there is something wrong but i can't tell what

how does this fucker unironically threaten to “burn egypt to the ground” ohmygo ddd they genuinely think they’re sOoOoOoooOoo scary cause they like to talk a lot of shit to ignorant anons and literal children, and their sycophants keep telling them how badass they are for it

what’s next…did i “mess with the wrong fandom”. are they about to tell me they know how to get away with murder or some shit


Ah there’s that Markimoo again; always telling us that which we already know!

(also, this is the internet - where being a ‘loser’ is what’s “‘it’ with the kids” - plus, Mark, there’s nothing wrong with your fashion sense you weirdo!)

you wake up. everything seems normal. until you realize - something is wrong. terribly wrong. uggs are back in fashion. taylor swift circa the speak now era plays softly in the distance, taunting you with her overly relatable lyrics. girls are wearing exclusively hollister and abercrombie clothing. boys wear khakis and knee socks and too much god damn ax spray. eyeliner all the way around your eyes is the only makeup trend. spider lashes are made on purpose, not accident. going to the apple store to take photos is the only way to get a decent selfie. the most popular emoji is the smiley face facing the other way. you know the one. don’t make me type it. fuck. fine. this one. (: all your facebook statuses include a random girl from middle school that you called your best friend but only because she had a hot tub in her backyard. your backyard is big enough for a small flower pot. how does this girl have an entire hot tub in it? you don’t question it. your profile picture isn’t edited, you say, but you secretly used picmonkey to make your eyes sparkly green. they will never know, you tell yourself. you tell your parents that for christmas, you only want juicy couture velour tracksuits. it is a lie. you don’t want them, but it’s what the other girls want. twilight is still on the best selling list. you buy your friends gifts from limited too, and justice, if you have to. you end all your sentences like this!(: you have bangs. it is 2011. welcome to hell.

16 Messages

It honestly hadn’t been a bad one. And as she thought about it now, pacing the room, Cat was sure they didn’t even really fight.

Or did they?

She sighed, knocking back the rest of her whiskey and looking down at her phone again.

‘I’m not upset. Have a good night.’

And then she read the 16 messages she’d sent Kara after having said 'You too’, telling her that she was sorry, that she knew something was wrong, begging Kara to tell her what it was so that she could fix it and finally just telling her that she loved her.

That was 10 minutes ago.

And still no answer.

So here she was, pacing in her bedroom like a caged lion, phone in one hand, empty glass in the other, waiting. Waiting and worrying.

Their relationship was still fairly new. They’d just celebrated their one month anniversary, and for the most part they had been happy. Happy and incredibly in love. It was mind-boggling to Cat how quickly and how hard she’d fallen for the girl, never having felt this way about anyone before.

Never having wanted so much.

Never having needed so much.

Never having loved so much.

Kara was her first thought when she woke up and her last one as she slipped to sleep. She was the reason her step was a little lighter and that she was smiling a lot more (much to her staffs’ utter horror).

And now she was the reason Cat was pacing, probably wearing down the carpet by now.

Her stomach wouldn’t stop turning and her thoughts wouldn’t quiet down because she knew in her heart of hearts that if she ever did anything to lose Kara, well….

She didn’t think she’d survive.

Cat sighed, glancing down at her phone and typing out one last 'I love you. I’m sorry.’ before tossing it onto the bed and walking out to the balcony.

The night air was cool, the way it got right before winter, crisp and fresh with a slight breeze that gently blew through Cat’s hair. She leaned on the railing, gazing out at the stars, and taking a deep breath as her eyes slipped closed for a moment.

“A little late to be stargazing isn’t it?”

Cats eyes snapped open and she felt her heart leap into her throat when she saw Kara, floating only a few feet out of reach, her cape flapping lightly.

“You didn’t answer.”

The girl smiled slightly as she lowered herself, immediately taking Cat into her arms when she finally touched down.

“There was an emergency. I’m sorry I worried you.”

Cat took a deep breath and melted into the embrace, a tear slipping out of the corner of her eye. Part of her wanted to smack the girl, the other part wanted to kiss her.

She went with the last one

Lifting up on her tiptoes a bit to wrap her arms around her hero’s neck, Cat pressed a tender, lingering kiss onto Kara’s soft lips, pressing herself against the girl almost desperately, trying to reassure herself that she was actually there.

When they parted, both a bit breathless, Cat pressed their foreheads together, eyes still closed as she whispered “I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

Cat opened her eyes, gazing into deep blue ones. “I’m an idiot. Can we talk about what I did to upset you?”

“Cat it’s not-”

Cat pressed a finger to Kara’s lips gently. “But it is. It is important. It does matter. I need to know. You have to tell me these things darling because I want to know when I hurt you so that I can fix it,” she said softly. “I can’t promise you u won’t make the same idiot mistake… but I do promise that I’ll try my very hardest not too.”

Kara sighed and Cat removed her finger before kissing her again, hoping to convey all that she was feeling in that simple action.

Relief, sincerity, regret. And most of all, love.

When they pulled away the second time, they were both crying. Cat sniffed slightly and tucked some of Kara’s hair behind her ear. “Wanna talk now?”

Kara took a deep breath and nodded. “Ok.”

Cat smiled slightly, taking Kara’s hand in her own and squeezing as they walked back inside together.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”