there is nothing about this picture that is not perfect

You’ll end up disappointed if you think people care for you the way you care for them, nobody has a heart like you do. The the best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone. Fall in love with actions, not words. Don’t fall in love with ideas and thoughts instead of reality, it will be the death of you. Don’t be that person to be nice and apologize when you did nothing wrong, never make unworthy people a priority in your life. You deserve someone who actually gives a fuck about you, because you’ve spent your whole like making other people happy when all they did was leave and nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the person you thought would never hurt you, it’s funny how we let 1 single person disappoint us 1000 times. It’s like we all have this perfect picture in our minds of how things are supposed to be and that’s why we all end up being disappointed.
—  I have to stop getting my hopes up for things that will never happen.

I don’t always say it in my tags but if I reblog a picture of Castiel Angel of the Lord you can just automatically assume that mentally I’m adding a shit ton of clapping emojis and “YEAH BOI"s and that pic of will smith, you know the one, and screaming about how beautiful and good and pure and amazing and bad ass and perfect my precious honey bee is

let’s agree to disagree: the mutable signs


virgo: We need to account for all the details.

sagittarius: Fuck details, look at the bigger picture.


pisces: I want to live in a perfect world.

virgo: I want to be a perfect person.


gemini: Let’s talk just to talk. It’s fun to chat about nothing in particular.

sagittarius: I need to feel like this conversation is going somewhere. Get to the point.


virgo: We have to be as honest as possible and do the right thing.

gemini: I’ll do what I want and lie about it remorselessly. 


pisces: I want to escape reality. It bores the shit out of me. The world feels like a prison.

sagittarius: I want to escape things and people that feel like a burden. They’re boring, and I hate being restricted.

fitting in

gemini: I can talk about anything with anyone.

pisces: I can change myself to blend in with anything and anyone.


“He told me he wanted to make love with me. Well, I acknowledged the fact that I wanted to make love with him, and he told me to take off my clothes, so I uninhibitedly took off my clothes, and there happened to be a full length mirror in the room, and he told me to go over and look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to do it, so he took me by my hand and stood me in front of the mirror, and I turned away and he said, ‘Go ahead and look at yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. You have always been perfect.’

He asked me if I had ever made love with my father. I looked at him and kind of giggled and I said, ‘No.’ And he said, ‘Have you ever thought about making love with your father?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ And he told me, ‘All right, when you are making love picture in your mind that I am your father.’ And I did, I did so, and it was a very beautiful experience.”

- Susan Atkins, member of the Manson family, on Charles Manson


Introductions! I’m starting a new blog to show the world my two cats, since they deserve love and I do nothing but knit and take funny pictures of them all day.

Tina: Tuxedo mistress of the house. Known to bite those who pet her for three seconds too long. Also known to lick those she approves of once in a very rare while. A cuddly ball of evil wrapped in love. Or a cuddly ball of love wrapped in evil. We aren’t sure. Lawful evil.

Castiel: Grey tabby. Yes named after THAT Castiel. Yes he has the perfect personality for the name. Has absolutely no idea Tina is in charge. Has absolutely no idea about anything, really. Chaotic neutral.

Never Enough (College AU) part 2

Y/N Y/L/N is the most popular girl in school. Her life seems picture perfect and there is nothing she could want more. Or is there? And what role does the biggest nerd in school Bucky Barnes have in her life? Stay tuned and find out!

 Wordcount: 2403

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader

 Warnings: None that I am aware of. 

 A/N: Sorry it took so long guys. I do not have any discipline at all and I’m lazy as fuck. My apologies.

It has been three weeks since the incident with Bucky and really nothing’s changed. You don’t bully him anymore but that’s about it.

 After you had brought Bucky to the schools nurse you went back to the cafeteria where Pietro and Nat were waiting for you.  As you stood in front of them, waiting for them to speak up first, you crossed your arms and a frown appeared on your face. After almost five minutes you realized that you would have to be the one to start the conversation and spoke up.

“What the hell is wrong with you two!?” At this both of them finally looked up at you.

“He was touching you! He had his fucking hands on your waist. I’m your boyfriend Y/N, I am supposed to scare other guys away.” Defended Pietro.

“First of all, yes he had his hands on my waist, but that was to prevent me from falli-“

“He was the one that made you fall in the first place!” Sad Natasha. You gave her a stern look that silenced her.

“Accidents happen. Where was I? Yes, and second of all: you are allowed to scare them off, not break every bone in their body for saving me from a nasty fall! And Natasha, I had expected a little more of you instead you just crouched next to his face and started to say these terrible things to him. Things that I don’t even say to my sister, and that should say a lot!” They both had seemed to lose their interest in you and instead focused on their shoes.

“You know what? I’m going home and let you think about this. You can talk to me again when you feel like apologizing to me and especially to Bucky!” After saying that you stormed off and took the bus home. That evening, much to your mothers dismay, Pietro stopped by to apologize and swore he’d done the same with Bucky. The next morning Natasha was there to pick you up and apologized too.

And right now you were sitting in your arts class. You sat down next to Wanda and flashed a smile at Bucky and Steve who were sitting in front of her. To this, you noticed, Steve shot Bucky a weird look, who just shrugged it off.

“Last week we talked about the new drawing projects that have to be made. I have already made the groups and e-mailed it to you. I want everyone’s drawing at the end of the month.” Our arts teacher said strictly. And again I regretted my decision to join arts class instead of Spanish. I might not like to learn another language but I can’t draw for shit. That was why I felt really lucky to have Steve in my group. The two others in our group were Bucky and Christine Everhart. After rearranging the whole class so that everyone sat with their group you were the first to say something.

“Could someone maybe fill me in on what the project is? I don’t recall ever having heard about it.”

“We have to make a drawing, painting or whatever the hell you prefer more of something pretty.” Answered Christine. You knit your eyebrows at her answer and look at Steve and Bucky. Bucky chuckles and Steve lets out a sigh.

“We do have to paint something that interests us, something that is worthy of a whole assignment about it because that’s also part of the project.” Steve explains.

“I can’t draw but how about we draw something like a beach sunset? Would that be okay with you, Steve?” Bucky suggested.

“I can work with that. Maybe it would be nice to have a someone in it too? Christine? Or Y/N maybe?” Your eyes widened and Christine’s face contoured in disgust.

“Oh my God, why would you think I would ever agree to that? Don’t you know how gross sand is? It’s like a huge cat litter.” Then Steve suggested that Christine writes the assignment, because she’s always been good at turning stories prettier than they are or just the way she likes them.

“I wouldn’t mind to pose. It will make me feel less useless as I don’t have any good qualities in the shape of art.” You suggest.

“Well the, that’s settled. I can take pictures to add to the assignment so we all have a part in the project, but when and where are we gonna be able to pull the whole girl in beautiful sunset drawing?” Bucky adds.

“My house is only a ten minute drive away from a beautiful, small beach. We could go there.” You used to visit the small beach a lot in the past few weeks and found the most beautiful sunsets there.

“Great! They predict good weather tomorrow. We should go then.” After Steve said this you all began to exchange phone numbers and the times you’d be off the next day. At the end of class everything was arranged.

And just like everything was planned, you were on the beach the next afternoon. The sun was already starting to set so Steve somehow clicked into this very professional mode and started to tell you what to do.

Just before you left the school you had changed into your favorite summer dress. A white, knee length dress covered in lace. After changing you and Steve got into Christine’s car and she drove to the beach. Bucky had the day off so he’d be joining you there.

It didn’t take Steve very long to find the right pose and place for you to be in. He made you sit on a big rock, that seemed to exist out of a couple of smaller rocks attached to each other, that lay in the water.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect! Keep staring into the distance and don’t move.” Steve ordered.

“Yes sir.” You mocked.

“What time is it?” You ask after what seems like an hour.

“You’ve only been sitting there for like fifteen minutes, y/n.” Sighs Steve and Christine lets out a giggle.

“Ugh! Posing sucks, people.” To this you hear a chuckle that definitely does not belong to either Steve or Christine. “Bucky! You’ve finally arrived.” You let out dramatically. You’re about to turn your head, but not without Steve noticing.

“Do. Not. Move.” He orders strictly. “Oh and Bucky, nice of you to have finally joined us.” This gut gets annoyingly serious when drawing.

“Guys.” Christine giggles. “He’s been standing there for over ten minutes, too awestruck to take his picture.”

“I am not!.” Bucky tries to defend himself, but it’s too late for that.

“You should see him, guys. His face is as red as a tomato right now!” Christine continues.

Steve chuckles and adds: “You’re lucky y/n isn’t allowed to turn around. Your crush is showing.”

“Steve… Hey! No pictures.”

“Please guys, tell me what’s happening!” you beg, afraid to move incase Steve starts lecturing you again.

“Don’t worry, y/n! I took a picture of Bucky’s tomato red face so I’ll show you when you’re done.” Christine cheers happily. To this you hear Bucky groan and Steve chuckle.

“Don’t you dare have fun there ‘mister serious while painting’ Hurry up so I can get off of this rock ‘cause my butt is starting to ache.:

About an hour later Steve finally gave you his permission to move again. You didn’t even get the chance to drink some water from your bottle because Christine shoves her phone into your face. Kind of forcefully actually.

“This is what you just missed out on.” She grins as she waits for you to take her phone. The picture showing on the screen is indeed one of Bucky, with a very red face. You had to admit, he looked very cute all flustered.

No! What are you thinking? You have a boyfriend for god’s sake!

When you look up, you see that Bucky has disappeared from the spot he was just sitting. You give your two classmates a questioning look.

“He just stormed off.” Steve answers your not yet asked question with a nod into the direction Bucky apparently went to. And as you followed that direction you could indeed see Buck sitting somewhere further on the beach. Christine takes her phone out of your hands and you start to walk towards your moping team member.

“Hey, Buck.” You say as you plop down next to him in the sand. The only response you get is something that sounds like a sad hum. “What has gotten you so grumpy?”

After a while of silence you bump your shoulder into his, what causes him to look at you. “C’mon Bucky. Talk to me.”  You beg.

“There’s sand stuck in between the plates of my metal am.” He pouts. You can’t help but chuckle as you watch him defeatedly looking at his bionic arm.

“And it has nothing to do with the picture that Christine took?” And you were met by silence once again. “Just so you know, I think you look very cure al flustered.” You wink at him in an attempt to dissolve the tension which Bucky seems to notice right away.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. You give him a small smile.

“Yes, I do. But what he doesn’t know won’t harm him and it’s not as if I’m cheating. I just called you cute, there’s no harm n that.”

The two of you just sit there in silence for a while. You notice Bucky’s mouth open and lose a couple of times, as if he wants to say something but isn’t really sure about it.

“What’s going on in that head of yours? If you have something to say or to ask, just let it all out.”

“I have a question, but you have tom promise me that you won’t get angry.” He murmurs.

“Ok, on one condition.” You say, to which Bucky raises his eyebrows. “I get to ask you two questions.”

Bucky chuckles and agrees. It goes silent again for a while so you take your time to take in your surroundings. The sun is almost gone, only leaving a slim orange line of light in its wake. Turning your head to the other side of the sky, you can see the full moon already shining brightly. Around it the dark sky is decorated with stars of all sizes.

To you this could be a romantic evening if you were here with Pietro, but sadly your boyfriend isn’t very romantic. Not at all actually. Not that you were longing for always being super romantic an cheesy, but once in a while you would like a little bit of romance. You are pulled out of your thoughts when Bucky suddenly speaks up.

“Why are you always such a bitch?” Auch. That hurt. You know it’s the truth but that doesn’t make it less painful. “Don’t forget that you promised me that you wouldn’t get angry.” Bucky defends himself quickly.

“Nah, that’s ok. You’re right anyway. I’ve been a huge bitch to everyone except for my friends. I guess it’s because everyone is nice to me ‘cause they’re afraid of me. At home, the only one that is nice to me is my dad, who is always away on business trips. Besides him I have my older sister who despises me and my mother, who obviously loves my sister a lot more than me. I’m a disappointment to her and I guess I’ve been taking all of that out on everyone in school.” You sigh. Bucky takes his time to process all that you had just revealed to him.

“Wow. I really thought that you had it all, you know? A big house, rich parents, a pretty face, popularity and a lot of good friends. I guess there’s more to you than the eye sees.” Bucky says eventually.

“Well yeah, there’s not much I can do about it anymore.” You sigh.

“Yes, there is. You are doing something about it right now.” You give him a questioning look, not understanding it. “You are talking to me. And Steve. And you are being nice. If you try this with everyone they’ll like you a lot more.” He tells you as he puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Thanks Buck, I should definitely try that. But now it’s my turn.” You cheer as you mentally prepare yourself for the question you’re about to ask. “How did you get your metal arm?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise me to keep it a secret.”

You give him a reassuring smile. “I promise.” You say as you put your hand to your heart.

“Well, your friends might have some kind of bad influence on you, but some of mine were worse. But worst of all was Loki. Loki Laufeyson.” He takes a deep breath and then continues.

“At first he seemed harmless but after a while I got to get to know the real Loki. The one who always got in trouble, drank too much and smoked way too much seed. Somehow I ended up right in the middle of that word and one night, when we were both very drunk and high, we stepped into the car to drive for a bit. I can’t really remember much, but they told me that my arm was so severely damaged that there was no use in attempting to save it. And Loki, who was driving and got out of the accident with only a few scratches, was sentenced to jail. I was able to avoid that fate, but I did spend a little over a year into a rehabilitation clinic.”

Bucky takes a little break and just as I am about to ask, he already has his answer ready.

“I’ve always been good with mechanic stuff, so when I didn’t like the prosthetic arm they had given me, I invented my own. One that is definitely not sand proof yet.” You chuckled in amazement, not really knowing what to say.

“Wow Buck, tha- that’s really something. I don’t really know what to say. Who ese knows about this?”

“Only my parents and Steve so I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep this between us.”

“I’ll keep my promise and never tell anyone. So now my second question.” You smirk.

“Ask away.”

“Do you really have a crush on me?”

A/N: I really hope you liked it! Requests are open and if you want a part 3, let me know!


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Producers what in the blue hell are you fucking doing!!!!

 “They seem to be taking it in a different direction.” - Skylar Astin

It’s not about Bechloe anymore. It’s about this fucking Theo asshole.

THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WERE EXPECTING!!!! I’m so fucking pissed! Oh! And we’re adding Greece into the picture? What, Denmark wasn’t big enough?

Fat Amy and Bumper? What’s that, you ask. It’s nothing. Apparently, Amy gets with a woman. Yes, the crazy Tasmanian who had multiple boyfriends in PP1 and got with Bumper in PP2. Yep, that’s her. 

Beca and Jesse? Oh yeah. They went out together for two movies but then we all thought that Bechloe would happen once we found out Skylar wasn’t in the third. But then, all of a sudden a guy named Theo comes along. Beca’s new love interest. Where did Jesse go? We don’t know. But Beca becomes the awkward stuttering person she was in PP2 with Kommisar only this time with Theo. 

I’m guessing they forgot about how Beca’s character was in the first. She rejected Jesse throughout out the movie. Bring that Beca back. 


do you know what i love the most about top? that he’s considered an idol and a sex symbol and has to be perfect because of that. and what is he doing? being his dorky self during interviews and on his instagram, posting pictures of himself drinking, smoking and being a normal human being instead of having this flawless image. or posting selfies where he’s pulling grimaces while looking ridiculously dorky, or even pictures of him having pimples and how he’s trying to cover them up, pictures that have nothing to do with his music, pictures that show what he’s personally interested in and i dont know what else he has already posted

i just love that he’s being himself, all dorky and a normal human being instead of having this flawless idol image which most of the people would like to see

X-Men, ranked by pancake-making ability

1. Gambit: obviously the best at making pancakes. Topped with crème fraîche and lemon zest and fruits you’ve never even heard of.

2. Storm: controls the amount of water and air in each pancake so that they always turn out mysteriously perfect in fluffiness, roundness, and mouthfeel.

3. Colossus: does that thing you see on YouTube videos where he squeezes out little bits of batter at a time to make a picture. So gorgeous you almost can’t bear to eat them.

4. Rogue: makes ‘em huge, super-sweet, very buttery, and plentiful. Pecan pancakes a specialty.

5. Jean Grey: uses cookie-cutters and fruit toppings and whipped cream to make cute little faces and stuff. Not nearly as impressive as Colossus’s, but very endearing.

6. Jubilee: technique is nothing to write home about but always includes chocolate chips, which absolves her of any pancake-related sins.

7. Beast: experiments with strange ingredients from across the world and gives lecture on the history of pancakes (or flapjacks, as they called them on the frontier) while making them. Better to think about than to actually eat.

8. Kitty Pryde: uses organic whole-wheat flour and yogurt and Stevia and stuff. Says it tastes just as good. It does not taste just as good.

9. Iceman: makes them from a mix, gets distracted and doesn’t flip them in time, all his pancakes are burnt and hideously misshapen. Smothers them in ice cream and hopes nobody notices.

10. Wolverine: shut up and eat your bacon.

can we please just talk about how terrifying a dark hufflepuff would be? 

they’re patient and hard-working, nothing would be premature or rushed instead they will happily wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, whether that would be in weeks or years. they wouldn’t play down their enemies abilities for their own comfortability, they’d look at them straight in the eyes, they wouldn’t show off with what they could do but would do whatever they deemed to be needed at the appropriate time. they would honestly belief in what they were doing was the right thing for others so the ends would justify the means. completely loyal to their cause with no interest in personal gain. they wouldn’t be reasoned with, brought, or bullied into relenting. a dark hufflepuff would be one of the most dangerous radicals there could be. 

you think you’re in love and this is the one and this is it. you may be right, but before you move heaven and earth and split the sea down the middle to make it work, take their hand in yours, turn the lights off, turn your computers and phones and the tv off. shut yourself off from the world. is this someone you can sit with in the darkness? is this someone you can sit with in silence? is this someone you can spend hours doing nothing else but counting the distance between lightning and thunder? because life is more than a forever of picture perfect moments - it’s darkness, and silence and interludes in which you hold your breath. forever should not feel like forever, it should feel like no time at all; it should feel like a blink of an eye; an interlude between the lightning strike and a thunder.
—  marina v., about forevers.

(( 16.01.17 - 2/100 )) okay so this is from yesterday but I love this library!! i’m going to come here way more often it’s so quiet and full of light! plus it has the smell of old books… i wouldn’t call this a day of productivity because i got almost nothing done (just that first check in my planner lol) BUT i still sat down and planned everything out so i think that counts! i was just so exhausted that i couldn’t do more than an assignment and a half… oh well… it’s about progress, not perfection!
not pictured: a giant cup of coffee

thatone-randomfangirl  asked:

“third” “chain link” “that won’t” “work”... I might be reaching a bit, but I feel these words have at least some significance?? "Third" can be hinting to a third major appearance (as Halloween was the first, PAX East was the second) "Chain link" can refer to all the "links" (glitches/pictures) that lead up to these appearances "That won't" and "work" could be Anti thinking about how to finally get rid of Jack (getting ideas, dismissing them) It's probably just processing errors, but who knows :D

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so what meredith invites amelia to dinner? and why is arizona there?

WELL, firstly I don’t think Amelia was actually invited, but rather I think she is still living there (sorry Owen). 

I also think there are more spoilers in this picture than everything we got for weeks, I mean, I know it might mean nothing, BUT Amelia is still there (great news for Omelia), Jackson is there alone (great news for Japril as well, don’t bullshit me about April needing to babysit the kid), Arizona is there with Richard (actual good news) and Riggs is not there (actual good news for someone like me who definitely doesn’t like Mer with him).

If the grey’s writers would please stop metaphorically butchering my favourite characters It’d be perfect, thank you.

The struggle of having friends who don't get hockey

me: *shows friend picture of hockey player I think is cute*

friend: he’s a 5..I mean look he’s all scratched and bruised up and he’s missing a tooth. I don’t know what u see in him at all. Have I taught u nothing about boys.


me: but, but, but..okay.i guess u got a point.

Dear, Please Don’t Forget Me

“Promise me one thing Chrom, don’t forget about me, please.

A deep chuckle emerged from the prince’s throat, amusement dancing across his features. “Love what’s this all about?”

Silence, the exalt felt her hands tremble beneath his. His own wrapping around hers in comfort. They were spending what little time they had together, sitting against a large tree, her body cuddled against his.

Surrounding them were a field of bright, blue flowers. A clear sky above, winds gently whistling. It was such a perfect, serene picture that you would never have guessed that it was in the middle of a war.

Angling his head to look at his wife, he noted that she was biting the edges of her lips, her fingers tapping the cool earth beneath them.

“Nothing, forget about it.” Worry gnawed at his mind, something was wrong, but the prince couldn’t do a thing about it. A strained smile, “Let’s go back.”

He moved quickly, his arms wrapping around her, preventing her from moving. Settling down, Chrom leaned his head into her shoulders. Trailing light kisses across her neck. “You never let me have my say,” the girl below him didn’t make any attempts to move. Only waiting, anticipating his words. “you’re the girl I fell so deeply entranced with, the one who entrapped me in the chains of affection. You’re the one there for me after a long day, the one who comforted me even in my most deepest sorrows. The one who I dedicated my whole life to, and most importantly, the one I love most. Well of course besides Morgan and Lucina.”

They both laughed lightly, Robin rolling her eyes. “Wow you’re on a roll today with your cheesy lines.” Opposite to that, on her face was such a genuine smile. In it was so much affection, so much love that Chrom couldn’t help but hide his face in his hands to cover the ever-spreading red. The tactician laughed in term, pulling his hands away and giving him an Eskimo kiss.

“Just like that, smile for me dear. Know that even if the universe were to collapse, you would be the only thing on my mind.” A chuckle laced the ends of his words, the lovers enjoying the moment.

Almost in a whisper, she leaned her head onto his chest. “Thank you.. thank you so much.” In reply, he only pulled her closer.


“Better.” And she truly meant it.


No no no, this couldn’t be happening. Even his worst fears and nightmares couldn’t compare to this. Robin was disappearing right before his own eyes. Piece by piece, memory after memory.

Grima was dead, the war was over, Robin was supposed to be next to him, celebrating, crying, with him.

It was only a moment compared to the eternity he dreamed of with her. He refused to believe it, he couldn’t accept this. She couldn’t just leave everyone like this, couldn’t leave him like this, right?

Dropping everything he had, he rushed forward desperately grabbing for her. But he was too late, he was too late. Tears stained his cheeks, his throat raw from screaming her name. “DON’T GO, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME.

But he only got a short, curt reply. “Dear, please don’t forget me.”

Then like that she disappeared, gone from his life.

Frederick came up, trying to comfort him, but it was no use. Hunched over what was left of her, tears dripped down from his cheeks, creating a puddle below him. His face reflected back at him, lord he looked awful, but he couldn’t find it within himself to care.

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Even with a whole army, even with fervent wishes, the inevitable still occurred. She was gone.

Of course he knew what was to come, but he was so scared. Was it bad to be selfish just for once? To just want to live in a peaceful world with the one you loved?

A night spent together the day before the battle, he knew her decision. It was written in her face, in the way she kissed him good luck, in the way she looked at him as if saying “I’m sorry”. She was always too righteous, putting herself before others. Even when she nearly died saving a small bird, she smiled, glad that she had saved a small life.

But he knew, Chrom knew that somewhere, sometime she would come back. Robin had wanted him to wait for her, and he would. He would have waited an eternity if she asked.


Blue, that was all Robin could see for miles.

Instantly she sat up from her position, scanning the area for any enemies. Nothing.

Flopping back down onto the ground, she finally noticed she was surrounded by strange, blue flowers. Plucking one from the ground, she brought it up to her nose. No smell. The color of the flower itself was such a light shade of blue you might have mistaken it for white. In fact, everything about the flower was quite plain, it was modest if anything. The simplistic nature of it brought a small smile to the girl’s lips.

Faintly she remembered the name of the flower, forget-me-not. How ironic. Tears pooled at the edges of her eyes, threatening to fall down at any given moment. The weight of her decision finally dawning on the tactician. How long has it been? Was everyone alright? Had the war finally ended? Did Chrom ever move on?

Everything was interrupted the moment she felt a pair of arms around her.

“I told you I wouldn’t forget you.”

Wedding - Vernon Scenario

Pairing: Vernon x reader (ft. rest of Seventeen) 

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 969

It was your wedding day with Vernon and you were both very excited and nervous. You kept trying to tell yourself to calm down and that there was nothing to worry about. Everything was going just fine but it was natural for the bride to be a bit worried.

Your best friends and your mother could tell that you were more nervous than happy.

“Don’t pick at your nails. You don’t want your nails to look horrible in the wedding pictures.” Your mother told you and you let out a breath.

“Everything is perfect okay? Don’t worry about anything, just focus on you and Vernon, it’s your day.” Your best friend said, gently stroking your hair.

You bent over, resting your elbows on your knees and covering your face with your face. Everyone started to tell you to not do that since you’d ruin your makeup and everything they just worked on.

“I just want to see Vernon.” You said, knowing that’s the only way to calm yourself.

“You’ll see him soon Y/N. Now just sit back up straight.”

You did as told and looked yourself in the mirror again. You tried to think of happy thoughts, good thoughts about what will happened in the next hour.

“Y/N?” That lovely, low voice that you fell for called for you. It was Vernon and though you turned around, hoping to see his face in the room, he wasn’t there. Everyone else looked too.

“Vernon you can’t come in.” One of your friends said, slightly peeking out the door.

“I know, but can I just talk to her from out here?” He asked, calmly in a slight pleading way.

You could tell just from his voice, he was just was nervous as you were.

Your friend looked to you, seeing the pleasing look in your eyes and sighed, letting you come over, close by the door to talk.

“Vernon?” You called out.

“I’m trying to imagine how you look like right now.” He said and you smiled.

“Like a mess of emotions.” He slightly laughed, trying to relieve the tension.

We both knew we wanted to relax each other, just before the ceremony. “I’m sure your beautiful as always. Probably even more beautiful than usual which I wouldn’t understand how you could be because your so beautiful already.”

“You’re going to make me blush and look like a tomato later.” You told him.

“You’d be a cute tomato.”

“Okay stop.” You said laughing, finding his comments a bit weird now. He laughed as well. “Sorry, I just don’t really know what to say.”

“Me either.”

There was a slight moment of silence between you two before he called your name in a gentle tone again.

“Hmm?” You answered.

“Let’s just promise to stay happy the whole time okay? I’ll be holding your hand and you’ll be holding mine. Just know, I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Look me in the eyes and I promise, I’ll make you feel comfortable up there.”

You took in his words so deeply and wished to see him even more but you knew you had to wait just a little longer. “Okay.” You said in a small voice.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“The ceremony’s about to start soon.” Seungkwan, Vernon’s best man was outside, waiting for the both of you to finish your talk but it was taking too long.

“I’ll see you soon.” He said before having to leave.

After your talk to with Vernon, you felt a bit better and when you walked down the aisle with your father, seeing Vernon standing there, it made your heart flutter.

He was handsome, so handsome. Though he was just standing there, he was everything you ever wanted and you were so thankful and happy to have him as your soon to be husband.

Jisoo was the priest and everyone else, your family, friends, the other seventeen members were there for you on your special day with Vernon.

When you reached him, he looked like he was breathless in the view in front of him.

All the nervous feelings washed away and your smile grew looking at your one true love.

He lost his words in the beginning of his vows, acting a little awkward as always, mixing up a bit but you still loved his speech anyway. Vernon was just focused on you and only you.

After the vows, rings, kiss and overall the whole ceremony, it was nice to finally be able to call him your husband.

The dinner afterwards was even more fun and happy being able to talk with everyone at ease as they congratulated the both of you.

Mingyu put icing on Wonwoo’s face which he obliviously got a bit mad about. Jeonghan was playing little tricks on the younger members, Seungkwan and Dk were singing for everyone on stage…it was a bit hectic for the members but Vernon and you just both laughed at how great everyone was enjoying themselves.

“Vernon, come join us.” Hoshi called Vernon and he answered “Yeah, I’ll be right there hyung.”

He looked to you, holding your hand, giving you a sweet soft kiss on the lips before resting his forehead against yours.

“I love you.”

You giggled. “I love you too.” You said softly, giving him a peck on the lips again.

“Now go but don’t make trouble.” You said, letting him leave to his friends.

He smiled brightly, leaving you but only a few steps before he turned around to walk fast back to you. He cupped your face with his hands and kissed you passionately before you pulled away laughing.

“Just go.” You said cheerfully while looking into his eyes, his sparkly hazel eyes.

He hugged you, letting out a breath. “I’ll be back.”

i honestly hate this idea that if you don’t take 10 selfies a day you don’t love yourself.
i love myself i just don’t love my appearance that much. but i do love myself.

anyway i just think this idea is based on the outdated concept that a woman’s worth is her appearance and this is how she’s supposed to value herself as well and nah, i am fun, funny, smart, curious, well-read and kind, my love for myself doesn’t reside in me taking pics of myself and plaster them all over the internet

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Hello! Did I miss your post about the "something new" that is going on? I don't want to miss anything. lol

Anon 2: There is so much happening right now and I’m such a whore for all the details. I need/want/need to know more about this Lolly person because the HET shields came up the minute she was brought into the picture. I can only picture the scrambling behind the scenes *evil giggle* I  in no way want the boys to be outed but I have very little empathy for Gen. The ‘little miss perfect’ facade is crumbling.

Hello, dear anons!

I have nothing new on this matter, I’m afraid. When I referred to “something new,” I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. I meant this whole deal with the assumed surrogate of the J’s. I’ve been looking at what the anons at spn-gossip and bloggers at Tumblr have found out with great interest.

However, I’m highly reluctant to talk about these things in public, because I think this is some very serious business and I don’t want to step over this particular treshold. Lollie has apparently received some intrusive messages regarding this whole mess and that’s something that has me fuming.

This will be the last time I’ll publicly delve into this matter for the time being, and I really hope you respect my decision. I’m not judging anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this without resorting to stalking/online harrassing and so on, but I won’t be blogging about this matter.

I hope you both have marvelous weeks ahead of you! I apologize for the misunderstanding I may have caused. I’ve been trying to tiptoe around this whole thing for so many days now.

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Part 2 of Big Ol' Baby coming soon ? 👀

A/N: Picture not mine! ENJOY!

Big Ol’ Revenge: PT2

It had been weeks since Algee had recovered from his sickness and you never mentioned to him what he was trying to say that night because you knew he would have no clue what you were talking about. You tried hinting things to him but nothing worked, so you came up with the perfect plan you were going to get “sick” and see what happens. You had told Algee you were feeling faint and he rushed from work to the apartment, he ran to the bedroom where you laid looking sickly.

“My poor baby, I’m here now.” Algee said kissing your forehead which was burning up because the only problem with your plan is that you actually were sick you had a 102.9 fever and felt weak.

“Baby, I’m in heated pain…” you said softly trying to grab Algees face he wrapped you into his arms and brought you to the bathroom as he began to draw a cold bath with bubbles to make you feel a bit better. “Wait here baby.” He said sitting you on the toilet as he prepared everything and once in was all done he picked you up and placed you slowly in the tub he then rolled up his sleeves and began to massage your back softly “Baby?” He said loudly causing you to jump a bit because you had been falling asleep “Yes?” You asked turning slowly to face him “Chicken soup or Beef stew?” He asked tracing the water droplets on your skin “Soup.” You responded laughing at it at the ticklish feeling he was giving you

. After you had washed your body he had helped you out of the bath tub wrapping a towel around you while you dried yourself and before you could choose what to wear you were engulfed in one of Algees big t-shirts that fit you like a dress “You. Bed. Now.” He said before exiting the room to prepare your soup, you obliged and wrapped yourself into the comfort of your bed waiting for Algee to return with the soup. Once he had made his way back to the room with your soup he handed it to you and sat next to you as you began to slurp away but something began to bob to the top of your soup causing you to place the soup on the bedside table taking out the ball carefully you looked over at Algee who was no longer next to you but kneeling in front of you “Open it baby girl.” He said smiling.

You began to examine the black ball and figured out how to open it and when you did something shiny fell out and into Algees hand “(Y/N) you know you’re the woman of my dreams, I couldn’t be who I am today without you, I don’t think I’d be able to ever put a ring on someone else’s finger. You’re my candy girl, my forever girl, my girlfriend , my best friend , my one and only, and hopefully if you say yes .. my wife . Now with all that being said (Y/N) will you marry me?” He said looking at you with pure fear. 

You threw yourself onto him “Of course I’ll marry you!” You said kissing his face repeatedly, he then steadied you and placed the ring onto your finger “I know I started the speech when I was sick but I wanted to remember the moment so that’s why I didn’t continue and (Y/N) it was worth the wait.” He said grabbing your face kissing you softly.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I love it.” You said burying yourself in his arms as he picked you up and laid next to you in the bed, kissing your hand then forehead “Goodnight, my beautiful wife.” He said holding you closer to him as you two began to drift to sleep.