there is nothing remotely remarkable about this

Gay Characters & the international distribution of entertainment

When Johnlock didn’t happen in Season 4 and the whole season felt off I reacted to some people in the fandom condemning the writers and producers by remarking that it might have to do with the international distribution. And now there an example of how certain countries react to LGBT+ representation in a movie - the example is of course Beauty and the Beast, the new Disney movie which includes a gay character. There is nothing really about it.  Josh Gad plays LeFou and he dances with another male character at the end of the movie. That is it, no kissing, nothing really remotely explicit.

The result:

Russia rated the movie 16+, means only people over 16 are allowed to see the movie.

Malaysia wanted Disney to remove the gay scene, so Disney decided to pull Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia 

All over Asia conservative groups asked to boycott the movie 

In Indonesia the movie with the gay scene can only be shown to people above the age of 13. 

Singapore’s censors gave the film a PG rating.

(and a Christian run cinema in Alabama also refused to show it - just as a side-note)

I know that this is not evidence for the decisions made for Sherlock Season 4 but I think it shows that entertainment is business and it shows the impact that just including a gay character into a movie can have in the worldwide distribution. Yes, Beauty and the Beast is a family movie, not a evening crime television show, but the scene that causes the outrage is ridiculous. It only implies that there might be something like romance between two male characters. Now think about what kind of reactions a Johnlock kissing scene might evoke.