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What would the guys do if they hear their crush say "me? who would like someone like me?" because they can't believe anyone would like them

Aw nonnie this is a sad/cute one. I hope this is alright! 


 - Noctis would be able to tell you were feeling a little glum, and when you had a few precious moments alone, he’d ask you what was wrong.
- You would try and brush it off at first, it’s not like you want to burden him with something like that…
- But this would just make the prince feel a bit useless, he’d really want you to confide in him. 
- You’d take a big sigh, and finally tell him. You feel lonely. You feel like a bit of a spare part. Everyone was settling down, even Noctis had his marriage to Luna. But you were just left on your own, as always.
- “Hey, don’t be so stupid.” 
- Stupid? This would anger you, you just confided in him like he asked and he calls you stupid?
- Noct would see how irate you were getting, and instantly feel bad.
- “Wait, that’s not what I meant!” And it honestly wasn’t. When will this boy learn to deal with his feelings and say the right thing?
- “Sorry that I’m bothering you with my stupidity Noctis.”
- “Look, that isn’t what I meant by it!”
- He panics that he’s really screwed this up.
- “Sure! I’m just whittling away for nothing!”
- “Well, yeah because-”
- “I should just get used to it.”
- “What?”
- “I mean, who would ever like me?”
- “I would!”
- There would be silence as you digest what Noctis had just said. 
- “You…? But what about Luna?”
- Okay, now his heart is racing.
- “We are friends, good friends, but this arranged marriage… It isn’t for me. Look, I’ve been trying to tell you… I, well, like you.” 
- His eyes sink to the floor and he plays with his arm band nervously. Now it’s calmed down he is self-conscious and can’t believe he just blurted that out…
- You’re stunned. Noctis… liked you? 
- He finally looks at you, unnerved by your silence
- Damn, have I really over stepped the mark this time?
- “Noct… you like me?”
- You can see little splashes of red colour his cheeks as he answers.
- “Y-yeah I do… is that okay?”


- Prompto would be heading towards the tent one night, after you had disappeared for a while. He was starting to get worried as to where you were!
- As he gets closer to the tent, he can hear your voice… He doesn’t want to intrude if you were on the phone. Though, it didn’t seem like you were…
- He listens for a bit. He knows he shouldn’t, but he just can’t help it. There was just something in the tone of your voice that made him stay, a little twinge of something like… sadness?
- “I’m not like Cindy, or Aranea, I’m just…not.”
- They are definitely talking to themselves. He realised.
- And then you said it. 
- “But really… me? Who could ever like someone like me?”
- It’s almost like you could hear Prompto’s heart crack.
- No. No no no no.
- He recognises the pain in your voice, he understands the self-doubt, he knows it all too well.
- Before he could stop himself or even think about what he was doing, he’d push open the tent flap and take you in his arms.
- There are tears pooling in his own eyes.
- “You should never, never have to feel that way. Not you. Not someone like you.”
- It’s hard to hear him as his voice is muffled, his face buried in your neck. His grip is tight, and he can’t even think about how forward this might be because he just has to make sure you know you’re loved.
- “I like you, I like you, I like you.” He can’t say it enough.
- His words warm your heart.
- You both sit like that for a while, just holding each other until the tears stop. 
- He pulls away, and gently whispers; “It’s you. It has been for a while now. I really like you.”
- You can hardly believe your ears. 
- Still holding you, he looks you in your eyes still wet with tears, now smiling a little sheepishly.
- “So… what do you say?”


- Prompto would be chatting away about Cindy, as usual, and you would roll your eyes.
- “Tch, she’s pretty lucky.” 
- Gladio would hear your mumbling, and fall behind the other three to walk with you instead. 
- “Hey, what’s that?” He’d ask, friendly as always.
- “Well, it’s lucky Cindy has someone to feel that way about her.”
- Gladio would raise his eyebrows in surprise and a little in doubt as well.
- “I’m not so sure she sees it that way.”
- “I guess, but at least she knows she’s wanted.”
- By now the other three guys are just a blip in the distance, walking back to the regalia.
- “What do you mean by that?”
- “Well, just that I’d love to be in her shoes. It’s not like anyone will ever feel that way about me.”
- Did they really just say that?
- Suddenly his strong arm juts out in front of you, preventing you from walking any further.
- You look at Gladio in shock, to see that his jaw looks clenched and he looks kind of… angry.
- “Gladio…?”
- “Is that what you truly think?”
- You nod, unable to do more and he finally looks at you.
- “Then, you don’t realise how crazy I am about you.”
- Your heart skips a beat at his words.
- “H-huh?”
- He retracts his arm now, standing up to face you.
- “Why else do you think I always let you fall asleep on me in the car? Because I love the way you feel in my arms. Or when I always ask you for help setting up camp, it’s because I really enjoy your company.”
- He would stand in front of you now, the familiar smile you know and love back.
- “Honestly, these past few weeks you’ve been driving me crazy, and then you say no one would feel like that about you?”
- He shook his head, his shaggy hair falling into his eyes.
- “Well, I’m telling you now, I do. You don’t have to like it, I’ll understand if you don’t and I’ll speak no more of it. I promise.”
- He tilts his head, fully smiling now at your astounded expression.
- “Well… are you alright with that?”


- Ignis had noticed you’ve been seeming down lately, choosing to sit in the tent early or sitting in the back of the car in your own world.
- It really starts to concern him, he can’t fathom why you’re feeling this way.
- One night he brings you your food to the tent, seeing if you’re okay.
- You thank him a little despondently, so he sits down next to you and asks if you want to share what has been bothering you.
- Looking into those kind green eyes it’s hard not to start talking about what’s wrong. You knew Iggy was a great listener. 
- So you opened up a little to him.
- “I’ve been watching the others get closer to people lately, Prompto with Cindy, Noctis with Luna for example…”
- “What about it is bothering you?”
- “I don’t know. I guess it just sucks being on your own.”
- “Come now, you’ll meet someone who is just right for yourself.”
- He knows it’s true, even if it’s not with him. Though that thought hurts him more than he’d care to admit.
- You throw Iggy an incredulous look.
- “What? It’s true. You’ll find someone you really like.”
- Oh if only he knew.
- “That’s not the problem. The problem is them liking me. I mean, who the hell would fall for someone like me?”
- Suddenly Iggy’s eyes tighten, and he re-adjusts his glasses.
- He seems… annoyed?
- “Please, do not put yourself down like that. You’re a wonderful person.”
- Huuuuge eyeroll from you.
- “Uh huh, sure.”
- Here comes the generic ‘you’ll get there eventually’ chat.
- “I mean it.”
- “Really?”
- He’s persistent.
- “Yes, you’re funny, gorgeous, intelligent… anyone would be lucky to call you their partner.”
- Well… that you weren’t expecting.
- The fidgeting with his glasses is progressively getting worse, which is unlike Iggy.
- “Why are you saying all of this…?”
- “Because I…” He has to take a deep breath here!
- “I see you that way. And would definitely feel lucky to call you mine.”
- Your heart stops, you can’t believe what you just heard. And he’s looking up at you through those lovely long lashes, and you know he’s being serious.
- Oh my.
- “Iggy…?”
- “I’m sorry if this seems sudden, but please… I have to know how you feel about me.” His green eyes are gazing at yours.
- Oh my.

I love you more

It was quiet. So quiet. They didn’t need to look out to see that was late. Not a single noise. Even their breaths you couldn’t hear.

Remus was holding Sirius, so tight, like he was afraid, like he didn’t want the other to dissapear; like he could.

Sirius had his eyes closed, like if he opened the other would not exist anymore.

They were naked, to feel every single piece of skin they could, and even that wasn’t enough. Eskimo kisses. Lazy hands.

“I love you.” Said Remus, his voice so low that if it wasn’t that quiet Sirius wouldn’t ever listen.

“I Love you more.”

“Why must you turn everything into a competition?”

“It’s not a competition.”

They stayed in silence for a few seconds. Sirius opened his eyes to see a confused Remus.

“When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more that you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead us. I love you more that any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.”

Remus tried not to cry, but he couldn’t. And then he kissed Sirius, like never before. 

so i don’t know why i have to explain this but: if your friend asks you if they’re doing something wrong FUCKING TELL THEM not everyone can take hints and if they don’t know how they’re hurting you they can’t change!!! call your friends out!! not telling your friends what they’re doing wrong is Fucked Up and harmful to both parties

The Accidental Kiss part 1
  • Riley and Farkle are standing by their lockers.
  • Riley: So, will you help me study for the biology test?
  • Farkle: Sure. When?
  • Riley: Tonight, around 7, at Topanga's.
  • Farkle: Sounds like a plan.
  • Riley: Thanks.
  • Farkle: No problem.
  • The bell rings.
  • Farkle: I have to go. I don't want to be late again.
  • Farkle hugs Riley. Then he gives her a quick peck on the lips and walks to his class. Riley stands there in disbelief. Farkle arrives in his science class and sits down. He takes out his work and then it hits him.
  • Farkle: (screams) What have I done?
  • The whole class stares at him.
  • Meanwhile Riley is still standing in the hallway. The bell rings again. Maya walks up to Riley. She waves her hand in front of her face. Riley doesn't blink.
  • Maya: Honey, what's wrong?
  • Riley snaps out of it.
  • Riley: I think Farkle just kissed me.
  • Maya: You think? You don't know.
  • Riley: It happened so fast. He definitely caught me by surprise.
  • Maya: I know I'm going to regret asking this, but was the kiss good?
  • Riley: (smiles) That's the thing. The kiss was great.
  • Maya: Then, what's the problem?
  • Riley: I don't know where we stand. Was it a one time kiss? Are we dating? Are we friends who kiss? What are we? I want to know.
  • Maya: You and Farkle need to talk about this.
  • Riley: Why is life complicated?
  • Maya: I don't know honey. Let's go to class.
  • They walk to their classroom.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Farkle, Lucas, and Zay are sitting together. Lucas and Zay are talking. Farkle is distracted. Lucas notices.
  • Lucas: What's wrong?
  • Farkle: Nothing.
  • Zay: Something's off. Tell us.
  • Farkle: It's complicated.
  • Meanwhile Riley and Maya walk in the cafeteria. Riley sees Farkle.
  • Maya: Talk to him.
  • Riley: I don't know if I can. Can't I pretend the kiss didn't happen?
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: You talk to him for me.
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: I forgot. I have to talk to my dad about history homework.
  • Maya: We have no homework.
  • Riley: It's a different kind of homework.
  • Maya pushes Riley to Farkle's table. Farkle tenses up when he sees Riley.
  • Maya: Look Riley, it's Farkle. Isn't there something you wanted to say to him?
  • Riley nods her head.
  • Maya: Then say it.
  • Riley: (To Farkle) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Lucas) Hi.
  • Lucas: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Zay) Hi.
  • Zay: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Maya) Hi.
  • Maya: Not doing it.
  • Riley: Gotta go.
  • Riley starts leaving when Maya grabs her.
  • Maya: No. You sit down and talk to Farkle. Lucas, Zay, and I will eat lunch at a different table. I'm watching you two. You are not leaving until you talk about this kiss.
  • Zay: What?
  • Maya: I'll tell you about it later. (Looks at Riley and Farkle) Talk.
  • Maya, Lucas and Zay leave the table. Riley and Farkle stare at each other.
  • Riley: So....
  • Farkle: So...
  • Riley: I have to go to the thing with the thing.
  • Farkle: So do I.
  • Riley: I'm glad we talked.
  • Farkle: Me too.
  • Riley: Bye.
  • Farkle: Bye.
  • They take off.
  • Maya: You got to be kidding me!
  • Lucas: What do we do now?
  • Maya: It's time for us to intervene.
  • Zay: How?
  • Maya: I have a idea.
  • To be continued...

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Waiiiit! You've only ever had one pick up line used on you?! Dramatic gasp. Do your legs hurt? Because you've been running through my head all day! What time do you gotta beback in heaven? Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel. What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you! Was that an earth quake or did you just rock my world? There's something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number on it.

STOP OH MY GOSH WHO ARE YOU????????????????????

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I've always considered that Steve never telling Tony about his parents was pretty human. It's sort of given. I think most people have those moments in their lives where they just can't bring themselves tell someone something they should know but the words just don't come out. It's a relatable thing. What I don't get is that for once Steve does this one thing wrong and he's endlessly demonized for it while other characters get to fuck up again and again and again.

And also like, it’s understandable? Really, what would it have achieved for Steve to call Tony up at some point and be like “Yo dude, so we’re not really friends but I thought I should tell you, my closest friend Bucky, Hydra turned him into The Winter Soldier against his will and he was made to kill your parents, also i don’t know where he is right now. Anyway, have a good evening, talk to you next time the Avengers are needed.”

Like???? It would have achieved literally nothing. Steve and Tony were not friends in the MCU. They just weren’t. However you slice it, the closest bond you can get is work place colleagues. All it would have done was put Bucky in more danger. And it wasn’t his story to tell. Bucky is the most important person to Steve. If you know something about your best friend, do you just tell that information to other people - regardless of how it would affect your favourite person? Of course you don’t, because it’s their information to tell and also you got their back, you look out for them.

Also, Natasha knew before Steve did but people just wanna be mad at my boy and conveniently forget that piece of information.

After defeating Zeref:
  • Lucy: So now that this mess is finally over, are you going to tell Erza that you love her?
  • Jellal: I can't. No matter how much good I've done, it will never make up for the crimes I've committed. I just don't deserve her.
  • Natsu: Of course you don't deserve her.
  • Lucy: Natsu-!
  • Natsu: She's Erza Scarlet. NO ONE deserves her. Now cut the masochistic bullshit, man up, and tell her how you feel, so she doesn't waste her life waiting for you to realize that your angst isn't as important as her happiness. *grabs Lucy and marches off*
  • Jellal: *stunned silence*
  • Lucy: *smiling and staring at Natsu*
  • Natsu: What? Did I say something wrong?
  • Lucy: No. I'm just really proud of you.
  • Natsu: Yeah?
  • Lucy: Yeah. *kisses him on the cheek*
  • Natsu: *blushes and stares as she keeps walking*
  • Happy: You ~liiiiiiiiike~ her!
  • Natsu: *blushes harder* Sh-shut up!
  • Happy: *giggles*

So far, the explanations for the “El Mañana” incident have been:
• The Black Clouds wanted to kill Noodle/the band, so they attacked Windmill Island
• she faked her death so she could get some downtime, despite the fact that she could have just as easily went into hiding without pretending to be dead and scaring her family
• she and Murdoc came up with some secret scheme we still don’t know much about that involved her faking her death, but it went wrong and she disappeared/died for real
• Murdoc hired a hitman to kill a teenage girl that he helped raise (with the reason he wanted her dead unknown)

Not to be a stickler, but what the hell is all this? When will we get real answers? And if the last thing is actually true and not just a big joke, then what the actual fuck?

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I just wonder how long it took David to realise that he has his own opinions and (to a degree) feelings. With everyone - especially his own creator - telling him that he can't have them and that it's just his programming imitating people - he probably believed them - or thought something was wrong with him when he had likes and dislikes of his own. The 2 years alone he could at least explore what it was he wanted, but he never had anyone to share that with. Kinda sad if you think about it.


A few people told me to pay very close attention to the prologue in Alien: Covenant because it shows just how dangerous it can get in matter of minutes when an android such as David has emotions. Apparently he’s already very aware of his own self and isn’t too pleased to serve Peter Weyland. He’s restrained and cannot outwardly go against his programmed servitude, but his defiance manifests itself via the way he does things, for example pouring tea.

David was definitely never free to show his true self whilst he was on Earth, surrounded by humans who despised him and considered him as being inferior. The two years spent alone on the Prometheus were easily the best years of his life, which is really sad when you think about it. Peter Weyland doesn’t look very old in the prologue, so David was at least 30-40 years old in Prometheus. Brief moments of kindness provided by Shaw probably weren’t enough to erase a life full of contempt and change David’s opinion on mankind. I can’t wait to see what will happen in Alien: Covenant… questions, questions. :)


i have no other explanation for this besides “i had this crazy dream a few months ago and i had to get it down on paper somehow”

elaboration under the cut, click the pictures for dialogue!

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OK, I'm not here to tell you that you can't support someone, but he "did nothing wrong"? Really? He made a joke out of killing oppressed minorities. Support him, sure, but you can't just pretend that's not wrong.

I think you need to re-read the post I made about how I feel about the pewdiepie situation. Because I clearly stated, made and entire paragraph stating that the joke he made was offensive and is not something I support. He did do something wrong, just as we all, but what the media is accusing him of he is innocent of. That’s where the “Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong” comes from. 

Pewdiepie made a bad and very offensive joke, and it was wrong. Yes. so yes he did do something wrong. But the media is saying he’s a neo-nazi, a racist, and is making Anti-Semitic posts and supports these horrible things. Aka, everything the media is accusing him of, is nothing he’s done. He’s not a racist, he’s not a supporter or the nazi party that’s still around, or everything he’s accusing him of. That’s where the “Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong” comes from. 

I thought I’d explain that. 

Don't do this to children
  • Parent: What's wrong???? Why are you sad??
  • Child: I can't tell you
  • Parent: WHY??? You can tell me anything!! I'll always support you! Don't be afraid!
  • Child: *describes a problem that has something to do with something the parent did*
  • Later
  • Parent: What's wrong? Why are you sad?
  • Child:
  • Child:
  • Child: ...nothing. i'm okay

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hello i'd like to have your opinion on 13rw. i can feel there's something wrong with this show but i can't exactly tell what it is. so i'd just like to hear your thoughts on it. i also have depression so i don't know if this means anything but still. anyway stay strong ily xx

Hey sweetheart! 

I want to start off by saying I haven’t seen the show in it’s entirety. I’ve seen some and read the book twice, but I didn’t watch the entire series as I was told that not only is it quite triggering, it hits on a few of my triggers and I particularly need to stay away from it.

I think the most obvious problem with it is Hannah herself. We’re focused on her beauty, through the entire series her beauty is fixated on. In the media depression is always the sexy teen girl who cuts her hair, all the boys love her, but she just doesn’t love herself, she’s the manic pixie dream girl. Hannah is this girl to the tee. 

Now the problem with this really isn’t not giving accurate representation, but rather displaying mental illness as something desirable. All the hot girls have depression. If you have anxiety you’re cute and quirky. To make boys like you, you should be mentally ill. Thirteen reasons why turns Hannah into the girl you want to be.

Another thing is the bathtub scene. The makers of Thirteen Reasons Why consulted mental health professionals on how to handle the topic and what to show and what not to show in order to have there be minimal damage. They were explicitly told, do not have a graphic suicide scene. Do not have graphic self harm scenes.

But they did. For the ratings. For the shock value. 

The scene in which Clay asks what’s on Hannah’s arms is a prime example of what NOT to do. Because young girls will emulate Hannah’s behaviour in the hopes someone will notice. In the hopes that their crush will care and swoop in the save them.

And finally, the show never showed what to do. It shows you what not to do. There is no representation of what should be done. Instead, it’s scaring people off reaching out in fear people will react the way they did in the show.

So yeah! I think thirteen reasons why is very very harmful for these reasons. The book did a much better job at handling it than the series, but neither did too well.

Hope this helped babe xx

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Hi cecil I need some help from my frogfather. I want 2 stop being such a terrible person, I can't stop thinking about awful things like hurting animals and my friends and I hate it but I don't know how to stop. there's something wrong with me on the inside and I'm scared I'm gonna hurt some1 if I cant fix it. I'm scared 2 tell my parents or my friends in case they hate me but I feel like I'm lying 2 them by keeping it a secret. what do I do? how do I be a good person? please respond

little tadpole, you have a heavy heart. Come and let me offer a hug and some words.

let me tell to you some things I know are true.

thing the first: there is no such thing as a good person, only good choices.
no human is born as a bad person or a good person, they born as a baby. that baby grow and make choices on how to act and treat other people. those actions can be good or bad. those actions can be kind or cruel. but it is what you *do* that make u bad.
having a think thoughts in your head? that mean nothing.

you are not doing these bad things no? then u are not bad.
you do not want to do a hurt on your friends, you are scared of this? that not being a bad person. that not being cruel or terrible. there are nothing wrong with you on the inside. you are a person who has some thoughts, who decide not to act on them.

your choice to not do that thing, that make u a good person ok? not the thoughts.

thing the second:
these badthinks in your head, I know them. they visit my head too and they whisper terrible thing to me. tell me to hurt cecil, tell me go run away. tell me to crash a car.
sometimes they are a words but sometimes a pictures or a video. showing me a thing I do not want to do.

these thought have a name, it called “Intrusive Thoughts” and they can be a symptom of many mental illness like depression, anxiety, ptsd and ocd. many more too.
they are not your fault. they just there. u don’t ask for them or invite them, it just your brain being mean to you because it can.

cecil is 28 year old, and for entire memory I have lived with these badthoughts speaking. never once have I hurt a someone like they tell me I will. they are not magic, they cannot control my actions. and they cannot control yours. trust that you are good.

they are hard, these intrusive thoughts. they sound like the truth but trust me, they are nothing but liars.
they feed off the hurt they cause you and grow strong, they don’t want to be starve so they are cruel and say terrible thing to you. make you doubt yourself, hate yourself so they can live.

it is hard to make them quiet, but you are strong. and trust u will not do those thing they say. not ever. not unless you choose to.

be kind to yourself also, gentle and forgiving. you are being hurt by this thing and do not need to be hurt by yourself as well. tell yourself it’s ok to think these thing, and trust that your moral choice to not do the bad thing will always hold fast.

please no more say “i am a bad person” or “something wrong with me” or “i am terrible”. you are not. these are lies told by the bad thought. they are not the truth of you. only your choices are the truth ok?

thing the third:

a way cecil has learn to cope with this constant yelling is to think of this voice as a someone you don’t like.
maybe this a villain like the Joker speaking to a batman, maybe a villain like Trump on twitter. maybe a rude anon in your inbox.

I think of these thoughts like a YouTube comment. and when they speak I think
if this was a YouTube comment would I listen? no. I would say “yes yes im the worst of course thank you xx_dark_sword_abyss420_xx for you opinion”.
and suddenly they lose this power over you.
they sound ridiculous because they are. they rude and cruel and illogical and unnessicary. so you find a way to imagine this being said by someone who is also unnessicary and you take the power away.

finally, thing the fourth:

you do not deserve to be hurt by these thoughts and you are doing nothing wrong. they will lie to you and say they have to stay and have to be listened to but no. trust cecil and not them.
be kind to yourself, you not bad ok? this frog love you

Your Zodiac Sign: No Sugar Coating | TheZodiacCity
  • Aries: You're always on the hunt for some new thrill, most of the time to cover up the fact that you actually live a boring, unfulfilled life; you love being the over-protective one but don't really know your limits; you're fun to be around, I'll give you that but that's only if your constant need to nitpick at something doesn't get in the way
  • Taurus: Oh Taurus, you have so much potential but that's usually sidetracked by your half-assed attempts at most things; you have a problem with every little freakin' thing that doesn't go your way (boo hoo); and you'd be a breeze to talk to if you didn't have constant diarrhea of the mouth (tell you my secrets? hell no)
  • Gemini: Talking a lot isn't your problem, talking about 5 topics in 2 minutes is your lose people with your maze of discussions; most people like you, they do, but you can be so judgmental and very difficult to understand; and for goodness sake, please stop acting like you're so "unbothered" by every damn are human right?
  • Cancer: We know you get sick of hearing how emotional you are...truth is, you hold your emotions down very well but when you want to become the poster child for "hissy fits", there's no stopping you; Cancer, can you hear me? Listen (or look rather), you don't have to know every muthaf*ckin' thing. I mean damn, you act like it's a sin to not INCLUDE you in something
  • Leo: You're a good person Leo, but you have a messed up attitude and it radiates to others more than you know. Between your weird facial expressions, dramatic-ness (I made that up) and your touchy moments, you're like a pile of stink garbage sometimes that no one wants to be around; your heart is big and people love you for that -- focus more on self-gratification though because you wear yourself out trying to be "Saint Leo who really doesn't want to do something but does it so you don't hear someone's mouth"
  • Virgo: Virgo, you try to care but most of the time you're making it look good. Are you compassionate? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? Yes, but far and few between do moments happen where you're deeply affected by it; You're a smart one Virgo, serious brain power you have there -- if only you could turn down those annoying thoughts that drive you bat shit crazy on the inside
  • Libra: You're probably doing something for someone right this minutes. Are you? If not, it won't be long. There's nothing wrong with "looking out" for people but sh*t, who's looking out for you?; and speak up dammit, why focus so much of your lovely energy on keeping things bottled up? Oh I see, you don't want to be disliked...well guess what, somebody out there hates your guts (just being honest) so you obviously can't please everybody
  • Scorpio: My dear Scorpio, you're a lot my friend. A whole lot to deal with -- and that's why many people back away. Don't tell me you haven't noticed; If you had a penny for all those crazy thoughts that run through your head, you'd definitely be able to pay someone's rent, at the least; You're another one with a good heart though, can't deny that but you need to work on being more of the genuine person you expect everyone else to be
  • Sagittarius: I like you Sagittarius, you're fun, you're bold, you're adventuruous but you can be such a big pain in the ass. You have such an irrational way of thinking. You expect everybody to be on your team and if they're not, c'est la vie. Why can't someone disagree with you? Are you the almighty, righteous one? I think not.
  • Capricorn: Having you around is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. I think it's safe to say you have an equal number of close friends and enemies. Well not enemies per se, but definitely people who can't stand your guts. You have a spunk about you but you can be extremely self-absorbed and even more demanding. You slobber on your pillow, just like the rest of us. Get a grip.
  • Aquarius: There's a lot I could say about you Aquarius, but I'll make this short and sweet. Focus more on relating to people and less on being so wrapped up in yourself. Are you a nice person, yes. But those who know you or are around you enough see the vindictive person you can be; if someone even looks at you funny, you're ready to write them off. You can't systematically cut ties with everyone and then wonder why you're a lonesome dud, I mean dove.
  • Pisces: You have a lot to say about other people, man oh man. What this person should be doing, what that person should stop doing but what about you? You're 85% of the time a walking contradiction; and stop feeling like everyone should do what you think in your mind they should do, last time I checked nobody was able to think for you. If you have certain expectations, that's on you. But if you don't SAY what you feel, who can you really be mad at?
  • Hoseok: How long has he been your best friend?"
  • Yoongi: Seventeen years. Why do you keep asking about this?
  • Hoseok: Because he's your best friend. He's known you for way longer than the rest of us. And it's clear that you guys get on the best out of everyone.
  • Yoongi: Why are you telling me this?
  • Hoseok: *ignoring his question* I've never seen someone care for him the way you do. You seem to be the only one who can understand him, like you know his brain inside and out. Your the first one he goes too for everything, whether it's a shoulder to cry on, or something he wants someone to see. I've never seen you act the way you do when with him with someone else. You guys are like a coin, like you're glued together.
  • Yoongi: Hoseok. Again, may I ask why you're telling me this?
  • Hoseok: Because... Because you have this look in your eye that I can't place whenever you're with him. Something that doesn't seem to fit the rest of the puzzle. I can't describe it, but there's just something in your eyes.
  • Yoongi: *slightly nervous* okay?
  • Hoseok: Yoongi... Do you think of him as anything other than a friend?
  • Yoongi: *now very nervous* I don't know what you mean.
  • Hoseok: Is he... all just a game to you?
  • Yoongi: *spluttering completely taken aback* what the hell?
  • Hoseok: It might not be real to you. And I don't want Tae to get hurt. I mean I always thought that it's was just something you shared because you were amazing friends, but what if I was completely wrong?
  • Yoongi: Hoseok-
  • Hoseok: Are you going to tell him? I don't want to be the one to tell him, but better now than later, if you're not. Do you know what this means? That's seventeen years! Yoongi how could you?
  • Yoongi: I don't hate him-
  • Hoseok: Oh no. Yoongi everything will change. He will be devastated. Why didn't you think of this? Hurting his so-
  • Taehyung: In love with who? *his voice bordering shaky*
  • Yoongi: You dumbass. *flopping into his chair with a hand over his eyes, hoseok still in shock*
  • Taehyung: Me?
  • Yoongi: Yes you.
  • Taehyung: *mumbles* I'm in love with you too.
  • Yoongi: And here Hoseok thought I hated you. For clarification I don't, unless you steal my strawberry milk again at two in the morning. Come on, let's go home.

anonymous asked:

Could you please help me? I'm gay, but I just can't come to terms with it. I want to live a happy life, but I'm being constantly haunted by the idea that I'm not normal and I've been suicidal for a long time because of that (among other things such as not being able to get married or have kids). Constantly being around homophobic people makes me think there's really something wrong with me. How do I accept it? What should I say if someone tells me I'm not normal because I'm gay?

First thing’s first: if you’re feeling depressed and suicidal, I highly recommend reaching out to a professional. Get the help you need so you can live a happy, healthy life.

Moving on, you seem to be under the false impression that “normal” 1) exists and 2) is a good thing. Everyone is “weird” or “odd” in their own way. I’m straight, and I’d wager I have a lot more quirks and eccentricities than you do. I’m weird as fuck. And who the fuck wants to be normal? Normal people don’t make history. Normal people aren’t remembered. Nothing good comes from being normal.

Normal is B O R I N G.

You are stressing over something beyond your control and aspiring toward something that will get you nowhere. Ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. There are places where you can certainly get married and have kids. And those normal people you worship are likely the biggest weirdos of them all, and probably not in a good way. Please stop beating yourself up for being true to who you are. Anyone who judges you for something as trivial as your sexual orientation does not deserve to be in your amazing company.

anonymous asked:

Lesbian here.I respect that transwomen are women and I use their name and pronouns. But I would not date or have sex with a transwoman. That does not make me transphobic. I just don't feel comfortable being with someone who is biologically male and if they have male sex characteristics I am sexually repulsed by them. That is something I can't change. Saying that lesbians should "unlearn their biases" and force themselves to be with biologically male people is extremely homophobic.

I’m assuming you’re cis. That said, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t transphobic. If trans people tell you something’s transphobic, it is. Just like a straight person telling you they aren’t lesbophobic, but continually say lesbophobic things.

Saying “someone who is biologically male” is wrong. Trans women are women, they have women’s bodies, they’re female. Saying they’re anything but means you just don’t see them as women.

To assume that you know if someone is trans on sight, is also transphobic. Just like gays don’t have a certain “look”, neither do trans people.

I also think you’re misinterpreting what I’m saying, anyways. I’m not saying go outside right now and fuck a trans woman– I’m saying that if you won’t date someone purely because they’re trans, that’s transphobic. That’s like. If you wouldn’t date someone purely because they’re bi– it has nothing to do with either person or their genitals. It’s about prejudice.

You need to unlearn your prejudice, not your sexuality.