there is no way to have not seen that title coming

Because I haven’t seen a shout out for this yet.

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics out there who never felt relief when they discovered their orientations were valid 

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who are fine with themselves one day and then hate themselves for what they don’t feel the next

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who put off using the titles because they didn’t want to be this way and still don’t

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who feel sick when they think about their orientations for too long because they’ll never feel normal or not-broken, no matter how many times someone says their feelings are valid

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who constantly feel like they’re missing out, and would give anything to be allosexual or alloromantic 

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who don’t feel okay, who don’t have ace or aro pride

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who struggle with accepting themselves even more than society does

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who feel out of place in ace and aro society because they wish they didn’t belong there

Shout out to all the asexuals and aromantics who want to change, but just can’t

You are not alone

“On the first day of shooting, Alicia Silverstone was going to debate whether immigrants should be able to come into America — what we call the Hate-e-ans Speech. It was written and spelled correctly, but that’s just how she pronounced it. After she did the first take, everybody wanted to rush up to her and correct her, and I had to hold them off because I liked the way that sounded, and I didn’t want her to have any knowledge that that was not absolutely correct. I wanted her to feel completely confident.

With ‘Sporadicus’ [where Cher mispronounces Spartacus] — by that time, I wanted to sprinkle a little bit of that stuff throughout the movie. And it’s not to sound stupid, it’s just that if you’re young, you maybe don’t talk to people about political things or titles of movies you haven’t seen. It’s not stupidity, it’s just that you haven’t been exposed but still have the nerve to talk about something anyway.

– writer/director Amy Heckerling (Variety)

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The Nipple was Omitted

◇  ← Full-body drawing

A picture of respect for someone overseas that previously sent me a picture. (On Twitter) Recently, I drew them too much like a girl so I intended to return to being a beginner…


I know it’s a wrong way of drawing but, I like to draw various Chinese dresses with the feeling that they suddenly tear open.

[tl note: ero is short for erotic, the title is a pun bc of the whole L sound being R in japanese.]


  • Obsolete Dream - Chapter 7
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The Lighthouse has been closed.
Thank you very much! If the time for it’s opening comes again, please feel free to contact me then~ + I don’t think anyone has seen it, but I’ve changed the site’s banner for the first time in a long while, 

Butterfly and the Moth

anonymous asked:

I'm always confused when I hear Buddhists refer to the Buddha as "Lord". It sounds like a rather deific title, like how Christians refer to Jesus, when I can't personally see the Buddha himself wanting to be seen as a god or king etc. Unless I have it wrong and it's more akin to an honourable title like 'Master' for a teacher or sage? You would know better than me on this one as I'm a very recent convert.

It is an expression of reverence. It is also a way of indicating that we are speaking of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha and not one of the other many Buddhas of the last age. The Buddha is worshiped as a god-like figure in some places by the common people. Grandma may not understand the dharma but she does understand lighting incense and praying for intercession. The monks do not discourage this. We all come to realization in our own time. 

Title: I Don’t Want To Love You
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Very brief mention of sex
Requested by anonymous: “Poe Dameron imagine where you catch him cheating with another member of the resistance who also happens to be your best friend?”
A/N: I have no idea what is going on with all of these angst requests lately, but I’m not complaining! The friend is nameless and a female but the reader is gender neutral, as always :-) Sorry it’s a bit on the shorter side!

If anything, you half expected it to happen. Poe had been distant for weeks now, never actually disclosing the full details of his day or where he had been the night before. He was keeping something from you, and you knew it. You simply didn’t have the heart to admit it to yourself.
The one thing you didn’t expect was who he’d been spending his evenings with.
You should have seen it coming from a mile away. The way he smiled at your best friend when you weren’t looking, the way his hands would linger on her body when they hugged. It never struck you as a problem because you trusted both of them.
It was a mistake on your part.
You were looking for Poe when it happened, and now, you couldn’t even remember why you needed him in the first place. Maybe you just wanted to talk, maybe you were upset about something. It didn’t matter anymore, because the only thought on your mind was the image of your boyfriend lip-locked with your best friend in an empty corridor.
At first, all you felt was anguish, the color draining from the world around you. Your entire body felt hollow as you stood in dejected silence. They hadn’t even noticed you.
Sorrow soon turned to resentment.
“I want to be the only person to see you like this,” the memory of your first time with Poe burned the edges of your mind. He was so clear with his claim on you, so jealous when any other man let their eyes wander over you. The number of times you’d fought with him any time you so much as smiled at the opposite sex was in the double digits. You were his, and only his, but he wasn’t fully yours.
You wondered if he ever was.
The sight of him trailing his hands over your best friends skin made yours crawl, and you couldn’t stand it any longer.
“Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” you managed to choke out through your tears. They broke apart and tried to compose themselves as you stood there, anger boiling inside of you.
“Y/N, I swear, I wanted to tell you,” Poe said, adjusting his clothing and half running over to you, “I never wanted you to find out like this.”
“It’s a little late for that,” you said softly, staring at your once lover with regret in your eyes. Nothing was worth this pain, not even the wonderful time you’d spent together.
Without another word you turned to leave, the sound of Poe begging you to listen a distant afterthought. You wouldn’t have listened anyway, not to him. Not to the girl you would have once called a friend. You wouldn’t have listened to anyone.
Once you reached your quarters, you locked the door behind you and started your slow spiral into despair. The pain came in waves, crashing over you as you slid down the wall next to the door. The lump in your throat was quickly becoming unbearable, your sobs increasing in volume. All you wanted was to fill the growing whole in your chest.
The sound of your door opening and closing did little to break you out of your trance, too focused on keeping reality tied together to pay attention to anything else.
“You didn’t let me apologize,” Poe’s voice broke through the sounds of your cries, setting your nerves on fire with only five words.
“I don’t want you to,” you managed to choke out. You didn’t even bother looking at him, knowing that if you did, what remained of your heart would dissipate into absolute nothingness.
“I came to apologize anyway,” he continued, kneeling down in front of you.
“I don’t care,” you said, “I just want you to leave.”
Poe chewed his bottom lip, taking in your disheveled state with a heavy heart. He knew he had caused your pain, and he wanted to take it all back, though he knew he couldn’t.
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he whispered before standing and disappearing out of your door. The silence consumed you, and you cried until your eyelids were heavy with sleep. You stumbled over to your bed before being engulfed in the linen sheets, the softness providing some comfort. Sleep soon took you, and the pain in your chest subsiding for the time being. It was the only time it ever would.

Furiosa is more badass than even we realise

Major spoilers below.

So I’ve seen Fury Road like three times now and I had some time to think.
Furiosa is a lot more badass than even we seem to realize. I’m not even talking about all the ass we see her kick during the movie. I’m talking about all the ass she must have kicked before the movie.

So Imorten Joe has built this whole hypermasculine suicide death cult of Warboys who are all male to a T. He keeps a harem of “breeders” and has other lactating women working as milk factories. Clearly not someone who thinks women have any place near combat.

But Furiosa is one of his Imperators. It’s never explicitly stated, but there’s no way Imperator is not a military title, probably like a general or some such. I mean, it comes from the old word for Emperor.

Given the whole Warboy culture, it makes sense that the Imperators must be the best fighters of the lot, and of the bunch, Furiosa must be the very best. She would have to be, to have the title both as a woman and missing an arm.

I can’t get over this. Furiosa kicks so much ass, the super sexist Tyrant respects and fears her enough to put her in charge of the army over all his other soldiers.

And clearly the Warboys feel the same. When Furiosa first goes off road, one of them asks if there’s been a change of plans. When she says “heading east” the guy doesn’t even blink, he just passes the info down the line. The Warboys are clearly used to taking orders from Furiosa and respect her enough that they don’t question her.

When the Warboys back at the Citadel are gearing up and Nux asks what happened, one of the Warboys tells him Furiosa has gone rogue. You can tell from the way he says her name and the look on both their faces that this freaks them out.

I can almost hear Nux thinking “oh god, why her?”

And Imorten doesn’t just go after her himself, he calls EVERY LAST WARBOY HE HAS, not to mention everyone from Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, which is why the Citadel is undefended and our heroes can do their crazy plan.

Because Imorten literally sent every soldier he had to take down this one woman.

Great article in New York Times about putting together a Broadway Show!

Have you seen this article:

It’s titled: Every Minute Counts On The Way To Opening Night

The article chronicles some of the new crop of Broadway shows on their way to Opening Night: She Loves Me, Bright Star, Shuffle Along, Waitress, Tuck Everlasting, Full Committed, Disaster & More.

It covers topics from Load-In, Casting, Press, Costume Fittings, Design Meetings, Rehearsals & Previews.

Great article with some awesome pictures (a few I’ve pasted below)

This is the world that Broadway’s best live in: pre-production, rehearsals, previews.  It’s a thrilling, challenging, exciting process where America’s best plays and musicals are produced and sometimes and icon, like Wicked, Les Miserables or Hamilton come to life.  This is what we discuss at the Broadway Stage Management Symposium, how stage managers help make this process of theatre making happen!

This June, you can join Jeff Lee, Ira Mont, Mahlon Kruse, Sherry Cohen and more to talk about their decades on Broadway and the numerous adventures & challenges they’ve had putting together Broadway plays and musicals.

It’s kind of like this Times article in real life, interactive and with coffee and bagels!

“Peach” - Kurt/Blaine

Written for @pumpkinkurt​, a ficlet winner in my “Yay 1,000 Followers” giveaway! <3

Prompt: “Kurt being super hot for Blaine’s tiny tight little bod” 

Set during ep. 302 “I Am Unicorn”

800 words | AO3

“So, I was thinking, we could—mmph! Mmmm… Kurt?”

Blaine’s pinned against his own closed locker in the vacant McKinley hallway, his boyfriend pressing wet kisses across his cheek until he gets to his ear. Kurt’s hands are at Blaine’s hips, his fists gripping tightly to the elastic waistband of Blaine’s sweatpants.

“Kurt, we’re all—sweaty, and the—the rest of Booty Camp could come out any s-second now—”

“’Booty’ Camp is right,” Kurt groans. “Have you seen what you look like in these pants?” The lowered timbre of his voice, coupled with the way he’s started kissing the spot right where Blaine’s earlobe meets his jaw, sends a shiver down Blaine’s spine.

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Fuck Insomnia

It’s giving me more time to work on my book. By the way, when my book does get finally come out, I’m gonna do a contest, Depending on how many of you buy it (of course I’ll need photographic evidence) There will be a few special surprise gifts from me ro you, and of course your present will be based on who you are and what you like. So yeah, I have a rough draft going on, but I could use some ideas for the title. The title I have now is “Smoke Falls” which I think is pretty weak. But if you’ve been a reading my blog for a while, you know how I am, and yinz have gotten a sneak peek when I’ve posted sometimes, but  there will also be new poems yinz have never seen. Soefully yinz can help with my title issue. I know it was long, Yinz are angels! Thanks in advance for being so actively supportive

Sorry if there are typos, it’a 7am and, again, didn’t sleep. So thanks again!

Ten Minute Fic #2

Prompt: “You’re acting like a child.”

Title: His bed, His Heart, His Life

Word Count: 583

I shoved clothes in my bag with fervor I didn’t know I possessed. The events of the last few hours had motivated me, though, and I was about to complete a departure I had never seen coming.
“Come on, hear me out,” Dean begged. “I can explain everything.”
I shook my head. “Not a chance. You already lied to me once – and not a little, white lie, I’ll remind you. I’ll never believe anything you say now, so don’t bother.”
He growled and ran his hands through his hair. Normally that sort of thing would have driven me crazy in a really tingly sort of way that would have ended with the two of us naked in a bed, tangled together anywhere from minutes to hours. I’d lost sleep next to Dean, and now I was certain I’d be losing sleep without him.
I zipped my bag and slammed out of the shitty motel room, shoving the packed bag onto the passenger side of my car. He followed me to the parking lot, not bothering to close the door behind him. As I slammed my car door shut, I turned to look at him, mindful of the tears that were brimming in my eyes. I swear to God, if you cry in front of him … I would never forgive myself.
“It was one little thing, on the road. I thought we had an agreement,” Dean defended himself. More words I didn’t want to hear.
I rolled my eyes. “Shows how much you pay attention and care. Yes, this was supposed to be open, but after you left last time, we said no one else until we saw each other again. Fuck, that was three weeks ago. You couldn’t even keep it zipped up that long?”
“You’re acting like a child,” he growled out, grabbing my upper arm to close the space between us. “I thought when we made this agreement that you were going to be mature enough to handle it. We’re both in this business, we both know keeping up any kind of relationship is damn near impossible. This was supposed to be the easiest way.”
“Yeah, and you couldn’t even do it the easy way!”
“You think I like this?” he yelled at me, shoving me away with only a shred of the force he probably could have used. “You think I like seeing you maybe once a month? Knowing that there may be other guys when you’re on the road, or when we’re apart? This is the life we both chose, and we have to live with it. You don’t get to run away because I made one little mistake.”
“That’s where you’re wrong,” I scoffed. “I do get to run away. This life was my choice. This relationship or whatever was my choice. And leaving now, well, Dean, that’s my choice, too. Feel free to go back to the reputation that usually preceded you – one you apparently never left.”
I got in my car then, knowing if I looked him in the eye, I’d be too tempted to forgive him. Before I could change my mind about leaving Dean Winchester behind for good, I put the car in reverse and drove away from the motel.
When I was far away enough to know I could still see him, but not close enough to see the look on his face, I checked my rearview mirror. He was still there, in the same place, mentally adding me to the list of women that had come and gone from his bed, his heart, his life.  

happy 520 day!

Naturally, as the universe would have it, Edward Elric grows up to be the most baffling, contradictory, stunning creature Roy Mustang has ever seen. He squints at him over his fourth beer and thinks, When did this happen?, because it feels like the last time he looked, Edward was a slightly dorky-looking twelve year-old and not this - this

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☀ What is a Magician?

—and why aren’t they called witches?

‘Magician’ is a title. It’s meant for those that are powerful in terms of magic since the powerful are almost always invited into schools. Those that just don’t have much magical power or somehow never get trained properly are derogatorily labeled ‘hedge witches’ in the magical community. They have their own ‘safehouses’ where they practice/learn magic but they usually don’t have many resources or responsible teachers so it’s hard to make progress.

How does one get magic?

Two ways! Maybe you’re born with it through family (*cue Alice’s blonde hair flowing in the wind && maybe it’s Maybelline*) or it just randomly happens (following some shit-storm in your life). Because, as we’ve seen, magic is always amplified (and sometimes lost control of) via emotions, particularly negative ones. As Eliot once said:

So this was it, Margaery thought. This was how it ended. She wondered what exactly was coming, almost hoping it would be painless. At least she had Loras, he had stayed with her. What a horrible way to go. Stripped of his title, his honor, his dignity. The great knight of roses.

How would Tommen react? He would surely mourn. A boy as young and sweet as him has no place in the game, and yet he had become king. She had seen him try to great lengths to be good king, but he was just too young, too innocent.

She found a brief moment of peace when she realized that her grandmother had escaped King’s Landing, but her father was still here. He would die with them. So much death. Cersei truly was a lioness.

And as she glared at the High Sparrow knowing well and good that she would have won the game of thrones if not for his arrogance. She would have never underestimated Cersei, and she would have never been so prideful that she would’ve kept her people from leaving. 

Her people…She could’ve done them so much good. There were so many poor and restless souls in need of her generosity in Kings Landing. If she had just had more time…She could’ve helped them. She could’ve saved them.

But even if she could’ve saved them, she had failed to save the one that truly mattered. And as Margaery began to cling to her brother, knowing whatever was to come would be upon them in a matter of seconds, she found her thoughts strayed to the girl from the north who she had grown so fond of. Margaery had not been able to save her. Petyr Baelish, that worm of a human being, had stolen Sansa away from her. She had heard of her marriage to the Bolton bastard, and she could only imagine the torment he had put her through. At least she knew that she was with her brother Jon, once again reclaiming Winterfell. The sweet summer child, she must have turned as cold as the north to have survived this long. A part of Margaery was pleased with this, but another part felt a pang of sadness. Sweet, sweet Sansa, corrupted by the evil of this world. If only the world was a song like she always had dreamed.

Margaery felt a quake in the earth, and her eyes squeezed shut. Sansa was alive. Sansa was well. Sansa was away from this Gods awful place. Would she ever know how much Margaery had cared for her? Does she look to the Tyrell’s and wonder if they had manipulated her, like everybody else seemed to have been doing? Would Sansa miss her when she was gone? Would she ever know? Would it ever cross her mind, that Margeary Tyrell, the lady of roses, loved the lady of wolves.

Okay this is all theory and speculation so don’t kill me when you read this ( get ready for the feels this finale)

Thanks to Dawn we have concluded that Cas gives his grace to Dean for the spell. Just look at the title card. Look at all the bread crumbs we have seen this season.

Anyway Cas gives his grace and becomes human only for Rowena to step in for some reason and use that Attack dog spell on Cas since he is vulnerable.

Dean may have to fight Cas and the thing is,we have a huge feeling this is gonna be exactly like the scene between Colette/Cain/Abbadon. Rowena is the parallel for her and although its not possession it’s still not controlling your actions.

Remember when Jared confirmed the parallel? Whoomp there it is.

Get ready for heartbreak because it’s coming and we may be getting Destiel this way.

The Deaf, the Dim, and the Blind | closed RP w/ megatron-prime


It had been surprisingly easy to gain admittance to the encampment.  All he had had to do was mention his carrier by title, and the soldiers had parted for him, opening the way to the mech who was their leader–a mech Starscream had seen in footage, heard in data files, but never met.

The ground was uneven beneath his dainty pedes, and once he nearly stumbled.  But he kept his head high, wings spread wide and proud, servos clasped behind him.  Any moment now, and the gladiator-turned-revolutionary would come into his view; was he as large as he looked in images?  Were his vocals perhaps smoother than they sounded in recordings?

Was he truly so fearsome, so magnificent as rumour said?

Winglord Solarwind would not have approved of her youngest creation’s little excursion.  It made little difference: the prince was not here on official business, whatever he had implied at the entrance; he was here to satisfy his own curiosity.  And if this Megatron took issue with him, well–it would be easy enough to escape.

Starscream was not named the fastest flier in Vos for nothing.

So after three years of nagging and begging and pleading I finally got my parents to sit down with me and watch HTTYD this afternoon and of course, they loved it. My mum was laughing and crying the whole way through and my dad was snorting at all the funny bits and they both were jumping at the scary bits and they loved toothless

And after it was finished they said they were glad they had seen it and my dad wanted to know if the backgrounds were actually animated (‘aren’t they just superimposed real skies???’) and my mum said she would never have watched it on her own because of the title but they both agreed it was a very good film and they want to watch the second one when I next come home

And they said they can totally see why I want to work on things like that film and they quizzed me on different animation companies and animation production and ahhhh I’m so happy rn

woah. I found a book on Wicca that does some mind blowing things

  • Witchcraft may be a religion (though it doesn’t have to be). And, it is not (if seen as a religion) the oldest religion.
  • Witchcraft =/= Wicca

  • Doesn’t bash “satanic” practices
I didn’t come in expecting much with the title “Wiccan Bible”, but woah it is out performing so far.