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The Cheeky Christmas Present

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Request -  Deadpool buys you a sexy Christmas getup or gift. 

Pairing - Wade Wilson X Reader (No Gender specificed) 

Wordcount - 1,165

Warnings - Mature themes, Sexual references, Strong Language, brief mention of a daddy kink. 

It was Christmas Eve, Tony was throwing his annual Christmas Party and you were meant to go. You would have gone as well except Tony had previously banned Wade from the tower so you decided to opt out of the Christmas party this year and stay home with Wade. After all, it was your first Christmas together  in your new apartment, so you ditched the idea of getting insanely drunk at the tower to spend Christmas Eve with your boyfriend, Wade Wilson. Wade was completely unaware of your change in plans for this evening. 

After stopping by a couple of stores to grab some last minute supplies.  Candy canes, a lot of alcohol, dinner for tonight, chocolate and some other things. Weasel was coming for Christmas dinner tomorrow, Weasel was a nice enough person and besides Weasel spent most of his time around yours anyway. He had slowly become a part of your life and certainly a great friend. 

“Honey, I’m home.” You called out as you pushed the door open.

“Stop!” You halted at Wade’s words, what had Wade been up to this time? Please don’t tell me he wired the house with bobby traps again. It took him days to get rid of them all last time. You thought as Wade came running into the hallway, Wade was quick to passionately kiss you. 

“What have you done this time?” You asked. Wade pointed up at the doorframe to notice a sprig of mistletoe. You wished you hadn’t come to conclusions but Wade was known for causing mischief. 

“Nothing. Other than putting mistletoe on every doorframe around the apartment, so you best keep those lips hydrated because I am going to be kissin’ those sweet lips a lot-wait. Why aren’t you at Stark’s extravagant party, the one I am banned from because I might have made a few adjustments to his suit. I happened to think the adjustments made an improvement” You kissed Wade, once more before walking into the apartment, placing the bags down. You still needed to grab all the alcohol from the car. 

“I decided that I would rather spend Christmas Eve with you instead. I spend so much of my time with the Avengers and not that I don’t love them all. I want to spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend.” Wade was shocked that you wanted to spend Christmas Eve with him. He knew you loved him and he loved you but before you both started seeing each other you always went to Tony Stark’s Christmas Eve party. Wade was glad he didn’t have to spend Chrismas on his own. You retraced your steps walking over to Wade with a smile on your face as you wrapped your arms around him, he kissed your forhead, nose and then your lips, pressing several short kisses to your lips. 

“So I brought some take out, the beer is in the car. I also bought you more candy canes. I’m just going to get the beer from the car and after that why don’t we spend a very relaxed Christmas Eve on the couch.” Wade smiled, removing the hair from your face.

“I’ll go and get the beer from the car, while you get changed. I want that cute ass of yours on the couch by the time I return or so help me there will be consequences.” Wade took your car keys and you began to head to your shared bedroom, Wade was quick to playfully slap your ass. Turning around you winked at him, before running away. 

When Wade returned (much to his disappointment) You were on the couch, changed with a blanket wrapped around you. Wade was highly considering enforcing those consequences anyway. Wade popped open a couple of beers before heading to spend Christmas Eve with his beloved. 

As it got closer and closer to Midnight, Wade was dying to give you one of your Christmas presents now. He thought about it for several moments before  thinking fuck it 

“Hey baby, you know how some couples give each other one gift on Christmas Eve.” Looking up at Wade you nodded, he leant forward kissing you again. He could not keep his hands or his lips off of you, and he wasn’t intending to for much longer either. 

“Why don’t we do that? You gave up Tony’s party to spend time with me so why not?” Sitting up, you turned yourself so you could look at Wade fully. 

“Wade, I didn’t give up Tony’s Christmas Party to spend time with you. I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend on Christmas Eve, which is perfectly normal for anyone, besides I’ve had the best Christmas Eve I’ve had a long time. I’m thinking about spending Christmas this way for a very long time. So let’s exchange one present.” You and Wade got off the couch towards the Christmas tree.  Crouching down beside the tree and next to Wade, you decided to present him with one of his smaller presents. Wade was never one to be paitent so he tore of the paper, exclaiming. 

“You brought me red boxer shorts. How did you know? I will no longer have to worry about bleeding through my pants when I get shoot up mainstream. Thank you love.” Wade leaned over to kiss you softly. You hadn’t expected Wade to take your present so seriously, but regardless knowing that Wade appreciated it ment the world to you. 

When Wade passed you the present he decided to let you open. You tore off the paper, to reveal Wade had bought you a sexy Christmas outfit. A smirk on your lips you dashed off towards your room to get changed. Wade orginally thought you hated his Christmas present but when you came back into the livingroom standing there in his choosen outfit he smirked.  

“Mr Wilson, I believe you still have something to unwrap.” Wade’s eyes widened. Of-course Wade had pictured you in the sexy outfit before he brought it but he could have never imagined how beautiful and sexy it would have looked on you. The way it excentuated your curves, perfectly. 

Wade stood up egger to unwrap his extra Christmas Eve present. He was going to make sure that you enjoyed every inch of his Christmas present, and to make his beautiful partner feel good as well. 

“I’ll be in there a second baby. Don’t you dare do anything. There’s something I gotta do.” You nodded slipping into the bedroom. 

“Hey everyone, and yes I’m talking to you the person who’s reading right now. I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a incrediable new year. Remember to be safe and be kind to one another, you get where I’m going with this right. Anyway, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Now I’m off begin my own Christmas.” 

“Wade are coming?” You called. 

“I am now. See you later guys, Daddy’s got some unwrapping to do.” 

pancakes and tlc [wade wilson]

wade shows up at your apartment after a rough job, battered and bleeding as usual. you patch him up and he spends the night on your couch.

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warnings: blood, gore, drugs (pain medication)

additional notes: i love wade and so i wanted to write something for him. i’ve added him to the list of characters you can request from me (when requests reopen, of course). reader is a night nurse like my wife claire temple. their gender is never specified. please tell me what you think, if you think i did wade any justice, and if you want more wade/reader from me!

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It had been over a month since you had last heard from Wade Wilson. Usually your friend texted you periodically, having memorized your work schedule ever since the two of you became official friends, but for the last several weeks you’ve received nothing but radio silence. You knew he must be busy—his job was difficult, after all, even if he did manage to pull through each time—but you couldn’t help worrying about him… or missing him, for that matter.

You and Wade had first become acquainted with each other three years earlier when you found him crashed out on your balcony in a pool of blood, groaning in pain, fully armed and decked out in his red and black spandex number. He looked up at you, appraising your pajama-clad appearance from head to toe, and greeted you with a flirtatious, “Nice stems, sweetcheeks.” Had you not been an ER nurse, you would have fainted at the sight of him, an arm wrapped around his middle as he fought to keep his entrails from spilling out, but your medical training kicked in, and so you went to work dragging him inside, wincing at the trail of blood he left in his wake.

Since then, Wade had considered you his personal medic, always hauling himself to your apartment when he needed some medical assistance (which was nearly every night when he was in town). Most of his visits occurred after your late night shifts—you had come home many times to find a bedraggled Deadpool waiting patiently on your doormat—but despite your fatigue, you were always happy to help, your concern for Wade greatly outweighing any frustration with having to work on yet another patient. You valued him for his humor and for the lighthearted air with which he spoke, and so when he wasn’t present, you missed him terribly. You had plenty of patients with outrageous injuries and stories to match, but Wade had slowly but surely become the most interesting part of your life.

You were lounging on the couch snacking on some Chex Mix and watching some Netflix original your coworker had recommended when you heard knocking at your door. You paused the show, placed the bowl of Chex Mix on the coffee table, and crept toward your door quietly. Your pulse roared in your ears as you wondered who would be here at this hour, your imagination rife with images of axe murderers and thieves. Last year goons had come to your apartment on five different occasions looking for Wade, and after some thought you had armed yourself with an aluminum baseball bat (Wade had offered you one of his pistols, but you didn’t trust yourself with a gun when you still nicked your fingers no matter how careful you were while slicing food). You snatched your baseball bat from your umbrella basket and waited a few seconds before throwing open the door, poised to strike whoever was standing there.

“Hey!” Wade called out jovially, tumbling to the floor in front of you with a pained grunt. Evidently, he had been leaning against your door, and so when it swung open, into your apartment he fell.

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Copycat in Red and Black

A Deadpool x HarleyQuinn!Reader

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Requested from this imagine.

!!!WARNING – (First of all I’m writing for Deadpool so what do you expect..) Issues with father figures, kidnapping, violence with weapons, Abusive relationship and Physical abuse

It was midnight and Deadpool was sneaking into an abandoned warehouse for a mission. He walked into the dark warehouse and saw a young girl tied to a chair under a dim, flickering light.

“Please…don’t hurt me again.”

He jogged over to her and sat down next to her.

“Hey there, I’m Pool, Dead, I’m not here to hurt you.” He said. “Oh well!” He was sitting cross-legged next to the girl and started cleaning his gun.

The girl whimpered and pleaded. “Plea- Please don’t kill me…” Her voice was shaky, she had tears in her eyes and she was trembling or of fear.

“What? Oh n-n-n-n-n-n-no! I’m just here to kill the guy that kidnapped you.” Wade said informally.  

“You work with her don’t you!”

“No! Oh for goodness sakes, can you just tell me what your kidnapper looks like.” Deadpool deadpanned.

“Sh-She’s wearing a mask, she looks like a freak…she dresses in red and black a- and she looks just like you.” the girl stammered out.

“Did you call me a freak? Wait she looks like me? Wait…she?”

The girl nodded and then gasped when she heard the warehouse door creak. “She’s coming.”

“Um okay well, stay here.” Deadpool said before disappearing into the dark.

“Ayye…sheesh, you think at least one cafe would have a working frappe machine.” A new voice appeared.

It was a she, Wade wasn’t able to see her yet but from the description the girl gave him it wouldn’t be that hard. ‘Hmm my hopefully sexy female doppelganger?’

A woman came out of the shadows and into the dim lighting; she circled around the victim and stopped in front of her. She was dressed in a red and black latex jumpsuit with her face painted white. “Well, well, well, you’re still here, Emma? Thank you for not running away.” the hostage gave her captor the ‘are you serious’ look.

“Oh, someone must have some serious daddy issues.” Deadpool whispered quietly to himself.

“Okay you harlequin, time to die.” He jumped out with his handguns in both hands. The woman just stared at him with big eyes.





“You said my name.”


“It’s Harley Quinn…puddin.” she smiled wildly before pulling out a gun.

“Oh, Harley if you think that’s going to kill me, you must have no idea who I am.” The mercenary joked. “I really don’t want to fight you, so just let the girl go and we can all leave without any bruises.”

You laughed and grinned madly, “Well then that’s a no-brainer.” you said, the guy in red and black laughed and was about to speak before you interrupted him, “I’m not letting her go until I get the ransom, but you not fighting back we’ll be easier for me, mistah.”

“Ooh hey-”

You shot him twice in the chest, but he didn’t seem phased. “What?”

“See Harley babe, you can’t get rid of me.”

“Can you even feel pain?”


“Eh, good enough for me.”


               BAM!    POW!

Deadpool now lay pathetically on the floor waiting for his healing factor to kick in. A number had really been done on him, shot in one eye, took some solid punches and cracked his neck.

“I’m sorry puddin’ but little miss hostage’s daddy ain’t co-operating with me right now.”

“…you…stole…my…costume…” he spluttered out.

You smiled your signature smile and said, “No- nu- uh this costume was original till you copied it.”



Her temporary shitty phone rang, it was the Joker, she got excited he never called her, usually if he only really needed Y/N for something he’d get one of his henchmen to do it. The woman got excited and answered it immediately.


‘HARLEY!’ The voice on the other side shrieked.

“Yes, Mr J?”


“Uh-No…not yet…”

“USELESS! For once in your life Harley do something right and keep the hostage there until I get there.” He sighed and hung up. You slowly dropped your hand and put the phone in your pocket. You messed up, again.

“He sounds like a dick.”

You turned around and looked at the mercenary, your lip was quivering. “NO! SHUT UP! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY MR J!”

Deadpool’s eyes squinted; he was still on the floor.

You tied him up and put him next to the long-forgotten hostage. Sniffling, you walked out of the light and waited for the Joker.

“So…your boyfriend an abusive asshole?”

“SHUT UP! He’s not an asshole, and he’s not my boyfriend…or, or abu- SHUT UP!” You slapped him across the face.

“Mr J is just misunderstood.”

“Okay, but uh if you ever need me to cut off his balls I’ll give you my number, assuming I’m alive,” he said. “SO CALL ME ANYTIME, I’M IMMORTAL.”

She shook your head suppressing the smallest smile.



“My real name…it’s Y/N, Puddin’ keeps thinking its Harley… so it kinda stuck.”

“Wade.” Deadpool smiled.

The hostage looked over at the two lunatics that were currently having a moment, ‘WTF’.


“Uh Oh.”

“This sucks balls.” Deadpool said looking over to the other hostage who was tied up.

“Shut up, I thought you were meant to help me.” The girl said spitefully.

“I am.” Deadpool showed the girl his arms which had the ropes just now cut.

He went behind the girl and cut the rope.

“Stay close.” He said.

The two of them slipped through the abandoned slaughter house factory until they saw a small light coming from outside, the  girl dashed through and made her way out on to the street, Wade was about to follow until he heard screaming. He kept walking towards the noise; the voices become much louder as he climbed the stairs leading to what seems used to be an office.

“WELL, WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S NOT CO-OPERATING!?” A male voice said maliciously.

“Well, he said he’s not gonna pay until we give her back first.”


“I-I tried Mr J, believe me.”

Deadpool peered behind the wall and saw Y/N; all her white face-paint was off because of what could only be tears, she had a bruise on her cheek, ‘That wasn’t there before…’ Wade thought. Then he saw a white gloved hand begin to rise up and try to slap her again before luckily being stopped by the sound of a ring tone.

The hand froze and went to pull out a phone; Deadpool finally got a look at the man that was screaming even if it was only his back. ‘Green hair, really?! These people are nuts.’

Deadpool jumped out quietly into the room, the Joker had his back turned so the only person that noticed him was Y/N, she quickly shook her head quietly trying to convince him to leave, Deadpool got a full look at her now. She had more cuts and bruises, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at the Joker’s head.

“Now, now Deadpool you don’t want to do that.” The green haired man said with his back still facing them.

“Why not?”

“Because would be a silly thing to do.”

Deadpool wasted no time shooting the Joker at the back of the head. He turned to a wide-eyed Y/N.

“I did you a favour.”

He grabbed her arm and ran out of the factory, they ran for hours until they stopped at a small diner along a beach he honestly had no idea where the hell he was he just kept running clasping her hand in his.

“W-Why did you do that?”

“I don’t like copycats, but if there’s one thing I hate more than anything, its abusive shitheads. When he was about to slap you, you didn’t even flinch, like you were waiting for it. I hate that.”

“Mr J wasn’t abusive!”

“Yes he was! You shouldn’t put bruises on people you love- unless they’re hickeys, don’t put hickeys on your family though, maybe you got like a girlfriend or boyfriend or something- anyway what I’m saying is that HE. IS. ABUSIVE.  The sooner you realise that the better.” Wade cried.

Y/N’s eyes widened and gears shifted in her head, she moved over behind him and started to massage his shoulders.

“What are yo- Ooh, yeah I like this keep going,” he moaned “ooh yeah.”

“You know what funny thing is Mr?”

“Mmm what’s that?” Deadpool said his eyes had drifted closed.

Suddenly she stopped; Wade waited a while before opening his eyes to see two of his guns gone and Y/N in a –most likely stolen- vehicle waving at him with his gun in hand.

She smiled a bright smile at him, “You know Mr, I like you, and hopefully one day we’ll meet again. Bye Bye Mr D.” She smiled seductively before zooming off with the stolen car.

‘Mr D hmm gotta try and get everyone to call me that now.’

I Can Hear You (Deadpool x reader)

smginger1131 said: Could you do #3. “I can hear you.” with Deadpool

“Yes, Mr. Stark.  Yes, of course.  No, I don’t think we should move forward on that just yet…” you paused, pulling the phone from your ear and listening for what you thought you may have heard, but coming up empty.  “Okay, yes, we can meet tomorrow.  Certainly, Mr. Stark, thank you.”  You hung up the phone and stood, walking to the door of your office at Stark Industries, peeking out to make sure that you were actually alone.  It wasn’t often that you stayed this late after hours, but Tony had assigned you to an almost impossible task that required every minute of your time.

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Ewww Gabrinette how can you ship that, it’s horrible, think of the children! 

Man, lemme tell you, I do think about the children. I think about how my family used to try and censor this stuff from me as a kid and how if I hadn’t found it myself I would have had no clue. They still didn’t want me taking sex ed in fifth grade. FIFTH GRADE. I already had my period, I was already able to have children. I already had C-cup breasts and everything most predators would want. I looked older than I was. It was not a good situation.

And yet my parents were afraid if I knew too much, I’d end up in those situations. WRONG. Predators are after power over you and your ignorance. If you know what’s going on, you’re more likely to be able to get away from the situation than if you don’t. If you know what they’re going for and they specifically are a pedophile, they won’t find you as easy of a target as that kid over there who doesn’t know what sex is and has no idea what their intentions are. Guess which one they’re more likely to go after?

Pedophilia! You’re a horrible person!

Even at canon age, Gabrinette is not pedophilia. It is, instead, ephebophilia (attraction to mid-to-late adolescents). Not much better, sure, but not pedophilia. Pedophilia is a far worse thing and I can definitely say having that word thrown around is awful. After all, you’re throwing it at people who just draw a fictional ship when real pedophiles are out there and you’re gunking up the system with false accusations about FANART.

And, as many have said, we age up (or down, in terms of Teen Gabe AU) in most of our works. Even if they aren’t aged up, it’s usually a subject that is talked about and how they are going to wait until she is legal. She is legal in France, at 15, but there are many areas that protect those under 18 from those over 18 even if they are over 15. Because of this, I usually make Marinette a minimum of 18 in my things if anything sexual is being discussed. If not, then what the fuck, why are we talking about pedophilia/ephebophilia in the first place if they aren’t sexually involved???

I also wish to note, the difference in how someone looks between 15 to 18 is very minimal, especially in an anime-esque style, which most of these works are in. And Marinette will stay a petite girl (have you seen her mother?), so that makes it even harder to show the age difference.

I don’t care, they’re minors no matter what the law is in France! That’s not right!

Then I’m guessing you must not approve of any of the ships then? Since most of them involve minors? I hope I don’t find any canon age love square on your blog. It’s just not right.

This is a children’s show! You shouldn’t make fanworks that involve things inappropriate for children!

You know what else is a children’s show? Sailor Moon. You know what there’s porn of, involving monsters, tentacles, rape, etc? Sailor Moon. Hell, there’s porn and gore for My Little Pony and Lazytown. They also could just look and see an anime they haven’t watched and it could be hentai and they have no clue. 

Look, there’s far worse things kids will stumble upon than the fluff and angst I see all in the Gabrinette tag. I haven’t even found any actual nsfw stuff of this ship yet. Most don’t post porn in this fandom. There is porn, but it’s very minimal and most of it is Love Square. I have thought of making porn but prefer to keep it between my close friends and my girlfriend because of the attitudes towards porn here. But, trust me, if I could find tentacle rape just looking up Sailor Moon back when I was in elementary school, the parents of this generation should have learned by now that the internet is just not the best place for a child to go unsupervised. Not if they want them to not see this stuff, of course. Me? I was the person advocating that kids should be allowed to watch Deadpool, so trust me when I say I obviously have very differing views on what I think a child can take and understand and if life should be censored for them or not than you do.

It’s not my job to censor myself. It’s the parents’ job to keep their child from seeing things they don’t want them to see.

An age gap like this can only be abusive! You’re promoting abuse! Stop normalizing abuse!

While I would say most age gaps like this are not the healthiest of relationships, there are exceptions to this. As there are exceptions to everything. The world isn’t this black and white, trust me.

Besides, if I chose to go about it in an abusive way as well that still isn’t bad. I’m here for a good story and good entertainment. If that story is good while portraying an abusive relationship then I’m still here for it. This is all here for entertainment, not for Relationship Advice 101.

And many who have been through abuse use entertainment involving abuse to work through it. I am one of these people. So fuck you if you think I actually approve of actual abuse and would promote it as an okay thing. It is not. Entertainment involving abuse is okay, so long as there’s warnings. Sometimes, it’s helpful. Sometimes it can show people what the world is actually like and help prepare them for it.

I primarily go about Gabrinette in a non-abusive fashion. If I ever approach it in a different way, there will be warnings. I do not approve of abuse and never will. Do not throw accusations of that sort around. You have no idea who is behind that computer screen and you may very well be pushing someone over the edge with such hateful talk.

It’s gross and disgusting! You’re gross and disgusting!

And that may be your opinion, but you can keep it to yourself. By the point you suddenly start yelling at us for this, you’re being a bully. Which is actually abusive and wrong, unlike what we’re doing. Just stop.

There are many ways you can avoid seeing it on your dash. There are plug ins and add ons such as tumblr savior or x-kit which has ways to blacklist posts or tags. Most of us (once we can finally find the tag for it), will tag it as ‘Gabrinette’ and often even put ‘age gap’ in the tags, just in case. You can censor these things for your own experience. If someone reblogs it without such tags, please approach the person who reblogged it privately asking them to tag those posts, as the original artist/writer/etc likely did tag it, so reblogging with that is not nice as the OP will see that as well and feel attacked. 

It’s YOUR job to censor YOUR experience so that YOU feel comfortable, NOT ours. 

We’re being nice enough to tag it, you should be nice enough to use those tags to your advantage. It is, again, not my job to censor myself for anyone. I can be nice enough to try and accommodate (after all, I haven’t posted any nsfw yet and I also tag everything I post of the ship for others, just in case), but I do not have to hinder my own experience in this fandom for you and suppress my wants to draw what I choose when I haven’t had so much inspiration to draw in YEARS. I am enjoying myself here and the only time I don’t is when someone decides to come at me or come into the tag with stuff like this. I am not hurting anyone. YOU are. And if you honestly think you’re fighting the good fight, then you’re just as bad as the many people who try to block LGBT people from having rights or try to block women from having a choice in their matters because they think it’s wrong and against some moral code they hold dear. 

I don’t care about your ‘moral code’. Once you start bullying people in the name of said ‘moral code’, then your ‘moral code’ is corrupt.

Thank you and good night.

Wow!! Okay, so, I am getting crazy close to 1000 and it is making me kind of hyperventilate. Let me just say that when I started my Bruce account, I never expected to get the attention that I have. I didn’t expect Bruce to be such an easy muse, and I didn’t expect people to actually enjoy how I played him. Everyone who is following me, you guys are what really gets me moving in the morning. The fact that you guys are here and loving Bruce really just. It makes me really happy. There have been some amazing people I have met along the way on my journey and blogs that have caughten my eye that I role play with or would love to role play with. All of the guys listed below with paragraphs and even after are examples. I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone.

The Ones I Can’t Live Without

banhammered – Bel, you are probably one of the best friends that I have made on tumblr in a long time. Your original character, Sarkis is one of the best people Bruce has ever came across and I really adore him. You are extremely creative and seeing you on my dash and talking to you makes me want to jump around because you are really just that fucking awesome. You are an absolute skunk and Sarkis is a little hoe who always throws Bruce under the bus like what the fuck. Overall, you are one of the best people in the world and you and Elsa are a deadly combination. Never leave me, okay? Because you are just the best in the world.

tasedagod – Elsa, you were even mentioned in Bel’s paragraph thing, so you know you had to be next. You are amazing and your portrayal on Darcy is perfect. You are seriously one of the nicest people I know and I love all of the Cards Against Humanity games that we have, especially when we have Bruce, Darcy, and Sarkis in the same room. At first, I didn’t know how well of friends we would be but I’m glad we managed to be as good of friends as we are now. You and Bel are terrifying when put together, and Darkis is probably my top BroTP that I want to just do it already. You’re fab.

ironladytonistark – Sara! Oh my gods, you were probably one of the first people on this site to actually become one of my greatest friends. I was so scared of talking to you at first because you seemed so awesome and I was right, you are. Bruce and Toni have a deadly attraction to each other and it scares the shit out of me sometimes. Generally, you were one of the first people that got their own verse with Bruce and I just. I don’t regret anything. NEVER LEAVE ME.

hibernamilitis – Sheona! I just learned your name right before I started writing this because I wanted to know your name before I actually did this. Your Bucky is absolutely fabulous and I am still crazy intimidated of you sometimes but I like to count you as a friend because Bucky and Bruce are quickly bonding over baking and making out, which in my own opinion is the best way to bond. Bruce really is genuinely in love with Bucky, but he’s trying to act like he isn’t. Just. Never change, okay?

thefalconsxnest – Lael! Oh my gods, your Sam is absolutely fabulous and so are you and it is not fair at all. When I first started role playing with you, I didn’t expect to have such a big ship such as Bruce/Sam??? I have absolutely no regrets though because this is the best thing that was supposed to be crack. I still remember, that generator. It wasn’t supposed to be this painful. Now they have kids and are risking everything to make each other happy and keep them alive. It hurts and I BLAME YOU. And myself because I do a lot of painful things omg. Don’t leave us. Bruce and I need Sam and you.

thegreatestmarksman – Maureen! Your Clint is literally perfect and I just think that you should know that. Really, when we first started talking on Cap, I didn’t realize that I would make a new account and end up crying from the feels that happen. You are the devil, you. Always sending in the angst memes and making me ache. We have so many RPs in so many verses and it is the greatest thing in the world. Never change. Ever. I’m going to keep you, okay?

nagiarashi – Michaela! –jumps on and cuddles- You haven’t been on as much recently because you made a new account and that is extremely okay, I just wanted you to know that I still love and I will wait for you forever to come back because Nagi is one of my favorite original characters. You play such an amazing character and I just. Never change. Even if you play other characters. Always be amazing and my twin in personality.

theghost-thewintersoldier – NICKY. Nicky, you little amazing being you. You have been one of the friends that I have carried over from my Steve and you are still as amazing as I remember. I know you’re going through some problems in life right now and can’t be on as much right now, but I will always be here waiting for you to come back before all of our threads are absolutely amazing and I really just. I really adore you.

mechanicwithametalheart – I just realized that I don’t know your name or basically any of the names after you and that makes me honestly very angry. I will ask you on kik and then I will know. OH HEY YOUR NAME IS T. HELLO T. Now, onto why I love you. I really love your portrayal of Tony and I love when you come and interact in the Cards Against Humanity and you were probably the first male Tony I interacted with and I just. I really adore you, okay? Stay always.

featherbrainedluck – Tic mun! I don’t know your name either and I don’t want to assume names so I’m just going to say I asked you on kik and when I get a reply, I will be here to know it! Tic is an absolute sweetheart and I love that with a lot of the interactions, it’s always because of Sarkis and Tic always gets Sarkis into trouble. It is the greatest thing in the world. Bruce has adopted Tic, just so you know, and he’s never letting go. You’re stuck now.

xtheheroesx – You haven’t been on as much as you were when we first started interacting, but you are still on this list because I want you to know that I really really adore you. Michaela told me your name once but I forgot it because I am absolutely terrible. Your portrayals of Peter and Nick are fantastic and you’re a multimuse account so I’m automatically saying that all of your portrayals are as spot on as Nick and Peter. I hope you come back soon, but if you don’t, I will still be here for you, friend!

deadpoolexpress – You! You are probably one of the best Wades that I have ever came across and I just really love you. You have the nerves of steel that is needed to actually play Wade Wilson with his weird psych and you are just. You are one of my favorite people ever. Playing with your Wade is a literal honor and I am so glad that I managed to score an amazing Deadpool like you. Never, ever change.

captaxnamerica – Your portrayal of Steve is really amazing and you as a mun are really one of the nicest people that I know. You come to my Cards Against Humanity games sometimes and Steve just plays along with what’s going on, even if it’s weird thanks to the concoction that is Bruce/Darcy/Sarkis. Our threads together are also amazing and always seem to go to different directions. We have the angsty one with guilty Bruce and then the one with kid Steve and it’s just great. You’re amazing.

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