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my xfather while im crying and sobbing and obviosuly having a panic attack where im beggijg him to give me muy phoen so i can call my therapist and talk tyo her about it: telling me to calm down, talking over me, yelling at me, telling mer to stop it, “just drink some water!”, basically not terying to sympaythize at all with the fact that hes the only person i can talk to and he Terrifies me, and i just want my therapist to talk to me and not his insane abusive ass that just wants me to go to school and stop being mentally ill bc my mental illness is inconvient to hikm 

It’s Been A While (Closed)


It’d been maybe months since Anti finally let Charlotte be free to be herself, of course unless he needed her again. That morning she touched up her bright red hair, hopefully still unnoticeable to anybody who might’ve gotten word of her disappearance and ‘death’. She moved to LA to blend into the crowd, and so nobody knew her, but better safe than sorry. She’d gotten a job at some hooters-knock-off bar, getting ready for another night of wolf whistles and “how much do I have to tip for you to take your shirt off?” Jesus.

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tfw your dad is always finding excuses to get pissed off at you and yell at you, insult you, and beat you but like,,,, they're shitty excuses? things like glancing at him with a neutral facial expression, mentioning something to a therapist and having it somehow come back around to him, etc. and it never stops. and of course, mom isn't any better and nobody else cares so :) :) :)

I relate to that first one. I remember during my first week with my safety family, I kept constantly apologizing, and one time I was playing video games and their mom walked in and started talking to me about how she wanted to make sure I was safe, and I looked at the tv for a second and I instantly flinched and said sorry even though she didn’t even notice. I thought she’d accuse me of not paying attention to her, hit me, and throw me out.

“His father?” I asked.

“Not my story to tell,” Coil waved a hand, “I leave it for Regent to share at a later date, if he chooses.  All I mean to say is that I can give you that, Regent.  Status and notoriety, perhaps enough to rise above your old man.”

Unlike Taylor, Coil has at least some respect for people’s secrets.

Regent nodded once, but didn’t say anything.  I would have liked to see his expression behind his mask.

“You must understand, Undersiders, I do not use fear as Lung did, or manipulation as Kaiser does.

It seems more like negotiation is Coil’s deal.

I would have you work alongside me because you know I am the person that is best equipped to provide what you desire, and that nobody else can or will give you a better offer.”

It’s a fairly good reason to work for - or as he says, alongside - someone. Simple capitalism, though not necessarily with money as the currency.

Don’t leave,
Shut your mind off and let your heart breath.
You don’t need to be worried.
I may not ever get my shit togheter,
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better.

Secret Guardian Angels

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Capricorn is the Aries’s guardian angel 

Capricorn has overcome all of the elements and obstacles to reign supreme. It’s the sign that represents authority and the parent. But Capricorn didn’t achieve this without battle, sacrifice, will, and determination, and Capricorn has fought and overcome the battles Aries is facing now. Aries experiences significant challenges with authority, and it’s Capricorn who represents this authority. Though it’s important to remember how they got in that position to begin with, and it was in the same manner Aries valiantly fights for now. This is why Capricorns can be great guides and guardians for Aries. Mars rules Aries and exalts in Capricorn. Capricorn knows how to focus and channel this immense energy into goal centered productivity. Capricorn knows how to weave the Aries dream into reality.

Pisces is the Gemini’s guardian angel

Two confused and contradicting twins, spinning madly. Two peacefully swimming fish, bound together but drifting into different worlds. One spiritual fish for each startled twin. A direction chartered by the soul, instead of a fragmented mind. Gemini and Pisces both contain the energy of the gate, straight lined in the Gemini glyph and curved in the Pisces. The gate is the entrance to the astral body. Pisces knows how to glide into this with ease, carefully and subtly changing form, appreciating the stillness, integrating dream into everyday life, Gemini enters this often unknowingly, changing form and identifying with only ether, yet futilely attempting to rationalise this and becoming lost in the maze. Pisces is the Gemini who has learned to relax the mind and let emotions flow, when emotion flows, Gemini glows 

Aquarius is the Scorpio’s guardian angel

Knowledge and wisdom can be isolating. Nobody knows this better than Aquarius. With every transformation that takes place, the Scorpios acquisition of profound information increases, and soon it can seem incompatible with the deceit of daily living. Aquarius understands the necessity and seclusion of this wisdom. It is Aquarius who is the air angel, waiting in the clouds with the jug of heavenly wisdom. Dwelling above in these ascended brainwaves is the place she can greet and guide the Scorpio phoenix, taking flight in these higher places. Scorpio’s secrets are safe with Aquarius.


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