there is nothing I want more than a sequel to this fic

Marichat: A Peeping Tom Cat

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

Sooooo I wanted to post this before I went to bed but it’s not over just yet- Part 2 will be coming soon ;) and trust me the sequel will be better!

EDIT: Part 2

Adrien was feeling particularly lonely that night. He had to attend several photo shoots earlier that day where the only human interactions he had began with “Could you-“ or “Why don’t you try-“. To make matter’s worse his father was called out of town again for some kind of design meeting. Adrien was sentenced to house arrest for the weekend until his father returned home. Adrien couldn’t stand a minute of it. As soon as it was late enough that Nathalie would no longer disturb him he crawled out the window as Chat Noir.

There was nothing in the world that made Adrien happier than leaping through the city donning the mask of Paris’ beloved superhero. Of course without an akuma to fight or Ladybug by his side his loneliness soon began to eat away at him once again and that’s when Adrien caught a familiar scent in the air. He looked to his left and found the Dupian-Cheng bakery just across the street from him. Chat smiled as he looked over at the balcony that led to his classmates room… Chat couldn’t help but notice her lights were still on. Chat wondering if maybe Marinette would be okay with Chat Noir checking up on her? After all Marinette did seem to like Chat Noir better than Adrien, maybe he could just say hello for a minute or two…

Chat Noir vaulted over to the balcony. He rapped at the trap door but there was no response. Did she fall asleep with the lights on? Chat slunk over to the window where he noticed that she wasn’t in her room at all. before Chat could stop himself he was opening the small window and crawling through. Maybe she would be back soon? Chat looked around her room wondering if he wanted to make a ridiculous pose on her chaise for when she wandered back in. Before Chat could decide on just what he wanted to do he heard the sound of a door opening. Chat turned to see Marinette walking out of the bathroom. Steam poured out of the room as Marinette padded out towel in hand. Marinette was gently drying the ends of her damp hair with the towel. The towel in her hands however was the only stitch of clothing the girl had. The towel draped in front of her body barely covering the area between her hips but left just about everything else on display. Chat’s cheeks turned a violent shade of red as he quickly looked away and cleared his throat.

Marinette’s head snapped up at the sound finally realizing his presence. She shrieked jumping back and clutching the towel to her chest. Adrien suddenly felt very warm. Marinette’s body flushed red, her legs shaking beneath her, knuckles white from how tight she held the towel to her. Marinette backed up into a wall in order to hide her backside from view.

“Evening Princess,” Adrien croaked refusing to look her way.

“Chat Noir!” She shouted. “What the hell!?”

“I was in the neighborhood and thought I would check up on you! I swear I didn’t know you would uh-“ Chat spared a glance at Marinette before quickly looking back at the wall face hot. Marinette’s heart pounded in her chest.

“Have you ever heard of knocking!?” Marinette screeched.

“I did- you didn’t answer-“ Chat tried to explain.

“So you just thought you would let yourself in?!” Marinette hollered.

“Well I wasn’t expecting you to walk in here naked!” Chat retorted causing Marinette’s face to flush a deep shade of red.

“How- how much did you see?” She squeaked her throat feeling tight.

“Uh- nothing!” Chat lied, sweat now dotting his forehead.

“Don’t lie to me Chat Noir!” Marinette snapped.

“I-I may have seen a little…” Chat trailed off. Marinette made a strangled sound in the back of her throat.

“How much?” Marinette demanded.

“Just the um,” Chat swallowed hard,” top half,” He mumbled.

“Oh no! No! No no no, this can’t be happening!” Marinette moaned as she slid down the wall into a sitting position towel covering her knees. Chat finally looked at her cheeks still pink.

“I-I’m sorry Marinette I didn’t mean to-“ Chat began, searching for the right words to fix this although he wasn’t sure there were any that existed. Marinette buried her face into her hands.

“I know. I know Chat! It’s just embarrassing!” Marinette cried shaking her head in her hands, completely mortified.

“It’s not that embarrassing for you,” Chat muttered to himself.

“Excuse me?” Marinette’s voice rose, her head snapping up to meet his gaze.

“Hm?” Chat played dumb.

“Explain to me why you think this isn’t embarrassing for me,” Marinette snapped voice choked, tears welling in her fiery blue eyes. Chat looked at the ground unable to meet her gaze.

“Well you know.” Chat scratched the back of his neck avoiding the question. He glanced up at Marinette who was looking at him intently still waiting for her answer. Chat released a long sigh before speaking again. “You’re um, you’re very- you know what I’m trying to say right?” Adrien squeaked. Marinette gave him a bewildered look. Chat swallowed hard before continuing. “You’re uh- nice, looking I mean, uh attractive, really really attractive,” Chat whispered, face burning crimson as he stared at the floor. Chat chewed on his bottom lip waiting for a response. Now you’ve done it Adrien, on top of seeing her naked you had to go and tell her how good looking you think she it- that’s not creepy or anything, Adrien thought to himself bitterly. A squeak escaping past Marinette’s lips caused him to look back up at her. Her face was ten different variations of pink and red. Adrien worried her head might explode with all the extra blood flow to the area.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have- I didn’t mean it like that! I just- I was trying to tell you you have nothing to be embarrassed about I just- I’m making this worse. I-I’m going to go,” Chat stammered before turning back to the window.

“Chat Noir?” Marinette croaked. Chat half turned to look at her. “Just um- just knock next time okay?” Marinette said softly. Chat nodded before leaping back out the window.

Adrien didn’t sleep well that night. It might have had something to do with the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about Marinette. Literally everything about her was fresh in his mind begging for his complete attention. Why did Adrien have to be so damn creepy. Not that anything he said wasn’t true because it was and he meant every word of it. But that still didn’t make it okay to tell a naked girl, who he had seen by accident after breaking into her room, that she was attractive. And thinking about how lovely she had looked now, hours after it had happened was definitely creepy. Adrien cursed himself for his behavior before his thoughts roamed onto her last words to him. She told him to knock next time? Did she think there would be a next time? Did she want there to be a next time? Now that was a thought…. No!!! No no no! There would not be a next time where Marinette was, well, indecent. Although Adrien didn’t think there was anything indecent about how she looked she looked… radiant. No! Bad Adrien! Why was he still thinking about this? Maybe he could make it up to Marinette somehow. Maybe he would go over there again to apologize to her and this time he would KNOCK!

The thought of of officially apologizing to Marinette while she was at least dressed calmed Adrien’s racing heart down enough to allow him to sleep. He dreamed of Marinette that night with damp hair and a towel.
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Dex should have known better than to think he could ever do casual with Derek Nurse.

hey team I wrote you guys a sequel to our permanent address and it is approximately as angsty and smutty (if not more!) than the original. i assume that’s what everyone who asked for this wanted, right? right???

Drum Major (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #16)

For @john-watsons-potato, who requested a high school marching band AU. And while I didn’t work in the pairing you wanted (sorry!!), this idea took hold and would not let go, and since I think we could all use something fluffy today, I couldn’t stop myself.

So basically, I’m going to have to write a sequel focusing on the pairing you wanted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, while I was never in band myself, my brother was, 98% of my friends were, all of my high school boyfriends were, and I spent more time doing band-related things than I ever wanted to. I’ve taken some departures from my own knowledge, but we’ll chalk it up to the fact that I was a choir kid.

ExR, Modern AU, high school AU, developing relationship. Predominantly fluff.

Enjolras rapped on the music stand. “Everybody settle down,” he called, which was hardly necessary, since pretty much everyone had fallen silent as soon as he stood up. Everyone, that is, except Bossuet and Grantaire, who were using Grantaire’s xylophone mallets as swords. “Ahem,” Enjolras said, a hint of irritation in his voice, and Grantaire and Bossuet looked up at him, Grantaire grinning, Bossuet sheepish. “Now that everyone’s decided to pay attention…”

“Who died and made you drum major?” Grantaire asked, still grinning.

“Funny you should ask,” Enjolras said, giving him a nasty look. “I’ve convened this meeting of section leaders exactly for that purpose. I know we all have places to be after school, so I’ll make this quick. Since Mabeuf is graduating, we need to elect a new drum major before we get into summer practice. And based on the bylaws approved by the entire marching band–”

“–who was harassed into doing so by Enjolras, who also wrote said bylaws,” Grantaire said under his breath while Joly and Bossuet snickered.

Enjolras raised his voice to talk above Grantaire. “–Based on the bylaws, the section leaders must nominate candidates who will be vetted by Director Valjean before being voted on by the full band.” He glanced around the room as if daring anyone else to talk back to him. “Needless to say, I would like to announce my candidacy.”

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I'm far more attached to MWTW than I'd like to admit, and I just strayed onto your Tumblr and saw that it is going to end at 25 with an Epilogue. Do you have any plans to have either a sequel or one shots in the future after that? I figured it would encompass the end of the year (WHAT I'M NEEDY) and now I want to know if Lexa DOES become Prime Minister one day, as she moves mountains.. if Clarke goes back to the US and can grieve and let go. Basically I love your style and universe.. (1/2)

And don’t want to let this go. If nothing else, let us know if you plan on doing any other writing. I’m attached to your Lexa so much it hurts, but I’m so very into your style that I’d likely be into whatever you’re writing. So. Yeah. Hello. Thank you. (2/2)

Well, firstly and most importantly, thank you—your excitement in the fic and the whole world is my fuel and my sweet dreams at night :-) Secondly, if it helps, the last ‘official’ chapter will be ch26 and the epilogue will be ch27, so I’m not bowing out quite yet! The epilogue will hopefully answer most of those questions, and I’m not ruling out writing one-shot follow-ups if inspiration arises. So in sum, you’re not getting rid of me easily! :-) 

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I want nothing more than to see a sequel to Never Say Never! ❤️ I loved every minute of that fic.

Thank you for your feedback ! I did love working on that story 💜