aren’t used to being rewarded for their efforts.