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SHINee Pairing Theme Songs

This popped into my head one day when I was thinking about how Excuse me Miss is S U  C H a Jongtae song, and then I made a list using some SHINee songs (including solos), so I hope you enjoy! I linked a performance for each of the songs (If there isn’t a performance, I linked the lyrics) They are listed by ages, so I started with Jinki and worked from oldest to youngest (Jjong to Taem)











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Cuddle Hotline // Kim Kibum


the prompt: could I have a cuddle hotline key scenario? I was thinking that she’s like a culinary student and only cares about cooking and her friends are like “you need to get out there you’re lonely” so one of her friends orders her a cuddle buddy (key) but when he shows up she just sits him down at the table and makes him try her food and is like “give me an honest opinion so he does and he’s like “this is gross” and she actually really likes his honest opinions on her food so she asks her friend for the app and her friends are excited cause they think she’s enjoying it but actually she’s just using it to help improve her recipes but one day she’s like sad and really just wants someone to cuddle with so she calls key over and he’s like ready to eat but she says she just wants to cuddle today and he gets all cute and nervous because he actually started developing a crush on her -sunflower anon 🌻

words: 4427

category: fluff

author note: this is my first shinee request and it’s for kibum my bias!! i don’t know who you are sunflower anon, but i love you for requesting this. i immediately began thinking of dialogue and stuff bc i wanted to make it perfect.

- destinee

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You set down your perfected pasta in front of your two friends. “Eat this. I added fresh garlic instead of simple garlic salt. See if it makes a difference.”

Your closest friend, Chaeyoung, looked up at you. “Y/n, this is spaghetti. You have literally made ten batches of spaghetti and they all taste the same.”

You rolled your eyes, “They don’t taste the same. Trust me.”

Chaeyoung took a huge bite and pursed her lips, “Hmm. You know, you’re right. I can really taste the fresh garlic as opposed to the garlic salt.”

“Really?” Your eyes brightened as both of your friends rolled their eyes.

“No!” Chaeyoung said. “It tastes exactly the same, Y/n.”

Your other friend, Minho, furrowed his eyebrows as he pushed the plate away. “Honestly, I feel like I’m going to vomit if I see any more spaghetti. Why do you always spend your free time cooking?”

“Better yet, why do you always use up our free time by making us eat your cooking?” Chaeyoung said. “I could be on a date right now.”

“I could be working out, or studying,” Minho said, giving you a pointed look.

Ever since you were a child, you had wanted to be a chef. Whether or not it was helping your parents cook, or attempting to make your own sandwiches, you were always in the kitchen. The passion had come from your grandmother, who used to teach you how to make cookies from scratch. After seeing your first batch of cookies, you realized that you really enjoyed making creations. You enjoyed the look on people’s faces when they ate your concoctions. From that moment you knew you wanted to be a chef. You would be content the rest of your life to make food for other people. Your dream was to open a restaurant with five-star food at low prices so everyone could enjoy how amazing and artistic food could really be.

You were in your third year of culinary school, and your school was offering an amazing chance to your class. Whichever student could make the best menu would be offered the chance to study their fourth year in Paris, all expenses paid for. It was a dream to you, and you were working desperately to perfect a meal that would impress the judges and leave a lasting impression.

You slumped into one of the empty chairs and covered your face with your hands, moaning. “You guys are right. I’m never gonna win this scholarship with spaghetti. Maybe I’ll try sushi.”

Chaeyoung patted your head gingerly. “I think you need to take a break. When’s the last time you just took a rest day instead of cooking?”

“I haven’t,” you said. “I can’t afford to lose a day. Each day I fail is a day closer to the deadline and I have to make something to submit.”

“You need to sleep,” Minho said.

“No,” Chaeyoung denied. “You need a cuddle buddy. Look, there’s this app where you can pay for someone to come and give you cuddles. Studies show that cuddling with another human relaxes the soul.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t need a cuddle buddy, I need you guys to help me find the best dish.”

“C'mon, Y/n. You can’t deny that you’re lonely. Here, let’s download the app and look for some ideal partners.”

You ignored the two of them as they browsed through people, shouting out their likes and dislikes. Instead, you cleared the dishes and put them in your dishwasher, preparing to make your next meal.

“Oh! Look at him!” Minho suddenly shouted. “User Key-underscore-freak.

You snorted, “Anyone with the word “freak” in their username is not getting my address.“

“Too late,” Chaeyong said. “I sent him a message.”

“Why?” You darted over to look over your friends’ shoulders. You had to admit, the pictures were nice. It did state that he was only two years older than you, and he seemed to have an obsession with a certain pair of dogs. “How many pictures of his dogs is he going to post?”

Minho clicked out of his pictures and began to read out his likes and dislikes. “Likes: dogs, fashion, and theater. Dislikes: liars, ugg boots, and people who don’t like dogs. He sounds simple enough. His cuddle rate is high, too. Apparently a lot of people like to cuddle with him.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t want to cuddle him, no matter how high his rate is. Now, should I use salmon or tuna for my sushi?”

Chaeyoung suddenly squealed, “He wrote back! He’s open today! I’m asking him to come over!”

“Don’t!” you warned, “I have stuff to do today.”

Chaeyoung waved your concern away. “Minho and I will pay for it, okay? Just enjoy being in someone else’s presence for once instead of thinking about your next dish. Can you do that?”

You groaned and turned back to your fish, ignoring her. “Please don’t.”

“Too late. He’s coming in an hour. Minho and I will be leaving so the two of you can have some time to get to know each other.”

You grumbled the whole time you were making your sushi. You weren’t even paying much attention to what you were doing, and so you ended up making a pretty weird dish. Still, you set it out on the table. If someone was coming over to your house, you would ask them to try your dish. Cuddling could wait for another day.

The doorbell to your apartment rang, and you hesitantly made your way to the door. Finally, after a small mental pep talk, you swung the door open.

The man in front of you wasn’t too much taller than yourself, and he was rather nimble-looking, you felt. Nevertheless, his smile was open and warm as he held his hand out for you. “I’m Kim Kibum. You’re Y/n?”

He was wearing black skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt, covered by a brown bomber jacket. His dark hair seemed styled and his skin felt moisturized and smooth as you accepted his handshake. A large duffle bag hung over his shoulder, and you felt more uncomfortable as you stared at it. “… that’s me.”

Kibum followed your gaze and let out a bark of laughter. “I just carry this around to put my pajamas, laptop, blanket, and pillow. Cuddling necessities, you know?”

You didn’t know. You had never cuddled with anyone in your life. You never really felt like you needed to. “Actually, can we not cuddle?”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows and pouted his lips. “No cuddling?”

“Yeah. You see, I’m a chef and I really need someone to try my dishes.”

Kibum’s eyes brightened. “You’re a chef? Great, I haven’t eaten all day.”

He walked into your house and discarded his jacket and bag onto your sofa. “What’s on the menu?”

“Sushi,” you replied, running past him to grab the plate of food. You placed it on the table, along with a cup of water. “Tell me what you think about it. I want your honest opinion.”

Time seemed to stand still as Kibum put the sushi in his mouth. The more he chewed, however, the more his face turned into that of disgust. He swallowed thickly before giving you his verdict. “This is gross.”

You felt your spirit deflate. “Really? What’s wrong with it?”

Kibum have you a look of obvious disappointment, “Well, first of all, why did you stick scrambled eggs in your sushi roll? That’s nasty.”

Your nose scrunched. “I was distracted. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time.”

Kibum handed the plate back to you. “Who are you making a dish for anyway?”

“I’m trying to win a trip,” you explained as you dumped the bad sushi into the garbage can. “If I make a good enough dish, I’ll be allowed to study my final year of culinary school in Paris, France.”

“I love Paris,” Kibum said. “I’ve been a few times. You’re going to have to step up your game if you want to cook with the chefs of France, though. I hear they’re brutal.”

“I know,” you sighed. “I’ve just been distracted lately. I am a good cook, really.”

Kibum cocked his head to the side, “Looks like you’ll need to prove that, Honey, since your sushi was worse than the food I buy for my dogs.”

You frowned. “That bad, huh?”

Kibum nodded, “Sorry, Babe. Tell you what, why don’t I give you a dish and you make it for me? Do you think you can handle that?”

You rose your eyebrows. “Are you patronizing me, Kibum?”

“If the shoe fits.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “I didn’t peg you as that type, Kibum.”

He smirked and looked up at you, “What type is that, Y/n?”

Rude,” you answered.

He laughed again, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he threw his head back. “You should get used to it, since we’re friends now. So… how about it?”

“Give me a dish and I’ll make it perfect.” You pursed your lips, “Then you won’t underestimate me.”

Kibum smiled and sat back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling and humming to himself, “You know, my friend took me to this really expensive restaurant in New York last year. Maybe I can remember my favorite dish there. Let’s see… oh yeah! Arctic char, leeks, green olives and smoked potato. If it’s even close to what I had last year, I’ll believe that you’re a cook.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “You’re on.”

“Wait. You actually have Arctic char in your fridge?” Kibum looked impressed.

“Surprisingly, yes. I bought a ton of different ingredients this week for trial and error. That includes all the fish present at the market,” you said as you turned to your stove.

Kibum stood up as you grabbed a clean saucepan from its hook. “You know how to make it?”

“I’ve been studying culinary arts since I was a child, Kibum. A few smoked potatoes aren’t going to faze me.” A sudden confidence took over your presence, and Kibum found himself smiling at the way you assertively cut and rinsed your ingredients. “In fact, I think you’ve given me the surge of energy I needed to work on my dish. Who knows? This could be the winning one.”

Kibum stood up and leaned on the counter to watch as you seasoned the fish. “You should put your hair up.”

You looked up at him, pouting as you realized your bangs were falling into your face. “You’re right. Let me wash my hands—”

“I’ll do it,” Kibum interrupted you, moving around the counter till he stood behind you. He pulled the hair tie out of your ponytail and fixed your hair into a tight bun on top of your head. “There you go. Now there’ll be no hair in your char.”

You giggled. “Thanks, Kibum. Now go sit while I finish this up.”

“Yes Ma'am.”


You held your clasped hands against your lips in anticipation as you watched Kibum taste the dish in front of him. You were hoping with all your heart that he would like it. For some strange reason, his opinion meant a lot to you, and you were desperate for his honest approval.

Kibum chewed slowly, perhaps to spite you. His eyes were void of emotion, erasing any guess you could have about how he liked the food. Suddenly, his lips quirked into a smile. “It’s okay.”

“How is it okay?” you asked. “Which part of it is okay? What could I change? Would it get me a trip to Paris?”

Kibum blinked. “Well, for starters, it won’t get you to Paris. It’s good though. Very similar to what I had in New York. The potatoes aren’t smoked enough, and the leeks were a but soggy, but the char is excellent. I’d keep it for your protein.”

You broke out into a smile. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kibum nodded. “So now all you need are side dishes.”

“I also need a dessert,” you clarified.

Suddenly, a beeping came from Kibum’s pocket, causing both of you to jump. “Oh. That’s the two hours you paid for. We didn’t get to cuddle, but I had a lot of fun.”

You grinned. “Me too. Thanks, Kibum.”

“No problem, Babe. See you later.”


Kibum must’ve thought it was you who contacted him, since he assumed you’d do it again. Unfortunately, you had no idea what app Chaeyoung had used, nor how to contact Kibum again.

The thing was, you had been perfecting recipes for vegetable side dishes for the past week, and you were dying to have Kibum taste them. So, with no other choice, you swallowed your pride and asked Chaeyoung for the name of the app.

“You like him!” was her first assumption.

“I do not,” you retorted, “The… cuddling was nice, is all.”

Chaeyoung smirked, “The app is called Cuddle Me. You remember his username, don’t you?”

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at her as you downloaded the app. “Yes. Now leave me alone.”


“Couldn’t stay away, could you?” Kibum smirked as you opened the door to your apartment. “I’ll admit, I thought you wouldn’t invite me over again. I thought you might’ve found someone else to try your mediocre recipes.”

“Mediocre? Yeah, right.” You noticed he had, yet again, brought his duffel bag. However, he obviously didn’t intend on using it since he threw it onto your couch as soon as he entered.

“I’m ready to eat soggy vegetables!” he announced.

“Stop hating on food you haven’t even eaten yet!” you whined, following him into the kitchen.

Kibum laughed gingerly and sat at the counter. “Pass the plate, honey.”

“Okay, today I made mushrooms à la bordelaise, Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes, eggplant skins stuffed with veggie risotto, and caramelized balsamic cipollini onions.”

“Marry me,” Kibum said as he stared at all the dishes you placed in front of him. He licked his lips as he looked at the tantalizing food.

You blushed at his praise. “Don’t get too excited. You haven’t tried them all yet. I need you to tell me if I can use any of these as my side dishes.”

“Get me a fork and I’m yours,” Kibum stated.

While he ate the dishes slowly, with the meticulousness of an actual food critic, you asked him about his interests. “You said you were into fashion?”

“I am,” he said. “I’m a fashion designer, and my company is just starting to get the recognition it deserves.”

“Really? What’s your company?” You were genuinely interested in his life, as he seemed so lively and sure of himself.

Kibum put down his fork and smacked his lips, thinking. “Designs by Key. It’s a newer company, since we got it up and running smoothly just this past year. I’ve tried a lot of different paths, but my newest line is getting a lot of attention. My goal is to make women’s clothes that women actually want to wear.”

“What do you mean?” Your eyebrows turned up in confusion.

Kibum chuckled, “Not that you would know, since your wardrobe seems to consist of simply jeans and t-shirts, but in the high fashion world, lots of women’s clothes are created without the woman’s best interests in mind. You’d like this: in my line, girls get usable pockets in their jeans and skirts. We’re also working on a range of clothes fit to perfection for each different female body shape. I have a lot of female friends and colleagues and they explained to me that clothes don’t always fit properly, especially when the ratio size of breast to waist is really different. So, we’re working to make a line based on nearly customizable clothing for females. My ultimate goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, through fashion.”

“Wow,” you breathed. “That’s so cool. Call me when your designs go on sale, okay? I’ll buy one of everything.”

Kibum nodded, “Only if you call me when you open your restaurant so I can sample the entire menu. These side dishes are pretty great. I would choose the mushrooms and the eggplants, personally.”

You clapped your hands together, “That’s perfect! I’ll make stuffed eggplant skins for the appetizer, char and mushrooms for the entree, and then a dessert! Then that ticket to Paris is as good as mine.”

“You’ll invite me over to try out the dessert, right?”

“Of course,” you said with a playful roll of your eyes. “You know Kibum, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like hanging out with me.”

Kibum laughed, but you caught the pink tint that crept onto his cheeks. “Honey, I think you’re mistaking yourself with your cooking.”

“Why do you keep calling me honey and babe?”

“Instinct, I guess. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“No,” you denied softly, “It’s fine.”


“Okay, so I have green tea custard, dark chocolate mousse with almonds, strawberry cheesecake, and hazelnut pie with spiced ice cream.”

Kibum hummed as he stared at all the dishes. “You’re too good to me, Y/n.”

You sat beside him, nibbling on an untoasted strawberry poptart and checking the made-up menu you had created in your phone notes. You would enter your menu tomorrow, a day before the scholarship deadline. Everything was perfect, and all you had to do was get Kibum to choose a dessert.

Kibum put a spoonful of the mousse into his mouth and clapped slowly. “This is everything. A bit bitter, so maybe add some brown sugar or something to sweeten it, but other than that it’s everything.”

He finished the mousse peacefully, enjoying the dessert freely as he scrolled through his phone. “Do you wanna see my dogs?”

“I already saw them on the app,” you answered, “but I guess I can see them again.”

Kibum scoffed, “You guess? Good grief, Y/n, at least try to act excited as I show you my pride and joys.”

“Sorry,” you giggled, leaning closer to him so you could see his phone screen.

“This one is Comme Des and this one is Garçons,” he explained. He then explained to you their favorite foods to eat, places to sleep, and clothes to wear.

“You dress your dogs? Isn’t that considered abuse?”

Kibum looked offended. “Abuse? They love being dressed up, trust me. Oh! Idea!” He suddenly perked up, turning to face you, “You should make your own gourmet dog food line!”

You deadpanned. “No. That’s an insult to my passion.”

Kibum pouted. “My babies would love it.”

“Just eat your cheesecake.”

Kibum chuckled and obeyed, complimenting your skills as he continued to stuff his face.

In the end, Kibum stayed by the mousse, and wished you luck that you would get that scholarship. “We could even meet up in Paris. You, a renowned chef and me, a famous fashion designer. Together we can conquer the world.”

You shook your head, “I don’t want to be renowned. That’s not my goal. I want to make great food for people who can’t afford it. I won’t get very renowned for that.”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows, “Sorry? Do you think people like paying and arm and a leg for their meals? Y/n, if you succeed in a restaurant like that, you’ll be the talk of the year in the culinary world. It’s a huge financial risk, considering you have nothing to start with, but you can easily make it up with the amount of customers you’ll get. Open sponsors spots as well, and have them pay to support your restaurant as long as you name a dish after them or something. Designs by Key can be your first proud sponsor of many as long as you name the chocolate mousse after me. You could go far with this one, babe.”

You picked at the hem of your shirt, a shy smile appearing on your face. Not even your closest friends gave you the confidence Kibum did in just a few visits. You felt close to him, and you were sure he felt close to you as well. There was a natural attraction there, as if the two of you knew each other in another life or something.

Shaking your head out of those thoughts, you reached forward and wrapped your arms around Kibum’s neck. He let out a noise of surprise, but eased into your hold rather quickly. “Funnily enough, you’d think touch wouldn’t fluster me with this little side job. Your touch is different, I guess.”

You felt your face warm at his soft-spoken words. Surely he didn’t mean it in the way you thought. He was just talking about the emotional aspect of two friends hugging. That’s what you told yourself, since you couldn’t think about anything more than that with the deadline so close.

Kibum was the first to pull away, but he planted his hands on your shoulders before he left. “Go get ‘em, babe. Show them your talent.”

He tapped your nose, and grinned when a giggle spilled out of your mouth. “Keep that smile, okay? You’ll do great.”

You nodded, feeling more sure of yourself. “Thanks, Kibum.”

“I’ve got you. Oh, and when you win, invite me over so we can eat the winning meal together,” he said with a confident wink.


You stared at the phone in your hands, contemplating whether or not to ask Kibum over.

The thing was, you had come in second place. Although that was great, and would look fantastic on your resume, it wouldn’t get you a ticket to Paris. You were disappointed in yourself, and you kept going over the menu, wondering how you could’ve made it better. You were sure Kibum would be disappointed with you too. He had been so sure that you would win, and when you told him the truth, he might think you didn’t try hard enough. You had. You had given that food your all and had been so sure that you would get the scholarship.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

In the end, you really wanted some kind of comfort. Kibum was the only one you wanted it from, which wasn’t too surprising considering how close the two of you had gotten ins ice a short amount of time. Before you could second guess yourself, you sent him message, asking him to come over. After that, you muted your phone, unable to see his reply, which would more than likely imply that you won and he couldn’t to wait to congratulate you in person.

You groaned and shoved your face into your couch cushions. You weren’t ready to see his face.


Kibum could tell something was wrong as soon as you opened the door. Your makeup was smudged at the corners and your hair was messier than usual.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I didn’t win, Kibum,” you said. “I did everything you said and did my best, but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.”

Kibum let out a breathy laugh, “Why are you apologizing? There are so many things more important than winning a scholarship.”

“Like what?” you frowned.

“Like, for instance, your skills grew as you practiced, and you stepped out of your comfort zone. Also, the most important thing is that you met me.” Kibum walked passed you, and with the usual toss of his bag he turned around, “So what do you say we cook together today? Something simple and tasty.”

You stared at Kibum’s raised eyebrows, unable to answer. You didn’t want to cook right now. In fact, all you really wanted was another one of Kibum’s hugs. “Actually… can we cuddle?”

Kibum’s ears turned red very quickly, but he covered up his flustered expression by licking his lips and turning his head towards his duffel bag. “No cooking? You just want to cuddle?”

You nodded, “You’re a good hugger so you have to be a good cuddler, right? I really need that right now.”

Kibum’s expression softened. “You got it, then. Let me change into some comfortable clothes.”

He returned quickly, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He opened his duffel bag and pulled out a large duvet. “I’m ready to cuddle!”

He sat down on the couch, his eyes on you as he patted his lap. “C'mere, babe.”

You accepted his invitation and curled up into his lap. He wrapped the blanket around the two of you and pushed your hair off of your face with his nimble fingers. “How’s this?”

“It’s perfect,” you mumbled, nuzzling your face into his chest. He smelt like honey and some kind of musk, and it made your heart stir with feelings that you had previously pushed down. “Kibum?”


You looked up at him, your cheek against his collarbone. He rubbed your hips gently as he waited for you to speak. “I think I like you.”

After your confession, you quickly ducked your head down, afraid to see his reaction. His fingers froze on your skin and soon you couldn’t feel the warmth of them on your skin.

You ruined it, Y/n, you told yourself. You should’ve just kept it in.

Then Kibum’s fingers were under your chin as he lifted your face towards his. “Really?” he questioned, his breath fanning your face as he leaned in closer.

You searched his eyes for any teasing, but there was only affection in his glassy brown eyes. “Yeah. I like you, Kibum. You make me feel confident. You make me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, but you also give me a sense of warmth and comfort I’ve never received before.”

Kibum chuckled, “Honey, I’ve liked you since you made me eat that disgusting sushi.”

He was still in the midst of laughing when his lips reached yours. You cupped his face with your hand to bring him closer to you. Your own lips turned into a smile as you finally felt how soft his were. Kibum pulled away, “We have to stop smiling or we can’t kiss properly.”

You shrugged, biting your lip to try and stop the giddiness from showing on your face. “Sorry.”

Kibum pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, “Don’t be. There will be plenty of times to kiss in the near future.”

He wriggled his eyebrows seductively, causing you to erupt into more giggles as you slapped his chest gently. “You’re stupid.”

“Well you’re dating stupid,” Kibum pointed out.


~the end~

Shinee getting ready in the same room is probably so problematic like

Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Key: Minho!
Minho: what, you crusty toe nail. I’m playing fifa
Key: where’s the whip?
Onew: i hid it. We don’t need anymore accidents
Key: it was one time
Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Jonghyun: hell no you aren’t getting the whip
Key: c'mon
Jonghyun: i still have scars.
Key: they build character
Onew: He cried for a week
Key: thats normal
Onew: true
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss
Management: We’re on in five, boys!
Onew: good we’re all ready-
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss?
Minho: jesus christ taemin why are you so unorganized.
Key: you could have asked us earlier
Jonghyun: you dont need it baby boy
Onew: always such a child…
Key: you can borrow mine, taemin. But only this one time
Taemin: this is MINE
Key: jesus so posessive
Jonghyun: he has my heart
Minho: what are you, 2?
Onew: jesus
Taemin: crap
Shinee: what?
Taemin: I had Kai’s all along.
Kai, somewhere: wheres my lip gloss?

The Only Exception

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(This is like random slightly fluffy stuff based on the paramore song. Is it even good idk) 

It was barely even day break outside and instead of sleeping like you should have been, you used the small amount of natural light to watch Kibums mouth slightly open and close again while he slept. The man looked so peaceful when he was lost in a dream; you wondered what he was seeing in that creative, beautiful mind of his. Actually, you were lost in thought yourself, remembering the time you were alone in life. The time before Kibum was colourless as you’d never give anyone a chance to prove they were different. You pretended to be happy when you were on your own, telling everyone that as long as you loved yourself, your life was complete but you didn’t know what complete felt like until you let yourself fall in Kibum’s arms. You didn’t know love until you listened to his heartbeat. You didn’t know happiness until you kissed his plump lips. 

The man practically forced himself in to your life. When you first met him, how were you supposed to know that you’d been waiting for him since your heart started beating? He knew you were going to be a challenge. Kibum swore that he’d fight through your stubbornness until you trusted him and when he finally made your wall tumble down and got to your vulnerable place, he cocooned you in his arms and kissed you until you could drown in his affection. 

Kibum wasn’t your first boyfriend. When you were younger, you’d dated a few guys, gave them your everything and came out of the relationship jaded.  Every guy was a cheater. It seemed like every guy was just out to take advantage of you, to use you for sex, to use you to get another girls attention so in the end, you just decided to stop looking for a soulmate. When guys tried to date you, you just acted cold and inevitably gave up on you. Years went by when you were on your own. Sometimes it was hard to see your friends find someone who they were going to spend the rest of their life with; you told yourself they were setting themselves up for heartbreak and you were better off on your own. You promised yourself you’d never believe in all of that love stuff as it didn’t exist but when you desperately needed someone to give you faith, you found the only exception and he was sleeping soundly beside you. Kibum was a special guy. He was so talented, so charismatic and most of all, so loving and understanding of you. Kibum was one of a kind so when he asked you to marry him only 7 hours before you was thinking about life before him, you didn’t even have to think about the answer because it was always going to be yes. To whatever god or entity out there, you were thankful to as you were so lucky to have found the only man you’d ever love. 

“You did an excellent job as our leader...”

I feel empty the second I finished the last episode of Lookout. Who could predict that the writer will this cruel to us? I just thought Do-han will be punished and go to the prison with the lookouts… but see what the writer has done to us. My heart broke into pieces right after Kwan-woo said, “It looks like he won’t make it through this night.”

But this kind-hearted writer made Do-han died as a hero (for me), after he saved Soo-ji and Se-won (indirectly). Too bad for Do-han, until his final time, thought he will still unforgivable, especially by Soo-ji. For Soo-ji herself, Do-han will still be remembered as she reminisces Yoo-na and vice-versa (even both of them died falling from the height). 

And for the Kyung-soo and Bo-mi, Do-han will be remembered as a good leader; For Eun-joong, Do-han will be remembered as his friend (IM SOBBING HARD), and for Kwan-woo, Do-han will be remembered as a good stepbrother and letting all the past go.

I’m quite sure Soo-ji forgives Do-han as time goes by, otherwise she won’t go to visit his stepbrother or remember him everytime she reminisces Yoo-na. And for you (and me) Do-han/Soo-ji shipper, I’m still not sure both of them had feeling for each other. The fact Soo-ji beside Do-han at his final time is more than enough for me.

“If this would be your end, why did you live like that? Why did you live such a difficult and intense life? You should find your peace now. I hated you to death, but I also thank you just as much. You did an excellent job as our leader.

Anyway, I found this thought from twitterland:

Jang Do-han is the only one who’s looking back.

your complex

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Title: your complex

Pairing: Kim Kibum/Reader

Summary: Dating an idol had its complexities…but what could she do when destiny was the one that brought them closer?

The sound of a cup being placed over the woodened counter sounds around the empty boutique as she folds another piece of clothing that had been left out of said place. Her eyes constantly go to the door expecting to see some customer, but it was difficult to see someone at a boutique so late at night. The soft jazz in the background fills the atmosphere as she goes to one of the shelves, standing on her tiptoes to place the folded sweater where it was supposed to be, struggling slightly as she mutters the words from the song under her breath. She pulls down her shirt once she placed the sweater where it was supposed to be, hearing the sound of the small bell that welcomed someone inside the boutique. Her feet make her turn around and she almost trips without moving as she looks at the person entering the shop, his recently dyed pink hair casting against the pastel blue walls of the boutique.

She clears her throat as she walks towards the counter, taking the remains of her cup of tea before tracing her eyes over his features as he looked at the male clothing. His eyes were fixated over the newer pieces of clothing and his casual look was fashionable as well, a striped t-shirt and some trousers to make him look like a fashion icon –and he was one, apart from other things. Kim Kibum, she recognizes, member of a very well known group and most importantly, a person that she had looked up to for a little bit. She bites her bottom lip as she takes notice of the notebook under her, trying to concentrate in her notes for studying instead of ogling at him. Obviously, he was handsome and from what she saw on interviews and shows, he was really a personality that was considered one of a kind. Yet, when she’s too immersed in some concept that she didn’t understand, she hears a soft voice calling her over.

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The Nerdy Roommate - Choi Minho (M)

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word count:  1.1k words
Author’s note: Here’s another drabble for the Unrequited universe! Key’s eyepatch made a comeback so I wanted to use it, ehehehe. This is rated M even if there’s no smut (sorry!), but there’s usage of alcohol, explicit language, and sexually suggestive content. Basically don’t read this or the rest of my fanfics that are related to this (which I highly recommend that you read before this one: Unrequited, Unforgettable, Bread, The Bra Thing) if you’re not of age. I know you’re probably thinking that if I could write drabbles I could surely write part 3 but I’m planning to make part 3 long and hot with an unexpected plot twist (spoiler alert). Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think - I appreciate it a lot! :) ♡

“Kim Kibum, that eyepatch looks stupid.”

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Am I the only one who loves to put 6 green emoji hearts together in a post about SHINee or SHINee World because I feel like it’s my way of indirectly saying SHINee and SHINee World will ALWAYS be together as a family and will love and support one another endlessly??
💚💚💚💚💚💚<💎the first 5 hearts that are together represents ot5 & the 6th heart is SHINee World(Shawols) standing by each other no matter what 😢😌

Love Thy Neighbor

Pairing: Jongkey

Part ½

Rating: PG-13

Kim Jonghyun, a freelance writer, lives in a suburban neighborhood a few miles down from Seoul. The sun rises and sets, kids play ball in the street and stray dogs run freely. But there is something that’s quite different from other neighborhoods. Sometimes it’s the police, the architecture, even the smell of the grass, but in this case it’s Jonghyun’s neighbor. He has no idea what he does; he sees him leave early in the morning and then later during the night. Often times he doesn’t come home at all and Jonghyun wonders what he’s up to (although he doesn’t have such a right) because Jonghyun doesn’t even know his name. He’s heard it in passing, brief tenses and soft vowels, but he still doesn’t fully know his name. He just knows that he’s a mystery. Jonghyun’s interest in him was not simply sparked by his neighbor’s late night rendezvous, but his eyes in the dead of night—sparkling, mischievous eyes. Jonghyun’s watched him on several occasions; he’d part the curtains in his living room—a tad bit like a stalker, but Jonghyun only allowed himself a glimpse of his neighbor. A glimpse so he could yearn for more and maybe, he thought, if he wanted him enough he would build up the courage to approach him. He’s right there—a walk and a doorbell away.

As a reclusive twenty-seven year old, Jonghyun figures he isn’t his neighbor’s type. He isn’t cool or chic or tall like a model. He does admit that he has a flirty smile and rather inviting eyes, but someone like his neighbor—someone so alluring, free-spirited and probably a damn beast in be—Jonghyun clears his throat and stares blankly at the blinking cursor on his laptop screen. It’s Tuesday afternoon, Jonghyun’s closed his windows to focus on his work. Silence spreads through his home like black ink in water—it’s kind of lonesome, but he doesn’t allow his thoughts to wander as he opens a document on his laptop. “The deadline is Friday…” he thinks aloud. “Alright, I can do that.” Much like the works he’s written and published, Jonghyun believes his crush on his neighbor will bare an inevitable end. The beauty next door will move away or marry off and how’s Jonghyun to know if he’s gay or not? Someone as attractive as him is bound to have a fling for each season. “A fling…” Jonghyun says softly and several pictures flash through his mind, he laughs bitterly before refocusing his attention on his work.

His neighbor—known as Kim Kibum moved in a couple of months back, he only knew Jonghyun in passing, he was never really about the whole “welcome to the neighborhood” type thing. If he was truly interested in him, he’d go over and pay him a visit, but Jonghyun comes across as someone who is too reserved for Kibum’s tastes. Kibum judges him as a person who isn’t into the whole night life or drinking or hangovers or hickeys one would have to hide beneath long sweaters and jeans. To put it simply…he’s boring.

Jonghyun’s fingers hover over the keys on his laptop, he contemplates what he should write, but his thoughts are on Kibum. His eyes, his hair; what is he doing right now? Will I ever be able to approach him? “God damn it.” Jonghyun forcefully closes his laptop and buries his head in his hands. He’s been crushing on Kibum for far too long—“you’re too old for crushes” “you should find a nice partner and settle down”—were the words his mother said to him when he first went to live on his own. And then a few weeks later he came out to his sister and mother and said that he was “working towards a relationship.” He rises up from his seat and heads towards the kitchen. He needs to eat to cease the growing hunger in his stomach and in his heart. He opens his fridge and curses when he uncovers that it’s empty. He slams it shut and shoves a hand through his tousled hair; he hadn’t even bothered to wash it this morning neither did he try dressing up. He simply put on a navy blue tshirt and ripped jeans. He isn’t expecting anyone, so why bother? But just as this thought enters his mind, his doorbell rings. Jonghyun’s eyes widen and he turns slowly towards the door. No-way…did it just ring…

He steps slowly towards the front door, eyeing it suspiciously and then it rings again. He nearly jumps out of his skin and has to clutch his chest to calm himself down. He rarely has guests over just because he likes to be alone, but thanks to Kibum’s presence next door—his yearning for company has grown. And not just company he can sit and speak with, but company that’ll cease the hunger in his heart. He inches towards the door cautiously, his heart thumping loudly in the cage of his chest.

“Wh-who is it?” he calls out timidly and he curses himself for sounding like a coward. What are you so afraid of Jonghyun? It’s probably another human just like you.

“Oh! You’re home!” a bubbly, yet low voice responds from outside the door. “I live next door.”

Jonghyun’s eyes widen. Now, he has two neighbors—the one to his left, the one that belongs to the beauty and then the one to his right which belongs to a middle-aged woman. This voice sounds like no woman—it’s deep, warm and sensual. Jonghyun swallows hoping to lubricate his suddenly dry throat. His hands fold around the doorknob, he switches the lock and then pulls the door open.

It’s him.

Shit. Holy shit.

Kibum smiles, his bangs peeping out from the black cap on his head. “Hey, I should’ve introduced myself sooner.” He tilts his head and his smile conforms into a grin. “But the water at my place is out,” he takes a step closer to Jonghyun. “Mind if I use yours?”

Jonghyun’s initial response would’ve been to say that he didn’t mind, that he would’ve given Kibum a lung and a kidney if he asked for it, but his initial response is overshadowed by common sense. What would happen if he let Kibum use his shower? Hell, he didn’t even know his name.

“I’m Jonghyun.” He says suddenly and a bit awkwardly. Kibum’s thrown off, but he doesn’t show it, instead he thrusts his hand out towards Jonghyun.

“Kibum, pleasure.” And damn, Jonghyun’s thinking about things that he shouldn’t be thinking and he realizes it a little too late, the fact that his fingers are caressing the back of Kibum’s hand and pulling him just a little closer. Kibum slides his hand out of Jonghyun’s and swipes off his cap, his hair flutters across his face and Jonghyun has to stop himself from gasping. “The water suddenly stopped working as I was showering, so I had to run out in this…” he laughs nervously. Jonghyun nods understandingly, his eyes skating down Kibum’s disheveled appearance. Messy hair, bare skin accompanied by flushed cheeks, an over-sized tee shirt and torn shorts. Jonghyun sucks in his bottom lip and nibbles on it. “Soo,” Kibum leans forward looking at his reflection in Jonghyun’s eyes so that he can adjust his hair. “Can I come in?” Their eyes lock, a slow smile descends across Kibum’s lips causing Jonghyun’s heart to skip a beat.

“Uhm,” Jonghyun swallows. “Sure.”

Kibum beams and slaps a hand to Jonghyun’s shoulder as he steps inside. “Thank you.” Jonghyun lingers in the doorway trying to process what just happened. “I’ll be quick, I promise, you won’t even know I’m here.” Kibum calls from down the hallway already in search of the bathroom. Jonghyun finally closes the door shut, he leans against it and releases a heavy breath.

“Hoooly shit.” He breathes, his heart racing and his cheeks are hot and he can’t think. He slides down the door and rests his elbows on his knees as he brings his legs to his chest. Jonghyun wonders if maybe Someone in the sky heard his cries, if that Someone is listening to his heart or to the thoughts racing through his mind.

“Oh,” Kibum suddenly reappears from down the hallway, his shirt hanging off his shoulders. “I’ll be right back, I forgot something.” He smiles brightly, Jonghyun hurries to his feet, unsure of where to look when Kibum approaches him.

“Forgot something?” he asks deciding it’d be best to show at least a little interest in what he’s saying.

“Yeah,” Kibum leans towards Jonghyun to whisper. “Underwear.”

A million inappropriate images flash through Jonghyun’s mind and he smiles up at Kibum weakly. “Yeah, you may need that.” He replies quietly.

Kibum laughs lightly and then says, “But I am curious, what do you do?” he looks around jonghyun’s simplistic house.

“I write.”

“Hmm…” Kibum continues to look around. “That’s cool.” Kibum hums making a grab for the door knob, but Jonghyun stops him with a question.

“What about you?”

Kibum’s grip on the doorknob loosens and he breathes deeply. He really wants to be nice, but right now he doesn’t have time for it. Isn’t it common courtesy to answer someone’s question after asking your own? Kibum spins on his heel with a smile.

“I’ll tell you when I get out of the shower, cool?” but before Jonghyun has the chance to respond, Kibum’s out the door. Jonghyun holds the door open, looking after him as he runs across the sidewalk. Broad shoulders, fluffy hair and the smell of cinnamon. Jonghyun smiles to himself and places a hand to his chest. He’s in deep.

Kibum returns moments later, a blue piece of fabric balled up in his hand. “Thanks for waiting.” He greets Jonghyun with a polite bow before taking off down the hall. Jonghyun figures he must be in a rush, so with a sigh he returns to his work. But the only thing on his mind is Kibum. The shower creaks to life, the water begins to run and Jonghyun takes a deep breath. Write, write, just write. Which would be easy on any other occasion, however, Kibum’s presence proves to be a major distraction. Jonghyun leans back in his seat trying to get a look down the hallway. He can see it. The bathroom and the slip of light that peeps out from the crack of the door. Jonghyun gulps and rises slowly from his seat. One peek. Just a knock. He inches his way down the hallway, his hands clenched at his sides. He suddenly feels ticklish all over as well as a bit hot. As he nears the cracked door he hears the running water accompanied by a sweet voice. He stops.

This isn’t right, what do you want to see anyways? Why barge in on him like that? You aren’t a pervert.

With a heavy sigh, Jonghyun turns away from the magnetic pull of the bathroom door and begins his trek back to his work space in the kitchen. But the door clicks open from behind him and he chills all over.

You’re his celebrity crush and you talk about him during an interview (SHINEE)

Onew: -you were asked to pick your favorite male idol group and Shinee flew out much faster than you planned and you turned into a blushing mess. The being asked who was your favorite you replied quietly Lee Jinki and his heart skipped a beat- “she likes me the most”

Jonghyun: -you were an open book and wasn’t ashamed of who you liked. So over the years you had been famous you’d always say you liked no one ever but ever since you met Jonghyun your opinion on relationships changed. ‘I honestly think Jonghyun is the only guy I could say I’ve liked more than a friend’ you informed the MC when you were asked about your love life- “hopefully now she will accept my love and we can live happily ever after” 

Key: -you were caught out with male idol a few nights ago and people had been asking who the boy had been. ‘Kim Kibum who else male wise have I been hanging out with other than my manager’ you said rolling your eyes as if it was obvious. Him he was waiting for what the ship name for the two of you would be- “I bet it would be catchy something I can put on a shirt kinda thing”

Minho: -the MC mentioned that the previous week Choi Minho had admitted he liked you on the show but your response surprised most people. ‘I guess I don’t have to feel bad now saying that I like him as well, do I?’ you said with a wink, And as soon as he saw he was a blushing mess- “omo she actually knows who I am”

Taemin: -they’d been teasing him that his ‘girlfriend’ (you) was finally legal and that it didn’t help that you mentioned during your latest interview with you group that you found Lee Taemin very attractive. Now that you were officially of age he was planning on trying something- “go away I have a pretty girl to impress and she’s not my girlfriend yet. Give it time though” 

last day

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Title: last day
Pairing: SHINee/Reader
Genre: Childhood AU
Summary: On the first day of school, she recalls that it was the last day of her loneliness.

It was the third day of school when she was lonely –in the sense that the teacher was sitting a few meters away from her, much more when she waited for her parents to pick her up. Her favorite character’s backpack was pressed to her chest as she laid her little head over it, her hair tied in beautiful braids as she swung her feet to the beat of nothingness. The world was a little bit easier for her, barely seven –since she had had her birthday not long ago- and only caring about her favorite snacks and shows. Her hums are a little bit lost as she opens her backpack to see if she had left a little bit of food when she ate breakfast, but she was welcomed by an empty spot in the usual container that had her meals. Her lips pucker up in thought as she lets out a soft sigh, taking out her old doll that had been with her since she was four years old. Her parents wouldn’t tell her why she couldn’t have another toy, but she loved her doll endlessly…it was like one of her closest friends, even more when she was starting school and most kids were a lot more energetic than her.

Yet, she feels the wood of the seat she had sat on sounding slightly and she looks over at the person to her side, expecting to see the teacher asking her if she was okay, but she was welcomed by a kid. His lips were pouty, his top lip a little bit thicker than his bottom one, his eyes looking at her eyes with seriousness, which as she grew older thought was funny because his fluffy cheeks made him look like the cutest person in the world. One of his eyebrows has a small spot, which she thought was incredibly cute and at that moment, she couldn’t quite remember the name of the kid with the baggy uniform, but a week later she got to know his name was Kim Kibum. He wasn’t the most talkative of kids, she just knew that he liked to draw a lot and that sometimes he didn’t listen to the teacher, but he seemed friendly. At that moment, he looks up at the rays of sunshine that fell over the cherry blossoms and then he speaks.

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170826 `ㅂ´ bumkeyk
이름은 하나인데 사람이 두명 김기범 김기범
one name but two people Kim Kibum Kim Kibum
¤ trans by fyfreakey, take out only with credits

Hello beautiful people. The one and only @everybodykpops and I were talking about wanting to do a collab of some sort. She does AMAZING moodboards (seriously go check them out) and I just started doing a whole bunch, so boom – here we are doing a whole collection of them together. Based on an idea of one of my moodboards prior, we came up with this designer x idol concepts, (because who doesn’t love pretty people in pretty things). We will update this collection as often as we both can and we both hope you guys like them! xx

@everybodykpops = *

@baebae-goodnight = +

(Updated as of 06/08/2017)

Being Kibum’s girlfriend means
  • candid pictures of you playing with his dogs on his insta but they always look really cute
  • he seems to know every interesting place to eat so every time you go out you try something new
  • you two are the power couple of shade like you’re always talking smack about someone and it’s really a bonding experience because you two always seem to have the same opinions
  • but he would never say those things about you because he loves you
  • he uses you like the internet like whenever he has a question about something random he asks you like “how do dolphins have babies”
  • “do shepherds eat shepherds’ pie”
  • “what do you call that thing at the end of a shoelace”
  • texts you random cute things like telling you to have a good day or asking you if you had a good lunch or telling you to rest because you deserve it
  • horror movie marathons at his place where you have to stay the night after because neither of you can bear to be alone
  • and you go to bed back to back because it’s the only way both of you feel safe but you wake up all tucked in each other’s arms
  • “it’s cold out today”
  • “it is–”
  • “you should put on a sweater y/n”
  • “kibum you sound like my mom”
  • “haha”
  • “…”
  • “no but really put on a sweater”
  • he’s the one that’s always prepped to take care of you if you get sick because he actually likes taking care of you
  • so he’s got soup and meds and warm blankets all ready to go
  • insists on cooking for you all the time so when you’re not going out he’s trying out new recipes on you
not so secret

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Title: not so secret
Pairing: Kim Kibum/Reader
Genre: Lawyer!AU
Summary: Even when she tried to keep her crush for her boss a secret, it was slightly obvious when her face heated up with embarrassment whenever he got close to her. Kim Kibum was just that seductive, wasn’t he?

Kibum was a hard worker man, from the moment he graduated and his diploma was held on his right hand, then he started wearing suits to work and he defended people like it was what he was more passionate about. His black hair was normally sleeked back and sometimes he spoke too sharply, too harshly but it comes because of the fact that he was intelligent enough to not trust anyone, but there was a certain someone that simply could make him feel a hundred times better. The person who once brought him champagne late at night because he couldn’t sleep and she sat beside him until the bottle was empty and he was tipsy enough to go back to bed before a big case that he had to solve, the one that received every call from his enemies that curse him and she keeps a straight face through it all, the one who simply looks at him early in the morning with a smile –even when she woke up earlier than him- and gave him a cup of coffee before giving him the newspaper and the same one that was sitting in front of him, signing a few of his papers and finishing a call as she puts the phone down. Her eyes look up at him and then they trail until they were over the papers once again and a shaky sigh leaves her.

The life of an assistant consists on seeing the lawyer you worked for being both successful and happy in front of you. Two years ago Kibum was dating this lawyer and she had to knock on the door of his office before he entered and the amount of revengeful smiles she received were enough to fill a whole wall with pictures of it, but what caught her attention about Kibum was how professional he was when his heart was broken and there she was, loving him more and more with each day and ruining herself over ice cream once she approached her own house. It was a never ending cycle and how she wished that he was hers but that was impossible, much more when he was preparing himself to go back home and pulling on his collar and tie, showing his collarbones that almost had her sweating on her own seat, but she composed herself before things could get out of hand, biting her bottom lip and sighing out loud, catching Kibum’s attention once again.

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Random Thought about SHINee

It’s the year 2023.

Taemin has ended his military service, and he was the last member to enlist.

At MAMA, everything is going great, idols performing, receiving awards, and then it all goes dark.

There’s silence for a minute and then the arena’s silence is interrupted by:

“SHINee’s back.”

The crowd applauds and screams, and SHINee, as a group in over 7-8 years, walks out and starts performing.

The only boy groups I can see carrying Shinhwa legacy are SHINee BEAST and INFINITE, yeah they may not be popular as they used to be (internationally) but all 3 of them are highly respected in South Korea and all of them at one point got called the next Shinhwa.