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I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke

lance [smirking]: get ready to not walk straight for a week, mullet

keith [pressing his bayard against lance’s throat]: i haven’t took a hetero step in my entire life

There are Muslims who drink.
There are Muslims who do drugs.
There are Muslims who smoke.
There are Muslims who don’t pray.
There are Muslims who have sinned over and over again.

If you see them this month, in the blessed month of Ramadan, and they are fasting or they are attending prayer – do not point out the fact that they have sinned. They may have sought the forgiveness of the All-Forgiving; and He may have forgave them.

Welcome them and be an inspiration to them. This may be the Ramadan that changes their habits one by one.

Random memorable npcs in pokemon games:

* the super haircut brothers
* Aqua grunt and magma grunt that fall in love in the postgame and give you their camerupt and sharpedo as they ride off into the sunset and my heart explodes
* Dr Footstep’s somehow leg-based fortunetelling hut
* That one asshole trade lady that sticks an everstone on her Haunter
* Guy who stands behind a tree and dispenses nugget-based puns 24/7
* Mr ‘plasbad’
* Pokestar Studios
* Machamp trainer lady who tells you about her husband’s tragic death at the cemetary and gives you a TM
* Delibird berry man who roasts Team Skull to hell and back

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West Covina Nine-Nine 

Some familiar Crazy Ex Girlfriend guest stars showed up on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4 finale

@pilferingapples Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome? Because you are.

I fully admit. This trio gives me a sick kind of joy.

First Lea completely overshadows her. Second she’s the presumed replacement in some capacity (again I do not think full beard. But BFF). And finally. M despises her. For obvious reasons. She’s talented. Famous. Well put together. Stylish. Employed continuously as an actress. And the aforementioned fact that we all think Lea will be her successor.

So I think it’s sweet torture for M making them hang out together.