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@thebootydiaries I did lil’ drawing of you ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*


“If efforts never lied, the one who practices the most would win time after time. But, as of course, no matter how hard a person works, if they can’t win, they can’t win. And conversely, much younger athletes may overtake them forcefully. Therefore, efforts do lie. But that doesn’t mean efforts are in vain. It is precisely because efforts lie that we are prompted to think about how to work hard in a different way, and find the correct direction in which to expend our efforts.” – Yuzuru Hanyu

all jokes aside, it really hurts my heart as a black girl that when asked what she would do differently if she had another chance inside the house, dominique said she would keep her mouth shut. last season da’vonne said, if not the exact same thing, something very similar.

yall, big brother is just some shitty reality show. but this just goes to show the sad truth in our society: black women are constantly narrowed down to a single stereotype and are generally not respected as people. whether it be the angry black women or the strong black women trope (both limit our ability as women to emote, as if the only emotion we can express is anger and our only quality is strength), there’s no denying that these negative traits are pinned on black women as a means of oppression and to undermine the way we feel. dominique – who was aware of how her (completely valid) emotions could be stereotyped – fell victim to a multitude of microaggressions that black women endure everyday in the real world. if dominique was white, would she have had the same experience as she did this past week? hell no.

point blank: black women in life and in big brother can’t voice their opinions without being stuffed into a stereotype by their white counterparts, or in this case, being evicted 

I knew it that something is definitely wrong with Youngjae. He’s not well again and it’s his back injury again. If back injury was the real reason he was out from the Hard Carry promotion means that he has been endured it for so long. I really hope he will get proper treatment this time. Please please pray for our Youngjae recovery. #GetWellSoonYoungjae