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Sweet as Sugar

Tom Holland x Reader 

Author: Grae

Word Count: 783    |     Warnings: Is damn considered a bad word?

Summary: Are there really any strangers at coffee shops?

A/N: This was my solution for boredom and just a fluffy little drabble hope ya like! Honestly i put more sugar in my coffee than the actual coffee so uhh, yeah. ALSO we are working on some more multiparts it’s just slow (and a little cringy) but coming!

The shop was quiet except for a couple people talking amongst themselves, all of which couldn’t be heard above the music borderline blasting through your ears. Taking a sip of your latte, you leaned back into the cushy booth and sighed, you were never going to get this essay right. The wording was awful and the proof were awful at best. God it’d be a miracle if you were smoother with your words.

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The Psychology of Frederick the Great

Here’s the paper. Putting it under a cut after the first paragraph for convenience

Frederick the Great lived to be a better man than his father, Frederick William I, expected him to be. He did not believe his son capable of leading Prussia onto glory on the battlefield, expanding its borders and more than doubling its population over the course of one war, much less bring it back from the brink of extermination in another. He never thought his son would pass legal and civil reforms that would be admired and adopted by rulers across borders and time. Rather, Frederick William expected his son to destroy everything he’d worked so hard for, dismantling the foundations of the nation he’d built himself and prided himself on. As such, he did everything in his power to form his son into what he wanted out of an heir. This resulted in physical and mental abuse that etched a lasting impact on Frederick’s psyche, so much so that he’d later remark “they have cut deeply into the marble, and that stays for ever [sic].”1 This impact fundamentally shaped Frederick into the antithesis of his father as a ruler, as evident by his policies and actions as king. 

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Nervous Habits

Requested by anon

Summary: It’s the evening of your first date with Sam, and you’re both really nervous.
Words: 1,784
Sam x Reader
Warnings: none (fluff)

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You hummed contentedly as Charlie brushed through your hair. You were sat in front of the mirror on your dresser wearing your bathrobe. Charlie stood behind you, hairbrush in one hand, hairdryer in the other.

“That feels good,” you told her.

She laughed, turning off the hairdryer, “Keep talking like that and I’ll be the one taking you out tonight.”

You smiled at her in the mirror, “I’ve told you before. If I swung that way, you’d be the top of my list.”

She grinned, “Always such a charmer, Y/N. Sam’s a lucky guy.”

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anonymous asked:

what if naegi gets chosen for the hope plan? like he was given the choice of luckster or hope

A/N I can’t believe this turned into a series. Thank you for the support!

Naegi!Kamukura AU: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

What if Naegi was the subject for the Hope Cultivation Plan?

Naegi used to be an ordinary high school student until he won the lottery.

Each year, out of all the thousands of ordinary high school students, one would be drawn randomly and enrolled as the SHSL Luckster. Naegi has never expected him out of all the people to be the lucky winner this year. But he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t happy. He’d get to join the other talented people and he’d have a title of his own.

Except, he knew it was a hollow title.

Aside from the lottey, nothing else remotely remarkable has ever happened to him. He was perfectly average with perfectly average luck. And he was feeling immensely guilty over getting the title SHSL Luckster when there was surely someone else who better suited it.

That’s why he was interested in the second letter.

Unlike the standard procedure of receiving an acceptance letter, Naegi got two. The other was red and haad confidential written all over it. The messenger was even strict about not letting anyone else read it so as per instruction, Naegi read it for a few times in front of the messenger. The letter was immediately disposed and burned right after. Although it was notinh but ashes now, its contents were scorched into his mind.

Proposal for Hope Cultivation Plan.

Now he understood why it was so confidential. It was an experiment to artificially create hope. Not just any hope but a hope that encompasses all hope. It was a human experiment.

And they were asking Naegi to be the human subject.

All of it sounded fake. It was just so surreal. Hope’s Peak Academy, the most prestigious high school in the whole Japan, was doing something as malicious as this. It was supposed to be a school that nurtured talents, not surgically create them. It just didn’t add up.

But Naegi remembered the wieght and feel of the letter in his hands. It was real. He checked for the ashes and found traces of them. It was real. He received an encrpted e-mail right after. It was real.

The dream of  having a talent of his own, of standing on equal grounds with others, of becoming true hope– it was real.

And so Naegi turned down the offer of SHSL Luckster.

Instead, he accepted the proposal to become SHSL Hope.

The Turn About

The Turn About

I wrote a Scene of Regency au Drabble in like a min. Enjoy!

“There you are Mr Holmes! It’s time for our dance.” Miss Molly Hooper placed her hand gently on his forearms, looking to his companion with a dismissing, cool glance. “You will excuse us, won’t you Miss Riley?”

“Ah… of course. Yes.” The pretty Red head bobbed her head at them both as they turned to walk away from the darkened corner her had found they in, ( Miss Riley’s orchestration clearly) and towards the ballroom of the house the ball was being held in. Molly expected Sherlock Holmes to turn her loose the moment they were out of Kitty’s sight but to her great surprise and her half secret delight he continued to lead her towards the gathering line of dancers.

She had seen him cornered and knew the look on his face, the same he’d often wore in his youth and saw an oncoming tirade. With only a moments thought she had darted forth and interrupted lest he cause a scene and a scandal. And now was going to be causing a different sort of topic of conversation it seemed.

Because Sherlock Holmes never danced. And she, only rarely. It felt as if every pair of eyes were locked upon them. Every gossip lifted their fan to murmer to their companions… “Stop thinking so loudly.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Let them talk.” He looked at the crowd with his typical bored distain. “We are after all, old family friends. There is nothing remotely interesting about us dancing together.”

“Oh of course not.” Of course he wouldn’t see anything remarkable about the situation.

The music began playing and they began moving, easily together. As children they had learned these moves together from the same dancing master, and now the moved gently and as one just as they had over a decade ago. Molly had found the experience thrilling then a youth, but now as a woman she instead felt electrified as his arm hovered just near enough to her back, and felt heat shooting from where his fingers gently held her own in the turns. But as aware as she was, she couldn’t help but notice that his eyes looked troubled. Particularly when his eyes past over his friend Doctor Watson. It was the trouble that scared her, for all she had seen him through throughout their lives she had never seen him so… but she had seen that look on her father. “Are you aright, Sherlock? And please don’t just say you are. I can see you … And I can see that you are sad.” His name rolled of her lips too easily for such a public place but she couldn’t stop it.

“What?” He answered, his expression confused.

“You… you look so sad when you think you can’t be seen. Particularly by Doctor Watson. And I know what that means, to look thus.”

Sharply his gaze held her own, nearly causing her to falter her steps but still she said it again, as broken as the conversation was from the movements. “You know what that means to look sad when you can’t be seen. I saw it on my father when he learned he would not be regaining his health, but only when he thought he couldn’t be seen.”

“But you can see me.” He remarked.

“Oh but I don’t count.” Molly stated.

Sherlock now was the one whose steps faltered, only once before he recovered himself. That was the only confirmation she needed to know that he was indeed distressed. “All I’m saying is that, if you are in distress, if you are in need of any assistance, then you can have me.” Oh! her head was getting dizzy, dancing with him, fearing for him she wished the song would end soon and let her run away.

“What…” they separated once more. “What could you possibly do to help me?” His voice was uncharacteristically free of the mocking censure it so often was. As if he were in fact quite curious as to how she could help. He had in fact, always dismissed her for being female and therefore far less superior for it.

“Nothing. Nothing I suppose. I’m just a woman after all? What can my sex ever do that you’d find of value?” Her bitterness cut through. “Forget I said anything, please… in fact you should just say thank you and then change the subject to the weather.” She refused to to look at him again.

A shame really, because now he found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. When had she grown from a silly child into this remarkable woman? “Thank you.” Came his unsure murmur. At that moment, the music finished its final crescendo and all around him the people politely clapped yet he just stared at his partner who was avoiding his gaze at all costs.

“Well… now I am parched. I think I’ll go have some wine. Would you like any too?” She said politely but a bit fast. Just as he began to agree and ask to escort her, she spoke over his. “Oh but then you hate the wine they serve here, never mind.”

And with that she bobbed a quick nod and walked away as fast as the crowds would let her. Sherlock watched her path to the exit standing over the crowd as he did. Wondering again just why Molly Hooper could see him clearly when those closest to him could not, and if she would or could help
him to survive the coming east wind he faced.

Tutor Girl

@hoodiesandcomputers  Ami! I hope your Holidays are splendid! Your blog is so fun! I’m glad I’m following you now :-) Hannah @smoakedup

The sputtering and dying of her car had Felicity muttering and cursing under her breath.  She groaned and hit her head against the steering wheel causing the horn to beep and her to jump.

“Damn it!”

She opened the door and climbed out as angrily as she could and slammed the door behind her.  She kicked the front tire and then cursed again.

“I’m going to be so late,” she moaned into her hands.  “This can not be happening.  I just needed you to run for like six more months.  That’s it.  Why couldn’t you have just worked for six more months?  That wasn’t too much to ask, was it?”

“Talking to inanimate objects again Smoak?”

At the voice Felicity froze and groaned again.  Of course it would be him to catch her mumbling to her car.  She’d been at Starling Prep for three days before her feud with Oliver Queen had started and now a year and a half later she still hated him.  And he was always around.  Always.

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The Changing Heart

I have a surprise for you all, this isn’t the last chapter of Strongest of Hearts.  It’ll have one to two more parts, so if you like this series, congratulations, it isn’t ending yet!  Enjoy chapter three!

The Relentless Heart

The Stubborn Heart

“Don’t stand so stiffly, you need to be ready to move with a seconds notice.”

Something silver flashed to the left.  Yona jumped back, scrambling out of the blade’s range.  It sliced down through the air, arcing towards her once again without even the slightest trace of hesitance.  She knew Hak had said a swordsman couldn’t strike if he wasn’t completely confident in his attack, but Hak had years of experience with the weapon buried in that sharp mind.  He at least owed it to her to not attack with his full strength.  

Focus, now isn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself.

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anonymous asked:

lol snowbarry and olicity? in the past episodes it felt liked snowbarry is slowly evolving into lauriver regarding popularity.

OMG lmaoo I know right!

Really anon I’m not worried about that ship [either of those ships] whatsoever because WestAllen is endgame and so is Olicity. Even if it does become canon Iris is Barry’s true love; he will always go back to her because his heart belongs to her and as our captain Grant said “she’s the love of his life and that’s not going to change”. Besides Caitlin loves Ronnie [her soulmate] and Snowstorm is where its at!

Also NOTHING compares to the magic of Olicity. NOTHING! Those Snowbunnies can preach all they want about the similarities [which I don’t see at all] but in NO WAY is that ship even remotely a resemblance of Stephen and Emily’s sexually charged powerhouse chemistry. If anything despite their difference Olicity has more in common with WestAllen than it does Snow*arry; for one Grant and Candice have just as remarkable chemistry together as do Stephen and Emily and they’ve proven they can be sexy together onscreen [1x05 rooftop scene]. Opposites attract anon ^__^