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Lucas Sinclair S2 Appreciation Post
  • Is the only one who actually works to get money for Dragon’s Lair
  • Fact: has the best poses when the boys are getting their pictures taken in their ghostbuster costumes
  • Calls out Mike for assuming he should be Winston because he’s black
  • “TooOOotALY toooobuuularrRRR”
  • When Dustin thinks he’s discovered a new species, Lucas’s first instinct is to show Mr. Clarke + when Will thinks it may be from the upside down Lucas suggests they take D’art to Hopper = the only sensible child in this show. Don’t be afraid to ask for help kids!!!
  • THE ICONIC DOOR KICK !!!!!!! !!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Somehow makes jumping out of a dumpster look cool
  • Oh man, Caleb McLaughlin’s acting when he asks Max “how do you know about El?”
  • In that one line he conveys how much Lucas: 1. misses El, 2. cares about El, 3. wants to protect El, 4. is sad that El’s gone, and 5. feels guilty for not saving El. (asdjskafsdfh am I reading too much into this?? I’m sorry his friendship with El is just A Lot™ for me.)
  • Goes to his dad for love advice (seriously the only one that has any faith in adults) and listens to him (thank god there’s at least one healthy biological father-son relationship on this show)
  • After he tells Max about Eleven, he says, it feels “like yesterday” that they lost her. (Seriously FIGHT ME if you think El disappearing didn’t affect Lucas (or Dustin!))
  • Is such a good listener when talking to Max on the roof of the bus. He lets her pause as long as she needs to when she’s thinking about what she wants to say and when she finishes speaking, he doesn’t say anything right away because he’s processing what she said and wants to give a thoughtful, comforting response instead of saying the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Binoculars
  • Bandana
  • Wrist rocket
  • Most characters are lucky to get one (1) iconic accessory. This boy has THREE.
  • He also puts the black paint gunk stuff (i dont fucking know what it’s called ok??) under his eyes because when he’s gearing up to fight upside down monsters he commits to the Look™.
  • Anyone who kicks Billy Hargrove in the balls is a hero to me
  • Doesn’t let anyone talk shit about his girlfriend’s driving skills. Mike: she’s only driven in a parking lot. Lucas: “That counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!!”
  • Practices asking Max to dance. so. many. times.
  • Still manages to fuck it up. #RelatableAF.
  • His hesitation to put his hands on Max’s waist. Someone help this boy, he’s so nervous.
  • His face after Max kisses him is so precious. I can’t even describe it. Gifs don’t do it justice. Just go back and watch the whole snow ball scene again, you know you want to anyway.
  • In conclusion, Lucas Sinclair continued to be a icon in season 2 and idk how anyone couldn’t love him.

Summary: Wrapped in your arms is the only place Bucky ever wants to be.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,363

A/N: Title of the fic and the fic itself are inspired by “Wrapped” by Gloria Estefan

Originally posted by rogers

Bucky thought he had seen all of the evil the world had to offer after the time he spent in captivity. Nothing, he thought, could compare to Hydra.

He was wrong.

Evil was everywhere. It was broadcast on the news throughout the course of the day. It was described online in horrific detail. It was talked about at water coolers, interspersed between tidbits of celebrity news and gossip. It was also hidden behind the scenes, in the hands of those who took advantage of their positions of power.

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The Cast of Final Fantasy XV; Criminal AU

I have been watching the hell out of American Horror Story and it actually inspired me to write these. All of the head-canon requests in my inbox are going to get filled, no worries, I just prefer to be a little more thoughtful with the things I write for you guys.

There might be a Part II eventually.

You can find my other head-canons here.

Warning: Mentions of drugs and homicide.

Noctis Lucis Caelum 

  • Mass Murderer. The ‘sloppy homicide.’
  • Noctis has a lot of curiosity when it comes to how much blood there is inside of a person and if you happen to be in his line of sight, not only are you unlucky, but you’re not having that open casket. 
  • He’ll absolutely mutilate you, and it’s not because he wants to, he’s just messy with his kills and really doesn’t have a premeditated plan. He must get in, kill, and get out as quickly as possible.
  • His main goal is to see you bleed and it doesn’t matter what method he uses, so long as he gets to watch the light fade from your eyes. 
  • He got caught right away, but his numbers were high, double digits within the same twenty-four hour period and residential area. He wore no gloves or protective clothing and did not bother to cover his tracks, it just wasn’t on his mind.
  • Arrested in a bloody Mario Kart shirt; Prompto was so disappointed, it could have been a better game. 
  • When he was questioned about why he murdered innocent souls, he simply replied that it was because he was ‘bored.’

Gladiolus Amicitia

  • Drug Connoisseur. The ‘good bad guy.’
  • Definitely not into drugs, but he’ll sell them if it makes him the cash. After his father died, he had to take care of Iris all by himself and got into a rather dark business - but he is good at it and that’s all that matters to him. 
  • He knows most drugs inside and out and - for the most part - and he isn’t ashamed that he does; it’s a part of his business to be smart and educated about his product. He runs a rather diverse network and is careful to keep himself hands-off, as it is important to him to protect his own legality in order to protect his sister. 
  • The guy will sell to anyone, but kids are a no-go; Gladio isn’t that type of man.
  • If he has to come personally, you’re either a major money client or in big fucking trouble. Gladiolus won’t kill your family, he won’t lay a hand on you, but he will ruin your life and you will never recover. 
  • From the outside looking in, he lives a normal, care-free life. He’s a happy man and he lives lavishly, making sure everyone that he loves can enjoy a good time as well. 
  • Donates to cancer research. 

Ignis Scientia

  • Con Man. Fulfills the ‘perfect crime.’
  • Everything is carefully planned, victims chosen by meticulous research and study, not a single action is performed without having been first drawn in blueprint.
  • He’s a master of fooling you into love and out of your well earned cash; if you get in his way, he has no problem snuffing you out and will leave behind not a bit of evidence.
  • He goes by many names and you wouldn’t know him by his original - the papers all say that man is dead.
  • This guy steals both money and life away just for the thrill of picking your brain and finding out what makes you tick before he takes away everything you have.
  • Ignis lives life the way he always has, with grace, cunning, and houses in more countries than you could visit in your poor, tasteless lifetime.
  • Don’t think he hasn’t been in love, in fact, he still is - with the only man to turn him on his own game, Ravus Nox Fleuret. His beloved supplies him with many of the tools needed to make a swift getaway. 
  • Only diamonds on these hands, boys.

Prompto Argentum

  • Arms Trafficker. The ‘I do it for the fame.’
  • Looking for a bit of contraband weaponry? Perhaps you’ve been dying to get your hands on ammunition the government has locked up tight. Whatever your gunmetal desires are, Prompto will provide.
  • Prompto is a smart man, went to school for business, but he decided the real money and names were where the deals weren’t made legally.
  • It started out as him just helping a friend, he wasn’t for a real crime scene, but after a few hangups, he just slid into the life - convinced it would make him famous, and it did.
  • The guy’s never murdered anyone, but man, does he love showing off his guns if he’s threatened and he’s got the right air to make people believe he’d pull the trigger.
  • Has killer aim and has gotten into a couple of scuffles, but he never shoots to kill, only hinder a man if he’s being chased down. And boy, is he always getting chased down.
  • Supplies several underground groups and their enemies.
  • Goes by the street name: Metal Chocobo. It never stuck (and never will), but fuck him if he stops trying.

Ravus Nox Fleuret

  • Black Market Specialist. The ‘scientist.’
  • Ravus wanted badly to become a chemist, at first, but waking to his sister not breathing in her bed - it spiraled into something a bit more sinister. He was fearful of her leaving him alone with nothing and the idea of preserving a part of her was more tempting than anything else; he stole her heart, keeps it in a jar.
  • Eventually, he had to flee home, as he was accused of murdering her. He is currently a wanted fugitive. 
  • Keeping the organ had only made him want for more and more he received, as ridding the streets of the less fortunate was an easy and inconspicuous task - and when he realized the money that was to be made from fresh parts in the underground, he did well to ease himself into the business.
  • This man has a silver tongue and brilliant mind, he can get himself into and out of any situation given his desires.
  • He was nearly conned once, but after turning the situation around, he not only fell in love - but they became an unstoppable force and lived a life of dreams. 

Iris Amicitia

  • Burglar. The ‘now you see me, now you dont.’
  • She’s quick and deadly, having all of the tools of the trade in order to get in and out undetected; her agility and intelligence are unmatched by any in her profession.
  • Gladiolus gladly supports her and she supports him, however, they’ve agreed that if either of them gets caught, they bear no relation to one another. No one will attempt to save the other out of the fear of them both going down.
  • Iris lives a perfectly normal life outside of thievery, she has never once been caught and her identity has yet to be revealed. She pursues a degree in teaching and plans to leave the life behind once she takes a position as an educator. 
  • She doesn’t really know why she got into the life of stealing, she doesn’t consider it a good thing and Iris would never blame her brother for influencing her decisions. It was just easy and she is able to give back to charity despite the means in which she does so. 
  • Donates to scholarship and education programs.

Loqi Tummelt

  • Data Hacker. The ‘I did it for love.’
  • If he is the one behind the screen, your identity and money is his, as well as all of your secrets.
  • He used to work for the government, but defected - no one knows of his whereabouts and he prefers to keep it that way, even with his greatest clients.
  • Mechanical master; he builds all of his own computers from scraps and has no issue leaving them behind if someone is on his tail. Wiping the databases and scramming is an easy task bereft of his fingerprints; he will replace everything himself, as starting from scratch is easiest.
  • In all honesty, Loqi wants to be noticed, wants to be caught - particularly by a cop named Cor Leonis, whom of which he’s been in love with for nearly a decade. 
  • He’s been with Cor for years and was feeling that they were going to fizzle out if he didn’t do something drastic. The lingering touches were becoming rare, the soft words, nearly non-existent. Loqi cannot stand it, he wishes to be desired as he used to be.
  • Now, he’s on the run and his longtime flame is chasing after him like never before.

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What are your thoughts on Justice League flopping so badly?

my thoughts on justice league flopping? well. *cracks knuckles* shall we? we shall.

let me start just off by saying that i love the dceu. i’ve grown to love zack snyder, what his vision was for these characters. his films are deep, his films have MEANING, his films are smart, they’re full of heart and depth. they feel realistic. he’s handled these characters AMAZING in mos and bvs. man of steel is one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. i haven’t been a fan of dc for very long, i’d say around a year in a half but in that time i have grown to love these characters and care about them very dearly. 

also, those are just my thoughts and my thoughts alone, but i know A LOT of people, dedicated zack snyder fans feel the same way. go on twitter, search around in the dceu community, you’ll find that most of them share my opinions or some of them. 

you might not want to continue reading if you haven’t seen justice league as im about to get into spoilery territory. the rest is going to be under the cut because there is A LOT i have to say. 

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Getting Along

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Request: Could you do a Jensen x Reader where the Reader puts an ad for a new roommate. Jensen calls and the Reader accepts, but later regrets it because all they do is bicker and fight over mundane things so she tries to annoy him so he can move out?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Life tip, don’t be an ass to your roommate if you ever have one. Talk stuff out like adults…

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Mine (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: After a night of sex shared between Patrick Hockstetter and Y/N, what he thought would just be a one night stand seems to be something else when Patrick gets jealous of Y/N’s new interest Derrick.

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, definitely NSFW, swearing, unprotected sex (Stay safe y’all!)

Author’s notes: Well, you may know smut is not exactly my strong point but Patrick and this entire fandom are bad influences and since I got the idea I knew I had to write it so…enjoy! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language. 

► Taglist: @makotta @that-one-emo-kid@screechingwanton@sittingwithlucifer @mr-zippy@dannibarnesflair@pennywisetheslut@mrshockstetter@sighlilyc@angeli-fucking-cat @baileystorm17 @itwasmathilda@everheart2121 @schneewittchen00  (Patrick Hockstetter imagines taglist is still open! If you want to get tagged on the next ones let me know!)

Feel free to contact me HERE or send me a message with anything you need!

Constructive criticism is always welcome

“So what about this Saturday? To the movies maybe?” Derrick was definitely very insistent on you going on a date with him, not that you cared at all; he was very attractive and had a brain, unlike the rest of the football team, and he seemed pretty interested in you.
“Can I choose the movie?” He smirked at your petition.
“You could pick a horror one so I got the chance of hugging you” He suggested rising an eyebrow and you laughed.
“I don’t think so; actually I can see that you would be the one hugging me because of the jumpscares”
“Hey, that’s fine for me as well” He said and both of you laughed.

What the two of you were oblivious of was the pair of eyes watching the scene from the opposite end of the hallway. Patrick was leaning against a locker with his arms crossed, and if stares could kill, Derrick would be six feet underground already.

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It’s You - XV


SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.

WARNINGS: language. angst. mentions of blood, disfiguration, death. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: here’s the end. i’m sorry for this lol. i’m like for sure making a second part to this, i just don’t know when i’ll have it ready. but thank you to those who read this and left feedback, you don’t know how much i appreciate you all! 

flashbacks - italics


You left England a week later with Sebastian staying behind for a couple of more weeks. It hurt you to leave him and you wished you could stay with him until he finished filming but you had a life to pick up back in New York.

After tears, kisses, hugs and a lot more ‘I love you’s’ you were off to the United States. The first thing you did when you got home was grab a shirt from his specified drawer at your place and pulled out a shirt, quickly slipping off the one you had on and then his on. 

Your puppy jumped on the bed and whined making you laugh. You sat next to him and picked him up, holding him close to you and kissing his head.

“I miss him, too.”

Sebastian finished filming early but he didn’t let you know he was coming back. He wanted to surprise you even if you didn’t like surprises. He dropped his stuff off at his place, took a shower and changed into another outfit than what he was wearing before. 

On his way over to the hospital, he grabbed you lunch from your favorite spot in the city. He hoped it would make you happy. Although, he hoped that seeing him in person before he was supposed to get to New York would also make you happy.

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Jackson and Maggie = The GAG

I haven’t posted an opinion piece in a while, so I think it’s time …

First let me just start with the finale. Greys literally laid out the joke, right in front of our eyes as GreysABC tweeted out gifs with “creepy” and “gross” over Jackson and Maggie. Troll much? Lmfao.

Greys is great at patient parallels and what did they give “The Gag”??? (By Gag I mean total joke).

They had an older man with an uncomfortable woman they ASSUMED, ahem, to be his girlfriend. Funny how April made a similar assumption about The Gag in S13 finale.

In the end after we heard love is love and gross from Jackson and Maggie she  ended up being the man’s daughter.

The woman was struggling with how to be around this man who recently showed up at her mother’s funeral.

Had their patient been a couple that always thought of themselves as family, but you could see the angsty romantic struggle going on even I would have given it a double take. But that is not where this story has gone since last year when Jackson himself said “you and I are sort of like family”.

Jackson and Maggie are a joke in more than one sense. They are literally a joke on the audience. They haven’t been written in any way that suggest a new great romance. The actors have toyed with “Jaggril” and the showrunners have said “I think we can have a lot of fun with it”.

And while they have made innuendos and said “appreciates” the rest they totally left up to the fandoms vivid imaginations.

Maggie is a plot point like Stephanie was but this plot point is letting Jackson “keep every promise”. 

Maggie shook Japril out of their comfort zone. She made April reveal to Jackson where she was emotionally at after Montana. What she wanted. Showed that she is still the same girl that doesn’t believe in casual sex.

After April moved out she went on to act like a newly divorced woman ranting about vows to Jolex. Not wanting a new normal. Talking about flash mobs, (a point I will address further). “She doesn’t want you to rewrite history she just wants to know that you are all in with her. Anything else is torture”.

We now know for sure what April wants.

As for Jackson he is the voice over from the Montana episode. He is saying the only WRONG THING and that is nothing at all.

He flat out told us he was buying “happiness”. He’s acting like a man avoiding. Filling up his life with things because he can’t have what he really wants and that is a life with someone that wouldn’t leave him twice and then say to him “what bothers you more Jackson? That I went after the thing I needed or that the thing I needed wasn’t you”.

This is where that suspicious tweet from Jesse comes in about a rumor that Japril The Movie was getting reversed, with other scenes, into an epic.

Now we have a comment from Krista talking about April’s big episode coming in which we see “how a character like her processes injustices”.

What is April’s injustice….let’s go back to 11x11.

What did April say to Jackson that drove him to the chapel to pray for her… “and if this were just …” “I feel like God is laughing at me” “This is cruel”.

Now we know Matthew is back in E10 holding a newborn in the NICU. (Flashmob foreshadow).

We know that the table read for this episode was so sad and emotional that they already had tissue boxes on all the tables.

Japril are going to finally do what I and a dear friend have been pounding the table for since S11 and that is they are going to grieve Samuel and comfort one another.

I am truly excited for what is coming.

For a show that has kept MAJOR plots totally secret, ie Nathan leaving, Owen and Amy divorcing and a Jolex reunion DON’T believe the shiny Jackson and Maggie object they can’t stop talking about.

This is a Japril story. It always has been.

Safe Word

Based on a conversation with @okaynextcrisis about how that pesky embarrassing scene in Small Potatoes when Scully almost makes out with Eddie Van Blundht Mulder could have been avoided if they just had a safe word.

The drive back from the Cumberland mental health facility was short, relatively speaking. Just over two hours in the car together. The gulf between them, though, was long. Longer than the drive from Cumberland, longer than the flights from God knew where studying God knew what. Longer than her little legs, as he so snidely pointed out, barely reaching the pedals as she drove them home in silence.

Longer than the time it took for her to start thinking about the candlelit Mulder on her couch as more than her partner, only to find out that the Mulder on her couch…wasn’t.

Her father was right – she should have stuck with medical school and become a podiatrist, or a proctologist, or some other -ist that didn’t involve driving through state roads in Maryland, trying to come up with some way to convince the man sulking in the passenger seat that she didn’t think he was a loser.

The kicker was, she didn’t think he was a loser. Even being locked in a boiler room in West Virginia had to be better than spending a Friday night writing an article on amino acids and serial killers. She didn’t know what was worse, that real Mulder made her feel like a loser on a daily basis, or that fake Mulder made her feel like she didn’t need to be a loser.

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anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking, do you have any Gen!Thor fic to recommend to people who are new to the fandom too? Thanks :)

Hi!  OHO, I DO NOT MIND AT ALL.  ♥  As much as I love shippy stuff (BOY DO I), I am a great consumer of genfic as well–sometimes I even prefer it, because sometimes I just want to take the kissing parts out to focus solely on the other stuff.  And anyone can always come talk to me about the characters on a gen level and I will always have recs to shove at people.  :D


No Such Liberty by Xparrot, thor & loki + other asgardians + avengers + thanos, action fic, redemption fic, 147k
   Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
   I will love this fic as my #1 in all of the fandom until the end of my days, because it is absolutely everything I wanted.  Plot, worldbuilding, and characterization.  Set post-Avengers, it’s half a story about Thor&Loki repairing their relationship (and the long road it takes to get them there) and half about Thor continuing his journey of growing up, growing into the great man he’s to become.  It also has plot and action and made me cry a bunch of times from feelings!  (Majority Rule is also GREAT.)

Bargaining by proantagonist, thor & loki & odin & frigga & asgard & avengers, time loop, 110k
  Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.
   I cried like three times reading this fic, it’s so beautifully written and so good on the feelings, Loki working to understand himself and come around on accepting that it’s okay to love his family and to accept their love in return, all wrapped up in an epic, sweeping plot and worldbuilding.  Between this and No Such Liberty, I was absolutely spoiled for gorgeous fic in the fandom.

Postbellum by Shiny_n_new, thor/loki (pre-slash?) + odin & frigga + other thor characters, 22k
   While Loki is imprisoned for his attempt at taking over Earth, he discovers Thor is sneaking off to Jotunheim.
   The author marks their work as Thor/Loki, but honestly they read like gen to me and they’re really good (both this one and The Weight of Family) do a gorgeous job of characterizing both Thor and Loki, as well as writing good worldbuilding and engaging plot.  They’re just really solid in that way

  → You Shouldn’t Have by TheOtherOdinson, thor & tony + thor & steve + thor & clint + thor & natasha + thor & bruce, humor, 2.1k
   Thor takes gift-giving very seriously. (aka, Thor trolls the shit out the Avengers with tacky gifts)
   Everything TheOtherOdinson writes is one I would love to put on my favorites list–I’m only choosing this one as a place to start with because it’s my very favorite, where Thor trolls the other Avengers with super tacky Asgardian gifs and IT’S SO COMPLETELY TRUE TO CHARACTER.  They write fantastic characterization for everyone they touch, so just go through all their Marvel fics and you won’t be disappointed!  Personal faves: The Lullaby Singer (Odin is the one to go after Loki during The Avengers, HOLY CRAP SO GOOD), Life of the Party, SUCH GOOD THOR CHARACTERIZATION), and Five Times the Villain’s Weapon Didn’t Work On Thor and the One Time It Did, MORE SUPER FUN STUFF.)

“Growing Pains” by AloryShannon, thor & loki + other asgardians, action scenes, mythology elements, 49.2k
   Written for a prompt on the Thor Kinkmeme on LJ: “Odin, in this universe, has the foresight to realize that keeping Loki’s origins from him could end up alienating his son. On his tenth birthday, he tells Loki of his Frost Giant heritage, and while it upsets the boy initially, because he is young, he is able to bounce back once reassured of his parents’ general support. Still, Odin urges the young Loki to not tell Thor until he feels that his brother has truly matured to the point where it won’t affect his overall view of Loki. Meanwhile, some odd years later, Loki is going through weird frost giant puberty and Thor is entirely convinced that his brother is ill or mental or some thing or other. Hi-jinx ensue.”
   This one is a little rough around the edges (epithets and comes a little close to arrogant!dumb!Thor at times) but those are minor nitpicks in the face of a fic that felt like it was practically twice the length of what it actually was because it crammed so much stuff in there!  Plus, I’m a sucker for action scenes.  :D

 let slip the dog of war by dance_at_bougival, thor & loki & asgard, 9.7k
   The old ways are done. - the brothers renegotiate.
   All of this author’s Marvel fics are really good and worth reading!  They’re often mistagged, so what looks like pairing fics are actually entirely gen relationships, so don’t let that put you off!  The author gives a lot of sharpness and weight to their characters and interactions and everything is just really solid and good here.

Road to Nowhere by Lise, thor & loki + frigga + other thor characters, thor 2 spoilers, action fic, quest fic, 27.2k
   When Loki turns up demanding Thor’s help on a quest to retrieve the All-Mother from Valhalla, Thor isn’t about to say no. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten anything, and what better time than a road trip through the backwaters of the universe for trying to talk things out?
   Lise aksi writes a lot of Loki whump if you’re into that kind of thing, though, this one is more of a “sullen worldbuilding-laden road trip that has feeeeelings” and I really enjoyed it and it’s a trip to go get Frigga back and I LOVE QUESTS TO REVIVE CHARACTERS.  :D :D :D  (I also really like Exsanguination a lot!)

Cultural Differences + The Road to Redemption is Pitted with Potholes by Sheyrena Wyrsabane, thor & loki & avengers, 80k
   Thor brings Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard and returns to Earth only after promising to return for Loki’s trial when the time comes. In the meantime he tries to navigate Earth’s foreign customs and not kill his teammates who insist on treating him like a small child rather than the god and prince that he is.
   I haven’t reread these in awhile, so I’m not sure how they hold up (and I remember Steve’s characterization being off) but they’re older ones (from around the time of The Avengers) and what they do get into is how Thor was often treated as an idiot when he really wasn’t.  Add in a plot with Loki’s redemption that was one of the early ones I read that I loved, and you have a collection that I really enjoyed a lot.

→ Everything’s Better With Bunnies by khilari, Persephone_Kore, thor & loki & odin & frigga, crack treated seriously, 12.7k
   When frightened or stressed, Loki transforms into a bunny and sometimes he needs to be cuddled to calm down enough to turn back. Unfortunately, the events of the movie are extremely stressful. Five times he transformed into a rabbit and needed cuddling and one time he didn’t and got cuddled anyway.
   It’s a cracky premise, I know!  But it’s really a great fic that has some great character moments and allows for some new understanding to happen, when Loki can’t hide how stressed out he is and so there’s a more visible sign for his family to pick up on.  But also BUNNY LOKI IT’S SO MUCH FUN.  (I also liked Overlapping Space, which is mostly Loki & Jane gen interaction, but a lot of Loki’s family really loving him.)

Godchild by griseldajane, thor & loki, de-aged!thor, some child in peril, 39.5k
   When Loki finds a de-aged Thor wandering alone on the battlefield, Loki takes the five year old child in and resolves to figure out how Thor was transformed and why…
   SUCH A WONDERFUL FIC.  Thor is de-aged and so Loki takes care of him, which allows for some breathing room in their relationship and Loki to find it a little easier to accept the affection from his family again.  A blend of SUPER CUTE with OH NO FEELINGS that’s really a great read.

Freefall + Landing by galaxysoup, thor & loki + other mcu characters, depression/suicide ideation, 28k
   Loki falls. Thor catches him. This does not solve as many problems as Thor thought it would.
   I haven’t reread these in ages, but I remember eagerly snatching them up and enjoying them a ton!

- If you want more Loki-centric fic (I tried to stick to fics that had an equal balance of Thor and Loki in this set), Mikkeneko’s The Great Subconscious Club is a stellar crossover with the X-Men, where Thanos’ manipulations on Loki are painstakingly worked through.  (Also I loved The Sweetest Ride a lot.)
- If you don’t mind comics-based fic, Road Trip into Mystery by Mythtaken Identity is one of my absolute favorites.  Thor and kid Loki go on a road trip to see kitschy American stuff, now that Asgardia is based in the US and there’s mythology and comics plots and tons of brotherly bonding and it’s SO GOOD. (I also love their MCU-based stuff No More Than a Goat and The White Boar and God in the Machine are favorites.
- Ask Me No Questions by Alex51324 is a very fun Loki Redemption story (his main relationships are with Thor, Tony, and Bruce) where he’s punished with a truth spell and sent to Earth to learn to get along with friends and maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t.
- Beneath by ninepen is a massive Loki & Jane fic, where he’s sent down to Earth and has to try to figure out a way back, which means using Jane Foster to help build a new Bifrost of sorts.  It’s very focused on these two, though, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be friendship or ultimately romance, as I never got far enough to find out.  But it’s very well-written if you’re into these characters!  But warning:  It’s 1.3 million words long, so clear your schedule or be prepared to be reading for weeks!

Prologue…Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving

“Seriously, if you want to experience this city in a different way, just take this man with you. As soon as he opens his mouth, it’s like you get a key to the city. His accent opens doors to a whole new world.”

“Michonne,” Rick said while blushing slightly. “I think you are giving new meaning to the phrase ‘artistic license.’ People don’t treat me any differently.”

“Rick, come on,” Michonne scoffed. “Once people hear that accent, they start bending over backwards being nice and helpful. And I’m not complaining because I benefit as well.”

Sasha laughed. “You sure it isn’t his face that’s opening all those doors?”

Michonne squinted her eyes and pretended to exam Rick’s face. “No. I think it’s strictly the accent.” She said to the amusement of everyone, including Rick.

“As y’all can see, if I ever get the notion to overinflate my ego, Michonne is right there with a sharp tool at the ready to keep me grounded.”

“Are you referring to my mind or my mouth?”

After a quick glance at her mouth, Rick locked eyes with Michonne. “Both.”

Michonne responded with a smile which Rick couldn’t help but return.

Sasha and Aaron sat on the other side of the table and watched their friends’ interaction before casting a smirk at each other.

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Hi! So I know you're more into meta that deals with the current season, which of course makes sense lol, I was just wondering - what do you think about the scene from season 9 where Metratron is talking about Castiel and says, "He's in love....(blatant pause)....with humanity." Do you think that the writers were being intentional with that? Cause every time I watch that I'm just like wow, if that was an intentional beat then that is probably the biggest load of subtext we've ever gotten.

This is just more proof to me that Carver Era was textualising Destiel and wanted to go there for endgame. I mean… alongside the cut “I love you” from 8x17, oh and the probably end grace cure of demon!dean.

So then in the end of Carver era / beginning of Dabb era they then re-addressed this “he’s in love with humanity/you did it all to save Dean” scene in 11x06 where we had interspersed for drama:

A Metatron/Cas scene: Cas facing Metatron’s humanity and his own emotions 

A Dean/Amara scene : Amara telling Dean that he represents humanity

Originally posted by heymishasha

They literally did a mirroring of this 9x22 scene WITH THE SAME CHARACTER WHO HAD BEEN ABSENT FOR AGES to remind us that DEAN IS HUMANITY AND CAS IS IN LOVE WITH HIM.

So as much as I love Dabb and am a huge Dabb fangirl, yeah Dabb is just following on from Carver era ;)

S02E06 “GIRL POWER” thoughts

OH man okay what an episode. I have a LOT OF THOUGHTS so I added a Read More somewhere down there for you. Once again it’s a ton of observations mixed with mental notes and a lot of half-thought theories.

- We know what the Bergsberg sign says! “Once you’re here… you’ll never want to be gone”. –> because everyone somehow finds what they need there?

- I was waiting for the scene where Friedkin finds out the Rowdy 3 are gone. It was fantastic. Lieutenant AssistEnt?! Mental note, teleportation is linked with water and an electrical surge that also manages to interrupt surveillance.

- Ken is just so freakin’ happy with this new living quarters. I wish I could go through those files he has there. Also the only bit of color in the room is in the shower - a red soap thingie and a yellow soap thingie and a blue and a red loofa. What’s going on with that? They remind me of the buttons on Vogel’s jacket.

- Nice leopard print tights, Todd. Also Todd is wearing Dirk’s glowsticks. And they’re red and blue which is a THING because a TON of things in this episode are red and blue (just like the Dengdamor sigil?).

- Pink-coated Dirk vs. Bart in blue! “Are you back to being scared of me?” sounds to me like Dirk wasn’t when he was high on a love spell. I wish we could see what went on there.

- The Mage’s little speech is super interesting and there’s lots to unpack there. The world he conquered was supposed to be different and he was supposed to lose. What changed? If it’s the boy in the murals that’s supposed to defeat the Mage every time, he’s been missing for a long time. Why are we only looking for The Boy now?

- Odd thing I noticed: the boy is dressed the same in every instance of him defeating the mage (same kind of shirt, either yellow or green, blue pants, and a crown) but his hair is a different color nearly every time. It’s black or brown in one, red in one, blond in another.

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Marecal or Mareven? Why?

Marecal, obviously. I’m gonna give a long ass answer to why.

I’m a sucker for romance where the prince falls for the common girl. Yet Mare and Cal’s romance has been so different from what is considered an orthodox prince charming love story. If anything, their love story has been anything but conventional since the beginning.  

For starters, what Mare and Cal had wasn’t love at first sight at all. Cal was intrigued by this young girl who had the audacity to steal from him. What he found more interesting was that, instead of running for her life, she confessed her crime right away as if she just lost all the fight in herself. Thief. Obviously. All his 19 years of existence, Cal had lived a privileged life, and so, he was curious about this girl and what drove her to break the law and steal. Meanwhile, what Mare found interesting was that, instead of a punishment for stealing, he gave her more than what she stole and a job in the freaking palace in the hope that she wouldn’t steal ever again. That act of kindness alone was more than enough for me to fall in love with Cal and for Mare to develop attraction to him.

But the pull that Mare felt toward Cal waned considerably when Maven entered the picture and she saw everything she wanted Cal to be in him, especially when Maven made her believe that the Guard had his support. Even then, Cal was constantly by her side for company and support, and even defended her from Evangeline when they were in Training. And when he became her dance teacher and after the first kiss they shared, the feelings that she had for him were tremendously ignited. 

Moreover, the attraction that Mare and Cal had for each other was not instant but grew over time. It was slow burn. You could also say that it was forbidden attraction at first since Mare and Cal were promised to another, plus the fact that he was the Silver crown prince and she was a mere “Red rat.” They were content with stolen glances and curt nods whenever they were in the same room. The sexual tension was very palpable.

One of the many things I love about Mare and Cal is that they’re a power couple. I love badass otp who fight side by side to defeat the bad guys. Cal knows Mare is not just some girl who would stay out of the way and let him fight for her, and he respects this. He respects her. But of course, he still feels the need and want to protect her. When they were at the Bowl of Bones, Cal could have just fought for himself and left Mare on her own, but he didn’t. He still wanted to protect her even though he himself was on the verge of his own death. I’ll protect you as long as I can. And Mare wouldn’t let him fight alone. Even in the fight scenes in GS and KC. It’s never just his battle or her battle, it’s always their battle. When his flame falls, my lightning rises, and so on. They’re always one and equal on the battlefield. 

However, we cannot deny the fact that Cal decided to stay with the Guard for two reasons, none of which was because he really believed in the cause: (1) He stayed to be with Mare, and frankly, (2) he had no other place to go to when he was wanted and labeled as the traitor prince. It was disappointing that Cal couldn’t find it in his heart to completely support the cause even after living with them for months and seeing their struggles everyday. Even after what happened to Shade. But I understand Cal because it’s not easy to relinquish something that has been ingrained in your brain since you were little. It really takes time. 

The problem with Mare and Cal is that they don’t talk about their problems. Before Mare was captured at the end of GS, they were not really on good terms. When they reunited in KC, they were too busy indulging in the presence of one other that they had forgotten to talk about—and hopefully solve—their past problems. Issues regarding loyalty and choosing a side kept piling up until the biggest one bit them back when Cal decided to choose the bloody crown over Mare after everything, after telling Farley that he wouldn’t take it back and even after promising Mare the same thing. 

As someone who loves Cal, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe he chose the crown not for selfish reasons, but because he wanted to help the Guard to execute their plans. He said he believed in Red-Silver equality, and I believe him. He saw the crown as an instrument that would make these plans and dreams come true, because once he had the crown, action and changes would be immediate. At least that’s what he thought. He opted to take the shorter alternative route, instead of fighting together with Mare and the Scarlet Guard, which would no doubt be a very long road ahead. 

I really want Cal to prove that his views on the Red-Silver divide have changed. Otherwise, the time he spent with the Reds and Newbloods would be wasted. I would like to see him help in destroying the cursed monarchy while he has the power to do so. If this happens, that means he chose the crown over Mare to help the Guard and make a change in the way that he knows. Likewise, Mare chose her own principle over Cal to stay with the Guard. If this little theory of mine is right, just think how beautiful is it that they sacrificed their love for the country they both love. That would be another reason to love Marecal. 

I’m not gonna talk about Mareven anymore because I don’t feel like talking about toxic, abusive, obsessive relationships.  

look, i wanna talk about how the kastle scenes are so important to me. like, cheek kiss scene, the way he leans in very slowly and so softly just pecks at her cheek. But as soon as he does, he pulls away, giving her distance, looking down as though he stepped over the line. Frank avoids looking at her, not saying another word after that. Why does he do it? Is it fear that she’ll say something he doesn’t want to hear, or that everything was left in the simplest gesture. 

Or even the hug scene, where Frank pulls her in, closes his eyes, just clinging to her for as long as she wants to hold him and not the other way around. He never pulled away. How Karen bounded towards him, needing to make sure he’s real and she’s able to touch him. How she pulled away just afterward, worried that she’d revealed too much of herself or that she’d done something wrong. Stolen looks and secret glances of worry and want all wrapped up into one.

And the elevator scene, where Frank glances at her lips, watches how she moves and acts. Karen doing the fucking same because she needs to know who is going to act. Where his head rests against hers, their eyes closed and just taking a moment for themselves, wanting to act but knowing they shouldn’t. This moment, held in time and alone without fear, they could have had it if they wanted to, just a moment of selfishness, but they both knew better and let it slip. 

I could talk about them all day if I wanted to, but god am I blessed by these scenes. 

Did Anyone Else Notice?

So it’s early. I’m scrolling through random tags and look up the Bowers Gang cus why not? And found a post talking about Patrick’s expression, however I’d like to take a moment to point out Vic’s.

So I roamed around for a bit to find the scene online where they are bullying Ben. This shot is right after Henry starts cutting Ben’s stomach. Vic can see what Henry’s doing here so don’t try to say he can’t see what’s going on [re-watched this scene like eight times just to be sure].

Vic grins when Henry cuts him. Just like the greasy boy next to him. I just want us to take a moment to appreciate that Vic here is just as ‘twisted’ are the others around. Probably not to the same extreme at Patrick or Henry but he is getting excited at the pain Henry is causing Ben in this moment.

Also to go a bit further! It’s Belch so seemes to be the voice of reason as he turns and calls out to Henry in alarm. Belch isn’t into this. The others don’t say a word.

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taking in count that mucchan is among the qs and the people that kaneki abandonned the one (and maybe the only) who actually harbors resentful feeling towards him i guess that it makes sense that now that everyone is putting/repressing their feelings for his sake he is not there, im kind of glad for that bc maybe that means that he is about to break his illusion about "haise sasaki" i cannot express how much i llok forward to that

I agree. If Mutsuki and Aura were there they would not be cooperating with this. I can imagine Aura being like BUT AUNT KIYOKO’S LEGSSSSSS and then everyone being like SHUT UUUUUUP.

On second thought, I want to see this scene so I wish they were there lol.

But yeah. The three most obvious characters who are missing from our happy alliance are Takizawa, Mutsuki, and Aura. Aura is a latch-on to Mucchan so I’m not going to talk about him, but the reasons Taki and Mutsuki are missing are exactly as you say.

I don’t know that the CCG would be willing to work with Takizawa. Considering Touka’s willing to work with Juuzou probably, but I also don’t know that Takizawa would be able to stomach Amon’s speech here without being like “you ran Amon. Like. You ran.” And Mutsuki also would probably challenge the “everything’s fine” attitude. So they aren’t even mentioned, because they would challenge the alliance and will probably come into play to help everyone consider what they really believe.

I think Urie might harbor resentment towards Kaneki too. At least, he did. He did recently grow to take personal responsibility (yay Urie) so my hope is that at the very least he might be able to encourage Mutsuki to take personal responsibility while also reassuring him that he isn’t alone (pretty likely imo when they meet again, which is likely to be soon) and also Kaneki too. Once Mucchan is, you know, more stable, I would hope he and Urie would be able to hold Kaneki accountable, and influence others to as well. After they save Kaneki, of course.