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things i liked abt this new ep:

  • beth and rick bonding by themselves
  • badass warrior lady whom i love
  • how kinda sweet it was that rick was trying his best when it came to raising beth??? like he knew he was a Fuckup but he genuinely wanted to try his best with her own land idk it warned my heart a bit..,,,..
  • summer and morty being mature siblings and taking shit from no jerrys
  • beth and rick acknowledging their mistakes and not blaming external sources
  • summer confronting jerry and giving him the business im so proud of her
  • beth accepting who she is as far as her horrible mental state and relationships to others
  • c h a r a c t e r g r o w t h

jon & daenerys week ★ favorite episode = beyond the wall
i’m sorry. i’m so sorry. i wish i could take it back. i wish we’d never have gone. i don’t. if we hadn’t gone i wouldn’t have seen. you have to see it to know. now i know. the dragons are my children. they’re the only children i’ll ever have. do you understand? we are going to destroy the night king and his army. and we’ll do it together. you have my word. thank you, dany. dany? who was the last person who called me that? i’m not sure, was it my brother? not the company you want to keep. alright. not dany. how about “my queen”? i’d bend the knee but… what about those who swore allegiance to you? they’ll all come to see you for what you are. i hope i deserve it. you do.

anonymous asked:

idk how you have no self confidence and yet refuse to listen to anyone telling you that ur being disrespectful about their beliefs/ assuming youre right when they clearly have more authority on the matter as a person who actually follows these beliefs and doesnt collect runes bc theyre "cute"

bc i dont have any self confidence beyond my tiny realm of understanding. runes falls within my tiny realm of understanding because i researched them & i know what each of them means from a lingual and spiritual standpoint, as well as how to use them (like, i literally have a white rabbit fur pelt for them. cuz i know that’s proper, and cuz i also think it looks nice when im using them.) i dunno where u got the idea im collecting runes that r cute, i just said i think the practice & the runes themselves are cute and thats why i use them as opposed to doing it because im genuinely 100% devoted to followin the fuckin word of the aesir.

like i said, this is within my realm of understanding. i know what im talking about, i know abt pagan beliefs & rituals, just because i myself dont devote my faith to following the beliefs doesnt mean i don’t grasp them. i know where i stand & that theres fuckin literally nothin wrong about having runes and not committing to a pagan lifestyle lmao.

like, i could literally just say “okay then im pagan now” and your argument ends because its literally that easy. theres no bare minimum for considering yourself pagan. theres a winding list of pagan faiths to choose from. i could just say “i believe in lots of gods, they are very real to me & i use the runes to commune with them for guidance” and that’d be it. the only thing is that i don’t personally live like that. am i not allowed to use runes suddenly, because i personally attribute the ‘guidance’ to random chance & decide how much faith im going to put into the readings? lmfao. this is stuff i know about.


— i tried to imagine a life without you in it,

       a life without you

            but i just couldn’t imagine what it would be like.


Hoshi + Change Up

Gear up. Keep running. Step on the accelerator


amazing things that have happened in my first three days of uni:
- met a girl who shouted YOU ARE SHINING at me from a doorway and then vanished for hours
- about a day later, I taught her how to use a toaster
- “how many freshers does it take to make a piece of toast”
- made a pasta bake and ate it all at once
- danced with a million people
- made friends with the coolest people ever
- found out i’m not the only not-hetero in the flat and there is a BUNCH OF US and we feel so comfortable now
- a girl almost cried last night because she loved us all so much already
- i almost cried because i love them all so much already
- life is fucking GOOD


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He maaaaaybe tried to kill her, yeah…

Alright alright alright

Thank you for your respect for not selling them again, first of all.

This is my first ever drawing of foxbunny AU. It was posted on April 8th 2016. They even acknowledged and reblogged it. 

And this is them drawing my babies for the first time on April 28th, which they credited. Nice. I loved this art.

But they proceeded to draw a few more drawings and I messaged them:

And things were okay. Atleast until-

I didn’t even know about this post until today. I trusted she will stop with the foxbunny after i told her to stop on May so I didn’t keep checking (also I was studying for exams) The clothes are pretty cool tho. 

Okay so maybe they drew something similar before me. Let’s see before April 2016-

!!!! Ears! ! Suspicious- could they have been drawing fox Tsukki before me??


Honestly Kittyshima is such a good name. They could have had that going for them. I would have looved that series. Or maybe I can return the favour and continue it for them.

Okay let’s search the merch tag 

Yeah there’s nothing wrong with them; puppy/cat hybrids are pretty common. 

Then WHY-


-I asked them a few times why is their Tsukkiyama so similar to mine but I have yet to recieve and answer.

-r.i.p. kittyshima? like I said kittyshima could have been a thing.

-There is a wolf bunny katsudeku art where they said  “do you know i like to exaggerate height difference” *ahem* but I’ll just ignore that. It’s weirdly similar too; but I’ll let that slip. 

-by no means do I want copyright over a fox and a bunny (??) It’s just that that was weirdly similar and foxbunny AU is my AU. That’s all.

Okay, it wasn’t really nice for me to make this post, I really feel bad. I am such a huge fan of their drawings. I am NOT making this to attack the mentioned artist, so PLEASE be nice. LET’S JUST KEEP OUR EYES OPEN so this wouldn’t happen again next year. Just stop doing this kind of bullshit, okay? :\