there is such plot for this omg

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Hello, so can you please write some information about hell and the relationship mephistopheles with Providence? I want to write a second (maybe even a third) fan song, and I would not want to miss the canon. "Parallel" (my first fan song) was based on throwing Sock's feelings and there is no special plot there, but on the second song I have high hopes omg. A little bit about hell, maybe his story before Sock appeared there. 有難うございます!! (Sorry for my english, mmm)

Oh!  Well I’d love to hear any fan songs you wrote (or write in the future!).  I have a small collection of them saved on my computer, haha.

If you’d like, you can search this blog for “Mephistopheles, ask”, “Providence, ask”, or you can check out the W2H wiki section, “Around the universe” (the circle on the right), which has entries on Hell and Deities, as well as links to my posts on this blog!  It’s kind of a roundabout way to find sources, but it’s very well-archived!  (Sometimes I actually have to track down my posts by looking them up on the wiki, lol!)

The gist of it is that Providence was the only being in existence, so she created another being to share the experience with her.  She had tried once before, making the first round of angels, but she’d made them unable to feel and comprehend negative emotions, and quickly got frustrated being surrounded by infallibly positive beings.  Mephistopheles was her next attempt at an angel, and she only made one of him, so that–just in case she’d miscalculated like last time–she at least wouldn’t have to put up with a whole group of them.

They hit it off really well, and were sort of partners-in-crime, but when she started creating humans, he got pretty jealous, and it sort of boiled over into a big argument where she essentially pulled the cosmic equivalent of telling him to leave and go sleep on the couch.  So the whole heaven and hell dichotomy is really just the result of a particularly bad break-up.

Mephistopheles started commiserating with the first humans that were undeniably sinners; the murderers and people who couldn’t pass on into a satisfying afterlife.  After awhile he’d accumulated too many of these souls and it became something of a chore, so he had to find a way to process all of them.  This became Hell, this became his job, and he kinda brought it all on himself. 

That’s kind of a lengthy explanation, and like I said, you can find more details by digging through old posts/the wiki, but hopefully my attempt to compile/summarize it into one post helps you out a bit! 

Definitely post the songs when you’re done, I’d love to check them out!

(P.S., your English is excellent!)

reading the av manga really assures me that yosh/da has not changed… at all. this is the same crap he’s been giving since day 1 and he truly only knows how to write five characters and three plots. ultimately, this is just really boring which is the biggest shame.

Soy Luna episode 2 x 51

this episode messed my emotions up omg.


Both Matteo and Simon wining the competition was a plot twist lmao but of course matteo ruined it by saying mean things and of course luna heard him 😑

Yam not being in the jam and roller team but singing in the band is soooo good, im so happy for her 😍😍 but i feel bad for delfi because she probably won’t sing with pedro anymore :(



I feel terrible for ambar, she’s mean with everyone and never cared for anyone but herself but nobody deserves what is happening to her :( i really hate sharon.

NEXT EPISODE LUNA’S PARENTS WILL MEET MATTEO AS LUNA’S BOYFRIEND IM SCREAMING IN SPANISH but I think matteo will be pissed of because luna didn’t tell them about their relationship :(

Fanfiction Writers Tribute and Appreciation

I know I am late to this but omg life has been not so nice to me.

@ravenbringslight​   Your character personality, your plot, your angst and your writing style are all one of a kind. You have the power to invoke emotions, suspense and apprehension with a few very cleverly picked words. I love everything you write and I devour it all!

@laydee-liesmith​ Omg. Your stories always hit the perfect feels and emotions. The way you write Thor, both as a sweet and cute babbu to a darker, slightly sinister entity has me hooked from start to finish. I cannot look away from your stories, they are so spot on, so well planned out, so cleanly and perfectly written that every single story is smoothly read and enjoyed.

@incredifishface​ YOU. WHAT DO I SAY ABOUT YOU? You have made me cry and you make me laugh. Your stories are filled with something unique, each of them different, each of them amazing. I CANNOT believe how you do it but you do. I envy you and I love you and you are one of the people I aspire to be like because you are just freakin AWESOME.

@rynfinity​ Your works are one of a kind. There is something so solid and so real about everything you write. I am amazed by your ability to get into the characters minds and also put us, the readers, into the minds and hearts of your amazingly written people. Everything you write is different, but both Thor and Loki stay true to who they are. It’s absolutely incredible.

@thorki-goddess​ OH MY GOD. How can I put into words what your writing does? It is creative, imaginative, filled with twists and turns that leave me chasing every word you write. You keep continue to grow and get better and better and I can only sit here and read everything you type like little brown stalker.

@thorduna​ One of the best writers in this fandom, hands down. I am awed by everything you write and everything you come up with. Your stories are based on plots and twists I cannot even believe. Your works are legend. Everything you type is spun gold and I read and cry, gasp and stare at both your stories and your unbelievable talent at writing about worlds so exceptional that they leave most of us behind.

@darklittlestories​ ONE OF THE COOLEST WRITERS AND ONE OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE. Oh my jkrghejhrge whenever you post something, I scream and go all Tarzan over it. There is a magical quality about your writing and it grips me from beginning to end, gluing me to the screen and making sure I do not leave until everything inside me is feels and mush. Yep, you slay.

@pro-antagonist​ Another goddess of this fandom. Your works are so good, so firmly spun, so well thought out that I hold my breath without knowing that I am. I get chest aches, heart pains, feels, emotions and so many damn feelings whenever I read your work! I literally hold my breath. I stop breathing, that is how good you are.

@teresa-dances-in-sequins​ YOU. YOU DEVIANT. You have killed me more times than I remember. Whenever you post a chapter I die, whenever I finish it I die and I am pretty sure that in between I die like ten thousand times. Your Thor is an iconic character, your Loki is a sexy vixen, I love them both so so much. And you are so talented and your brain is sooooooooooooooo genetically superior that I never know what will happen next – only that I will die.

@thisdorkyblogthing YOUR STORIES ARE NEXT TO LEGEND. You have the uncanny ability to write soooo many stories and keep up with all of them. I CAN’T DO THAT! i have to read many of your works. Kudos on your works

@nacroyi​ Your stories are so out of this world that I envy you. In the best possible way, though. I want to think like you, I want to imagine worlds like you do. I want to see things differently, the way you do, from an artistic angle, from a completely diverse vision. Your imagination knows no bounds and I hope and pray to write like you one day

There are so many more writers out there, i need to thank and send love to. All you wonderful people make my days better. You make me smile and you inspire me.

thank you

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I just got finished rewatching all of the older Spider-Man's I have so many opinions and feelings omg. I love them but there are different things I love about them. Ah I'm obsessed. I feel like the plot in the first 3 with Tobey were better then the ones with Andrew. Andrew is a great actor but I feel like those movies were lacking something? He was funny tho. then I love homecoming bc I feel like tom acted like a 15 year old would. Does that make sense? I could go on and on about this omg sorry

it makes sense!!! i know what you mean i’m halfway through the first one and i’m laughing but also. i’m hurting. and i kinda agree with you about the amazing spider-man???? like i remember watching the first one when it came out and it was my first marvel movie (though it’s not in the mcu) and it was good and cute but i just tried to watch the second one a few weeks ago and i made it through the first like. ten minutes. idk i mean i haven’t watched like truly watched any of the originals in years so i’m probably biased but i still love tom’s portrayal of peter the most and thank the lord they didn’t do an origin story with homecoming bc i cannot stand watching uncle ben die

Some Things You Might Have Forgotten About Percy Jackson

- In the beginning of the series, Grover is 28 years old (making him about 33 by the Blood of Olympus)

- Someone in New York City has a statue of Smelly Gabe on their property

- Annabeth is really good at playing Hacky Sack

- Grover’s Uncle Ferdinand is still a statue at Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium (and is missing an arm).

- Annabeth’s father is a Harvard graduate.

- If Percy had aged with the books release dates, he would have been 21 in The Blood of Olympus.

- Travis and Connor Stoll aren’t twins.

- Blackjack was originally written as a female Pegasus.

- Blackbeard is now running around the modern day world thanks to Hermes’ vitamins

- Camp Half-Bloods address is the first four digits of pi.

- Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers

- Nico and Bianca were never technically claimed.

- The dam snack bar

- Several dozen Target stores across the country have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Travis Stoll got cursed by the Aphrodite cabin and was stuck wearing clown makeup for a month.

- Tyson and Grover were trapped in the Labyrinth together for over two weeks.

- Kampê is still buried in a mound of boulders in Camp Half Blood.

- Pollux is now Dionysus’s only child.

- May Castellan is still waiting for Luke to come home.

Griffin McElroy in ep 68: brings back old lovable characters, references loose plot threads and ties them up, kills it with the npc one-liners (“no dogs on the moon” OMG), not only confirms every gay taz couple but ensures blessed cinematic moments between them, turns the bury your gays trope on its head by BRINGING BACK a dead gay ship, basically is not fucking around in the slightest


its 3:30am and I just woke up in a cold sweat because I realized noragami’s plot is literally a joke.

hiyori’s name is one syllable away from hiyoko, the japanese word for chick, i.e. a baby chicken. she becomes a half ayakashi and is then able to see beings from both the normal world and the far shore, as well as astral project herself and travel to places of the far shore that normal humans can’t. she gains the latter ability after running across the street to push yato out of the way of oncoming traffic.

noragami’s plot is literally: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side.

fam. the reason we never see peraltiago pda is bc they’re always at work and the last time amy, who has won awards for her professionalism, engaged in a workplace display of affection she killed her captain. 

so ya girl now has the one-two punch of AnxietyTM over accidentally killing her captain at work and also the Practical Concern of killing charles, whose heart would 200% stop if he walked in on america’s dream couple making out in a broom closet. 

Yuuri & Phichit - Museum Guide

• Phichit is a doll and I love him. He greets the listener in Thai, and proceeds to introduce Yuuri as “This is my best friend, Yuuri!” who is, of course, embarrassed by this

• Yuuri calls Phichit a “fan service monster” and says that he always goes over the top when interacting with fans (isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?)

• Phichit demonstrates this by going over the top very enthusiastically explaining the plot and theme to the King&the Skater movie, all while dancing in the middle of the museum in front of his SP costume display

• Yuuri: You’re gonna dance here?!

• Phichit proceeds to grab Yuuri’s hand and tugs Yuuri into the dance with him
(Yuuri asks “Shall we skate?” all breathy-like in English and I died)

Phichit: Look, it’s the photo corner!
Yuuri: Oh no, Phichit’s social media posts are here too…
Phichit: Look, there’s Yuuri’s ring! Hey, omg, did you know, Yuuri and Victor are–
Yuuri: Ahhh, Phichit, no! Next, next, next, let’s go!!
Phichit: Haaaaaaappyyyyyyyyy Wedding! -fading into the background-

• Phichit and Yuuri fanboy Victor’s skating in extreme detail, talking about his routines, jumps and combos. Phichit thinks Victor’s Stammi Vicino program is amazing
(Yuuri thinks everything about Victor is amazing)

Yuuri: Of course it’s so like Victor to be able to pull off programs with such high difficulty
Phichit: If it’s Yuuri, you could totally do it too!!!
Yuuri: Please don’t shout those kinds of things…

• Phichit was super surprised and impressed with Yuuri’s GPF performance, including the fact that he had four quads and a flip in his FS. He also thinks Yuuri is very “manly” for pulling off such a feat

• Phichit:  (shouting) Everyone! My best friend got a silver at the GPF!!!

• Phichit and Yuuri were both super happy to be able to see each other at the GPF, say it brought back fond memories of their time in Detroit together, are proud of each other’s accomplishments and are excited for the future

Best Friends Forever, I love these two so much… 


Some early design work for my klance Swan Princess AU. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes on the plot along with some script and storyboard stuff already. Aside from this thread on twitter I haven’t reeeally yelled about it publicly, but I’m excited about it :D I have Plans. 

  • Teen wolf: LOOK VILLANS
  • Teen wolf: what? No, LOOK MALIA AND SCOTT
  • Teen wolf: yes, sure,but Gerard! He's plotting---
  • Teen wolf: but ratings---

Poseidon took a deep breathe as he transformed. He’d been doing this for 3 years in secret. He fixed his tie then knocked at the front door of the apartment. A woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes opened the door. She smiled at Poseidon.
“Happy third anniversary, Sally.”
Sally embraced him, “Happy third anniversary, Paul.”

Your INTP unit User Guide and Manual

CONGRATULATIONS! You have somehow gotten a hold of my phone number and ordered a new INTP unit! For new users, this manual will provide all of the basic information that you will need to take care of your new INTP unit.

Your INTP unit will come with the following accessories:
Three (3) Everyday outfits
Two (2) Nightclothes
Two (2) pairs of shoes
One (1) personalized laptop specifically built for your INTP
One (1) laptop charger
One (1) ethernet cable
One (1) mobile device
One (1) personalized headphones specifically built for your INTP
One (1) USB to INTP connector

Your INTP is programmed with the following traits:
Ti: Your INTP will want to analyze everything and understand everything.
Ne: Your INTP likes to think up new possibilities and sees a lot of potential in their peers and surroundings.
Si: Retrospective thinking is programmed to help your INTP solve new problems by using previous knowledge.
Fe: Although the lowest of the traits, your INTP still has emotions and can be largely affected by the emotions of the people in their surroundings. Will generally get along with peers but can unwittingly make offensive comments. Will feel bad about it later.

Getting Started:
To turn on your new INTP unit:
1. Connect your INTP to the computer using the USB to INTP connector.
2. Allow INTP to charge and gather data for approximately thirty (30) minutes.
3. Disconnected your INTP from the computer.
4. Turn on unit by asking nicely
5. If step NUMBER 4 didn’t work, threaten to take away the Wi-Fi.

Your INTP unit should boot up quickly after these steps!

Nerd (default) -  your stereotypical nerd. Will only speak in scientific theories or binary code, depending on their mood. May be a bit socially awkward if the unit had only recently been started.
Enthusiastic nerd - hyper-nerdiness, will talk quickly and have stars in their eyes
Chameleon - will sometimes change how they act to their surroundings
Pedantic (default) - will correct grammatical errors and mistakes. Usually won’t stop even if you tell them to.
Meme / Pun (default) - don’t question it, just accept it
Unhealthy / Shadow (locked) - will only unlock if subjected to immense stress. Like described in Le Chatlier’s principle, your unit will try to act in opposition of the stress. Tends to be angsty and like an unhealthy ENTJ unit.

Relationships with other units:
NTs: Your INTP’s main squad. Is a bit intimidated by the XNTJ units, but gets along well nonetheless.
SJs: Generally gets along well. They help your INTP unit do what’s needed and take care of themselves, for which your.
NFs: Gets along with very well. May discuss philosophical ideas together. Relatively new INTP units may get frustrated or confused by the emotional perspective given by the NFs units.
SPs: Gets along overall. Can sometimes be afraid of XSTP units’ kickass personality and sometimes may not quite understand the Se nature well.

Your INTP unit will usually eat normally but will sometimes ignore their diet to pursue intellectual hobbies. Keep trying to argue that food is necessary despite their arguments that they feed on knowledge.

Despite stereotypes, your INTP unit will maintain their personal hygiene, although you may need to remind them if they have been in the Enthusiastic Nerd state for a while and forgot to bathe themselves.

Your INTP unit has a bad habit of staying up too late to browse the internet. Constantly remind them that sleep will help their memory consolidate and retain information. They might still try to stay up, at which point just take away the Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does my INTP unit keep procrastinating on everything?
All INTP units have caught a bug when downloading their software that destroys their ability to take a task to completion without external pressure. Unfortunately, the units cannot be fixed, but Te-dom or Te-aux units may help organize your INTP unit’s life.

Does my INTP unit feel emotions? If so, when will they be more expressive?
Yes. Although Fe is low on their function stack, it’s still there. They are usually only expressive if they are surrounded by those close to them. So better your relationship with your INTP unit, and then you will see them be more emotional.

Help! My INTP unit is fixed in Unhealthy / Shadow mode, and I don’t know what to do!
Because the ENTJ units’ main functions are the INTP unit’s shadow function, I suggest getting an ENTJ unit to talk to the INTP to help them get out of their melancholy mood. If there are no available ENTJ units, then logically reason how their point of view is false and not helpful to their current situation. Also, try to remove the source of stress, as the Unhealthy / Shadow mode is caused by the presence of stress.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring your new INTP unit! Have fun!

Playing FFXV
  • Noctis: Generic snarky grumpy RPG protagonist
  • Gladiolus: Tall, dark, handsome, knows how to swing a sword, clearly has more common sense than the rest of the group - I like you!
  • Ignis: Generic The Smart One(tm)
  • Prompto: Obviously the pop-culture-reference-making comedy relief, meh.
  • Noctis: Omg you're a Disney princess, aren't you.
  • Gladio: Dude. Chill.
  • Ignis: Do you do anything other than cook and drive?
  • Prompto: You are a giant fucking dork. An adorable dork, but a giant fucking dork.
  • Aranea: Asshole #1, you are a fucking PAIN to fight.
  • Ravus: Asshole #2, generic Squenix White-Haired Pretty Boy(tm).
  • Ardyn: Asshole #3, you're creepy and weird but helpful enough that I'm not gonna discount you yet.
  • Noct: You are DEFINITELY a Disney princess, also you desperately need a hug.
  • Gladio: DUDE. CHILL.
  • Iggy: Like hell I'm leaving you behind!
  • Aranea: Never mind, you're actually pretty cool.
  • Ravus: Man, I really hope you get some DLC.