there is your love quotes


theme of the show today: you have to be happy even without me

you are the ‘c’ of a quadratic function.
yes, that last factor is you.
now, suppose ‘c’ has any numerical value,
positive or negative,
other than zero
(other than zero because you are alive right now)
'ax²’ and 'bx' are the other people;
your parents, your brothers and sisters,
your friends, your lover.
these people disappear when
'x’ is at zero, right?
the function would also equal zero
as i said earlier,
you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
in your case, the numerical value of 'c’ is never zero.
you always have a value.
and sometimes,
when 'x’ is at zero,
‘c’ will still have a value and
you will be the only person who is going to be there,
for your own self.
so, take care of yourself.
the art of self care is
very difficult to master at times
and still, you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
you will always have a value.
—  did i just write something inspired by maths?

Διαολε…τα ματια σου ειναι παντα τοσο ομορφα.

And then when you smile, the weakest star gathers the strength to shine brighter than the morning star, light finds every corner of the world and devours the darkness that surrounds, and everything feels possible. When you smile, magic happens.
—  Lukas W. // Your smile is magic