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769: Mothman

It’s really no surprise they’re mentioned so often, gotta be the eyes and a certain lack of humanity in its behavior. It sometimes scares me a little…

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Zone of Fear

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but at 1:13 there's an article by the observer called "unseen letters show Hemingway's fight against celebrity and bullshit publicity". Celebrity and bullshit publicity.... Amazing...

He was outraged by the biographical blurb on an edition of The Sun Also Rises, his masterpiece about a lost generation damaged by the first world war. He complained to his editor, Maxwell Perkins, insisting its publisher must “at once remove that biographical crap ie SHIT about me on the back wrapper”. He wanted them to know that “unless that material comes off all the wrappers immediately, and any reference to war service or my private life such as marriage etc removed, I will never publish another book with [them]”.

He continued: “It is no good my trying to keep my private life out of things and avoid bullshit publicity if it is then to be spread in mass production.” The publisher destroyed the offending jackets.

lowkey headcanon damien as bi and having had a crush on mark at some point? like before he supposedly lost his shit and fucked over everyone. 

also i ship will and damien. uh. shit. so darkstache? yeah. still feeling it. however sad it is now. or might be? idk we still have to wait for that explanation, which makes me hesitant to put out my headcanons and whatnot.

wkm has ruined my heart, so now i feel in the gaps with headcanons and ships whoopsies. uuuhhh expect some fluff to combat the misery later.

There is no such thing as too big an aquarium.

You cannot give a fish too much space to move or too much volume. As I’ve discussed before in talking about minimum tank size, the tiny tanks we keep them in are nothing compared to the native bodies of water they originate from. No tank you can provide them is that big, so no tank you provide them can possibly be too big.

I see this argued the most with domestic betta fish, and to be honest, it frustrates me. Many will claim that their fish is an exception, that they struggle to move and access the surface, so they *need* a smaller tank. Issues with breeding and buying fish that can’t even swim aside, this is just addressing the issue from the wrong angle.

If you have a betta fish that has such extreme finnage that it struggles to get to the surface, your first response should not be “Let’s downsize.”

A standard 2.5g is only 3in shorter than a 5.5g.
A 5.5g is only 2in shorter than a 10g.
10g and 15g have the exact same height.

So when you go one tank size smaller in downgrading, you are only losing a little bit of height, but a lot of volume and footprint.

Instead, if your fish is struggling to reach the surface, you would actually be better getting a tank or other suitable container (i.e. a sterilite bin) with a larger footprint and running it with a lower water level. This way your fish still has the volume and room to move and explore when they want to, but they don’t have to struggle to reach the surface.

Additionally, with fish like these, you should have your tank stuffed full of plants and decorations to rest on. They can be live or fake, it doesn’t matter. But the tank should be packed. Really, this is what all betta fish should have as it most closely matches their natural environment. They don’t get stressed by “too much space,” they get stressed by too much OPEN space. If your betta tank isn’t stuffed full, it should be. If your fish struggles to swim, this really ought to be your first response. If this isn’t enough, then you can move on to what I described above - lower water level, more volume.

The idea that a fish, especially when ONLY applied to bettas, can have “too much” space is absolutely a myth. If you think you need to downsize, you’re responding incorrectly to the problem. Your fish still needs room to move and an enriching environment to interact with. Sure, if they really can’t move that well, they might not interact with every part of it every day. But that doesn’t mean you should deprive them of the option.

Please give your fish space.

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that clone theory makes a lot of sense but if that’s the case then where did the real shiro go? was he ever even real to begin with or was he always a clone made by SAM HOLT to retrieve the black lion as per the agreement between him and the galra? do they have an unlimited supply of clones at the ready?

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Can you please explain how the years (like first, second and third) work? And long they're in school for? I'm watching Haikyuu again, when the captain of Date Tech tells the other team members that the third years are going to leave, it confuses me because Karasuno's third years don't leave nor did Seijoh's. Like how does their school work? And if you don't think you can answer this, can you help me find someone who can? Please and thank you.

Hi anon! 

In Japan, high school runs from grades 10 - 12, three years. The school year begins in April and ends in March, with around a month for summer break from late July - early September. Each year is three terms: April - late July; summer vacation; September - to late December (Christmas); winter break; January - March.

Nationals takes place in the third term, after they get back from break. Now, remember from the series two things: 

  • the Dateko third years are a “dud” year, they consider themselves a weak link. After they lose the interhigh, they leave the team in order to let the first and second years grow. 
  • Takeda talks to all the Karasuno third years after the interhigh in June, telling them they can put their studies before volleyball if they choose. However, all decide to stay.

So, when they talk about leaving, they don’t mean leaving school, they just mean not playing in any more games/coming to practice (presumably). The Karasuno/Seijoh third years are vital to both their teams having a shot, so they choose to continue playing, to give the team and themselves a shot at going to/winning Nationals.

BTW here’s an amazing chart of events up to the current point of the manga (so, spoilers, of course)! I did not make this, but I refer to this a LOT when writing – it’s hard to be exactly accurate, but this helps so much!