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Trimberly Prompt: How about one where like Trini meets Kim's parents for the first time since they've been dating and smfn comes up about the Power Rangers and one of Kim's parents makes a comment about the Pink and Yellow Rangers being close and like winks at the two of them coz they both know that Kim and Trini are Rangers. And then when they're leaving one of them says something like say hi to the other 3 or some shit like that and Trimberly are both like ????how tf did they know???

“How tf do they know?”

Rating: G i guess

Tags: Uh… mention of homophobia. Some language… that’s it i guess.

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Notes: I feel like I didn’t really do this prompt that much justice since the parents part is like less than half the story. But enjoy it, nonetheless… I hope asfgfdhgfjhgkjhlkj;lk sorry if you’re disappointed anon.

Yellow beanie. Pink rings. Yellow shoes. Pink skirts. Yellow shirt. Pink bracelet. Yellow necklace. Trini and Kim just had to wear something that identifies with their ranger color. Why? It represents who they are.

The boys wear their colors too. Of course, it was much easier to wear black, blue, and red and coordinate it with other clothing but pink and yellow are a bit more out there.

Of course, after the power rangers bitch slapped Rita outer space, they laid low for a little while, knowing everyone will be looking for a group of five, three boys and two girls. That didn’t stop them from wearing their colors, in fact, half the two was showing their support for the Rangers by wearing one of the colors, or all.

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Can you write about Dizzy meeting everyone in Auradon, please? Especially Chad, they're cousins :3


Ben: Dizzy immediately flings herself into Ben’s arms when he politely greets her and welcomes him to Auradon. She’s SO HAPPY to be there that she can’t stop happy crying. Ben for his part thinks she’s adorable and promises that yes, she’s really here, no, this isn’t a dream and no, your mother and grandmother can’t reach you here. 

Audrey: Audrey is doing her utmost to be more gracious in the face of an expanding VK program than she was when she was when the Core Four arrived, especially after being proven wrong so many times. She takes it upon herself to welcome Dizzy to the school and politely answers her questions and explains things to her. When Dizzy mentions her interests in makeup, hair, and jewellery, Audrey says she’ll have to hire Dizzy to make something for her when she’s set up shop someday. Dizzy’s smile could make flowers grow. 

Jane: Jane meets her after a few days, when she comes with Carlos to hang out with the Core Four. Dizzy is still going mile a minute asking questions and making comments - the first thing she did was babble critically about how Jane’s highlights were already starting to fade and CLEARLY she needed to touch them up. She didn’t mean to be rude, but it was kind of blunt for a first meeting. Evie tried to gently tell her that that hadn’t been a nice thing to say, but Jane agreed that it had been a few weeks and she really did need to get them touched up, but she hadn’t had time before the cotillion. And that is how Jane ended up Dizzy’s first Auradonian customer. 

Doug: Doug met her after a couple weeks and he was so nervous. Dizzy is like Evie’s little sister, so this was like getting a sibling stamp of approval. Doug desperately wants to be good enough for Evie so that mattered to him. He was very polite to her - asking her how her day was, how she was settling in, if she liked school and if she’d made friends. Dizzy talked his ear off about Auradon and he patiently explained things to add context and help her understand and answered any questions he knew the answer to. Dizzy admitted that he wasn’t who she pictured Evie with, but she liked him anyways. Success! 

Lonnie: Lonnie met her in the hallway. They didn’t talk much - Lonnie just said hi and asked how she liked things so far. Dizzy said she still couldn’t believe she was in AURADON! A little ho-hum, but it was pleasant enough. 

Jordan: Dizzy met Jordan helping out with a vlog post where Evie and Jordan were going to talk fashion. Dizzy helped with makeup and made suggestions for the styles they talked about. Jordan liked her ideas and Jordan came off as a very fun lady with lots of ideas for things to do. 

Ally: Ally said hello but also asked a couple insensitive questions. Which is okay, because much like with Jane, Dizzy was accidentally kind of insensitive in critiquing Ally’s outfit. Not a great first impression, but hardly an irreversible disaster. 

Chad: Chad didn’t bother to go out to meet his cousin. He was far more interested in trying to get Audrey back. They ran into each other in the yard after a few weeks though. It was …awkward. Chad does not like VKs and he thinks very lowly of that part of the family. That’s his mother’s horrible step family that treated her like dirt - why should he care what happened to them and their kids? That said, Dizzy is young and enthusiastic and Chad felt more awkward than anything seeing his OWN ‘family from the ‘wrong’ side of the bridge’ staring right at him.

Dizzy, for her part, has heard plenty of things about the ‘ungrateful’ Cinderella but she fell in love with the story of a perfect prince finding a mistreated girl and taking her into a life of luxury. She kind of idolizes her aunt and desperately wants to be accepted and liked by her and her family. Dizzy squeaked out a ‘Hi’ and Chad said ‘Hey’ and then they just left it at that, scampering off their separate ways. 

Perfect - 1/1

“My Yoongichi, you’re still in here, right?” Seokjin asked while in the shower. Yoongi grunted in response, still confused as to why he was asked to stay in the bathroom with him while his hyung showered. He would have understood completely if Seokjin wanted to shower with him, but having to sit on the floor and entertain himself with the idea of being in there with Seokjin was probably what Seokjin wanted. ‘What a cruel hyung,’ he thought while staring at the steam covered glass that separated them. He could only barely see Seokjin’s figure beyond it. “I have a question and I need you to be honest with me, okay? Not that you’d lie to me about something like this, but I need your word.”
Yoongi’s eyes opened wide, ‘Things just got interesting.’ He wondered what was going to be Seokjin’s next words and he definitely hoped that they had to do with his dick (because he has to be honest, everything on Seokjin looks good and yes, Yoongi has seen it multiple times in their time rooming together). “I promise. I won’t sugar coat anything.”
Seokjin opened the glass door and stepped out, water still dripping down his body and he was very naked. Yoongi watched his skin get goosebumps from how cold it was out here than compared to the shower he just came out of and had to swallow the lump in his throat out of habit. ‘It’s right there and he’s letting me see it… God damn he looks so perfect,’ he thought while weakly keeping himself from jumping on Seokjin and taking him right there. “Do you think I look fat?”
Yoongi blinked. Of all things he could be asking, it’s that if Yoongi thinks he looks fat? He has the body of a god! A perfectly sculpted Adonis! “What?” Yoongi could barely look him in the eyes because of his perfect body and couldn’t understand why in the /hell/ Seokjin would ask him if he looks fat. Perhaps Yoongi is a bit biased for Seokjin’s body since he sees it all the time, since he hasn’t tried to date since before he became a trainee and that was also the last time anyone has purposely shown him their naked body.
“Am I fat? I’ve put on weight recently and I wanted to know if you could see it.” Seokjin pulled at his stomach, getting barely more than skin between his fingers. He then pinched the skin over his hips and looked concerned at the stuff he was feeling there. What is he seeing that Yoongi can’t?
“What?” Yoongi stood up and looked him over from higher up. He was still perfect, even from this angle where his dick wasn’t hanging less than a foot from his face. “You aren’t fat? There’s nothing but muscle that I see.” He let himself give in to some of his urges and ran his hands over Seokjin’s toned arms and bit his lip feeling the toned muscle there. He looked up and blushed when he noticed how embarrassed Seokjin was by his touches. Instead of moving away, Seokjin moved closer and gave him a weak hug, his head leaning on Yoongi’s shoulder and the water from Seokjin’s wet hair started soaking through his shirt.
“You’re too nice to ask about this… I should have asked Jimin or Kookie…” Seokjin muttered while he gripped the sides of Yoongi’s shirt at his waist. He seemed saddened by Yoongi’s answer and that made the younger angry. So, what if Yoongi thinks of his body so highly? Who’s going to do it if obviously Seokjin can’t?
“Me? Too nice? You asked for my opinion, hyung!” Yoongi pushed him away slightly to look him in the face. He put his hands on Seokjin’s cheeks and made him look him in the eyes. He could easily just kiss Seokjin’s plump lips if he wanted to, but he must hold himself back so if Seokjin was even interested in him, he would make the first move. Yoongi doesn’t want to push anything unless Seokjin wants him to. “Hyung,” A name for Seokjin he saves for few occasions, “you look perfect, like always. Don’t get so self-conscious.”
“It’s just –” Even in the steamy room, Yoongi could see his tears. He couldn’t help but think What an odd heart to heart we’re having in the bathroom… Seokjin is so handsome, even when he’s crying, no wonder he’s studying to become an actor. “When I was in the jungle, they wanted me to show off my body but I didn’t think it was that good… I didn’t do it…”
He wiped Seokjin’s tears with his thumbs and sighed, it hurt to see his hyung like this. “You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, it’s okay.” Yoongi didn’t care that his shirt was going to get even more wet but hugging Seokjin was what he needed to do. He pulled him to his chest and let the elder cry on his shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay… I know you think you’re not perfect, but I think you are. I love you, hyung.”
Seokjin lifted his head from Yoongi’s shoulder and within the moment their lips were connected. Seokjin’s lips twitched while he was still crying, but it was proving how thankful he was for Yoongi speaking his mind like he always does. Seokjin’s fingers threaded through his dry hair, pulling on tangles with his wet fingers and their lips glided together. He mewled into Seokjin’s mouth while the elder pushed him against the sink. Finally, he was doing what he wanted to since Seokjin asked him to be in the bathroom with him in the first place. He gripped the sink and unconsciously moaned loudly into the kiss from how hard Seokjin was kissing him. It made Seokjin pull away and his eyes blew wider than normal. “I… I’m sorry.” Seokjin paused in his speech to start heading back to the shower. “I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry, Yoongi.”
Yoongi reached for his wrist but missed it as Seokjin got into the shower and slammed the door shut. He bit his swollen lips and let his arm go limp at his side. It was too good to be true, he should have known it was going to be like this before it happened.
“Is the laundry done yet? Can you go check for me?” Seokjin didn’t have to ask twice for Yoongi to leave. He left silently so he wouldn’t cause a bigger rift in their friendship.

Yoongi grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and overheard Namjoon and Taehyung talking in the living room. “Hyung, do you know what happened between Yoongi and Jin hyungs? They haven’t really been talking…” Taehyung asked while he sat on the couch across from the one that Namjoon was sprawled on, like a large awkward cat. Namjoon shook his head and dropped his phone onto his chest.
“Not at all.” He forced himself to sit up, Yoongi could tell from groan Namjoon made as he did. “I hope it’s not something important though. They should be back together in a couple days though.” Yoongi almost laughed aloud at the ‘important’ part, because apparently his love life isn’t ‘important’ to Namjoon.
“Back together?” Taehyung questioned his wording, just like Yoongi wanted to, but he was eavesdropping so he couldn’t. Namjoon rolled his eyes, nearly loud enough for Yoongi to hear in the kitchen.
“Everyone knows they’re basically married at this point, even Bang PD and Slow Rabbit hyung talk about how they’re meant for each other.” Yoongi almost choked on his water. Everyone thinks they’re together already? But they only just had their first kiss a couple of days ago! “It’s just a lover’s quarrel, it’ll be over soon, I promise.”
Taehyung smiled his trademarked boxy smile, holding his pinky out to Namjoon and getting a pinky promise on it. “Should we do anything to get them back together?” Taehyung asked, making this conversation much longer than Yoongi wanted him to. He just wants to leave the kitchen and all his embarrassment behind and hide in his bed for the rest of the day!
He heard Namjoon drink his bottle of water and how it crinkled as it landed back on the table. “Mm… As much as I want to,” He paused, getting a gasp from Taehyung, “I think it’s for the best if they sort it out themselves. Love is a tender and fickle thing, y’know? It’s best to let it run its course. Plus, I think Yoongi will hate us forever if we try to set them back up.”
“True.” Taehyung leaned back on the couch and crossed his legs with a hand on his chin, deep in thought. “But I don’t think I can handle seeing Jin hyung look so hurt for the fourth day in a row. He hasn’t talked about Yoongi hyung at all and he’s basically all that comes out of Jin hyung’s mouth.” He cocked an eyebrow up and it made Namjoon look like he had to think again. Yoongi felt his cheeks flush from the sudden knowledge Taehyung unknowingly gave him. Seokjin apparently talks about him a lot, which is quite the surprise, since Seokjin has a lot more responsibilities than just Yoongi as the eldest member of the group. “I don’t think we should set them up, but y’know… Give them some time alone to talk things out.”
“How do you suppose we do that?” Namjoon asked, matching his pose with Taehyung’s. Yoongi was sure he could hear both thinking from the kitchen. It was like rusty hamster wheels running through their minds… Why were they having to talk about this while Yoongi was still in the apartment? Why didn’t he just leave earlier, while Seokjin is still at the grocery store with Jeongguk and Jimin?
Taehyung leaned forward and took a drink from Namjoon’s water bottle. “Well, you and Hobi hyung can take us in the maknae line out for drinks and that’ll force Jin hyung and Yoongi hyung to spend time together.”
“Yoongi will want to go to the studio.” Namjoon brought up, making Yoongi feel more than a little guilty for using his studio as a point of refuge from Seokjin. It’s not that he’s avoiding Seokjin, because it’s obvious that Seokjin is avoiding him too. Yoongi’s only seen Seokjin twice in these four days since the incident.
“Managers Hobeom and Sejin can take us! That gets rid of both cars.” Taehyung looked confident in himself when he said that. Namjoon nodded, but held up a finger. “Do you really think that Yoongi hyung is going to use public transport or a taxi to get to the studio? I’ve never seen a man so willing to risk getting sick by never going out in sunshine.”
“Okay, you have a point, but that doesn’t stop him from walking to the studio.” Namjoon offered, making Taehyung sigh. “He ran to the airport when we forgot him here once. He ran all the way to Itaewon from here, Tae!”
“But that was something for all of us, we were going to Japan, and we all know how much he likes Japan. The atmosphere, the food, Kumamon, Seokjin hyung’s touching confession from our first concert there… He would never miss going to Japan for anything.” Taehyung retorted ending dreamily, making a rush of memories flood back into Yoongi’s mind. It made him tear up remembering Seokjin’s letter to him, but he had to stay strong, it would be wrong to let them know he was here with his tears.
“Okay, you have that too.” Namjoon sighed and grabbed his water bottle again to finish it off. “Well, if nothing of ours works, at least it’s the thought that counts, right?” Taehyung nodded and the two of them finally stood up and started heading to their shared room. Yoongi allowed himself to come out of the kitchen once he heard their door close.
However, when he walked out of the kitchen, the front door opened and he almost dropped his open water bottle when he thought it was Jeongguk, Jimin, and Seokjin. Instead, it was Hoseok getting back from practice. He was covered in sweat and a dour look on his face, but a smile appeared on his face when he saw Yoongi. “Oh, the devil appears!” He playfully yelled before stripping himself of the heavy winter clothes.
“Yah, why am I the devil?” Yoongi asked while he followed the younger man to his room after he slipped on slippers at the door. They entered the sensually sweet-smelling room and Yoongi flopped on the chair while the younger started changing into different clothes to get the practice ones off. “I asked you a question.”
“I heard you, old man, I was just thinking of why.” Hoseok pulled on one of Jimin’s shirts and shimmied his pants off in favor of shorts. “I don’t know, Jiminnie just started saying it the other day and it caught on. I don’t know what you did to Seokjin, but it was bad enough that Seokjin was nearly silent until yesterday.” He paused and flopped onto the lower bunk bed. “Not that you’d know, since I’m pretty sure you’re avoiding each other.”
“He’s actually avoiding me?” Yoongi asked, getting a tired nod from the younger man. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “I really did fuck up…”
“You admit your mistake. That is the first step to working toward a mutually beneficial solution.” Hoseok pointed at him and let his arm fall back onto the bed. Yoongi drank more of his water so he wouldn’t have to answer Hoseok immediately. “So, tell me the dirty deets, man. I don’t like living in the dark like this.”
It took all his willpower to not shed unnecessary tears over the incident and how Seokjin completely ignored him afterwards. “Well, Seokjin asked me to stay in the bathroom while he showered because he had a question about his weight.” Hoseok ‘oh’-ed and laid on his side to look at Yoongi while they talked. “And I kind of maybe told him I thought he was perfect and that I loved him no matter his weight or anything.”
Hoseok shot up with a large smile on his face and held his hands together happily. “You confessed! Why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have taken you two out for drinks in celebration!” He clapped, but then stopped abruptly when the reason dawned on him. Yoongi watched the color drain from Hoseok’s face and his smile fall and just nodded toward the floor. “He rejected you, didn’t he? Is it because he’s not gay or what?”
“No… I guess it’s more complicated than that.” Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck while thinking of a way to tell Hoseok the truth without making him scream. “We… Kind of maybe kissed each other and I may have moaned and made him uncomfortable or something.”
“You actually kissed each other?” Hoseok was taken aback, barely holding his hands together now. He looked up at the mattress above him for a second. “Maybe he wasn’t ready for you guys to kiss or something?”
“He was the one who kissed me! I don’t know which one of us was rushing it!” Yoongi admitted, seeing a slight blush creep on Hoseok’s cheeks while the younger man thought about it. Yoongi sighed, letting the water bottle hang loosely from his hands. “I know what I did, but I don’t know why we’re avoiding each other… I just want us to go back to what we were.”
“Don’t you think it’s a little too late to go back?” Hoseok asked, receiving a glare from Yoongi before he had a chance to explain himself. “Hey, hear me out.” Hoseok held up a finger and smiled slightly. “I mean, he obviously wanted something to happen between you guys. Instead of asking you about his weight while he was changing or something like a normal person would, he insisted that it happen while he was naked and wet. But, I don’t think he was expecting to get a confession like that out of you, so maybe that’s why he’s avoiding you.”
Yoongi couldn’t argue with that logic, but it didn’t do anything to make him feel better. He just buried his head in his hands and wanted to fling himself off the face of the planet. He heard Hoseok get up and felt the younger man wrap his thin arms around Yoongi’s arms and shoulders. He didn’t move, but Hoseok embraced him tightly and pet his hair. Hoseok took his silence as self-pity (which, truthfully, it was) and cooed about how lovable and caring he is and how Seokjin would be lucky to have him if he realized what he’s missing.
It took a while for Seokjin and the boys to come home from the store. Since then, Yoongi had been in his room while he could hear Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok conspiring on how to get them alone, with Jimin and Jeongguk joining in soon after. Dinner came awkwardly, Seokjin having made it all himself and Yoongi was in his room until it was served, making them the only ones out of the loop. The kids giggled through dinner, and would dodge Seokjin’s questions when he would ask what they’d be laughing about. Namjoon and Hoseok kept winking at Yoongi, making him even more nervous to be in the same apartment with Seokjin after they leave. It was easy to tell that it was making Seokjin angry and Yoongi was not excited to try to make things better with him.
“Hyung, Hobi and Joonie are taking us out for drinks!” Taehyung announced as soon as dinner was over. Taehyung grabbed Jimin’s hand and started pulling him to one of the bedrooms. “Let’s go get ready!” Jimin didn’t fight back and Jeongguk followed them with a smile on his face.
Seokjin started heading toward the bedroom but Namjoon grabbed his wrist. “We only wanted the maknae line to come with us. Yoongi’s having to stay too.” Namjoon gave a bashful smile but let go of Seokjin’s wrist to get ready with Hoseok. Seokjin looked over to the dining room where Yoongi was still sitting and for a split second, Yoongi could see pure fear on Seokjin’s face. He then watched Seokjin go after Namjoon and Hoseok to try to go drinking too.
Yoongi could only sigh. Not only did Seokjin make him lose all his confidence, but made it painfully clear that he didn’t want to be alone with Yoongi. He started clearing the table and waited for the fallout of the younger members leaving to go drinking.
Taehyung, Jimin, and Jeongguk came out first, and strutted their ways to the kitchen where Yoongi was doing the dishes (something he never does, but to try to make up to Seokjin, Yoongi is willing to do anything). “Yoongi hyung, do we look good?” Yoongi turned around and was shocked. They did look good, almost too good. Taehyung pushed his hair back with sunglasses to show off his caramel skin, and was wearing a tank top he modified a little bit ago with holes all over and a jean jacket. His pants were leather and tight, like the ones they promoted Run in. Jimin was in a striped long-sleeved shirt (which as it turns out, was also covered in small holes), a cap, and the same sinfully tight pants but with holes all over his thighs. He also wore one of the chokers, with a small bell that hung from the front. Jeongguk was in a league of his own, and by league of his own, he was wearing something like normal. Just a simple white tee with the front tucked into his jeans, and his jeans only having one hole in the left knee. Despite this, he still looked good. “I don’t normally like to wear such tight things in my free time, but it looks good, right?”
“Yeah!” Yoongi gave them a supportive smile, getting smiles from the kids when he said it. “You all look amazing! Are you sure you’re just going to a bar looking like that?”
“Namjoon hyung said he knew a good place.” Jimin said with a smile before they all turned around to see Namjoon and Hoseok come out of another bedroom. “Wah! Hobi hyung!” Jimin yelled before running at them to look at them closer. Namjoon was in a tight black turtleneck and loose-legged pants that looked like too big sweatpants, and to top off the look was a pair of small round sunglasses. Hoseok was in a tank top and a leather jacket and skinny jeans, choosing not to do anything with his hair but still looking great. It was hard to believe that it was the same man who comforted Yoongi earlier.
“Y’all ready for a party?” Namjoon asked, getting everyone to agree and smile widely. They went to the door and started to put their shoes on. Namjoon came over to Yoongi and elbowed him in the ribs. “Yah, we talked to Seokjin and he told us why he’s avoiding you, it’s pretty pathetic.”
Hoseok came over and wrapped an arm around Yoongi’s shoulder. He felt Hoseok’s nose poke his cheek and the younger whispered in his ear, “He thinks he took advantage of you. He doesn’t think you wanted to kiss him.” Hoseok pulled away when the door opened down the hall and a sad looking Seokjin came out. Namjoon and Hoseok glanced at each other and Hoseok whispered in Yoongi’s ear again, “We told him that he was wrong and he got angry and didn’t want to talk to us. He doesn’t think you’re bi and wanna suck his ass.”
“Shut the fuck up.” Yoongi pushed him away with a smile, catching Seokjin’s eyes only once before he went to coo over the maknae line’s outfits. “I hope you’re taking them somewhere safe.”
“Don’t worry, I’m a friend of the owner – Safest club for idols like us in all of Seoul.” Namjoon winked over his sunglasses. “I’m sure the boys will love the place, spacious and great bass… A great place to go for a night out. You and Jin hyung will have the whole apartment to yourselves. Especially since you won’t have a ride and back to the studio because Hobeom and Sejin have agreed to come with us just in case.” Namjoon ended that a little loudly, getting Seokjin’s attention and subsequent face of fear that was quickly hidden from all. Namjoon looked at the maknae line with a dimpled smile. “Y’all ready?”
“Yup!” Taehyung yelled loudly, followed by laughter from the others. They talked over each other while they started heading out the door, Yoongi only kind of hearing ‘good luck’s from them as they clamored out the door. It was surprising how quickly this was set up, but knowing them and their overall powerful persuasion skills, Yoongi could understand how they even got Hobeom and Sejin to come with them.
Just like that, Seokjin and Yoongi were alone. Seokjin disappeared while the younger members left and an oppressively awkward aura hung around the dorm. When Seokjin was gone, he just assumed that he went back to their room to play on his Nintendo or go to bed. Yoongi sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He decided to take the chance to finish doing the dishes so Seokjin wouldn’t have to. Maybe that would get him back on Seokjin’s good side, or at least tolerated side.
Except when that did not happen. Soon after Yoongi started, Seokjin screamed and he ran to the bathroom when he realized that’s where the scream came from. He flung open the door to see a livid (and very naked, again) Seokjin. “Min Yoongi is this your idea of a fucking joke?” Seokjin yelled while Yoongi closed the door behind himself very carefully. Seokjin threw his towel on the ground and slammed his hand on the door right next to Yoongi’s head. “You made me run out of hot water, asshole! What the fuck were you doing?”
Yoongi felt small and insignificant in front of his hyung, especially since it’s so rare to see him angry like this. He could see the fire in his eyes and Yoongi felt his eyes prickle with tears from being afraid of him. He’s only been hit by Seokjin once before, back in the trainee days (it’s a long story, but let’s just say Yoongi was in a terrible mood and almost broke someone’s wrist) and it hurt a lot then, but Seokjin has been working nearly daily since and it is going to hurt even more. “I–” Yoongi stuttered and Seokjin punched the door again. “I did the dishes! I’m sorry!” He yelled back, closing his eyes to shield himself from Seokjin’s anger. Every second that passed felt like an eternity and he was afraid that Seokjin was going to hurt him no matter what. “I didn’t know you were taking a shower!”
The way Seokjin breathed out sounded much softer than how he was breathing angrily. Yoongi cracked an eye open to see Seokjin’s eyes looking extremely regretful. Seokjin backed away and wiped Yoongi’s cheeks with his fingers. “I can’t believe I made you cry, I am so sorry, I didn’t think you would cry because of me. I thought you did it on purpose, you just didn’t know.” Seokjin rattled off apologies about yelling at him and scaring him until Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore and pushed him away.
“Hyung, stop apologizing. I know. I understand.” Yoongi wiped the last of his tears with his sleeve and sighed. He looked up at Seokjin’s face and saw how pink his cheeks were, and wanted to kiss him for a moment. He held back since he had just been scared by the naked man in front of him. “I’m going to go. I’m sorry.” Yoongi opened the door behind him and just left the room. He then went to their bedroom and sighed to himself as soon as he closed the door. It took all his self-control not to let himself collapse onto the floor, and his body moved on its own accord to his bed and he dug himself under the covers.
The door opened after a time without Yoongi perceiving its passing. It creaked slowly and his roommate walked in slowly. He didn’t move – He didn’t want to. He wasn’t allowed to leave, so he was going to do the only thing he could, hide in his bed until the others come back. But, they will be disappointed in him if he doesn’t do anything. After listening to Seokjin move about the room to get dressed, he decided that he could deal with them being disappointed in him.
He heard Seokjin’s breathing next to him and the sound of clothes rumpling was the loudest thing in the room. “Yoongichi… Um… Namjoon and Hoseok asked me, well, they told me to stop being such an idiot first, but they told me to do something before they left and I guess I should do it before they get back.” He felt the bed move as Seokjin put his arms on the bed, and more weight displaced it, meaning he put his head on his arms to look at the lump that Yoongi was calling his home for hopefully the rest of his life. “They told me that I should apologize for avoiding you so much these past couple of days. It… It wasn’t your fault. It was all me, really. Hoseok told me that you were blaming yourself for it when it’s really not, and Namjoon said that we need to make up because everyone is worried that we’re never going to talk again.” Seokjin sounded awkward. “He said this fight isn’t good for our marriage. He even offered marriage counselling.” Yoongi stifled a giggle of his own. “But um… Will you listen to why I avoided you for four days?” Yoongi nodded, trying his best so that Seokjin could see it through the blanket. “So, when I kissed you, I wasn’t really thinking about it because I was really touched that you would say something like that… I mean, you compliment all of the members but only when it is really important and I didn’t think my question was that important…”
Yoongi coughed and it sounded like Seokjin moved from where he was. It didn’t take long to figure out where he was when the elder pat his lower back, probably meaning to pat him higher up. He still didn’t want to come out of the blankets until Seokjin was done talking.
“For a second, I forgot everything. Like, I even forgot I was naked. But, I was just so thankful that you were being so nice when I was feeling so bad, I didn’t know how to show how thankful I was. I mean, I know you’re a professional so you probably don’t think of me as more than a friend…You do have pretty specific types, so I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested in me at all. I’m sorry that I took advantage of you like that.” Yoongi turned around there to cut him off and revealed himself. He reached over and grabbed Seokjin’s hand, entwining their fingers only slightly.
“Hyung, I have to apologize too.” Yoongi stared at their hands before getting comfortable enough to look Seokjin in the eyes. “I thought I scared you when I moaned into the kiss –”
“I thought you were going to push me away because I was being too forceful or something, I’m sorry.” Seokjin cut him off, but Yoongi glared at him.
“No, I wanted to kiss you. I was moaning because I was enjoying it.” He gave his blushing hyung a bashful smile. He’s confessing to Seokjin things that he’s been wanting to tell him for years now, but it’s weirdly not making him as nervous as he always felt he would be doing this. He never expected it to be like this though, laying in a nest of blankets on his bed while Seokjin sits on the floor next to him. “Honestly, you could have been rougher with me and I would have enjoyed it just as much.”
“But I didn’t think you liked me –” Yoongi pressed a finger to Seokjin’s plush lips to shut him up. Seokjin’s eyebrows furrowed like he couldn’t understand why Yoongi would like him at all.
“Seokjin hyung, if you asked me to marry you right now, I would say yes in a heartbeat. I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you – I am in love with you, no question about it. You’re more than just my type, you’re my best friend and the love of my life. I’ve been wanting to ask you to be my boyfriend for years now, and I’ve never known how to do it without messing it up… I even wrote you a song, but I was always too afraid to let you hear it.” Yoongi deeply blushed once he got the confession he’s spent years trying to make perfect, hoping he didn’t fumble over any of the words. Seokjin’s cheeks flushed a pretty color of pink and the tips of his ears soon became the same color, making it obvious that this made Seokjin embarrassed. He looked down and covered his face with his hand, and Yoongi could see a smile beneath it.
“Min Yoongi, I don’t know what to say…” He giggled and bit his bottom lip cutely. “I’d love to be your boyfriend, I love you too so much…” Seokjin looked really happy, but also really embarrassed by the sudden confession. “Here. Move over.” Yoongi did as he said and Seokjin crawled onto the bed with him, pulling the blankets over himself as he joined him. They looked each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds before Seokjin’s hand came up to his neck and pulled him into a gentle kiss.

If there was anything Seokjin is today, and forever to Min Yoongi… He is perfect.

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Hey there! Listen, I'm struggling to figure out my political leanings, and you seem pretty up on all this jazz. I'm kinda feeling a fan of the SEP, but they've decided that unions have betrayed the proletariat, whilst I instinctively feel like they're a necessary bulwark against what's coming, and a useful hub of organising to leverage. What are your thoughts?

Eh, I’m a registered Democrat but I tend not to align with specific parties. No single party represents my beliefs wholesale and also has the power to actually do jack about them. I find a loose conglomeration of grassroots activist organizations much more useful in terms of getting good information and assembling to support or protest a given action.  

I suppose it depends on why you’re working it out – I mean if you want to be able to identify As Something and you like socialism, just say you’re a socialist. If you’re looking for a party to support because you wish to make change in the world, you’re better off aligning with a party that at least has SOME seats SOMEWHERE in the government – I’m not intimately familiar with the party but Wikipedia tells me they are…not influential. 

If you just want shit to get better and want to be a part of that, forget joining a party and study up on activist groups and join a couple of those instead. 

I mean there’s no reason you can’t join the SEP if you’re liking the vibe, but there’s also no reason you can’t join the SEP and still follow other parties’ sites and news and actions as well. Remember not to let perfect be the enemy of good – if you strongly want to join a party, join a party whose faults you can tolerate, but know that every party has faults, and go outside of the party for what you can’t get from within.

Anyway, FWIW, I don’t think the unions betrayed the proletariat – or rather, because it’s kind of an ongoing process, I don’t think unions should be dismantled if they do or done away with because they have in the past. I think union management is frequently corrupted by organized crime or other forms of greed, and sometimes the workers get screwed because of it, but unions are still more useful at protecting labor against capitalist oppression than pretty much any other organization humanity has ever been able to produce.

(Four months after I joined the union the entire union leadership was found to be embezzling from the dues, and about a year after that the first-in-first-out rules dicked over both me and a friend of mine. But I still got a yearly cost-of-living raise and equal benefits with salaried employees, and the union worked hard to get those for me.) 

Uh, I guess this isn’t really helpful in offering you a specific party to join, but hopefully it has helped in some sense :D Remember that you can join a party – but that doesn’t mean you have to toe the party line. 

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A B L R T Y + Iwaizumi?

oooh another Iwaizumi! Sorry I can’t resist >.<

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

He’s very sweet and clingy after sex. He prefers his sex a little intense, and sometimes he needs a proper cuddling to get him back into the right state of mind. He takes time to reassure his partner as well, tell them you’re amazing, it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you. I love you. He may be flustered when his partner sweet talks him after sex but he actually loves it, flushing an alarming shade of red when the same mouth that called him the dirtiest names calls him beautiful, perfect, god Hajime what did I ever do to deserve you?

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He has a thing for large hands. He likes it best when his partner has a hand on the small of his back, or his waist. He goes weak for when his partner presses their palms flat together, the size difference so palpable with how Iwaizumi’s fingertips just barely go past the last knuckle. His partner is always so gentle with him, but he imagines them just grabbing him, hand circling around his wrist or his arm as he’s tugged along. 

He likes it best when those hands cup between his legs, easing him into his third successive orgasm or squeezing the base to keep him from coming, long fingers slithering their way inside him and reaching deeper than he ever could. When those hands grip his hips or push between his shoulders, around his nape, shoving him face-first into the sheets, dotting him with little bruises that ache so beautifully the next day—

(“Shh, Hajime.” is whispered against his ear. Iwaizumi bites back the whimpers he didn’t even know had escaped his lips. That devilish hand slides up his back again, and the sheer size of it has him shivering, convulsing around the four fingers shoved impossibly deep inside him.

He comes without even being touched.)

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do) +  R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Nothing beats the bedroom, especially for their more intense sessions, but having quick and dirty sex where they could possibly be caught gets to him like nothing else. The excitement that crawls beneath his skin at the idea of someone else watching, at being caught on his knees, head shoved between his partner’s legs…it’s like an aphrodisiac to him.

(His partner holds a pretty high position in their company and therefore has their own office. “Coincidentally”, their new desk is just the perfect height for Iwaizumi to kneel under.

One side of the office is also nothing but full-length windows showing a nice view over Sendai. Iwaizumi can never look at that view without reliving the feel of cool glass beneath his palms, against his chest, the underside of his cock…)

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

He’s not a big fan of them personally (and even though dildos and vibrators are fun little things he still prefers the heat of his partner between his legs). However, he can’t say no to a little bondage and using cock rings, because he gets a kick out of not being able to move, not being able to come, not being able to do anything at all because his partner said so.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

He likes to fool himself into thinking he has a pretty normal sex drive, but it goes completely haywire when his partner manages to catch on to his kinks. It starts off simple: a stern voice telling him to Keep quiet. Sit down. Give me that. Look at me, Hajime. 

At first he pretends to be irritated, anything to ignore the heat bubbling in his gut: Stop talking to me like that, I’m not your fucking dog. His partner looks at him with an expression he can’t quite read, and says: Oh I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you? 

They crowd into his space and back him up against the wall, trap his head between their hands. I’d snap a collar around your pretty little neck and keep you on a leash. Tie you to the bed and slap a ball gag on you because that’s all your good for, isn’t it, Hajime?

Soon enough it’s like his cock is on a hair-trigger. It’s like he’s a fucking teenager all over again. All it’ll take is the right tone, a slight tug on the collar he wears only in the house, and he’ll be humping the thigh wedged between his legs until his partner has the decency to get him off properly or until he comes in his pants. Whichever comes first.

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soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it is so cute imagine Stucky doing that and they realize they're still in love w eachother and 1 paints 'I love you' asddffhfjd this gives me feelings

My hand slipped…

No-powers civilian AU - Available HERE on Ao3

At some point during their nine-week whirlwind romance, when they had met with a ridiculous shower of imaginary sparks and hooked up by the end of the night, then proceeded to burn as brightly as two artists were wont to do, spending every second that they could together in a fit of reckless, passionate abandon, Bucky had admitted to Steve that his favorite color was Barbie pink.  After Steve had laughed until he’d nearly made himself sick, Buck had begrudgingly pointed out that it was because of the Barbie dreamhouse he’d spent countless hours playing with his sisters at while they were growing up, and so reminded him of the happiest times in his life (before meeting Steve, of course) and well… Steve had fell impossibly more for the beautiful sap that he was lucky enough to call his new boyfriend.

So when they had eloped on a whim four weeks later, Steve had decided to paint the accent wall of the sitting room of the condominium they had decided to make their newlywed nest that same bright, obnoxious pink.  The intention had been for it to be a gag wedding gift, but Bucky had been so overwhelmed and grateful that he’d never gotten around to painting over it, and for the rest of their honeymoon phase Steve had quickly come to fall in love with the color, too.

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So I'm very excited because this is my first post with my new mascot! Anyways, back to business. I know if you're part of a group, you want to interact with others. And let's be honest, a simple "hi" won't cut it. Here are 110 starters for roleplays. They're all bound to get a conversation going. Like or reblog if you use.

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Could you do more daddy 5sos but with twins? Also, I can't stop reading your fics because they're perfect!!!!

A/N: Thank you so so much for the support and request

Michael: It still didn’t feel real that you just gave birth to not only one baby, but two. It had been a long and exhausting labor, you had to punch Michael awake at 3 in the morning and tell him five times that your water had broken and the babies were coming. Fifteen hours later you could finally see the two people had been taking over your body for the past nine months. Sleepily smiling down at the tiny bundle in your arms, smoothing the pink cap over her head Michaels mother had made for both girls. “It feels like a dream, doesn’t it?” You heard your husband question from across the room. Him sitting on the lumpy hospital couch while cradling your second newborn. The unavoidable grin brightening your face once again as you looked down at your daughter and shook your head. “I can’t believe they’re actually here. We have our own babies, Michael. We have two daughters now.” He got up and walked across you to sit next to you on the bed admiring the waking baby in your arms. “It seems like yesterday you were agreeing to start a family, and then the day at the doctors office when we heard two heartbeats. Now they’re here, and they are so beautiful. Just like you, I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for giving me everything I’ve ever wanted. Our family is perfect.” He finished his speech with a small kiss on your lips and laughing at your teary expression. Taking the small girl out of your arms and into his, bringing her next to her sister and examining their faces. “You know I think they look like the perfect mix of the two of us.” You said, wrapping your hand around your bicep and kissing his shoulder before laying your head on it. “They’re the perfect symbol of our love now. I love you so much, you’re the perfect mum.” He said leaning his forehead on yours, smiling when you tilted your head to peck his lips. “I’m so lucky that my girls have the perfect father. I love you too.”

Calum: You tried your hardest to suppress a groan when you heard the cries echo from your baby monitor. It was only four in the morning and this was the seventh time one of your newborns had woken you up. It was difficult to adjust to have newborn twins in your house, destroying your sleep schedule, but you wouldn’t change a single thing about your family. You could barely open your eyes as you sat up in bed, feeling the pressure of a hand pushing you back down. Peeking one eye to look at your husband, “You need sleep babe, I’ll take care of them.” Squeezing his hand in thanks you snuggled into your pillow and mumbled, “If you hurry her cries won’t wake him up too.” Smiling as you heard the quick patter of his feet travel down the hall. As hard as you tried you couldn’t fall asleep without the warmth of Calum’s body and you preferred to sleep to the sound of his heartbeat lulling you. The cries had stopped a few minutes ago yet he hadn’t returned to bed. Padding down the hall you stopped in the doorway of the twins nursery. Calum’s back was facing you as he stood over the two cribs next each other, walking up and wrapping your arms around him from behind. Laying your cheek against his back, “I missed my cuddle buddy.” You said feeling the chuckles vibrate through his body as he reached down to stroke your sons cheek. “I just laid her down and couldn’t stop staring at them. They’re so tiny and perfect, and all ours. I thought I was going to pass out when the nurse said there were two heartbeats that day, but you were so calm. That’s how I knew everything was going to be ok, I knew that with you my family would be perfect. Because I have you to thank for everything.” He said pulling you into his side and wrapping his arms around you. “They are perfect, aren’t they?” You whispered gazing at the innocent sleeping babies, looking up see him smiling at you. “The perfect son and the perfect daughter with the most beautiful and perfect girl ever. I’m so damn lucky.”

Ashton: Your two sons were the spitting image of their father. The bright hazel eyes, the untamable curls, the deep dimples, the loud giggles, and of course the crazy energy. The identical twins didn’t do anything without each other, that also meant they both started crawling the same day. It was quite interesting to see your tall, muscular husband crawl around on all fours chasing after them and making growling noises. You laughed as you watched them stare at their daddy and make the cute little squeals at each other before crawling away from them. You decided to get down and play along with them, stopping in front of their path, smiling when they stopped and stared at you with blank faces. “I’m going to get you!” You exclaimed, their screeches echoing around your house as you shared a look with Ashton. Crawling towards them before they could figure out how to escape. Scooping up one of your eight month old boys and blowing raspberries on his neck, seeing Ashton do the same to your other son. Making eye contact with your baby as he lightly tapped your cheek, grabbing his tiny hand and kissing it. “I love my baby boy so much.” Leaning over to kiss the one in Ashton’s arms, “And of course you my boy too.” “I don’t know what we were thinking when we made two.” Ashton giggled as you rolled your eyes. “That’s a talk you need to have with your sperm my friend. I just did the carrying and giving birth to them part.” “You are the most incredible woman in the world. You married me, you gave me two amazing sons. I don’t think there’s enough words to explain how much I love you.” Smiling as your sons lost interest in their parents not paying attention to them and crawling away. “Well you’re a pretty amazing man too. You loved me enough to marry me, our sons are exactly like you and that’s all I could ever want. I’m so happy that I have you and I fall more in love with you every day” Grabbing his face to peck his lips a few times. “I am so madly in love with you.” He mumbled, pulling you closer to have a more passionate kiss.

Luke: Slowly opening your eyes and looking over you already noticed that Luke was awake. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Rolling your eyes as he scooted closer and kissed your forehead. “How long have you been awake?” You questioned. “Just a few minutes. I’ve been thinking about what today is. I can’t believe it’s been a year.” Snuggling closer you laid your head on his chest and played with the fingers interlocked with yours. “I know. Our babies are a year old today. It feels just like yesterday we were seeing those two babies in there for the first time. You were so sure that both of them were going to be boys.” Running your hand over his bare chest you felt his heart beat a little faster. “I’m very happy with my princess though. And my prince of course. I could never forget my queen either.” You smiled as he placed another kiss on your head. “Shall we go get our birthday kids, my love?” Getting out of be and dragging Luke down the hall by his hand. Smiling as you realized both kids were awake and standing in their cribs. “Good morning my angels.” You said walking to your sons crib to pick him up as Luke did the same with your daughter. “My babies first birthday.” You couldn’t help letting a few tears leak down your cheeks, blushing as Luke gently wipe them away. “Babe don’t cry, it’s only their first birthday. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon.” “I know. I just kinda miss the days when they were so tiny and couldn’t do anything without me. Now they can walk ask for juice and I just want my little babies back.” You cried out, kissing the twins on their cheeks before burying your face into Luke’s chest. You had many more tears for the rest of the day, but they were happy tears. Even crying from laughing so hard as they managed to get cake all over each other and both you and Luke. That night all four of you were snuggling in your big bed. Sighing you made eye contact with Luke while he sang and you rubbed your tiny daughters back. “This has been the best year of my entire life.” You whispered, not wanting to wake your babies. “Becoming a father was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. It beats all the gigs, the award shows, the red carpets, the photo shoots. Everything I want or need is right here in this bed. I definitely didn’t think we would have twins when we started trying for babies but it’s amazing. So thank you for the most amazing year. I love you.” You mouthed I love you back and blushed as he reached for your hand and kissed each of your fingers.

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hair stylist/make up artist jimin and actor/model jungkook

He wants more – lights, runways, campaigns, billboards, photoshoots, magazine spreads; all things that make life worth living, his life, because when your value equals to the number of sold copies of High Cut and the number of Instagram followers, you want more.

But to get more, he has to be perfect instead of flawless because flawless, in his head, in his world, means getting rid of the flaw and perfect is what all of them aim for because perfection is God-given, perfection is waking up at 3am, running a hand down your face and still looking mesmerizing; perfection is cheekbones that cut glass and dark circles under tired eyes that are just the right shade of purple; perfection is foundation at minimum and not an unskilled make-up artist applying concealer in thick layers under his eyes.
Jungkook grabs his wrist and holds it from his face.

“What are you doing?” the make-up artist asks in stilted English and Jungkook tears his eyes away from the mirror to look at the name tag.

Park Jimin, it reads.

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