there is no way to express how much i love this song

Always love and respect KNJ

Okay I know I’m late but I have to talk about this. Namjoon is so strong for sharing his feelings with Always just as much as he did with Reflection, saying how he wished he was dead and life is a coffee he never ordered. I never thought this genre of music would drag me in so deep yet his lyrics are so meaningful and makes me love him even more. We can relate to him a lot more on a personal level with how he expresses his true feelings and that is very special.

Namjoon is very talented with pretty much anything, the way he contributed to the Wings album also, helping each member with their songs after knowing them and being able to tell their story after so many years. I respect him a lot. Doing all this on top of having the responsibility to lead BTS shows that he is a very hard working human being who deserves a lot of respect, love and appreciation. 

His ever growing love and support for his members, fans, friends and family. 

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His determination.

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His talent.

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Kim Namjoon everybody

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Always love and respect KNJ~

you might never understand my ways of you showing you love.
Since I never really told you I love you.
But I’ve expressed it into ways words could’ve never showed.
I loved you when I woke you up from bed because you were having a nightmare.
I loved you when I made us breakfast at 3am in the morning just because we were too lazy to go out.
I loved you even when I took the bottle of vodka from you just to stop you from talking about how you wanted to marry me in your sleep.
I loved you even in your darkest days when you wanted nothing but to fall asleep in my arms.
I loved you so damn much when you were putting your favorite song in the car and dancing your worries away.
I loved you so much when you told me your lame jokes and i called you an idiot.
I loved you so much that I no longer thought the sea was what kept me alive.
but you did.
You were oceans and every damn sea and I couldn’t do anything about it , but fall inlove with you every single day.

- you were oceans and every damn sea.

—  httpsraniasvibess

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite.

    The sounds from the world around him collide into an expectant silence. Everything is reduced to him: Victor.
    Victor, his eyes, his lips, his expression. The way he’s running towards Yuri. The way Yuri seems to be the only thing Victor can see.
    It’s an instant, a moment, in which they get caught, tossed into an awaiting breach, embraced by a sudden knowledge that whispers sweet nothings into their ears and makes their hearts soar together.
    It’s a moment, Victor wrapping a protective arm around him, hand on his head, gloved fingers tangling in dark tresses of hair. It’s an exhilarating moment: the instant their lips collide Yuri can feel part of his soul reaching out and forming tight ribbons around Victor’s soul, the very soul that awaited for his with loving caresses.

    Only that it’s not a moment: it’s an eternity, it’s the universe expanding and collapsing all around them. It’s stars going nova, it’s the beginning of something that had been waiting for an opportunity to be born for a long time.
    It’s home.

    The kiss is burning, searing their lips and marking them, leaving them filled with a certainty: everything they ever did it was to reach this point, this defining event. The kiss is burning and delightful.  Like the soft breeze caressing their skins in a centripetal force that pulls them together to hopefully never again part.
    Yuri’s heart is beating frantically inside the safe confines of his chest, Victor’s arms around him feel right, feel like the place he’s supposed to be.  They smile, gazes filled with peaceful longing and warmth, lips tingling, fondness spiralling around them.
    A word dances in Yuri’s mind. It’s short and simple, but he knows that it’s special and powerfully charged. A word dances gracefully on his lips:

Hanbin as Your Husband
  • Whispering “You know how much I love you right?” 
  • Crawling to your thigh and rest his head on it.
  • “I don’t know I’m just stressed” You ended up stroking his back when he resting his head on your shoulder
  • Hajima yeobo, hajimaa” with that voice and face expression when you start teasing him by rubbing his thigh making your way to his thing while he’s working
  • How could you be this pretty?”
  • “I need to shower but I’m tired.” He lays his body down on the sofa
    • And you ended up dragging him to the bathroom
      • And it’s not a shower for him, but for the two of u.
        • Actually
          • ;)
  • Screaming and begging nonstop when you did “a good job” with his thing……. HEHE
  • Appreciating-your-body kind of sex HAHA
  • “BUUUUUGGGGSSSSS” Screaming all over the house, and backhugged you when he’s afraid
  • Bothering you with your work because he needs your love. “Baby please i need you nowwwwwwww” his finger travelling your body make you shiver
  • Kissing your neck while cooking
  • “I’ll be late, you have to sleep first.”
  • A lot of kissing, a lot of cuddle. Hanbin is hungry of love and affection


  • “WAIT WHAAAT?!?!?!? I’M ON MY WAY!!!!!” He decided to come home early and abandon YG after you announced that there’s a human growing inside your body.
  • He opened the door and looked at you with his awkward smile. omg this so cute
  • Hanbin be like, “How could a human growing inside your tummy?”
  • “Isn’t it hurt? If it hurt too much please just call me.”
  • “You need anything, yeobo?”
  • “Don’t get too tired, I’ll take the remote you stay here. I don’t want my baby and my wife feeling tired.” He took the remote that’s 15cm away from your hand but his eyes all over you, you chuckled.
  • Let’s shop for the baby’s room!!!!!”
  • He stroking your stomach and kissing it as it grows bigger
  • “Don’t hurt mum, my little baby” He talks to his baby when the baby keep kicking your stomach.
  • “I’m going to be a Dad really soon.” He cried while he accompany you check his baby inside your stomach and he finally saw the baby boy he’s been waiting for
  • I’ll stay by your side 24/7.”
  • He’s taking you shopping for the baby’s clothes and furniture.
  • He keep your body inside his arms.
  • Him crying before sending you to the operation room, “Oppa, I’m going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.” He kissed you and can’t stop his tears. He wants to see his baby but he can’t imagine how it will rip your skin apart.
  • AND FINALLY you opened your eyes, there’s Hanbin carrying a little baby boy inside his muscular arms carefully, he looked at you with a proud look and gave you the sweetest smile you’ve been waiting for.
Singing Love Songs in Spanish to Them (GOT7)

Hi! Since it’s almost Christmas break, send me some Christmas themed scenarios/AUs/MTL/drabbles whichever! I tend to write since I’m in a writing mood but I currently have no requests so it’s going to be who I want to write hit I would like requests! Thank you and I hope you enjoy this!

 Mark: Mark would love it. Since he can speak more than two languages, he would love the way you’re so comfortable to speak in a language he doesn’t know.

Jaebum: I feel like Jaebum would get a little frustrated at it. He’d think you’re talking about him, even though you’re really expressing your love. It’d come to the point where he’d get a translator app.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung wouldn’t care and/or pay attention that much. He’d just think of it as you singing, just in a different language. Of course, being Jinyoung he’d find the song and learn it to surprise you.

Jackson: Jackson would honestly just join in with you. Where and how he learned the songs, you won’t know, but you weren’t questioning it. He would dance with you while singing, too.

Youngjae: Youngae would just be very confused and have that “?” look on his face. However, he’d smile and watch you every time you sang and sometimes he’d even ask you to sing for him.

Bambam: He’d really just laugh it off every time. However, I feel like at one point he’d stop and try to actually learn the songs or at least listen attentively to you.

Yugyeom: Being the youngest, but also the best dancer, he’d make a little dance to the song you sing most, which showcases his love for you. Of course, he only dances this for you.

One thing I loved about the Yellow Diamond song (aside from the song itself obviously) is that even though it is sang by a villain, it’s not portrayed as your typical villain song. It actually shows YD dismissing feelings and in a way trying to comfort Blue Diamond, but also expressing how much she misses Pink Diamond too. This song doesn’t show YD as the villain, but I think it gives us her point of view, and reveals the fact that the only reason they wanted to destroy The Earth is because it reminds them of PD and she cannot deal with the grief of losing her. Kudos to Rebecca Sugar once again



“All we can do is be authentic to who we really are, to honor the deepest and truest of ourselves. There have been so many moments in my life when the only thing that could truly comfort me was music. Knowing that I could sit alone in my room and create a song to express the way I felt brought me so much comfort. It helped me learn how to love my solitude. I encourage each and every one of you to find the same thing for yourself and nurture it every single day.”


I am not found of putting stuff from myself online, but its somehow the only way to reach you. I actually should be sleeping as the time here is 23;54. But Hey its friday night so.. i really hope you see this. I love you so much. I want to thank you for being you and for staying true to yourself. I truly i hope i get to write songs with you some day. Cause i have some ideas in mind that i truly hope to see come true. And yes, i know i am one of the many. I love you Taylor. Words will never be able to express how much i love you. You even have me doing this. 😳 i truly hope you see this..hope you are doing well. And hope to see you soon. ❤❤❤❤ @taylorswift Goodnight, Tay…00:00

Why I’m Passionate About All Forms of Self Expression

A good piece of art can speak to everyone to some degree, a stellar piece of art can make everyone say,”I know what the artist is saying with this piece.” That’s why I love art. It’s that weird way of showing how people feel about things without writing/speaking at length about it. (To be clear I am talking about Music, Drawings, Paintings, and Poetry/Short Stories) It’s incredible to me, so much so that I aspire to be like many artists. I have huge dreams entirely because of the kinds of art I’ve experienced. Yes experienced, not viewed/heard. When you hear a song if you like it and have heard it enough you’ll start to sing along and or dance, that’s experiencing music. When you see art and feel an emotion from the piece that you’re studying, that’s experiencing drawings/paintings. When you read a poem/short story and think back to it when confronted with situations in life, that’s experiencing a poem/short story. But what really touches me deeply and inspires me as an artist is when I see that it’s the artist expressing themselves through what they’ve created. Seeing the artist capture a powerful emotion like wonder through a piece of music or the feeling of uncertainty through a painting, fascinates me. I dream of being able to have people feel the same emotion from a piece I create. Whether it’s a post on Tumblr or a drawing of mine, it doesn’t matter. Because at it’s core, the medium someone expresses themselves through is part of it since they chose to do it that way. I have no idea where I’m going in life, I try to draw pieces that incite that feeling of looking at the stars as oppose to where you’re going. I’ve come a long way in a few months of drawing. It still shocks me when I open up the first page of my sketchbook and compare it to my most recent drawings, but to me that just means that I’m more confident in my abilities and who I am and what I want to be. That feeling of being comfortable with who you are is in my opinion the best feeling in the whole world along with feeling inspired. Because when you’re inspired you dream, and dreams can be the most powerful motivator of all. I dreamed of becoming an artist, having tons of fans who loved me and my art, so I started to draw more seriously. I wasn’t improving fast enough and started only drawing to doodle, but then I started to draw me crying for the first time. I then drew me atop a roof with a flower wilting away in the background with wind carrying my tears and the flower’s petals away. This form of art was much better compared to everything I had previously drawn, so I drew more emotions I was feeling at the time. If anyone has been following me for a while you’ll have noticed that I drew people crying/despairing, but now I draw people much happier and inspired by things around them. That’s because I was beginning to be inspired by everything around me, and it really showed in my art. After a while I designed myself as a character, to see how I actually viewed myself because I wanted to know if I really knew who I was. I then took note of how I acted in situations and realized that my character sheet of me perfectly lined up with who I really was! For once I knew who I was and I was still asking myself where I was going in life, but it was different. Now I asked myself how I would achieve my dream of being an artist rather than how it was just a hopeless dream. I felt like a completely different person, but I felt much better about who I was. Expressing myself through my art helped me become more confident with my place in the world, it gave me something to work towards. That thing at first was becoming a better artist, but it changed into figuring out who I was. Art helped me realize who I was, and I feel that it will help others realize as well, and that is why I love self expression through art.

So 3 years ago the theme song for Wander Over Yonder was released and this was my reaction:

Particularly this ridiculously appealing walk cycle which I, as an animator myself, was super excited to see something so expressive in a cartoon again.

Also, a new show by Craig McCracken about an adorable alien voiced by Jack McBrayer going around and helping people? I’m sold.

So then the first episode The Picnic finally premiered and I was like…

Who is this beautiful skeleton man??? I love him.
Everything about this episode: the characters, their interactions, the comedy, the pacing, the fantastic animation…I was sold from day 1.

I was attending animation school when this show came out. Watching each episode as they aired during my time there and I can’t express enough how, alongside my school studies, much this show helped me to become a better artist and animator. Studying the ways this cartoon approached things and understanding why each choice was made opened up worlds to me in terms of design and animation.

The same goes for countless other artists who watched this show and had similar revelations. Incredibly well-made cartoons like this are not only entertaining, they help shape young, blossoming artists by teaching them principles they’d not seen or realized before.

Seeing this cartoon develop and become greater and greater was a fantastic experience and that’s why it stung so badly when it’s life was cut short by cancellation. Here’s to hoping the crew gets to wrap up their story and be granted a season 3 to do so.

The first 2 seasons were so amazing, I can’t even imagine how amazing the 3rd one will be.

The Lupin List of Sirius-isms

Sirius Black has no idea how to express how much he loves someone verbally. Sure, he’s loud and doesn’t know when too much is Too Much, but there are just some things that he never learned how to do… so he does them in other ways.

He will buy your food (James knows this and takes full advantage)

Stay quiet when you need sleep

Put you to bed when you are too drunk to make it there

Hum songs when you need him to hold you while you cry

Remember how you take your tea

Steal your clothing

Forehead kisses 

Dropping an argument

Playing your favorite song even though he CAN’T STAND IT

Dress up to meet your parents

Whisper I love you’s when he thinks that you are sleeping

Let you see him cry

Give you the last slice of treacle tart

So. Many. Kisses (this includes friends)

Take you away from the world when it gets too bright

Let you have the first shower 

The number one way that you know Sirius Black loves you, is that he doesn’t feel the need to talk while you’re there. He can sit for hours in comfortable silence and just be.

ask-lycanrocker  asked:

Alola there, my friend. I couldn't help but here you play. You play well, perhaps we could jam together sometime! Did you learn by yourself or were you taught?

“I would love to take you up on that offer sometime. It’s not often I get to play with anyone other than my team.”

“And, well, I learned half-and-half. I was taught the basic skills of play and many of the songs I know, while much of my technique was developed individually. Everything I learn I try to add a personal touch to, you see… it’s how i express myself. My companions feel pretty much the same way, if you were to ask them, but they aren’t around right now… mostly sleeping, although one or two are nocturnal like myself. They may show up soon, but it’s hard to tell.”


young tyler joseph is my favorite. songs from rab are so special to me because of how raw they are and for some reason the fact that its not available on iTunes or spotify makes it feel so much more special to listen to. he really poured so much of himself into these songs and really found a fantastic medium of expressing himself in a healthy way. besides his beautiful mind i really just love that kid from columbus, basketball cool kid but is still somehow a little nerdy kinda person he was. I’m not saying he’s not the same person anymore because that guy is definitely still in there but fame and success have definitely changed him. I’m not necessarily saying that as a bad thing he just kinda evolved, ya know


  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she really means: How does this make sense? Oberyn Martell expressed his disgust with the way places outside of Dorne treated their children and women. His whole goal was to avenge his sister's death but he didn't want innocents to be a part of that. He just wanted justice for those directly connected to Elia's death - Robert, Tywin, The Mountain, and Lorch. Ellaria knew this and WANTED THE SAME. Ellaria was not some vengeful woman out for blood. She even asked when all this vengeance end, or would it be a cycle that never ends. She's described as strong but gentle hearted for a reason. Why would she commit act after act that goes outside her character? Also, would she really be so irresponsible to kill Myrcella and start war with the Lannisters and kill Doran and start a strife in her own home? And like, there's no Arianne or Quentyn in the show who is going to take over? Neither Ellaria nor the Sand Snakes are in a position to rule. Sure, Dorne has different rules when it comes to bastards (and women) but they're still seen as less than especially when it comes to powerful nobility. Basically, what are they doing with this plot?

EXO - My answer (Parts of Baekhyun).

This is a special edit, because this song is really beautiful, and I think expresses his feelings for Taeyeon. I know maybe if you don’t like Baekyeon you’re gonna tell me “That song is not for Taeyeon, is for the fandom”, And maybe you’re right ..or maybe you’re wrong, we don’t know.
But everytime I see that Baekhyun sing this song and close his eyes, I feel like he’s thinking about her.
We have to be honest, Baekhyun really love Taeyeon, maybe you don’t see that love and I’m gonna tell you the reason, because you don’t want to see it, any idiot could notice how much he loves her, I ask you to let your jealousy and envy aside, It’s the only way that you can see how much he loves her.

Sorry, I’m so sentimental when I talk about Baekyeon, it’s because I really love this couple so much.. And I love them, and I know that their love is real.

I hope you like it :)).

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In Your Eyes
John Frusciante
In Your Eyes

Two opposed go together
And they come from their center
In your eyes I will make a home
It’s the only way to look back and see ahead

trb in la fanaccount

ive tried to write this so many times already but it’s too hard for me to express everything the way i want to express it. so! im just going to make a nice list. this is mostly yoongi-centric~

  • i waited in line for 12+ hrs but it was worth it bc i got a good spot on the center-left of the stage where yoongi usually stands
  • i pretty much only looked yoongi the entire time because i’m so enamored by him, his presence is so overwhelming and i love how he sings along to his songs even when it’s not his part
  • like really, during tomorrow and let me know he sang every word and his body moved with the music more than any of the other members, you can tell he really has deep feelings for those songs
  • pretty much every member did a lot of fanservice where they would come up really close to the pit and sing while looking us in the eyes and making flirty expressions! and by everyone i mean everyone except for yoongi lol
  • but that’s why i love him
  • you know those fantakens you see of him from live performances where he has his tongue out and he’s making this really intense expression?
  • well those exist bc he literally dances while making that face you fucker
  • during cypher jhope’s water got all over me, bless (actually he sprayed water on me three times lol)
  • the whole theatre felt like it was shaking and we were all jumping so much that i felt like my feet weren’t even touching the ground
  • during I NEED U yoongi just held his mic out to the crowd and had us rap his entire part, it was so wonderful. he gave us a thumbs up after it was over
  • umm i saw tae’s stomach when his shirt flew up when he jumped hehe
  • tae pretended to cry (i think he was pretending??) and yoongi went to go comfort him and told everyone to be quiet lol (i have this all on video u can see it on my twitter @93dboy)
  • yoongi said la is his second hometown :))) well it better be tbh after last summer I WILL NEVER FORGIVE U FOR GOING TO ALL THE PLACES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD WHILE I WASNT THERE
  • sorry im remembering things out of order but yoongi did aegyo even though he didnt lose rock paper scissors
  • and also he would smile a lot at anything hoseok would do, it was rly cute
  • yoongi is poker-faced on stage most of the time but i think he seemed genuinely touched by how incredible the fanchants and singing was
  • during if i ruled the world, when yoongi was on tae’s back, jimin kept patting and poking yoongi’s butt lmao
  • yoongi was the first to leave the stage (as he usually is lol)
  • my friend went before me and she told him ‘my friend really loves you!!’ and pointed at me and then he looked straight into my eyes and i told him “i’ll take you to an nba game!” and he smiled and laughed
  • which means a lot to me bc usually during hitouch hes really tired and reacts to NOTHING… my baby
  • anyway anyway after i finished hitouch i went with my friends to the parking garage where bangtan’s van was parked and the only other fans down there were two korean fans and they told us the restaurant where bangtan was going to eat afterwards (they were going to take a taxi there)
  • i really really really didn’t want to go in and have them see us and feel uncomfortable but we still drove by and they were sitting right by the window!!! they didn’t see us but we still watched them happily eating and talking for a while. it was yoongi, a manager, taehyung, jimin, and jungkook at one table, and the rest of them with the rest of the staff at a different table. seeing yoongi interact with everyone without the presence of fans was rly incredible, he seemed like he never stopped talking and kept making gestures with his hands and he ate A LOT (when the waiter would bring over more food he would be the first to take some ;;;;;)
  • i know they were serving them alcohol to do a toast for the end of the US tour but idk if he drank since he doesn’t enjoy drinking
  • also he was laughing and smiling a lot and he hugged some of the staff
  • i really love him 
  • ok i think that’s the end now im feeling the post concert depression and i really just want to dedicate the rest of my life to min yoongi!!!! i took a lot of videos though so i think i’m going to edit them into a fancam and upload it here later. thanks for reading!
"12 things I learned well being 18"

1. no matter how old you get, crying in your mom’s arms will always make you feel 3 years old
2. if you don’t want to piss people off, be a vegetable. dance like an idiot at parties, laugh like a walrus at serious meetings, sing pop songs at the top of your lungs in front of your indie friends, wear red socks when the dress code is black and white. the point isn’t rebellion, the point is expression. the point is the world would be a much better place if we were taught to be fascinated by our differences instead of fearing them, if we were taught to explore individuality instead of controlling it. if we were taught that even if we disagree with somebody’s way of expression, we have no authority to ever tell somebody they can’t be who they are. free yourself, or let us be free
3. kisses are the best form of communication. it is your chance to say everything words can’t express. when you feel weak and fragile and you’ve given them so much of your heart they could break it at any second, say it.. kiss slowly, kiss softly, fingers running through their spine, face between hands. when you feel like you’re on fire, like no matter how close you are to each other you’ll never be close enough, say it. hands running through hair, whispers in between, desperate kisses, laughter in their mouth. i’m all for words, but, trust me, kisses are better than poetry
4. pain is a monster fed by fear- the more afraid you are of it finding you, the more it’ll grow. the more you run away, the stronger it’s legs get. it’ll appear when you drink a glass of wine by yourself and you find yourself crying for no reason. or when you realize you haven’t laughed in a week. pain hates being ignored. so make friends with pain. shake it’s hand. write about it, cry your eyes out in the shower, and let it slowly leave your body until you are clean again.
5. believe in everything, just in case. my favorite word of all time is “serendipity”. it means a “fortunate accident” and it is the most important word in the world, because it taught me the only way to experience magic is to believe in it. when you bump into a stranger and it feels like you’ve known them forever, when you apply for the school of your dreams and it doesn’t work out, your phone turning off before you have to send an important text- . the universe is in constant communication with us, playing a charming little game of charades. we guess and we guess and we make a fool of ourselves guessing, but we will find our answer, and the whole room will cheer when we do
6. when you cant find love, make it. if you’re having the worst day of your life, smile at people walking on a sidewalk. text your best friend and tell her you are so happy the boy she’s liked since 7th grade is in her math class. it’ll make you feel better. love is love, given or taken, created or received
7. there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that are relieved by this next sentence, and the ones that are worried: karma is real. some people will gossip and spread poison, they will forget about lifting themselves up and become obsessed with tearing you down, they will whisper quiet so you know its not meant for you, but loud enough so you feel like the smallest person in the room, and after you’ve beat yourself up wondering what you did wrong you will try and gain their acceptance. and they will still hate you. darling, it never had anything to do with you. hatred is only a reflection of people’s own misery, they have so much of it they want to find other places to put it in. but whatever you do, don’t lose hope in people and don’t stop being kind to people. let life do it’s thing. be kind, work hard, cheer people on, and life will be good to you.
8. spend as much time as you can with your family. learn about where your grandparents come from, ask them how they fell in love, tell your dad to tell you about that time he got detention in high school. they’re getting older too
9. all your troubles will disappear with chanel #5 perfume on your neck. well, they wont. but your troubles will smell delicious. the only thing worth spending a lot of money on is a perfume that makes you feel like the queen of the earth. your scent is your signature
10. love is the most lethal drug of all. sometimes you will have to walk away from people you’re addicted to. you will need to stop making excuses for people that hurt you. and you will take your heart from the shelf they put it on and say “thank you for your time, but this felt damn freezing up there.” and you will reach up even if you don’t feel tall enough, and you will take it from the shelf, and you will put it back in your scratched up chest, and you will button up your shirt, and it’ll hurt like hell, but you will walk away. it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. you will think you’ve walked away from something you can’t replace, that you’ll never feel that high again. trust me, you will
11. be kind to people, keep people’s secrets, be the one that answers the phone when nobody else does, make everyone feel importan. no matter what happens, be as kind as you can
12. feel everything, that is the difference between living and existing
~Camila Cabello~

  • me: my chemical romance are one of the most influential bands of the last decade. their music is truly incredible with absolutely amazing instrumentation and musical techniques and wonderful, wonderful song lyrics that mean so much to make. their music makes me so emotional and there are so many words by them i would get tattooed. their music has saved my life and gerard way has been an incredible inspiration to me expressing myself more. i could write an essay on how much i love this band
  • also me: lmao i fucking hate mcr they're trash and i'm going to fight them
I don’t quite know how to say how I feel…those three words are said too much, they’re not enough

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This is my headcanon for why Oliver has held back his “I love you”s so much this season: Can you honestly tell me that Oliver Queen has ever felt love of this magnitude for anyone else before Felicity Smoak? Has he ever allowed himself to feel that strongly about anyone? This feeling is so, so foreign to him - happiness and love are so foreign to a man as emotionally damaged as he is.  

I think that what Oliver feels for Felicity is so strong, to him the words “I love you” aren’t enough. He can’t even use words to express what he feels for her. When he does say it, it’s at an emotionally charged moment, where he needs to say something. However, he’s constantly sending the message of absolute love to her in a nonverbal way - through actions and expressions. It’s what made their sex scene in 3x20 so beautiful, and it’s what makes their relationship so wonderful onscreen.

I definitely want to hear him to say it. I just think it would be best coming from him in an emotionally charged moment, when it just bursts out of him because he’s overwhelmed with it and needs to say something.