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All Companions react to a f!SS having busty breast and her boobs pop out because of something or someone pulling on their suit too much.

Cait: Cait smirks and finds it amusing. But she goes to help cover Sole’s chest from any prying eyes.

Codsworth: Codsworth says an ‘Oh dear Mum!’ and he quickly goes to get some supplies to sew the suit back up again.

Curie: “Oh goodness me. Do you want some help there?” Curie offers to fix the suit but she starts asking questions about how Sole’s breasts were so big. She’s envious in a way.

Paladin Danse: He turns around just in time to see Sole’s suit getting ripped by an attack dog. She kills the dog and quickly covers herself with her hands. Danse’s mouth opens wide and he freezes. It resulted in a large slap from Sole.

Deacon: Deacon laughs and compliments Sole multiple times and she hides in disdain, blushing. “Please don’t. Deacon just help me get myself decent for fucks sake”

Hancock: His eyes widen and there is a huge grin on his face. He reaches out to touch them but Hancock is stopped by a large slap across the face. He just wants to bury his face in them already.

MacCready: “Oh man…” MacCready starts to go red himself and quickly turns the other way to stare at something else. He starts to stutter a lot and he takes his coat off to give to Sole. The image of her chest implanted well in is mind.

Preston Garvey: He bites his lip and quickly passes his hat to Sole so she can cover herself. “Uh, General, Here…” he says and looks away. He tries to erase the thought from his mind but it proves difficult.

Piper: “Uhhh…” she says, looking up and down at Sole, “Blue? Do you want my coat… Or..” Piper grows really awkward and doesn’t really know how to respond.

Nick Valentine: “Jesus Christ kid…” he mumbles before looking away. “I would offer you my coat but I have nothing on underneath either.”

Strong: “Strong told human that it was not proper armor. Strong will find human REAL armor!”

X6-88: He looks at her breasts for a few moments before looking away so she could have privacy. “Why do you still wear the Vault suit Ma’am… It was bound to happen at some point.”

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I wish you would write a fic where Robert talks about losing Pat to Aaron...(idk if you are still doing these...)

“Who’s that then?” Aaron asked, squinting at the yellowing photograph in Robert’s hands. 

Robert looked up, in his own little world for a second before he replied, brushing a thumb over the kindly face in the photograph. “My mum,” he said, glancing at the photo again. He couldn’t be more than a few weeks old in the phone, a tiny baby with a shock of white blonde hair peeking out from underneath a tiny knitted hat. “My real mum, Pat.”

Pat Sugden, the mother he’d never known. He’d only been a few months old when she’d died, no where near old enough to even have a fuzzy memory of her, no one around to tell him about his mum. 

He knew next to nothing about the woman who’d brought him into the world, the woman he’d gotten half his genetics from. 

Robert looked up, his vision blurry with tears as he looked at his husband. “I didn’t know her,” he said quietly, hating the way his voice cracked as he spoke. How could he possibly feel grief for a woman he’d never known?

“How old were you when you died?” Aaron asked, sitting down next to Robert on the edge of their bed, a reassuring hand on Robert’s knee, his fingers digging into Robert’s leg, grounding him, keeping him in the room. 

It was hard, to talk about this sort of thing, but Aaron helped, Aaron always helped. 

“Five months old,” Robert replied quietly, looking at the photo again. He recognised it as Emmerdale Farm, the rolling green fields of his childhood home, his tiny baby self bundled up in Pat’s arms. “How can I feel sad about someone I never knew?”

“I guess maybe you mourn the mum you never had.” Aaron said, trying his best, just like he always did.

Robert nodded. “I just….. It wasn’t enough that I lost my real mum, you know? Pat died when I was a baby, and I was lucky enough to get another mum in Sarah, and then I lost her too. Hows that fair? Some people get a mum for their whole lives, and both of mine had died by time I was fifteen.”

Aaron’s arms were instantly around him, calloused palms rubbing gently up and down Robert’s arms as he started to cry, feeling jealous, and sad, and overwhelmed all at once. He saw it everyday, saw Bernice with Diane and was so jealous of the fact his step-sister still had a mum, still had a parent to love her. He saw it with Laurel, and Doug, and half the bloody village - parents still alive, still loving their kids, and here he was, his parents, all three of his parents dead, his brother on the run, a step-mother who never really knew him, not really.

Where was the fairness in all of that? 

“You can share my mum,” Aaron said, resting his chin on Robert’s shoulder, his gaze on the photo now too, the only photo Robert had left of Pat. “I know it’s not the same, but…”

Robert couldn’t help but smile through his tears. “Thank you,” he murmured, leaning his head against Aaron’s. “I’ve got a brother and a sister, my mum’s kids from her first marriage.”

“Really?” Aaron sounded surprised. 

Robert nodded, thinking of the brother and sister he barely knew, just knew by name. “Haven’t seen them since I was a kid, I wouldn’t even know where to find them now.” 

“Maybe you should try and find them,” Aaron suggested, holding him tighter. “Could be nice.”

Robert shrugged. “I’ve got my family here, haven’t I?”

Aaron pressed a kiss to the side of Robert’s head, smiling against Robert’s skin. “Yeah, you have.”

tell me what fic you wish i’d write

3rd date tomorrow

May have made a huge mistake in planning

We’re going to Ribfest at 1 pm

–it’s supposed to be a high of 93 tomorrow and mamma doesn’t do so well in the heat. I often get sun poisoning and just generally sweat my face off. Not cute. Never been a fan of sun or summer or temps above 70.

–ribs? The messiest least sexy thing to eat? 🤦🏻‍♀️and eating it all in the heat?!

–I think we need a sit down dinner date soon opposed to activities date because you get to know one another better. And there’s AC

But I’ll wear a dress with bike shorts underneath and maybe a hat to protect my poor sweaty sun blasted face and enjoy myself because ribfest is one of my favorite fests and I haven’t been in forever and there’s nothing wrong with light, breezy, drama free company.

Take me where the coffee taste good black - where the cigarettes stay lit like the neon lights that glare down on graffitied streets scribbled in the words traced out by anonymous poets resting below our feet.

Take me where the coffee stays hot - where the curls in my head never dread and stay evenly tucked underneath that old black hat I always wear day after day till the days all become one in the same.

I’m always afraid of dusk. I’m afraid of a new day where everything is subject to change and the person I was yesterday was nothing more than an overblown polaroid in a scrapbook.

Scrapbooks littered with old photographs, movie tickets and other cheap manic-pixie daydreams held so dearly to my adolescence that has degressed into something less than whatever remains.

These words are far greater than me - every word I have ever said is pocketed and dead and ringed around my head till I’m six feet deep and underneath the feet of those far baver than me.

But these words don’t mean much. The coffee has gotten cold and I’m getting old.  My hair has gone from black to grey. And dusk is waiting. I don’t think I’ll stay.

—  Syntax Sketches

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Part 2

You headed back to the hotel after your match, you needed to pack and head to the next city. Finn had been caught with something changing the hang out to another night. You were fine with, no rush there. 

Collapsing on your bed with a sigh. Bayley chuckled as she walks out the bathroom. 

“ With a sigh like that something is going on” 

“ What do you mean?” lifting yourself up with your elbow peering over at her. She was packing her stuff, when she gave you the look like you knew what she was talking about.

“ Balor” collapsing back on the bed staring at the ceiling with one hand underneath your head and one on your stomach. 

“ There is nothing going on between Finn and I.  Were friends” 

“ Uh huh, then why did he slap your ass backstage tonight. I saw that” 

You groaned rolling over on your stomach, “ Were friends Bales. I don’t think he likes me like that. I mean, come on look at me. “ 

Getting off the bed you motioned to yourself. 

“ I see nothing wrong with you” 

Rolling your eyes, you sighed again, “ I meant me. I’m plain. He doesn’t like plain girls.” 

“ And you know what he likes?”

“ Not plain women” 

“ Then you need to learn my child. Now get packing” 

“ Yes mom” she stuck her tongue out. 

 “ And you call me a child..” you mumbled. 

You had no idea how you happened to be in a car when you looked over to the other side seeing Finn leaning against the window sleeping with his headphones on. 

Sami was driving the car, Enzo had his cap down in the passenger seat. Cass didn’t come along apparently.. He wasn’t in the car.

“ Where’s Cass?” you mumbled rubbing your eyes sleepily. 

“ He is driving with Carmella, she missed him” you nodded mumbling an alright

“ I’m going to stop for gas in a few. Do you need to use the bathroom?” He asked. Sitting more comfortably, you yawned ruffling your hair looking out the window.

“ Possibly” he chuckled shaking his head. 

Your head turned to look over to Finn who was sleeping. Did he feel anything for you? Or was he playing games? Maybe he was leading you on? 

You had no idea what was running through his head. Finn is one of the nicest guys you know. He was sweet, adorable and a dork at heart. The man loved legos. He was a child but you couldn’t help but think if there was more than friendship between the two of you. 

Sami drove to the gas station, parking the car. He got out to pump the gas into the car. You slipped out of the car, telling Sami you would be right back before heading into the store going to the bathroom. 

Coming back, Sami was waiting for you leaning against the car. Spotting you, he nods as he heads around to the driver side. You slipped back into the car seeing that Finn was awake.

“ Sleep good?” you asked. 

He nodded, typing something on his phone before putting it away. He turns hushed to you, smiling, “ Yeah did you?” 

“ Yeah, I did. Do you know how I happened to get in this car?”

He laughed, Sami joining before he answered, “ I carried you . Bayley called me telling me you passed out and won’t get up. I came over and carried you.” 

“ Oh..uh.. thanks” 

After a few moments, Finn asks, “ So Y/N, I don’t know much about your wrestling past.. where you wrestled before..” 

“ Oh well, I wrestled back in CZW. I used to have blood matches, my best friends over there were Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley.  You know, Sami and Dean” he nodded as he listened. 

“ That’s why you like to use weapons like chairs, kedo stick etc” 

“ They don’t call me rebel for nothing” 

“ Then she came into NXT, I took her under my wing with Kevin. We became best friends from there” Sami said. 

“ Yep, Sami and Kevin became like brothers to me” 

“Awe, I didn’t know you felt that way about me” Sami gushed. You chuckled, “ It’s true Sami, your like family to me” 

“ Same to you Y/N” 

As you were checking in the hotel, Enzo grumbling underneath his breath stood by you running a hand through his messy hair. He had a hat on his head. 

“ Something up your ass Amore?” 

“ I usually room with Cass but he said he and Carmell are sharing. I don’t have anywhere else to go… “ 

“ Awe poor little Zo” reaching over you squeezed his cheek pouting at him. He swatted your hand playfully glaring at you. 

“ You can share with me Zo, I have an extra bed” 

“ Really?” 

You handed him the extra key, “ Come on grumpy. Let’s get you in bed.” 

As you slipped off your shoes, Enzo looked around the room. He liked the room but his eyes gazed over to you. The thing was he was nervous to share a room with you. 

Why? Well he was keeping a secret from you. 

He has feeling for you. 

“ Zo!” 

“ Huh?” He asked. He was in daze thinking about you when you called out to him. 

“ What’s wrong? You are too quite tonight” He shrugged, “ tired” 

“ Sleep then” 

“ I don’t know if I can, I slept in the car”  He sat on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes then his jacket as he leaned down on the bed with his back. 

You couldn’t help but worry over him. Something was off about him and you couldn’t place a finger on it. He was one of your best friends and he couldn’t tell you what was bothering him. That upset you. You wanted to help. 

“ Don’t shut me out Zo, it hurts” He sat up at the words, sighing rubbing a hand down his face. 

“ I’m sorry Y/N. I just need time to myself, okay?” you nodded, hanging your head a bit. 

He kept looking at you, it hurt him to see you like tis but he couldn’t just tell you. He wasn’t prepared to lose you. Not yet. 

He wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to you but kept his distance as he got ready for bed heading to the bathroom. He left his phone on the bedside table leaving you alone in the room. 

Enzo seemed sad and you just wanted to hug him. You never saw him like this before and it kinda scared you. 

His phone binged , he had a message. Cass had texted him. You want to look but you respected his privacy. But at the same time it was tempting to look, just a peek, you thought.

Taking his phone in your hands your eyes go wide at the message. 

“ Did you tell Y/N? Tell her you love her before it’s too late”

I Know You

This is imaginethatboybandyoulike entry xx 

“What?” I ask spinning around in the baby blue skater dress Brad had bought me only a couple hours ago as a surprise.

He likes doing that actually, spoiling me at the most spontaneous moments. I usually I try to reject them, but this one was gorgeous, I couldn’t say no.

He sat in the corner of my large bedroom, I had convinced my brother to swap with me so that I have more space to do ‘girly things’ if you catch my drift. He sat on a small plush stool I had received for Christmas two years ago. He had a small smile on his face, hand to his chin, covered in bracelets that fans have given to him previously,his little hat perched on the top of his head always leaving me wondering how it stays on.

“You’re—” He sighs “beautiful” I feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I stop directly in front of my mirror my arms around my own waist and swaying slightly. I was always worried whether he was happy with my, if I’m honest, he must meet so many other fans that are over the scale of gorgeous, girls whom are interested in him probably much more than I was at the start.

We hated each other, couldn’t stand his face, he was talking to Connor a lot so me and Connor stopped talking for a while. Being brother and sister you’d think he’d stick by my side. But it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m happy.

A pair of arms wrap around my waist holding mine against my body.

“You’re—” He pauses “Gorgeous” I blink in the mirror. Moments like this make me melt, he makes me feel amazing when I need it and I don’t. He suddenly comes out with something I never expected from him “We’d have the cutest kids ever” I nod, smiling slightly. “They’d have your blue eyes and my brown hair” I rest my head on his chest “They would defiantly be short”

“Well, Lui is kind of tall” I retort sweetly.

“Maybe” I turn and wrap my arms around his neck, tilting my head to the left and biting my lip “What’s up Munchkin?”

“Nothing, just looking and thinking” He got worried A LOT, if I was looking down at all he would make sure I have a smile on my face in a split second. He could see right through my fake smiles just by the glint in my eyes.

He’s a keeper. Is what my Dad said to me when he left for the first time, (they had never really met them when he came to see Connor, so it was a new experience). That never happened before, so it was hard to say I was shocked, more astonished.

If there was one thing that  would change about him, it would be his career.

I know he is doing what he loves and all, but he is never around and when he is he has to leave so soon. The paparazzi never leaving me alone, even when he is not around.

I love Brad and all but it does get a tiny bit too much at times.

“There is. Are you getting bad again?”

“No Brad, I made a promise and I’m not breaking it—”

“Then what is it, I want to make it go away”

“But you can’t and you won’t”

“I will”

“You won’t”

“Tell me” His voice soft and rasp in his usual Brummy accent.

“You!” I pause “Well, not you, but what you do. And I know you love you. But I miss you all the god damn time. I miss you, Connor, James and even Tris.” I say making myself giggle “I miss the stupid little things, like how you think you have to buy my love and how your curls fall across your face when you wake up and when we go out and everyone’s face lights up seeing you, whether it’s because their a fan or a old friend. It’s amazing because it’s you a-and—”

“You worry, don’t you. You worry that I will find someone else. Someone ‘better’. But there is no one better” He takes my hand and sits on my bed pulling me to his lap. “You are perfect with all your imperfections. I find it adorable when you wake up in the morning to see a spot on your forehead and you sit in front of the mirror all day staring at it trying to magic it away. Or how when you drive your face is the cutest thing, or when you watch a movie—” He stops himself from carrying on. “Look, I love you and only you. You are my other half. I have finally found my broken heart piece. You love me for me and for that I am great full” I bury myself into his chest

“You are amazing”

“Only because you make me” I laugh at my thoughts

“I wonder what the fans would think if they found out you are this soppy”

“They’d probably want to kiss me”

“Hey, that’s my job” I scoff mockingly, leaning in brushing my lips against his watch his eyes roll closed. I giggle and lean back on my lap.


“That’s my job” We do that a lot too, we like to lead each other on and then leave very quickly and very quietly. Not to mention the dress was quite short and I didn’t have any shorts to go underneath. “I want to go out somewhere”

“I want to do something else” He whines trying to attach our lips. I lean as far back as I can with out him holding me

“How can you go from the sweetest thing in the world to the most sex crazed maniac I have ever met?”

“Because you drive me insane”

“Sounds about right” I laugh attaching our lips for only a second, grabbing his hat he places it on my head,

“I need to know your lips, nothing ever mattered to me more than this”

“You can not use your own song as a pick up line, that is just cheesy” I stand fixing the hat on my head

“You like cheesy”

“I know, but I don’t want to admit that” I groan with a giggle. He re-wraps his arms around my waist leaving soft kisses on my neck.

“You’re quite tense” He murmurs against my neck

“Well, there is a possibility that I’ve been a bit stressed at work lately”

“what’s going on babe?” He kisses up to my ear

“Well, last week I tried to edit the video and my mac book crashed meaning I didn’t get the YouTube money, then when I got the café I was soaking and tired”

“Why didn’t you text me. I would have got James to drive you?” He kisses across my cheek

“I didn’t want to bother you” I groan a bit as he kisses at the corner of my lips.

“You okay for rent?”

“Yeah, I paid a couple months in advance two weeks ago”

“good. Not having you out on the streets. I would have let you stay with me anyway”

“What you and your parents. Thanks there”

“Better than the streets” He shrugs turning me to face him “Plus you’d have Nat”

“Not after last time!” Last time I visited his place me and Nat where telling spooky stories and I scared her a bit too much. So much in face we didn’t sleep the whole night.

I’m quite close to his family. Seeing as mine don’t even live in the country anymore. I was a single child all my life because I was adopted, Mary and Charlie didn’t want me to feel as if they where dumping me all of a sudden for a new child.

Everyone, everyone always expects Charlie to be a boy, but no, my parents wanted to be parents so they adopted. And they adopted me. Strangely I was never picked on in school for having two mums, in fact it was considered pretty normal, never bothered me so it never bothered anyone else.

“She’s forgiven you, except for two months ago when she went for a nap and came down the stairs crying”

“Really? I did that, should I be sad or proud”

“She’s okay, so you can laugh” I do, I giggle slightly placing my lips on his for only a second.

“I like your apartment”

“I don’t really”

“Why not?”

“I’m lonely all the damn time and it’s freezing!”

“Point taken but in two days you’ll be on a warm tour bus with me, in the mean time we can cuddle” I smile taking in this moment. As soon as tour starts we’re going to have to stop being all kissy cuddily because Connor will be there and he said ‘He is very uncomfortable with the situation’. Which of course, I laughed at till I realised he was being serious and stopped abruptly. “Brad baby?”

“Yes?” He asked worryingly

“It’s not bad, It’s just. What if we brake up, Connor will be torn who’s side to take”

“Two things . I would make sure he takes your side, because he’s your brother and should be aloud to slap me around the face if I step out of line and two, I’m at a age now where I want to be with you forever. We’re not kids anymore, we have had our fun with our exes. But that’s not how this one is going to turn out”


“Promise. Now aren’t you meant to be blogging today?

"oh yeah!” I say running toward my backpack grabbing the camera and turning it on holding it away from my face. “You watch my vloggs?”

“You listen to my music, plus that way I can see your pretty face where ever I am” He’s not normally like this, I’d like to point out. He’s usually not very good with sloppyness and cuddles. He isn’t really into PDA. Around the boys, he doesn’t care. Although, Connor does.

“Before I start blushing like mad. Hello guys! Me and Brad are going shopping”

“We are?”

“Yeah, I need milk” I say opening my cupboard door after passing the camera to Brad who is with no daught making weird faces that I will use for bloopers.

A lot of my vloggs have Brad in it. A voice behind me says

“Look at this cutie trying to find a jacket”

“I gave you that camera in confidence” I say pulling out my cream jacket. “You’re being a bit of a shit today aren’t you Brad?” He steps a little closer pulling the camera to my chest



Brad was off this whole time, acting really suspicious, in fact he didn’t even want to leave my side which I don’t know if I should be flattered about if I’m honest. He always had one hand in his pocket after coming out of that jewelry store to buy that bracelet for his mum. I guess he didn’t want people seeing it. “When do you see her next?” I ask opening the door with the camera held up high so they don’t see my door.

“A couple months but they wouldn’t be stocking them at that point” I nod closing the door after him.


We have been on the road for what, 2 weeks now and they’re on their way to their 6th show I think. Not keeping count. 6 is my lucky number so this show is going to be amazing. Currently Brad is sitting next to me on his knees bouncing around with his phone. “CONNOR!” He shouts startling me.

“What happened, is (Y/N) okay?”

“She’s fine. But I need to ask you something” He says leaving the room.

“Love you too I guess” I shrug. He’s been running off a lot lately.

Going back to editing the cafe’s website, I hear a scream of “SERIOUSLY! OKAY DO IT!” And then silence with hushed whispers. Connor always got over excited at things so, I don’t know what to expect anymore. Can’t be that exciting.

“Pretty yourself up tonight, (Y/N)”

Tristan winks.

“Shhh” James slaps his arm smiling.


I did as Tristan said, although I didn’t see Brad for the rest of the day. I was okay.

I have on the blue dress that Brad had got me and some of my usual make up, which of course Claire, had to change. She gave me a more natural look with a winged eyeliner.

“Sometimes I hate you” I say to her, being the boy’s makeup artist you’d think that maybe she might be with the boys. You where wrong.

“You need me”

“Yeah, but don’t tell her she might get big headed”

“Our little secret. Now go to the side of the stage, they need you in a minute”

“Need me?” I shout as she walks away. “I hate you!” I turn towards the stage sulking like a child. Brad turns toward me, out of breath and winking.

A blush rises to my cheeks, going unnoticed by me, Brad runs one of his fingers up his cheeks whilst singing indicating my red cheeks.

“It was look much better, On the floor, on the floor” Brad grabs a jacket after turning off his microphone temporally and indicating me to come out to him.

“Come on, you look cute and Claire spent time on you” He says pulling me beside my best efforts. James had been taking him to the gym so, I had no chance in hell. Not complaining.

“So as you know, I hope, that this my girlfriend, (Y/N) Ball, which is weird to say—” The crowd cheers “Because that is also the bassist’s name, we have even had people come to our shows just to meet the little turnip, get your own fans”

“Brad, they’re all the same fans, it’s just you sing” I stick my tongue out at him

“How romantic” He says almost forgetting the audience. “So Connor, can you just take your little sister to the front of the stage” He says bringing the microphone to his waist and fiddling with his pocket. Connor pulls me by the waist to the front of the stage. “I’ve been planning this for months, so no peaking” Some girls scream my name so I wave to them.

Soon after the whole arena is filled with screams sending me into worry. “Okay, turn around Princess”

“I am not a princess and two I—” My hands fly to my face as tears prick my eyes.

“I know you said if we get married that you don’t want to be proposed to on stage. But I also know that your lucky number is 6 and your favourite colour is red. I know that you like the rain because you get to take extra warm showers, I know that you didn’t like sitting at the back of the classroom because it made it look like you didn’t care enough. I know that your favourite song is on the floor but you can’t tell your family because it has a ‘dirty and inappropriate theme’. I know that you want a tattoo but are too scared, I know that you like your cold apartment no matter what you say because you get to use your blankets all the time. I know you love to walk around in your pajamas because they hold all the warmth of last night. I know you love my grey sweater because it reminds you of when we first met. I know your favourite quote is ‘If there is a story you want to read but has not been written yet, you need to write it’ or something along the line, I know you told me not to tell anyone this, but I don’t care. I don’t know a lot, but I know I love you. Marry me?”

“I would have said yes anyway” I laugh through the tears. He jumps up and hugs me tighter then ever before. The three boys all join us, squeezing us tight.

“You better not hurt my sister, man”

“I won’t. She’ll probably hurt me first” I nod as he sets the ring on my finger

“I love you”

"I love you too Bradley” I say as he connects our lips and drops the microphone.

Seven Days of Christmas: Day 4

Summary: When the holidays don’t turn out the way you planned, seven people bring you holiday cheer and celebrate with you.

Genre: Cute, Fluff, Fun. Comedy

Length: 2413


“What is this supposed to be?” JB asked, holding up the cookie you had made for him.

You rubbed your eyes, trying to remove the sleep. Your pupils slowly adjusted to the light, and you looked at what JB was holding. “That’s you,” you groaned. Being woken up in the middle of the night multiple times in a row was definitely taking a toll on your sleep and mood.

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"Sweater Weather" -- Matt Espinosa Imagine

It’s a cold winter day and you’re laying on your bed in your room. You’re not surprised with yourself. It’s too cold to go anywhere. Everyone insists on staying inside and you’re not going to argue with it.

The heater in your room isn’t doing much and you begin to wonder about its purpose. Does it even have one? The same goes with the multiple blankets that are covering you– they don’t seem to have much of a purpose at all.

Your phone buzzes on your nightstand beside you and you groggily crane your neck to the side, your eyes falling on the screen of your phone only to see a phone call from your best friend, Matt. Picking it up in your hand, you bring it to your ear.

“Hey,” you sigh, closing your eyes tiredly. The temperature is really getting to you.

“Wow, don’t sound so excited to talk to me,” he teased, adding a soft laugh to the end of his words.

You grin and sit up a little bit, raking your fingers through your hair. “What are you up to?”

You could almost see him shrugging nonchalantly on the other end of the phone. “Actually, I’m walking through the front door. And now I’m walking up the stairs. And now I’m walking down the hall. And now I’m walking into your room.”

You’re about to retaliate and ask him what he’s doing at your house and why he left when it was stated on the news that no one should go outside, but you’re not surprised. He often shows up at your house without warning and vise-versa.

Your bedroom door opens and you hang up your phone, seeing the tan boy with dark blonde hair enter. He’s wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans with a red beanie on his head. You can see the snowflakes still sticking to the material of his hat and you giggle underneath your breath.

“Isn’t it a little cold to be showing up to my house without letting me know first?” you tease, sitting up in an upright position.

He sends you a playful scowl with his dark brown eyes. He then takes off his beanie and puts it on your dresser, walking over to your bed only to sit on the edge. “I had nothing to do.”

After being friends with him for so long, you know that he can’t be alone for too long. He likes being with people and you know it’s because he likes making them laugh. Often, you discover that you’re the first option. He ditches his other friends and sees what you’re doing before he asks them. You assume it’s because you live close by.

Your eyes wander down to his hands that he has folded together tightly. You reach for them, placing one of your hands on top of his two. They’re freezing.

“Matt!” you groan, looking up at him sympathetically. “This is why they said to stay inside! That’s what the term ’travel ban’ means.”

You move your hands up to his face, your fingertips immediately feeling how cold his cheeks are. You move your thumbs back and forth, trying anything to supply him with some type of warmth.

“Was risking your safety really worth this?” you push a laugh although you’re truly concerned for your friend. Obviously he doesn’t have frostbite or hypothermia or anything, but you know he could catch a cold or the flu or something. 

He shrugged carelessly and you depart yourself from him, pulling the covers off of yourself and heading for your door.

“Where are you going?” he laughed.

Turning around as you place your hand on your doorknob, you notice he is now standing up too. “I’m getting you some coffee or something.”

Without waiting for his opposing statement, you head down the hallway and down your staircase, heading for the kitchen in a slight rush. You know he’s following you but you don’t care because you want to help him. You always do.

Pushing yourself up on your tiptoes, you reach up and open up the cupboard where your coffee grinds and filters are. Flustered, you open the bag and begin putting some in the coffee maker.

“I think you’re overreacting a little,” he says from behind you. And by the way he says it, you know he’s smiling.

You don’t say anything because you know it will get you mad. So, you just stay quiet and continue on doing what you’re doing. He knows it will get you mad, too. He knows exactly what to say and how to push your buttons and while you hate that, you can’t help but respect it because it just shows how well you know each other.

“Hello?” he taunts when he realizes that you’re not going to answer. You can feel him coming closer to you from behind and you feel your skin heating up, regardless of the freezing weather. “Aren’t you going to say something?”

You reach up and grab a coffee cup, then place it on the counter. You stand in front of the coffee maker, waiting patiently for it to be finished. “I’m not saying anything to you right now.”

Relax,” he breathes, his hands finding your hips and sliding around your waist until his arms are tied around you. Immediately, you tense up. You know he’s not interested in you, but you can’t deny that you haven’t thought about what it would be like to be with him. But then, you’d snap yourself out of it because he’s your best friend. That’s all.

He rests his chin on your shoulder and you can feel him up against your back. You’re so comfortable and safe there, but you won’t tell him that. You would never even think to say something about that.

“I was just kidding,” he smirks, readjusting his head so that the side of his face is on your shoulder and his eyes are on you. You can feel his gentle breath on your neck and you feel yourself becoming uneasy and unfocused.

Just when you think that’s as far as he’ll go, he lifts his head and presses his lips to your cheek softly. Your heart is even racing as he pulls away because although you’re comfortable with him, you’re far from comfortable with the feelings you’re having. They hit you all at once.

Expecting to break free from his grip, you turn around and try to do so, but only end up eye to eye with him. His confident smile fades into a pout and his eyes gain focus for yours. His hands are on your hips and you notice yours have gone to his forearms out of natural instinct.

You notice just how perfect everything about him is in that moment. Not only his appearance, but the things he does. He’s the only one that can make you laugh until you cry, that can make you feel good, and also feel important. He always has. And regardless of how he feels, you know you care about him so much because of all of those reasons.

Even though you know it’s wrong, you want to know what it’s like to be more than just his friend. You can barely help yourself. And you know you’re  going to have to move fast because you don’t want to miss your chance.

You push yourself up and slowly push your lips into his. You start off gently because you’re unsure of how he’s going to react, but when you feel him kissing back, you know this is it. And it’s perfect.

His hands squeeze your hips and he kisses you harder, still managing to keep things careful and slow. Your hands trail up his arms and to the sides of his neck, keeping him in place. His body moves into yours, closing any available space that was there. It feels as if you’ve done this so many times before because it’s so natural, yet you feel those butterflies in your stomach because it’s the first time.

His head begins tilting the other way and his cold nose brushes past yours. You go along with it even though you don’t feel like it’s right. But you don’t care because you know you’ve wanted this for a while.

To your surprise, he lifts you up and sets you down on the counter top. His hands slide down your thighs and he separates your legs, moving into the space there. Your hands are in his hair, running through it gradually.

The coffee pot beeps, indicating that it has finished. You turn your head and depart your lips from your friend, startled. Your breathing is heavy and his is too, and when you bring your eyes back to his you’re unsure of what to say or do.

His lips brush yours as you both catch your breath, unsure of how exactly you got to where you are. You didn’t mean for it to go that far. Actually, you didn’t mean for anything to happen at all. It was so out of the ordinary.

“I like that you worry about me,” he finally murmurs, a soft smile on his lips.

You feel your cheeks grow warm and you can’t help but laugh. Your hands fall to your lap and one of his finds yours, intertwining your fingers together loosely. His hands are cold and you remember what you’re doing in the kitchen in the first place.

“Your coffee is done,” I say. “I’ll pour you some because you need to warm up.”

You begin to move away from him but he stops you by placing a hand on the side of your face. “I have another idea.”

You tip your head, unsure of what he’s trying to say. But when he leans back in and captures his lips in yours, you know exactly what he has in mind and you’re completely okay with it.

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A Rosey Mistake


I have written another part to my future MMFD fic. It goes back in time from the last one shot I posted. I have also realised I never put a date on it. Waiting was based in 2005, just so you have a time span of when everything happens.

I hope you enjoy it and the previous parts are linked below.

Second Anniversary Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Waiting


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Heartless (CS fic)

I intended to try my hand at angst since I usually only write fluff and this is what happened. I think it’s more sad with a smidgen of happiness than it is angst, but whatever. Read on instead. (one of these days I’m gonna learn how to do an ‘under the cut’ so these aren’t huge posts)



Even without his heart, disgust rolls through him as he tucks the sorcerer’s hat underneath his jacket. He wants nothing to do with this vile magical vestige. For a moment he debates lighting it on fire, wondering if the Crocodile would know immediately or if there would be enough time for him to tell Emma, in some desperate attempt to save his life.

A phantom pain, much like the ones he still occasionally feels near his left wrist, shoots through where his heart used to be. He assumes this means the Crocodile would know immediately. Intelligent deduction there pirate the voice in his head chimes in, sounding more like the Crocodile than his own.

Get out of my head Crocodile! he thinks, furious with the idea that someone so disgusting could share his thoughts.

Don’t worry, dearie. I can only tell when you are thinking of hurting something precious to me or if you try to share the details of our arrangement with anyone. You can make pathetic puppy eyes at the savior and I’ll be non the wiser the Crocodile sneers.

Everyone is too caught up in the fireworks Emma has created to notice him slipping away. He quickly makes his way back to Granny’s, walking in the shadows of the forest as opposed to alongside the road. He is thankful for his black attire, making it even harder for anyone to spot him. 

Once in his room, he shoves the hat into the wardrobe throwing a spare blanket on top of it. He uncharacteristically flops onto the bed, the pad of his thumb rubbing back and forth over the cap of his flask of rum. Typically the gesture would provide relief, comfort even at the familiarity but it only offers a wave of nausea.

He can’t stop his mind from replaying the events of the day. You’re going to do everything I say because you’re my puppet now. The taunts about revenge and Milah, his stomach rolls and the nausea increases. He tries to focus on Emma instead. I didn’t know you were such a fan of my magic. In that moment he almost told her he loved her. The thought of dying before he can tell her is too much to bear but he knew she wasn’t ready, it wasn’t the time or place and opted to tell her indirectly instead. I’m a fan of every part of you.

And he is. He forces himself to remember everything about her. The silkiness of her hair as it glides through his fingers. The little dent in her chin when she smiles. How easily he can make the corners of her mouth turn upward now. The way her face softens when she looks at him sometimes. The gold flecks in her otherwise green eyes. The weight of her hand as she slips her fingers between his. The softness of her lips. The way her body sways into his before they kiss. The feel of her fingertips as she slid them across his cheek and down his neck. How she never refuses his affections but is always the one to break the kiss and pull away first, pretending she has a firm grasp on her self control when he knows she’s barely hanging on by a thread. The smell of her skin. Her love of cocoa with cinnamon. Her sarcastic quips. How she will never back down from putting him in his place. How he can’t get within two feet of her before her eyes fall to his lips. Her (adorable) obsession with grabbing his collar. That she openly trusts him and seeks his opinion.

Are you alright? He wondered if the tables had turned. Can she now read him as an open book as well? Part of him wants her to be able to, to see exactly what has happened to him so he doesn’t need to explain a word of it, but he knows that is the cowardly way out. She deserves an explanation, the full truth. The terrible, terrible truth that he made her a promise that she wouldn’t lose him too and now he will be just another man in her life who has broken that promise.

If you look at me any harder you’re going to drill a hole in my head. If the situation weren’t as dire, he’d almost be amused that she has finally realized how he looks at her. Nothing has changed, really. He may have stared at her with a bit more intensity, simply because it could be the last time he’ll ever see her again and he wanted to commit every inch of her to memory, but he has always looked at her like that. Just as though she was able not to see August’s wooden leg because she so strongly didn’t want to believe in magic, she had managed not to see how he had looked at her since returning from Neverland.

Had his heart been in its rightful home when she grinned at him before heading outside, he’s convinced it would have swelled, possibly burst. Her face was so open, smile wide on her face, fingers still grasping his collar, body only turned away from him simply so she could walk. No matter what happens, to them, to him, he hopes she will retain that lightness, that happiness she felt then. If anyone is deserving of it, it is her.

Eventually he drifts off into a fitful sleep, peppered with nightmares of the Crocodile taking his heart. He relives Milah’s death more than once, but the nightmare where Gold instructs him to kill Emma is when he gives up on sleep entirely.

The next day he remains alone, only sneaking down to Granny’s the moment she opens the diner and then again minutes before she closes. Dark shadows hang under his eyes. Its safer not to sleep and to be alone than it is to be around her, or anyone really. He knows the Crocodile will need him again soon and even the mere thought of doing any magical bidding for him gives him anxiety and the nausea returns.

It is the strangest of feelings; to feel, but not really be able to feel. Everything is muted and dulled, not creating nearly the same sensations as it once did and it only further fuels him to stay away from Emma. It hurts to much to see her and remember what he used to feel compared to what he feels now. It’s not fair to her that he can’t express the emotions she needs, she deserves.

He continues to avoid everyone, allowing the battery on his phone to die to stop the ringing of her calls. He mumbles something to Granny about being under the weather in hopes she’ll pass along the message and everyone will leave him alone.

He is not so lucky. He expected nothing less, really. After weeks of spending almost every day together she surely would not allow him to disappear from her life for long. She catches him as he peeks out the door of his room early one morning. She moves quickly, bracing herself in the doorway as though he would shut the door on her.

“Are you okay?” She asks, concern etched on her face. Her hand comes up to trace the line of his jaw.

His eyes close involuntarily. At least it’s easier to lie this way. “Yes, love. Just feeling a bit under the weather. I hoped Granny would pass along the message.” His voice is hoarse from lack of use.

“She did, but you didn’t call me and you let your phone die. Am I really supposed to believe you’re sick?” She says.

“I’m sorry for not telling you personally. I didn’t want you to catch whatever I have.” He lies.

“You’re lying.” Her voice is cold, hurt.

“Love…” he starts.

“No. Don’t ‘love’ me. You don’t get to disappear for three days, ignore my calls and then lie to my face. Do you think I’m stupid or something? What the hell is going on Killian?” She demands, hands pushing into his chest. 

He opens his mouth to speak, to tell give her some indication about his heart but the words do not come. The Crocodile is stopping him from telling her. “Do that again.” he says, hoping she’ll understand.

“Do what? Yell at you?” She all but growls.

He knows it is now or never. If he doesn’t find a way to give her the clues necessary to figure out what has happened, he may not get a second chance. He meets her eyes, staring at her intently and causing her next assault of words to die on her lips. His eyes flicker purposely to her hands then to her chest.

It clicks. “Why are you ignoring me?” She presses her hands to his chest again and he stills, eyes flickering to where her hands are placed.

Her fingers tense, head jerking slightly before her right hand presses more firmly into his chest, moving, searching for a heartbeat. Panic floods her face as she meets his eyes again. He answered her unasked question with a long blink.

He’s being hauled toward her, her arms squeezing tightly around his waist as her head presses sideways to his chest, her ear right over where his heart used to be. A strangled sob escapes her and he’s instantly trying to comfort her, cradling her head with his hand. “Shh” he murmurs, knowing it is of no use.

“It was him?” She asks quietly, not sure if she can even say the man’s name.

He nods, not willing to speak the name aloud either.

Green eyes shimmering with unshed tears meet his briefly before her hands are cradling his face and her lips are being pressed gently to his. It’s slow and exploratory, the way her lips mold against his, the way her fingers gently trail over his face and neck. Her other hand moves to the back of his neck, playing with his hair before she’s running her hand up and down the length of his spine. She tilts her head, deepening the kiss and he follows. He knows what she is doing, cataloging every inch of him, savoring every feeling he elicits because he is doing the same. Because this may never happen again.

For all the trouble it gave him, he can’t help but wish for his hand back again, to be able to touch her with more than just his hook, to memorize in explicit detail the way her body feels against his. His hook rests at the small of her back, his other hand cards through her hair relishing at the silkiness as it slips through his fingers. He puts enough distance between them so his thumb can touch the dent in her chin before cupping the back of her neck and pulling her further into him. It’s possessive but in the gentlest of ways.

She breaks the kiss first, as she always does, and presses her forehead into his. He keeps his eyes closed, nudging his nose against hers, trying to retain every second. Slowly his eyes open to find her looking back at him. He can see the fear expressed in her eyes but stronger than anything else is her determination. Part of him still believes she will succeed and death by the Crocodile will not be his fate.

“Emma, I need to tell you how I feel…” he starts, resolute not to let another moment between them pass without telling her that he loves her. 

“No.” She cuts him off. “I don’t want to hear it until I can feel it too.”

“But love, if–”

“You doubt me?” She asks.

“Never.” He says solemnly.

“I’m going to find Regina. I’ll let you know what we need to do.” She says, lips finding his again.

It shouldn’t be possible. He shouldn’t be able to feel as strongly for as he does without a heart. He shouldn’t be hopeful but its radiating through him in soft waves and he’s determined not to let go.


anonymous asked:

Can you do something about meeting Luke on your first day of Uni after having trouble finding a class?

Winding up on the frat boy sector of campus was not in your step by step plan for your first official day of classes. You clamped tightly to the straps of your entirely too new backpack as you again glanced at the class list and set of directions in front of you. Had I gone the exact opposite way of where I was supposed to? Because this certainly isn’t anywhere near the math building. 

You were so entranced by the various numbers and arrows and symbols on your crumpled pieces of notebook paper that you didn’t register the voice talking nor the shadow of the broad expanse of black in front of you until you smacking directly against the boy’s chest. 

His hand caught your elbow, effectively knocking the breath you weren’t aware you’d been holding in, out. Staring down at you with the most dashing pair of blue eyes was a boy not much older than you but with the physical appearance of someone much older. His sharp jawline was freshly shaven, a single dimple indented in the corner of his mouth that was curled into a sly smirk. A black jacket over a black t-shirt adorned his lean torso while ripped skinny jeans hugged the mile long length of his legs. A maroon snapback was perched backward over what appeared to be sandy blond hair that poked in messy curls from the underneath of his stereotypical hat.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing all the way over here?” The boy’s accent was so endearing that you had to blink a few times before fully registering his inquiry. 

“I’m lost,” You bit the words out before even considering the full consequences. Here you were, on the opposite side of campus at the ass crack of dawn with nothing but a flimsy piece of paper and a darkened blob of frat boy to guide you. If I get kidnapped my first day..

Hi lost, I’m Luke,” He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from giggling at his own cheesy joke, “No really, hand me your schedule.”

You gingerly passed him the paper between your fingers. Luke barely had to scan over the collection of symbols and letters before he was nodding in confirmation, turning on his heel. “Come on, you were almost there.”

All bits of skepticism had left your tense shoulders as you jogged after him, forcing your three strides in a half jog to his one to keep up. The campus was deserted this early, especially outside a building designated for various bits of advanced mathematics. Luke paused outside the entrance, twisting lightly on his heels as he tugged open the door. 

“Why are you…”

“I’m in the same class as you,” He grinned happily, biting into the lip ring that adorned the corner of his plump lips, “Maybe we can walk to class everyday, and then maybe you’ll let me show you the best coffee shop on this side of campus. If you can bother being associated with a brain dead frat boy.”