there is not a single thing i find appealing about you

Snippet time! I think I’ll try make it a regular-ish thing to do. No matter the fic I’m working on at the time.

black and blue (blossoms in the dark) was inspired by monsta x’s The Clan trilogy. There was just a lot of flowers, a lot angst and a lot of love being thrown around in the MVs, with A+ cinematography. There was also inktae’s blue orchids fic; a tale of unrequited love, soulmates, and finding hope in such loveless world. I’ve always wanted to try a hanahaki byou au, there was something appealing about it.

What better use for it than in a NoctNyx fic? :D

A longer snippet this time because it’s a memorable day for me today ^^ It’s currently at 1k words, give or take.

Also, I think I will dedicate this to the CFHA crew. If you see this, thank you again for the lovely gifts this morning. I’d treasure every single word written, every single wish you’ve all made. Even though we’ve all just met, thanks, you guys. sap alert 

And seeing as how they themed the gifts as a Bouquet…why not dedicate the one fic I’m working on related to flowers to them? :D But seriously, I have been thinking about writing a fic and dedicating it to you guys; yall just gave me the opportunity to do it LEL!