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also it's really telling how ppl say it's problematic in reference to Hit the Diamond, which to me was just a silly cartoon portrayal of two people in love? the episode was cute and made me smile, kind of sucks to see ppl squinting to see the abuse in a happy lesbian relationship

you know i can kiiiinda understand why people would find it problematic bc of keystone motel (i mean all and any reasoning would be shit but i guess i can see how people can misinterpret it) but the hit the diamond discourse made literally NO goddamn sense.

Sheith is so supportive and healthy, it’s so shocking how many haters this ship has.

Just imagine: Whenever Keith or Shiro have one of those self-worth issues, thinking the other is way out of league or how they deserve better, they would always reassure each other. And these kinds of confidence issues don’t just disappear after one or two times, no, it takes time. And they will always support each other and reassuring. No “We’ve been through this”  or “Not this again” or “We talked about this” or “Stop being insecure, are you doubting my love for you?”. No, none of that. Instead soft whispers of; “You’re amazing, you’re strong, you’re here, I am here, I will never leave you, I love you.” They repeat this over and over again, because it’s true and they will say it until they have those words into each other’s heart and mind’s core, because that’s how much they love each other, they never though that insecurities or lacking self-confidence is a burden, it’s always; “It’s okay, I am here, I’ll always be here”.

It’s one of the most healthiest ship I’ve ever seen and I just love them so much. ♡♡♡

*Shitty* niggas really do ruin womenz.

Take me, for example: I used to be a good girl. Hella understanding. Had hopes and dreams of falling in love and getting married (Pnina Tornai got a dress just for me, I already know), maybe (probably) having kids. Fell in love with two ain’t shit niggas that treated me like I wasn’t deserving of the kind of love I gave them in return, played me, etc. etc. and now the idea of falling in love makes me uncomfortable. I’m bitter because I gave a lot to ppl undeserving of what they got from me (not even just those two males, just most ppl I’ve cared deeply for) but I’m also (once again) uncomfortable in the skin I’m in because our natural tendency is to be introspective and try to understand where we went wrong, even if I know sometimes it ain’t you, it’s them. I’m aware I’m not without my issues and I question whether or not that makes me difficult to love. I don’t want to date. I don’t even want to text. I just want to be left alone. 

u ever think about how the word “inception” has acquired a completely different meaning because of the movie and we’re someday going to lose the origin of that and just have two completely different definitions of inception….this is how language gets fucked up

okay the terrible, terrible people flooding my mentions on twitter are tiring so I’m staying in here for a while, it’s way more quiet. I might answer some old asks to de-stress a little and talk with you kind people (I’ll answer publicly for some so to avoid me spamming your dash, remember to blacklist “toodrunkforasks”! :))

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I couldn't find your FAQ, but how about highschool AU for RFA + minor trio on valentine's day + MC is a popular girl. Happy valentine's day! *sends chocolates* I really like your blog! Keep it up! (tip for Elise: be more kind like Sammy or some ppl. may misunderstand) I'll go now. Bye!

(Thanks anon! I dunno why the FAQ isn’t showing up. Are you on mobile? Don’t mind Elise, she cares about Samantha, the latter just annoys her a lot ^o^)


  • He’s had a huge crush on you since the end of time
  • You two have been friends since kindergarten
  • But you became extremely popular
  • You were smart, pretty, sweet
  • So he thought there was no way you’d like him
  • He wanted to get you something
  • But knows every other guy (and girl) will do the same
  • And probably 1-up him
  • Until
  • He gets a genius idea
  • Later, when you’re playing LOLOL
  • You get an email
  • Opening it
  • It’s your LOLOL character with his in pixel form
  • His character is giving you a kiss on the cheek
  • The next day you give this child a kiss on the cheek as a thank you


  • He’s the school bad boy
  • Who’s also in the drama club
  • All the girls (and some guys) love him
  • But his heart belongs to you alone
  • The head of the film club
  • You were popular around school for the short films you made
  • You were also his princess
  • He gives you a rose
  • And a kiss on the hand
  • You blush a lot
  • Oh god you’re adorable
  • Must. Restrain.


  • Everyone wants to be his friend
  • After all, he’s heir to a huge company
  • But he ignores them
  • You’re the only person he likes
  • You two go to different schools
  • But volunteer at the same cat shelter
  • He falls for you fast
  • This boi
  • He buys you a necklace
  • With a cat charm whose body is a heart
  • You love it
  • He’s so happy you do
  • But didn’t expect a kiss


  • He’s the youngest in the senior class
  • Having skipped several grades
  • You’re the popular girl who cares about him
  • You make him these cute little bento boxes for lunch everyday
  • He thinks he doesn’t have a chance with you
  • He’s a hacker, a loser
  • Thinks you deserve better
  • Makes you a robot cat
  • That says “I love you!”
  • You give him bento with little hearts
  • And a kiss on the cheek
  • “Thank you Saeyoung..”


  • He’s the blind kid on campus
  • Who takes surprisingly good photos
  • You’re often asked to model for photos for him
  • You think he’s the sweetest person ever
  • Gets you a box of chocolates
  • And shyly tells you how he feels
  • Ofc you say you’ll be his girlfriend


  • He recently transferred in after being home schooled
  • Like his brother, has skipped several grades
  • Has a crush on you, but thinks you don’t know who he is
  • Hacks your phone
  • So when you go to use it a bunch of hearts show up on your screen
  • You know it’s him
  • You find him
  • He’s ready for you to yell at him
  • Instead you hug him
  • “This is so cool! You gotta teach me how you did this!”


  • They are Saeyoung’s friend
  • Is often dragged into his crazy adventures
  • Is also friends with you
  • You’re in several of their classes
  • Knows that behind their mysteriousness
  • They are a massive dork
  • You get them a chocolate heart with leopard print on it
  • They didn’t expect you to get them anything
  • They stop by at your house later
  • And had you some flowers
  • Mumbling something about liking you
  • You know he does

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This anon's right, I love seeing u on my dash, you're a cool, talented, sweet person and as a frenchie I'd be glad to meet you one day!

 (*´▽`*) srsly i dunno why i get so much kindness but Aah thanks a lot 8A8

I think i could meet some ppl if they wanted to. I miight plan to go as visitor 1/ 2 days at Japan Expo Paris.//winky wonk//

music hoe things
  • writing lyrics and realising u sound like an angsty 12 yr old
  • every song has the same 4 chords probably?????
  • bitter hatred of sopranos
  • ‘one-y and a two-y and a’ 
  • theres at least 3 kids in ur choir who worship eric whitacre
  • + whenever theres a cluster chord in a song one of them probably goes “hey that sounds like whitacre”
  • “why did ashley get the solo….her tone is SO forward” 
  • school admin not giving a shit abt music classes/students???????
  • when u improv harmonise in thirds and ppl think ur some kind of genius
  • best part of the movie is the soundtrack
  • why tf do certain note combos make me so happy??? story at 11
  • finding out berklee tuition and crying
  • finding out juilliard acceptance rate and crying
  • just crying bc music in general . fuck it who needs it
  • this hoe. me.  i do. i need it 

Tbh I’m so tired of this, you guys may not know but the reason why my finals are running so late is because I couldn’t do my final on monday.My own body can’t take this degree of stress anymore. This is the same reason why I was at the health clinic today( if you saw my tags in that jungkook fanart where he was ‘smoking’ youd have noticed) .I think all of you can figure something out of this. I’m human. I have feelings. I get hurt. I get angry. I cry. I laugh. I smile. I frown. Yet this is the kind of thing I find everyday in my inbox….? I thought this blog was meant to bring happiness….. This blog makes me so happy but it’s ridiculous at how crappy it can get because of one or two ppl who want to bring you down. I’m honestly tired. I’m exhausted. There’s a limit to my limits.Put yourself in my shoes before sending me a message.Put Yourself in ppl’s shoes before SAYING THINGS. Thats all I’m asking you. I have a life outside of tumblr …and so do you.I have a stressful life. Don’t add yourself to my pain. I beg you.Thats all I’m asking. Leave me alone.

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Theres a lot of drama in the youtube fandom ( especially regarding Jontron and Pewds) lately so ur blog is kind of a safe space for me. Thank you for running it.

WHOO BOY then i am SUPER GLAD u didnt see me rant n rave like a lunatic over the jt fiasco lmaoooo

I deleted the posts bc i didnt want ppl asking about it weeks later when im done complaining about it (quick overview; jon is a butt and needs to do better) but like, tbh, before that i havent really gotten involved w alot of shit. Excluding my two (2) posts about gg being kind of insensitive, i try to keep my mouth shut on this blog because i DONT want any drama coming my way. Im too tired, too angry, too depressed about shit happening around me; i want my blog to be a nice place where yall can send me cute headcanons and maybe tag me in cute cat videos lmao.

straights: *shamelessly use “reblog if you don’t care if someone is gay, trans, bi etc” note-making tactics”

straights: *talk over actual lgbtqia+ ppl when on the topic of lgbtqia+ rights”

straights: “gay marriage!!!!!!”

straights: “im not gay, but this is still kind of relatable!!”

straights: “just come out already!! always come out!!!! we all accept lgbt ppl in the 21st century anyway!!!1!”

straights: “omg [celebrity/friend] should just come out! it’s obvious theyre super gay!!!!!” *proceeds to send “just come out lol” tweets to said person*

straights: *assume their two gay friends are going to date each other*

straights: “why do you think we’re annoying :( you guys are heterophobes!!!!!!11!!!1!”

given that ppl are making “series where the gay girls don’t die” things:

gunnerkrigg court has multiple same-gender couples!

these two are zimmy and gamma. their relationship is Complicated largely due to the fact that zimmy has a number of issues (including nigh-uncontrollable reality warping and terror of being abandoned by gamma), but they care about each other a lot!! they’ve both outright and repeatedly stated that they love each other. it’s adorable in a terrifying kind of way.

these two are paz and kat! kat is the secondary protagonist, paz is a classmate of hers. there’s a decent-sized miniarc about the two of them coming to terms with their crushes on each other. their whole relationship is just cute nerds. it’s gr8.

there’s also gay boys who don’t die!! these two are shadow2 and s13, or shadow and robot as they’re usually called. despite not being human they both use he/him pronouns and identify as male, so they’re an interspecies gay romance!! s13 has… a kind of scary character arc going on but his relationship with shadow2 is Good and Pure.

oh and the protagonist is veeeeery heavily implied to be aroace. everyone around her is going on dates and shit, but she’s pretty much uninterested in the whole thing despite the fact that most of the boys in her year think she’s cute.

anyway read gunnerkrigg court.

for those of you who have my snap/ig know already kind of but im running for class rep at my school but im super anxious abt it bc i don’t exactly know a lot of ppl (esp in my year) and i haven’t rly been involved the past two years so we’ll see how it goes!!! the election is tomorrow n ive been working rly hard the past few days to reach out to a lot of ppl n getting out of my comfort zone im dead……..wish me luck! 🤧

while we’re ranting I honestly don’t get ppl defending Popular YouTube Man like…..even if you’re saying “oh those jokes are out of context he’s not REALLY antisemetic” when you have the kind of viewership and platform that he has maybe it’s actually still horrible to treat hitler/the death of all Jewish people as a joke. just my two cents

CSSSA application [accepted]

i’ve been perusing the csssa creative writing tag and i saw a buncha ppl posting their applications and since i’m desperate to meet more of U and distract myself from the anxiety of the impending results (good luck to everyone who applied!), here’s mine!!! this version is unedited/unrefined (sorry). 

forewarning: my app is pretty dark so if that’s not ur thing….i apologize.

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