there is so much i want to say about this scene

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I just ment that in the omake he seemed aggressive when he said the thing about fake brothers

Thanks so much for the clarification, anon. I understand that you mean this scene here:

While this almost seems to come out of nowhere in a more lighthearted side story, I’m not sure if I’d classify this as Ciel being aggressive. When I read it, I saw as a sign that Ciel’s tendency to isolate himself somewhat had early roots, even before his later trauma.

However, you were initially asking about this situation if 2CT was real, and, in that case, I’d say this would be an actual clue towards the theory. He’s saying he didn’t need fake brothers since he has a real one. Either way, however, I don’t think this is him being aggressive. Maybe a bit dark, but not aggressive.

Which goes back to your original question. Personally, I don’t think Ciel was trying to hurt Lizzy when he said he found Frances scary and wouldn’t want a strong wife like that.

Ciel had never practiced with Lizzy, so he had no idea she was strong or comparable to Frances. Lizzy doesn’t really act much like her mother most of the time. Frances acts very strict, while Lizzy is very forgiving towards Ciel and seems to have a more carefree most of the time. Although, she does have a temper, it’s not usually seen.

Ciel was being genuine here, I think. He had no idea that his words would bother or affect Lizzy. He might have even thought this was a compliment.

Thanks for writing, Anon. Have a lovely day.

Into the badlands rant!

So honestly since season 2 of into the badlands started I’ve been searching all over the place for other peoples thoughts on the show. Facebook, tumblr, youtube etc. The most I’ve seen are from the into the badlands facebook page and Tumblr. I feel like Tumblr is the only place I am 101% happy with what people are saying about the show.

1. I saw a people saying they want to see what happened to Sunny on his journey to where he is now.

In my opinion than would be boring. We know the River King sold him off. The episode began with him chained to other people letting you know he was finally sold to work in the mines with others. Into the badlands just came from a tough position. They want to make the show interesting and not include useless scenes into the episodes. If they showed his journey that would have killed episode one taking up too much time.

2. What was the widow up to.

I don’t know if people weren’t really watching the episode but it is 6 months later. Jade and Ryder said the widow has been silent for months. She hasn’t been doing much for them to show what happened to her. She got back her land and we know that she has been giving cogs a home. What else do you need to see?

3. M.K powers

I don’t know about everyone else but I love M.K and the whole monks thing.  It’s nothing too wild and perfect as it is. I think that whole storyline is great for into the badlands.


I saw people say fighting is not realistic. The fighting is perfect as it is. You just need to realise people like Quinn, Sunny and the widow are more of experts in fighting than many others in the badlands.

5. Please don’t start that whole Into the badlands need to find a better time slot on amc channel. No! It does not.

Into the badlands season two is great. Please don’t question every little thing because the show had to wait so long to get renewed. You wanted a better season filled with good fights, quality looks great and a good storyline. Well you got it. Please don’t ruin it now and support into the badlands so it can get better each and every season. Not trying to be rude and offend anyone but just relax are on hard some of you are reviewing the show.


You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.

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It's heartbreaking to see the scene where Clarke and Lexa are in Polis saying goodbye. Lexa says "may we meet again" and extends her arm, but they don't do that strong/hard/forceful handshake, they grab each other so softly as in "I don't want to let you go, but...." Lexa was so sad! Anyways, they're soulmates, they'll find their way back to each other, no matter the place or lifetime :)


First of all, this brief moment I’ve seen no one talk about

Look at Lexa during this tiny moment before the handshake. Look at the way she swallows down her sadness, her feelings. It’s one of her “tics”, much like the jaw thing. She either does that when she’s very upset (i.e. when she first tells Clarke about Costia/right after the betrayal) or when her feelings are threatening to fully come to the surface (i.e. “not everyone, not you”/the moment she asks Clarke to come with her to Polis). It happens again in that very same scene, a few moments earlier.

(x) She forcefully pushes down her need to tell Clarke she loves her. And as I said, she does it again right before the handshake. She is sad. She is so ridiculously sad that Clarke is leaving, but at the same time, she is bracing herself to say goodbye. Which is super worth noticing. Yes, Clarke enters Lexa’s room to tell her she’s decided to go, but when she sees Lexa and is actually faced with having to leave, she temporizes. She stalls.

(x) It’s Lexa who initiates the goodbye. She musters her courage and takes the first step, both to save Clarke this difficult effort and, I suspect, almost for selfish reasons too: to make this quick, to avoid prolonging the pain of having to say goodbye to Clarke.

This is why everything is so soft in that scene, the handshake too. This is their last moment together, they think. Neither of them wants to leave the other, but they have to. There’s this sad tenderness pervading the entire scene. They both put on brief, little smiles, to prevent the other from seeing their pain. They don’t talk about the harshness and struggles they’re gonna have to face once separated, this moment is about them. Even Lexa’s reminder that Clarke is doing this for her people isn’t about politics, it’s about Clarke. About why she loves Clarke so much. They haven’t even kissed yet, they don’t really plan to, and this scene is already so incredibly intimate. I’m also constantly hit with this feeling of “safety” during their interaction here. Throughout the scene, they try to provide comfort one to the other. Lexa tells Clarke that she doesn’t have to be sorry, that it’s okay; Clarke tries to give Lexa (and herself) the hope that someday they both can be free. That is what kills me about this scene. It is a heartbreaking moment, but they don’t want each other’s heart to be broken.

So we get to the moment of goodbye. They have rationalized that they have to separate. But sometimes… sometimes logic means nothing. You can try and try but you can’t push down those feelings anymore. And well, when that happens… this happens. (x)

Putting Yuri into perspective

This episode really had me thinking back to all Yuri and Viktor have been through. The last scene is about Yuri’s imminent retiring from skating, not necessarily a break up. But this says alot about how Yuri feels concerning his relationship with Viktor, and his anxiety. Shit, this show is just so F U L L of subtlety, that I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming.

Remember back at the end of ep 9, when Yuri says:

then Viktor says this:

and so, Yuri tears up:

I never quite understood why Yuri gets sad here - he looked so happy and determined to see Viktor just moments ago. I always thought he was just overwhelmed, but why with sadness? It’s because, as viktor says “ I wish you’d never retire”, Yuri is crushed with the weight that he knows he wants to retire very soon - after the GPF.

This scene is actually the saddest to me now. Not because Yuri starts crying, but because it says so much about how Yuri is feeling and there were no words needed. Viktor just finished telling him how he would improve his own coaching to help Yuri from that point on, but Yuri knows it’s going to be so short lived. Yuri knows his time with Viktor is coming to an end, on his own accord.

Thus, we have Yuri’s breakdown on the ice.

It’s no secret he’s an anxious wreck, as this screams volumes of his disappointment in himself, again, no words needed. But of course, he doesn’t break down entirely because of failure, but because of pressure, the pressure of being under Viktor’s flawless image. ( Notice there is a lot of emphasis on pressure in this episode, especially with how JJ’s performance went down: “so this is the pressure of the Grand Prix Final” i think he says; then phichit wanting to make his country proud, crying at the end to release said pressure). You can see the ring’s emphatic glow there, which is a nod to Viktor (and their engagement).

In this flashback, it illustrates that impressing Viktor is always on his mind:

this flashback in particular, along with his obsessive thoughts about that quad flip, tells me that being at Viktor’s standards is the only way he’ll feel good about himself. (What many people misconstrue about Yuri is that he just skates to impress Viktor - when the reality is he wants to skate so that he doesn’t make Viktor look bad. It is his anxiety speaking).

The conflict in Yuri is that he obviously loves Viktor - but he has finally come to terms that Viktor affects his skating. He already has performance anxiety and he knows that failing is going to make himself feel worse, because he’s concerned about how badly that reflects on Viktor - as he says here back in ep 7:

And that is on top of his own poor self-esteem:

I feel like this shows how Yuri is trapped by his anxiety. This is one of the most realistic depictions of mental illness that I’ve seen in media ever. The fear of failure is always in him, and it is not cured by Viktor.

In which case, I think this answers all our questions about why Yuri refers to fucking wedding rings as “good luck charms,” and why he was all “wait, WHAT?” when Viktor announced their engagement. This signifies that Yuri doesn’t want to be the one to hold Viktor back - he doesn’t feel he’s worth it.

And, oh, Yuri seeing Viktor look out onto the ice:

here, we see Yuri is on a much lower plane than Viktor and we are looking with his perspective. He stands looking up at Viktor, a person who he admires so much. Again, another strange scene without words that speaks through symbolism: Yuri still sees Viktor as someone who is always going to be out of reach and always above him.

And Yuri telling Viktor this will surely challenge him, because unlike Yuri, he is confident. He’s never been in Yuri’s shoes. But I’m 99% sure they’re not going to break up. Although this is clearly Yuri saying “look. I don’t want to be the one to hold you back, I’m not worth it. You’re the one who should be on the ice, not me. I’m retiring so you can go back to Russia and go back to doing what you love, whether it be competing or coaching someone better.”


But, if we haven’t already seen, Viktor doesn’t feel that way anymore. He loves Yuri more and has done his time with winning championships. I’m actually excited to see what Viktor will tell Yuri in the next episode, for it will hopefully give Yuri piece of mind, as Viktor hasn’t entirely expressed this to him yet. Yuri is still under the impression that Viktor is coaching him because he sees Yuri as a great skater that can win the Grand Prix, when in actuality it’s because Viktor loves him. I’m thinking Viktor finally expressing his true love to him will ease his anxiety.. Fear is clearly holding him back; if he does win the GPF (and i think he will), it will not be because he is the protagonist of the story - it will be because Viktor’s love has made him stronger. Is that not what his theme is this year?

“Now that I know love, I’m stronger for it.”

All the episodes of both of them being ambiguous on the subject on their true, deep-ass feelings lead up to this point:

Love will conquer his fear.

Bring it on episode 12. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

I just really wanted to talk about this:

The reason why is because even though I was incredibly happy that they kissed, I was even more happy with the look that they gave each other at the end. This look is filled with so much warmth that it actually warmed my heart because you can tell that this kiss wasn’t forced. The affection and fondness is so evident in their eyes that it’s so obvious about how much the other means to them. It’s so much love and so much trust that it’s unquestionable and I’m so glad that they decided to include this at the end instead of having them kissing and then going straight off to the next scene. 

I think I can safely say that Yuuri and Viktor love each other so much and, I’ll keep on saying this, their relationship had been given time to grow and to become something much stronger and meaningful. They have formed a bond and have seen each other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. They’ve been through many highs and lows but still manage to make it out because they have each other. 

It’s a healthy relationship with proper communication and support which both of them do need. They open up to each other and meet where the other is. 

This show, as a whole, is absolutely brilliant and I know that people have had their doubts because they thought it was queerbaiting. And I don’t blame them because it has happened before on different shows, too many times. 

But this is legit and it’s so real that it’s incredible. 

And I’m SO glad that it is turning out like we have all hoped. 

Love Wins. 

i love the expressions in this little scene so much let me tell you

i love how ford just runs over to them with wide open arms and that stupid grin on his face like just look at how happy he is to see them and how happy they are that he’s unfrozen

and then when he picks them up they’re just kind of startled because it’s so sudden and he’s never really done anything like that before

they’re so happy he’s safe and he’s so happy they’re safe 

then he sees fiddleford and he gets really tense and the look on his face is just so vulnerable and guilty

and dipper and mabel are just really worried because they haven’t told ford anything about mcgucket and they have no idea how this is gonna go 

just look at how defeated ford is here. he’s completely convinced that fiddleford hates him. meanwhile dipper and mabel just want everyone to be happy

and you can see the regret on fiddleford’s face when he says “i’ve tried forgettin’…” like ford’s not the only one who made mistakes mcgucket definitely feels guilty too

but he’s just so overjoyed to have his friend back

look at this pure old man

and then fiddleford puts his arms out and the look on ford’s face just kills me. he just absolutely cannot believe that he is forgiven and his friend is so willing to trust him again and put the past behind him 

and he just steps forward with absolutely no hesitation because he’s thrilled that he’s forgiven but ends up going for a handshake first because “why would he want to hug me i ruined his life” and he’s still in slight disbelief and he’s just so shocked by such a kind gesture

then he realizes it’s a hug and he’s just

so excited because he hasn’t received a hug in so long and he’s so happy

look at how grateful he is that fiddleford forgives him and how glad he is to have such a great friend

dipper and mabel are so happy to see them make up look at their precious faces

in conclusion this is a great scene and i’m so happy that they’re all happy


“Sergeant James Barnes 32557038.”

Okay so I know that episode 9 is right around the corner but I just want to talk about one more thing from episode 8. Specifically, this line:

I feel like it rubbed many people the wrong way and gave many of us the wrong impression. I think that a lot of people might have interpreted it as Yuuri basically saying that the tie-pull and everything that he does/thinks while skating Eros is just a performance, that it’s just acting, that it’s not real, and I would understand why it would make people angry.

But thanks to @juicy-shuu I noticed a new side to this line. Because let’s look at the context of this scene here: a moment earlier Victor is showing off to his fans and waving to the crowd – he’s not even looking at Yuuri, much less focusing on him. I think a much more plausible interpretation of the line is “The performance has begun, so from now on, you only get to keep your eyes on me.” (Think of it as an extension of ‘Don’t ever take your eyes off me’ from episode 6.)

And honestly? This makes way more sense than the idea that Yuuri is just pretending to be seducing Victor in his Eros program, because believe it or not, you don’t get extra points in figure skating for being gay. There is absolutely nothing he could gain from just acting all the things he says and does, including the kiss he blows at Victor.

The line doesn’t dismiss their relationship and what Yuuri does during his programs, in fact, it reinforces it. Add to it the line “I’ll show my love to the whole of Russia” and it’s hard to argue that what Yuuri says here is anything but romantic/sexual love. Also, notice how it’s no longer about ‘seducing’ anymore, and now it’s about ‘love’? In essence, all of this is a way of showing the viewer how far these two have come.

Not to mention that Victor was always an essential part of the Eros performance – he’s the person that Yuuri dedicates the program to, the one that helps him focus and draw his sexuality out onto the ice. It’s Victor’s attention, the fact that he’s watching, that’s spurring Yuuri on here. And he wants Victor to see as he flaunts his love in front of all of Russia. All this does is reaffirm their romantic/sexual relationship, albeit in a subtler way than just saying “I love you” or something similar.

So yes. That line (and the tie pulling) isn’t just teasing and is in fact a rather explicit way of showing the current status of their relationship. Anyone feel the same?

you guys ever stop and think about how amazing maggie sawyer is? i just rewatched all of her scenes and maggie is always so calm and supportive. she listens to alex and she never gets defensive, not once, not even during alex’s “we’re not friends” speech. maggie just listens and listens and listens. and at the end of that episode, she shows up at alex’s doorstep and she says “i heard everything you said and if you never want to talk to me again i’ll respect that” this bitch listened to alex, reflected on what she said and decided that yes! alex is hurting! i want her in my life but maybe that’s not what’s best for her! and i’ll respect that! like bitch i love this song it’s my favorite

My heart shatters every time I watch the scene where Padmé tells Anakin that she loves him and he screams ,“LIAR!”. It shows how truly twisted and dark he was at that point, how much Palpatine had gotten into his head. This was his wife of three years, the woman who was pregnant with his children, the girl who he thought about everyday since he was 10 years old, the person who haunted his nightmares with her death, the soul reason he wanted Palpatine’s help to begin with. And she’s standing there on Mustafar, after he just slaughtered all of the separatist senators, saying that they can run away from all of this and raise a family - for both of them to leave their old lives behind and start a brand new one. She’s watching the love of her life, the father of her children, lose his mind, and as she says, “I love you!” He screams, “Liar!”. And that’s one of the last things she’ll ever hear from him. Yet still, after everything, her last words are saying that there’s still good in Anakin.

One Piece ワンピース [Dressrosa Saga] : Shichibukai Donquixote “TenYasha” Doflamingo vs Trafalgar D. Water “Surgeon of Death” Law

“So you’re a ‘D.’?! A hidden name! Are you trying to say it was Fate that brought you here? What nonsense did Corazon fill your head with?! You think being a “D.” will stop me?? That ‘God’s Natural Enemy’ crap is all just superstition!!”

Aye “TenYasha” was the realest wildcard in One Piece back in the day. Every time he came out there was an air of tangible danger. The scene where he’s about to kill Vice Admiral “The White Hunter” Smoker and Kuzan stops him but Doflamingo strikes anyways still gives me chills. Another is when the World Government sends him to assassinate Gecko Moria, that for me set him apart from the rest of the Shichibukai. Although, I must say I didn’t enjoy the Dressrosa Arc as much as I wanted to for numerous reasons, but pre-Dressrosa Doffy still holds a special place for me. I also mentioned before but I’ll say it again, Sora no Michi (the Sky Net) he uses to travel through the sky blew my mind! To the once untouchable “Heavenly Demon”!


okay okay okay. i’m not even sure what to say about this animatic by P Holstwiik on youtube because it is so fantastic you just have to see it. please witness the beauty. so much work and time and effort went into this, i can’t believe how fortunate i am to see this with my own two eyes. the colors! the music! the emotions! the feels! 

this is what we’re talking about when we say we’re accepting multimedia submissions for issue two! there is a huge creative space to explore and so many mediums to try — and we want to encourage more beautiful awesome work like this!

if you have not seen this yet, please see this now and leave comments to the creator! thank you OP, and to everyone else, please enjoy and be inspired!

let me just say that,as a virgin, I LIVED for:

  • Kala admiting that she is a virgin and owning it
  • Kala not having sex even after her marriage bc she didnt want to
  • Kala stating that is her body and her decision 
  • Kala being hurt about being labeled as a virgin and not having with her family discussing that behind her back
  • Kala being a smart, beautiful adult woman that is shown as innocent but not as a dumb little lamb just bc she’s a virgin at 28 
  • Kala being included on the sensate sex/orgy scene and  showing that just bc she never had sex it doesnt mean she cant feel sexual pleasure
  • Kala’s mind going to a literal prision when she thinks that she will have to have sex w/ Rajan bc she promised him

I just love Kala and this show so much


Those times when Dean knew he was going to die and wanted Sammy to have his impala. His most prized possession.

I just find that gesture to be so heartbreaking. It’s just so final. I mean obviously the car will go to Sammy anyway. It’s their home. But these scenes just says so much about their lives. He wants his brother to have the thing that always brings them both comfort.


oh…they have been apart for like at most 2-3 days?

and Yuuri has lots of things he wants to talk about!


Yuuri just pulls his mask down and starts running

Victor also looks like he can’t wait at all

these expressions of relief and love and gladness

these expressions of love and gladness and homecoming

Victor looking at only Yuuri

Yuuri fully agreeing to what Victor says with what seems like a private smile

Yuuri tearing up on hearing Victor’s sincere wish

I love love love this scene, but when I started thinking about it, I can’t help but feel like it shows so much about Sam

He runs a veteran therapy group

He knows loss and he knows pain and he knows war and sure no one knows quite what Bucky’s been through but this is as close as anyone normal can get

And sure when you think of veterans, when you think of people who have suffered and who have lost and been hurt so much, the world tells us that these people need extra special treatment, which can sometimes lead to them feeling further separated from the rest of society and make it harder for them to integrate back into the world

Bucky doesn’t want to be singled out or made to feel different or ostracised because he suffered

He wants to feel normal and he doesn’t want to feel as though everyone is treating him as a special exception and gives him everything he wants without having to do anything in return

And Sam knows this and he understands it and respects it

So when Bucky asks for something menial, Sam says no because it’s giving him the sign that he’s still normal. And that yes he went through hell but that doesn’t make him any better or worse than anyone else

Sam lets Bucky know that he doesn’t think he’s made of glass or that having been broken in the past means he’s fragile now

Sam tells Bucky no because dammit Bucky’s been managing by himself for a goddamn year now and obviously he’s been doing okay and he’s managed to bring himself back all by himself so why the fuck shouldn’t anyone treat him like they would anyone else, like any other human being

You're good enough for me
Final Fantasy 15
You're good enough for me

This does contain spoilers

I just wanted to say that I love this scene so much, Noctis comforting his best friend was a nice touch after Brotherhood ep 2 (go watch it if you haven’t already) As everyone knows Noctis isn’t very openly expressive like our dear Prompto who wears his heart on his sleeve, Noctis just usually says what he means since it’s much easier. (he seems to joke about with his bros mainly Prompto)

In this scene Prompto states that they have been friends for 5 years (literally they became instant best friends) only for Noctis to remind Prompto that they did indeed meet back in elementary. (Which does shock him since he didn’t expect Noctis to remember him) Even though Prompto tried to change himself he still is insecure about how other view him, since his only three close friends are all above him (now for the bit I like) Noctis tells him that he’s good enough for him and he was doing okay. Even though Ignis and Gladiolus are friends with Noctis they were already with him for so long and were under the kings orders to look after him (while he was younger and now) of course they didn’t decline since they are friends but with Prompto it’s a little different (yes luna asked Prompto to be friends with Noctis but he could have declined and nobody told Noctis that he must accept him) seeing how Prompto talks with Noctis so casually and how he acts around him (yes ass slaps and sultry picture of luna for him XD) it’s only fair to assume that they are really close (to me, more so than iggy or gladio)

If you ever just hear their dialogue you can just tell how much Noctis actually cares for prompto and likes messing with him, remember the train incident, yeah Noctis went full blown hysteria something he didn’t do with luna’s death (he just became really depressed, like I said before he doesn’t express himself but apparently that’s ignored since Prompto is his bestie.) Without Prompto it was evident that the boys felt out of place without him since he was always making jokes and light of nearly every situation and was evidently pissed off when he was being taunted by Ardyn. 

(also I just read a post that Noctis gets shipped more with Prompto than Luna, now that’s funny and understandable. Luna better get a Dlc after the way she was pushed aside)