there is not a single thing i find appealing about you

~College!au Pen Pal Jimin~PART FOURTEEN: END

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Jimin’s heart was racing as he jogged to the campus’ cafe. Sure, you were blunt and usually said what was on your mind, you managed to beat around the bush with the question he asked. 

Instead of giving Jimin an answer, you decided to ask to meet up to ‘settle’ this, whatever this was, in person.

Jimin, although nervous, was excited to see you again. He never made the final move to get your number at the party and he definitely wasn’t going to let you slip out of his fingers again. 

Approaching the cafe, Jimin let out a shaky sigh. It was the intervention he wasn’t even expecting. When he thought about meeting his pen pal weeks ago, he never felt nervous although he had caught quite the liking to you. But now finding out you were THE girl who made him open up his heart by being so accepting of the real him? 

Real him, he thought to himself with a scoff. Would you even believe the guy you talked to at the party was the real him? Or did you think that he was just trying to appeal to you in hoped of sleeping with you later?

He didn’t have time to answer his nerve-wracking questions because he caught sight of you–of course he remembered what you looked like; your image was glued to his mind–wearing sweats and most likely a sweatshirt way too large for you. 

Smiling softly at your being, he approached while watching you bounce your knee up and down and stare at the tea before you intently.

Your thoughts were a jumbled mess. Your stomach was doing flip flops and you heart was beating a miles a minute. Why did you agree to this?

After Jimin sent you the inevitable ‘do you like me too?’ text, you couldn’t even answer that to yourself. Instead of replying you agreed on meeting him at your campus’ cafe. 

What was he going to act like? 

Better yet, what did you want him to act like?

You just wanted him to be honest. Honest with you, but most importantly honest with himself.


You snapped your head up at the voice and gave a wary smile.

“Park Jimin,” You greeted, gesturing to the seat across from you for him.

“Jimin is just fine, you know?” Jimin smiled and took a seat.

“Sorry,” You apologized before moving you tea closer to you to take a sip. “So, my pen pal is the famous Jimin that I’ve heard so much about. How many girls want to be in my shoes?” You asked before taking a long sip.

Jimin chuckled and shook his head. “You wouldn’t believe me,” He sighed before taking a long look at you, “But I’m glad it’s you.”

“Oh really?” You wiggled your eyebrows, “You mean you loved flirting with me only to be constantly rejected?” 

Looking away for a split second, he rolled his eyes with a grin, “No–o. We had nice conversations that I’ve never had with another girl before. Y/N, I don’t think you understand how much you’ve grown on me.”

“I tend to be a blessing to people’s lives,” you flipped your hair behind your shoulder. Jimin laughed, causing his eyes to crinkle into a shape resembling crescent moons.

“I agree. Plus, I think you rejecting me really gave me a reality check. If I could be so easily rejected because you didn’t know who I was, that tells a lot about my reputation. I’m so used to people just begging for my attention but with you, I felt like I was begging for yours,” He finished his statement quietly. 

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. You always discarded Jimin’s flirting with a roll of your eyes over text but now knowing who he really was made your original thoughts about him change. He never gave up on you. Well, until you made your deal but still, he managed to squeeze in a few texts of endearment. 

“And then our talk at the party? Man, that really opened my eyes. It was the first conversation with a girl that didn’t have to do with flirting. You had no idea who I was and I was able to express my true thoughts and feelings.”

“You talked about yourself, too. I could tell you had a connection to ‘Jimin,’ but I didn’t even think that you were him. I noticed you were often, how do I say, at war with yourself, and very careful with what you said at first,” You said softly.

“Yeah,” He agreed with a long sigh, “I knew if I said the wrong thing to expose myself, you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

“How do you know that? Since when we first spoke, you were nothing but honest with me. Well, besides your identity. Even if I found out who you were at the end of the night, I would’ve been the only girl who new the real Park Jimin.”

“I didn’t know. People are so judgmental nowadays. A few weeks ago I found out my friend Jungkook’s pen pal didn’t tell him who she really was because the first time they met he looked so disappointed. By a single look, her self esteem was crushed and she decided not to tell him.”

“What happened to them?”

“They became best friends! Meanwhile Jungkook was falling for her and his pen pal unknown to him that they were the same person. Heh, I guess I could relate to that. After a bunch of drama with her fake friend, Jungkook found out and he felt terrible.”

“And?” You were on the edge of your seat. Was his friend forgiven? Were they still friends?

“Oh. They’re dating now,” He finished off.

“They are?”

“Yeah, she loved him. And he realized he loved her after she was out of his life for a while. It’s a really long story, believe me.”

“Well at least by the end, neither of them were judgmental. Jungkook obviously learned from his mistake and his pen pal didn’t judge him after all the drama and instead forgave him,” You pointed out.

“It took an entire intervention! It took me and Taehyung for them to finally settle the truth.”

“I can assure you, I’m not like that.”

“I didn’t know that then. Besides, what if you did know things about me and you were just like the other girls? For once I wanted to be a nobody.”

“You know,” You began, a smile stretching on your face. “I like this Jimin. If you don’t like the reputation you have, why don’t you just change, though?”

“It’s hard to. It’s hard to be something society expects you not to be.”

“Screw society. Be whoever the hell you want to be. If I was who everybody thought I’d be, I’d be nose in books and not caring toward anyone else on the planet.”

Jimin stared at you in admiration. How were you so accepting?

“Listen, I know we met up so I can answer your question but can I ask you this really vital question first?”

Jimin widened his eyes and nodded. “Of course.”

“Am I really the girl who changed the dear fuckboy?” You teased with a smile.

Sighing at the lack of seriousness in your question, he rolled his eyes. “I think so, my love.”

“Okay no really. One question: If I was another girl, would you still have the same feelings for me?”

He thought about the question for a moment. “I’m always going to like the girl at the party. If the girl I was texting wasn’t you, she wouldn’t have had the same effect on me. You were you and nobody would’ve replaced how I felt about you the first time we met.”

“So you don’t think it’s pure coincidence me and the girl at the party are the same person.”

“My love, nothing is an accident.”

“Then yes, Park Jimin. My dear fuckboy, I’ve had feelings for you since the  ‘have you ever fallen in love?’ conversation we had. It was our first real conversation and it really won me over.”

“You mean, you’ve liked me for a while now? And you made no move?”

“And give you the satisfaction and inflate your ego? No thanks,” You laughed.

“You know, I think even if we didn’t have the conversation about how I found out you were my pen pal, I still would’ve figured it out.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

Giving him a skeptical look, you asked, “How?”

“There was one thing–one statement–you two said that I didn’t remember until now.”

“Oh yeah? What was that?” 

He leaned in close enough to be only a few centimeters away from your and your breath hitched in your throat. 

“’In your dreams boi.’“ 

Before you could scoff at your repetitive phrase, he placed his lips on yours and this time you thought, Hm maybe he was right all those months ago when we first spoke. You don’t want this to be a dream.


Hehehe even tho during the piece of their convo at the party didn’t include the iconic, in your dreams boi, SOMEWHERE IN THAT CONVO THROUGH THE NIGHT IT WAS THERE HAHA

WHo’s ready for Jin’s pen pal bc his is next!!! (im sensing lots of fluff)

Love y’all!!!<333

Why Aren’t my Spells Working?

A break-down of why your magickal intent may not be taking effect in your life

Hi there! So, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had this problem at one time or another; in fact, almost all witches experience a ‘fizzled’ spell every once in awhile… but what happens when you’ve been casting multiple, and they all just won’t take? Here are some reasons why this could be happening:

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  • The spell was not transferred enough energy to take effect. Think of this as filling up a balloon with helium ~ If you don’t put enough in, the balloon with just roll around or float a few inches above the floor, rather than floating high in the air like you intended for it to do. This can also happen with spells! There needs to be enough energy transfer (The energy you put in, the energy you’ve taken from something/someone else, etc.) to allow the spell to ‘take hold’ and manifest strongly and in the way you preferred. 
  • You’re not helping the magick along when it requires you to do so. For many spells, such as magick geared towards jobs, people, physical events, etc. there needs to be more than just one magickal variable working towards your intent to manifest. You need to work for it; If you cast a spell for a job, you also better be turning in that application and resume along with it ~! A spell can increase your chance, luck, and appeal, but it cannot contact your employer and set up an interview. 
  • (A break-off from the above reason) Your conditions just don’t allow the magick to materialize easily. This is the most possible to happen in weather spells, such as those to bring heavy rain to a dry climate area, or magick for something that your life/area just cannot manifest. For example, imagine somebody trying to cast a spell to ‘make one of their friends fall in love with them’ whilst having not a single friend in their life; the spell is incapable of materializing, because their are no variables for it to work with! It is a sad thing to think about, certainly, but this example shows how casting a spell that is wrong for your life situation can cause it to work improperly or not at all. (Tip: This person should have cast a spell for new friends first! This also shows how you may be casting spells that are wrong for the situation) 
  • Your wording was not the best. Similar to how people will often word things in a positive or future-tense manner (EX: ‘I AM BRAVE’ / rather than ‘I WILL BE BRAVE’) during spellwork or how in some fairytales the genie will grant a wish in a horrible way according to the wording of a wish, you must be careful to be clear and concise in what you’re wanting! Stay away from vague or general wording; You’ll wish you had when you try to cast a spell for a person to love you romantically, and later find that they love you like a sibling or best friend ~ 
  • You forgot to/incorrectly grounded after a spell. Grounding is not only important to maintain your own energies, but it is also a good tool for assuring that the energies of your spell don’t simply go on floating ‘up in the clouds’, failing to come down to earth and manifest! Grounding after a spell also increases the chances that it will work faster. 
  • Your focus/energy was off during the spell. Common for those with a low rate of focus, who’s mind wanders easily, or with low/confidence and doubt (which can especially put off your energies) you might have broken the intent of the spell while casting it. Not to worry, for spells can be re-cast and focus can be sharpened, but be sure to have a strong mind when performing visualization or transferring your intent into a spell! This can lead to a spell manifesting in a different way than you intended (which may not always be a bad thing) or just all-together not working.
  • (For people-directed magick) The person on the other end of your spell has a protection ward. If you’re simply trying as hard as you can to curse, heal, bless, cast upon another witch without their knowledge, there’s a chance that they have up some magickal barriers of their own. Be cautious with curses on other witches especially, since there are wards to reflect curses back upon the sender, and you never know! This can also be so if you are casting magick upon somebody to improve an aspect of their life; they may unknowingly be mentally/spiritually guarding, or ‘closing’ their energy, making it difficult for the magick to attach to them. 
  • Further tip: Have patience! Some spells take a while to manifest or come to be, and if you’re becoming discouraged after them not working within a week, you need to have a bit of patience.

Keep in mind that these are things anybody can do without knowing; they do not at all make you a bad or incapable witch, but it is important to know and accept why they may not be working. I hope for those that experience it, these reasons can provide some insight ~ This post was inspired by all of the anons who have been asking this question frequently

Send me a message if you have any questions or comments ♡ Thank you!


A Messed Up Place | Fourteen

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: A collection of precious moments throughout your pregnancy

Warnings: Fluffiness, swearing.

Notes: WooOOOoooOOO! A whole century later and we’re finally back with another chapter! I’ve missed writing for this baby :’) Also – four fics in four days whut? 2018′s off to a good start ;)

As the summary suggests, this chapter is a collection of ‘moments’ throughout your pregnancy. After the trainwreck that was the last 13 chapters, I’ve decided to finally gift you with some pure fluffy goodness.

AMUP Masterlist

Bucky moves back into the compound that very evening. As they say: no time like the present, right? Having made amends with you, Bucky feels as if the chains that have been holding him back have finally been unshackled, like he can finally go about this relationship the way he actually wants to, the way he should have done from the very start.

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Pro-Reylo stuff keeps coming across my dash where previously no Reylo stuff had existed at all, and I’m frankly staggered. Intellectually, I suppose I understand why people found more shippable material to latch onto in TLJ, but some of those people are folks I had witnessed to be either neutral or even staunchly opposed to that ship prior to TLJ.

And the thing is, nothing I saw in that movie meaningfully changed the dynamic from TFA, by the end. I look at Kylo Ren and I still see every single alt-right red-pill MRA PUA entitled racist misogynist white boy edgelord that I’ve ever crossed paths with, who ever condescended to me, who ever tried to rip out the guts of my fundamental self and debate them like I’m just an abstract thought exercise, who ever creeped on me, who ever dehumanized me, who ever treated me like a fetishized doll and then abused me when I didn’t submit to that treatment, who ever pushed himself into my life and space and energy when I didn’t want him there, who ever ignored my no and took what he wanted anyway, who ever used the way other people treated him in the past or ever used his neuroatypicality as an excuse for his behavior towards me. There is just too much baggage freighted into that character and everything he represents for me to consider him as even a hypothetical romantic love interest for Rey.

And normally I’m about as flexible about that as anybody who’s spent nearly two decades in fandom, often in the very pits of what’s been considered contemptible at various times - RPF, incest, darkfic, kink. I have shipped many a Foe Yay pairing. But there’s just something about Kylo Ren that sets all of my red flags off, something far too close to my life and my experiences. And a whole bunch of the Reylo content I’m seeing, from people I had thought were in general agreement, are of Empire AUs where Rey agrees to join Kylo, where she diminishes herself next to him, where she allows him to place a claim on her, where she does what I did far, far too often in my dating life. Became subordinate to a man.

Queens are always lesser than Kings. That’s why sovereign Kings are married to Queens but sovereign Queens are married to Prince-Consorts. That’s just always how it’s worked in our society, and that’s the implication of any such arrangement in an Empire AU because all fiction springs from society. Especially since canon Kylo, who is still the alt-right edgelord expy, gives zero indication that he wants anything different from that. The entirety of his desire and motivation regarding Rey is to diminish her. To claim ownership of her. That is the text of both movies.

And that just hits way too close to home. When Rey looks at Kylo through their forced, unconsenting psychic bond for the final time, and then shuts the door in his face, that is victory. That is every time I finally wrestled my way out of my own stupid brain and found the courage to say no. That is every time I stood up for myself. That is every time I stomped on the frantic, adrenaline-pumping voices of fear and anxiety and made an encroaching man stop in his tracks. That is an unequivocal, powerful No from a woman that we rarely ever see in media. And I simply do not understand why any woman would want to transformatively subvert that. What are you getting out of it? What species of satisfaction are you finding in it? Why? What on earth is the appeal?

anonymous asked:

Do you think anything between Armie and Timothee could actually happen down the line if they both wanted it to? I’ve been analyzing their interviews and have been noting interesting comments made from Luca that I truly believe if they were both single and available at this point in time that they would give a relationship (whether secretive or not) a go. What are your thoughts on them as individuals and together?

Ooooooooh interesting question anon. Quoting Armie from an interview a few months ago, “I’m not stepping on that landmine”. But yes, I can see where you’re coming from.

I do remember that Luca once said that his process of making the film was akin to “making a documentary” and trying to make it as real as possible. We’ll never know how far both Timmy and Armie were pushed – in order to search themselves, in order to find that “truth”, but maybe it is the luck of the universe that they didn’t feel manipulated at any point; that it was a safe environment for them to fully embody their characters. We will never know if Elio and Oliver didn’t get under Timmy and Armie’s skins at all, or if they did. Still, one can’t really deny that they love each other. Again, I don’t know if it needs to be codified into a brotherly, romantic, sexual, platonic love – it’s just is. 

And it’s still beautiful, in it’s own vague, untangible way. 

I suppose I’ve already made my feelings about Armie as an individual known in a previous post (defending Armie following the Buzzfeed debacle) – in fact, it was the very thing that triggered my increased participation (welcomed or not) to the CMBYN fandom. 

As for Timmy, I believe (from whatever disjointed few information I have about him) that he grew up in a more understanding culture, has equally amazing parents akin to Mr Perlman– which probably informs his articulateness, self-confidence, and ease being inside his own skin, especially when standing up on his own. Not that Armie doesn’t have that (in fact he has it in abundance, but I note that it comes from a different kind of resilience). We know that they come from different backgrounds, and already that’s something that appeals to me in terms of their dynamics. 

I may have made a joke out of it in a different post too, but despite Timmy’s self-confidence (when talking about non-CMBYN projects), there’s something about Armie, Luca and the experience of making CMBYN (plus the whirlwind press tours that follows) which makes Timmy look so humbled just by reminiscing about it – and awestruck, almost. I suppose he may say similar flattering things about Christian Bale and Steve Carell, I suppose, because both of them are his successful acting seniors. And yet there’s this sense of melancholy, nostalgia, and genuine fondness when Timmy talks about Armie, and vice versa. You can’t really fake that for a press tour for a whole year. Sure, there may be times when Armie looks dead inside, but I would put that down to the ceaseless promotion machine, this glam and glitz which he’s been through once before (for The Social Network, The Lone Ranger, Birth of a Nation etc etc which probably left a bad tasted in his mouth) and it’s almost like he’s near-cynical of it. But he’s still here – for Luca, and especially for Timmy who’s just starting out. 

I don’t know about you – but during the Jimmy Kimmel/NPH late night interview, I have this sense that Armie really wants Timmy to have the spotlight. And it looks like he’s always watching Timmy, as if he’s protective of Timmy. Maybe it’s a friendly thing to do, maybe it’s a brotherly/paternal instinct of letting him be in the limelight. But Armie, despite his curmudgeonly manner and foul-mouthed frankness, will still be ready to catch Timmy if he stumbles.

(Idk who will read this long-ass answer lmao why did I do this to myself)

Rose of Fate; Jakoby X Reader Imagine! Source is pinterest again! {Teehee.. pinterest is life! XD}


You sigh as you look again down at your phone, no text, no call, no nothing. You were here because you’d finally convinced your significant other to participate in a weekly date night in order to fix things between you but it would seem that they have decided attendance is not mandatory.

“Ma'am/Sir? Can I get you anything to drink at least? I know you’re waiting for someone” the nice waitress comes to asks you for the third time. you can’t help the sad frown that comes to your face as you finally break, it’s obvious what your boyfriend/girlfriend was saying by not showing up. They’d said so themselves earlier that day that if they didn’t show that meant they didn’t want to be together anymore but you had to take the chance that they might.

“It’s been three hours, if they’re not here by now then they’re not coming” You finally rationalize with yourself as you reach down for your bag to tip at least tip her for being so nice. You can feel the pitying eyes of the others around you and bite down on the inside of your lip as a tear falls but suddenly the chair across from you scrapes back.

“I’m sorry I’m late my love, things were so hectic at the station that I couldn’t get away” You straighten instantly, feeling the tear slip down your face and swipe it away on instinct as a handsome Orc man in a white button up shirt and black slacks sit down across from you. You blink in shock as the waitress sighs with relief and says she’ll give you both a moment. That’s when he leans forward a little with an apologetic smile on his face.

“I’m sorry if I startled you, My name is Nikolas if you’ll be willing to play along I think the man/woman who stood you up is an absolute fool” He tells you kindly, offering you the red rose he’d had in his hand. You quickly realize his kindness is almost enough to bring back the tears back and take a steadying breath.

You carefully accept the rose, smiling at the sweetness of its smell as you thank him sincerely. Its thorns had been carefully removed to prevent injury, roses have always been your favorite. You wonder for a moment why he would have a random rose on him like this but then your eyes drift to how smartly he’s dressed and your jaw drops as the realization hits you.

“Oh my gosh.. You were not stood too! Were you?” You ponder quietly, he blinks and chuckles nervously rubbing the back of his neck as he looks down at the table. Well that was an answer if ever you were looking for one, you quickly reach across and touch the back of his hand lightly to reassure him. “Well I think we both have our fair share of fools to deal with then huh?”

He looks back up at you and smiles sweetly, his eyes wide as though relieved that you weren’t judging him but why would you? He’s so handsome, you can’t wrap my head around the fact that this woman or man wouldn’t show up. On your end however it was told to you daily why your s.o. wouldn’t want to be seen with you, painfully so. At least you wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore thankfully.

After twenty minutes filled with amazing conversation and a delicious meal you were finding yourself even more confused as to why any woman or man would reject this beautiful soul. You lean forward with your chin resting on top of your interlaced fingers and smile as he tells you about his day and about how his partners wife had been the one to kindly try and set up this date for him.

“Well I think he/she’s seriously missing out, I haven’t been able to figure out why someone would stand you up in the first place the whole time we’ve been sitting here” You tell him as you take a sip of wine, you see a pinkness flow into his face and can’t help but think not for the first time that he’s adorable. Then waitress then comes back with your checks, even though he had insisted that he pick the whole thing up you had managed to convince him to either let you pay your own way or let you pay for his as a thank you for his kindness. As she walks away he turns back to you and shrugs slightly as he answers your assertion.

“Well I’m not exactly anyone’s type as I’ve been told, what with my filed tusks and being an Orcish cop” He speaks so frankly, not even looking at you as he again rubs the back of his neck sheepishly as though this is pain he deals with every day. You feel an instant pull of guilt, putting down your glass and are about to reassure him that he’s an absolute delight when his eyes flick back up to your face and he gestures right back to you. “Meanwhile I’ve been thinking the same thing about you! What fool would dare to pass a chance to spend time with you? I certainly think they’re missing out as well”

He laughs but as he says this you feel a pain in your chest, reminded that your own boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t have half the decency this Orc man did. Your lips part slightly as you think of what to say to this, should you just agree? You have no idea, so you just mirror his earlier body language. You glance down to the table with a small cheeky smile on your face, cheeks flushing with the thinly veiled compliment. You notice his ear twitch and his nostrils flare slightly as the depressing feeling washes over you.

“Well thank you but I don’t think I’m all that special, my own boyfriend/girlfriend couldn’t bring themself to walk two blocks and be here to fix things so..” You feel the words flow forward before you can filter them and suddenly you feel your eyes brimming again, throat tightening just a little bit. You laugh and blink rapidly, fanning your face a little as you lift the wine glass and set it a little farther away from you. “Ooh, my gosh I’m so sorry, this wine is getting to my head”

This time it’s Jakoby, as he told you he prefers to be called, who reaches out but he doesn’t touch your hand like you had done for him. Instead he picks up the rose that he’d given you, a soft smile on his face as his golden eyes meet yours.

“Do you think this single rose is special? It’s only one and its thorns have been removed, all it has is red petals and a green stem, green leaves.” He speaks so carefully, pointing out each part of the rose in turn as you shake your head clearly not understanding what he means. You take the rose back from him as he hands it to you, leant forward as well as you cradle the rose gently, admiring it.

“Oh no! it’s beautiful! I think it’s more precious by itself, anyone can give someone a bouquet but a single rose is much more romantic.” You smile as you trace your fingers over the petals, leaves and stem, thinking of all the reasons why you love roses so much. “Its petals are soft as velvet, the colors are gorgeous, it’s smell is intoxicating! Its leaves can be used for tea and lotions and even without its thorns its gorgeous, softer even, than it would be with them.”

“Absolutely, so if one single rose has all those beautiful qualities don’t you think you have that and much more?” You freeze mind blown as he tells you this softly, his hand just barely curling around the top of yours as it cradles the flower petals. He lowers his head to catch your gaze, smiling so sweetly. For a moment your stunned at this eloquent delivery that makes your heart flutter and a smile crawl across your face.

You also notice how close you are as the silence stretches on, though you hardly notice the quiet as you find yourself tracing his features with your gaze. He truly is magnificent, the most handsome male you’d met before and with his kindness much more appealing than your jerk of an ex boyfriend/girlfriend. You break apart as a small voice giggles to your left and you both flinch, sitting back in your seats as the waitress stares down at you. You imediately notice the chocolate cake in her hands as she sets it and your paid checks on the table.

“Oh we didn-”

“I know but you two are just so cute that we wanted to do something for you!” She tells you sweetly, nodding back to the group of wait staff and bartenders gathered at the bar a few of whom wave emphatically at us. Its then you realize that the restaurant is very much empty and you think that Jakoby notices this as well as he speaks up.

“I’m sorry miss but what time is it?” Jakoby asks her curiously, You also look down at the watch on your wrist and nearly gasp as you find that its almost ten at night. The waitress blushes and laughs nervously as Jakoby looks to you to find out why exactly you look so shocked.

“It’s almost ten! Don’t you guys close around eight?” You ask kindly, feeling guilty that you’d made them stay later than normal. Jakoby looks like he might say something but the waitress rests a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Don’t you worry about that! You finish your cake okay? We don’t usually get out of here till ten anyway so it’s not that much of a stretch” She assures you carefully, you hear footsteps start approaching as Jakoby shakes his head.

“Oh no we couldn’t possib-”

“You can and you will” You turn and find a matronly woman with brown hair and a take no crap gait approaching the table. “My name is Molly, I’m the manager. When Lana overheard the situation she came to me and I cleared this so everything is just fine”

Lana laughs again, clasping her hands in front of her timidly as she blushes.

“you guys were just so lost in each other and it was just so sweet how he came to your rescue like that! I had to” She admits quietly, Molly setting a hand on her shoulder.

“Lana is one of our most devoted waitress’s, she takes our Fate policy very seriously” She smiles happily at the young woman and Jakoby and you both frown, his ear twitching cutely as you both look up at her curiously. “Our Fate Policy means that we will not ask any couple to leave as long as they are acting appropriately. Because you had met this requirement Lana came to me once eight o clock rolled around and the staff took a vote to give you a complimentary dessert”

“Well thank you very much, that is so sweet of you” You tell her, awestruck and as they walk away, You and Jakoby stare at each other in mutual shock. “So I guess that makes you my knight in shining armor then”

You say this jokingly but he blushes and laughs, his smile the only thing keeping you from thinking you’d embarrassed him.

“That’d make me more of a knight in blue armor but..” He smiles and trails off as you laugh at his joke and you both pick up your forks to dig into this beautiful piece of cake.

Once you’re done with your cake you mutually decide to clean up the table and bring the dishes to the bar despite the protests from the wait staff around you. That done, you thank the employees and make your way out and onto the street. The streetlamps buzzing and the silence comforting as you both turn towards each other.

“So I don’t know about you but tonight was just about the best date I’ve been on in my entire life” you let yourself admit with a happy smile, You see his eyes light up at this, the smile broadening on his face.

“I can definitely agree with you, with that said would it be too forward to ask if you’d like to go out with me again sometime?” He ventures awkwardly, his eyes averting from your face and you smile at him letting the warmth in your cheeks be seen.

“I don’t think that’s forward at all, I’d love too” You respond gently, giggling as he looks back up to your eyes and that wonderful smile comes back to his face.

“Then I’m definitely looking forward to it, may I walk you home?” He asks politely and you nod, taking his arm as he offers it and leaning your head on his shoulder as you walk the four blocks to your apartment in comfortable silence.

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Here in America
In every single state,
They have a set of standards for every subject
A collection of lessons that the teacher’s required to teach by the end of the term.
But the greatest lessons you will ever teach us will not come from your syllabus
The greatest lessons you will ever teach us
You will not even remember.
You never told us what we weren’t allowed to say
We just learned how to hold our tongues

Now somewhere in America
There is a child holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye
And there is a child holding a gun
But only one of these things have been banned by their State Government
And it’s not the one that can rip through flesh
It’s the one that says ‘fuck you’ on more pages than one
Because we must control what the people say -
How they think
And if they wanna become the overseer of their ownselves
Then we’ll show them a real one.

And somewhere in America
There is a child sitting at his mother’s computer
Reading the homepage of the KKK’s website
That’s open to the pulic
But that child will have never read to kill a mockingbird
Because his school has banned it for its use of the N word.

Maya Angelou is prohibited
Because we’re not allowed to talk about rape in school
We were taught that just because something happens
Doesn’t mean you are to talk about it

They build us brand new shopping malls
So that we’ll forget where we’re really standing:
On the bones of the hispanics
On the bones of the slaves
On the bones of the native americans
On the bones of those who fought just to speak

Transcontintental Railroad to Japanese internment camps;
There are things missing from our history books.
But we were taught that it is better to be silent
than to make them uncomfortable

Somewhere in America
Private schoolgirls search for hours through boutiques
Trying to find the prom dress of their dreams
While kids on the South Side spend hours searching through the lost and found
Cos winters coming soon and that’s the only jacket they have

Kids are late to class for working the midnight shift,
They give awards for best attendance
But not for keeping your family off the streets.

These kids will call your music ghetto
They will tell you you don’t talk right
Then they’ll get in the backseat of a car
With all their friends
Singing about how they’re “bout that life’ and ‘we can’t stop’

Somewhere in America
Schools are promoting self confidence
While they whip out their scales
And shout out your body fat percentage in class
Where the heftier girls are hiding away
And the slim fit beauties can’t help but giggle with pride

The preppy kids go thrift shopping cos they think it sounds real fun
But we go cos that’s all we got money for
Cos mama works for the city
Mama only gets paid once a month

Somewhere in America
A girl’s getting felt up by a grown man on the subway,
She’s still in her school uniform
And that’s part of the appeal,
It’s hard to run in knee socks and Mary Janes
And all her male teachers know it too

Coaches cover up star players
Raping freshmen after the dance,
Women are killed for rejecting dates.
But god forbid I bring my girlfriend to prom?
A girl is blackout drunk at the after party
Take a picture before her wounds wake her
How many pixels is your sanity worth?
What’s a 4.0 to a cold jury?

What’d you learn in class today?
Don’t walk fast
Don’t speak loud
Keep your hands to yourself
Keep your head down
Keep your eyes on your own paper
If you don’t know the answer
Fill in C

Always wear earbuds when you ride the bus alone
If you feel like someones following you
Pretend you’re on the phone
A teacher never fails
Only you do
In every state in America
The greatest lessons
Are the ones you don’t rememeber learning

—  Somewhere in America - Brave New Voices (x)
the mods’ favourites

Hey y’all! We promised you something special to celebrate a follower milestone, so here it is! Under the cut is a compilation of the mods’ favourite Check Please fanfiction.

there are more than two sides to eric bittle by heyfightme

this series is one of my favourites!! heyfightme is my absolute favourite CP author and these works definitely do not disappoint!! it’s a series about bipolar bitty, and it’s really well written and it shows a different perspective on bitty that i absolutely love. definitely worth the read! - Mod Bitty

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thestorytellerofdreams  asked:

I read your post about why Batman is great and I love how thoughtful that is. Can you do one for Superman? Thanks ^_^

Unsurprisingly, I’ve touched on a lot of the basic aspects of it before, so for a couple parts of this I’ll keep it restrained (speaking entirely relatively), but given I think about Superman more than most people think about their best friends, I feel qualified to state that yes: Superman is great. As I said with Batman, the reasons why on a mass cultural basis are much broader than ‘he’s a really well-written character’ - hell, too often that isn’t even the case, even if plenty *have* stepped up over the years - so I’ll start with the lizard hindbrain stuff and work my way down to the finer details.

Superman has iconic power by default

What it really comes down to, at least in terms of keeping him afloat in the public eye when actual public opinion on him has been shot completely to hell over the last couple decades, is that Superman is a Big Deal. He’s the founder of his own genre: literally every surface-level aspect of his mythology is shorthand for the concept he created as well as for plenty beyond superheroes, from the suit (trunks included) to Lois Lane to Lex Luthor to Clark Kent to flying to Kryptonite to Bizarro and Brainiac to super-pets and x-ray vision. A red cape fluttering in the breeze is itself an evocative image entirely sans context, because people know that means him, by which it really means all superheroes. That means he takes the hits of getting all the complaints other characters duck even as others write thinkpieces on his place in culture and how he represents everything from America to Jesus to conservative values to the immigrant experience, all from people who may well have never picked up a comic or watched a cartoon of his in their lives. Even when most people don’t know much about him as a character, he as a symbolic figure is too massive to not grapple with one way or another, even via shorthand such as ‘he’s dumb’ or ‘he stands for us at our best’; while many of his recent woes can be traced back to people telling stories solely about or defined by that iconography, it still has power. Kids on the other side of the world from wherever you’re sitting right now know he can leap a tall building in a single bound. There’s maybe two or three other fictional characters in the world with that level of exposure and impact, and the unconscious emotional connection that comes baked right into it.

Superman is a protector

When kids talk about loving him because he can do anything, and adults talk about how he brings back those memories of joy and comfort, I think this is what it really comes down to a lot of the time. Superman’s the one who looks out for us, the guy who cares about you. Yeah, there’s gotta be the odd story about how NOT EVEN SUPERMAN CAN SAVE EVERYONE! to keep him honest, but by and large, yes he can. He wears a fun flashy uniform and he can wrap you up in his cape and fly you away from whatever bad’s happening, and even if something can catch up, no bullet or bomb in the world is going to get through him to you, or even hurt him enough to at least be scary. Nothing’s so hard or so big or so scary he can’t help, not really; he naps on clouds and swims in the sun. He’s polite, and never aggressive towards the innocent (not even that often towards the guilty), and he doesn’t talk down to people even though he’s stronger and knows better. He’s as confident as a cool big brother, as supportive and sturdy as a good dad, as vaguely ethereal and perfectly impossible as Santa Claus. It’s not an act, it’s not impersonal - he wants you to be okay, he cares about you and he’ll do whatever he can to make sure you’ll be alright. When that’s done just right? That kind of unreserved, unconditional, powerful demonstration of kindness making a difference, even from a cartoon alien, can knock a lot of typically steely emotional walls down like balsa wood, especially when that can save the day just as much as quick wits or a fist, the way anyone here could too in the right circumstances when they try their best.

Superman is a romantic figure

Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

Something overlooked or deliberately sidelined by many is that a huge, huge part of Superman’s appeal in lots of circles is that he can be a romantic ideal rather than (or as well as) a protective one. He’s a sweet, funny, confident, smart guy who’s built like Adonis and doesn’t think he’s better than everybody else even though he’s literally the best. He holds down a socially valuable job he’s successful and happy at, he’s gentle and considerate, and he’s entirely comfortable being second in his household to a commanding career woman who he’s instinctively protective of, but also willing to back off of when she feels smothered because he acknowledges her independence. He can fly her to the moon, he never lets her forget how happy he is that when he was left lost and alone on the other side of the universe he fell to the one place he could find her, and he wears tights. The comics may forget that, but Lois & Clark knew it. Smallville sure as hell knew it. So have the last couple movies, and Supergirl. Even Christopher Reeve, America’s Dad, got it on with Margot Kidder in that weird shiny Fortress hammock. You wanna talk about the aspects of Superman that go for…ahem…primal instincts, that he’s the member of the Justice League historically most likely to go shirtless* is worth bringing up. 

* Aside from maybe Batman, who’s usually beat to hell and too miserable to leverage any of that playboy charm, and Aquaman, who’s Aquaman.

Superman is an easy power fantasy

Obviously, superheroes are often power fantasies in general; they do stuff we can’t do but wish we could. And Superman’s near the top of that list not just because he’s iconic, and not even because of the scope of his power - Green Lantern and Thor are comparable in terms of raw ability, GL even has an honest-to-goodness wishing ring, but they don’t measure up in that regard. What is is, I think, is that Superman’s powers are rooted in physicality, and therefore easy to imagine yourself doing. Everything most people can do, he does best, from lifting to running to looking to hearing to punching. Even his non-physical powers have a connection to actual physical acts: to see through objects he focuses as if peering through a fog, he doesn’t shoot power blasts from his fists to light things on fire but instead burns them with a furious glare, he doesn’t dispassionately levitate through the air as a standard but takes off and holds his arms forward as if in a mighty never-ending leap. Batman may be ‘real’, but if you imagined suddenly being him, you wouldn’t be Batman, you’d be a rich dude with a weaponized theme park in his basement, because you have no training and no tangible point of reference for thinking of how anything works beyond “punch and throw things”. But it’s easy to imagine being Superman in a visceral, physical sense - just imagine everything you did worked optimally, even the way it only could in a dream.

Superman is fun

All of the above makes him grand and likable, but that’s not the same as being able to support decades of monthly adventure stories. The basis of that is that he lives in a universe-sized, Earth-shaped toybox. He doesn’t just have superpowers and a nifty suit, he’s got a cave at the North Pole right near Santa with a time machine, statues of all his friends, a space zoo, a gun that turns people into ghosts, and a bottle city full of real people, plus robots to keep it all tidy, and only he can get in because the key was forged in the heart of a star. His cousin, kid, dog, and a few of his best friends wear capes too, and his ‘brother’ with reverse-superpowers lives on a cube planet where it’s perpetually opposite day. His friends and wife often go on their own adventures and get temporary superpowers just by being in his vicinity, he dated a mermaid in college, his after-school club was in the future and he commutes to the moon for work, and his deadliest enemies include a crazed mad scientist, an evil robot with a death-heart, a mischievous imp in a derby hat, and brilliant alien computer literally named Brainiac. Superman lives in a sci-fi fantasy dreamland of childish archetypes that can exist on any scale from the microscopic to the galactic to the other-dimensional, and as a result of that he can go on any adventure imaginable, to any time and place, and as a super-man who doesn’t often have to worry for his own safety, he can survive and appreciate and care it all.

Superman mythologizes the mundane

And it’s where the fun and the big, mythic aura Superman carries meet that the magic happens that makes him as versatile and effective a character as there is in fiction: everything he does is rooted in something incredibly normal and human. His wild super-suit of circus royalty is made to reconnect with his heritage the only way he has, and to try and make himself colorful and unthreatening to a world he needs to accept him. When he travels through time, it’s never just to save reality, it’s to go see family and friends. He walks his dog around the rings of Saturn, he looks at his city in a bottle and wonders if he’ll ever be able to get around to taking care of that, he walks on the bottom of the ocean to think things through privately, and spends an entire day saving the world to get away from a conversation he doesn’t want to have. Every mad, cosmic aspect of his world is something totally normal blown up to be as big as it feels, and even when he does interact with the truly ‘mundane’, his presence alone elevates it to myth in a way no other superhero can. That’s the true source of his ability to adapt, rarely tapped but always potent: he can do anything, because he’s us.

Superman’s an actual good, interesting character

I place this at the bottom because it’s the aspect that’s most rarely captured, especially in the public eye (though the handful of times it has been are why he’s my favorite). But when he’s handled properly, then even divorced from everything else, Superman is fascinating as a *person*. Raised knowing there’s something different about him even as his weird alienness lets him understand people and the world around them in ways no others can, he learned one day he was born of the most mind-shattering act of cosmic horror imaginable, with a place greater than Earth in every way destroyed by coincidence, a signpost by any measure that the universe is a chaotic, meaningless, cruel place that destroys the innocent with indifference…and he became a good man who treasures life over anything. He has power that lets him do literally anything he pleases, and he spends half his life among us at a desk job because he thinks we’re just swell and he wants to keep being part of it all. Even though he can never entirely, not really, divvying his life up into discrete, manageable chunks that let him interact with the world on his own terms and try to see through what he sees as his responsibility, until a woman sees through the deception and self-deception and gets the real him to tentatively come out. 

He has fun little hobbies, and unusual friendships, and a complex rivalry with the one man in the world who could’ve been his equal. He’s seen the best and worst of the world, and he accepts it all, but he still radiates a decency and innocence that can be mistaken for naivete by those who don’t know him. He’s clever but easy to catch off-guard in the right circumstances, always struggling between trying to be the god people expect him to be and the inadequate fake his humility can make him look at himself as, he likes football and pretzels and pulp novels and Metallica, he gets a kick out of writing because it’s one of the few things he can do on an even playing field, he’s not sure how best to raise his kid, he worries that that one alien dictator is going to pop by again soon and he might not be ready to deal with it, he has to coordinate dates with his wife precisely because they both have such busy schedules, he counts dust particles in the air when he gets bored, and he believes in everybody. There’s so much going on with this guy, this identity-case, this brute, this pacifist, this establishment-man, this rebel and idealist and weirdo and a dozen other conflicting things. He’s been and done just about everything with charm and style over the decades, and it works, because it all adds up into one nice guy’s unusual, well-rounded life. And because it’s always anchored by an understanding: for all that he’s a unique freak of creation, he knows that in all the madness and uncertainty and horror, the one thing we have to rely on is each other. So he’ll put on his suit and throw himself out there against the only things in the universe that could kill him when he could be doing anything else, because he’s found a home with us little people when he lost his, and he knows we’re worth the fight; everyone is, aliens just like him in their own ways, waiting to be saved the way they saved him when he landed in a field. That’s why Superman’s great.

What this INFP looks for in a soulmate.

[Otherwise entitled: The Ridiculously Far-Fetched Idealism of a Silly Schoolgirl. Or so I’ve been told.]

I’m not much for reinforcing stereotypes por lo general, but I have to say, I am a pretty stereotypical INFP.

I do cry over beautiful sunsets. I do dance in the rain. I do like to read - and write - angsty poetry about love, death, and the meaning of the universe. I do tend to daydream through the banal details of life and make “dumb blonde” mistakes right and left (never quite learned which is which, by the way). I do have an unnatural love for random deep philosophizing. I do have that stupid chip on my shoulder about not letting anyone control or define me, about staying free of “The System” and being unpredictable and authentic and cool and all that.

And… yeah… I do tend to be overly idealistic when it comes to romantic partners. Oh, yes, and single. I do tend to be single. “Happily single,” I snarl, while judging the devil out of my friends’ pathetic capitulations to the world of coupling. Loneliness over life with a loser, that’s my motto. Har har.

I say all that because… why not? Also because I am going to tell you now about this idealistic INFP’s criteria for her Mr. Right - i.e., The Invisible Man. By happy accident, I’ve found some pictures of Tom Hiddleston to illustrate each of my points. That means nothing, of course. Let’s go.

1) High intelligence.

Nothing against the majority of the population. Just kidding. But no, not really kidding. I do need a guy with an above-average brain. For me, this is honestly the criterion that comes to mind first. He has to be some degree of clever, thoughtful, introspective, and articulate, or else I will spend our whole relationship secretly mocking him, which wouldn’t be very nice, I realize; but it would happen, trust me. Don’t ask me how I know this. I make fun of people in my head all the time.

In order for me to respect him, he’ll have to be brilliant - and, no, not necessarily in the bookish sense, although that’s certainly more than welcome. Calculus and Shakespeare be damned, though, I’m talking about a deeply intuitive intelligence that is equally skilled in navigating the realms of the head and the heart. Actually, it’s kind of hard for me to put into words what I’m talking about. Which is why it’s lucky that I know exactly what I’m talking about, and can often deduce whether someone has “it” by simply observing him for a few seconds. His eyes, his voice, his mannerisms, all will have a certain snappiness, humor, keen awareness. You know. I don’t know. Whatever.

I guess it’s just one of those “it” factors that you’re pretty much either born with or not. And I need me a man who has it, thanks. There’s a lot going on inside my head, and I want to spend my life with somebody who’s onto me.

2) Emotional stability.

Emotional sensitivity, yes; but emotional turbulence, no. Honestly, this is probably the trickiest of my criteria. As a deeply emotional person, I very much value finding someone who understands the nuances of human feeling, but at the same time I emphatically do not want to end up living with a person whose life is an emotional roller coaster. That’s my bit. I need someone who gets that about me, and who can absorb my ups and downs with warmth, patience and steadiness.

Like I said, this is a tricky quality to find. I some times fear that my desire for emotional stability will land me with a robot who has no sense of empathy for my inner storms; or, perhaps worse, my desire for an emotionally conscious person will doom me to life with a tortured soul, prone to black temper tantrums and spells of sobbing on the bathroom floor. Please, God, no. There must be a happy medium, and I must have it. Thank you, God.

3) Humor and humility.

I place humor and humility together because alliteration rocks, and also because there is something immensely attractive about these two qualities working in tandem. Or I could put it this way. If you can’t laugh at yourself, I can’t like you. In fact, I might even throw up on you. That simple, folks.

Seriously, there is something subliminally gut-wrenching to me about certain people I’ve met in life who had no sense of humor. It’s a trait that hangs thick in the air around a person like bad cologne. And a sad number of male human beings are like this, I find. I was once told that this is due to something called male ego, and I should do my best to humor it. Well, sorry. ‘Fraid no can do, cracker jack. Plus, men, this quality is unmanly. I can practically feel your ego trembling, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation, and this is supposed to be macho? Really, prima donna?

So yes, humility is attractive. True humility is not for wimps. It takes some honest-to-God confidence. If a guy has that plus an active wit, and a love of silliness and belly laughs, well, I’m in, boys, I’m in.

4) A laid-back, laissez-faire approach.

Translation: don’t try to control me. Thank you very much, my friend. Don’t hem me in. Don’t try to make me be someone I’m not. I warn you, it will not work. Don’t get in my face. Give me some space. Appreciate my eccentricities. Within reason, of course. If you see me lighting my hair on fire, stop me. But don’t try to make me into your conception of a good woman, and I’ll let you be your own man. Square deal?

I want a guy who takes pleasure in the simple act of sitting back and appreciating another person. I want you to be fascinated by my heart, my mind, and my soul, because I guarantee you, if I have a thing for you, it will be one hundred percent mutual. I never have gotten superficial crushes on people. It’s always so much more than that. I fall in love with the complete human being. Which, I might add, does include the physical side. Not-so-subtle segue to my last point…!

5) Physical attractiveness.

Here is what I do not mean by that.

I do not mean a guy has to be ripped to get my attention. For me, that does not make or break a man’s appeal. Now, I will admit that muscular definition and strength can definitely enhance appeal, but in my universe, physical attractiveness doesn’t start there. It starts in the face… and specifically, the eyes.

If you have good eyes, I will give you a second look. That is because the eye says so much about the soul. Obviously, then, the eyes I find most satisfying will express all the traits I’ve been talking about in this list. They will express intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, as well as steadiness and kindness, humility and humor, a certain ease and gentleness, openness and interest. Expressive, intelligent eyes are some of my favorite things in the world.

Good hair is also something I enjoy. Extra points if it’s grown out enough to get messy or wavy. But yeah, beyond that, the usual things. I don’t have specific hair colors, eye colors, heights, or skin tones that I like or dislike. Basically, if you’re some level of fit and have a face with slightly above-average expressive power, then let’s get married. Oh, and don’t forget all the other criteria. Yes.

Be honest, now. Is that really too much to ask? Am I a hopeless case of starry-eyed INFP idealism gone mad? I can’t say. Part of me wants to point out that this list has only five main points, all of which are pretty general, considering. I’ve known some people who say they would never date a person who didn’t like such and such a TV show, or someone who was not from a certain very important ethnic background, or a guy who was below a particular minimum height requirement. I make no such nitpicky stipulations, but then again, I am hard to please. There are certain “it” factors that I will absolutely not do without. And because of that, I tend to be single. Which is cool. I’m extremely introverted. Being alone works well for me.

And so, my pals and chums, I have no plans to give up my happy lone wolf existence until I find a guy who meets this basic list of ideals. When I do meet such a person, I’ll probably know it in like three seconds, but then I’ll spend a small eternity watching the suspect from afar, doing research, taking notes. Hopefully he likes me back. Hopefully he’s braver than I am, too, and not afraid to step out into the dangerous terrain of pursuit… else I may die alone in a house on a hill with ivy growing over the windows and wind howling through the walls. Which sounds fantastic.

honey-from-norway  asked:

Hey ! May I ask, do you have any tips on making a character more likeable, even though they've done something bad ? The readers won't know this until like the middle of the book, if that makes any difference... Thank you :))

There are a lot of ways, especially when the big reveal that they did something bad is delayed, because then you have lots of time to build up a friendly persona for them and lure the readers almost into a false sense of security.  Good and bad aren’t mutually exclusive; the best characters have some of both and there are lots of examples of likable characters who have done some bad things.  Just some examples of such characters that come to mind include…

  • Holden Caulfield, Catcher in the Rye
  • Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
  • Rodion Raskolnikov, Crime and Punishment
  • James “Sawyer” Ford, LOST 
  • Frank Castle, the Punisher
  • The entire Gallagher family, Shameless

All of these characters have done some pretty awful things, ranging from theft to murder to con jobs to just general asshole-ery, yet somehow the writers and in some cases, the actors behind them managed to make them into fan favorites.  Sometimes it has to do with their character arcs, and with others, it’s just in the way they act.  One thing they all have in common is that they have certain qualities that make them human and therefore make them easier to relate to.  A couple easy ways to make the audience like a character who’s done something bad are…

1. Make them feel remorse for what they did.  When people show an effort to make amends or at least apologize for something bad that they’ve done, it often makes the audience feel sympathy for them, especially when the character is denied that forgiveness.  A good example of this is in Crime and Punishment–after Raskolnikov kills the pawnbroker, he is plagued by the memory of what he did and it really tortures him until he’s less of a criminal and more of a pathetic shell of a man who is full of regret.  Another example is the character Briony Tallis in Atonement…to avoid spoiling a book that in the grand scheme of literature isn’t that old, I won’t say exactly what happened, but suffice it to say there’s a pretty poignant apology scene.  However, sometimes characters (especially true villains) are not remorseful, so what do you do when a character isn’t sorry?

2. Justify their actions.  Sometimes bad things are done for a reason; if you can explain and justify why they did what they did, it’ll make your audience more sympathetic towards them.  You want to be careful not to completely excuse terrible actions, though.  A good example of this is Frank Castle in the Punisher; he brutally murders many people, but only because they were involved in the killing of his own family, which brings me to another strategy…

3. Give them something / someone to care about.  Maybe their niece is the light of their life and they would do anything to protect her.  Maybe they make weekly donations to the local homeless shelter, and that helps pay for more blankets.  Maybe they have a dog, and they’re all that dog has.  All these things make the reader battle with themselves because on one hand, they know they shouldn’t like a character who’s done something bad, but on the other, they find themselves rooting for the character so that the things that character cares about don’t suffer.  Even just showing your readers a couple instances where the character is nice–like holding the door for a frazzled mom pushing a stroller, or asking to pet someone’s dog, or paying for the person behind them in the drive-through line–can make that character so much more appealing.

4. Make them funny or charming.

 It’s hard not to like a character that’s constantly spitting clever one-liners, offering compliments, and just generally being a likable person.  Not to toot The Punisher’s horn (I just really liked the show lol and I just recently watched it), but Billy Russo is a perfect example of this strategy and the next two.  He’s the suave, handsome, charming guy for the first five episodes or so, but then things take a turn very quickly in a big a-ha moment–so if you want a few ideas on how to make a character seem like the whole package only to reveal some dark stuff later, I’d recommend that show!  Another great example of how attitude can make readers like someone is Sawyer in the TV show LOST.  He’s a con man, a huge asshole, rowdy, rude, loud, and he’s got more than a few people’s blood on his hands, but he’s without a doubt a fan favorite.  His charm, habit of making up nicknames for people, and his past make him impossible to hate for long, which brings me to…

5. Write them a tragic backstory. Most if not all “bad guys” have some kind of haunting past that is part of the reason they do what they do.  It’s harder to hate someone when you know their kid died in a fire, or they grew up homeless, or they were bullied.  A word of caution, though: a sad past doesn’t excuse being an asshole in the present; you can always choose to be a better person or to let your past define you and that can be a big factor in fleshing out your troubled characters.

5. Make them attractive and/or smart. This is an easy way to make characters likable even if they blew up a whole country, especially in movies and on TV.  It’s also a bit of a cop-out, which is why I put it last, but it does highlight and criticize the audience’s own shallowness when they realize the only reason they liked a character was because they were hot.  Intelligence goes a long way, too.  If a character offers really good advice, or is an expert on certain topics, or knows just how to turn a phrase to make it a memorable quote, people will like them at least to some degree (*cough cough* Dumbledore).

Many likable characters who have done bad things can check off at least a few boxes on this list, and while this certainly isn’t every single way to make someone likable, it’s a start!

I hope this helps at least a little; as always, if you have any other questions, just ask!

Cait :) 

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Hi! I love your writing so much! I don't know if I submitted this ask. So sorry if I did and forgot. Given Shaun somehow is able to "age" or progress as a person, could you write the different kinds of childhoods he'd have and what type of person he'd become based on the companion Sole raises him with. (And could I pretty please have a bonus where he's raised a little by everyone?)

(Thank you! And you’re fine, as long as you don’t spam me with a bunch of requests you don’t have to worry about resubmitting the occasional ask. Dogmeat and Codsworth excluded in the solo reactions)

It takes a village to raise a child; Sole and their compatriots take this phrase maybe a tad literally. On the bright side, Shaun has a deep, deep pool of aunts and uncles to draw knowledge from on subjects he isn’t familiar with. Danse and MacCready often fight over who should teach him to shoot (“I can hit a bloatfly from two miles out, I think I can teach a kid how to handle a gun.” “If he doesn’t plan on scouting out sniper nests for a hour before every altercation, he’ll learn from me!”). Strong is the cause of his first broken bone when Shaun tries to have an arm wrestling match. Curie is the one to set it and scold Strong. Cait and Hancock sneak him his first tastes of alcohol, each thinking they’re the only ones who do so. Cait in particular, after an intense round of day drinking, gives him an impromptu sex ed lesson, and it’s an almost too honest -and descriptive- answer to Shaun’s question of what sex was, not to mention quite different than the diagrams Curie showed him on reproductive organs. Piper is undoubtedly his best aunt, or at least, the closest thing to a well-rounded adult figure in his life. She’s usually the one he comes to with problems, and also dispels many of the myths Deacon hands down (“No, you do not become a werebear if you eat charred yao guai meat.”) Nick is more of the grandfather that knows card tricks. Codsworth is Codsworth, remaining the same mildly overbearing nanny bot he’s always been. Preston never really gets the hang of him. He treats him a lot younger, being unsure what kids Shaun’s age are “in to”. X6 isn’t the most helpful when it comes to rearing kids, and Shaun only really turns to him when he wants brutal honesty.

Between the lot of them, Shaun ends up fairly well-rounded, with an…eclectic set of skills, to say the least. He’s taught a little of everything. When it comes time for him to leave the settlement, he leaves on dozens of handshakes and more than a few proud tears.

Danse- With Danse, he is groomed into the picture of an army brat. It goes without saying that his upbringing is strict, sometimes even a little harsh, but loving and full of happy memories as well. Danse is not entirely warm, but then, he’s not entirely cold either. Sole never lets Danse treat Shaun too much like a Brotherhood initiate. They have to remind him now and then that they’re not going to shoehorn their son into a military career when he’s instructing him on the meticulous way a soldier should make his bed in the mornings. He does learn a lot on maintaining power armor and firearms, and leans more into becoming a mechanic when he starts working. That, or following his father’s footsteps into the Brotherhood (though he’s not popular, considering Danse’s history with them). Making his father proud is tantamount in Shaun’s mind, he pursues any life that would do just that. Danse raises him to be brave in the face of doubt, do what feels right, and to never let others decide your fate.

Hancock- Despite his laz a fair approach to his own life, he does try to set Shaun on a better path than the one he ended up going down. He cleans up a little, weans himself from the harder chems, and if he does keep a few habits, he doesn’t do them around the kid. He’s very much the “go ask Sole” type of father, and Shaun gets away with a lot around him. Just enough to be considered a mischievous kid and not a delinquent. He gets his first taste of beer early, his own switchblade, his own tricorn hat when he’s old enough it doesn’t slough off to one side of his head. Shaun adopts a lot of Hancock’s virtues, his self-confidence, loyalty, leadership skills, charm, but is taught to avoid many of his vices (which is mostly Sole’s doing). If he doesn’t end up taking up Hancock’s mantle of mayor, he likely ends up leader of a group like the Minutemen, leaving a string of broken hearts along the way of whatever path he treads. He’s a charmer, quick witted, and is taught to use his head above all- which also consists of keeping it clean. He doesn’t take up the casual chem use that Hancock suffers from.

Deacon- Little white lies are all Shaun is really allowed, yet he makes the best of them, and he develops a good poker face early on. Deacon is more honest with Sole than anyone else, but first and foremost, he is a pathological liar, prone to wild stories, and Shaun adopts that a little too well. He impresses his school mates with all the stories of his heroism, like the time he took down a radstag single-handed with nothing but a hunting knife. His tall tales either earn him a gullible flock of followers or a beating from the kids smart enough to see through his bravado. But he doesn’t just learn lying from Deacon- he also learns compassion, fighting for what you think is right, protecting the people who are most vulnerable. And he is the single hardest kid to trick. He sees through deception just as easily as he carries it out, so he quickly unravels most of the stories kids get told (Sole has a nightmare of a time trying to convince him of Santa Claus). His tendency towards “exaggeration” places him in the position of a salesman later in life, hyping up his wares just enough that they seem shiny and appealing. If not that, then he’d find himself with the Railroad, helping in whatever cause they follow when the Institute is gone. Learning from Deacon’s mistakes, he becomes an honest liar, easy going, and fights for the marginalized.

Piper- Having mostly raised her little sister on her own, Piper sidles pretty easily into the role of a mother, and his childhood is earnestly close to “normal” with her and Sole as parents. As normal as things ever really got in the Commonwealth. He does, however, get into scrapes in search of stories for Piper to cover. Being an investigative journalist is on par with being a spy in his mind- keeping your eyes and ears open, finding contacts, meeting in secret. He mostly grows out of this, but Piper still instills in him a love of the written word and a desire to educate the Wastes on things beyond the farms and cities they relegate themselves to. He takes to traveling at a young age, writing of his experiences in the Commonwealth and eventually, the rest of the ruins of the United States. If he doesn’t become a writer, he likely goes into law enforcement, making sure (like Piper always taught him) that justice comes to those who wrong others. He’s as silver tongued, compassionate, and as worldly as the woman who helps raise him.

Curie- She’s learning how to act human as much as Shaun is, so she mostly goes with whatever Sole says when it comes to raising him. They know better than she would; despite knowing how to keep kids healthy, she had little experience with their emotional needs. Still, she does her best. She reads him stories, partakes in nightly rituals like tucking him in and humming him to sleep, and when he’s too old for all that, she giddily encourages him in his studies. He learns more from her than anything taught in school. She teaches him not only how to treat disease, but passes on a genuine compassion and desire to help, to learn, to make the Wastes a little better in some small capacity. When the time comes for him to strike out on his own, he travels further than Curie ever has in search of knowledge, and exchanges the knowledge he brought from the Commowealth. He saves lives, being a kind and caring figure all the while. He becomes everything Father could have been before he was twisted by the Institute.

Nick- Having a robot detective as a father is probably the coolest thing a child could experience, and Shaun is in near constant awe of Nick. Nick himself takes easily to being a dad and enjoys it. Shaun is his son, and really, with them both being synths cast from similar molds, it never once felt like he wasn’t family. Having someone he could pass things on to… it was more than Nick had ever really hoped for. He spends much of his childhood in the glow of the heart-shaped sign outside Valentine’s Detective Agency, reading through old case files, picking over evidence from new case files, and each case is a puzzle for him to piece together. He grows up sharp and inquisitive, eagle eyed with a nose for lies. He also learns as much about synth’s inner workings as he does humans. Nick needs the occasional tuneup when Sole isn’t around, so he helps now and then with the screws and panels he can’t reach on his own. With this knowledge, if he doesn’t end up taking over the agency, he goes out to help runaway synths still wandering the Commonwealth, confused and with heads full of memories that aren’t their own. He grows to be perceptive, a natural problem solver, and sets the wrong things right wherever he goes.

Cait- Her biggest fear, besides sliding back into old habits, is becoming her parents. She does her damn best to be a good parent almost entirely out of spite. Shaun is absolutely spoiled rotten. If Sole won’t give him something, he asks Caits, and nine times out of ten he gets what he wants. She’s as short tempered as she’s always been, yet for him, she keeps it together. For him, she does better. She’s also wildly protective, and unsurprisingly, teaches him most problems can be solved with his fists. He’s reared knowing how to stick up for himself, and the two of them spar a few times a week until he’s old and skilled enough to actually beat her in a fight. By the time he’s ready to leave home, there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that he’s been raised to take care of himself, whatever is thrown at him. Strength and fighting skills usually don’t amount to much more than falling in with a gang of raiders, but Shaun knows that’s not the life either of his parents want, and the thrashing he would get if Cait knew he even considered it, so he goes into work as a bounty hunter, a body guard; anything that lets him both use his skills and sleep with an easy conscience. He’s a little wilder, a little louder, and grows up to be a fighter.

MacCready- Having some experience raising kids, he takes in Shaun without second thought. Duncan has a big brother when he arrives in the Commonwealth, the two of them taking to each other almost right away. There’s hardly a day they’re separated, playing catch and shooting BB guns with their father. Shaun is protective and immensely proud of his younger sibling, and MacCready can finally loosen the tight grip he’d kept on his youngest son. He still keeps a watchful eye over the two of them, but he feels like, finally, there was someone he trusted implicitly to keep Duncan safe. Of course, the more he gains, the more he fears losing, and he can sometimes be a bit harsh if either one of them do something dangerous. He couldn’t take losing them. This drives Shaun to leave at a fairly young age, learning MacCready’s stubbornness and the bravado of his youth, and Duncan is quick to follow. The two, having been taught to shoot guns before they could read (as well as stay out of the thick of fights) end up becoming a formidable pair of snipers. They know better than to join up with the Gunners or other mercenary gangs, instead becoming guns for hire. Freelance killers with a bit stricter moral codes than their father. If only a bit. He’s cunning, careful, and a hell of a good shot.

Preston- Being as young and new to parenthood as he is, he isn’t entirely prepared to raise a child who came to them fully formed. He’s anxious, always concerned he’s doing something wrong, but he does the things his father did for him. Teaches Shaun to shoot, the importance of a good book, that being kind is a reward in itself. He also teaches him the things he had to learn for himself; that it’s fine to cry, to not be okay, to rely on others for strength when you feel like your own is failing. Shaun’s childhood is as bumpy as any child’s is in the Commonwealth, but with Preston, there’s light even in the darkest times. He carries this indomitable sense of good and rightness with him even when he’s grown, and if he doesn’t settle into a simpler life in a settlement, he joins the Minutemen, carrying on the values he’s been taught. Preston teaches him the strength in community, that hope and mercy are not weakness, and to always lend a hand, whatever he does.

X6-88- He has spent more time with Shaun (this version and technically, the human Shaun as well) than Sole ever has, only, just not in any kind of parental role. He ferried him back and forth from the Institute and the Commonwealth and their relationship never went far past that. It was strange, suddenly being a role model for someone. Siblings, parents, family, they weren’t really an option for synths in the Institute. For Coursers, even less so. The first few years, he’s more of a bodyguard than a parental figure. Learning to let go of the death grip he has on Institute protocol and the image of synths as tools, that takes awhile. Shaun helps. He loves him, which meant a synth like X6 was capable of that. It was a comforting thought that one day he’d feel for Shaun what Shaun felt for him. He relies more on Sole for getting through the emotional turmoil of youth, as most of X6’s responses to trivial things like school and first loves is fairly cold indifference. Not like he really understood it, he’d been made without thought for such things. He was still navigating some things (like first love) himself. What he does instruct Shaun in mostly pertains to combat, though he does teach him a skill that helped X6 survive in the Institute- masking your true emotions. He’d have been reprogrammed a long time ago if he hadn’t picked up that talent. Shaun grows up somewhat cold with him, making a habit of keeping those pesky feelings to himself early on, to the point not even Sole can really coax them out of him. Not fully. As X6 learns how to be more human, Shaun learns to be more machine. His nature and intelligence veer him, oddly enough, into politics. From X6 he learns cold calculation, the importance of keeping your cards close to your chest, and that there’s little use for remorse.

Strong- Childhood with Strong being a co-parent is… weird. To say the least. Sole does everything they can to keep him from feeding the kid human meat, even though he insists it will help Shaun grow big and strong, but now and then there are a few bits of mystery meat sneaking their way into his meals whose origins Sole couldn’t quite suss out. Regardless of his potential foray into cannibalism, Shaun does, surprisingly, learn a thing or two from his Super Mutant guardian. Mostly the things a man can say that will make their fellow man spontaneously shit themselves. More than a few scrapes with older children ends with Shaun bellowing in his closest approximation of Strong; “THIS IS WHAT DEATH LOOKS LIKE UP CLOSE!” Despite Sole’s best efforts, Shaun takes after him, even beyond shouting his throat raw. Many arguments with him end in headbutts. He grows into a young man who takes no shit from anyone, who understands brutality can be a necessity, and who fights with the feral tenacity of a mutie. Ignoring family protests, he goes into raiding (ever the lucrative business) and is renowned for his uncanny ability to shout down Super Mutants bands that encroach on his band’s territory. That, or he’s a respected fighter in the nearest Thorn. Sole might have more influence on his morals, but Strong passes on the knowledge of Super Mutants. Which isn’t much beyond violence and shouting. He grows up pretty confused.


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Pure love? Jungkook was not aware of such thing.

count  ➵ 1439 words
genre  ➵ fluff/angst
theme  ➵ romance
warning  ➵  explicit language, some amount of sexual scenes.
characters  ➵ jungkook/oc/bts

chapter ONE

Picking up girls at a nightclub was suddenly a nightly occurrence for Jungkook. Of course, the twenty-one year old was accustomed to the art of flirting. Starting with suggestive glances, followed by a short flirtatious conversation, and then eventually he’d put his skilled hands to use: touching and caressing any exposed part of the other’s body he deemed attractive. All of those suave acts were just a bonus to his perfectly sculpted body and ridiculously good looks - those two alone being enough to keep girls clinging on to him all night. And by the end of the night, Jungkook would have his dick satisfyingly buried deep in one of those girls.

Tonight was just another one of those nights. The only difference? Jungkook was beyond pissed. Hyejin had gotten under his skin yet again, the venomous words she spat replaying over and over in his head.

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USUK Christmas Countdown 2017: December 24

Title: The Great Jersey Escape
Day 12: Reunion
Summary:   Long distance relationships suck; getting stuck at the airport while trying to reunite with your long distance boyfriend sucks even harder.
Rating: R
Warning: Language, mentions of alcohol use, slight mocking of the ‘Joisey’ accent :3 (All in good fun! I love y’all~)

(Written by: @blackroseauthoress and Art by: @katiehime-draws )

In Arthur’s mind, there was only one good thing about airports: how easy they made it to find alcohol. Sure, it may take what feels like a bloody hour to find a restroom that isn’t closed for cleaning or just blocked off for unknown and unexplained reasons, but if you’re someone who needs to sit down and pay for a glass of horrifically overpriced whiskey? Well, you can find somewhere to do that in half a millisecond.

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do u have any anime recommendations :o

YES I DO!! :D I’m going to say right off the bat watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood please,, it’s so fucking good, now as for the rest:

Madoka Magica: You’ve probably been given this recommendation tons of times, but it’s so damn true. Whether you love the magical girl genre or not, I can pretty much guarentee there’s something here that’ll grab everyone. Basic premise: magical girls make a deal with this otherworldly entity. Agree to be granted magical powers so you can fight evil witches, and you’ll have your wish granted! But nothing is ever as it seems. Your wish might send everything crashing down around you, and maybe the witches aren’t so wicked. Love and hope thwarted and twisted beyond all recognition, chivalrous knights questioning whether their world is even worth protecting, the futile attempts to escape a vicious cycle–and yet, waiting beyond it all, some glimmer of a brighter future. Makes me cry, but it’s just so good. 

You have to watch the first 3 episodes though before you decide how you feel about it. The first 2 essentially make you let your guard down and deceive you into believing this is your typical, happy, slice of life magic show. Episode 3 is where you realize exactly what you’re into–the ending theme song animation even changes just so you know that, yes, you’re not watching a different show, this is really where things are headed. It’s so jarring, but damn if it doesn’t really hook you. 

Also, heads up–the animation style changes every time the girls entire a witch’s lair, each one to match a different theme. And it’s always just very otherworldly and captivating, I love it. The way everything’s in shilouette to reflect Sayaka slipping further into despair is one of my personal favorites: 

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My one thing is that some people seem to acknowledge Madoka as the only magical girl anime but like?? You’ll get so much more out of it if you really see what it is they’re deconstructing, so like, go watch an episode of Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura or something first. Because the whole point of Madoka is that it’s not representative of the magical girl genre, and instead turns everything on its head. 

Ajin: If you like reading Tokyo Ghoul but hate how the anime butchered it, then like…just watch this lmao. It has a similar vibe, but is actually a really good adaption (I started reading the manga first and I’ve seen the first season of the anime and a bit of the second. From what I’ve seen though, it’s pretty damn close.) Anyway, premise: lately, a new evolution of humans have been cropping up. People who, no matter what, they cannot die. Kill them, and they’ll just come right back to life. They’re called ajin and there are only a handful of them in the world, but if you are one–congratulations!! Every government in the world wants to get their hands on you so they can painfully dissect you and kill you again and again and you’ll probably be turned on by all your friends and family so they can cash in on your huge bounty. Yeah, it’s terrifying. 

Also, the animation is like that 3D type where it can be kinda jarring at first, but you’ll get used to it. I kinda like it now, it seems weirdly fitting. I don’t know, it just works somehow. 

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Anyway, enter Kei, who had promising prospects of being a doctor and living out a boring life before he gets hit by a truck and dies in front of countless witnesses. And then just…crawls back up and realizes he’ll be hunted down for the rest of his immortal life. Yeah, it’s pretty rough. As a character, I think Kei is really interesting. To a lot of people, he comes off as an asshole. But you gradually see that he does believe in doing the right thing, it’s just…not for any personal morality of his own, just in a general “this is the right thing, so I’ll do it,” sense of obligation. He has little to no empathy, but he’s not evil or sadistic or anything.

He just…doesn’t relate to others and finds it hard to be personally invested in them. To be honest, I think it’s a breath of fresh air. Usually, with low empathy genius characters, you get something like Light Yagami. Kei isn’t evil though, he’s just very far removed from others and pushes people away. I like his character direction a lot because it shows you can have low empathy, but it doesn’t automatically make you some horrible person. There are also other characters like Kai and Nakano who have a lot of heart, and you’ll probably latch onto them right a way. The main villain is irredeemable and downright insidious though. 

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As a newbie to the fandom, are there any fics that are considered must reads? There are so many on ao3 and I'm not sure where to begin.

*updated January 2017*

We’ve put together a few posts for new readers before here and here. Everything in our personal faves post is beloved by at least one of us. 

I’m not gonna say any of them are must reads, since you shouldn’t read a fic you don’t like for the sake of me so these are the ones that I see both highly acclaimed and widely discussed in the fandom:

4 Minute Window (E) Speranza WC:24127

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

5 Times Steve Got Arrested and 1 Time They All Did (T) heartsdesire456  Words:5K

What it says, 5 times Steve Rogers ended up in jail (with and without Bucky) + 1 time all of the Avengers got arrested with him.

Ain’t No Grave (M) spitandvinegar WC:86k+ (WIP)

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

but hey, you’re all right (M) beardsley Words: 5K

‘This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. ‘It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’

‘Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, ‘we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you’d expect.

cross this river to the other side (T) defcontwo Words: 

Here is the truth about Captain America and the Howling Commandos that every World War II historian must come to accept at one point or another: we will never know everything. We won’t even come close.

So much was lost with the untimely death of Captain America. While the man beneath the uniform sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic, the myth lived on, only to grow bigger and more unwieldy as the years went by. Now, it is near impossible to tell fact from fiction, to separate out truth from propaganda.

In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.

In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.

Gravitation (E) Odsbodkins Words:10K

“He couldn’t remember when he first started feeling the pull. Perhaps it was too long ago, or perhaps it had been gradual, something that crept up on him. But by the time he was sixteen, Bucky knew that the axis of his world spun around Steve Rogers in the worst possible way.”

Inspired by finding out that in the prequel comics for Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve and Bucky are in art class when the news breaks about Pearl Harbor.

Hands of Clay (T) Mhalachai WC:200k+ (WIP)

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

it’s a strange courage (E) mambo Words:27K

“The question the entertainment world is asking themselves today is… Who is Steve? Hollywood superstar Bucky Barnes was spotted at a wrap-party last night, serenading someone named Steve onstage. Not only was Barnes more than a little tipsy, but he also sang a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie that started his career–a bold move, considering the fact that he always dodges questions about it. But who is Steve? Why did Bucky leave the club alone? What does this mean about the rumors of a relationship between Barnes and his co-star Natasha Romanoff? And is everyone’s favorite poster boy gay? All this and more after a quick message from our sponsors!”

I’ve Been Careless With a Delicate Man (M) Paraxdisepink Words:9K

Steve lets SHIELD think he and Bucky were boyfriends so they’ll let him see the Winter Soldier in medical.

The man on the bridge (M) boopboop Words:107556 

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.
Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.

Mistake on the Part of Nature (T) Words:1K by idiopathicsmile

Steve takes in Bucky’s betrayed look and Sam’s confusion, follows Sam’s gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face.

“Oh,” he says. “Bucky found out about bananas.”

In which an American icon is mourned. But probably not the one you’re thinking of.

Not Easily Conquered-series (M) dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears WC:71225

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.
In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.
In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

perfectly right wrong number (T) melonbutterfly Words: 31K

It all starts because Steve is too dumb to handle his smartphone.

A wrong number AU in which Bucky Barnes doesn’t enter Steve’s life (meaning: Bucky wasn’t born until the eighties, but Steve is still Captain America) until Steve accidentally dials the wrong number. Wherein there is a lot of texting, some advice via Natasha and Darcy, a bit of pining, and a first date in an amusement park. Oh, and on top of being a disabled veteran, Bucky is a professional catwalker. Literally.

Only Good Things (G) Jain Words:2K

All of their neighbors think that Steve and Bucky are dating.

Our Golden Age (E) augustbird WC:147825

Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.

Schrödinger’s Romance (M) InTheMiddleOfNowhere WC:19K (underage, rape/noncon)

“It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results.”

We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?”. Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he’s sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact.

Sing Me the Alphabet (T) thesardine Words:78K

There wasn’t anything left to salvage. That’s what Fury believed. It would have been a kindness to put him down.

When SHIELD finally releases Bucky from custody, he is not the man anyone expects him to be. The ruthlessness of the Winter Soldier is gone, replaced with a seemingly child-like wariness as he struggles to communicate his warped understanding of who he is and what was done to him. But with Hydra scrambling to regroup, SHIELD takes dangerous measures to secure Zola’s algorithm to use against them, and Steve is dragged back into battle, forced to weigh what’s best for Bucky against what’s best for the fate of the free world.

Then Bucky is abducted.

Steve races to recover his friend before the man who was Bucky is gone forever, but the rescue stalls, he starts to crumble under the weight of everything he has lost and everything the war has taken from him.

Meanwhile, Bucky confronts a terrible piece of ex-SHIELD tech that was in development long before Project Insight, but in order to survive, he must decide who he is going to be: the vulnerable Bucky Barnes or the indomitable Winter Soldier? It turns out there might not be as big a difference as everyone seems to think.

Slide To Answer (M) by relenafanel Words:8K

“What do I do?” Steve appealed into the phone. “I’m freaking out.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. It lasted so long that Steve pulled the receiver away from his ear and frowned at it. Pay phones were old. Maybe this one wasn’t working despite the obvious dial tone when he picked up.

“Ok,” a stranger’s voice said over the phone. “First acknowledge the fact that you dialed the wrong number, but be quick about it because my cab is a few blocks away from my own plans and I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you.”

Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film (gen) eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya, tigrrmilk WC:10228

“Heil Hydra,” the enemy agent shouts.
“Heil this, motherfucker,” says Captain America, shooting off a rocket.
Steve and Bucky find out Hollywood has been busy since they went away. A historical survey, including but not limited to: one set of exploded genitals, a brief interlude in France, Mel Gibson and other masterworks of casting, eight Academy awards, several dinosaurs, and something Tony Stark has ominously dubbed “the masterpiece.” Art included.

Steve Rogers’ Dad Face and Other Common Hazards (T)  AggressiveWhenStartled  Words:5K

Today, Peter was honest-to-god going to see Captain America himself up close, in person, and not from a rooftop or tiny crevice like a creepy stalker fanboy.

Even better, he was going to watch Steve Rogers make history by soldiering his beleaguered way through the most intensely awkward and honestly ridiculous press conference in the history of ever– jaw thrust out and spine ramrod straight. Trying hard to be polite and respectful in the face of adversity.

While a bunch of assholes with cameras and microphones shouted at him about Iron Man’s adolescent dick.

Things SHIELD Never Told Captain America (T) tolieawake Words:3K

The thing is, Tony quickly realised, there are certain things that SHIELD never told Captain America. Sometimes small things, sometimes big things. But things, nonetheless, that they thought he wasn’t quite ready to know.

When Steve finds out about one of those things during an interview - his reaction isn’t anything like anyone was expecting (except maybe Natasha, because she’s scary like that).

OR, how the world found out about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

This, You Protect (T) owlet WC:64326

The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

To be Vulnerable is Needed Most of All (M) perfect_plan WC:118362

Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes.
In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.

this city bleeds its aching heart (E) Renne Words: 34K

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) (T) fallingvoices, radialarch WC:20605

The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason

When I Put Away Childish Things (M) hansbekhart WC:14367

Bucky gets on a Manhattan bound train around 2:30, heading to 8th St. He watches the Lady far off on Liberty Island as they roll over the East River. The train is crowded and people smile at him, pleased to see a handsome young man in uniform. He smiles back, pleased with the world and everything in it. He wonders where Steve might want to go for lunch. What he’d say if Bucky asked him if he’d ever thought about treating this thing between them as real.
He comes out of the subway a little before 3 o'clock, and the world has changed.

picurzsu  asked:

Hi! My Bellarke prompt for Christmas: Clarke gives baby shoes as christmas gift for Bellamy *wink* Thank you!

Clarke’s assumption was always that, at some point in her life, she’d just know she wanted kids, like some flip would be switched and she’d move from thinking she’d maybe want to reproduce someday to knowing the exact day and time she wanted her firstborn to come.

Okay, not quite that, but that was how it felt when she was a kid. Maybe that’s what she thought her biological clock was or something. This odd, internal device that would alert her to her own desire to reproduce.

But that’s not really how it works.

In college, she decided it wasn’t going to happen, mostly because she was with Lexa. Obviously, she knew they still could have kids, but Lexa didn’t really seem like the type, and Clarke found she was fine with that. She adjusted to the idea of herself as a person in a serious relationship who wouldn’t have kids of her own. Their friends would have kids, and they’d be the cool aunts who showered them with presents and didn’t have to deal with any of the messy stuff like diapers and tantrums.

Then, she and Lexa broke up and she started dating Niylah, who said she wanted to foster kids, which also sounded okay, if they lasted. But they didn’t, and Clarke settled on being open to children, which feels like the right place for her. She could be a mother, but she’s not sure. Maybe someday, she really will just know

And the whole time that’s all happening, Bellamy was around in the background, an annoyance, then a friend, then the most important person in her entire life.

It’s easy to take it for granted that Bellamy wants children. Part of that is how he grew up, raising his sister, a father before he understood that’s what he was doing. But it’s not just that; he’s always been a caretaker, and it’s one of the things Clarke admires about him. He loves people fiercely and easily, and he feels like the kind of person who should be a father.

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i actually am extremely interested in how you'd change fiona's story arc in da3

Firstly I’d ditch the whole time travel thing? There are a SHIT ton of reasons for that, for one thing it really adds nothing, your character has no emotional ties to these people yet, you might since you know Leli and Varric and Cassandra from previous games, but your character doesn’t, so the one thing to gain from that plot thread, making the player upset, doesn’t work well.

Instead, I’d have the castle under siege by Templars, some Venatori wishing to capture any mages they can for Corypheus to use, and some of the Redcliffe villagers, and other ordinary people who blame the mages for the Divine’s death. Arl Teagan has opted to stay with the Mages, viewing their struggle as just, and them as needing every metaphoric sword they can get.

Using Leliana’s knowledge of the secret way into the castle, you sneak in with much needed supplies in the hopes the mages, and Fiona especially, will be willing to hear you out re: an alliance. 

But, because Connor is with the Free Mages, there are guards stationed by the secret passage.

If you have, say, 20 elfroot, you get an option to offer that to them and can avoid a fight. There are three more potential chances for fights, but if you have collected certain resources you can avoid them.

Finally, you come to the Throne room. There, Teagan, Fiona, and Ser Perth, from DAO, are huddled around a table. Before they look up, your character can hear Perth murmur that he never thought he’d have to /take/ Redcliffe castle, /and/ prevent it from being taken in his lifetime.

Then they’d look up at your character. Unless you have an all-Mage party including an Inqusitor, (I still need to work out recruiting Dorian for this scenario) Fiona will reach for her staff.

If you killed none of her people on your way to see her, it will instantly spark a dialogue about an alliance. Fiona will be suspicious at first about joining the Inquisition’s forces, but after a moment, she will agree. We will see a cutscene of the mages, including many children, being led out of the castle by Leliana’s agents.

If you killed some of her people, she will be very much unwilling to work with you and will, in fact, try to kill you before Teagan stops her, reminding her there are children in the Throneroom and that they have already seen enough blood to last a lifetime. She will relent and put down her staff. But she will still be unwilling to talk alliances. 

If you brought Vivienne with you, she will remind Fiona that it’s her /job/ to take care of the mages under her command, now that they’ve left the ‘safe harbor’ of the Chantry, and that if she doesn’t ally the templars will likely kill everyone. She’ll admit Vivienne is right, thank her grudgingly, and join you.

If you didn’t bring Vivienne, but brought Solas, he will appeal to her with a single word. ‘Suledin’. To endure, to survive, especially to survive loss. She will be silent for a moment, and then agree to join you. 

If you brought neither Solas nor Vivienne but brought Dorian, he’ll try to convince her, but fail. She’ll tell to him no Tevinter, other than the slaves, knows what her people face. 

If you brought none of them but Varric and Hawke sided with the Mages, he can convince her through a bit of charm and by telling her about Merrill and Anders. She’ll agree to join you. 

If you brought none of them, Teagan and Perth will remind her their position is  vulnerable and that they can’t hold out much longer than a few more days without supplies. She’ll then join you.

You’ll get the same cutscene as above.

At Skyhold, Fiona will be far more interactable. You will be able to bring her on the quest Here Lies The Abyss, where she will often be able to help you rally more Wardens to your side. She will attempt to encourage you, before Wicked Hearts and Wicked Eyes, if spoken to, to put Briala on, or near, as it were, the Throne, feeling her best for diplomatic ties to Ferelden. If you ask her why an Orlesian elf cares about Ferelden, she will /then/ tell you she knew Maric. 

She’ll also have quests you can do for her. Most are small and related to the mages, similar to the quests you receive at the camps from the ladies there, find a certain amount of a certain herb, whatever, but one or two are specifically for her. 

One is her asking you a favor, to see if you can find any sign of Duncan still at Ostagar. She’ll tell you he was a dear friend and that, ever since the Circles were free she’s wanted to go and look for something of his for herself. You can send the Chargers to go, and they will, provided you used Leliana on the War Table mission, bring a obsidian dagger they believed to have been Duncan’s as it was near his journal by the old Warden’s firepit. Fiona will recognize the dagger if you bring it to her and tell you it has too many bad memories and for you to keep it. (A reference to the dagger in DA:TC, the only reason Duncan wasn’t cured of the taint along with Fiona, and therefore the reason he’s dead).

Another quest will be to ask you to deliver a message to Alistair, something his father sent to her years ago she thought he should have. Again, if you use Leliana, you will be successful (and see that Alistair sent a letter back for Fiona, therefore opening communication between him and his mother, even he doesn’t know she’s his mom.

So that’s what I’d do.

Put a Ring on It

@zalemoonshadow said to green-eyeddragonfanfiction:
Hey, How about a fic about Steve discovering Beyonce-run the world music and he is in awe of Beyonce he’s just jamming out to this song.a cute silly fic thoughts?

While I’m sure that Steve is a feminist (I mean how could he not be?), I don’t think he’s a Run the World kinda guy. I think, musically, an old-fashioned guy like Steve wouldn’t find it appealing. 

Single Ladies, though… I could see him jamming out to Single Ladies.

Pairing: None, just Steve being a dork

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~603

A/N: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not edited***


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It had been a few months since Steve had been fished out of the ice.

A few months of living in the modern world. 

Adjusting was difficult. He didn’t recognize anything anymore. Everything from the towering skyscrapers down to the streets were different. It was home, but it wasn’t.

People dressed differently. Cars were practically different machines.

And computers. Oh, computers were pure evil as far as Steve was concerned.

It took him a week to figure out how to reliably operate one enough to be able to open google in less than five minutes.

Computers were evil, but the internet was surprisingly helpful. Especially that one site, Wikipedia.

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A fill for this @kyluxhardkinks prompt:

AU where Hux isn’t a General of the FO. He’s a high demand escort at Canto Bight. Possibly FO property, but expensive property that can be borrowed by men, women and all else of various backgrounds. Whoever pays for him can do whatever they want with him, so long as they don’t leave any lasting marks. When Kylo Ren is sent to Canto Bight he’s disgusted by the frivolity and gaudiness. The only bright spot is the redhead he sees in the crowd, often embraced by someone’s appendage. Kylo needs to
get to know him, personally and physically.

Bonus points to anyone who finds the Black Mirror reference.

“You like him, don’t you?” The man gave Ren a knowing look. 

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