there is no wrong way to be a girl

Unpopular Opinions about Disney movies bc i'm a pos

-The Little Mermaid is one of the worst movies and I cringe every time i see it.
-Tangled is WAY better than Frozen and most Disney movies honestly
-The Princess and the Frog is so underrated and needs more appreciation because that movie is a masterpiece.
-Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are AWFUL for young girls as well as Snow White. They are terrible role models.
-The Lion King is overrated. It’s a great movie don’t get me wrong but I just don’t see what all the hype is from.
-I prefer Tarzan over Pocahontas
-I despise Aladdin, it’s just not my type of movie.
-While this isn’t a Disney movie, Anastasia is better than most Disney movies and The Prince of Egypt as well. Those movies are masterpieces that don’t get enough credit.
-I think Pocahontas has great songs and animation but I don’t like the actual story. I feel like a strong female character gets diminished to a girl who has a crush.
-Frozen is not even that good there i said it

Okay carry on.

It’s quite possibly the generational thing another poster and I were discussing yesterday, but ASAB language has always felt wrong to me (I do not care if it works for other people.)

Like, if the ONLY problem was that most doctors are cissexist and say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” rather than “ask them when they’re three”…

…then why do a lot of trans people want or even need hormones or surgery?

It kind of reminds me of the way some people try to use the social model of disability to say the “I don’t have a disability; society disables me” part, but then never get to talking about impairment.

Which may accurately describe some people but for a lot of us, impairments don’t go poof if you restructure how you look at society, even very intensely.

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Confession; I'm a bi agender person who's mostly into girls, and I've developed a crush on a girl I know. Her name is Sophie, and I've known her since I was 6 (our parents are good friends too). And i've been thinking about her a lot in a romantic and sexual way, but it all just seems gross and wrong. For all I know, she's probably straight and/or unachievable. What can I do to get rid of these thoughts about her or come to terms that I can never be with her?


Fruity goo, my dear strawberry cheesecake, my lovely child… you are NOT disgusting, gross or wrong for wanting to be with someone. 

You wanna be smooched and snuggled by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! you wanna be banged till you forget your name by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! I know is hard to believe when people constantly pushes non-heterosexual couples as disgusting or fetishes, but you are NOT wrong for wanting any of that! much less gross! I am not like… yelling at you or anything, its not my intention! I am not blaming it on you! that would be rude, i know society pushes things into our brains that are.. just.. bad things! 

Please dear, is ok wanting to get laid with a girl and wanting to smooch her and sing her junk and all that cheesy stuff! 

Now that we got rid of that… I think the best is asking her what her view on that is, love is about understanding each other and communication, of course is a lil hard, so first try to know what’s her view on LGBTQ themes! try to start a conversation and slowly develop it to that junk, and if she is ok with that, you can always try to give her a shot and say “hey, I LOVE YOU TONS!”

Now now, please don’t lower yourself! you are amazing, incredibly stunning and super duper lovely! sweet and nice and pretty chilly vanilla! Self-confidence is hard I know, but i feel like reminding you that!! <3 


Lazy afternoon and then an amazing dinner and drinks with my husband (who apparently is 3000% done with my selfies… sorry, buddy, you married the wrong girl for that!). I made it through about a quarter of the monster Monte Christo sandwich that I ordered and he finished it, but the sweet potato fries were so good, and I had a blueberry honey beer that was perfection, and I don’t even really like beer. It was a great way to cap off our last night in Pittsburgh!

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Hiya! I'm a bit confused about how I identify as well...(obviously I'm not the anon from before, but I saw your response to their ask and was wondering if you could maybe attempt to help me as well...If it makes you uncomfortable you 100% don't have to answer, I totally understand). (Also, I have social anxiety, so I hope you don't mind me being on anon...). Anyway, I'm a bit confused about..what gender is, I guess? If that makes sense? Basically, cis doesn't feel "wrong" to me (1/4)

but I literally do not understand what gender is, so I have no way of knowing if that’s what I really am. I see a lot of posts that say things like “there is no difference between a “boy’s” brain and a “girl’s” brain, and that boys can be feminine and girls can be masculine and trans boys can still be feminine and trans girls can still be masculine and agender people and genderfluid people and nonbinary people etc. all exist…but if all of this is true (not saying it’s not), then what (2/4)

exactly is the difference between these genders and identities? How can you tell what gender you are if there isn’t any difference? What is it that makes someone a “boy” or someone else a “girl” or someone else a different gender than that? Or even having no gender? What makes these genders what they are and not anything else? I’m really sorry if that’s confusing, I can’t really explain it very well. (I’m also really sorry if I accidentally offended you or anyone else, and I promise that (¾)

that is definitely not my intent). Thank you so much if you are able to answer, and even if you aren’t (and I’m sorry to bother you! I hope you have a nice day!) (4/4)


Hoo boy…okay I’m going to do my best to explain but forgive me if it’s a bit disjointed because I’m not an expert at all and I’m usually very incoherent

The most basic truth of gender vs sex is gender is what your head tells you you are and your sex is just what genitals you have.

While it’s true that there aren’t as clear divisions between most “male” and “female” brains there are in people who have a very clear and definite feeling of their gender being one or the other. This applies to both cis people who strongly identify as their assigned gender and trans people in relation to the gender they identify as.

As in a trans woman who strongly identifies as such will have a ‘female’ coded brain.

Most people have a vaguer brain map which falls between the two. In other words most people are in some ways technically non-binary. (I don’t have references for this because I learned it from my super smart friend but now I can’t find the post she made about it.)

Some ways having a gender that is different from your sex can affect you:

Gender Dysphoria:

Some people feel that their genitals are very much at odds with what their brain tells them and they hate their body because it’s not what their brain tells them it should be.  

Some people (like me) don’t hate their genitals but either all the time or sometimes feel the ache of what should be there but isn’t. It doesn’t come with self-hatred but it’s profoundly uncomfortable.

Gender Euphoria:

This is a joy and happiness that comes from being correctly recognised as your actual gender. It’s a sense of “yes that’s right” It’s perfectly possible to have this and not dysphoria and still be non-binary or trans.


Knowing what gender you are can be difficult. Some people prefer to avoid labels altogether other people embrace labels.

For me growing up I didn’t have tumblr or any access to even the idea of non-binary or genderfluid at all.

I used to watch documentaries on transgenderism with fascination knowing it wasn’t quite right for me (I didn’t want to be a boy) but that it spoke to a part of me.

When I was a teenager I found a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman in my local library. I believe it was the book Smoke and Mirrors.

Anyway, in the story titled Changes a pill is developed that cures cancer but also changes a person’s sex. It had people who changed it for the weekend, or often switched back and forth and I remember thinking at the time “I would love that. I would take that pill all the time. Just constantly switching back and forth” it was the first thing in my life that suggested fluidity of gender and I nearly cried. I read that story so many times because it spoke to me on a deep level.

Still I didn’t really realise I was gender fluid until the last couple of years when I became familiar with the concept.

Now…here’s another thing. There is a difference between gender and gender expression.

Someone who identifies solely as a male can wear a dress because they “look good” and that’s fine. That doesn’t change the fact that they identify as male.

A non-binary person wearing a dress is also doing it because they “look good” and that’s fine and doesn’t change the fact they identify as non-binary.

A person who identifies as female can wear a dress because they “look good” and that’s fine etc etc.

What a person wears or acts is individual expression and it doesn’t change the gender that they feel they are.

If wearing trousers for instance made you male a lot of cis women would be classed as men…but that’s not how it works. Style and fashion and personal expression can complement the gender a person is but it does not define it.

Personally because I am genderfluid I tend to wear more stereotypically male things when I feel male and stereotypically female things when I feel female and that’s solely to combat dysphoria and to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I can see how that could be confusing to someone on the outside but as I said to my cis husband when they wondered if Kiddo was saying they were bi-gender just because they like things that stereotypically ‘girly’: “You’re CIS, have you ever really seriously questioned your gender or felt your head and your bits didn’t match?” to which he replied “Oh…yeah okay I get it now”

Because he hasn’t ever questioned it or felt it at odds and it’s a big claim to make if you don’t feel it inside.

But it’s also okay to be confused. To not know.  To think you’re A and then realise later you’re actually B.

Figuring it out takes time when you’re discovering both yourself and the very concept of gender beyond the binary.

It’s not a new concept in the world. A large part of the world has always known and understood there are more than two genders. Western society is just catching up to the rest of the world and it’s okay to be confused and unsure. There is no time limit on when you can figure these things out.

Here is a link to a comic that explains a lot about gender and sexualities

Here is a link to Katie Couric’s exploration of gender for the National Geographic. I haven’t watched it but I included it as my mom has said it was really helpful for her.

I hope that helped a bit! Despite my rambling and disjointed explanations!

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Hey can I please help me out ? I have a crush on a guy that only likes girls who are really beautiful like their body and all that. I'm just not so beautiful like them and that makes me cry sometimes because I really feel so fat and all that what do I do ? How can I impress him? I'm so sad 😭

NOOO girl this is so wrong, you don’t need to impress a shallow childish ass boy who only likes beautiful girls wtf. I don’t know how you girls end up crushing on fuckboys like that but you’re perfect & please be with someone who loves you just the way you are💖

ok my thing with live action remakes is that they’re smart only in the short term

Based off the three I’ve seen (Maleficent/Cinderella/Beauty and Beast) they bring a similar aesthetic of embroidery and pastels and princess-y dreamyness which, don’t get me wrong, is fitting and I definitely love the look, but it’s been done three times. More detailed, embroidered dresses, ornate and packed-to-the-point-of-clutter sets, and at least one scene where a girl in a blue dress is running through a field. 

And because they’re beautiful and let people see their favorite movies in a way that doesn’t change them but shows nostalgia in a new way, they’ve been successful. Economically it’s great because it’s a way to double your money on one idea. There have been small updates to each movie, in the sense that they touch on a new social issue, but never in a way that I think is particularly trailblazing or worthy of a ton of praise. Like when (Maleficent spoilers) Maleficent was the one to break the spell, that was a cool strike for platonic love and women’s autonomy, but it wasn’t very effective &, a bit predictable. (BatB spoilers) If they really wanted to add gay representation to Batb, they probably could’ve given LeFou more than three seconds of eye contact with another man.

So, once you start getting into having several live action movies made, it just seems like it’s all been done. The same aesthetics, the same slight twists that are like…nice, but ultimately not the same as putting concentrated effort into diversity and updating stories (Like, instead of casting POC we’re gonna get a bisexual Sebastian). So, long term, you’re showing that you’re out of ideas & still avoiding present issues.

Disney is a really traditional company that plans things around ‘family appeal’. Unless they’re going to start pushing boundaries in their live action movies, then they’re going to start feeling less like nostalgic rehashings and more like skeletons of movies that had a lot of heart put into them. There’s a lot of creative people and a lot of cool stories to tell, so why try to retell a story people can revisit anytime when you can talk about people from other countries and cultures? Theres more fairy tales and stories behind that, and I think Disney could do well with those too  

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Detz 4

sorry it’s so late! the pacing isn’t nearly as good as i wanted it to be but…enjoy! 

Dex twisted the cuff in his hands. He’d said it himself, crush cuffs were stupid. Even if someone liked you, why would they confess by wearing your name on a neon bracelet? That was so lame. And what if they wore more than one? There were so many ways this could go wrong, but Dex wasn’t good with confessing, and it seemed like the easiest way out. He’d been ignoring his feelings for too long. Now was the perfect time to tell him.

Fitz’s hat was already overflowing with gifts, and rainbow colored confetti littered the floor around his locker. It didn’t take Dex long to regret getting himself into the situation in the first place, but still, he swallowed his pride and walked briskly to the hat.

A swarm of girls gasped as he dropped his gift into the box, a cuff of his own.

He blushed furiously as he ran down the hallway back into the safety of the atrium.

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if you identify as a boy, your body is a boy’s body, no matter what it looks like!

if you idenify as a girl, your body is a girl’s body, no matter what it looks like!

if you identify as nonbinary, your body is a nonbinary person’s body, no matter what it looks like!

there is no right or wrong body for your gender! however you identify is who you are, and the way your body looks or acts don’t change that!

Okay so I’m calling it right here right now you heard it here first my dude this lady is gonna be one of 4 things:

1 - Conventionally attractive but shallow love interest the main dude ditches for the alt punk girl in the 3rd act

2 - Smiley but secretly prejudiced stuck-up girl who devalues/gives the main an emotional beatdown about not fitting in as the “point of initiation/action” because of course she does and then is proven wrong at the end and has a snobby meltdown

3 - Dated 1980s valley girl role, an older variant of #2 but minimized with less emotional validity and played as a secondary antagonist or for laughs

4 - Pointless and stupid background bit character who might have a few scattered lines that they just slapped on a poster and that I am now pointlessly reading way too into

Some Musicals as Clickbait Titles
  • Hamilton: He didn't throw away his shot- until he did!
  • Phantom: "The strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera, a mystery never fully explained."
  • Assassins: The strangest JFK assassination conspiracy yet!
  • The Drowsy Chaperone: This man listened to musicals so much that he hallucinated he was in one!
  • Heathers: This Teen Murdered Three of Her Classmates- Find Out What Went Wrong!
  • Les Mis: We heard this story about an obscure French rebellion- and we are LITERALLY SOBBING :'(
  • Into the Woods: You'll never look at fairy-tales the same way again!
  • The Sound of Music: New evidence has uncovered what upper-class Austrians did in light of Anschluss, and you'll never guess what it was!
  • Sweeney Todd: "Demon Barber": One Man's Journey of Revenge, Murder, and a Meat Grinder.
  • Waitress: You go, girl! This woman's journey is the most inspirational thing you'll see all year.
First and Last Words

Elena Gilbert 1x01:

Dear diary, today will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. My smile will say “I’m fine, thank you.” “Yes, I feel much better.” I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh, be someone new. It’s the only way I’ll make it through.

Elena Gilbert-Salvatore 8x16:

Even after our long and happy life together Damon is still worried he’ll never find Stefan again, but I know he’s wrong. Because peace exists in anything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace is that one day after a long life, we find each other again.

A brief example of white privilege:

If I, an Indian girl in America, mispronounce a white name, I will face mockery and scorn for my “substandard intelligence” which ***cLeArLy*** stems from my immigrant background. I will be consumed by shame as I constantly recall that moment when the wrong syllable was stressed or the right letters came out in the wrong sequence. My error may be met with laughter or with annoyance; either way, my only option is to fix my tongue and fix it FAST. I am suddenly blind to my own abilities: if I couldn’t even say the name “Leighton” correctly, does anything else matter???? Who cares how qualified a person of color is when they can’t even say a damn name?!?!

On the other hand, a white person can listen to me introduce myself gently, articulately, and painstakingly, yet *still* decide my name just isn’t worth the effort. They watch me waste my breath as I repeat my name in varying speeds and mentally implore them to try again for my sake. Then come the anglicized nicknames, the insensitive jokes, the dismissive hand gestures, and the utter disregard for one of the greatest elements of a person’s identity.

I am left feeling cheated and defeated.

White privilege is being able to erase the beauty, significance, and legacy of another human being’s name simply because you’re too lazy to teach your tongue something new.

one of the saddest moments for me in the revival was the moment that lorelai revealed that when she was thirteen, she was called “weird” and “loud” and essentially told that there was no way she was actually a gilmore because of this.

she was so different, so not what a girl, especially a girl of her circumstance, was supposed to be.  so here’s this vivacious, witty, quirky little girl with bright blue eyes who probably makes jokes and says the wrong thing and has a thirst for a life outside of what she knows that even the kids, with their trickled down opinions from their parents, bully her.

and it crushed her.  the thought of not being a gilmore, of not belonging, crushed her.

yes, her mother and her never saw eye to eye, and lorelai probably sensed she never quite fit in - believing that she’d fill that void in the form a boy -  and then her whole school all but admitted as much to her, that she was never going to fit in.  ever.

the life she had was suffocating her, because for as many doors as money opens, it closes so many other options that lorelai found much more appealing.

and then she found stars hollow.  this weird, eccentric, quirky little town where she actually fit in.  she wasn’t the weirdest person there - she was simply one of many.

she fit in.  she belonged.

and with this acceptance came a guy who found it endearing that she was “weird” and “loud”…he even loved her for it.

for lorelai, it was never about not wanting to be a gilmore, if anything, it was about her never feeling like she was.  and ultimately the altering of the definition of what being a gilmore really was.  not money, not perfection.

strength.  loyalty.  love.  forgiveness.  acceptance.

I’m still screaming

*Mon-El emphasizing woman when his parents kept trying to call Kara a girl

*Mon-El communicating with his own words (not just a repeat of what Kara said but his own views and perspective on what was wrong with his old life and his part in it) and fully understanding that the way the people of Daxam were treated was wrong + plus accepting responsibility for his role in it

*Mon-El saying that thinking about the person he used to be makes him ill

*Mon-El saying that even if he can’t be with Kara being around her makes him better and that’s what matters

*Mon-El calling Earth home

I know there’s more but my cable’s out so I couldn’t record and go back but these are the ones that are burned into my very soul. This was everything I have been waiting for.